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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the show overseas territory of gibraltar and the u.k. flag tanker detained by iran in the gulf has raised tensions further now the u.s. has put together a naval coalition it says is to protect the freedom of navigation through the gulf strategic strait of hormuz where 20 percent of the world's oil policy is through a narrow stretch of water that iran and oman share territorial rights to yad all but all about oh yeah how men without around there would not be any security in the region that iran is a superpower ready to provide security for the region persian gulf and strait of hormuz stop pressuring us and stop encouraging your friends to be hostile towards us we are ready for friendship and defense as we are ready to fight back any invasion. the iranian tanker grace one i renamed. was released on the orders of the gibraltar's supreme court and is now heading to greece iran however is still holding the british tanker in the strait of hormuz the british flexed and impaired was seized by the revolutionary guard last month for what they say were violations
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of international maritime regulations they say the vessel had changed directions in the shipping lanes it collided with a fishing boat but also a trained officer tracking systems to avoid iranian forces and iran says the seizure underneath this vessel has nothing to do with the iranian vessel that was seized by british royal marines off the coast of gibraltar although a foreign ministry spokesman said a few days ago that he hoped that the issue would be in front of the court and that the ship would be released very soon. a straight britain and buttering have joined the u.s. coalition but on the seas here it's iran that still feels it holds us to teach advantage in any potential conflict i said big al jazeera blunderbuss iran. a torrent of water released from an indian down has submerged towns and villages in northeastern pakistan from waters now the hundreds of. province and river levels are still rising the military base has been turned into a relief camp for hundreds of people. and has more from the banks of the general
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river. and. as the flood waters rise river banks are giving way at least 100 people have been rescued from low lying villages along the river in punjab province. it's a desperate race to save as much of the standing crops as possible many farmers are refusing to leave their livestock and crops behind. but this happens every time india releases water and homes get inundated our crops with millions have been destroyed the government has given us a few large boats to evacuate people and their livestock but we think the situation will improve in the coming days. rescue teams and military personnel have been deployed but those rescued say the situation in far flung villages is bleak and water levels were still rising when they left india in a funny sort of the dust out of india released the water and you can see our livestock and everything is still in the village we are desperate please help us take out our livestock nearly half of our people are still stranded indian
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officials say they had to release a large quantity of the water from the. this is the area has seen the highest rainfall in 40 years resulting in unprecedented high level in the reservoir. politicians advice dancey india did not provide prior warning before releasing the water which it is supposed to do under a decades old bilateral agreement. archosaurs national disaster management authority says thousands of hectares have been flooded through lead and 14000 q 6 has been the new zealand river such words which is not unlike rumor and pakistan because there was no warning alert issued by indian authorities being brought up for repair the country and we are loaded very in country but now we are monitoring that head works release of water. efficiency saving lives is the priority and the hope water levels will recede in the next 48 hours but it is the monsoon season and
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heavy rainfall is expected in northern india in the coming days which means more water will flow downstream many rivers are flowing higher than usual through brings with it rain floods and destruction every year but this time around amid heightened tensions between pakistan and india even the stopper did release the water has been recognised some of the driver doubt that there are on the banks of the delivery of the. united nations is urging india to end the crackdown on free speech and access to information in indian and mr kashmir it's been nearly 2 weeks since india revote kashmir's special status the un has also expressed concern about the excessive use of force by indian soldiers as jimi reports from one neighborhood in srinagar is trying to protect itself from police incursions. it's an act of defiance people living in the sorra neighborhood of srinagar have erected these barricades unlike the ones put up by security forces to control the movement of local people these have been put up to keep the security forces out. of the common
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violently the night before last week they blocked us in from 4 directions and didn't let us spray in our main mosque they've also autistic boys and girls from other areas so we have closed off the entrance here. this neighborhood has been a flashpoint of several protest since restrictions were imposed on movement and communications after the region's autonomy was revoked people here worry that makes them a target and if we look at the present situation it looks like they're going to at least every one of us. going to the same. botts brother was detained on august 9th while returning home from work spammy only learned of his arrest the next day since then their frustration has only grown. police i just had a case against him the cops tell us to come in the morning and they will release him when we do they tell us to come in the evening this is what we have been
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dealing with security forces remain in the city and region in large numbers indeed officials say there has been some unrest in the past few days but it's been relatively minor. also behave normally. except. in. order restrictions have been eased this week with some people in vehicles moving around however most businesses in srinagar remain closed and in sora open defiance remains. in the sky above srinagar we've seen drones watching for protests which have been spontaneous in different parts of the city but here in sora authorities already know people plan to protest further and locals tell us they plan to resist as long as they can as jamil al jazeera srinagar indian administered kashmir united
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nations security council has been meeting at the request of russia and china to discuss current u.s. missile policy and its impact on international peace and security it comes after the us minute she tested a ground launched missile on sunday with a range of well of 500 kilometers the test would have been banned under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty but the u.s. pulled out of the agreement 3 weeks ago while she had tons he's been following events at the united nations so what are they when saying she had. it pretty much went as we expected the u.s. blaming everything on on russia and china russia it says as long flouted the intermediate ground based missile treaty by developing missiles and china it says has been quietly amassing in all some of these sorts of missiles because it wasn't even a signatory of the treaty anyway so why should the u.s. be part of this treaty or these developments by the russian federation and china coupled with their aggressive in course of behaviors are key drivers behind
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a deteriorating security environment the united states will not cannot ignore this reality we will not stand idle we'll take the necessary steps to ensure our security in that of our allies and partners and that includes testing in developing systems to respond to the challenges we face as well as being prepared to engage in what our president has described a new era of arms control. but the russians have i had a 2 pronged argument 1st of all they said that sunday's us test has proven what they've been saying for years and for years the obama administration and the trump administration said look don't worry about our missile defense system that we're putting in eastern europe and remain your opponent it's purely defensive but the test on sunday used exactly the same missile launcher that has been deployed in romania and poland except with a few software modifications which makes it able to launch offensive nuclear capable intermediate missiles in russia saying look we've been saying this all
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along these missiles you know are flouting the i.m.f. and actually europe should be doing something more as the u.s. continues to tear up yet another treaty that was designed to make the world a safer place. to the european allies of washington are you happy today do you not understand that with the americans you are returning to situations where missiles were targeting european cities from different sides. and for china's part they say look at leave us out of this whole discussion their argument is always we have a much smaller nuclear arsenal than russia and china and it's purely for defensive purposes and so we're not going to sign up to some new nuclear treaty because we're an irrelevance in this whole discussion and that's why things waste we were left it was just a restatement of the positions of the key players in this argument she had townsend thank you very much indeed. a new u.n. report has found the minimum military is still using sexual and gender based
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violence against during the u.n. fact finding missions in may in march says the military's use of sexual violence in rakhine state in 2017 showed a genocidal intent to destroy the ring of population its report shows much of that sexual violence hasn't stopped and is going on elsewhere in myanmar in the eastern states of catchin and shan more than 700000 ringer fled a military offensive in 2017 and a still in camps in bangladesh but bigger commercial army was on the u.n. fact finding mission on me in march she says atrocities appear to followed orders from the very top while in our report last year we mentioned 6 generals whom we felt were particularly responsible for this kind of strategy whom we thought account but who should be held accountable and we have also pushed for international mechanism to deal with this issue we push for international sanctions
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are i think it's really important we have actually seen satellite imagery of the areas these people were supposed to return to not a building as everything has been bulldozed are not even trees standing new structures have been built which are i would not say really worthy of inhabitation in that sense meanwhile a new bid to repatriate thousands of rangar refugees looks to have failed almost 300 reading of families interviewed by the united nations and the bangladeshi government all say they do not want to go back to me and mar unless their safety and citizenship are guaranteed. says repatriation will only go ahead if families are willing. several civilians in opposition controlled towns have been killed by a series of airstrikes around an important highway in syria the army backed by russia is continuing its offensive along the m 5 highway in the northwestern province of idlib it connects syria's northern city of aleppo to the capital
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damascus government troops already in control of part of the m $54.00 in the rebel withdraw from the town of kalak on monday but smith has more from an attack here just across the turkish border. this is the 2nd time this week that turkish military forces have been targeted by assad's forces the 1st time earlier in the week was a convoy of turkish convoy that was heading to a military observation post 3 civilians near that convoy were killed in that attack no turkish military was injured the 2nd attack of the shelling around another military observation post both of these incidents happening around the town of harm shaker this is just to the south of italy and is all but been retaken now by asaad forces and other forces push further north into rebel held territory so hundreds of thousands perhaps as many as half a 1000000 refugees are heading towards the turkey border turkey is very keen that
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for to get this safe zone deal agreed with the u.s. military so that it can push a great an area where the refugees can be safe so they won't be tempted to try and enter turkey and that turkey can also push back against the white p.g. kurdish forces that it doesn't want to see anywhere near the turkey syria border the french president emanuel macaws again ruled out any major changes to the brics a deal agreed between britain and the e.u. macaw has been hosting new u.k. prime minister boris johnson in paris where you urged him to set out his proposed alternatives as soon as possible and josh a butler has more from the french capital. if boris johnson had hoped to convince emmanuel macro to change the negotiating position on briggs it scrapped the irish backstop the french president's response made it clear that wasn't going to happen after greeting the british prime minister at the lease a palace makkal said the e.u.
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would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and the backstop the insurance policy to prevent a hard border between ireland and northern ireland but no country in the european union can negotiate renegotiate this agreement the key elements of the segments including the r.'s backstop and not just technical constraints or legal issues but some genuine guarantees to preserve stability in ireland and the integrity of the single market which is the foundation of the european project this is all part of what was negotiated by the u.k. and the e.u. michael did however back the german chancellor's proposal to johnson in a bill in meeting on wednesday giving him 30 days to come up with alternatives to the backstop a good deal i was particularly encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends and i know that we energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward for our businesses and our citizens this analyst says that e.u.
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leaders might happen altieri a motive for offering 30 days more time. european leaders may hold that breweries jencks on the stock old in the coming days because they know johnson's majority is very for john all saturday macra will host johnson and other g 7 leaders including u.s. president donald trump for a summit in the south of france the meeting with johnson gives mccraw an opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the european union coming just 2 days before the g. 7 summit it also allows him to send a message to world leaders including donald trump that when it comes to bragg's it the easy united and why don't you turn on a way back ross says that be. since destiny is in its own hands if it leaves europe 1st without a deal the french president says it's the u.k. government who will be responsible and not the e.u. . al-jazeera paris at least 4 people have been killed and 22 injured during
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a thunderstorm in poland's toucher mountains lightning hit a group of tourists on an almost 2000 meter high mountain after a sunday morning turned stormy rescue teams with the help of 4 helicopters are working to airlift victims another person has been killed in the west to trust here according to mountain rescue services. still to come on this news out a dramatic midnight arrest in india as a leading opposition figure has taken away on corruption charges that his supporters claiming a vendetta. because it wants driving oil depot in venezuela to find a hidden cost of a crumbling industry. and the corinthians women's football team sets a new world record will explain sport.
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hello there lots of sunshine across much of the mediterranean and not a bad picture really across much of central and northern europe yes it will storms coming through but the good news is the severe storms have continued to ease as we've gone through the last few hours so some of you but hopefully nothing more than that big for the crowd heading across said the northwest pushing through the u.k. but in between all this cloud some very nice areas of weather this is a view in the english countryside heading down towards the coals will you see the sunshine within that the clouds now as we continue into friday there is more rain and some thunderstorms quite scattered but along the line of the alps and that rain and just pushing further tools east rather murky to. way across into west and central ukraine kiev we've got cloudy skies with meszaros and then the next system really is waiting in the wings across northern sections of the u.k. this is well as he's in pretty strong winds and also the chance of more rain but not just that what we have got between these systems is some very warm as
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a look at these how much is 32 celsius in paris on saturday 28 in london 30 celsius in berlin these how much is are actually as much as 8 degrees above the average for this time of year so it's like the last boost of summer meanwhile this across the south is fine and dry 33 in rome and in my stay with sunshine across in athens with a high those well of 33. what is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by they'll form. and thomas in creativity. and protest to challenge a change idea is. gonna controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. trust is fundamental to all our
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relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really personal thought what happens to trust you know quoted by alan. as more want to citizens of the us by these complex pieces to quote the question that comes to the can we trust . the 1st of a 5 part series on the very question from your promise of the truth that the trust me i'm an algorithm on a. armando top stories here on al-jazeera brazilian federal prosecutors have begun an investigation into the recent spike in fires burning across vast areas of the
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amazon rain forest. iran's foreign minister zarif says his government is willing to work on french proposals to salvage the nuclear deal which it signed with world powers in 2015. and french president in modern iraq or has again ruled out any major changes to the e.u. withdrawal deal agreed with the u.k. in a meeting with british prime minister boris johnson. the government of chad is deploying the military to 3 provinces where states of emergency have been declared dozens of people have been killed in fighting between follows an emetic cattle herders in the landlocked african nation next year brian reports. the city of shares about 900 kilometers from the chadian capital in jamaica and surrounded by grassland making it an important cattle raising center. but the battle for lending resources between its farmers and a medic herders has seen it put under a state of emergency the region's governor has been meeting with tribal and
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religious leaders to try to end recent unrest in which dozens of people have been killed and. the any head of a civil administration or tribe must arrest criminals in the area because it is their job and responsibility to give the people otherwise they will be sent the emergency measures in wa dian sealer provinces in the east and to base stay in the west allows our cities to impose curfews search homes and sense of the media. president idriss deby has called for civilians to give up their weapons and close some borders blaming the surge of violence on conflicts in neighboring countries local tribal leaders agree. the troubles come from libya and sometimes from central africa and sudan those infiltrators who come to us from the conflict zones and sometimes from gold mining areas are the main reason of troubles. there's been some unrest between herders and farmers and other african
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states including mali and nigeria. drought and population growth aggravate the conflict while the influx of weapons and a rise in armed groups across the region have made the cycle of violence more deadly. chaired soldiers are part of a regional force that's fighting back on her arm and i select groups but some analysts suggest that strained the military and the unable to counter the recent violence. shows one of the hottest says he's on the planet with most days over 30 degrees and with climate change expected to turn more of this region to days as battles over resources are likely far from over elixir brian al jazeera indonesia has restricted internet access and arrested dozens of people in the past year region in an effort to rein in days of violent protests $1200.00 extra security
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personnel have been deployed to the province to contain the riots government buildings police cars and parts of an airport have been destroyed since the protests began on monday the violence broke out when $43.00 papuans students were arrested and racially abused for allegedly disrespecting the indonesian flag on independence day one protest as students from papua have faced racism for a long time. with the word monkey is always used to insult us the puppet students this is been going on for too long we don't have freedom to live here it's as though we're not indonesian citizen that's what he had to study we never create problems but people have always treated us as if we're animals. and he went as the chairman of the uniting of racial movement for west papua he joins us now via skype thanks for being with us what's your understanding now of the scale of the protests . yeah thank you very much for having me yes my people are coming out under siege demanding a referendum true from indonesia that this their ultimate goal for their the people
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of west but well come out listen to it because we live in peace the 7 years and the indonesia a colony of colonialism that's why the people are now ready to you know hold a referendum that's why i'm calling indonesia's president to allow my people let them go and will give us freedom and i'm ready to take a lot of out of my country so you might well have is there danger that violence for will damage your cause and kind of created an atmosphere where there's more to be a crackdown against you. know we always maintained a piece from the beginning day one that i led so that we calling that peacefully transition because indonesia illegally occupied our country and almost massacre of 500000 men and woman has been killed up to now that's why people are coming out under siege b.c.'s they're only the chance they have 50 years we don't have any freedom to come in out on the street to demonstrate 3 we 33 don't.
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tell me about the internet blackout how widespread is that what how are people communicating if the internet is down. this is the 21st century indonesia vine is like go north korea or you know somewhere that you know bandy is something happening in west point where he said oh it's great because even that but people are you know signify they live and even there is no common internet access but they just use their for one phone call or by their you know creative and they make phone calls here or there including myself i communicate with my people and we holding their peacefully as possible and the indians his information ministry said the signal to quit temporarily broke into communication is meant to quote accelerate the process of restoring security and order in papua and surrounding areas and they say it will stand until a situation in papua return to being conducive a normal and what do you think needs to happen for them to see it as normal i think
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when you use sender deploy a lot of military in the region where supply becoming like a minister i saw in india as you perceive people heavy meal it's right and you look at their might people just coming out under siege and they're holding their money stuff like that's mean at the symbol of the unity and peacefully so but then indonesian military says no war going on people are describing how the list read express themselves as spontaneity crossways but what i think is the 1st time you know and now the world need to know we need united nations to you know send a fax find the menus in in their region or send their you know. un to press it was popular right now because there is a lot of thing happening in after in duba their recent days of war going on as well ok ben he went to thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the subject
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thank you thank you. flash flooding in sudan has killed at least 50 people and forced thousands to flee their homes and december morgan reports from north of the capital khartoum many families have lost everything they own this used to be his home and the shop that provided him income now all that and it's on what has left the rubble of his house collapsed after a flash floods hit his town of a j.d. in sudan's hard terms date on monday the water destroying most of their belongings . this shop was the only means i had to support myself and my family and the house was the only place we had to live all of that is gone now and there's nothing i can do but say it's god's will the floods have destroyed at least 700 houses here according to the town's disaster response committee leaving more than 300 families displaced so the needs of the rains and flash floods in the past 2 weeks have
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destroyed over 12000 homes across the country most of the damage is in poor neighborhoods with shodi drainage infrastructure basic services have also been affected. life has become there is no electricity the water lines have been affected there are no shops working no bakeries working everything has become. more rain and a rise in river water levels are expected in the coming days adding to concerns of more floods to come but that's not all flash floods have not only destroyed homes here in and they've also turned roads like this one into rivers and because it can take days sometimes weeks for them to dry out it's feared stagnant waters will bring diseases. over the past few years health workers have recorded an increase in the number of malaria and cholera fatalities due to stagnant waters during rainy seasons affected residents blame the former government ousted in april of neglect
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now opposition leaders say steps need to be taken to ensure that what happened in chile doesn't happen again because we only know having just when you zation and clears we need some deeds we need to be of new dams new. laws to prevent floods coming from the far east for daily it is more than having the user and the players it is about political will it is about the restructurings area and coming was new ideas to prevent any flux in the future for imus who has to pick up the pieces to rebuild his home starting over won't be easy and with the rainy season not yet over he hopes no more flash floods come to take away what little he has left he morgan al-jazeera heartsome. indian police have arrested the country's former finance minister and leading opposition in a but dramatic midnight snatch ph a number on faces corruption charges but his supporters say the government is
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pursuing a vendetta against a man there's often question the economic policies on trial for our reports from the capital new delhi. very much like that feeling of no data batted around and it was around midnight that officers from india's leading investigating agency the central bureau of investigation or c.b.i. scaled the walls of the home of the country's former finance minister and they arrested him i. remember him in a speech of them from a senior leader with the congress the main opposition party is accused of corruption and money laundering while he was finance minister i. a few hours before his arrest he was live on television on almost every indian network i should respect the law even if it is applied with an unequal hand by the investigating agencies in the name of freedom i can only hope and pray that the
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investigating agencies really also respect the law. lawyers were in court on wednesday soon after his bail application was rejected by the high court his son car teacher damper has also been charged this whole thing is being done only for the olympics i book why it is not for this for the pleasure of a few i don't divert the attention of the people of india from the serious issue of this is a completely. made for your television made for media going over strictly to the indian government says it merely followed the law the opposition however described the arrest of their former finance minister as a witch hunt and to distract attention from the country's economic problems didn't get much coverage sunday here today a senior advocate at india's stop court said that while politically motivated arrests were a part of what he described as india's sometimes been dictated political culture
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the manner in which the former minister was approached was unprecedented you could expect people to say it is politically record but also there is a case to once there is a whole detail of evidence which. which would have to be answered in a court of law some day the question is was it necessary to arrest the man in the fashion that too big to make a whole. song and dance about it was not necessary to go and arrest him before the supreme court will take up the appeal on the end it's going to be. given to them from as i was if there is critique of the current government's economic policies during the time he was india's home minister the man who now holds that position was arrested and sent to prison arch of laura al-jazeera new delhi. and israel has the world's largest proven oil reserves but it's all about but once that america's largest is falling fast but i just figures show
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a bigger decline than iraq after the 2003 us invasion and the crumbling oil infrastructure is creating new problems there is a bow visited there once booming oil town of us. has always lived beside the lake of mike i was in the northwestern state of. he's a fisherman but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. this is abandon completely abandoned in the past the oil and gas installations were taken care of but not anymore now are lake is filled with willing contamination our boats are dirty our nets are dirty my family depends on this and it's killing us we're close to the town where oil was 1st discovered in venezuela in 1922 it turned this country from michael cohen coffee producing nation into an oil giant but things have not been going well in the past.


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