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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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time now for over sports thank you laura the pressure is mounting on thailand to release detained footballer hakim who is facing extradition to bahrain fifo and australia's foreign minister are calling for his immediate return to australia where he has refugee status came out i had a b. is a professional player at
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a club in melbourne but was arrested on holiday in bangkok in november he faces being sent back to bahrain where human rights and advocates say he's likely to be tortured or even killed in a statement football's governing body said. therefore calling on all relevant authorities and behavior in thailand and australia to take the necessary steps to ensure that mr hockey melody is allowed to return safely to australia where he can resume his career as a professional footballer australia's foreign minister has been meeting with officials over hakim of that case in bangkok our correspondent wayne hay is there and sent us this report. australia's foreign minister marie spain raised to governments concerns about this case during a visit to the thai capital bangkok on thursday saying that the thai government is well aware of the importance of this matter to australia a team as a permanent resident of australia with refugee status that was granted because he fears for his safety if he goes back to bahrain because of
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a ten year jail sentence that he was given in two thousand and fourteen an extradition request has been made by bahrain and it's now before the courts in thailand and that's raising edition of concerns because thailand doesn't recognise the rights of refugees paying going on to say that australia is concerned about his detention and the possibility of him being sent to bahrain there's also been a lot of criticism of football's world governing body fee for their apparent inaction over this case but fee for now calling for thailand to release a team and allow him to return to australia where he has been living for the past four years also there has been criticism of australia's football governing body and the asian football confederation the governing body for football in this region which happens to be run by a member of the bahrain royal family shaikh selman a man that he has personally criticised in recent years but it's understood that
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those two governing bodies have now met to discuss the case incidentally bahrain are actually playing thailand at the asian cup later and the u.a.e. on thursday that's also where japan one of the powerhouses of asian football came from behind to beat a team ranked one hundred twenty seventh in the world a stunning strike from turkmenistan's captain put his team in front after twenty seven minutes. i'm a novel with an early favorite for goal of the tournament in the united arab emirates japan didn't hit back until ten minutes into the second half. with the first of his two goals as the four time champion struck three times in fifteen minutes but to permit a san we're not finished a goal from the penalty spot ensured japan had to battle until the end for a three two win. i think we may have overdone our brand of beautiful football the first time we couldn't put pressure on the opponent in the second half we were able to fix this and school goals i think. if we can
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expose beautiful and basic football together and. it was a surprising result for us we knew the japanese team were good in position but i would like to say well done to my players because they did their best but players lost their concentration in the second half so we have to reflect on that point. back as han our second in the group behind japan on goal difference after a desperate tussle with oman with the scores locked at one one elbow to show more of the off struck in the eighty six minute soon after coming on as a substitute but that was not the end of the drama in sharjah was back to stand kwang on and stoppage time after ego or krimigis was sent off for a deliberate fell on a mound muhamad of a semi a man were left for grabbing their mischance i think they deserve the points. this is the asian cup this is international football that's what i said i thought
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my players also if you play so good you deserve at least points you have to be warned yourself you made it very difficult because we all know that japan is probably the best team in asia i've heard maybe some good for them also so we have a tough. tough games to go and there's been a bright spark bright start rather for qatar in the group stage but the two thousand and twenty two world cup posted not have it easy against lebanon who thought they'd struck first and then on the end the referee disallowed the goal after a foul in the penalty box guitar then broke the deadlock with two second half goals including a free cricket free kick from a we. now as i mentioned to him play thailand and group a thursday host united arab emirates are also in action in that group as they play india and jordan face syria in a group b. clash now in brazil team medics coming to help a down and it up hurting him even more a player at a regional u.
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twenty cup match found himself under the wheels of a medical car after ran over his foot by mistake in football fashion dramatics were involved but not to worry the player returned to the game shortly afterwards and tennis any murray's hopes of making a successful return this season have been dealt a major blow the former world number one failed to complete a practice match against the current world's best novak djokovic murray who is now a two hundred thirtieth in the world is recovering from his hip surgery and struggled on court in melbourne he's playing at the venue for the first time since twenty seventeen and played only six tournaments last season. the draw for the tournament was made a little earlier jove djokovic awaits a qualifier roger federer will begin the defense of his trophy against denis is to mean he's in the same half of the draw as rochelle in the doll which means they could meet in the quarter finals and all will have to get past james duckworth in
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round one first women's champion caroline wozniacki has alice and in the first round seven time champion serina williams gets to play tatyana maria for starters while world number one simona halep will face a rematch with the last woman to be her at a grand slam in twenty eighteen kaia kanepi. and v a the portland trail blazers left it to the last minute to upset the chicago bulls c.j. mccollum scored twenty four points in the final quarter then with less than eight minutes left in the game myers leonard dunked it putting the blazers ahead and sending the bulls to their fifth street last blazers winning one twenty four one twelve. the boston celtics face off against the indiana pacers kyrie irving had twelve points before sitting out of the fourth quarter the celtics put together their highest scoring game this season to get their four straight when one thirty five one zero eight. to the dakar rally now were a tough third stage in the desert shook up the standings overnight leaders from
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south africa. suffered a car breakdown in the proving wilderness the two thousand and nine champion had to deal with a broken oil pipe no such problems over two time champion duck car nasr or dakar champion who finished second and went back into the overall lead many pack you know is nine days away from his last fight in las vegas the multiple world champion who turned forty last month will defend his w b a welterweight title against adrian broner as well as being a top fighter prop you know as a senator in his country and talks about a future in politics. will be about because even though my guess is over there. i want to be because i want to be on this pretty soon fool to the friends that before not only inside the ring but outside the ring. a ninety year old cyclist has been stripped of his national track title after failing a drug test carl grove won the sprint race and
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a world record time for his age category at the masters championship in the u.s. in july but he later tested positive for a drug that is used to treat infertility and women he says he blames it on contaminated meat. there you have it well that's hard for now but we will be back later back to you want to. brag about. now one of the world's most famous comic book characters accelerating his ninetieth birthday generations of young readers around the world have followed ten terms international escapades anti-racism campaigners say the books are filled with offensive stereotypes and reports from belgium with his distinctive hairstyle and fluffy dog tintin is one of the world's most recognizable comic book characters belgian artist l.j. created the intrepid young reporter whose adventures were first published in one nine hundred twenty nine ninety years on he continues to install friends and at the l.j. museum in belgium anniversary preparations are underway. tintin is an invisible link
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between children across the world the books have been translated into two hundred languages and two hundred million books have been sold this character continues to fascinate people. tintin solves mysteries across the world from china to north america and even further afield. nineteen years after his creationism doubt that temptation is still very popular but in recent years some of the stories have become controversial with some readers saying they propagate racial stereotypes like this one tintin in congo when this was created congo was a belgian colony the story reflects a colonial vision of africa congolese people often sketched a savage is stupid or lazy tintin is portrayed as the intellectual and cultural superior this author says that l.j. wasn't racist but simply drew on the colonial materials available at the time he's
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published a book that puts tintin in congo in what he calls historical context. to judge what was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. with today's values is artificial of course. is. just throw it away in the dustbin of history. for more than a decade this activist has waged a legal battle in belgium to have the book banned he says it's offensive and could negatively influence the way children few africans are now this book was a tool to motivate belgians to go to congo it gave them a sense of superiority so how can a book that serve to commit crimes be accepted in this way without any discussion of books like tintin in congo on acceptable and should be banned for children. congo gained independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty for some campaign as the european nation has yet to face the brutal reality of its colonial past they
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say that reassessing the impact of tintin in congo would be a small but significant step that sasha buchla al-jazeera live on and earth belgium . and that's it for me laura kyle for this news hour nickleby here in just a moment with more of the day's news for you. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word algebra we're going to the limits of modern technology
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forty percent faster than the speed of sound they give us the final building block find they discovered it met ableton is a story science from a golden marriage with jim alkalinity on al-jazeera. half. the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the tip to tap the u.s. china trade will the world's largest supplier of electrified natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and for your. vigil in this tumble one hundred days after the journalist america soji was killed in the saudi consulate. and i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program opposition leader if she she can be is declared the surprise when all of the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo is rival says the result
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is rigged. yes that your state might pompei and meets egypt's leaders on the latest leg of his tour of the middle east. and nicolas maduro starts his second six year term on thursday but his inauguration is facing a boycott. so it's been one hundred days since saudi journalist america such he was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul people have been gathering outside the mission to remember him a drawing not to give up the fight for justice many questions remain unanswered like who gave the order for his killing and why let's take a look back at what we know jamal khashoggi was last seen alive on october the second when he entered the site a consulate three days later the turkish officials confirmed that he was killed. turkish media published images of a fifteen member saudi team that arrived in istanbul on the same day because so ji
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disappeared from this point on which evidence began to mount linking saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon to the murder now in may don't tell you but the saudis finally admitted that he was killed but said it was a result of the brule roll call advisor patani and deputy intelligence chief siri was sacked and eighteen saudis arrested but taken says it was a premeditated murder and on november tenth it said recordings from inside the consulate with several countries including the saudis the us senate passed a resolution in december holding crown prince mohammed bin someone responsible for the murder and last week saudi arabia said eleven people it believes were behind the killing of going on trial no names were released shelled as the latest now from istanbul human rights activists gathered outside there were that by amnesty
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international who one of the representatives read out a statement essentially to mark the one hundred days but also to remind the wall that justice is still not being served through the perpetrators of murder it's very important for remember that. with all the outrage. it's been over the top and in a crowd as a result of this murder there were reports that the crown prince himself the key suspect in this was advised by members of the trumpet ministration that he'd be able to weather the storm that you know it would only last for two or three months maximum and after that people would forgets about it and that's why one hundred days since the marjah many of the rights activists and friends and families of folks i believe it's so important that people aren't allowed to forget that the story isn't allowed so died down. well it was paid to and your god now who's the head of the amnesty international bureau in turkey and his powerful states like the united states have been putting business ties with saudi arabia ahead of human
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rights taking obviously has a responsibility because it happened here in istanbul in turkey to continue the pressure they're putting for an international u.n. investigation but it's really up to you know the most powerful states who have been really dragging their feet on this you look especially at the united states and other countries around the world which have been prioritizing diplomatic and trade links with saudi arabia iran fundamental human rights principles anyone with whom for whom there's evidence that they took part in this awful jamal khashoggi they should be investigated and we're talking about a disappearance which i'm about murder we're talking about potentially about torture these are things with you know universal jurisdiction so in any place where there is a saudi government agent who is linked to this murder then it's up to the authorities of that country to investigate them so this goes for all the people who are accused of taking part in this move to the very highest level. all right moving on to the
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much awaited results from the democratic republic of congo's election but from saying the need for clarity about the outcome for a minister. says the provisional results a different from what was seen on the ground the election commission declared felix to see scanty as the winner but another opposition candidate says the results are a fraud. as this report even if you think i had announcement if you had expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power.


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