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tv   Myanmar An Unholy Alliance  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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$4000000.00 were left off a draft last year prime minister modi who's a right wing hindu nationalist wants to roll out the list nationwide priyanka gupta reports now on how women in rural areas of assam states are greatest risk from being excluded from the list. audio goli him doing cheer on a district officer is anxious her family is trying to piece together why she was left out of last year's draft list of indian citizens in assam. she was married at 13 and is literate enough to just be able to write her name her husband never went to school now they are forced to father the complex paperwork the may need to prove that she's indian and like in the east they detain me i don't know what i will do my children will not have a mother i won't even be able to see them. a big old the muslim and her 2 sisters were also left out the draft list. the 48 year old says she's
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tired of being seen as an outsider my father was born here i was born here i was married here my children were born here so why should i be called a foreigner if i mean i don't make it to the final list of a lot be immediately declared foreigners and subsequently detained they can come to tribunals like these with evidence to prove that they are indian legal experts say that there are several challenges quote me to some serious errors. a mistake over in a cost 60 year old mother while i'm on dog 3 years of her life at 3 birthdays of a granddaughter she was locked in a detention center who declared foreigners instead of another woman long dead with a similar name who it's been a difficult time i'm the only breadwinner of this house my daughter is disabled but i was forced to leave the 2 girls behind to fend for themselves we didn't have
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anyone on our side we have no one no father no brother. cracky is there prepared to use him by this lawyer things it's been an uphill battle for women from vulnerable communities to proof their citizenship why don't remember god when her i'm illiterate i'm poor so what document i do you as a female one document i don't know of any document. the government says more than $200.00 foreign tribunals will soon start operating and all cases will be heard. and language in the city lie at the heart of assad's debate on illegal immigration for women like to me and others it's been a challenge trying to weed out doubts over what ties them to the country the land they were born in. al-jazeera. still ahead for you on the program colombia wastes no time in going off to form
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a fog rebels who they say are taking up arms again and britain's prime minister warns and he's trying to block an ideal praxair l. and he make it more likely. hello a continuation of late summer temperatures in the low thirty's a few thunderstorms rumbling around there over certain satellite picture the big pool of cloud behind my head there which will make a difference in the next day or so but on saturday the green represents the sunday storm risk less than it's been recently that is typically around the southern now and a bit 3rd society so much of the plains of europe are enjoying the warm sunshine temps are quite high again in northern france typically low thirty's not spreads so the low countries north of germany again low thirty's there will be a degree in that cooler air the poor clown i was talking about it's
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a cold front is heading south increasing wind tired and proper rain rolling thunder storms will be the fate on sunday as you can see at least for that part of europe the start of this we've had some significant rain recently in morocco it's on its way through our geria to tunisia over the next couple of days i think it could be quite substantial not so much sundry in the atmosphere in tins as proper rain a low level in for example tunisia in this a hell of a night was the time of year where you generate thunderstorms in the if you the highlands they repeat themselves as waves as they go across towards sun to go and not even turn eventually into her ricans. dizzier explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how life will receive influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution coming this is no way
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feel castro is a futile least another coming easter just to introduce country chaman to international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . welcome back you have al jazeera live from london a quick look at the headlines now russia and al says a cease fire starting on saturday is syrians demanding an end to the fighting tried to storm the border crossing goal with turkey. several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested in
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a mass rally has now been planned for saturday that rally though has been banned as it was denied permission. and huge crowds have turned out in pakistan in response to prime minister in one khan's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir. well now to developments in colombia the government less says 9 people have been killed in its operation against former members of the revolutionary armed forces also known as the fog this comes a day off to former commanders of the rebel group said that taking up arms again they accuse the government of not sticking to the terms of the 2016 peace deal which ended 50 years of conflict in response president even duke a says he will not be threatened and offered $850000.00 for information that could lead to their arrests well on a sunday he has more now from the capital bogota. is this the end of colombia's peace deal. well now i don't take this will be the end of columbia's
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peace deal mostly because roughly 90 percent of the members of the fight that have demobilized are committed to this peace process despite all the difficulties and the dangers because hundreds of former fire members have been killed since the signing of the peace deal the same has been true for hundreds of human rights defenders that are operating that are living in areas of the country that were under fights influence and are now being fought these territories are being fought for by remaining criminal groups or dissident cells of fire code that are now trying to reunite under this former senior fire commander you've been markets that on thursday and now stat he was forming a new group we don't know how many people are actually part of this get the group
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market is doing is announcement was surrounded by just 20 people armed armed people that the government believes there might be roughly somewhere between $1500.00 to 2000 members of the dissident groups are way smarter than the fire which had more than $20000.00 soldiers at the height of its operations and that had roughly 13000 members when they signed the peace deal in 2016 i mean a minority of form a font fighters as you say but how disruptive could they be to the peace agreement given that president even decay himself isn't exactly 2 committed to the deal he has promised that he wants to reopen and revise it. that's definitely
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a big problem a lot of the things that even markets say. yesterday in this an announcement that are true are fair and the fact that this government has been. a critic of the deal has come paint changes on hoping to change the deal you need laterally something that they really haven't been able to do so far but they've been able to slow down the implementation of the deal just by omitting things by and that not doing enough in these territories everybody knew that piece was going to be very difficult to implement in the country but a lot of people who have supported this deal among the ex rebels but also victims of the fire paramilitary groups in the country were hoping that the government would have done more now there were then celt operating in different parts of the
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country since the signing of the deal the difference now is that the number 2 leader of the feyerick has decided to separate himself from the implementation of the peace process he said that a very radical man with a lot of experience that he is working together with other radical mid-level or high level commanders of the fire can they could try to coordinate all these different groups and recreate something that could really create damage in a number of regions in the country disappear ation that we've seen that they are seeing is saying that the government doesn't want that to happen and that they will try all the might of the colombian military against that this newly formed group thank you very much from bogota alessandra. the world health organization is warning the 30000000 people living in and around the burning amazonian rainforest of the health risks they now face it says the fires which have been
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raging for weeks pose a significant risk to respond to kidney in children those with preexisting conditions like asthma or high risk from the smoke the people living closest to the fires have been evacuated in the w.h.o. hopes this will prevent long term health problems people around the world unlocking the official international day of the disappeared drawing attention to the many thousands of people who've been arrested and gone missing while white marches have been taking place in mexico in protest of the government's lack of support in finding that loved ones mexican government officially recognizes of a 40000 people as missing in mexico since 2006 dozens of sudanese were reported missing after a crackdown there on the pro-democracy sit in left more than 100 people dead in june families are demanding on says about their loved ones who they haven't heard from since that attack but morgan has more now from the capital hard to him.
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for a smile and his family every phone call from an unfamiliar number brings a bit of hope before he dies again. they're hoping to hear from their brother adam is my who's been missing since the deadly attack on the sitting outside army headquarters in her tomb in early june his sister says they've done all they can to find him. we filed a report at the police station then we went to the hospitals and they referred us to the morgues we didn't find him so we went to other morgues but so far we didn't find a trace of him or where he could be. the sit in came after months of anti-government protests demanding the country's long time president already bashir stepped down he was ousted by the military in april but the sit in continued as protest leaders and the military negotiated a transitional government. at least $100.00 protesters were killed and more than $400.00 injured in the attack in june according to the central committee for sudan's doctors which supports the protest movement the military puts the figure at $87.00 killed. families reported relatives had gone missing on the day of the
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attack and also after like all made a comment his uncle says went missing 2 weeks later. this is neglect from the authorities this is the truth has disappeared since june 20th and up to now there is no trace of where he could be where is he and where all those who went missing with him but 2 weeks on there are few answers if any to those questions the number of people taking part in the sit in who went missing is not clear with more people being reported almost every week at the state that's because many came from outside and with the confusion and fear during the attack and in the days after it took some time for families to realize that their loved ones weren't in hiding but had disappeared also put down the phone number of the family so activist groups have launched campaigns on social media to try to get people to search for those who are missing and connect them with their families if they find them but that method has its challenges to reseal
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a trip force because some of these family don't really have them have access to to the social media the social media was working on this and. presenting their evolution the most more than any all the same and they are living in different states in a context that i wrote i maybe some families they don't know about facebook and they don't know that reporting about the missing people and for the family to come over and report has any and says despite hearing nothing from her brother she believes he's still alive and one day him find his way back home he's going to hurt its own. versions of prime minister's warning and he's trying to block a no deal bricks at that they are making it more likely the u.k. leaves the european union without a deal or johnson said keeping no deal on the table strengthens person's hand in seeking a new deal with the bloc he's facing a series of legal challenges now his plan suspension of parliament next month. has more from outside parliament. well legal challenges are either pending or underway
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across the country in northern ireland in england and in scotland in scotland across policy group of $74.00 m.p.'s and he is at our scotland's highest court to intervene to get the court to suspend boris johnson's suspension to halt the purgation the court refused but has allowed for a full hearing next week which has been seen as something of a victory for the 74 m.p.'s is they want boris johnson to sign a document under oath explaining exactly what his intentions are for parliament if he doesn't sign the affidavit they want him to appear in person in court in scotland next week to answer some very tough questions if we do not ultimately win this case what does it say about the british constitution that a prime minister with a majority of one and with nor majority for a notable break say can simply suspend parliament to get what he wants that's what happens in dictatorships the other case that's pending here in the u.k.
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will begin next week is in england launched by gina miller she want to landmark victory against the previous government of to reason may allowing parliament to have a final vote on when article 50 that kick started the directive process should be started rather than relying solely on government to make that decision the other court case is happening in northern ireland launched by campaign of their who argues that hard brags about a new deal breaks in will have a damaging effect on the good friday agreement that all important piece deal signed just over 20 years ago the board and then to decades of sectarian violence there well m.p.'s when they return to parliament next week they say that they will legislate quickly to try and block a. time of course is running out with the poor a geisha is set to begin as early as the 9th of september and no later than the 12th of september. boris johnson is saying that if the government of the country
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doesn't deliver on bragg's that it will destroy the public's faith in politics the moral of the parliamentarians try to block the new deal breaker the more likely it is that we'll end up in that situation so the best thing now is for us to get on and make our points to our european friends with clarity and with vigor and that's what we do m.p.'s are now saying that they will possibly sit over the course of the weekend something they've only done 100 full of times since the 2nd world war they want to make sure the parliament as a whole has a key role and responsibility in keeping the government in line keeping boris johnson in check and shaping britain's breck's of future. climate change campaign aggressor 10 bags taken her weekly campaign fridays for future to the un the 16 year old from sweden urged everyone who cares about our future to join when world leaders gather in new york next month to completed
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a 2 week journey from person to new york on a 0 carbon emissions vessel this week well state of australia's great barrier reef has been officially downgraded from pole to very poor and its latest 5 year assessment and marine park authority which produces those reports has climate change overfishing and land clearing the all contributing to the reefs problems and you status is the lowest possible level and could jeopardize the reefs while heritage site status. just another look at the top stories for you now russia has announced a unilateral ceasefire in syria's edler province starting on saturday morning it comes as civilians fleeing the fighting attempted to force their way into turkey by storming the border turkey's president says its military is prepared to handle the situation and it lip. it would be
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a lie if you say the developments in a blip at the point we want in fact in $60000.00 people have been killed and once or twice that number of migrating they are of course coming towards us and we need to be vigilant we need to be cautious and we have taken all the mystery precautions you see on television channels in a way that orlow armored personal carriers tanks to the reason of the our 12th observation tower was stuffed at all times in the of vigilant. to yemen now i sill is claiming to have carried out a suicide attack in the port city of aden which killed at least 3 separatist fight as it comes as yemen's president accuse the u.a.e. which is supposed to be one of his allies of supporting the separatists by government forces in and around 8 in several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested the wave of detentions comes after a mass rally planned for saturday was banned 2 of the activists joshua long and
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agnes chalo have since been released on bail and. huge crowds turned out in pakistan in response to the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir cities across the country came to a standstill for what imran khan labeled kashmir alah have been more clashes between protesters and indian security forces in the region. and 17000 members of india's security forces are being sent to the far north eastern state of us this is ahead of the release of a controversial register on saturday that its feared could wrongly strip indian citizenship from millions of longtime residents was a top stories coming up next risking it all showing the incredible mountain journey made by many mongolian herders that story coming up very shortly.
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going to. her room in. her own leniency oh oh. until recently there was an infernal racket all around this lake the clank of pickaxes punctuated by explosions. but the noise stopped.
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it's an unwelcome silence for luggable. he and thousands of other golden jade hunters had to lay down their tools when the author of closed down the mines. gets by on odd jobs until he can find a buyer for the gems he hopes will change his destiny. found says here are some of the. dishes right at the dinner to. check. out his sort of letterman who writes in bags out in tom's oh i did cook. as he waits for a buyer for his precious jade he makes extra money renting his small truck to nomadic herdsman whose seasonal migration takes place several times
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a year. who to meet the nomads lug for usually drives across the lake but this year the thought has come several months early. who. want to be a dog these are the must know myself i talk about beauty all myself and all my. all we are going to be deaf and dusty to. the early mild spell has affected the thick 80 centimeter layer of ice which could give way at any moment. seems determined to try his luck. know an awful lot of that are positive that. the descendants of the great mongol conqueror again discount are
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a proud. people. their courage never fails them. many mongolians and nomads and often live in inhospitable regions as winter ends the families drive their livestock to fresh pastures a 4 day journey at an altitude of 2000 meters in the icy mountains the temperature can reach minus 40 degrees celsius. him out of their own. blood doesn't like the look of the gray ice
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a sure sign that it's full of water. slowly the van sinks deeper. if the ice reaches halfway up the doors he'll be trapped his truck will become a metal coffin he needs to find a way out of. an issue and then all of the hard sell side at the hoons in. a lot of them to hold there's a job that i dig into it to see to. that's
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all floated to do. but do assess. his worst fears confirmed larva heads back to shore. after a considerable detail in the van the rise of the dog tribes camp. in mongolian means craftsmen. that have. made it through again you know how i didn't know that i didn't have us our way that.
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they planned to leave the following morning. the ritual is always the same before each migration everyone gathers in the family. elders recount tales as a warning to the young kids and i thought. that's where 60 year old men still has a good memory that's where. the idea is and they don't. do that don't want told you know so i'm going to monday she told us you know you're going to. want to do about a $100.00 but if i do not only do that or do we draw from nothing after thinking that i want to. know what to do with all of that you know shoulder. and be in the middle of everything is one. for the team to.
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early in the morning all menace cracking sounds come from the lake. where i. think she did such a good job to. push. his interest in it to. be really one of the toss up that the haitian endeavor but i still think us house was something that.
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these members of the dock tribe will migrate with almost 250 animals sheep goats horses yaks and all their belongings. apart from the year that all their possessions fit into 2 trunks. are never going out though not that often all they're hoping to. get a kick out of courtesy he said they had thought of a key. border to jordan what was that critter term virgil in your home or in the bigger term and then going to the for i don't it's about. time is not a factor for the nomads they advance at their own pace. the
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van leads the way. the yaks are the fastest. i the sheep and goats followed close behind. by a hopeful home. for old uncle bob of farm life there. was a bump up on both out of the still holding if you do. it's a long 4 day ride to the new pastures. 20
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year old brings up the rear. lug small russian van is almost 35 years old but he wouldn't swap it for the world he has absolute trust in his vehicle. kind of cool. to be moved. from our. car during off peak to. hope that the bad the move could. harm the combat is the. part of the old i woke up with a lot of you know cold was part of that. a
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few kilometers back by out the clan chief is smiling he just had some good news. i know before we talk about a plan. to. put. the path narrows on some of the animals panic. the long climb up to the 2000 meter high gage lake pass will be no easy task. but the vans are down below and taking an ice bound route oh you knew all good dune then go to was a. guy who have time for one part. of the muslims who are
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joining you know just to. get word. to the i at the end of all the school to myself i didn't walk on set it was a little strategic a. whole of government moves from bottom to not just. where. my post on the story to possible logs as a result. the problem turns out to be serious as it's the gearbox that's leaking. all the van will start again but more problems lie ahead. of the animals eventually catch up to the vans.
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thank you. this. is a good read now screw job in the not exactly how about we were through there were 3 words you just as you did you guys. are. right about there. is no the moving out of the middle of the federalism out of the iceberg. if an animal breaks a leg it will slow down the entire migration and it will have to be put down.
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oh no nothing just something i want to put a store in a i took. 6 it down now that blows up the kid down on the top. crossing frozen rivers is one of the trickiest parts of the journey for both man and beast.
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upbeat about the multiple possible. also i want to go because all of the. content i was at that. the day is spent chasing after the. the elders are all exhausted. but. he's back will be severely tested. when the yaks carrying the year start running wild they become unmanageable. to food.
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bowl. the overall good good good good. food for thought over the house. thank. our show but. the chase has tired this yak and it sinks under the weight of its load its head is stuck under its body it risks suffocating worked. out the animal is dazed but will be fine for. now you'll not have thought 2 oh. i'm. fine i'm told. to write a whole slew says it's temper and starts bucking the word. that
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. decides it's enough for one day. of work then do it and. i'm going to look into all that there were. still over. they're on their spare parts but the men get creative you know the gearbox is eventually forced back into place kids need which. it was locked. who made the conventional small one who. started it with
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politics and then with. the money. restart of our. home the one that has a. duty to the very heart of the matter. is preparing the families dinner. from time to time she dreams of another life of a world she doesn't know. life in the city. there
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are some left out there to. the old out there. and the world there are 2. marched into. the capital colombo lies a 1000 kilometers away. one 3rd of mongolians live here about 1000000 people. in just a few years the capital has transformed into a modern city largely due to huge deposits of call for gold and oil. traditional dress and footwear have been replaced by trendy or fashion. but life isn't nearly this glamorous for the nomads who moved here 5 years earlier when freezing temperatures wiped out harf their herds. the consequences for
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thousands of nomads were dramatic. ruined many were forced into unhealthy accommodation in the suburbs of the capital. up to 350000 nomadic herdsman now live in extreme poverty here. on day 4 of the migration the skies suddenly darkens and the temperature drops from 10 to minus 10 degrees in the space of just a few minutes. the change in weather takes everyone by surprise. through the.
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news. not the cut off. work out of the market or to check never to darken and your little one on top of the much wine of which they are divided society about culture and tawdry course immigration. on the other side of the river as a risk finding it hard to move her animals on. the men come to the rescue. ok i got to put on him but i'm up a lot not just 5100 i think you're not quite i'm not up but the wind has increased in intensity.
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the whole deal couldn't do it especially a little into the you know it just would want to push. israel. but. finally the wind relents the yellow grass here is thick it's a sign the journey is over the migration has come to an end. the dog tribe
4:45 am
is home. the animals can now recover. don't touch it it ain't going to. the lion the bank. will soon be on his way. out. this will be his last meal with the trying. to celebrate their journey they prepared one of their favorite dishes. my. cousin. has only made a little money working with the nomads. his dream is to find
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a buyer for his jade stocks. and to be able to retire to an easier life. big storms generate thousands of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives that you hold can separate the spin from the facts. the missing. information from the journalism how carefully must use your words but
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some tough stuff has to be said so some critics have to debate the listening post on al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity p.r. people israel elections can benjamin netanyahu the former majority and sometimes another time listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed bill 18 is in president to subsea join us for live coverage as to his humans a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al jazeera. in afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now
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a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a sting desta gates of afghan women who paid the price the pace on al-jazeera. yes. i know. but you. know some of it i like. hello i'm maryam namazie in on them with a quick look at the headlines for you now russia has announced a unilateral cease fire in syria as it lip province starting on saturday morning syrian government forces backed by russian at power and waging an offensive on the last rebel held territory for the past 4 months this as syrian civilians calling on russia and turkey to end the violence in adelaide demonstrated at the border with turkey some try to force their way through a border crossing more than 550 civilians have been killed in the province and
4:49 am
400000 displaced since april meanwhile turkey's president is saying that it the country's military stands prepared to handle the situation and it live. it would be a lie if we said that developments in a blip at the point we want in fact in libya 60000 people have been killed and once or twice that number i'm a great thing they are of course coming towards us and we need to be vigilant we need to be cautious and we have taken all the mystery precautions you see it on television channels anyway that orlow armored personnel carriers tanks artillery reserve the our 12th observation tower was staffed at all times in the vigilant al-jazeera has been its myth has the latest now from book as on the turkey syria border. over there in the syria refugee camp home to some 600000 internally displaced syrians and it was there and at other points along with turkey
4:50 am
syria border early on friday that a few 1000 syrians tried to rush the border and here after they managed to get through one of the gates before they were pushed back by the turkish security forces but an indication really of the desperate circumstances the syrians fleeing the fighting and find themselves in forced to pay rent to sleep under trees to sleep in the open with no access to sanitation or food they really desperately want to escape the fighting and that is why the turkish authorities especially will hope that this unilateral cease fire announced by the russians that begins on saturday morning will for the time being put a stop to the outflow of refugees turkey sees it as a national security crisis and a humanitarian emergency a national security crisis and threat because amongst those fighters those people coming from are suspected hardened fighters and bodies why turkey doesn't want them
4:51 am
coming this close to the border i still is claiming to have carried out a suicide attack in the yemeni port city of 8 in which killed at least 3 separatist fighters recent battles around the city of exposed growing rift in the saudi n.r.t. coalition that's fighting his the rebels further north yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. which is supposed to be one of his allies of supporting the separatists by government forces in and around aden he's urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e. military says it's as strikes for targets in what's it called terrorists. clashes have broken out between protesters and indian security forces in indian administered kashmir crowds gathered in srinagar after friday prayers to demonstrate against the ongoing lockdown forces trying to stop the protests taking place were pelted with stones india revote the region's pressure autonomous status almost 4 weeks ago now several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy
4:52 am
activists have been arrested the wave of arrests comes after a mass rally planned for saturday was banned 2 of the activists joshua long and agnes chow have since been released on bail and colombia's government says 9 people have been killed in its operation against former members of the revolutionary armed forces also known as the fark it comes a day after former commanders of the rebel group said they're taking up arms again they accuse the government of not sticking to the terms of the 2016 peace deal which ended 50 years of conflict in response president even decay said he will not be threatened and he offered $850000.00 for information that could lead to the arrests or face to face is coming up next and that explores the story of the legendary revolutionaries argentina's che guevara and cuba's fidel castro stay tuned for that more news
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a bit later i found. custer wanted to say wanted a different future just for them to this country to do revolution for a long time those parallel objectives could sit alongside one another and drive each other forward but there came a point when obviously they no longer did that and at that point the relationship and their political project came to you and. i thought on the face. of said ted already you are now what i am or not overfilled what i will to see through a long process you have or blood of love but i'll simply. by my layout of the come yeah out of the. chair no. joke it
4:54 am
a. little fool me if it was so good. this. new openness to look at it. for your own way. to no good coming out of it but i am. 955 mexico is a sanctuary for intellectuals and political refugee young argentinian has found refuge here on this fateful evening of july the night he has plans to meet some cuban friends. present and i got home i liked. a walk. there will be sure there
4:55 am
is the road could take a. minute don't you that you are making that by the dog train body jeep be in place example suppose she tells us the whole evolution give us a veil of secrecy on this to give our need and people on the ballot. in 0 in most of you to get counted. make here these reports. and that's to give is still a medical student born to an argentinian middle class family he decides to travel across south america shocked by the poverty of his continent he blames american imperialism. with his 1st wife an ardent communist he subscribes to the philosophies of marx and stalin he dreams of a revolution but hasn't for yet. made
4:56 am
campanella sure do you remember me to feel you know the make up on through the cement cup on theme put it in the montage or. since the future. unlike the video castro has taken up arms. on the 26th of july 1953 the young lawyer prepared an armed attack on the moncada barracks in santiago de cuba castro is determined to overthrow them dictator for consumer but he still unfortunately for castro is arrested and tried now must flee must say speculating that roams yet how will they face then i will see only this is the last outcome on balance is it also a 30 day i mean. this is the moment of a feeling of a plant you know i just don't believe in kosovo i mean the same way how that
4:57 am
a lot of money as you know that in fact. fidel castro is sentenced to 15 years in prison he's granted amnesty just 2 hears later. on the evening of the 9th of july 1955 for del castro joins his cuban supporters in mexico he wants to set up a new insurrection in cuba as quickly as possible but things really click with the young argentinean and they spend 10 hours sharing their revolutionary ideals she wants to free latin america and castro suggests they start with cuba. has fallen under customs. i took all night we fell and in the morning i had become the doctor of his new expedition to tell the truth after my experiences across latin america that we didn't need much more to release for a revolution against a tyrant. but i was particularly impressed with. his optimism we needed to work to
4:58 am
struggle to materialize our beliefs stop whining and fight. the good food of buster good daughter and her rich if he then india in as president do. short hop. has joined the ranks of the movement created by castro the m 26 they train side by side in mexico. fidel is beginning to set up is organization the m $26.00 is looking for funds he's seeking out ammunition weapons and making plans inevitably they come under the mexican security forces raid on. it or just
4:59 am
a little more. he's also more of the all. give us your. name dosemu more producer. this week you do the. key that just your lead will do not was any. makes again say colonel. bond say give up. if you don't get tory. luci it would cheer you but you should pursue me certainly not the less was i love if you had guessed what was shoes if you had guessed would deceive the that don't let it do to fail. to give ella a valid to philly belittle guys to give out just fill. me to morrow who clearly will form that. knowledge into the new 40.
5:00 am
caesium was firm and i can still hear him say i will not leave you this was his this and he never the park to throw me. out to do that for the ones he cared about his key to the fanaticism looked around. if you have here to his principles you appear to be so personality and doubts what makes these rebel army an individual blog. just 3 months later in mexico for dell customer and say give out aboard the granma a boat packed with 82 revolutionaries on the morning of december 2nd 956 in a food store the boat reaches cuban shores you feel about. dollars among the whole of extra time.


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