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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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from eight till noon most of the workers left after a discussion with the owners about their heavy presence of security you can see behind me not twenty kilometers from here there's been violent clashes and. this is the fifth consecutive day the garment workers have been demanding for higher wages at least one worker was killed on tuesday by police firing there's been also lots of injuries a journalist was bitten by the police while covering this garment at various sensitive area for bangladesh eighty percent of the export. of the garment textile business has now we spoke to. who is the president of the garment federation union and she told us to argue the war to go back to work and peacefully result the unions are planning to sit with the government and business they called us for the next few days and try to resolve this peacefully till then we'll have to see how the garment workers abide by this it has been
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a rough five days for the garment sector and bangladesh british. prime minister to resign deadline. again in her three days to tell them what plan b. is if she loses next week's crucial votes labor leader jeremy corbyn is calling for a general election the only way to break the political deadlock to leave the european union at the end of march air france is suspending its flights to saudi arabia from next month due to the routes poor economic performance saudi arabian airlines will now operate direct flights between paris and riyadh hundreds of thousands of fish have died in australia after what's been described as an ecological catastrophe it happened in the darling river about a thousand kilometers west of sydney and drained oxygen from the water environmentalists say the river system has been badly damaged by over. climate change. so ahead on the news. from the vatican last.
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story in just a moment. it's. again
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time for the sports is with peter thank you very much thailand have secured their first win at football's asian cup just days off the second they head coach the times are going to morrow after being thrashed four one by india in the opening match of the tournament in the united arab emirates but it took just one goal to beat bahrain fired in by some carson in the fifty first minute the hopes of
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reaching the last sixteen reignited undertake a take a coach. we learn from our mistakes from the first match and in this game we were more focused and everyone knew their role and the most important thing is we fought to get that i can take you live for sure we still have a chance we will make up for this loss and i hope we will not disappoint our supporters or i can say as we apologize to our fans jordan with the first country to guarantee a place in the knockout stages they followed up the defeats of the fending champions australia with a two no victory of assyria in group b. . to put them ahead before they doubled the advantage just before half time with a powerful header from time to time. and it was a good day for hosts the united arab emirates two they went up of group a after they defeated india to no. pressure is mounting on thailand to free
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a footballer facing extradition to bahrain the sport's governing body and australia's foreign minister are calling for hakim return to australia way he has refugee status as a professional at a club in melbourne he was arrested in november while holidaying in bangkok human rights advocates say he's unlikely or likely to be tortured or even killed if you returns to bahrain australia's foreign minister has been in bangkok pushing for release but i also appreciate the opportunity that both the deputy prime minister and the foreign minister gave me to raise australia's concerns about the change in often the possible return of the hurricane of a rugby to bahrain the thai government is most certainly aware of the importance of this matter to australia. and in a statement fifi is calling on all the relevant authorities in bahrain thailand and australia to take the necessary steps to ensure hakimullah baby is allowed to
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return safely to australia we can resume his career as a professional footballer evidence that could expose numerous or russian athletes as drug cheats has been collected by anti doping experts they've been allowed into a moscow laboratory after a lengthy delay the world anti-doping agency demanded in september that russia turn to the data from the lab by december the thirty first that was in return for lifting a three year suspension of russia's anti doping agency russia's been accused of state sponsored doping which it denies. dozens of people are being investigated for tennis match fixing in spain among them are twenty eight professional players including one who competed at the u.s. open in september so far fifteen people have been arrested including leaders of an armenian criminal gang the spanish civil guard says it has proof that lower tier tennis tournaments as been fixed for the past two years eleven houses have been raided while the shotgun credit cards and nearly two hundred thousand dollars in
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cash have been seized on the coach andy murray's hopes of making a successful return this season have been dealt a blow the former world number one failed to complete a practice match against the current world's best novak djokovic the britain is on the comeback trail of the hip surgery in twenty eighteen paid six tournament last year the year's first grand slam to them the australian open starts on monday and joke of it will be a qualifier in round one roger federer will begin the defense of the stroke begins in a system in is in the same half of the draw as rafa nadal which means they could meet in the quarter finals the dog will have to get past james duckworth in round one first women's german caroline was the iraqi has allison from a funk in the first round seven times williams plays tatyana maria for starters world number one some of the help will face a rematch with the last woman to be to read a grand slam in twenty eighteen can there be. over in sydney players are preparing
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for the aussie open at one of the big warm up tournaments there was a quarter final clash featuring two former champions and indeed two left handed. czech republic coming out on top here against the twenty seven the winner from germany angelica six four six one the school. next players alexander system which have been there since. and home hope ashley bharti has made the semifinals in sydney after eliminating will number one samantha halep she's proved too good for belgium's elise mission six three six three all these talents and skills this is a new type recruits for the brisbane women's team. the main in sydney francis. is fourth and he made his way into the semifinals the home crowd too happy about the australian john moment with a casualty as simone one seven five three six and seven six the frenchman faces another of the next alex. in the n.b.a.
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the portland trail blazers left it to the last minute to upset the chicago bulls c.j. mccullum school twenty four points in the final quarter then with less than eight minutes left in the game myers lenna done it putting the blazers ahead and sending the bulls to the fifth straight loss blazers winning one hundred twenty four one hundred and twelve the boston celtics faced off against the indiana pacers cari irving at twelve points before setting up a fourth quarter celtics put together their highest scoring game this season to get their fourth straight win one hundred thirty five one hundred and eight manny pacquiao is nine days away from his last fight in las vegas the multiple world champion turned forty last month he'll defend his w.p.a. welterweight title against adrian broner as well as being a top fighter takio is a senator in his country and has spoken about a future in politics. the face of female wrestling in japan has retired
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a year out from the tokyo olympics saying it's time for the new generation to say charge. was supported by her mother for the announcement at a packed news conference the thirty six year old went to record thirteen consecutive world championships in three olympic cycles but she's taken time away from composition since missing out on the fourth straight gold medal of the twenty sixteen games to go with it. i took this long to decide on my retirement because after rio i had the desire to compete in tokyo and because people have rooted for me to make up for the silver in rio i knew i would need my best effort to perform well at the olympics at home and when i saw how motivated the younger wrestlers were i knew the time was right now to a special congregation of athletes hoping to make their mark on the world stage the vatican has launched an official athletics team previously competitors from the home of the catholic church raced under the telly and flag but they've reached an agreement with the cities and then become o.t.
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to run separately although they are not yet recognised by the international athletics federation among the first members of the team or priests nuns pharmacists and a sixty two year old library professor. doing for. i believe that sports among nuns is more common than we might think especially among new generation is it's also a factor of balance when i started running it was a chance to find peace to find balance to find a space a freedom of silence and of being just alone with myself. ok we'll leave it there for more support again later during all right peter we'll see you later thank you very much what one of the world's most famous comic book characters are celebrating his ninetieth birthday generations of young readers around the world have followed tintin's international escapades but anti racism campaigners say some of the books are filled with offensive stereotypes let's ask about the reports. with his distinctive hairstyle and fluffy dog tintin is one of the world's most recognizable
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comic book characters belgian artist l.j. created the intrepid young reporter whose adventures were first published in one nine hundred twenty nine ninety years on he continues to install fans and at the l.j. museum in belgium anniversary preparations are underway. tintin is an invisible link between children across the world the books have been translated into two hundred languages and two hundred million books have been sold this character continues to fascinate people. tintin solves mysteries across the world from china to north america and even further afield. nineteen years after his creation is no doubt the temptation is still very popular but in recent years some of the stories have become controversial with some readers saying they propagate racial stereotypes like this one tintin in congo. when this was created congo was
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a belgian colony the story reflects a colonial vision of africa congolese people often sketched a savage is stupid or lazy tintin is portrayed as the intellectual and cultural superior this author says that l.j. wasn't racist but simply drew on the colonial materials available at the time he's published a book that puts tintin in congo in what he calls historical context. and what was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. with today's values is artificial of course there are things that we. cannot just throw it away in the dustbin of history. for more than a decade this activist has waged a legal battle in belgium to have the book banned he says it's offensive and could negatively influence the way children few africans are now this book was a tool to motivate belgians to go to congo it gave them a sense of superiority so how can a book that serve to commit crimes be accepted in this way without any discussion
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of books like tintin in congo on acceptable and should be banned for children. congo gained independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty for some campaign as the european nation has yet to face the brutal reality of its colonial past they say that reassessing the impact of tintin in congo would be a small but significant step the tasha buckler al-jazeera blue violent earth belgium more news coming up on al-jazeera and just a moment thanks for watching the news hour by.
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in the next episode of science in a golden age abi exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word algebra we're going to the limits of modern technology forty percent faster than the speed of sound they gave us the final building block find they discovered it met able to answer is astonishing science in a golden age with jim alkalinity on al-jazeera. a colleague much more to say it has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet. why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist has journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but
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journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. to move to every week the news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump arrives at the mexican border to drum up support for his controversial war.
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ok this is al jazeera live from london also coming up opposition leader felix chase acadia has declared surprise winner in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election this but his rival says the results are bringing. us extra state might compare ney's out which company ministrations vision for the middle east in a keynote speech in cairo. in a drone attack on a yemeni military parade threatens to derail peace efforts by the u.n. . and i mean u.s. president donald trump has arrived at the mexican border where he's trying to drum up support for his controversial wool trunk will hold a round table discussion at a border patrol facility in macallan texas he's demanding more than five billion
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dollars for his planned barrier to the south pole as a meeting on wednesday with democrat leaders but he called a waste of time because they're still refusing to fund the wall resulting in a partial government shutdown. this is a tremendous crisis at the border look at president obama's statements from the past numerous statements where it calls it a crisis this is a crisis us human traffic you have brought you had criminals covering it you have. thirteen which take you to maximize a sow's or to bring them back this is a crisis and they don't come in it's a checkpoint which says you wall so they go in for three to checkpoints where you don't have any barrier. committee how could joins us from mccallum texas can be why is he focusing on this base in particular was a chosen to go there. you heard it from the president there he believes that it's a crisis and he believes this is essentially the focal point of where
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a lot of these illegal crossings occur i'll show you why in just a second but i wanted to pick up on the fact that the president has tried to underscore this point that this is a crisis this is resulted he believes in a partial government shutdown which democrats would argue is also a responsibility of donald trump who is republicans but he is using this excuse as a means of canceling appointed or awaited appearance in davos switzerland the president tweeting out that he will not be attending the world economic forum he tweeted that out in the last hour or so that was scheduled for next tuesday but the president saying that this is the crisis that he needs to address here in the united states now as for mccallum texas the reason the president has chosen this location is to essentially underscore the point that he is trying to make and that is that the american border remains porous in some sections and this is one of those places if you look behind me you can see a rather tall fence and then a very short one that's because right there you certainly can scale over that chain
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link fence if you manage to get through the razor wire and also scale up a wall that's about four or five meters you also have to swim across a river and go through some brush but it's certainly something that you could do if you're up to the physical challenge and that's the point don trumps making that when he comes and meets with border security officials local mayors this is one of those areas where he says he needs the five point seven billion to construct walls that can't be scaled over so that's the case the president's trying to make it's a very much a photo opportunity in some respects but he is trying to fight back against his critics who say this isn't a crisis you heard the president talking there saying in fact that this isn't a crisis in their view a but he says yes even democratic. residents have called that president obama for example back in two thousand and fourteen ways of children were coming across the border unaccompanied so the president when he left the white house also said that
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he's not ruling out the possibility of declaring this a national emergency that would give him an awful lot of money that he could access in order to build this wall if he can't get it through congress certainly that would also open him up to major court challenges by his critics so the president now on the ground here macallum texas as he continues to make his case to try to resolve this in congress but still not looking very hopeful can be how can i thank you very much indeed meanwhile back in washington many u.s. government workers have taken to the streets in protest over the partial shutdown of castro joins us live from outside the white house where a rally is taking place so what's the mood on the street there are people very angry of this do not shut down. they indeed are lauren because tomorrow will be a critical moment in this continued shutdown not only would it mark it tied for the longest government shutdown in the u.s. history but it would also be the first day that these government workers will go
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without their paycheck and so unions representing the more than eight hundred thousand workers impacted by this gather to march to the steps of the white house and they have been calling donald trump the president by name saying trump and this shutdown not only are these government services that include food stamps to the neediest americans in jeopardy if this funding does not get resolved the next few weeks but the most immediate victims of the shutdown are in fact these workers they are the border patrol agents the park rangers the scientists and the administrators who are keeping this cut the government running and many of them are still being forced to work without pay or they're being let go altogether while this situation continues and they are saying that this is unfair that they did nothing wrong does to deserve to be the puns of this political stalemate as you know president donald trump and republicans do not want to reopen the government unless democrats agree
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to this border wall funding which democrats have said they will not entertain and when i ask people here at the protest who do they blame since they're the ones in the middle and the resoundingly the answer from people here at this protest at least has been that trump is to blame if you remember trump himself declared that he would be proud to be to shut down the government over border security just a few days ago he told reporters that he thinks many federal workers agree with what he is doing that it is a blatant contradiction to the sense that i'm feeling and that i'm hearing from the federal workers who are protesting on the ground in fact their unions have filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government saying that to force those workers to work without pay is in violation of the fair labor standards act any sort of result from that lawsuit would take months if not years and lauren they're asking for a solution now. thank you very much.
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our surprise election result in democratic republic of congo means a major opposition leader will likely take over as president ending joseph kabila as eighteen year rule but for the situation katy's victory is being overshadowed by allegations of vote rigging and fraud interventional catholic church has reportedly suggested the runner up martin for you actually won by a landslide and as he wrote us are reports from can shatter the results have some celebrating and all those protesting on the streets. and once meant a few expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty feel it had seen his father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. the i know how many of you find it hard to accept
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but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate they hope it will be a new beginning to suffer in this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa i'm going to come back i'm going to there's no job and country the people these people are going to study and after that there's nothing the result triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chastely days are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. just a kid is rival martin five is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral who. kill all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes
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especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh and the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people and to the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. categorically the result published by the election commission president. this in the international community to the surprise victory is at odds with other tongues. the catholic church of congo did its tally and announced completely different results therefore i think while remaining calm and avoiding confrontation that we must have clarity on these results which are the opposite to what we expected. with a history of coups conflict and contested elections the d r c has been on edge during campaigning with allegations of widespread election irregularities including a vote rigging and violence. to take anyone who deny.
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the internet has been cut off for weeks in an apparent attempt to stop speculation about the results writes police had been deployed the boat that was two years old was finally see the exit of president joseph kabila nearly eighteen years in power but the op questions about how much influence he will still have. to confront iranian influence in the middle east and expel every last iranian boot from syria. made the comments during a keynote address at the american university in cairo in which she outlined u.s. ministrations policy for the region but has. the u.s. secretary of state was touring the middle east almost described as
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a mission focused on shoring up support among arab allies against iran since withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal last year the u.s. has increased pressure on teheran which accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region. many middle east experts say pushing iran into a corner is a dangerous move but in the egyptian capital cairo america's top diplomat didn't mince his words the nations of the middle east will never enjoy security achieve economic stability or advance the dreams of their people if iran's revolutionary regime persists on its current course america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher until iran starts behaving like a normal country. middle east follows confusion about donald trump's withdrawal of a around two thousand u.s. troops from northern syria the president's announcement schult arab allies as well
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as a u.s. political leaders and military commanders concerned that the battle against eisel in syria and the wider region is not.


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