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tv   Into Darkness  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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i get only a few hours of electricity a week. the main hospital has an emergency unit that's reserved for pregnant women who can't. get it that mary i'm a nurse dashes off to the hospitals only ambulance the vehicle was donated by unicef thirteen years ago without the means to maintain it it's a miracle it's still running i'm. due to the high price of petrol it can only be used once a day. can bring us up and down the shaft. process duchamp said the strength of the chemo met their own profit so that's going to baffle them up to run.
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the. number it that they have what they have the outcomes that it out now the. nurses waste a lot of time tracking down patients in the bush there are no signs indicating the names of roads all villages. going to you know coma if you haven't already wherever. you go look after you know you've got everything that comes out of. a little town about. two hours later and they still haven't located the pregnant woman. come into the house for the profit out of her that's not going. to make things worse the old ambulance breaks down. plus the man. now. but did anybody think you did. have to shift out of court of course having a gun will not. oh no madonna no worry about
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how much money. i got for her and. you know this is not a thought. i she waits for makeshift repairs mariyam bumps into the pregnant woman's father in law worried he'd set out on foot looking for help we're going to . the medicare. medicaid. services some day and i'm not the one after four days of agony both mother and baby are in serious danger from that this was a kind of medical center wrote your stuff up because i'm just. tough tough. but given. that my father cut my.
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three hours after leaving the hospital mariam can finally attend to the patient. and the baby is poorly position and the eighteen year old girl is in urgent need of a says area the best sentence and. left over the. rural villages grandmother's eye has midwives assisting women with childbirth. that prompted a third person to have the box up or get out of pocket while the back up that was about shall not get the fuck up what was that. but that my husband tries to comfort her as best he can there's no stretcher and she lies on the top closing of the above the open market. the book we're going to talk about
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the got a lot of this is. that one of my oh. i'm . sorry i thought. somebody picked up the picked up. the hospital has no running water in the operating room has only one set of surgical clamps but there isn't any statistic a month is soon asleep. this is airy and goes well but the baby isn't breathing. without the aid of respiratory machines the nurses do their best to save the baby but what i. know for this if you.
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see. the school. bus in fact it may have been given for the movie for my first. don't go see something. for days of contractions have paralyzed the mother's legs the hospital has no suitable medicines. but the family and for must in the end for. the world but it won't go word. for word of what we're doing a. young child. without free public health care many fans. these here are unable to cover basic
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medical needs the hospital pharmacy sells medicines for a tenth the price of the private sector but even these prices can be on a foldable. i said i don't know if i was i was in guinea five dollars can change a life. maybe it's the camera or genuine sympathy but in the end the pharmacist pays for the medicine himself that there's enough to treat his wife for a week. any longer and it'll be up to the husband to come up with more money so that i according to unicef fifteen thousand three hundred babies and three thousand eight hundred women die in childbirth each year in guinea . getting medicines to where they're needed
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is a real problem. these medicines are on their way to a dispensary in the middle of the jungle. this won't be the first risky journey has taken. to get. you over and if you want to ever hear what. you know yeah be good to come home because the front up. i. hear you sometimes the food you come to. your daily lives somebody just for you.
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if you do mondays over is what you want to be so we're going to get a hit. right here. on. maybe. the mule track he's actually a regional road it connects kissa dugu and forty five kilometers away. oh you know what i'm here for that no apologies no and i'm not about going back up until a few days maybe even. at each ball the rhythm of the spades receives and
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it's always the same t. . is encouraged. by like his truck stops its engine lacks power it will get the feel good about it but then somebody eligible to. see the minutes. this week but i feel no bathroom for a bond to fund the build up as i don't want on time to market it by the accounting it was. when i pull that off i put it when i get it that's what i meant.
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in guinea everything has multiple uses. to put. what i said on the bus. in the community that said that's. something i would like. to meet. by nightfall they've been driving for ten hours. or that. one of.
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the nurses at the dispensary collects the packages of meds and. he's been expecting them for three months and the box is a quite small. he hopes they'll be enough to replenish his stock. will say it is your baby to give yet you don't belong to you know not but sample of live. among the medicine benjamin has received of vaccines against measles diptheria tetanus and polio. he'll start vaccinating children first thing in the morning as he has no means of conserving the precious vaccine. that. he did.
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so. this two year old is too weak to be vaccinated. that's in my. family mad.
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i mean it's. there. in guinea one in ten children dies before reaching the age of five. scarcely ever visit these remote villages. benjamin tries to fill the void he's only a nurse but an experienced one. skilled nurses like him are invaluable. to a. village is
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always grateful to. god i'm not. going to. thank. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives
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dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to use and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. down payment on some of the burning to start to bring to the truth details coverage of the protest that's popped up to the coffee pot odds pleasantly that of those possible days from around the world last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down it's on the wealth of the earth to live forever barely begun to. live were just. around the abductions killings and unanswered questions we don't know what happened so we can't heal the
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fault lines investigates why native american women are banishing in disproportionate numbers in the u.s. to the search. for missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera are still searching the streets yet still looking. it's all carmen's morning breaks in gods a ceasefire with israel has been reached after days of cross border strikes and rocket attacks. on have them seek and this is live from doha also coming up. to us deploys on an
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aircraft carrier to the middle east saying it is sending a clear and unmistakable message to iran. a whopping hike in town or some chinese goods by the u.s. and head of crucial talks to resolve trade differences. and an aeroflot passenger plane lands in flames at a moscow airport forty one people are confirmed dead. follow a cease fire between israel and palestinian groups is into its third ally the days of cross border airstrikes and rocket attacks it's just gone seven am in the gaza strip and there's been no reports of any air strikes or rocket fire for several hours now cuts out in egypt brokered a deal off the hours of mediation twenty four palestinians have been killed in the gaza strip and four israelis have died in southern israel during the violence over
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the past few days the tension when amy is in the israeli city of ashkelon. the renewed violence between hamas and israel came near the start of the a samik holy month of ramadan it also was near the time when this week israelis were slated to celebrate their independence day following week tell of was hosting the euro vision music competition and expecting tourists from around the world as has been the case previously both sides seem to signal that they were not interested in seeing a further escalation yet this time things had progressed farther than they had since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen in terms of the death toll hamas is said to be frustrated that israel had not allegedly honored its previous agreements to help ease the suffering of gazans. gindi is with the center for middle
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east policy at brookings institution he says the root cause of these tensions must be addressed. we've seen that happen over and over and over again and what that typically signifies is that we're not dealing with the problem. in terms of the causes of the problem we're and for gaza for many many years there's been a great deal of denial frankly in the international community on the part of israeli leaders on the part of the united states and even on the part of this house senior leadership in ramallah as to what the causes are. and this is you know this is the gaza has been under a blockade for twelve years there's an israeli occupation that has been in place for fifty one years there is no political horizon that is being offered by the
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international community the only way out of this situation is to find a way to normalize life in gaza and life cannot proceed normally we have so many reports by the united nations and others that basically gaza is unlivable for the two million people who live there and that is at the heart of this instability that we see over and over and over again and the solution to that problem is not a military solution it's not even really a humanitarian solution it's a political solution we have to end the blockade which is which is a policy of israel and to an extent also egypt. on the other developing story the u.s. sending an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what he calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been dispatched the carrier was due to dock in croatia on wednesday u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton says it is in response to a troubling developments in the region it is the latest u.s. effort aimed at increasing pressure on iran gabriel is on the on those live for us in washington to gabriel what else this is part of a statement that the u.s. national security adviser put out what else does that statement say. yeah it was a surprise statement weren't expecting it came on late sunday night a little bit before nine pm local time here in washington totally unexpected it was a short statement that just started by saying in response to a number of troubling escuela torie indications and warnings the united states is deploying the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group and bomber task force to the region but this was a key part of the statement here that i want to read it said and sending it to the region to quote send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that any attack on the united states' interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting
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force in quote that was a key part of the statement from john bolton now let's be clear on a couple of things number one is it's not unusual for the united states to send an aircraft carrier like this to the middle east especially to the gulf region as a deterrent to iran that is somewhat normal what is different about this though is that this is not only an aircraft carrier but bombers as well it's a pretty significant strike force here that's being sent and it's also very unusual for the united states and the national security adviser to send out a statement like this telegraphing where they're sending an aircraft carrier and why specific. and bellicose language pointing out in some ways a provoked provocation towards iran basically saying we're sending this to the region because of you iran is essentially what john bolton was saying here also important note that this aircraft carriers you briefly mentioned was on
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a deployment that left the united states on april first and it was in the mediterranean region but it's now being read diverted to the middle east. now the wall street journal newspaper is reporting this evening that this was done a decision that was made just within the last couple days to send this aircraft carrier in the bombers to the region after some intelligence came to the u.s. about potential iran aggression towards u.s. interests in the region bad according to the wall street journal and we did reach out to the department of defense they did confirm this deployment of this battle group but beyond that would give us no other comment and gave you a white ways the u.s. choosing to do this now particularly couple days after the decision on the sanctions waivers. in the week it seems to be part of
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a pattern of ratcheting up the pressure on iran. ever since donald trump came into office almost from the very first day he's been trying to ratchet up pressure against iran and in some ways almost provoking iran in some ways many people would look at it that way this is all part of a pressure campaign the white house would say that started with the trumpet ministration ending the iran nuclear deal then going back as as much as two months ago when the united states declared iran's revolutionary guard part of the foreign terrorist organization list an unprecedented declaration against a foreign governor. and then as you mentioned just last week the announcement of more sanctions against iran and iran oil and potential penalties for any countries that still importing running oil so it's all part of this bigger picture of iran pressure coming from the united states particularly from
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a trump white house and john bolton and his national security adviser who put out this statement that are very much against iran very close to israel and have long view to iran as one of if not the biggest threat to the united states that according to this white house gabriel thank you gabriel is on day in washington for . our president trump is stepping up the u.s. pressure on china to reach a trade deal he's announced tariff increases on chinese goods trump said tabs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products will rise to twenty five percent on friday stock markets have reacted nervously with losses in the u.s. hong kong and shanghai adrian brown is live for us in beijing so adrian it's not the first time we've we've heard this talk from from president trump he has famously said he didn't himself that he is
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a tariff man so big question is how china is going to be viewing this particularly with these trade talks going on. yes indeed i think at the moment and by the way we've had no comment from chinese officials to that trump a tweet by president trump and also reports speculation in the u.s. media that china is preparing to pull out of the final round of trade talks to to happen in washington later this week i think at the moment chinese officials are trying to work out you know as they have done so many times before whether this was president from speaking in a in a private capacity or was this president speaking as a representative of the u.s. government and also a representative of his trade negotiators they have been ten rounds remember of trade talks now over more than ten months and this was supposed to be the week that a deal was going to be signed lou her the vice premier who's leading the chinese
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trade delegation is due to be leaving beijing today actually to join those talks and he's supposed to be leading a one hundred member delegation so what we don't know is whether china is going to go ahead with these talks because at the moment they've given no indication as to whether they're going to be attending these talks or not i think as i say they're trying to work out whether it's going to be worth lou her going because if you know there's not going to be a deal this week and clearly there's no point china sending its delegation remember back in december the chinese and the u.s. side agreed to a truce in their trade war that led to stock markets in china making a major recovery but today those same stock markets are in negative territory the index in shanghai fell by more than six percent the index in shenzhen fell by more than five percent so these are big big losses imagine if stock markets in the
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united states and britain have fallen by that amount and it's a reminder that these are very fragile markets indeed even actually in the best of times. so it's i suppose it remains an open question as to how china will react to this given the volume of trade that it that it has with the u.s. and the leverage that of its own that it can apply yeah i mean we have to remember of course that china exports far more to the united states than the other way around and remember in his tweet on sunday night from also warned that he was thinking about slapping tariffs on chinese products that so far have a meat subject to any judi's some three hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of chinese products if that were to happen it would mean that the united states was
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now applying tariffs to just about everything that china exported to the united states now i understand that there are a number of sticking points in the talk.


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