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tv   Adel Chihi New Heights  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 7:33pm-8:01pm +03

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seek to challenge us and the ultimate high ground of space it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for a military expansion into space it's an epic goal is stablish ing 11th u.s. combat command one that comes with its own flag and a 5th branch of the u.s. military joining the army navy air force and marines trump and visions a new space force though that would require an act of congress space scum will ensure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened for the president who likes things big the allure might be in the sheer in bishan of the project what could be bigger or more forward looking than space bringing to life the stuff of science fiction and decades of pop culture. finally. it is perhaps the boldest aspiration by a u.s. president since j.f.k.'s moon shot we cheers to go to the mall in just
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a kid and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are critics have called the president's plans the space fars but many analysts say the new command isn't just ambitious protecting u.s. interests in space they say is necessary chinese could disrupt our g.p.s. system that we rely on space for now because even aside from no it's our problems it would cause problems in all of our lives and in our economy. and i'm this space command also gives trump the chance to one up some billionaire rivals for the public spotlight as the u.s. has cut nasa as a budget for civilian space exploration jeff bezos richard branson and a lawn musk all have launched private ventures into the solar system john hendren al-jazeera washington. another u.s. city is urging people to stop using east cigarettes or vaporing products some to 16
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people who are committed to hospital with severe lung disease the walkies health department says that the patients have chemical pneumonitis their lungs became inflamed after breathing in irritants they'd been vaporing in the weeks months before falling ill the walky is among 10 u.s. states counties and cities i'm sorry states and cities reporting health issues citizens are going to say and business owners it is a legal product i can sell it and they can but i think the health commissioner has taken a higher level a native american tribe in the u.s. state of new jersey has filed a federal lawsuit against its neighbors the ram opposed to lump in nation accuses a home of disassociation of violating its right to gather and prey on its own land kristen salumi reports from new jersey. what we've been using for thousands of years those holding this native american ceremony believe a puff of tobacco smoke will cleanse guests taking part the local mountains take
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their name from the rampolla napi nation but this field barely an hour's drive from manhattan is all that's been left to them for them this land is sacred what about this land i mean how important is that to the world's very important it's the last drop away and we have that we can overly really do ceremony. despite having a permit to use the land for religious and cultural purposes the tribe started receiving fines in tickets in 2016 i was surprised at the level of the animosity and the desire to remove us because if you look at the houses around here i mean there's nothing for them to fear we were asking them to move from day one it was a desire on their part to briefly get rid of the tribe is officially recognized by the state of new jersey and its ties to the land which now sits in the midst of this private gated community go back generations the very name of the township
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comes from the line op a word for meeting place nevertheless their neighbors continued to complain about the gatherings and the fines began to add up after a few years totaling more than $4000000.00 the neighborhood association in the town neither of whom would speak to al-jazeera sued the tribe but then a turning point for their legal team the u.s. justice department came to their defense when you have the department of justice coming in and saying well what we see appears to be happening here is a violation of the rights religious freedom that's something a federal court judge is going to take very seriously in a settlement the township agreed to drop all fives and allow the ceremonies to continue while the neighborhood association. lawsuit was thrown out of court now the tribe is suing the neighbors for violating its right to gather and pray hopeful
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for birth moral i don't know if it's called the pan dog. or respond. right up until this moment but for now it seems the tribes prayers have been answered christensen al-jazeera. just had. to be the fastest at of the world athletics championships joe. just a few. i
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don't get time to support his job adrian thanking after losing in the 1st round of
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the us open for the past hey it's about how that poor run at the tournament has continued when building champion was knocked out in the 2nd round on thursday by american qualifier taylor townsend. reports. flushing meadows his life simona halep frustrated in recent years and thursday was no different. despite winning the 1st 6 in just half an hour the 4th seed then had no answer for american qualify a tyler townsend. the world number 116 going to the net over 100 times and the 2 hour manch. have. helped was able to save 2 match points but it was 3rd time lucky for the 23 year old townsend the 3 say when the biggest of her korea i mean i think when i played there before i was just trying to make balls i think i played. not so the use and
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today i just played to win i said f. it be. you know sometimes happens and i have just to look forward i'm more than champion so i will not really in that. 2 time wimbledon champion peterkin vetiver was another of the woman's big names to crash out the 6th seed beaten in straight sets 6464 but germany's andrea picked a bitch. things were much smoother for world number one and defending u.s. open champion naomi osaka. she needed just over an hour to be to polish opponent in straight series. that one sets up a 3rd round match against the american team since ation corey goff she prevailed in a back and forth 3 sitting counter with hungry said to me about. the 15 year old is the youngest player to advance to the 3rd round in new york in
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over 20 years. so i think we're both just testing each other and maybe if i didn't win that last point maybe she wouldn't want them in the men's draw and that curiosus used to getting in trouble for being hot under the collar but this time it was for the words for us and under it he refused to play when the empire told him to put his collar down until he was shown the role when play did begin the australian led his bracket do the talking hitting $24.00 ice is almost way too straight says went over frenchman and won one no such drama for rafael nadal is through to the 3rd round without having a ball after his opponent withdrew with injury before the match banned with al-jazeera. to football now a new way for champions a cold liverpool have been drawn against napoli again in this year's group stages last season liverpool advanced at the expense of the italians as they went on to win their sick title group f. as the big guns boss low numbers who don't win an interval and have 19 european cups between them group may also present an interesting match up between 2 of the
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biggest spenders in europe rail madrid and paris and. with europe's football elite assembled in monaco for the draw it was also time to give out the u.a.e. for player the year award this time liverpool defender virgil van dyke took home the big prize that's ruby tell you now messi and christian are an elder despite being rivals on the pitch they were united in defeat. we shared the stage 15 years me and him i don't know if it's ever happen in football the same 2 guys in the same stage all the time so. it is not easy as you know and of course we have a good relationship we are not the dinner together yet but open the future. well england's lucy bronze was given the women's player of the year award but the big talking point of the night was the acceptance speech by eric cantona when he
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quoted shakespeare as he was given the president's award take a listen. for lies. to wanton boys. we are for the gods. they kill us for sport. only. accidents crimes. walls. but unfortunately crimes and walls. we mutually like. i love. thank you very. well woodrow for the police group stage takes place later on friday an english premier league side and wondrous will be amongst the teams taking part after facebook best place in the main jewel for the 1st time in 39 years. beat italian side to reno 21
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in a playoff on thursday as they went through 53 on aggregate. well this year's world championships in doha shaping up to be a thrill of the 1st diamond league final in syria on thursday provided a taste of what's to come next month noways cost and run the 2nd false just 400 metres hurdles of all time the world champion beat the competition in a time of 46.92 it was also a new year mean back. american sprinter noah lyall's is targeting you same votes 200 meter record in counts but he was just as impressive in the 100 meter final on thursday champion justin gatlin who came forward and shown a miller weeper to the 200 beats title with a diamond league record of 21.74 seconds to beat 3 time european champion deena
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smith analytic gold medalist elaine thompson all right that is all you sport for now have will feel later adrian germany thanks david that's it from the news on the team will be here in just about the board today's new i'll see you again thanks for watching. a new perspective can change a wild. one chin is in what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and so instilling in his country
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a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why bill richardson influenced the course of
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history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a feudal east the not a communist the custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . we will continue our fight no matter how the hour rest and prosecutor us. released on bail after his arrest hong kong activist joshua wong val's to continue protesting for democracy. hello again i'm martin denis you're with our jazeera live from doha also coming out . millions rallied for kashmir across pakistan as the prime minister vows to fight
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for the liberation of the disputed territory. not urgent enough a course in scotland delays a legal challenge against boris johnson's decision to suspend the british parliament until next week. a 9 year old girl dies of a boner in uganda off the crossing the border from dia congo where the death toll has risen to be young 2000 in the country's worst ever outbreak of the disease. several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested over the course of a matter of hours to the arrested just a wall and agnes chao have since been released on bail they're accused of inciting and participating in an illegal protest and i urge international communities who
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send a clear message to the presidency sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight no matter how they are rest and cross into us. independence activists and the chance he was also taken into custody as he prepared to board a flight for japan police deny the arrests of time to scare people away from taking part in protests over the weekend timing of the arrest does not dictate our investigation. we arrest the person as soon as we have get a sufficient evidence to prove his or her or fans the allegation that we tie our arrest is totally false a lot of this is after chinese troops were filmed driving through hong kong on wednesday night in what was described as a routine rotation of soldiers but an editorial in the china daily newspaper says troops stationed in the city have no reason to sit on their hands if the situation
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worsens right we'll go live to hong kong now and our correspondent wayne hay and wayne these arrests these charges and then the releases on bail is that enough do you think to take the steam out of the protest movement which is of course what people suspect they're meant to do. i think it's highly unlikely martine we are now 7 o'clock friday evening heading towards what could be another volatile weekend on the streets of hong kong of course the weekend is when we usually see the largest rally use the largest protests taking place and quite often in the evenings the most violence and i think that most people are expecting this weekend and indeed into monday into tuesday when a general strike has been called will be no different at all joshua warm and agnes chalo in that media conference that they gave after they were granted by old by the
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judge just a short time ago saying the opposite of the policemen this saying that in fact they believe that this was a deliberate ploy by the government and the police to skin people away from protesting at the weekend but while in official march that was planned for saturday has been canceled by the organizers because it wasn't given permission by the police to be held it is expected that we will stay still see quite large numbers on the streets over the weekend because of course way never many different organizations out there who are together taking part in this pro-democracy movement that has gripped hong kong for 3 months now and just agnes channel and indeed andy chan there were only a small part of it. yes and i think one of the comments that we've seen it coming around hong kong today is surprise for a start that these people were arrested before the weekend but also the people who
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were arrested joshua wall and agnes chauhan the other is a certainly very high profile faces of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong certainly joshua wall is probably one of the most high profile but they're not really seen as being the organized this or the leaders behind this current protest movement as we keep reporting it's very much a leaderless protest movement that we've seen on the streets of hong kong pseudo almost 3 months now that these protests have been going on certainly if we go back to 2014 joshua wall was a key leader of the occupy protest movement that lasted 79 days on the streets but since then while the kid has continued to be a high profile face of the pro-democracy movement again he's not really seen as a leader of this movement so i think a lot of people are saying well what was the point all this police action over the past 24 hours or so and arresting these 7 or so people because they're not the
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leaders of this movement again and it's not going to scare us away from protesting in the days ahead all right wayne thanks for that wayne a live in hong kong. huge crowds in pakistan have boxed the prime minister's cool for a nationwide show solidarity for the people of indian administered kashmir cities across the country have observed what imran khan code kashmir the prime minister val's pakistan will stand with kashmir is in testing times indian administered kashmir has been in lockdown since new delhi revoked its special thomas status only 3 weeks ago. has more from the pakistan capital islamabad. prime minister imran khan. nation to come out and show their solidarity with the people of indian administered carsley ad exactly 12 o'clock in the afternoon all the signals turned red and focused on all the traffic to our
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standstill only the emergency lanes were left open for ambulance and other emergency crews to be able to function normally. private. banks educational institutions and people from all walks of life are here to make a strong broad case about the plight of the media brother. who they are on the verge of a grave humanitarian crisis a myopic ish media saw solidarity we are here to show solidarity with kashmir there's been a curfew there for the last 4 weeks people have no food or even transport whatever india's going to do with kashmiris we are against it and we want to turkish we are brothers that we are with them that's me rollo going to change the other grace of gaunt we are standing with our kashmiri brothers it's not been 26 days since the calf you started they can't even pay for prayers every pakistani is with them and
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will be with them by our last breath the most important message that pakistan wants to send to the outside world and that they're much taking note of are you and your manager in crisis unfolding. judge says a legal challenge against the suspension of britain's parliament by the prime minister will go ahead but not until next week opponents of boris johnson argue there is not enough time to debate it which raises the likelihood of the u.k. leaving the european union at the end of october without a deal across party group of m.p.'s says prime minister junctions decision to suspend problem meant for 5 weeks is a constitutional outrage a full hearing will begin scotland's highest court next week the judge chest declines to grant interim orders last like an emergency order but he hasn't made any reading on the merits of our argument probation should be stopped he wants to
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hear further and fuel arguments on choose the morning here at the courts of session before making a decision and i see that as a victory for us he has said there's no urgency over the weekend need barca has more now from westminster. there are several challenges that have be mounted legally against boris johnson and his government's decision to suspend or paroch parliament those legal challenges come from scotland england and northern ireland in scotland to the court of session scotland's highest court $74.00 m.p.'s and cross party appeal is a loss for an immediate suspension of the probation a suspension of the suspension law daugherty the presiding judge has rejected that call but has said that there will be a full session next week to look into this much closer a senior lawyer representing the prosecution has said that what they want to see is a sworn statement from boris johnson explaining exactly his reasoning his decision
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to provoke parliament explaining that in detail if he fails to do that he could be asked to come in person to give evidence in the scottish courts next week what's being argued here isn't the power that the government has on the convention to be able to suspend parliament paroch parliament what's being challenged is the information that was given to the queen who of course under the english or british constitution and acts this parag ation that the information given to her was misleading similar legal challenge is also being mounted next thursday will see one that has been brought by gina miller the political campaigner. that has the backing of the former british conservative prime minister john major and also in northern ireland a campaigner there is arguing that no deal breaks it would be very very dangerous
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for the good friday agreement which as you know born and 2 decades of sectarian violence there that case was due to be heard in mid september but purely because of this per occasion has been brought forward so multiple legal challenges but one when it comes to the case in scotland we may well see and what's likely to be a very very busy week here in westminster boris johnson heading to scotland to answer some very serious questions. a 9 year old girl who tested positive for a bowler in uganda has died according to ugandan health officials she traveled to assess see from the democratic republic of congo there's been a growing number of confirmed cases over in the region the aid organization world vision says women and children are at a greater risk of being infected many of them face rejection from their communities due to misconceptions about the disease but now survivors are stepping up efforts
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to combat the stigma it's been a year since this latest outbreak began and it's the 10th time the region has been hit by the virus has already killed more than 2000 people it started in the eastern province of north kivu within weeks it had spread to at least one neighboring province and by november the outbreak of been declared the worst in the country's history and the 2nd largest worldwide effort to contain its thread have been hindered by widespread violence against health workers dozens of been killed since january the world health organization the w.h.o. confirmed the 1st cross border cases of bird are in uganda earlier this year and shortly afterwards the agency declared the outbreak a global emergency but we've been speaking to helen barclay hollins is the deal sees eastern zone director for world vision and she says it's mainly women and children who are carrying the weight of this crisis.


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