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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 20  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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honan martin for you who is now calling for nationwide protests he says he is the only legitimate president family to miller has this update from concetta. considering that the southern african development community at one point once the results of started being announced had said that he would push for a recount of the election results but they're not long after that took quite a step back saying that these sovereignty of the independence of the d r c should be respected and this is a good one it's now worth it in its message of congratulations to the d r c president the president elect the next security is one of the people of the country saying that it's pulled off an election despite the logistical and security issues that the d.r.s. is facing that at one point was quite concerned about what was happening in this country and that it had called a meeting between these ambien and south african president a lot of a diplomatic maneuvering dealing with president kabila the concern being what would happen if there was instability in the dealer theon what it would mean for the
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region but of course now that explain it except the results are all congolese to accept the ruling by the constitutional court but still we're hearing from the european union the saying that it still has serious concerns and that was also the last word from the african union saying that it would at some time send a high level delegation to the d.r. make looting of the president all ground up. that little happen given that the constitutional court has ruled on the election results essentially the r.c. defying the a you making that ruling now going ahead with the inauguration because the a you had said that the court's ruling should have been suspended the un special rapporteur on human rights and me and my young he leader is due to visit cox's bazaar in bangladesh that is of course where are the seven hundred thousand refugees live since escaping a military crackdown in rakhine state and me in my government refuses to cooperate
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however with me and has barred her entry. from cults is bizarre. the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar has been shut out by me in march the government won't allow her access to the country and is not cooperating so her work is confined to neighboring countries and bangladesh factors in greatly the u.n. says there are now more the nine hundred thousand will hinder refugees living here the bulk of them came during a spike of violence in august twenty seventh and now they are spread across a mag i can't here in cox's bazaar now it's the dry season the monsoons are behind people and life has become a little easier but as you can see sanitation lack of access to clean water and latrines can use to new to be concerned if you look here there are workers trying to prepare the can for floods that are inevitable in this part of the world there
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is also concern about a lost generation of children two to the lack of schools the mood here has improved considerably since last november that is when the bangladeshi government abandoned a repatriation plan in an undisclosed agreement with the government of myanmar bangladesh had hoped to return about twenty two hundred refugees to me and bar the un warned that that could be a violation of international law there was a real outcry here and that play on it was halted so now the un special report her is shifting her attention to an island called bastion sorry it's a remote island and the government is hoping to shift a significant portion of the rohingya refugees here to that island it is in the path of typhoons and cycling's it's prone to flooding it's literally called a floating island it's comprised primarily of silt but the bangladeshi government has already begun construction on housing and human rights groups say that refugees
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might not have access to basic services they've even called this island like living in a prison so the u.n. special reporter is hoping to go to boston chart no word yet on whether or not she'll be allowed access. the people in taiwan who are feeling so well have the generations of voided going to a doctor and visited a traditional chinese medicine shop instead with thousands of shops have shut down in the past twenty years and store owners in are fearing that when they die the industry will to cut it up on the explains why. leave chilling dispenses traditional chinese medicine from this herbal store in taiwan natural medicine shops like this one have been used for generations as an alternative to visiting a doctor but the industry that depends on curing illnesses is dying taiwan's government hasn't issued a new operating license for twenty years. this
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profession in taiwan is on the decline it's become a so-called sunset industry older people have slowly left and younger ones don't have a license it's all very uncertain the license shortage started in the one nine hundred ninety s. as the government trying to regulate traditional medicine shops government leaders feared combining western and eastern medicine could lead to unforeseen medical emergencies it was hoped train professionals would take jobs in traditional shops but that didn't happen well pay a limited benefits failed to attract young doctors and now more and more shops are closing down. good shrink who knows her dispensary will only remain open while her ailing father in law is alive when he goes so will his operating license be done. but then in the chinese medicine shops are forced to close because the second generation cannot legally carry the operating license our livelihood will be in
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jeopardy but more importantly it will be the end of a taiwanese tradition and cultural icon that it will be a thing of the past it will be difficult for them to emerge again an estimated two hundred taiwanese natural medicine stores shut down every year the total has been cut in half to about eight thousand in the last twenty years. taiwan's approach is a stark contrast to china and hong kong where there has been a push to promote and export traditional medicine mounting concern anger has led to protests in the capital taipei now the government says it's trying to find a solution with industry leaders but shop owners fear it may be too late and employees such as leech feeling worry that it's not only her livelihood at stake but also a tradition that's part of taiwan's culture katia locus of the young al-jazeera. all right it's time for a look at sport with tara thank you so much come all the asian cups number one ranked team around are on the verge of booking their spot in the quarterfinals
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they're currently bidding on mon to nil and abu dabi the iranians are looking to win the asian cup for the fourth time the last of their triumph coming back in one nine hundred seventy six or earlier. vietnam produced a surprise wins become the first team to reach the last state after their game against george jordan's finish and a one one draw vietnam and won the tie in a penalty shoot out with every hope the this is history for good for good news for the board. and we're really happy about this result we are trying hard hundred twenty minutes to here and there have a lot in the in been able to shoot in so we are so happy. china came back from a goal down to avoid an upset against thailand the host for the next edition of the tournaments scored twice in five minutes to win two one china are looking to be asian champions for the very first time around have also beaten all mine.
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english premier league champions manchester city have closed the gap behind leaders liverpool to just four points they crushed bottom side huddersfield three now away earlier daniel lower him sterling and lee rossana with the goal city have some tricky task in the title race coming up their next three e.p.l. games include trips to arsenal and chelsea. here's how the table looks with fifteen games to go liverpool they're leading the pack tottenham also winning on sunday they beat fullam two one thanks to an injury time winner by harry winks. two time defending champion roger federer has suffered a shock defeat at the australian open the swiss crashing out in the fourth round on the day also saw a huge upset in the women struck home out like has more. it was the day of major casualties that the australian open. if you would have expected twenty time grand slam winner roger federer to crush. but the swiss went down to twenty year old
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greek fourteenth seeds defying the states across. the defeat and sped response for a third straight title. of massive regrets you know tonight. i might not look the part but. more predictable is rafael nadal's advance only one of his seventeen grand slam titles have been won at this bent back in two thousand and nine was. the darling easy winner this time out beating thomas burdick in straight sets next up from the darkness francis to your foe. you can expect in a quarter finals of a grand slam you can suspect you can not despair and he might. just can say from my side i happen to be in that round. women's world number two angelica of a never look close to the sort of form that seen her win three grand slam titles.
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the german beaten in this fourth round match by american daniel collins i play a prior to this tournament and never been past the first round of a grand slam event. i had to your mindset of what i was going to do and from the very first point i showed her that i was going to lead her into the match and i was going to dictate the entire way through and i stuck to my game plan and clearly worked out well for me and now pretty much made sailing throughout the entire thing and i was feeling really great number five seed sloane stephens is also out despite winning the first set the american went down in three to understand the power to change it was the first ever defeat for stevens against the russian. player actually barty is entering new territory it's been more than forty years since an australian won the tournament in melbourne but bharti is now a step closer she's into the last eight after a three set win over maria sharapova so hell molly al-jazeera. now marines share
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poll they took offense when her past was dredged up in her post match press conference the thirty one year old russian history a fifteen month ban for doping offense was asked if not taking mel doni and was affecting her performance she was also in no mood to answer questions about her seven minute long toilet break during the match. that is making the kind of her experience in this day is going to build a good example for both of them for the very good in the sense that it's a good time but they said that if they were. here today that there's a pretty woman to say to that question. whether this is the truth because i think that's a silly question to ask really you know duty regally for ten years to deal with your health and growth it's about you just know that it's burns you can do all that is a struggle physically to deal with the demands of the grandson for is there another
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question. of the line up for super bowl fifty three will be cited later at this sunday in the kansas city chiefs take on the new england patriots to decide the a.f.c. championship while in the n.f.c. the l.a. rams are up against the new orleans saints this will be be rahm's first appearance in the n.f.c. championship game for seventeen years the team are coached by sean mcveigh at thirty two he's the youngest ever coach to win a playoff game tom brady's new england patriots are targeting a third straight super bowl appearance forty one year old brady has won the championship five times his kansas city counterpart patrick my home's is more than eighteen years since junior. the going gets team that score a lot of points state the league in sacks short sacks. you know it's a good group and i think everybody every position has to play well that's what it's the championship games are all about is are just had to do on a silver platter at your trip to the super bowl it's good to go fight about we did a lot of games that come down right to the end manny pacquiao has won his first
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fight as a forty year old the filipina retained his debbie be a welterweight title after beating american adrian broner on points despite being more than ten years older than his opponent pack hero three twice as many punches he's won titles and eight weight divisions and this was his sixty first win of his career after the victory back you know said he was keen for a rematch with floyd mayweather who beat him four years ago all this was the scene in the filipino capital manila as that decision was announced in las vegas this was the seventieth fight of hockey pro career which b.m. back in one thousand nine hundred five takio is also an elected senator. and lindsey vonn may have competed in her last race one of the greatest skiers of all time the american failed to finish a world cup super g. race on sunday the thirty four year old did finish her final run in courtin a place where she's won a record twelve times before bonnie says she's battling pain in both her knees but
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had planned on retiring at the end of the season however by now says an immediate retirement is a possibility her compatriots mccalla shifrin up the memories. and that's all your sport for now back to you c'mon tara thank you so much for that there is more sport to come in the next news but that is it from the team here in doha but joining us more news from london in just a few. talked to al jazeera. we urge you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be
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a split edition of it indeed all that's what exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. all this week's counting the cost of prime ministers breaks a deal is rejected as britain shuttles towards a messy exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus classy models called moscow may cause worries about the trade war. counting the cost on
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al-jazeera. al-jazeera and. where every. the u.s. says it's killed fifty two members of al shabab in an air strike in response to recent attacks. you as. in are in tennis is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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at al tensions in greece as thousands protested athens over the proposed name change deal to normalize relations with macedonia. sudanese security forces fire tear gas to break up protests in khartoum and a little money. and ailing industry the chinese medicine shops that are now in poor health themselves. hello the u.s. military says it carried out an asse strike in somalia that killed fifty two fighters it was launched hours after the group attacked a somali army base. still controls large parts of rural southern and central somalia and continues to carry out high profile attacks in the capital mogadishu and elsewhere since twenty seventeen the u.s. military has stepped up air raids against the armed group in somalia carry out forty seven strikes last year and shabaab is fighting to overthrow the
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internationally backed government in mogadishu and even baba has this report and a warning you may find some of the images distressing. the bodies of suspected al shabaab fighters lie on the road as somali troops pour over the scene the fighters were reportedly killed in american airstrikes after fleeing from a somali military base earlier had stormed the base three hundred seventy kilometers southwest of the capital mogadishu military officials say six soldiers were killed during the attack and two others died after a booby trapped vehicle was blown up as the army battled to recapture the base eventually u.s. military helicopters were deployed according to a statement from u.s. africa command here attack killed in its words fifty two militants the somali army says the figure was even higher. we managed to kill at least seventy five ship bad militants after they attacked us and many more were injured we are telling people
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about that victory today. al-shabaab says it killed forty two somali soldiers during the battle the group retains a strong presence in parts of southern and central somalia. it's also regularly targeted neighboring kenya which sent troops to somalia as part of an african union force it says it was behind tuesday's attack in nairobi when four gunmen and a suicide bomber killed twenty one people at a hotel and office complex on friday five suspects appeared in a court of law i wrote be in connection with that attack don't bother al-jazeera. speak to man i don't know who's in nairobi and though can you give us a sense of the scale of the u.s. operation in somalia. lot and it's very difficult to say the scale of u.s. operation in somalia we know that there's been an increase in the number of troops of a since donald trump took office and we've also seen an uptick in the airstrikes against
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al shabab something that has really does seem made to the groups and leadership all we know is that they have a massive base eighty kilometers southwest of the cup we're told an old military port enormous but it dogleg that's where they've been more inching their. tox against al-shabaab forces that trained special units of the somali national army that they have been using to cut out most of the ground attacks against al shabaab but despite an uptick in the number of aesthetics the u.s. have been cutting out against al shabaab also losing most of its territory to a mix of somali national army and african union peacekeepers the group still has shown surprisingly has shown resilience resilience but is there actually a resurgence.
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what we cannot talk of resides inside us yet but what they are doing is in an attempt to stay off rule they have been cutting out more attacks to show that this feel they're still present and that is one of the reasons why they've been cutting out so many attacks not only in somalia but also outside to show the world that it is still there despite losing most of their album strongholds as well as their main sources of revenue crude in ports where they used to rearm themselves and the target last tuesday in nairobi is one of the one in which al shabaab wants to show that it east ttyl a force to be reckoned with kenyan police say four out of the five attack us what kenyan something that is raising concern that the country could be facing the threat of homegrown terrorism. this sprawling informal subtle mental
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magento in near it down central kenya life here may seem us ordinary as in any other slum but the residents of mud jungle outmoded. one of the gunmen in last tuesday's al shabaab out stuck in the capital nairobi was born and grew up here. salim ali get most kept out in this photograph during the night will be a tuck and he grew up in this house he's neighbors those shocked i'm not surprised they say al-shabaab has over the years recruited many young men including salim from. rotty percent is one of magickal community leaders we generate through harlem a car our children have no jobs they need to eat most of them have dropped out of school and their parents are too poor to help them continue with education the parents have no idea when and how al-shabaab recruiters get hold of their children older or less. a heavy hundred government response hasn't helped either he says
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residents of my general blame the ease with which al shabab can recruit on law literacy joblessness and drug abuse among the youth here it is a situation that is far more compounded by feelings of state and the condition by residents of this neighborhood kenyans in the past have blamed the violence carried out by al shabaab on fighters coming from beyond their national borders but last tuesday's assault on a shopping complex in the capital is forcing kenyans to consider the threats posed by those a home police confirmed most of the five attackers were convince. in nairobi somali majority suburb obviously presidents up come out to show their anger about the talk unified in grief their message was one of love in the face of such. businesses in the business leave markets remain closed for several hours to honor the dead a remarkable moment of defiance by
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a community long blamed for attacks in kenya no longer do people feel that it's just a problem for one particular community and that community should be vilified. repressed . and driven out of. the rest of kenya now that is settling in we're happy to have that but we're also ready to help share our experiences security officials say there's no quick fix to the threat of domestic terrorism the only conceivable solution they say might lie in a combination of education gun control and internet regulation mohammed at all just nobody can. and he's in athens have used tear gas to prevent angry protesters from entering
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greece's parliament building thousands of people have been rallying against the proposed name change deal with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia transfer a press report. it took only an hour of peaceful protest before a small group of demonstrators clashed with police detonating fireworks over the heads police responded with volleys of tear gas clearing crowds off the square in front of parliament but most of the thousands of demonstrators here with peaceful including families with young children many had traveled overnight from far flung corners of greece to oppose a government that last week survived those of confidence with a razor thin majority one hundred fifty one m.p.'s in the three hundred seat legislature that's majority is likely to pass the message on your name change deal by the end of the week and i'm asking after your kid years to suppress to write out a hundred and fifty times there is only ball macedonia and it's his greek and my
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kid and i'm after all my grandfather force in macedonia we cannot allow it to be sold out we are losing our values some people of the shoeing a new order they want to access the sea through the port of sicilian yhe truckie will be the next to go then will lose a chunk of greece to albania. greece is an original position was that it would not allow a neighboring state to use the name of its northern region of macedonia a decade ago it agreed to allow use of that name along with an adjective and last year recognized north of macedonia but that country has now ratified the deal and it is now greece's. but the agreement has angered many here because it allows the people of north message to call themselves macedonians rather the north masses. and recognizes that language as macedonia and with the preface agreement who have. it where the north macedonia. and at the same time we give the rights to the
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citizens of these states the more noble lies the word macedonia for their citizens if you give the nationality if you give the long words this is called identity. and we do not want to offer it to one of the states of the area then i. macedonian and then. the agreement is a bitter pill so most greeks some have decided to swallow it but many have not these demonstrations have reverted to the original hard line position and they want prime minister alexis tsipras to declare a referendum is unlikely to take that route he knows the deal is unpopular but vows to push it through parliament with his one vote majority by the end of the week jumps are open less al-jazeera athens sudanese security forces a fire tear gas to break up protests in the capital khartoum and the city of. trucks carrying security personnel were deployed to undermine after protesters
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blocked streets demanding the resignation of president bashir and he had daily demonstrations began in december in response to the rising cost of bread actress and dozens have been killed the president says the protests are being organized by quote traitors who have info has the latest from ca to. more protests broke out today in khartoum and also in the city of man protesters have been planning to converge on the parliament and once again demand the government to step down and the president omar bashir but soon they were dispersed by security personnel using heavy tear gas or so in other parts of the man in the forty third street where i was there heavy to gas how has been used and a cameraman working for dizzier has been as a freelancer has been up three hundred and that's a part of a systematic kaka down on journalists particularly if they used t.v. cameras and t.v. cameras are not allowed in these protests since the beginning and.


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