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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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it's returned to its insurgent roots however he likes it and he will because he knows that these days the message is one of the very few things that i saw still can't control. what discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo philips slow on venezuela where the political power struggle continues we've seen those images of government forces squaring off with protesters on the streets what's happening on the media side of this story and on social media right so this past tuesday four am to be exact the opposition figure and self-proclaimed president. posted a video online in which he called for the military to join him in the final phase of what he calls operation freedom what the venezuelan president nicolas maduro caused an attempted coup and tweets of support came in not long after for members of the u.s.
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administration the government started shutting down social media platforms facebook whatsapp twitter well into mitten the blocks by the state internet service can t.v. bought twenty minutes before the dura was going on to do a live speech everything was restored just in time for him to call out b us in colombia for the support of the opposition and we have seen this before certain websites certain social media platforms being pulled down often in conjunction with why those public appearances and the majority government is also blocked the access that venezuelans have to certain international news channels they have and that was a direct result of this video a live feed of the venezuelan national guard in armed personnel carriers running over protesters after about a minute of that video going to various venezuelan cable companies got their orders from the government regulator khana tell to block cnn's output now c.n.n. said that it's. online service remained uninterrupted and people on social media
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reported that they could easily access the internet live stream but b.b.c. spanish language service b.b.c. mundo was pulled down and the miami based radio caracas put out this tweet after eighty nine years of uninterrupted transmission the pioneer of venezuelan broadcasting was taken off the air c.n.n.'s chief washington correspondent jake tapper why was he trending on this story for a tweet that he put out but also the video that he posted with it here's the tweet c.n.n. live in venezuela as mature a government mo's down citizens in streets now the problem was that the video started with an image with army defectors joining the opposition but the combination of that video along with the chose a much that tapper used seemed to imply that the madeira government was in fact gunning down its own citizens not to pull the tweet but not before he'd taken some heat particularly from r t which is funded by the kremlin apparent allies of the majority government in what is fast becoming
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a geo political standoff ok thanks for reality t.v. has a format a proven formula that works for aspiring singers dancers or chefs then someone came up with an idea why not try it with young would be journalists take students from various journalism courses and have them compete see who can do the best investigative reporting we have a winner journalism reality t.v. shows are currently airing in three countries armenia kenya and bolivia they offer young reporters the practical training their studies may lock and they remind viewers at a time when trust in the media is that an all time low of the importance of investigative journalism in any democracy the listening posts johannah who's now in journalism reality t.v. . he'll be so. don't be too. uncertain. they'll be drawn kenya's top story by
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cut a host on my head i can put a hard hit other going on meaning ask journalistic capitals what if we got a gust of oh it was but i doubt that it was in the report but it was dead but it livia's primera plan a. reality t.v. or heart hitting investigative journalism in the beginning i think there was a lot of why you tried to bring us a reality t.v. show and dilute what journalism actually is really asking questions but when you think about it the reality to leave it goes behind the scenes and unpacks what it takes to put together a broadcaster. and she's given a salute and i think that's the excitement you're putting in a bit of color your you're making it a lot more fun this week the competition started to get tested and we wanted to make this program accessible to people so you don't have to compete too hard we also wanted to show them that it's possible to to do some really serious journalism
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that oversimple be able to follow and you know and understand. every city has found . time. and that mix of journalism in reality entertainment for arcs for us works really well many societies in this world are not educated they are superficial they are not interested in facts and solid information so if the audience requires for entertainment to pass them true and interesting and helpful information then i'm ready to do that even if it were criticised but this is not serious. yes we are doing like american idol we are doing like the voice but this is a voice of journalists and we are very proud that we can make something into. first
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thing but also very useful. karen under came up with the original idea. back in two thousand and six he partnered with the european journalism center e.j. c setting up a mentoring program for journalism students from armenian universities which students would battle it out to produce the best piece of investigative journalism about mucked up crimes at this stage of the air. with the help of the e.j. see the competition was then exported to universities in bolivia and kenya where former b.b.c. africa editor joseph saul scope for a t.v. show. really three programs are no regular fixture is on that country's airwaves it's a format that has remained largely the same on air as it was off air with one big difference the stories of journalist are now tracking are no longer made up providing the students with real life experience they might not pick up in the classroom obviously it's extremely important that we have that space for
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journalists to learn an academic approach but many young journalists tell me that that programs are not really skills orientated and that they welcome the opportunity to be men i work in journalist so what's the first thing you say at the top of the story headline we hope that we're providing you know just a little bit extra that universities can give them before they really hit the news room the story made given where we're at with fake news it's really important to have a program like like like top story or a you know what i meant to ship scheme like that because these are the people we're relying on now on in the future to be able to you know distinguish what is true and what is false. not. what it is but you're a police officer and businesses don't want to know and we really focus on some very basic skills like interviewing skills how do you find the right people to interview . how do you conduct your interview before you get the last question is there any
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form of proof of the fishbone that how do you do it professionally and ethically those are the skills the tops that i've been trying to impart on this journalist and also members of the audience. it seems to be working for the students but also for the public to study but e.j. seems sounds like kenya's top story the significant impact on the media literacy of toadies improving public understanding of the crucial role investigative journalism can play in promoting accountability and good governance. some say it's also really helped open up the space for investigative journalism in countries where it had previously been limited to investigative journalism especially now is probably the most necessary type of journalism that we need given the levels of corruption and stories that need to be exposed it's very hopeful that top story can open up as closed investigative journalism it's my concerns i think would be. it's
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a little bit. shallow because it will continue to showcase the importance of asking the tough questions of getting the answers that sometimes you don't even get from the newscast right now the people you like they're getting the answers that we know that they will look to shows like top story and then we'll feel a bit hopeful that ok at least we have an individual be able is not trying to be chummy with the people they're holding accountable they're actually trying to give us the answer that we have pain and it is a real it's generally our immuno society have huge distrust in journalism in chords in many important institutions of democracy so showing the backstage of journalism showing the hard work of real journalism i think changed a lot in perception the attitude of the public. many people now in their main understand the importance of investigative journalism or fighting corruption and solving many other issues that we have in our country. another key in this bill to
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focus public attention on stories step down and we get to the media mileage they deserve i don't know not at all like a champ one hundred got a few i don't think i've got a good stories about corruption that are often true politically sensitive topics like health or development but the big question remains. what up problems in a global company in the in time soon stories that don't generate that many clicks on like that reporting the under-reported can come at a cost quite the shows and those competing have found themselves in trouble when their reality t.v. experiment has come up against political reality top story has not been smooth sailing we've had some challenges we premiered it on the on the main channel owned by the government again a broken sting operation one time they called us up and said look we've previewed this episode which is talking about this particular governor very powerful person and the k b c said nope sorry we have to cut out this beat and i stood my ground
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and eventually we had to move that whole top story to another station what a lot more bold work commercial but a good investigative johnson so there are some breasts and there are some challenges like that. over in armenia it's worse journalistic battles currently airing on the public broadcaster hasn't yet been censored by editorial overseers but three contestants from season one are currently facing criminal charges over a story they investigated about hospital corruption. harder to not interview on nationals most of ramadan last month about. thirteen injured already two hundred other young professionals. out of both huge corruption scheme and there was an immediate change in the management in this hospital in their services and in their payment system so we showed not only the problem but whole the problem
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was solved during our show or at the table and kind of for a month. the show's producers say they're doing all they can to support the journalists in question and if anything rather than back off incidents like these actually important to program makers to keep fighting their journalistic battles it's a crucial part of society what we're trying to do as journalists why not show that we have a bit of fun doing it the audience figures prove each year they can include more and more people want to be in the shows clearly we're doing something right and the audience seems to like it. finally president donald trump achieved a milestone of sorts this past week according to the washington post's fact checking page trump lied for the ten thousandth time since taking office the post says trump averages twelve point two lies or misleading statements per day or one every two hours that is not an easy record to defend but fox news does the best it
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can trump's favorite news channel is the subject of a new pop parody just put out by college humor dot com the producer nick lud scope of chattanooga tennessee wrote this eighty style track and he put together the video to as he says expose the hypocrisy of a network defending a guy who showed fake news all day we'll see you next time hear the listener. ulla.
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elin. when her fiance lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships
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with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. the main on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of cultural nationalism a new series of you would win an environmental show that meets some of the people striving to protect the plant a key deadline for south sudan's peace deal is looming but many are worried their rivals will yet again fail to put the plan into action an exclusive exploration of the goals and motivations behind russia's foreign policy told by those who can influence the kremlin and with rex it still looming and populism on the rise across europe will these elections become a recommend you self make on al-jazeera. becoming
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a living legend of the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona super bowl rebels begins with a look at the life of didier drogba the footballer who succeeded with politicians or not. to be a profile on the ivorian civil war on al-jazeera. bang . israeli warplanes bombed targets in gaza the army's. ninety rockets have been fired from the strip. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cycling vonnie
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batters india forcing more than a million people from their homes and leaving a trail of destruction before crossing into bangladesh. north korea launches a suspected weapons test from its east coast amid stalled nuclear talks with u.s. . thailand crowns its new king two years after he inherited the throne. israel says at least ninety rockets have been fired into the south of the country from the gaza strip in response israeli warplanes have bombed targets in gaza harry fawcett joins us live from us through some gathering all the information the latest on this breaking story here what do we know. well the latest we have from the israeli military is as you say that ninety projectiles they say have now been fired from gaza territory into israel at the iron dome anti-missile system is into said
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to dozens of them they say and that is really tanks have recently begun striking targets belonging to hamas is military wing inside gaza as well as those airstrikes that you are talking about the gaza health ministry has just in the last few minutes said that one palestinian has been killed today saturday all of this coming after the friday border protests which saw a number of injuries and deaths including two hamas fighters brigade members who were killed by an israeli airstrike after. what is exporters thought to be sniper fire from gaza which injured two israeli soldiers on the border so we're looking at another military escalation the first since last month's which in which we saw. another exchange of strikes and rocket fire out of gaza
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which seemed to end with some hopes toward some kind of longer term resolution there was a good deal of reporting about talks between israel and hamas mediated by egypt with further relaxing of the situation likely to happen from the israeli side hamas says so far all they've seen is the relaxation in the maritime controls allowing fishing out to fifty nautical miles from six that is now being reduced again so that is the backdrop against which this latest escalation is taking place that when these escalations to do happen when they're right there pathway on the passport who are all do we expect to come in and try to mediate this. well a both the united nations and egypt have been taking a very strong role in past such events the the un envoy to this region a nickel enlighted off he's been in qatar again recently talking to the qatari
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government because of course funding the gaza administration and israel allowing that funding to come in but there had been suggestions from hamas that it wanted to see and see guarantees that the increased amount of funding that was likely to come in would indeed come there was a senior hamas delegation which went to cairo on thursday for further talks with the egyptians is understood the egyptians were trying to mediate things on friday night after the fighting factions c'mon droom met and talked about retaliation after those two hamas fighters were killed on friday there was a further is ready drone strike which struck at least near a vehicle in the north of gaza on saturday injuring three people it was off the vat that we saw this big round of rocket fire coming out of gaza so once again we're the situation where all the analysts say that neither side can really afford or would benefit or wants
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a war but nonetheless we are at another phase of escalation which will take a lot of work to try to deescalate once more ok let's try something cool at least twelve people have been killed in bangladesh after cycling finally hit early on saturday more than two million people are being moved to higher ground the storm has weakened significantly since making landfall along india's east coast but it is left a trail of destruction operating trains and snapping power lines with gusts of up to two hundred kilometers per hour at least sixteen people in india have been killed while the m b m a being coastguard to remain on high alert stop either has the latest from new delhi. even though this powerful cycling has lost most of its punch there's a lot of concern about these communities in eastern india they were hit particularly i know this is a state where it came ashore on friday morning there are certain communities that have been completely cut off now they're not too concerned officials here state officials and federal officials are not too concerned about human casualties in
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those areas because of this nasty of evacuation that started before the cyclonic came ashore over a million people were moved what they're focused on right now is the infrastructure because right now a lot of these areas are not possible the way to get in there is completely blocked off because of trees and power lines in the power lines are something they're greatly concerned about one state official said just a state official said that some areas the power grid is completely destroyed so that means it's going to be a lot of infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt now we know that navy and coast guard vessels are on the way to help with some of this rescue efforts we also hear the prime minister modi will be heading to the area on monday weapons experts are trying to confirm middle name to suspected rocket launches from north korea south korea says they are not ballistic missiles the suspected weapons tests follows the failure of the denuclearization sign that between ken jeong and donald trump and february mcbride has the latest from seoul. this is turning out to be potentially
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one of the most provocative military gestures by north korea in more than a year and certainly not in keeping with the spirit of current moves at reconciliation between north korea and the u.s. and north korea and south korea in the south korean government has said as much there has been a top level meeting of the security and military officials which they've issued a statement saying that this test was inconsistent with the military agreement reached between north korea and south korea at the summit in pyongyang last september and calling on the north koreans to make every effort to actively participate and restart dialogue towards denuclearization so this very much seems to be placing at least some of the blame for the current stalemate on north korea's position the started a flurry of diplomatic activity. the foreign minister of south korea has been in conversation with mike pompei of the united states and also the japanese foreign
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minister trying to coordinate a response on the watchword seems to be one of caution saying that they will respond but prudently everybody conscious and being wary not to escalate tensions any further. around one corner has been crowned as the country's monarch after mourning his father for two years. ten placed a seven kilogram crown on his head in an elaborate coronation ceremony mixing. the sixty six for all succeeded this father in two thousand and sixteen ending a seventy year reign in haiti has the latest from bangkok. over the course of just over two hours inside the grand palace in the thai capital bangkok thailand saw its first royal coronation in sixty nine years with the crowning of king my hot what year along corner the tenth king in the cretinous de at the end of that ceremony we
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saw him dawn the seven kilogram great crown of victory and give his first royal command a very brief comment inside the grand palace saying that he will reign with righteousness for the benefits and happiness all for the people of course he was already king having ascended the throne in two thousand and sixteen following the death of his father king put me on a do new day who reigned for seventy years so this was really a formalize ation all their process all of his only son becoming the next king of thailand at times throughout that ceremony on saturday we also saw thailand's new queen queen city a surprise announcement coming from the palace on wednesday that king my which year long corn had married for the fourth time the former deputy head of his bodyguard service a military general in the time military and a former flight attendant with thai airways it's believed the pair met on
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a flight some years ago so she is now the new queen of thailand not only do we have a new king of thailand but a new royal couple they sing on pongs to iraq as the director of the institute of security and international studies said china longhorn university he says thailand's new king has a shoes to fill. it's fundamentally different than the last the ross reigns you know seventy seven decades on the throne the late king from the point he was a philosopher he was a developmental king he did a lot for the country and a lot of moral authority respect reverence from people type people but the new regime they think time is in a different place this is two thousand and nineteen so it will be a different kind of rain and i think that the new king his majesty will try to stamp his authority he would try to shape his reign according to his preferences and thailand has also been stuck in some political conflict and turmoil for some time so i think many type will be looking towards the rained on the day of the
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coronation weekend to have a kind of stability. in rome a tent inherited inherits that throne in here is that monarchy that monica has a role to kind of maybe unified and stabilize thailand again so i think that his his majesty will have that monarchy when he in the days and weeks and months ahead still ahead on al-jazeera united states announces a new deal on iran's nuclear technology but there is a catch. we shall speak the truth and we shall continue using these to stand for our rights and here the latest pop star turned off. how we got plenty of sunshine the usual showers across southeast asia i think some
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of the liveliest showers will be around thailand. but a cloud in and around the gulf of thailand so some wet weather here some humid weather thirty five bangkok on sunday quite a rash of showers as you can see spattering of rain there across malaysia pushing down into internation little of the. feature here into that eastern side of indonesia as you go on into monday elsewhere it is sunshine is as i said case into the philippines still some showers across parts of indochina as you can see still a chance of some showers into thailand bangkok at thirty seven degrees celsius and we had some showers along with spells of rain also making their way across australia some welcome rainfall here for the southeastern corner that's now moved through this is quite an active weather system which will gradually not its way towards new zealand we've got clear skies coming in behind in the form of high pressure and we got a very active weather system just pushing into w. way as we go on into sunday twenty six celsius for perth lossie staying.


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