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tv   Chinas TV Confessions  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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you know castro is from the un's food and agricultural organization which commission reports we are forgetting what our grandparents ate and now all more than sixty six percent of the relation where all eat in from nine crops and from ten fish a species why over grandparents you know they knew about six thousand different bands and more than five hundred different fish and this locally we have been you know induced horizon and and commercializing only this us species and over that diet is been with us we think this is one of the problems for the population increase in their way to becoming overweight and obese and also is put in a risk. long term sustainable use of the buy in about biodiversity get out of. under the french school students of march through the streets of paris calling for more action to fight climate change it was led by
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a sixteen year old swedish environmentalist gretta thun bug who spearheading a movement of school strikes there is david chase who was also that. skip class and helped save the world's climate the message of a sixteen year old swedish student spreading through the streets in. a campaign is gaining traction cross the world she still can't quite believe what happened when she first started striking last september i would never have imagined that it was going to be this big. and i think it's incredible it's just it's a surprise every time i see someone else striking and it's it feels incredible. action must be taken out you don't have time generation to take their differences now that is a view that's being supported by many many people here in the past
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a republican which really spent the political move where you. will and i hope the politicians will listen to the little money press and people came here to listen to this kids more than they listen to us because we're always getting into. physical didn't tell you it we think that it's our our age our generation that we it's only you'd see yet it's our duty our generation to change this world and let them out of studying if we don't have any future and what is the matter of being here and then yes if we don't have any future any outlet it will not survive what the quote. it was paris that was the host city for the signing the climate in which the present emanuel besieged by universe protesters dropped his plans to raise the price of fuel to combat greenhouse emissions of this unseasonably warm day in february you can see the pollution. over the city. cheater al-jazeera arms.
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in other news the us singer r. kelly has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse in the state of illinois the artist whose real name is robert sylvester kelly is face claims of sexual abuse against women for decades on thursday two women came forward alleging the singer assaulted them at a party in baltimore in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's never been convicted and denies all the allegations u.s. media reports say the fifty two year old will face court on march the eighth. and the u.s. actor has been cut from the t.v. show empire after allegedly staging a hoax a crime against himself police say smollett paid two brothers to beat him up in a staged racist and homophobic attack because he was unhappy with his salary they've charged him with filing a false police report small letters been released on bail four hundred thousand dollars and had his passport taken away. on the program control the. show must go on. and find out who's facing who in the europa league last
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sixteen. not only. folderol all. business updates.
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business updates. cricket board are calling for the games governing body to ban pakistan from the world. that's taken place in england in june the move comes a week after an attack killed forty indian paramilitary policemen in indian
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administered kashmir earlier on friday the international olympic committee suspended all indian applications to host future events that comes after two pakistanis were denied visas to compete to the world cup shoot event in new delhi two time fifty over world champions india is set to meet nine hundred ninety two winners pakistan in one of the most anticipated matches of the world cup on june sixteenth in manchester. i believe that is being thank you very see which expresses our concern to go to get back to this to this and if you're leaving the security you know there's no reason to feel you should be a problem because you're not in the back here or. during the cricketing community that needs to be cured he must be permissive birthdays with nations from which such communities well the two countries have had frosty relations on the cricket front for a while india have refused bilateral test series with pakistan since the move by
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attacks in two thousand and eight they last had a test series in the longer format in two thousand and seven august and did however tour india for a goodwill one day and t twenty series between december twenty twelve and january two thousand and thirteen bucks on the players however have not been allowed to play in the indian premier league the world's most high profile domestic t twenty competition. police in florida have charged the owner of super bowl winners a new england patriots with two counts of soliciting a prostitute robert kraft seen here at a parade for the n.f.l. champions and boston earlier this month is among more than two dozen people charged as part of a police investigation into a possible human trafficking ring the seventy seven year old is alleged to have paid for sex at a day spa located in jupiter florida craft two bought the patriots twenty five years ago denies the charges. the only undefeated teams in the season six nations
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rugby championship face each other on saturday and take on wales and cardiff it's a game that could decide the winners of the northern hemisphere is biggest international rugby title wales are unbeaten in their last eleven games while in line to have just recorded convincing wins over france and ireland teams are also building towards this year's world cup in japan. we know it's going to be. a great challenge and so we're really excited about we. having this opportunity to play at home again the same it's really on form of the moment. since when this guy move on so i don't think the situation mentally as much as anything from building on for the remainder of the. stanley i mean that little lot in there we wound afresh the country. got that same. thing going to catch this season and.
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we're excited be part of that and most of all. and wish premier league leaders liverpool are hoping to keep their tatel challenge on track when they visit manchester united on sunday liverpool had the chance to go three points clear at the top of the table but to do so they have to win at home ground of their affairs this rivals liverpool beat united three one earlier in the season a result that prompted the firing of jos a marine e o three will go they will be as good as possible prepared and try everything. through to get a result that's the plan but you never know. with two strong teams who face each other so it's open until the final whistle and we try to use that time for them it's a big game for us is a big game because we want to be the top four so we're playing liverpool we know how big the game is for money united we know how big that game is for this stuff
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how it is for the supporters so. we're just looking forward to another challenge for this team because we want to. build this team into. it's worthy of. money united's history. chelsea won't be allowed to sign any new players until may next year fever have dealt them it to your window transfer ban for violating rules on signing young players they've been punished for penning deals with twenty nine players under the ages of eighteen with fever claiming chelsea made to reach a green and salon in them no influence other clubs and transfer related matters in all associations say it will appeal the ruling. as for on the pitch matters chelsea face a tricky tie in the last sixteen of the europa league having been knocked out of the f.a. cup on monday and falling out of the top four in the premier league under pressure boss maurits he was sorry will see his side of the ukraine all most of it teams
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have managed to avoid each other interim drawn on track frank napoli take on last season semifinalists arsenal have been paired with mid table league own side renne record five time winners of the face of prague and then it will host villareal with the first leg of that match set to be in st petersburg is that the players will end deadly get plenty of support ahead of that game this was how fans greeted them out of their last a thirty two victory against fenerbahce you can only imagine the scenes if they replicate their two thousand and eight success and win that trophy and that's all your sport for now it's now back to merriam in london thank you for just two days away from the all sky the biggest event in tinseltown is shrouded in control busy again al-jazeera is raw brunell's explains from hollywood. oscar night is hollywood's annual celebration of itself but this year the academy of motion
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pictures the people who decide the winners is already a big loser they seem to be just scrambling they seem to be making it up as they go along i think it makes them look very bad because there's more focus now on the cademy than on the films that are being nominated i mean i think people are going to tune in just to see is this going to be a trainwreck and it almost doesn't matter who wins first the six thousand member academies board voted to add a new category best popular film many saw that as condescending and after an outcry it was dropped then the academy decided that awards for essential movie making crafts like cinematography editing hair and makeup would be given out in commercial breaks not during the main broadcast again an uproar and sued from those artists and their supporters the academy back down and now all awards will be given out in the live broadcast why is the academy tinkering with the show i mean everything in
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hollywood is about money and ego and the cademy gets most of its money from selling the show to a.b.c. television network and they can be really depends on that money but the ratings have been going down the oscars first started airing on t.v. in one thousand fifty three. and it's basically the same format now as one was then and now in the twenty first century the audience tastes have changed. there's also a significant sex scandal involving bohemian rhapsody the film is up for best picture and star rami maalik is a best male actor nominee but director bryan singer is being sued by several men who say he sexually molested them as bull. boys rumors about his alleged activities have circulated in hollywood for years singer was fired but his name is still on
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the picture in another embarrassment for the academy the oscars are going to host a list this year actor and comedian kevin hart originally had that role but he dropped out after a series of his blatantly homophobic tweets from years past surfaced and apparently no one else wants the job rob reynolds al-jazeera hollywood and that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with more news for you stay with us.
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from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore untold and fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people who need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development the nuclear invest in making sure the people are not left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more award winning documentary and life moves on and on line by main edition every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media
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focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. africa's largest democracy goes to the polls to elect a president parliament and governors corruption insecurity and economic uncertainty that dominate nigeria politics remain widespread al-jazeera brings to coverage of the issues the candidates and voters i j f o r's. after weeks of protests against him sudan's president declared a state of emergency and says he's dissolving the central and state governments so
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. i know i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london ole so coming up on the program appeals for karloff to two people are killed in clashes near venezuela's close with brazil. this is venezuela's struggle turns into a battle of the bands with rival concerts on either side of the colombian border. and kurdish led forces try to evacuate will civilians from pockets of territory in syria just hours after as strikes. sudan's president tomorrow bashir has declared a one year state of emergency across the country and dissolved the central and state governments but she also called on parliament to postpone constitutional amendment amendments that would allow him to run for another presidential term in
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two thousand and twenty now this move follows months of demonstrations across the country which were triggered by price rises initially but then later developed into a sustained challenge against bashir his rule. well. in any order there. are to clear the following to impose a state of emergency program to dissolve the national unity government to dissolve the provincial government and we will continue to take measures to implement what i have ok country requires us to stand together tomorrow itself to remain united patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to follow in. my column a is a political analyst and visiting fellow at the london school of economics he joins me via skype and of course president share has been at the heart of protests over the past two months people demanding an end to his thirty year rule today he's declared a state of emergency he's dissolved the government what does this mean for the country. well it's important to know that over his use of government parliament is
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still in place and according to constitution parliament can actually refused the state of emergency within says if the next fifteen days parliament has to decide if the largest him against each carry and so he actually depends on if the parliament is bored enough to actually want to wear something else to them agency or not we have to realise that there was a parliamentary subcommittee that was actually. ticking through the draft tista i'm not going to run in the twenty twenty elections how about it about a couple of weeks ago a duck prime minister committee decided to are bought the whole process of drafting . the amendments trying to stand and maybe that actually is one of the reasons why he's taken these desperate measures so a lot also depends on the parliament can be broad enough to actually osa the player
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that we're not going to allow our ship to impose the city from a days he's now got to know within the next fifteen days that parliament is allowed to be able to do that so parliament has the power potentially to challenge this declaration what about the protests the demonstrations are they likely to continue in defiance of the state of the nijinsky. that's that's an area which no one has control of. it is it is virtually impossible for they see the forces to actually be able to effectively bring down the demonstrations i mean from a practical reason not to have been able to do that and past months so the demonstrations are very likely to carry on and obviously the protesters who realize that are bashar is the straits and doesn't provide actually increase the momentum for the protests to carry on especially as the economic situation has not improved and it's not going to improve. you say that he's desperate but he also struck
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a conciliatory tone in that speech he acknowledged economic hardship in the country and the difficult living conditions and he has pledged to try and tackle these problems. yes that is. that is a strategy to buy time and sweet talk maisha obviously if the head of state is saying that he wants a dialogue then it behooves the who are to want to dialogue with him dialogue of our wards. it is impossible for him to address the economic situation and the reason because an experience like that is because of him so essentially this this is the solution is for him to move on and leave the scene and that's exactly what the protesters are asking for. in be interesting to watch this space in the next few days and weeks how the whole scenario unfolds in sudan but in
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declaring a state of emergency and the special powers that that gives him and the security forces and also disbanding the government does that allow him to consolidate his control and to get rid of any potential opposition or all those that might challenge him. i mean he if you're going to make in your appointments you luck point people who he thinks will come to hear about fine. but on the moment parliament has suspended any an amendment to i him to run for that twenty twenty elections and that's why he's also going to break the make a statement that he asked he he has talked about that. the process is actually not he who stuck to its parliament actually stopped it and so in that kind of scenario well this really forces will tend to carry out any orders that just issue and to what extent they're able to do that effectively we don't know but also it's
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too long clear exactly what kind of appointments we have to expect and whether these appointments will actually carry any importance as we kept to the competence of the twenty east and as you cat with a student can actually carry out the our tests and then identify which these are twenty six may be put in place all right thanks very much for now michael i'm uh joining us from the london school of economics thank you. the u.n. secretary general has appealed for violence to be avoided in venezuela this after the security forces opened fire on members of an indigenous community near the border with brazil killing at least two people several others suffered gunshot wounds close to the town of santa ana de or a community leaders say the violence broke out after the indigenous venezuelan
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stopped a military convoy heading towards the border which they believe was trying to block aid from entering well that border has been closed by venezuelan troops and there are reports ambulances carrying those wounded in the violence were prevented from going across the border for help crossing was close following orders from president to do or to prevent aid getting into the country but the opposition insists it will go ahead with his plans to ship aid across the colombian border on saturday that tomorrow will all this comes as the power struggle in venezuela a town into a battle of the bands rival concerts taking place in the latest stage of a showdown between president joe and the opposition leader one events are taking place just a few hundred meters apart on one end of a bridge leading to the colombian border city of quickly the british billionaire richard branson sponsoring a concert featuring major latin pop stars like louise fonzie on the other side madeira as government is staging a three day festival called fans of venezuela. the france about concert began several hours ago joy thousands in their crowns many also in the venezuelan says
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cross the border some was told al-jazeera is a fund to see. overnight last in the latin america and it's only seen human is on the venezuelan side of the border with colombia and so can you give us a sense of what might be happening in terms of the the probe the duro concept is that under way. oh yes it is about you really couldn't tell by looking at it i'm just a couple about two hundred meters from the stage which is directly behind me very very very light turnout to say the least in fact people are leaving that only the concert just began about two and a half hours ago there is out a rock band playing at the moment but not a lot of enthusiasm at all especially if you compare it with the tens of thousands of people of are on the other side of the border now interestingly mary and there were a lot of people here trying to watch the concert in critical tasks and the government
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blocked the signal on a lot of the cable stations that were channels rather that were carrying it so they're going to have to wait and see if they can get a replay somewhere else but a lot of frustration on this and the news that people say isn't as good a lot of people were brought here in boston people who work for the human ministries they had to sign attendance lists a lot of people that belong to the militia were here since early this morning but they're beginning to leave the government's point of view it has not been a success mary and you see as the other big development today clashes on venezuela's border with brazil the two casualties from that this must raise fear is that we could see a similar scenario play out tomorrow. absolutely this happened along the border with brazil and play on the pavement it is a tribe which has it is supposed to have the autonomy of that region they have
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eight an indigenous guard which is supposed to also be the authority there they clashed with the national guard we are now hearing that five of the injured did somehow make it cooler on i am on the brazilian side of the border even though the national guard reportedly tried to stop the ambulance from crossing at least one and some border crossing but they somehow did make it through which is the good news but that this is going to continue very very likely because that they want to have have vowed that they are going to do whatever it takes to get the food and medicine the town the brazilians of the border in rhode island into venezuela starting saturday we don't know how they're going to do it but it could get far more violent and there are a lot of people on this side here it on the colombian side of the border who are also very much afraid that the band on the guitars that we're hearing now may be replaced with guns back to you mary all right thank you very much our last america to see a new human joining us there in venezuela. well earlier we spoke to francisco mike
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has a political advisor to the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. who also represents opposition opposition leader why don't we ask him about what might happen tomorrow when why don't has pledged to bring aid into the on his way. every single venis well and is fighting for one thing only for freedom that the right to be able to have food on the table to have access to medicine we ask of nothing more than any other citizen would ask in their country what's at stake here is not an exchange of power president i don't have asked one mandate besides focusing on humanitarian assistance to have free and fair elections as soon as possible but the seizing of the usurpation must take place because we can't forget who's in power right now the regime financed by drug trafficking and oil money is oppressing its people and so yes the risk is a lot but not for a while though but for the venezuelan people and that's why you see millions of in a swelling on the streets six hundred thousand volunteers.


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