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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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because it is a very big corporation international cooperation and hong kong people have one is immensely proud of it and it has a very strong union but how however we see that the workers union of one of the leader of the workers unions had been dismissed and even the c.e.o. was forced to resign from the corporation and this is how would a corporation facing the bullies by the chinese government and i urge not only corporations in hong kong but also globally to think one thing is that are you standing for this or are you standing up against these kinds of beliefs i think it is a time to make decisions hong kong's economy is hosting the actions by your group and others like you are contributing to that are you satisfied now that you have succeeded in one of your primary goals which is to basically wreck the hong kong economy well i believe. the only thing that is hurting hong kong economy generally
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and also including a tourist industry is starts people from around the world do not think hong kong is a safe city when they hear that property rights that personal safety cannot be protracted and if the extradition be was passed it it's what happened so what we're doing now is trying to save home calm in order to. keep this safety. still to come here at al-jazeera the lengths some in indian administered kashmir will go to try to keep out the security forces. and fleeing abuse in detention desperate migrants jump into the mediterranean hoping to be rescued.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast this hour want to take you to europe because we are dealing with some severe weather that has turned deadly here in the southern parts of poland here in the toucher mountains lightning on the top of mountains killed 5 people and injured $100.00 people and they think that the lightly hit a cross which conducted the electricity across the area it started off as a clear day but the thunderstorms did pull and we are now going to be seeing more thunderstorms as we go into the rest of day today because we still have that frontal boundary here across the southern part of poland also heavy weather is going to be a big problem down across parts of northern italy we're talking about clouds as well as rain up to the northwest oh look at this london is looking at $26.00 degrees as a forecast high today a lot of sun in the forecast with paris seeing about 29 as well as we go toward saturday it is still going to be quite a nice beginning of the weekend most of the rain is going to stay well into the atlantic as well as into parts of scotland as well as northern ireland but london look at this 28 degrees as your high with paris seeing about 31 degrees there we
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are going to be seeing some a n.-d. rain here across parts of algeria as well as tunisia those thunderstorms are moving off but temperature wise we are going to see tunis at about $31.00 degrees and for all just about 28 for you. that was sponsored by countdown and. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the apples fall behind the scenes base is a dialogue when donald trump announced his candidacy for president carol after them everyone has a voice best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational charismatic nominee join the global conversation in your pocket square and find out his iraq.
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take a look at the top stories here it out of the french president emmanuel mccall says unprecedented fires in the amazon are an international crisis he's calling for an urgent meeting of the g. 7 the brazilian president has pointed the finger at farmers and rights groups saying they may be to play in. iran's foreign minister is due to meet the french president in paris for talks aimed at salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal said on thursday the terror on is willing to work with the european partners after the us pulled out last year. japan's prime minister says he is south korea to work on rebuilding trust after seoul ended an intelligence sharing agreement between the neighbor comes amid a trade route and
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a dispute over compensation for south koreans who were forced into wartime labor by the japanese. un human rights activists are condemning the internet and telephone shutdown in indian administered kashmir they say the blackout in falls by the indian government is a form of collective punishment on the people of this to speciate region it's been more than 2 weeks since india revoked kashmir's autonomy ripples out from one neighborhood in srinagar the main city which is putting up a fierce resistance to the security crackdown. it's an act of defiance people living in the sewer a neighborhood of srinagar have erected these barricades unlike the ones put up by security forces to control the movement of local people these have been put up to keep the security forces out. of the common violently the night before last week they blocked us in from 4 directions and didn't let us
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pray in our main mosque they've also autistic boys and girls from other areas so we have closed off the entrance here. this neighborhood has been a flashpoint of several protest since restrictions were imposed on movement and communications after the region's autonomy was revoked people here worry that makes them a target and if we look at the present situation it looks like they're going to at least every one of us. get to the station. it's brother was detained on august 9th while returning home from work spam lee only learned of his arrest the next day since then their frustration has only grown. police i just heard a case against him the cops tell us to come in the morning and they will release him when we do they tell us to come in the evening this is what we have been dealing with security forces remain in the city in the region in large numbers indeed officials say there has been some unrest in the past few days but it's been relatively minor. also behave normally. except.
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under. restrictions have been eased this week with some people in vehicles moving around however most businesses in srinagar remain closed and in sora open defiance remains. in the sky above we've seen drones watching for protests which have been spontaneous in different parts of the city but here in sora authorities already know people plan to protest further and locals tell us they plan to resist as long as they can there's dremiel al jazeera srinagar indian administered kashmir another round of talks between the u.s. and the taliban has started tearing cata is focusing on ending the u.s. military presence in afghanistan and guess ations have been ongoing since october
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in an effort to end the 18 year long conflict the u.s. special envoy is you to go to kabul next week to meet the afghan government of the afghan president insists that agreements made in doha 4 need to be approved by his government ashraf ghani says afghanistan shares the u.s. goal of withdrawing foreign troops as soon as possible but he says there will have to be comprehensive discussions before any deal is signed the government of chad has deployed the military to 3 provinces where states of emergency has been declared dozens of people have been killed in fighting between farmers and herders in the landlocked african nation aleksey o'brien reports. the city of other shares about 900 kilometers from the chadian capital in jamaica and surrounded by grassland making it an important cattle raising center. but the battle for lending resources between its farmers and a medic herders has seen it put under
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a state of emergency the region's governor has been meeting with tribal and religious leaders to try to end recent unrest in which dozens of people have been killed and not to be any head of a civil administration or tribe must arrest criminals in his area because it is their job and responsibility to take care of the people otherwise they will be sent . the emergency measures in wa dion seal are provinces in the east and to based in the west allows our cities to impose curfews search homes and censor the media. president idriss deby has called for civilians to give up their weapons and close some borders blaming the surge of violence on conflicts in neighboring countries local tribal leaders agree but you know the media. the troubles come from libya and sometimes from central africa and sudan those infiltrators who come to us
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from the conflict zones and sometimes from gold mining areas are the main reason of troubles. there's been some unrest between herders and farmers in other african states including mali and nigeria drought and population growth aggravate the conflict while the influx of weapons and a rise in armed groups across the region have made the cycle of violence more deadly. chad soldiers are part of a regional force that's fighting back a harassment i select groups but some analysts suggest that strained the military and if it unable to counter the recent violence. one of the hottest says he's on the planet with most days over 30 degrees and with climate change expected to turn more of this region today as it battles over resources likely far from over alexia ryan al-jazeera. just say after migrants from the charity ship open arms were allowed to disembark in italy and then another vessel is close to italian waters
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looking for a safe port libya has offered the ship carrying more than 350 mostly sudanese migrants a place to dock but the charity says it's too dangerous there 90 of those on board are children so we're going to get reports from lampedusa. they were pulled from the sea as they attempted to reach land in europe were told to stay on board but some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn 2 but what they feared most was being forced back they are. they will be taken back to libya where the have been exposed the randalls abuses and that to be clearly the danger many of them did that to flee libya more times but have been intercepted the by the europeans who board do believe bianca's guard and force them back to the
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danger for nearly 2 weeks the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot in the mediterranean sea the italian island of illinois are close to lampedusa it was refused entry to malta and the italian authorities have ignored 2 appeals by the vessel to dock safely. just days before another drawn out standoff between italy and a ship run by a spanish charity open arms it came to an end when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board ordered it to dock. overjoyed at finally reaching land they suffered days of distress at sea with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive . to see how it's possible that the differing government are. all the international. until now any consequences this monument known as the gate
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to europe is a symbol of how. has been a welcoming people seeking refuge over the years but italy's interior minister my fair. claims that the ngos who've helped me do that and nothing more than taxis the people smugglers its critics say that he's playing politics with vulnerable people's lives and in framing the charities as the enemy many on lampedusa say it has not resolved the problem. everyone thought the immigration program would be solved by so vini. banning the entry. of the boats from arriving everyone just pretends they don't exist. as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety and immigration voices will continue to use their plight as a call to control the charities that rescue them while those on board already bearing the scars of a brutal journey continue to wait for refuge in europe if and when your thirty's
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finally allow it. al-jazeera was a. us president donald trump has scrapped a plan to freeze more than $4000000000.00 in foreign aid the decision follows a stronger outcry from both the republicans and the democrats and ministration officials were considering using a specific budget process to revoke a that had already been approved by both the senate and the house of representatives. for those who has the world's largest proven oil reserves it could be one of the world's richest nations but years of under-investment corruption and u.s. sanctions have crippled its energy sector and that has left many feeling betrayed by the government and the promises they once made to raise a boat has more now from the town of us in venezuela. has always lived beside the lake of mica a war in the northwestern state of. he's
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a fisherman but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. this is abandon completely abandoned in the past the oil and gas installations were taken care of but not anymore now are lake is filled with oil and contamination our boats are dirty or nets are dirty my family depends on this and it's killing us we're close to the town where oil was 1st discovered in venezuela 922 it turned this country from michael cohen coffee producing nation into an oil giant but things have not been going well in the past 2 years the bottom of a lake of what i was filled with thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines some of them are broken if you can see right there that's a leak a gas leak this is just an example of the enormous infrastructure problems that venezuela's energy sectors has today were told tankers i rarely seen year
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venezuela's oil production has dropped by more than 70 percent in the past 20 years and the u.s. oil embargo is further complicating the export market. has worked for venezuela state oil company pay very sad for over 30 years at one time they were producing 80000 barrels a day now not a single one. i have fought with management how is painting a pipeline red. it's when inside it's rod and deteriorated we pin a pump and then it catches fire then things blow up that's the maintenance they want us to do with what we have and we have lots of accidents. fransisco says he's paid around $8.00 a month. i am a revolutionary but this is not the left i dreamt of i want to work but we have no tools no boats total deterioration in the past there were food halls not any more
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we have said then and now we are fed we cannot go out to work we cannot even buy food with our salaries so we are demanding a meal at least former president or chavez promised to improve people's lives when he took office 2 decades ago and there steidl company played a crucial role in his plan but experts say a lack of investment corruption and inexperience among chavez loyalist devastated the company now the government of the little with money from russia and china is trying to provide the only industry with a much needed boost so with change in geopolitics to china for example is more costly because of the cargo shipments will have to see were ends venezuela has lots of debt with china and we will have to see whether they really invest in the country and if it generates cash and how the money is going to enter the country if we are sanctioned it's a vicious cycle that generates lots of questions and problems many of these fisherman supported what is called the volley varian revolution and believed in the
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benefits it would bring now they feel abandoned by a government they say has forgotten about the promises that were once made. venezuela. here without is there and these are the top stories the french president emanuel macross says unprecedented fires in the amazon are an international crisis he's calling for an urgent meeting of the g 7 meanwhile brazil's president has blamed farmers and rights groups suggesting they have set the fires themselves. iran's foreign minister is expected to meet president mackerels talks begin aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal jevons reset on thursday that terror on is willing to work with european partners after the u.s. pulled out last year and he specifically referred to
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a french proposal and that's what seems to have taken him to paris now deemed power has more the noises from the iranian side o. stream really positive they know that there is a division between the us and the other signatories to the deal and their approach . is equally the european powers are really keen because of those tensions in the gulf the seizure of china has and so on to reduce tensions and to start to offer iran some kind of incentive the japanese prime minister shinzo abi says he expects south korea to work to rebuild trust between the 2 nations after seoul ended an intelligence sharing agreement amid a dispute over south koreans forced into wartime labor by the japanese the intelligence sharing pact was aimed at sharing information about north korea and its missile programs a hong kong court has extended
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a ban on demonstrations at the international airport this comes ahead of more protests that are planned for the weekend hong kong's airport authority pursued the injunction last week after mass demonstrations had led to the cancellation of flights for 2 days meanwhile the hong kong federation of trade unions say staff at airline cathay pacific are being targeted by the company for supporting the protests the unions say workers have been subjected to forced enunciations phone searches and dismissals. another round of talks between the u.s. and the taliban has started hearing it's focused on ending the u.s. military presence in afghanistan because he ations have been going since october in a bid to end the 18 year long conflict the u.s. special envoy is you to go to kabul next week to meet the afghan government. today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next is
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the street. where it's. time for me ok and i'm ali could be here in the stream today fighting gender based violence later we'll look at how. i don't attention to rape and violence against women we want to hear your thoughts on this issue as always tweet us that e.j. stream or share your comment through our live you to chop. mexican feminists have been expressing their anger over recent allegations that
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mexico city police officers had raped 2 teenage girls in the past week protesters armed with glitter rallied at the city's security headquarters and other sites chanting they don't protect us they rape us earlier this month 4 policemen allegedly raped a 17 year old in a patrol car and in a separate incident a 16 year old said that a police officer wrote to her in a city museum protesters and many on line feel that violence against women is not taken seriously by the state and that even security forces can commit crimes of little consequences mexico city mayor claudia initially called the anti-rape protests a provocation that led to massive criticism online and of viral hash tag demanding justice it's not a provocation syndrome has since apologized and met with women's groups to discuss how authorities can better their response to violence against women so what can be done to change attitudes towards gender based violence in mexico with us to talk
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about this in mexico city and our writer and activist in berkeley california. a human rights lawyer and journalist and gabrielle evergrey guests head of the women secretariat of mexico city she will be speaking to us today with the help of any terror participant maybe just a tiny little delay but i know you will bear with us for that ladies it is good to have you here i am just thinking his cell or this is not the 1st time you've been on the stream this is not the 1st time we talk about gender based violence in mexico it is a major problem what happened with these latest protesters it seemed like everything just bubbled up how did you view it how do you see it. i don't think everything just bubbled out of nowhere i actually. latin american feminism's and mexican feminism's have been organizing for more than 10 years to lead to this point to lead to this point of rage and invisibility station and
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feeling of being in the civilized and marginalized by the government so we started probably in 2012 we had our mexican arab spring along with the student movement we had elections and since then there's been several hashtags i can remember off the top of my head for it or 5 where we denounce gender based violence we denounce harassment even before and i want to speak about this later he too is not her car and i'm and over time we just feel that when you have a system where crimes are not being investigated then puniet is so big and then the other hand the media is just amplifying the government's voice without investigating themselves then we're just caught between a crossroads where our voices are not here to defend us places are not hurt and women are still being killed raped murder and mistreated. in general so i think this is not the 1st time we're not the only one who thinks
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that his that we've got a video coming from and i barbosa she's a student of literature and she also says that this is been simmering for a while now she sent us a video comment have a listen to it tomorrow i will direct this to you. i think it's important to keep in mind that this didn't come from nowhere this women aren't angry and demanding justice only because one girl was raped by for policeman they are protesting because between 20142008 the middle east $8904.00 women were brutally murdered in mexico and nobody did nothing about it in the 1st 4 months of 20191191 mexican women were killed only because they were women and more than 100 of them were children this woman are demanding justice and want to be heard because no one heard them until now about or you can hear the passion in her voice she's angry and rightfully so she mentions the protests you were there
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you were at the protest talked to us about what happened there well 1st i would like to clarify did the mayor hasn't apologized she said she was going to do that but she she hasn't she said something like like i was misunderstood no we don't agree so it we're still waiting for that apology because somehow she is implicitly. saying that we are the better ones they're the ones who were at the demonstration and well yeah being there it was i'll burst or of our anger in our fear the fear that we face every day when we are out there industries or home because this. is sights are happening outside and home too. so it was really really
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powerful being there in the. we're seeing these women destroy everything it was a way to communicate the way we feel and we are really angry because they said it was violent and we think it was not because no one was hurt like really hurt it was just material stuff broken windows in refugees and that was it. i mean it was nothing compared with what we're leaving and what we're facing everyday camera let me just bring you into the conversation because you're looking at these scenes and you are in mexico city you saw this play out with the protesters what was your reaction when you saw this one point what's the reaction of the secretary it for women when they saw this action. meet up with something obviously. we're talking about this for my pleasure the
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history i'm a feminist i'm an activist and i've been show for over 40 years when my colleagues go out into the street to to denounce the violence. you're really in the eye you see myself immediately when i identify myself or them because i did that after 1000 times my own head of government the mayor of mexico city went out into the street a 1000 times when dealing with the many years and in the case particularly of gender violence what is very regrettable down and that you said it very clearly isn't that we're not understanding each other and we have to begin by recognizing that the language because on the 1. 9 am very optimistic with the new generation because that there's a new corps these are new language there is so they're being much more visible than what women in the past and other types of what we did that we went out
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to the streets in the sixty's it was a different time and show. we're not communicating we're not understanding each other and we have to start by acknowledging that because the mayor of mexico city cloudier same boehm when she invited me to be at the helm of this a ministry in december last year the instruction the mandate was number one issue is violence against women and we will do whatever we can do the most important resources will have to be invested in eradicating violence against women and we have a lot of activities and if we have a plenty of time we can talk about what we've done from december 10th date. one of the issue brought up. by the protesters was they were really appreciative of the way that command reacted to approach which was to demonstrate to beat out there
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in the street and to be pretty fun about how angry very all right now. the gender based violence situation in mexico i know you talked about this is your your personal investment in feminism and where you come from but what do you make of the mayor's reaction because that was up setting for the protestors for sure. foresters me that is a boy i wish trying to say we have to be more open to a new language and to a new form of dealing with things and it is very creative but don't we have that to hear them better and we have to start off on the basis of that recognition throughout latin america and i will talk about 2 new symbols. in the green bandana that has been very important because we see ourselves or we identify ourselves
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everyone in mexico city in this new one that was a pink glitter he was well. obviously when you see pink glitter it is not an aggression it is a symbol a symbol of a protester and it is very creative a very interesting. that is new. and yes i said we have had to come closer we have to understand them better because one thing i can say is that deep down the young women that came out to the streets and those of us who are in government. we are equally disturbed or concerned more than worried because we are occupied we're dealing with that issue with many strategies and it would seem that the we're not fighting quite the same thing and it is a huge it is serious problem in communication intergenerational communication this is the way i see it because it said their colleagues here in mexico city the city
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where i live where i have a daughter i have 2 granddaughters 2 young granddaughters and we are women living in the city and we have anger because of that gender based violence that not cheese mo that you fight everywhere in school at home and in public institutions are with the police of course and without officers it is institutional violence. and both our colleagues said those rules are the demonstrators and we are fighting for the same and it would seem it would give the impression that we have opposing positions. his i left. yeah i mean i have a lot of comments 1st of all while i agree that the most appropriate the most appropriate reaction was not to say that it was a pro-creation to who i think maybe years credit she has not use 9 public force of the police to repress the protests have been fact checking i've been doing fact
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checking exercise for the past week and i haven't seen that and that is a huge change from the past administration who are we had a cop. really problematic cop that was engaged in a lot of human rights abuses with protesters because of their oppression of protests and that has been documented as is the december 1st of 2012 so i'm not going to get into that just to her credit she has not used a public force to do that and she has tried to engage in dialogue it's not perfect no minister very angry of course but let's give her that and then secondly here i do think and i have written a lot about this at the burning down of material public stuff which is.


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