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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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capturing color. on the back of time it takes and the wind does have to contend. millions head to the polls in nigeria's delayed presidential election voters remain . in the northeast. this is. president dissolves the government but. protests against a. day in venezuela is the deadline set by the opposition to get aid into the country. of china the minority of the saudi.
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extremism. we begin in nigeria where millions of voting in the presidential election polling was postponed last week by the metro commission which blamed it on logistical problems but its food the delay could affect voter turnout the president mamata bihari is seeking a second term with more than seventy presidential candidates it's a crowded field but the election is widely seen as a two horse race the other leading candidate is from a vice president of a bucket both pledging to revamp nigeria's struggling economy just hours before polls open gunmen attacked the town and northeast nigeria and the residents fled the town of. seven explosions were also heard in my dewberry the capital of borno state that follows warnings from the armed group boko haram but it would disrupt the vote will have a tacit joins us live now from nigeria's commercial capital lagos sahara bring us
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up to date on what's been happening there with the vote. well they've got a highly commercial capital of the mining areas but if they don't know what is a very rigorous medical i mean the poor with the paperwork or even if they're in for a lot of people don't have a job some people don't have active running water and electricity that's why they didn't want to vote because it was some kind of a change in like the lightning through the nation had several problems at the beginning you know continue our legs look at them voting materials to keep them to the right some of the voting machines was working people were striking end up leaving and going home they may be disappointed with the prosperity themes but now things are going really behoove me this is how some people live and i guarantee. you have got a lot of people in the cutting whatever they can we're going to make as if they are no jobs making one thousand million nigerians live in exchange obviously and
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despite all the electricity lines of the good country and what would you want to have a lot of people in probably going to go through have actually gotten. that is why a lot of people up the state had about what's going on. but if they hope to be able to make a good thing then that they do want to avoid the bad guy hearing politicians every election that. if any kind of problem and you want action. in a budget horror thank you. well the voting process is complicated as jonah holic spain's now from a polling station in the capital abuja. well i think they'll be widespread relief around the country that this election is in fact underway now after a one week delay and particularly after persistent rumors in the last seven days that there might have needed to be further delay will i make the independent electoral commission has got its act together big crowds have turned out for the road a complicated voting process let me take you through it first of all they've got to come here line up and identify themselves according to their own photographs on the
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lists at individual polling stations they've got to present their personal voting cards if they're not at the right polling station and they'll be directed to the polling station where they are supposed to vote after they've registered they're being they're given a ballot paper it's a pretty complicated ballot paper of course seventy three presidential candidates on that ballot paper as well as that national assembly elections taking place they cost their votes in the a little booth like this so write their votes on to the ballot and then pop them into one of three boxes here house of representatives presidential and senatorial. as i say a large crowd of very enthusiastic looking voters here in this secondary school in i think possibly trying to have a quick word with one or two of them. sir. hi how are you let me ask you are you are you relieved that this election is in fact taking place now after the delay last week. prior to the crisis really know how you know the election is to go that's right you know like last week. the line between the council to the election
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. so many people were really here most productive couldn't come but i must talk to him but he couldn't pull back. this is no good for democracy where the right to smoke in the world well thank you so much for your thoughts there and that's one persistent concern about the delay last week because it may well affect turnout a lot of people about to travel great distances from their places of work to their home districts where they're required to visit that journey costs a lot of money and in a country with epic levels of extreme poverty the highest in the world it's almost an affordable for many people to be able to make that journey a second time so there are concerns that turnout could be low there is the thinking that that may help the president president seeking his second term because his core vote in the northeast ought to be strong and reliable regardless nevertheless a tight race between mr bari and he's a teco i will buy
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a car the businessman promising to bring big business investment in this country and what so many people here want jobs welcome to say k.-mart and a bono is a political analyst he says the youth vote will be decisive. universities were on strike for three good months so students couldn't go to school and all that the high level of unemployment jobs every other thing dies really affects and so this other things are going to be on the ballot and most of them are coming with that's kind of to express the ourselves and decisions under looks instead of picking up the bullets essentially so it's going to be an election disarming by young people so it is not going to be easy race since the turnout and i would say is not is actually quite encouraging by reports from what the parts of the country signify about morse and much of us haven't gotten to some places and so it's actually affects in the elections in that particular places so is going to really affect it forty percent or not is quite low so far let's just hope and see that things
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actually improve us election progresses protestors in sudan's capital have denounced the president's state of emergency the share announced he was dissolving the government but just hours later he appointed six new ministers it's part of a series of measures to counter weeks of nationwide rallies against the government has the latest. they're calling for an end to their presidents will. and denouncing his latest move only hours after omar bashir made an announcement that reflects how much these protests have shaken the government off i have yet seen any urging them to clear the following to impose a state of emergency for one year to dissolve the national unity government to dissolve the provincial governments and we will continue to take measures to implement what i have resolved our country requires us to stand together it demands of to remain united patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to
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follow. for over two months people in sudan have been taking to the streets their anger ignited by an economic crisis they've demanded that omar al bashir step down . according to sit downs constitution a state of emergency would allow security forces to arrest those deemed as a threat to the country and its political and economic stability. and you government will be formed which the president says will work on fixing the economy as he called for dialogue some say his announcements are far from what those who have been demonstrating want to see happen in the demonstrations are likely to continue in defiance of mistaken radiancy for two reasons they cannot make situation is not going to improve and the demonstrations are basically based on economic cashiers so it's not just for him to say calm down it's how when the. economy has not been addressed so demonstrations are likely to continue regardless
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of their status from agency. al bashir has ruled for nearly three decades he came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred nine overthrowing a democratically elected government. since two thousand and twelve anti-government protests grew over rising costs the. security forces responded each time using tear gas and live ammunition hundreds die. the protests that started in december last year have become the long this wave of anti-government demonstrations since the country's independence with a state of emergency declared protests may be harder to sustain. and bashir may have found a way to end the biggest challenge to his presidency. dorsetshire bari al jazeera. so let's take a closer look at what's the band state of emergency actually means well it gives security forces in the military the right to raid houses and buildings without
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warrants and put institutions under surveillance law and property or financial assets can be seen as defense deemed they were used in illegal activities and all groups can be banned or regulated and have the transport and telecommunications control what happens mohamed is director of justice africa that's a non-government organization he says a state of emergency is not the answer to sudan's crisis. i don't think it's going to make anything any different i think if you if you are asking people for a yard of you cannot declare a state of americans because there is a prerequisite for the you have to allow free speech and free organization and if you are if you are actually he's dating his death and maybe that means you know you are this is our emergency laws and people are moved three to speak more pretty to carry their normal activities and i don't think it's clear that these young.
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men and women responding to his statement immediately by coming out on the street defiant is decision to be closer to him it is that we that is not. going to satisfy our demand even according to the security that are not allowed to do that because they don't happen missions but they are coming out and defiant of all the tools and even they have a hand that you use the whistle for the rest of activists but if you sense that never stop the people i think people are they are they have their demands are very is death is clearly and i think what they what that expecting is a response to that the money is not for him to cry and the greatest to go made against you all because of the government have done that many times and nothing has been that is not going to lot of problems for time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back talking up the chances of a trade deal signs the u.s. and china are closer to ending the standoff. from street kids to war announced why
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this is oscar nominated for until mr broughton realize more not. hello temps are coming up again from japan to the korean peninsula. plants are back to beijing the real cold is still around it's in eastern siberia says right quite a long way up the cold front mark reflect a bit of a dip but in but i was to get minus three is a max and that is quite hard to be r.'s thirty in beijing know when to move things around seems true sort of korean prince of anything that cloud is developing in the far south japan is inducing a bit more warm syrup about fourteen forty in the sunshine in tokyo this is come monday in beijing is a little cooler but otherwise nothing has stood now that try to use or in japan is part of the system that's currently of
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a fujian and hong kong now how cons had his february average rainfall so far so any more needs more than you might want but it's there all the same it's sunday and probably monday then moving offshore more may well develop in the way of rain in land in southern china hong kong twenty to thirty little chills at least will be dry and sunny rather than wet and is a big gap in the cloud much of southeast asia is looking fine but the showers are building again over borneo of his sort of way sea and over western java but if you're in singapore ok oh it's probably dry. and a fixture for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads to the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of
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the police in america who believe that science holds all the answers in the world be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi his son goes head to head with richard. on al jazeera. welcome back i could come out of the top stories here on al-jazeera people in nigeria are voting in the delayed presidential election polling was postponed last week by the electoral commission which blamed it on the just. before voting began suspected boko haram fighters attacked a town in northeast nigeria several explosions were also in my duty the capital of
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borno state. capital of the house the president's state of emergency. he was dissolved in the government but just hours later a pointed sixty in the distance part of a series of measures to count a week's nationwide rally. not top catholic cardinal as an admitted that church files on priests and sexually abused children were destroyed or never even created a german cardinal reinhard matzah speaking at a meeting in vatican city that's looking at paedophilia in the clergy have been calls for a new culture of accountability in the catholic church which led pope francis to call the four day conference on thursday the pope presented an action plan but some survivors say it's not enough. the sexual abuse of children and youth is in no small measure due to the abuse of power in the area of administration in this regard administration has not contributed to fulfilling the mission of the church but of the country has obscured discredited and made it impossible
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for eyes that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed or not even created instead of the perpetrators the victims were regulated and silence imposed. the stipulated procedures and processes for the pro prosecution of francis were deliberately not complied with but instead cancelled overridden them as well as opposition is calling saturday d. day one meeting that movement one glider was calling on the masses to help trucks carrying u.s. aid to get in as one is when in struggle for food and medicines and there is a lot pictures coming from iran yet in venezuela on the border with colombia president nicolas maduro has closed three crossings with the country and a shut the border with brazil at least two people were killed on friday after venezuelan security forces opened fire on people trying to cross the border into
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brazil as mama jam jim reports on the brazilian border town of but i came in as well as i increasingly finding ways to cross over looking for help and happy relief . an open display of resilience on a border meant to be closed. on the venezuelans exhausted by their long journey to brazil but not too tired to gather lowering their country's flag as a sign of mourning singing their country's anthem as a symbol of hope from another group of recent arrivals though expressions that range from anger to fear first calling for the ouster of venezuelan president nicolas maduro. oh well find out why and out of it obama also says his group was driving through the venezuelan town of santa ana when they noticed a commotion. at the hospital i saw one person was dead i also saw lots of people
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who were injured we were in the car and we stopped to see what happened. he was told venezuelan soldiers had opened fire on members of an indigenous community supporting the country's opposition after ambulances transported some of the wounded to brazil for treatment amateur videos purporting to show the injured began posting online a line of venezuelan security personnel attempted to enforcement to those decision to close the border with brazil no small task considering just how porous this frontier area is so right behind us that's even is way low we are on the brazilian side of the border the plan is for aid comprised of medical supplies and food stuffs to be delivered to this point on the border crossing at some point in the next twelve hours how exactly that aid will then get into venezuela well that's still a bit of an open question. brazil's army says medical supplies and food will be made available for pick up from here beginning on saturday. we're going to respect
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the sovereignty of the venezuelan territory work is inside brazilian territory we will allow the trucks to enter brazil take the humanitarian aid and go back to their country this is our goal here. at a shelter run by the army and supported by the united nations refugee agency some venezuelans are relieved but others are terrified france the arctic i worked as a paramedic in venezuela she says that even while earning that salary she still couldn't afford food but if the only thing i get now my family is going to or just time my idea of coming here was to try and make their lives better i don't see. the point but i don't know what will happen. a sentiment echoed here again and again from members of a population whose only certainty is just how uncertain things continue to be
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mohammed atta in fact i'm up on brazil's border with venezuela meanwhile venezuela's foreign minister has been holding talks with the u.n. to try and end the standoff. to u.n. secretary general of the ted it was pushing for negotiations he also met with diplomats from countries that support you do as government including russia and north korea says the u.s. is using the aid effort just around the rest. of the country is peaceful and calm but there are those directly from the united states who want to force situations such as the one of the border with colombia and generate violence in the country violating our sovereignty in such a way that the u.n. secretary general is worried as we all are about whether violence will occur not woman in senegal could decide the country's next president when voters head to the polls on sunday a majority of eligible voters are female and candidates have made women's issues part of their key. forms but for the first time in twenty six. running.
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it's the final stretch in the campaign trail for a candidate. running for a second term in office with. together sharing a common hope with. a slogan to attract women because there are more women illegible to vote than men electrical technician is too busy working to attend political rallies but she says promising hope is not enough change is what women want. to listen to the times have changed we are a work force like any other and i expect our new president to give us the same rights as men. and. women are not just paid less than men they're also taxed more inheritance and family laws favor men over women and. a law was introduced in two thousand and ten women to have a bigger role in politics there are big gaps between the sexes has yet to
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a gender discrimination law. there we have it since two thousand and ten and we have got a few one of the feel confident enough because it has it and even in the war we have. made a forty to be persona for men but that doesn't translate into what you see patients are going to get back to patients for women. for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety three there are no women running for the presidency and so the male candidates are making promises to women political newcomer song says if he's elected he will increase maternity leave and impose tougher penalties against sexual violence mikey says he has made health care free for mothers and their children. he wants to include more women in his cabinet in the civil service and is promising more jobs for young female graduates. in. this demographic in this
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election. and. still undecided who to vote for. by political. but determined to make her vote count. israeli forces shot dead a palestinian teenager during protests at the gaza border on friday the fifteen year old was killed during weekly demonstrations that have been taking place since march last year at least forty others were injured. just as. israel's blockade of gaza and the right to return to the that were taken when israel was founded in one nine hundred forty eight the saudi crown prince says china has the right to fight against extremism to protect national security. during a visit to beijing. as a reference to china. against the weak of muslim minority rights groups say china
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has detained an estimated one million. more from beijing. the situation in shouldn't jan was not discussed by name but the saudi crown prince said that he supported china's efforts to safeguard its national security through its various directly is a show in and counter-terrorism measures and he said he wanted to cooperate and work with china in these fields apart from the areas of security the two sides also announced major deal saudi arabia investing some twenty eight billion dollars into the petrochemical industry here in china that is solidifying saudi arabia's place as the number one exporter to china china of course is also iran's biggest customer and that is a reminder that in the middle east right now china is playing a very deft diplomatic game it has strong developing relations now with saudi
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arabia very good relations with iran their foreign minister and speaker of the iranian parliament were here just three days ago and china is also strengthening relations with israel but with saudi arabia xi jinping says we have a long friend been summoned to his part said that saudi arabia has never ever had any problems with china in the past i think what the saudi crown prince was doing on this trip was emphasizing to the west this you may not want to deal with me right now but countries like iran pakistan and china do and in the case of china they may be prepared to sell me some of the weaponry that i want but analysts do warn that in the middle east china will have to tread very carefully because sooner or later it's going to have to take sides trade negotiations between the world's two biggest economies have been extended through the weekend after progress was made during the first two days of talks in washington officials have been trying to
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end the seven month long trade war between the u.s. and china president trump has indicated in march one deadline to solve the dispute could be extended he says he would like to meet china's xi jinping in march to finalize the agreement. donald trump says he'll nominate kelly knight craft as the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations the fifty six year old has been in the ambassador to canada since october twenty seventh dean and making the announcement on twitter the president says he's done outstanding job trumps first pick heather now it was through her candidacy last week you're a singer r. kelly has been arrested on multiple charges of sexual abuse the fifty two year old is real name robert sylvester kelley turn himself into police on friday he's faced accusations of sexual misconduct against women for decades on thursday two women alleged your sort of them at a party in baltimore in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's never been convicted and denies the accusations. now the ninety first academy
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award ceremony will be held on sunday often overlooked in the glamour of the hollywood spectacle of the foreign language film category but once i mean sought out by fans in big cities it's now with digital streaming that can be seen in millions of homes around the world to see as lineup of best foreign language nominees has been called movie making at its best is rob reynolds. in capernaum lebanese director he's focus is on twelve year old zane who stands as a representative for the hundreds of millions of children worldwide war neglected abused and exploited zane is a tough foul mouth beirut kid played by seen all rafidah he flees his uncaring family to wander through the slums you finds a makeshift family with an undocumented ethiopian immigrant and her baby the film is a harrowing journey into the depths and yet at the very end like some impossible flower blooming amid the filth there is a brilliant flash of hope that isn't very unlike
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a different kind of family lives in director hirokazu kore a does shoplifters multiple generations cramming into a ramshackle tokyo house we soon learn this is a family born from necessity of the members are actually related but they've banded together to survive. so that's. what i do when a crisis explodes the family the consequences are dire for all but cory ada shows how tenacious are the bonds of kindness and love obsessive tortured love is the theme of polish director pawel pawlikowski film cold war about an affair spanning decades on both sides of the iron curtain in post-war poland a team of artists transforms the culture into full throated stalinist propaganda jazz. victor played by thomas scott falls hopelessly in love with teenage singer
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zula the luminous joanna league he plots their escape to the west but she did she see him in east berlin decades later they meet again in paris and the spark is rekindled but their love is infected with a kind of bitterness and only mutual destruction can unite them forever. by mexico's alfonzo quar own is a dreamily paced semi autograph it story of a fracturing family and the young domestic servant cleo who holds everyone together while fighting her own tragedies shot in black and white roma is a film whose images linger in the memory rounding out the category of florian henkel phone donors marks never look away a three hour long epic exploring art love and politics an artist played by tom shilling experiences nazi tyranny the total destruction of war and the suffocating
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grip of east germany's communist dictatorship cold war roma and shoplifters can all be seen on digital streaming platforms never look away and capernaum are not currently available online robert oulds al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera people in nigeria voting in the delayed presidential election holding was postponed last week by the total commission which banned it but just to go problems one of them john hall in the capital. there are concerns that turnout could be low there is the thinking that that may help the president president bush seeking his second term because his core vote in the northeast ought to be strong and reliable regardless nevertheless a tight race between mr bari and he's a teco card a businessman promising to bring big business investment to this country and what
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so many people here want jobs well just hours before voting began suspected boko haram fighters attacked a town in northeast nigeria several explosions were also heard in my dugar in the capital of borno state protesters in sudan's capital have denounced the president's state of emergency omar al bashir announced he will dissolve the government but just hours later appointed sixteen ministers part of a series of measures to counter weeks of nationwide rallies. venezuela's opposition says it's d. day leading the movement one is calling on the masses to help trucks carrying u.s. aid to get in venezuelan struggle for food and medicines people are gathering on the streets of iranian near the border with colombia where riot police and sort of a blockade president nicolas maduro has closed three crossings from colombia on the border with brazil to block aid from getting into the country. a top catholic cardinal has admitted that church files on priests who sexually abuse children were
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destroyed or never even created the german cardinal reinhard marx was speaking at a meeting in vatican city that's looking at paedophilia in the clergy have been called for a new culture of accountability in the catholic church which led pope francis to call the four day conference. the saudi crown prince says china has the right to fight against extremism to protect its own national security moment been saw moms or moms during a visit to beijing being interpreted as a reference to china's crackdown against the weekend as the minority rights groups say china has detained an estimated one million week has what beijing says a reeducation camps well those are the headlines and his continues here on the al-jazeera of the one i want to a statement on so watching us now. when
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chinese authorities clamp down on what they see as i'm going to or illegal activity . they not only make arrests they pressured the accused to confess on television or lawyers or the book publishers activists. they've all been paraded on state media often before any formal conviction. i'm steve chair on this episode one of one eastern.


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