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fairly belittle goal is to give our. new beyond. tomorrow to clearly will form that . knowledge into the new 40. caesium was firm and i can still hear him say i will not leave you this was his this and he never parted from me. to do that fidel's for the ones he cared about his key to the fanaticism looked around. if you have here to his principles you have here to me so personality and that is what makes these rebel army an indivisible block. just 3 months later in mexico for del castillo and say give out aboard the grandmas a boat packed with 82 revolutionaries on the morning of december 2nd 956 in a food store the boat reaches cuban shores. does among the whole of extra defense see that say. is a full cannot develop
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a need to live that on the. east also fell to the. last song for me. caution that many come out in good to me. for. the like as the means your. ensures the dead calm but i'll remember it all go sample. only a few men survive the onslaught of the teamsters on me the rebels find refuge in the sierra maestra where the meet their leader again. guess who is the. way you feel to this song this gallant t e d. c z o g of our hero guess was all set to get going to reveal the to film.
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gary did not agree with what he was better on to use your body well look me. me more than a few years but i become an issue. yes we know who. she and her lovely marilyn the other one going to hold them if i'm not. she did guest will because it doesn't sit you down 40 give us is so many mrs feel to you now he votes or does it just to sit on raw they've done a good deal with all this ya. in the summer of 1956 almost 200 men have joined castro and dividers rebel are.
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in a symbolic gesture of fidel promotes his argentinean comrades to comandante. their . turn to feel catherine you can see you can you truly. sit on the front of the need for 3 april found some more internationalist. leading his own troops into battle and chee sets up his 1st victorious ambush. in the area under his control he starts shaping the egalitarian society of his dreams. troops are told to read and write a field hospital is build
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a rebel radio station is put in place give out of the marxist is gearing up. to you fuel pass through but she's on simone dizzy the. thing won't bother you or she. will. isn't interested in political positions he was far more ideologically driven he was far more obsessed with achieving these ambitions and images of the future that he sought to get thank you. so they are under fail from unknown. not to prepare. this radical vision of the revolution is criticized by members of the rebel army they are deeply anti communist and fidel has promised them a liberal revolution far from al cheney's marxist ambitions che is stunned and threatens to leave but castro can't let his victorious champion retire he reassures
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his friend and pledges his support blinded by friendship l. cheney goes back into battle. but i. remember. she did against it on the double key to open prison i said dr there was a. many clearly she didn't guess who it refers. i gave archy could be used if acquired due to the c. giro he don't see communities. thanks to his nonstop political
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play castro manages to avoid any massive military intervention from the united states a few americans have even joined the rebel army. fighting together. i was in america i was one of them and you know it was. there was no true animosity. who was the cuban revolution coming this way and certainly not feel castro feel castro is a futile easter not a common easter. during an interview with american journalist in this new era for del castro promises he will establish a liberal democracy should the revolution be successful and not i mean. i write. i'll write a political pop. represent the people. and got. planned economy field gets to look
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a 1000000 more for show news isn't only critter i did put in the film though. oh plated we desire journalists a lot don't like getting a guest list if you don't see. the because she did guest who wants you all to our eventual commute in on top of the all you do feel like i'm city had no latino the local. but does america siskel. assume o'mara if he had a guest who less qualified as it should be on. this strategy pays off in the summer of 1958 but he says offensive against castro's girl army fails. castro sends his faithful comandante to create a new front lines in the center of the island castro's troops are right in santa clara the last a t.v. constable before hot on. it and i know that he's. having some.
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4 calls the. morning. whether the name was for a better yet an act that you know you should but. should or should buy your product of some rock from i don't think it's the same yank and same oh no and when i don't somebody who won't buy used to wear it out shortly. after given his victory in santa clara but is defeated and flees. for del castro take santiago de cuba the 2nd biggest city in the country el che's troops will face no resistance when they take the capital city. a loss it's
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marginal now than just to give our kids a little yes for maura i mean she did guest who in the final phone can i get the point if you feel if i'm able to even metal the old with all to some eat only if i don't know the give the hot. that they only needs to be achieved in the rise in the city to proclaim the revolution. i'm being origin time and there'd be skepticism about that within the core of the rebel army itself clearly this is something that could be politically very sensitive the revolution is moving from the phase of war politics so one of real politics. on the 8th of january 959 when the town has been liberated castro marches in in triumph give our remains in the shadow. people cast on.
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ran a loss could feel their. school. measure in yeah in color on the branch. surely the feeding carolla series she's going to be in the politburo. for work here's the quote if you young kid a desire to. lead this he knocks it in middle said they thought a deal icky that dooney and extolled in their back as tall. shells. in february 959 for del castro becomes prime minister his provisional government is even recognized by the united states. castro is still indulging the liberals but
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somehow manages to convince che to stay in cuba he promises him and he imperialistic revolution but needs to affirm his power 1st for dell grants unless to give cuban citizenship and appoints him as military commander ritchie. then may. that you're the least. then less dubbo richie dollar for us like a bad idea don't mean love in the rather than. even we done that bore. no new key cos he just as usually exactly did this me of the. accept shorthand ha bastard in a 2 should read the 100 fer. for
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5 months and that's to give otter is in charge of executing hundreds of cubans for del castro has given l.j. his most controversial brawl ever. see a certain moment. man you can usually tell in a car when you look around me you. can assume or reason drew because you know you have a few but only doria. only an hour. job you. tell that by a. in the meantime castro secures his power he starts working with the cuban communist party the only organized political entity in the country
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a shadow government is created without shame and raul castro fidel's brother both are confirmed marxists who are preparing cuba for a radical turn. in the spring of 1959 castro begins a triumphant tour of the united states is welcomed as a hero the leader of a legitimate rebel movement and. once again he reassures america of his intentions. and all. i know. i have. basically. back in cuba fidel begins to work on the 1st land reform together with castro has designed the basis for the collectivization of
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farmland the vast majority of estates are made into cooperatives and placed under the authority of the army castro relies and give are to put the reforms in place. castro appoints cheney director of cuba's national bank this nomination is a provocation for the united states and they decide to block all credit to cuban banks for del castro responds by attacking american businesses in cuba the escalation has begun. by new york while it was. the americans stop all sugar imports from cuba the island's economy 90 percent of which is dependent on its business with the united states is on the verge of collapse
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fidel needs to leave the whole bit if the us and the only way of moving away from the us for a small country like cuba in the 1960 s. is to move towards the u.s.s.r. there simply is no other way it's a practical resolution if. folk about it let's show he can any could he be sure to return peerage she next week so his you know who you bit harder on early shoot key and there's one shoot he said to take it he had to be 20 so he. the u.s.s.r. now provides oil to the island in exchange for the children. of a party i mean young. deal about the basis and he said early in your soviet elaph orsino she did get toyed with the need to gash in by the need to get sick the gadget geek
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. in 1961 fidel castro finally declared he is a communist. and money. i feed their season. formed. she was given his response ability within aspects of the cuban economy inevitably that created tensions with many other cubans even want to feel they should have been given those roles. the same year for dell appoints a minister of industry. deval wants to develop his own vision of a socialist country the economy is turned upside down.
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to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more we become still fight against corruption. destroy needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark piece to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is the politics me and mark an unholy alliance
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on al-jazeera. going as i want to finally we're going ask about that but that's the ball is about us well it's not as i thought the set says they're lost. brothers out of all of our cars and the bunch is a bit on the bottom. in part one of this 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi and london with a quick look at headlines now russia has announced a unilateral ceasefire in syria's italy province starting on saturday morning syrian government forces backed by russian abdallah have been waging an offensive on the last rebel held territory for the past 4 months this is syrian civilians
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calling on russia and turkey to end the violence and it live demonstration at the border with turkey some try to force their way through more than 550 civilians have been killed in the province and 400000 displaced since april techies present russia type as the country's military is prepared to handle a situation in it. it would be a lie if you said the developments in a blip at the point we want in fact in libya $60000.00 people have been killed and once or twice that number of migrating the are of course coming towards us and we need to be vigilant we need to be cautious and we have taken all the mystery precautions you see it on television channels in a way that orlow armored personnel carriers tanks to the reason of the our 12th observation tower was stuffed at all times in the of vigilant. i still says it carried out a suicide attack in the yemeni port city of aden which killed at least 3 separatist
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fighters recent battles around the city of exposed growing rift in the saudi a mirage the coalition that's fighting who see rebels further north yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. which is supposed to be one of his allies of supporting the separatists by government forces in and around aden he's urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e. military says it's a strike for targeting what it calls terrorists. clashes have broken out between protesters and indian security forces in indian administered kashmir crowds gathered in srinagar after friday prayers to demonstrate against the ongoing lockdown forces trying to stop the protests taking place were pelted with stones india revote the region's special thomas status some 4 weeks ago several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested a wave of arrests comes after a mass rally planned for saturday was banned 2 of the activists in agnes chowk have
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since been released on bail well those are the top stories are more on everything in the news hour that's coming up at 2100 g.m.t. do join me then bye for now. in 1962 che guevara's revolutionary utopia isn't enough to resolve cuba's economic crisis rations are put in place prices are fixed cuba is totally dependent on soviet aid. but the government has another reason to worry in 1961 america launches a failed to sea and air invasion against cuba known as the bay of pigs fidel and cheney are no obsessed with fending off a us invasion in response the soviets send $50000.00 troops to have on a. city girl club. in augusta unique more is used to
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mean everybody. in 1962 the cuban missile crisis threatens nuclear war president kennedy installs missiles and you and the soviet secretly deploy nuclear warheads to cuba the cia discovers the messiah was after 13 days of escalation and u.s. assurances that it won't invade cuba the soviets removed the missiles. chair some men don't want their looking young if you are up at 370 seen. if they are made from the hash oil to our guest will give a high. 3 mile is not the placidly of the us president there are many funny ms who are financially down the pledge as the new version of.
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the missile crisis really reveals a lot about their relationship. over the pragmatist came around to recognizing that there was no fight to be won with the soviet union. and never really swallowed the impact of that event and this is what begins to drive something of a wedge between them politically. chain distances himself from the soviets castro travels to the u.s.s.r. for the 1st time in the spring of 1963 fidel is awarded the title of hero of the soviet union his visit will last 40 days military and economic bonds between the 2 countries are strong from. dallas to give our does young animal dani alves so there's
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a. deal she did get all thought though i say lyndon year i think you'll see. in cuba che guevara criticizes the economic path the u.s.s.r. has chosen according to him cuba needs to follow its own path his stand is a threat to the economic agreements between the 2 countries the leader of the cuban revolution disapproves of the argentinian strategy castro take steps to reassign l.j. in 1964 fidel appoints him ambassador of the revolution to keep him away from cuba . village in. the basket and. then done better knowledge keep buff while. our power company. for dell now uses ouchy to deal with the foreign affairs of cuba overseas give our is now in charge of advocating the cuban line. but the argentinean soon finds
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himself playing dangerous game. i know soviet relationships are deteriorating. makes repeated contact with the chinese is gold. is to unite a nonaligned countries in the fight against imperialism. that are all. part of. this approach is a departure from the soviet policy of peaceful coexistence for del castro is no a head of state whose fate is bound to moscow he's therefore forbidden to speak against this doctrine. seem to need. only use of
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utica in this business to. do due course is huge the guess she onto is a 1000000 always for joe wilson will let me and you should see rush's god it is i mean. does that mean nia. if he did guest will all form accept so oh. give our. movie film i thought only for a selfie elliot's a i said 10 already over says you allow or layer a year for that it will show what i want this year it got there oh i want to see how or what i'll see i'm going to. go by the miley out of they come out of the they are several a channel. on the 24th of february 1965 president ben bella received chegg about you know all jeers the country was hosting the afro-asian conference in front of the soviet delegates at che takes the stand and
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openly criticizes the u.s.s.r. for not supporting the wider guerrilla struggle with arms it's a job to critique new pre-budget do well in your soviet cheek he said then mao bashing then one can only imagine that there was under some pressure so now finally what is thais which i give are at this time he went one step too far i think after algeria it was clear that there was really no political official future future you are in cuba. in march 965 and she is back in havana. castro himself is there to welcome him. the old cordon is between the 2 men is obvious. this is their last public appearance together. this get it on see give cover
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don't fail to give a. good on about why you got the good news can. you give our call that me before. discredited for his handling of the economy has become a political spectacle castro and givati need to find a compromise. how what i'm going to be punished for that id shall your kid and wanted to do. be a seat. have gone to war you know i would have it on. they only put him in i'm with you don't. dangle bustle. like i thought. to do moan the. fuck do you know news media yeah.
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these are food even to normal movie. on matthew. going to salt. the missile that he was the. i get a job. and he's the boss of it i feel that freak is something that i feel dizzy to eat her kid can do that then you're on national. she did guest who did was teaching religion existed. in april 965 given the midst of a more secretly reaches the congo general mobutu is about to take over with the support of the americans. today are going oh no you're not i said
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i mustn't go into. all of every in a holistic. way or all this is the. part of the. whole lesson when i come by the end there not that much of a demand for myself not see. just i'm going to have all the stuff that come to school reaching up by the instrument and you proffer you trust. and you clearly are soon. to reserve the. interior mana sheen but if we're going to. leave. who demanded then. i mean i. don't create. and bring sarah.
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if you didn't believe. fidel castro is under pressure. has disappeared and rumors of an assassination by constantly begin to spread. one of toba 3rd $965.00 the 1st congress of the communist party of cuba begins. givati is dismissed from the central committee. era next talking about. policy nice man. 3 they. seem. to be they better get me out a lot i will assume. he made
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a speed of it. without telling al cheney for dell reads his farewell letter in public a letter of resignation required of cuban gillis when they leave on a mission. natalie guided me at. munich up the aisle when i got it out and she loved it from the other matching that just that this little spree medals moment of the last year and i you know that accompanied the salary that. he the revolutionary. here rushed there. you know. then you know if they don't play tech then. they do i need men and they said it. in yeah. i'm calling for. delap out of the fidel kid jean-claude cage on the very off.
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course the day after. then. and then i mean the whole scope if you don't approve. 15. years and be up to your nobody ever going to. borrow a line flow. rather you can flip the naleo. ball up at an early. for africa. north korea crashingly 3 govern. the del castro has orchestrated al cheney's political death he also gave birth to his myth on that same evening the regime's official musician writes the song that would eternally glorify the revolutionary.
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in congo el che is sick and b. pradelle gets him out of the country l.j. has no where to go he goes on a 6 month long secret journey after the congolese defeat he wants to join a new guerilla front again. give out of a national team if he gets what he set up a. lucid interval but you know guys for me they're on the wrong team you know god is only partly going to for sure ansel thank you have all the club will be on the this business so we'll see you play him there i mean you should. castro also
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understands that the soviets don't want change in cuba fidel needs to find a way out forgive him who is impatient to renew the fight it will be in bolivia for dell may have to face the wrath of the u.s.s.r. but if chase exceeds the soviets will be forced to bow down before its success. let me see. i see a fair. shake. come back and say also this is many on their. key. that there are far. i think fidel castro's institute has shown they seek to give our body. no metroid the pope who can defy p. design his will ensure the shop. clandestinely l.j.
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prepares for his mission for dell lets him choose 10 men the cuban leader assures everyone the operation is well planned. not being taught by norma. i don't want to like unable. to model this year will come along great every well you know america no. longer kate cary i'm going. to nominate pete going out on early in the fall of 1966 algae are drives in the bolivian capital he moves to a rural area designated as a starting point for the insurrection. will leave years only go by what it already can tell you they will reform i live a life of sync with the. bike they sort of go yell about the of the air of compazine oh you know time content of a 4 mile area like an oh yeah all my life. the whole danielson and of this case
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until the end i said that i will sell every i can barely. castro promised cheney the support of the bolivian communist party. in the jungle give out receives the party secretary general money among hey. scorsese. sits on posy in a canadian as they get here says it upset you know it please. vote on the. money or mon he has already warned the soviets about his presence in bolivia nothing goes as planned. no i am on my merry sheena like drop us a bottle michael me the. wine mario monti we're going to get a bill miller who went to come only to. cash a month in the
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a move now or not the name of communication. after young to allow van ownership on power would come as you do have walk on the issue a pretty move well if you get. north on the sean it don't bar made one. wrong domo say no may even montero he adds how about a year at the back end of a bad deal about this and we should quickly bash your quote but whether about always said they. should run them we dance that game why are. you. delhi belly poor. project wireless it on bell a chair. contact is lost with the fighters with castro decides to send regis debris to meet. the young french philosopher is
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close to castro's regime and has just published a book calling for armed guerrilla warfare. and marginal. now you see me so my passport i guess our their way or leave can't go to see me i'm glad that a lame like that i think would be they were a landlord all in good part of their old home but i so moved by. this you won't buy a 1000 or so more by scene from the main but i will soon have your leni atop a quarry like the go dig this or that you know the t.v. don't good to be so they also knew all the songs that end up as good as what is a 1000000 gallons as well a body here with the duty always to know the one of your interests above prosper from the monkey because he shared like 18 many predicted 80 u.t.c. . he said his can go after
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a short stay with sugar via the bolivian army arrest regime is to blame several desert has already been captured american rangers come to support bolivian efforts the search for is all. the you. can have on it for dell continues to play a complicated political game as goddess situation deteriorate its rapidly the 1st of may 1967 he proclaims that it off good a lot more for portraits about che i put up all over the plaza the lot of lucille she asked i think how many there are stands here take action misha cook and they say thank you ask. them as a deputy can i buy the yes this the media see compound.
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for the soviets this is the last straw kosygin chairman of the council of the ministers invites himself to have. when castro is paid a visit from close agent shortly after the lancet has been in america and heard from johnson just exactly what america knows about guevara's operation an hour on average they are with it he becomes equally unhappy and tells fidel in a few words to pull back to not continued support of ours operation in bolivia. shown in cultural. mission but assured i'm. not put in the hospital for a walk. but
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i. would also show him well that lawyer also when i had a. little falling out on the side a mayor of seattle a bullet cluster went to town say once it is a different future custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution for a long time those parallel objectives could sit alongside one another and drive each other forward but there came a point when obviously they no longer did but at that point the relationship and their political project came to an end. in the fall of 1967 bolivian special forces look ate and cheese count. on the 8th of october after 3 hours in combat he is finally wounded and captured.
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the next day by order of the bolivian president nestor givati is executed. but i see it. not said if he had him for. a lot of things. sinatra said if he having a laugh or a mango could be along with. their
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net though there are some gossip well there are a lot of them passed up. l.j. becomes immortalized in castro's cuba and the run the world. but one thing they said. together good father and castro have tried to tread an impossible path between the united states and the u.s.s.r. but in the cold war chessboard cuba was just a pawn. custer was able to remain in power until his death in november 26th.
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cheney now a martyr continues to live on as a symbol of the revolution. hello sydneysiders have not seen a great deal of sunshine recently and you can see from the satellite picture it's quite specific to sydney and much of the rest of this part of a straight leader is enjoying the sunshine it will slowly return with a slow rise in temperature in sydney itself the next front is on its way through ahead of it war comes down to adelaide so you get 20 degrees not far off in hobart
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so fast improving for the weather in tasmania and it's also slightly warmer than personnel are fronts coming into purpose make his way into later on sunday but by that time it'll be cloudy and wet dry in adelaide and much of victoria parts of new south wales will be having a little bit of rain too in the weekend that new zealand. not too badly to be on a sunny spot the massive cloud there's not a lot there are still from this is a low pressure areas not far away but typically we're talking about see fog around the sas aside on sunshine all know hull by day temperatures in the low teens and that takes us through both saturday and sunday that causes him back japan unfortunately having suffered flooding recently although saturday is a day off from significant rain for the most part that rain guy has again for sunday these are records way once more to key issue.
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legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol are flawed because that some. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating it fiction epidemic that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's opioid crisis on. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. a nation
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where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how has this radical transformation occurred. to me that if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and there unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up.
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russia and now a ceasefire in a syrians demanding an end to the fighting protest at the turkish border leading pro-democracy activists are arrested in hong kong at least in. ny they're trying to scare people out of protesting. in cities across pakistan come to a standstill for iran khan's 1st kashmir al at a show of solidarity with a disputed region. about a few disturbing though who do support roger federer has won his way into the next round of the u.s. open and serena williams is also through she completes a straight sets winning new york color will be action for you play to be sometimes out of. the program out top story russia has announced
5:50 am
a unilateral ceasefire in syria's edler province sousing on saturday morning syrian government forces backed by russian air power of been waging an offensive on the last rebel held territory for the past 4 months now syrian civilians rushed to the border with turkey as a call for an end to the violence in atlanta algiers but it's myth reports now from an taqiyya near turkey's border with syria. all. this was a desperate dash for the turkish border by syrians hemmed into the shrinking corner of their country still under control of anti acid fighters. but turkey isn't letting any more syrians in. who do not want to create chaos we just want to express the oppression we feel we just want them to look at our situation that them did this is a warning that we are coming to turkey and europe if turkey does nothing an increase in shelling and bombing of it led by the russian backed forces of the syrian regime has according to the u.n.
5:51 am
pushed up to a 1000000 syrians towards turkey they have no shelter food or sanitation but from a saturday morning the russians say the offensive will stop for now this is not the 1st ceasefire and i'm afraid not the losses for all the previous as far as fate was the seam so the terrorists immediately brought this is fire i hold and this one will last but. given the situation that that is there but let's hope let's keep our fingers crossed. russia has more special forces on the ground now in syria according to western intelligence sources that's helped assad's forces make recent territorial gains in it lip it shows the extent to which the regime is regaining control israel exists in so for an hour and ultimately it's the final nail in the coffin of opposition groups who ultimately lost the war they lost to assad with this russian iranian at this point but forces turkey's
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president says that a teary orating environment in the north of syria is a humanitarian crisis. and also says that the situation in a blip is not at the point we want but it must also know that the outside regime is likely to eventually resume its push to retake the final part of territory still on the control of a hard core of regime fighters burnitz with al-jazeera and taqiyya. all to yemen now where i still is claiming to have carried out a suicide attack on the port city of aden which killed at least 3 separatist fighters recent battles around the city of exposed crying rifts in the saudi emraan to have a mission that's fighting heathy rebels further north yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. which is supposed to be one of its allies of supporting the separatist government forces in or around aden he's urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e.
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military says it's as strikes were targeting what he called terrorists. jani is a journalist based in aden he says the separatists currently have the upper hand. if you couldn't get friday the scene is now open for the southern state protests and most of aid in the forces of the legitimate government to clearly not present to protect the citizens from violations abuse and being arrested anger is increasing among the residents of aden because the southern city protests are targeting the national army on the outskirts of the city people expected the army to arrive and control aid and order for aid and to get rid of the separatists the national army was forced to retreat via the road leading to shop. several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested 2 of them have since been released on bail the wave of arrests comes after a mass rally planned for saturday was banned sarah clarke has the latest on this story now from hong kong. joshua one and agnes child left
5:54 am
police headquarters on their way to cause the founders of the pro-democracy party. have been charged with inciting and taking part in an unlawful protest outside police headquarters in june the court appearance was brief both were released on bail we shall not surrender and i urge international communities who send a clear message to a presidentially sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight opposition politician change time i remember of the hong kong legislative council was also detained and on thursday the leader of the band independence group and the chan was arrested before boarding a flight to japan he's been accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer in july police have now confirmed 7 arrests over the past 2 days critics call it a case of white terror by police intimidation and an attempt to silence protests
5:55 am
the demonstrations began more than 3 months ago prompted by a controversial extradition bill but they quickly morphed into a wider discontent what is seen as china's growing influence in hong kong affairs all these iconic young leaders arrests together could send out to some chilling effect around the hong kong to scare people from taking to the street to morrow we arrest a person as soon as we have get a sufficient pathogens to prove a case for her fans the allegation that. arrest is totally false a mass pro-democracy rally planned for saturday has been cancelled after organizers filed to get the go ahead in the hong kong court of appeal on wednesday night chinese military were filmed driving through hong kong what was described as a routine rotation of soldiers from the mainland. on friday state owned media
5:56 am
warned if the situation in hong kong worsens chinese soldiers would have quote no reason to sit on their hands and it says the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong was not merely a symbol of chinese sovereignty over the city despite the arrests and the cancellation of saturday's rally some pro-democracy groups are urging protesters to go ahead and demonstrate over the weekend they described the police action as white terror and want residents to maintain pressure on the government to dump this bill the government has suspended the proposed extradition all but critics want to officially train out more than 900 people have been arrested since the protests began in june and these latest arrests are likely to discourage people from continuing to express their anger at the hong kong government sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong away from hong kong's huge protests smaller rallies have been popping up here and there in his wine hey reports not everyone's happy about that
5:57 am
and thank god they don't get already there in the suburbs of hong kong people are tired and tensions are being brought to the surface her way from large scale protests and clashes with police opposing sides are coming together in smaller gatherings on an almost daily basis here handful of protestors fighting for democracy and a hong kong with less interference from beijing was confronted by a pro china group the young generation know nothing about politics nothing about history only money across the road from the shouting match a piece of hong kong far removed from the glitzy high rises in other parts of the city people have been coming to this gym for 50 years there are no frills here and little support for the protesters who they say a tearing hong kong apart and. i say to people people.
5:58 am
if you stand on that side i started this site it will be arguing. and fighting something that that's what it's like made by the government i often protests break out for a few hours at night in suburban hong kong in this area protesters target a residential compound for police and other emergency services. they believe the police are now working for beijing and not the people of hong kong this is the same place during the day and there's no sign of any violence or tension people living side by side with police officers and their family members but this is been a very unpredictable situation and it's more protests pop up in different parts of hong kong more people more communities are being affected by day the damage of previous nights is still evident there's no point fixing it yet trouble could break out again at any time on all sides people are growing weary after what's been a long fight i just wish how can we go back to day before i have it
5:59 am
was then together is phone call with no end in sight to the protests it may be a long wait for those who want to see old hong kong return with those fighting for a new one to emerge wayne hay al jazeera hong kong. i want to remind our top story now the reports of a ceasefire in syria's edlin province john mark ron is a middle east analyst and fellow at the arab center in washington joins us live now from the u.s. capital who seeing earlier in a report by burnitz meth that up to a 1000000 syrians have been pushed out of and led this is a mounting humanitarian crisis because they will not have food or shelter or clean water how just how destabilizing could this be for the region. a miracle disability blows a good stabilising certainly for a for turkey because they are already having it was
6:00 am
a policy for. having the refugees across the border so now you have the russian of pressure on turkey and turkey pressure of the european union that this might have that you should stop with something to give it lip so yes this is the lesser stronghold of the opposition all the. refugees that went from the source of syria from other areas they all went to italy and the past 2 years the that was their only option so now they have nowhere to go all of the turkish border so there's more pressure on turkey and this is playing into russia as have the russians plan and to what will happen next. president shall as and has long said that he will conquer the entire country including the last rebel held stronghold we know that he is making gains in the city with the help of russian special forces so what's the purpose of this ceasefire i mean this is for you we have seen this movie before you have pressure on the circus.


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