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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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clinton banned all u.s. companies from doing business with iran which meant iran's oil industry was directly targeted for the first time he described iran and libya as two of the most dangerous supporters of terrorism in the world the first significant pressure on iran directly related to its nuclear program came from george w. bush in twenty ten were obama signed it to draw used actions he described as the toughest ever passed by congress they were aimed at uranium banks and its oil and gas sector a breakthrough was finally reached in twenty fifteen with the iran nuclear deal indian assets one hundred billion dollars one force and but earlier this year donald trump with two from that agreement leading to renewed u.s. economic sanctions in two phases the first came in august and ninety days later in november the second round of sanctions targeting iran's ukridge of oil exports an energy industry are coming into force well despite the u.s. withdrawal from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the e.u. russia and china are all sticking to the terms of diplomatic editor james bays
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reports from un headquarters in new york on what they might do next. this is being described by the trumpet ministration as the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on iran the country's oil exports are being targeted although eight countries have been given temporary waivers to allow them to still importer rein in oil for the time being the administration is now reintroducing all of the sanctions that were frozen under the iran nuclear deal in twenty fifteen the iranian economy is in a bad place there's no question about that inflation is high unemployment is high and the currency is depreciated significantly but i think it's worth noting that these are not historical anomalies for the iranian government they've been dealing since the revolution with high inflation the trumpet ministrations campaign against iran is both political and economic on the economic track iran is already hurting and these sanctions will make it even worse politically things are much more
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complicated the aim of the administration is to punish and isolate iran but that isn't working when president trump chaired the u.n. security council in september the other countries including the u.s. his closest allies spoke up in favor of the iran nuclear deal china an importer of iranian oil currently holds the security council presidency it sam bacile had this answer when i asked him if the latest sanctions were illegal we have passed the intellectual sanctions against any country and of up the white house is hoping the new sanctions will send a tough message to iran but experts believe terrans calculations will actually depend more on what happens on choose day night based on how the republicans fare in the midterm elections iran will be determining despite the hardship whether they can wait president trump out james bays out zero of the united nations. well iran is one of the world's largest oil producers and it's only one gas exporter worth
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billions of dollars a year so who are its biggest buyers well this chart shows iran's are projects ports in thousands of barrels of oil a day from november twenty seventh to a police year china is the biggest importer buying about seven hundred thousand barrels next is india taking just under six hundred thousand barrels a day followed by south korea and turkey and running out the top five let's bring in chris garcia who joins us live from washington d.c. he's a former deputy director of the u.s. department of commerce in the trumpet ministration chris garcia a number of countries have vowed to help iran in defiance of washington's sanctions russia now says it will continue trading iran's crude oil how much is that likely to help iran's cause will not likely much what we're seeing is that the united states has taken a very very aggressive stance and that these economic sanctions and the alliance that the united states has built with companies perhaps it may not be nation states that have that have joined the united states in its withdrawal from the iranian
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deal but it's the companies that are siding with the united states private enterprises we have more than one hundred companies who really make the buying decisions that have withdrawn from doing business with iran so i think the private sector is speaking much louder and more effectively than any governments will despite that we know that iran's largest trading partner is china and how critical is the chinese role here is iran looks to the east to forge new alliances in beijing isn't necessarily going to support u.s. sanctions. short we don't expect the chinese to support much of what anything the united states does now because of the escalating trade tensions of course but remember that these these oil purchasing exemptions that the exemptions to the sanctions that the united states is imposing november fifth will only be valid for six months and we during the six months any funds that are used to purchase. any oil from iran have to be held in an escrow account and in that escrow account funds
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can only be withdrawn from iran to spend on humanitarian and so this is going to significantly significantly hurt iran and this just goes to show that the president is going to be is going to remain steadfast in his approach to tackling the iranian problem especially if the regime continues to threaten the united states and threaten our ally israel let me get a final thought from you chris because donald trump has to be careful here i mean doesn't he doesn't want to cut off all iranian oil as that would spike prices on the oil market and drive up costs for u.s. consumers at the pump so unless countries like russia and saudi arabia step in to increase production which they've been hesitant to do american consumers will suffer with high gas prices when they. well i think the saudis world will do something that i think they have done in the past which is to help support and stabilize oil prices and of course that subsequently means that consumers the at the pumps will not be as effective as saudi arabia has a significant excess capacity that i believe that they've touted for many years to say that they can help us way they will markets but it's not just the saudis that
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can increase production it's also the united states had to increase production of oil by a million barrels a day since two thousand and seventeen targeting from two thousand and seventeen august to twenty eighteen august oil and oil exports the united states have increased by a billion dollars a day and we expect those oil imports exports to increase by another billion dollars another million oils in the next year or so i think that the increase in production from both united states and from one of the allies of ours in saudi arabia will help to stabilize all prices so ultimately consumers won't feel much at all crisscross if thank you for talking to al jazeera now fighting has intensified around the port city of data in yemen more than one hundred fifty five has from the saudi and iran coalition and who the rebels have been killed over the weekend the united nations one safe passage from the warring sides at gun deliver aid it says four hundred thousand children could die from malnutrition awarding the stasi a tazer book contains some disturbing images the name means hope in arabic
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amal died on thursday at the age of seven the doctor who treated has says there are many more cases like has five months. you need ask eleven months old so he had. mohammad hasan. yemen has become a living hell a brutal war that has become a war children for which children have no single response ability the un says warring parties are making a delivery impossible acceleration the onset of famine three quarters of the population do not have enough and the cost of food has increased by thirty five percent in the last year some have resorted to eating foraged leaves the un has been escalating its calls for us the station of hostilities and a political solution there is now an opportunity for peace in yemen this building wave of momentum must be seized i urge the parties to overcome
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obstacles and to resolve still existing differences sewall dialogue et un facilitated consultations later these months there are plans for talks in sweden in the november within new diplomatic efforts by the united states but not everyone may survive until then. the u.n. says four hundred thousand children under five are at risk of dying if they don't get help. around forty percent of those four hundred thousand around the port city of had data. instead of aid trucks this is what's coming down the road the saudi immorality coalition has launched new offensives over the last week attacking some airports and trying to retake data thousands of troops have been sent there including so-called brigades commanded by the u.a.e. which says they're making progress by the civil rights. i like
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a macho after seizing control as you can see of the main road the main artery of supplies to the militias at various points we are now hearing to seal the last exit point we have now called in the entire city and we are advancing from all directions into the heart of the city it's not just her data that's under siege in northern yemen a new wave of those displaced has been arriving in the city of an influx of nearly twenty thousand people hundreds wounded by crossfire we see a lot of patients coming from very far and offering rich victims very late. very difficult for a medical team to then take care of them and ensure that they can survive here at this camp that's what life has become simply trying to survive. al-jazeera. lots more still to come here on the news hour including from d.j. to presidential hopeful meet one of the candidates vying for votes in a tight election race in madagascar. and
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a close vote on independence new caledonia is referendum on its future with france comes down to the wire and is force at major upset for the tennis world number one as an underdog steals the show on the title in paris later we'll have more in sports a little bit like to the program. now the u.s. midterm elections on tuesday are being seen as a critical test of president trump's presidency both trump and his predecessor barack obama are on the campaign trail rallying voters in various key states on sunday a bomb address an event in gary indiana where the democratic senator is in a tight race with the republican candidate the democrats have to take control of the house of representatives. in two days in the end you get to vote in what i believe will be the most important election.
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of our lifetimes. and all politicians always say that but this time it's really true. because america is at a crossroads. the health care of millions is on the ballot. a fair shake for working families is on the phone. perhaps most importantly the character of our country. when a record number of women candidates running many are expected to turn out to vote on tuesday them could swing the results many are galvanized by the president's sexist comments administration's attempts to curb abortion rights and the appointment of a supreme court judge accused of sexual assault many others still about the president and his party as a white house correspondent can be held at reports. will donald trump is campaigning at five different campaign stops in the next forty eight hours the
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democrats are also working hard to get out the vote this isn't a presidential election but the president is campaigning on behalf of republican congressional candidates and in this private home this is where folks are working the phones trying to get out the vote in advance of the congressional election one that they hope democrats will soon take control of the house of representatives but certainly this is a challenge they are saying that many people particularly women do not have a good of opinion of donald trump yet still don't know how to vote why don't women like donald trump take a listen. do so at least where one day after donald trump was sworn in as president hundreds of thousands of women gathered in cities across the united states to protest almost two years have passed but the u.s. president has given them little reason to change their original judgment of a man many regard with revulsion his behavior and language at times has hardened
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their views. after his aide omarosa manigault newman was ousted from the white house called her a crazed crying lowlife and a dog after congresswoman maxine waters. courage her supporters to harass trump administration officials they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant they're not going to be able to stop at a gas station called water's an extraordinarily low i.q. person. but nothing has polarized the country more along gender lines than the hearings for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh christine blas a forward accused trumps nominee of sexual assault when they were in high school truck cast doubt about her testimony mocking her recollection of the decades old event how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was it i don't know. toss attacks on women are nothing new and have been dismissed by his supporters ever
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since the release of a video in two thousand and sixteen threatened to derail his campaign. struck shrugged off the controversy and won the white house even today well a majority of us women still disapprove of trump at least a third still solidly approve of trump's presidency everybody makes mistakes and they're like nobody's perfect but god. he's made his mistakes that everybody else who's human hands i think the simple way i do but i think you need someone like that in the office conservative women point to donald trump's historically low unemployment numbers that are rising wages well in office they say his appointment of a female press secretary and a significant number of female filled cabinet post proves he's supportive of women in the workplace still the battle for the female vote is intensifying republicans have released the sixty second advert aimed at winning over suburban college educated women voters only shows this demographic more than most is where
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conservative support is waning but notably trump never appears in the advert it's a signal even republicans realize the president remains toxic to many voters and in the fight to hang on for control of congress conservatives can't afford to lose a single female vote. now donald trump is campaigning on the issues of taxes jobs and immigration he's accusing democrats of cutting jobs if they take control of congress raising taxes and opening the borders to illegal immigration democrats say this is a campaign of fear and division and that's why they say they're reaching out to minority communities to try and get them to the polls already we have seen and historic turnout record numbers in a number of states particularly in the young demographics for voter turnout has spiked some four hundred percent or greater but again the only poll that matters is
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the one on election day and that's why both sides are taking anything for granted because that is when the polls will be open and will close democrats such as those here campaigning in this home are hoping that this particular district here in great falls with ginia will be the start of a blue wave of democrats capturing the house of representatives and taking control of congress so let's take a look at how trump is polling with women these numbers from reuters and showed that black women in particular are strongly opposed to the u.s. president he's got just an eight percent approval rating with them hispanic women are more in favor twenty one percent approve of him white women are more evenly split forty seven percent approve forty six thousand college educated women across all races the most against trump who a third do approve of what he's been doing as president. tens of thousands of supporters have attended rival rallies in the final day of campaigning before madagascar's elections on wednesday three former presidents and prime ministers are
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among thirty six candidates vying for the top job millions of dollars have been spent on campaigns in a country where three quarters of the population lives on less than two dollars a day for me as more from. thousands of people have turned out to watch is the final campaign rally for. many of the people here are young as these presidential candidates he's promising increased infrastructure development as well as investment in madagascar many of the people here say that's really represents their future. this is the first time the former d.j. and now businessman is running for election after serving as transitional president in two thousand and nine. i'm here to save madagascar i'm not a candidate for the sake of my own businesses or for my own interests or glory i'm a candidate for the malagasy people and to save this country and to develop every
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piano is running for reelection after winning the twenty thirteen vote for many here he represents stability for madagascar. i want him to stay as president because he did a good job before and i wanted to continue. i will support him until the end because he is many things he posed to bridges and did a good job in education i want him to improve the cost of living also in the capital antananarivo former president of market obama nanda made his final push for the presidency he returned from exile about two years ago after two thousand and nine if the c.s.a. they want to return to office. within the full. britain has a significant support base voters in new caledonia as referendum have rejected a breakaway from france there were celebrations in the capital and there after
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final results show that fifty six percent of voters chose to remain a french territory there is concern the result could read not tensions between europeans and cannot people while the original inhabitants of the islands in the pacific those k'nex want to split from france the french president says new president voted on a new future. of the voters were allowed to make a sobering choice with full knowledge of the facts on the relationship between new caledonia and france today the majority of them expressed themselves for new caledonia to remain french i have to tell you how proud i am that we have finally passed this historic step together. time on a short break here not just iraq when we come back a break zip deal consume be done but it may involve an uncomfortable compromise for the u.k. and one of mexico's most feared drug cartels appears to be thriving despite its leader facing court on a sport that is married to tiny winds have forced new york city marathon in five
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years they will have that story in the sport after the break more on that stay with us. ally we got some clearing weather now pushing across the eastern seaboard of the u.s. into the race inside of canada i'm afraid it does statist for a good part of a sentiment northern florida the next weather system will make its way through as we go through the next couple days his next area of low pressure severe storms certainly a possibility as we go through monday and that will drive its way a swiss so some wet weather longer spells of rain a possibility at this date well weather to into the central plains just falling off the rockies further north it is of snow top temperature in calgary minus two celsius add for ling by choose the afternoon a little more sunshine here but temperatures now higher than around minus four
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degrees based in places of snow as you can see just coming in across the high ground lots of heavy rain by the time we come to choose day back across the midwest down into the central place easing over towards the appalachians still a little pissed across the panhandle for postle florida not too much just good weather across the caribbean istic pretty good over the next dales ice and fair weather class and they get to be in the mix but plenty of sunshine so you might see want to see showers there rather the minicon republic maybe into the leeward for much of that right around here this is fine and dry kingston with a high threat. history has called it the great war in the first episode conscription draws hundreds of thousands of our troops into or both sides of the conflict their story is rarely told but had a huge impact on the course of the war world war through our open minds all
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knowledge is even one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is it is very challenging but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. from.
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welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera in an interview on u.s. television the sons of murdered saudi. of call for the return of his body the u.s. is reiterating that those responsible for his death will be held accountable but. says washington does not want to jeopardize its relationship with saudi arabia in opposing iran. and less than six hours time the u.s. were impose economic sanctions on iran targeting its oil shipping and banking sector all measures lifted out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal coming back despite tehran's compliance with the deal. fighting has intensified around the port city of the dating of the one hundred fifteen fighters in the south in iraq the coalition and the rebels have been killed over the weekend united nations says four hundred thousand children could die from trish. now media reports believed to come from
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british government leaks suggest the u.k. is close to striking a deal to leave the european union they say the u.k. could remain in the u.s. customs union for a limited time this would avoid a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland the key sticking point in the negotiations with a spokesman for british prime minister to resign may has dismissed the reports as speculation leading business leaders joined campaigners calling for another referendum well let's bring in a backhoe and he's an associate professor dublin city university and the author of from partition to brags that the irish government nor the knowledge he joins us via skype from dublin the british government seems to be spinning in the papers that they're close to a deal but how close do you think we really are. i think i think they are closer certainly that's what the the do the optics suggest you have a period of silence for the last month that suggests that there's been a lot of or are we done in the background you might remember that over
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a month ago you had this very difficult meeting for treason in salzburg where her so-called checkers plan was on ceremoniously rebuffed and that was followed by a tory party conference where some very serious the offensive things were said for example the foreign secretary jeremy hunt compared the european union to the soviet union and that kind of megaphone diplomacy has proved really difficult to tune into the whole process and and now you have this period of silence and and and then a few meetings of the last week simon cold meet the irish foreign minister met with dominic rob the president secretary jeremy hunt they had a very long and frank meetings and both suggested that they were very close to a compromise ok and now you have this i'm sorry yes yes democrats going to say that the main sticking point here seems to be the irish border but let me ask you why is the irish border issue so important to island and the u.k. i mean the border is just a legacy of the peace process isn't it. well it is
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a it is what it is in large part about the peace process it's not just about trade you tend to get an emphasis in the media that it's all about economics and frictionless trade it's not just about that it's about communities it's about people one simple statistic i think sums this up i mean if you take the european union's border on its east from the baltic sea to turkey for example there are one hundred thirty seven border crossings ok that's the whole of the eastern border now you take the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland there are over two hundred official border crossings so more than in the entire eastern flank of the european union and those borders cross through rowan's they cross through bridges indeed if you're driving on the don't go to belfast motorway from one section up but if you're driving on the left hand side you're in the republican party and you're driving on the right on site or in northern ireland so this is
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something that there's a huge amount of interaction it's not just trade it's cultural it's ok logical. so so let me ask you then could the irish border at this stage still derail a deal or will other countries said look it's not worth such a touching a deal with britain over this one issue that only affects island. if there is no deal this issue of the border in ireland will be the issue that will scupper yes there is no question about that it's the one remaining issue and when you hear it kind of statistics emanating from downing street that there are ninety five percent there in terms of getting it deal the fight for send is essentially the border in ireland in terms of whether it's enough to scope for the deal it's difficult to say i mean what's key here is that we're entering the end game there's very little time because when britain triggered article fifty in march of last year it gave itself a two year timeframe to more or less negotiate but all agreement is has to be done
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by next month to have time to go a series and finalize and ratified by the time britain leaves the e.u. in march so i guess what we can say is. that there is certainly some some light at the end of the tunnel emerging and but we're not quite here yet if that's the dawn of a new era between britain and and the you know and the european union and britain and ireland or is it the lights of an oncoming thanking going to come back on we have to break that thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. now about raney opposition leader charged with spying for cattle has been sentenced to life in prison shellie solomon was acquitted early this year but an appeals court overturned the decision he was sentenced along with two colleagues the charges of spying relate to political unrest in bahrain and twenty eleven but the accusations only came to light after the country cut diplomatic links with qatar last year but only sound man is the head of the train's main shia opposition group party it was
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the largest bloc in parliament before the twenty eleven protests but was banned in twenty sixteen the main secular opposition group known as wired was also outlawed and its leader is in jail bahrain is a majority shia country hundreds of people have been jailed for demanding reforms from the sunni royal family over the past seven is honest internationals calling for the immediate release of chef and all other prisoners of conscience he's been detained since twenty at the end of twenty three fourteen and he is serving a four year sentence. the new charges. are absurd in the sense that back in twenty eleven when the uprising was happening there was there are attempts to mediate and to to find a solution to to the situation and. and chalice and man had found holes with the minister of foreign of all of the friends of state affairs
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in qatar and these were well exchanges in attempt to. get qatar to mediate in this situation at the time when the rights activists met our days as the life sentence is a blatant crackdown on dissent in bahrain. it's was a clear i mean since all the political leaders are in prisons all those human rights advocates such as nibiru egypt and whatever basically stand up and stood up again as the authorities if it is making very blatant indicated a message crystal a clear message that there is absolutely there is no way off the dissidents against the ring family no one should be dared to speak about democracy no one should be there to speak about the humorist and if you do so you will get the fate of sure that is that a man at the. egypt says it's killed nineteen fighters including gunman behind an attack that killed seven coptic christians on friday two buses were targeted on their way to a ministry in the city of minya south of the capital cairo six of the victims were
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from the same family the interior ministry says the fighters were found in a hideout near the. now with one of mexico's most infamous criminals about to go on trial in the u.s. obsessional battles a broken out for control of what investments drug empire well the trial hasn't stopped a similar cartel from carrying on with its illegal business as it was john heilemann has the second about three part series on the man known as el chapo. the impending trial of plucking guzman the former king of mexico's criminal underworld might be stopping traffic in new york but back in his home state cinna lower things have simply moved on these caps proclaiming the wealth and fame of the man they call chapel used to be top sellers now they're almost gone so to the protests that called for his release. even in his organization the sin aloa cartel it's more or less business as usual after a vicious succession battle there are still tensions between his brother and sons
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they've gone back to doing what they could producing and distributing vast amounts of drugs. we asked a similar lower police chief why detaining mixed top criminal hasn't led to a cartel implosion. but if. the structure of the organization is linear it's not completely vertical the leadership of the chopper was already declining and he delegated functions to his lieutenants and they always he dealt with certain things . this in a lower cartel is made up of several factions and as always have more than one leader and chappell himself once told rolling stone magazine that the business is far bigger than just here my drug trafficking doesn't depend on one person it depends on a lot of people. the fact the cartels business continues doesn't mean that all chappell's heartland is free from violence the police remain on alert the homicide rate in sin a lower house full and but we're still talking about more than five murders and
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today i'm pleased specially in chappell's home. so there are still problems. here is some still remember him as robin hood like figure who helped the local economy if pulling for him in his upcoming trial. nor how do i get that hopefully they can help him hopefully he gets out he hasn't done anything wrong he just worked what he could do he's a good man now chopper but others didn't even realize he was going on trial to be honest i didn't know i hear them kind of the. reminder that even for the rich and powerful the will of who turns on home and i was dizzy had a similar lower. in the last part of our series on our chopper we'll look at how security has been beefed up for his trial given his history of escaping from prison for a time another short break here in al-jazeera when we come back but i will of school victories denied by some way with. in the turkish open and he'll be here to tell us
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what it was that eventually found the hold laura stay with us.


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