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tv   Mo Me  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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there were at least we now believe six hundred ninety six people detained. throughout the country as a whole lawyers are still receiving information. which they are verifying. this is the most the highest number of detentions recorded in a single day since that for at least twenty years. and at least eleven civilians have been killed in syrian army shelling in the rebel held area of adlib syria's state use agency claims the army responded to what it called terrorist violations of the russian turkish troops clashes have continued around it lip synced a truce was acquitted in september at least one of the civilian was killed in a bomb attack on a council building. you're up to date with all of our top stories this hour and will be more news from doha a bit later on in twenty five minutes time now it's time for rewind mo and me.
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hello and welcome again to rewind. when we first lost al-jazeera english more than ten years ago our goal was to seek out the sort of documentaries on the channel simply weren't doing well here on rewind we revisit some of the best of them to
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find out how they came about and how the stories moved on well today we rewind into two thousand and six and one of the earliest of those programs for more than thirty years mohamad and me was a legendary figure in africa and video journalist who chronicled the momentous events of the second half of the twentieth century a turbulent time for the continent and me was a series made by muhammad ali in which he tells the story of his father's career and camera picks the agency has father created a brave and highly respected figure in africa mohamed came to global prominence when his film and photos of the mine hundred eighty four ethiopian famine shocked the world and led directly to the international live aid phenomenon where today we're returning to the final part of the series which tells the tragic story of mohammed's death and the legacy he left behind the first let's take a look at some of the stories he chronicled for newspapers and t.v.
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stations across the world.
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yes. well as you can see muhammad's korea took him to the heart of the action in africa boston a tragic twist it was finally to find himself on what an a at the center of a global story here is the final episode of law and me.
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my name is sally mommy son of renowned photojournalist muhammad or me dad was a regular commuter to addis ababa one reason was that he published the in-flight magazine of ethiopian airlines we still do. data business colleague brian todd lee checked in on november twenty third one nine hundred ninety six flight eight hundred nine six one to nairobi a saturday dad flew in first tightly in business. it was a last minute decision to take brian along he hated flying. captain lola but it takes me aboard a flight simulator. it's programmed to reenact what happened to flight eighty
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nine six one was anything unusual other than in any premonition you had about this flight. now it does my daughter started the day. i celebrated her birthday i tom and i came out for the flight to the beautiful day sun it's guys claire. started out very nice. when we took off when the plane took. off. before it even leveled out. we heard the i heard some noise coming from back and then i noticed two gentlemen
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running up the aisles to towards the cockpit so they came into the cockpit take a moment on i mean there are three of them they took the fire extinguisher and they started beating the copilot crawled along. i said guys hold on what's going on here shut up the flight is hijacked ok no problem i saw moment i mean come out twice the cabin to the passenger compartment economy class and talk to. to some of us to try to to to to assist him all to stand up against the hijackers but. most people i think a little too scared so i assume he is a very brave man and. what none of the passengers knew was that the hijackers had demanded to be taken to australia ironically they picked australia out of the in-flight magazine the dot himself published. ok guys i thought. this flight is
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destined to nairobi. we don't carry inaccurate australia let's learn to nairobi really if you will and then we can go to australia either i told them it's impossible. the hijackers refused to allow captain a budget to refuel at nairobi or mombasa. so you kept going to new possible buses and yeah and then last month and i was trying to fly along the coast right so that i don't want to be far from the. they are the line. then he said why are you flying along the coast of australia is somewhere to this direction. and i took the ok i thought i had the heading. and now this message came you know if you told. you see this it's a small fuel we're running out of fuel guys so we just kept tightening like this. so you were circling the island with this i was sort of coming at diana i decided
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out of anyone else right because the seats are dead and. i now flight eighty nine six one was circling above the camorra side. so i just kept on going i told the guys we're going to die they're running out of you i'm a railroad well already lost one engine. then started talking with the guys and this time i took my makeup i told the passengers their descendants a man a river. they have lost one engine you took of starvation and we're going to build out that engine varies so he'd run out of fuel he's already lost one engine. and that he had no alternative but to crash one and also realize. this is ending differently is that we all thought that there would be a bush usually people will feel maybe one airport the other sort of thing but you know that's when the panic set in the reality actually dawned on us oh yeah this
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could be the end one time. i heard the door open yes i attended about i saw your father standing on a dime he was standing and talking to you i decided to study i don't write you a thing he does the people i could see by the justice just as he was making but he was trying to get people to stand up. and help him. and stand up to it again you know stand up to the streets but most people. think rather too to scare. you things because he was a he had been in this situation many tell us who are he's been in many trying situations as we all know and i guess he stands up to these challenges a lot easier than most people would. know that a brain as a descending right as good he said proudly told me we have to go. true or false that i doubt i said guys this is finished now we are all dead people know they can do with my right hand side i don't know they did it here if you can get dalton by
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the. disengaged that he did from this country out here on the control road then i disconnected the heart of planet earth. and i had to start flying it myself and just he was struggling like this and more was pushing him like. i and i was not trying to recover from that condition you know he was doing like this. and i was trying to recover people when it was creamy shows he holding up jesus. running up and down the aisles people trying to put on their life jackets and not finding them the scales. we were out twenty one thousand we were just down that range right. so you were just basically gliding off to that point that's where the twenty one thousand feet you were just blood was up twenty one thousand feet yes started to get hot in the plane the lights started to flicka started to aspire and
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they got us on the dock. and those old as you know people were screaming and it was just so a lot of panic in the aircraft. and trying to be gentle in this time working side by that ok you have to hold on to politics and i was talking to my son as we came down and people could actually see what's on both sides. plane it sort of went quiet this was like the last few moments case that they're going to make it now you know make it. and i just kept looking. out the window and i could see water this is good. to start the other day. and then finally. i guess maybe five or ten seconds before we hit the water i went on it's just my eyes and held on to see to the front was waiting for the impact on the.
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honeymoon couple from south africa taking photographs on the beach. front that. people were struggling to get out of the seats and you know tugging onto others and you know all that was a bit scary because i was under water and of course you have to hold your breath all this time is that a shock yeah but finally i did get out and when i got out i looked up and that's i saw the sky. and i said ok this must be the other side must have crossed over and then when i leveled out and looked at the ocean i saw these both looked like tourists said ok it must still be our hunter. and.
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the camorra is in the holidaymakers bring the passengers assured alive dead and halfway between. of dad there is no sign. of one hundred seventy five passengers from thirty six countries one hundred twenty three perished including the hijackers but dad there were still no news only an ominous silence. i went to wilson airport nairobi with my friend duncan willetts we chartered an aircraft to fly us to moroni the capital of the come or is where a makeshift morgue set up. so
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we drove to this meat factories right right near the ocean and we went inside and there was poured probably eighty to one hundred bodies lying on the floor in rows and they were covered by sheets and we had to basically go through each one to find brian and dad broad tetley was on the flight as well we had to go through each one to find them so duncan started at one end and i started at the other end and i thought i found dad's body. and. i really didn't know what what i found his body and i put the sheet back on and i walked outside and i brace basically brought down what were your thoughts on the floor we never actually talked about this when we were there we didn't really say much on the trip there did you think he would have made it there when we were flying over were you pretty
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convinced that he had well i was i must admit i was pretty convinced that he died in you know we were trying we're trying to you know tell you maybe or be or you know we have a couple of drinks very little but i knew we had because there's no noise from and you know how do you survive we would have heard that was his job to tell the world over you know report on it and sadly the this was it for birding that we both go. what did you feel you were close to the both of them very close to the both of them what did you feel a devastated absolutely devastated that the going search would take you. a completely nonsensical useless waste of time and when the thing that should never never have happened i mean car accidents happen you look at the birth and go as we all know about the fact that some people survived and some people didn't two thirds died and that's what they say is the average for the question is what unfortunately you know to brian was in the column business business and everybody in business.
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you father didn't survive but the guy next to him to know whether he did know his seat belt fastened which is typical mounted you know. neither and he shot out a lot of them got killed because he cracked their head on and on and on the luggage thing. had he been able to choose a way to go i think this would have been one of those not necessarily the hijack or a botched hijacking but the fact that it was the biggest story of the day he wasn't even covering it it was the biggest story of the day it has put him down in that it did it kept his status to legendary because of the way died that he just been you know an old man that passed away the sleep that drama would have been that the drama of his life wouldn't have been there and he had that drama right to the very end and you know i think that in some way that gives you some consolation for
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whatever it's worth his life philosophy was that if i can do it anybody else can. we are in the most powerful profession in the world the stories that we do reach millions of people we can make a difference and if we use that power responsibly it can change the world and it can change africa which desperately desperately needs it. what you see in in my office and it is my office it's not his office it's my office but what you see in my office is a memory to somebody that i idolized but somebody that it cheve more than any other african journalist has achieved in history and i want to remember that whenever i feel that it's too much that i can cope with this that i can handle
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a situation i just have to look around me at what he achieved and i have the strength to continue and i have his pictures around because i feel he's still watching over me to a certain extent i think i've spent the last years since he's died trying to prove to him that i know i'm not the disappointment that he thought i was was the she was at least that was good that was and it was. i have this recurring nightmare of him not having died in that plane crash and walking into this office and screaming at me and saying or the have you done to my office where all my things.
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get out of my chair get out from behind my desk and what are you doing here i do have i mean it's not a nightmare that he's still alive that's not the nightmare i bought but it's the repercussions of me sitting there trying to justify what i've done over the last decade to. immortalize his memory to a certain degree and to continue his legacy and to continue his company. i think there would be an inner peace i would call at
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a certain point in my life where i would feel that i have nothing left to prove to them i think. perhaps. a string of awards perhaps some recognition for what i've done would. allow me to sit back and say. i hope you're happy now. a final episode of ma and me well as we know a lot has happened in africa since two thousand and six and although mother is no longer with us his sound so lame has carried on the camera picks today and he's here with us now to talk about keeping faith with has father's mission and the role of generalism and today's africa it is great to have him with us here today
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wonderful to be elizabeth thank you thank you i believe that george series more than made it was actually the first that was broadcast on al-jazeera it was the opening series or documentary series that was done and it kind of you know it it when i was pitching it to to the original team that started all jazeera i felt that it takes all the boxes that al-jazeera was stand you know stood for wanted to portray itself as which was stories. on the sols. stories that dealt with parts of the world that when he bought the board cost is rarely looked at it was a story of a muslim who wasn't a terrorist you say in the film that you have this recurring nightmare that you're never going to live up to the men's work of your father how do you feel about that now i still have the same night where i look i realize i've come to terms with his life his life was was truly unique in an african context in the global context and
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you know the body of work i've now spent time looking at the body of his work it's just phenomenal you over three million images that he clicked in forty odd years how do you think africa has changed in the two decades since his passing both bad and good was think i think it has changed it's changed a lot. in some ways it's changed more in the last two decades that it did in the last fifty years before that there is been the technology has been a huge leap things like mobile money and. and and all these apps and wonderful innovations that have come out of the quantum of leadership has been a massive problem in kenya alone in two thousand and seven and twenty seventeen we had this massive election problem when two thousand and seven we have post-election violence in south africa we've got a whole change of guard with people getting fed up with corruption so some things
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haven't got worse how dangerous is it still to film in many parts of the continent you know when he was operating one of the things that he taught me was how to get in and out of war situations and for him no matter how gung ho or passionate he was no story was ever worth dying for one of his favorite sayings to me which i'll never forget is not. is he said i'm not afraid of the bullet with my name on it but i don't want to be killed by the one that says to whom it may concern going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's how to get out because there's no point of nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places and putting your life on the line but in the end unfortunately he did die. not by not from a bullet it was a to whom it may concern kind of a situation it was a case of his luck running out but not just his luck with
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a lot of other people and it was it was a freak accident it was a it was. a hijacking that was not necessarily was unnecessary it was a bunch of amateurs if there is such a thing as amateur i jack ors these were a bunch of amateurs nobody to this day has ever been able to explain how they got on that plane they were escaped convicts how they got passports how they managed to make it onto that flight and he tried to live area and to convince them yeah he was there got we spent most of his life negotiating with our maniacs i mean that was what he did for a living and so he you know he tried he did everything remember this was pretty nine eleven had been post nine eleven i think you know hundred people would have stood up and jumped on top of these guys and tried to take the plane back and tragic end but an absolutely extraordinary life we thank you very much something for coming in and talking to us about about him that's what an absolute pleasure thank you very much thank you on that set from us but do join us again next time
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and check out the rewind page at c.n.n. dot com for more films from the series and it is the problem thanks for joining us see you again soon. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life with brand new updates on the best of documentaries live i was the top of the class. and the other student rewinds continues with. my neighborhood i was like screaming. we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the. rewind on al-jazeera.
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high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training farm and family is tough with no outside it's a poor it's comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets morocco village superwomen. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islam experience in the field of medicine. science to to be
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a good subject to bring different people from all over to work together. to such like a magical and the more i learn about the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim miller on a. venezuela's self-proclaimed president is barred from leaving the country by the attorney general. election joe however what i'm come all sons of maria and this is al jazeera also coming up fears the cease fire in yemen's port city of a dater is on the verge of collapse as a giant sees one of the worsening humanitarian crisis stop the unfair crackdown on chinese.


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