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as the world's largest democracy you'll hear that from government you'll hear that from me given the way the modi government is behaving and the way the media has basically lined up behind the car the 4th stage is this really the world's largest democracy is it acting like for cash media's it has never acted as it has. of us carefully proven didn't lead diverse country the size of a continent you know you made it could be it has been the us largest democracy but i once read an indian writer very good in describe india as the world's greatest experiment but i'd also said that sadly the world's greatest experiment in democracy is fading. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tarek enough tarek anyone reporting on the media knows how dangerous
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mexico can be for journalists more than 150 media workers have been killed there since the year 2000 and this past month feels like it's been open season on reporters there that's right richard last weekend never scotland had a meal was found dead in his hometown of to pelco about an hour's drive from mexico city he was stabbed to death qantas ran a local news site called observatory 0 does thought he is the 4th john s. killed in the past month one of 12 murdered this year and only august $2900.00 will only 13 become the deadliest year on record for mexican journalist and the problem isn't just the rate at which reporters in mexico are being murdered if the virtually no one is being held accountable and punished the human rights organization article 19 puts the impunity rate for crimes against freedom of expression that's almost 100 percent i spoke of anna christina a well of from article 19 on the issue of impunity. we say here in article
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1000 that the imbue needy. is sad but to wait to go against and threat the germ is because they are killing not only the truth of the journalist they're also killing the truth about their debt and it's a message of silence for all of their colleagues every day with local men that at least 3 aggressions i guess at least 48 percent of those aggressions come from agents of the state the level of impunity is almost 100 percent this 99.3 percent and these because the state is not investigating the jails in every case of journalist aggression there is no objectivity or excess deviousness in the investigation because there's actually an investigation that is done by the sayings that went against a journalist and. while you might think that it's the drug cartels that pose the greatest threat to media and mexico it's often local or federal officials who are
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complicit in and in some cases allegedly directing attacks on reporters in mexico the line between the state and organized crime is a blurry one and both sides benefit from financing critical journalism ok thanks daryn. turning now to a country that doesn't get a lot of news coverage albania and a story published by 2 digital news outlets that confirmed what many of their have long suspected that the relationship between politicians the judiciary and organized crime is far too close for comfort the story broke this past january the balkans investigative reporting that work and voice of america published a series of leaked recordings phone calls between government officials including prime minister eddie rama and crime bosses colluding to wriggle actions in both 20162017 there were the kind of revelations that usually come with consequences
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however the ruling party has dismissed or deflected the charges and none of the senior officials implicated has been arrested let alone taken to court instead the judiciary has gone after those who leaked and published the material the listening posts johannah who's now from to run on politics crime journalism and the few reporters who are still covering a story the albanian powers that be are trying to kill. they mean criminal network in a senior state official discussing voter intimidation or 227000 general election. the government official. prime minister.
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crime books promising the ruling socialist party electoral victory. and member of the albanian mafia congratulating. connection. these are just the tip of the iceberg of a set of explosive wire taps that's sent on pena into political chaos when you hear this conversation and they sound like italian mafia movies where of a decide who should rule the country and therefore the country should be ruled by their people and not through fear and independent elections or. through. this was explosive evidence showing that criminals not only they enjoy total impunity but they are also poor both government in the sounds of
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helping and supporting supporters from in this case socialist who remain in power that is going to arms this illegally by criminals it was done with the cooperation of local officials and also high officials of the state which makes it incredibly clear not just how our government functions but also who is governing us never before have i seen criminal groups use such sophisticated tactics to influence the will of the electorate and that's why i and my colleagues at berne and v.o.a. decided to investigate this phenomenon again the financial force the store will publish focused not on the ties of this work has to politicians and members of organized crime but also the failure of the judicial system the prosecutor's office to properly investigate this this leaves various people have been indicted which were mostly low level officials and members of organized crimes but the part which
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involved their ties to the local politicians and let's say the electoral fraud process that has now been properly investigated. the fact that byrne albania voice of america and later german newspaper billed were the ones to break this story isn't surprising these outlets. receive their funding from outside obey me i'm giving them the kind of editorial independence that allows them to cover issues most domestic news networks are reluctant to touch. us media space has opened up significantly since the end of the creative dictatorship in the early nineties. condit is actually rely on the mainstream news networks for hard hitting investigative reporting especially when it comes to corruption in the intersection of politics and organized crime when it wiretap story pro. splurge of coverage initially and then most of our being on the news out there and virtually silent one
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of the. terms media freedom there is a kind of self-censorship. they get a job with the mainstream television station or any space. they know that there was conflict between the government or a construction company that wants to. know something like this so they have to try and follow that particular to. stay away from certain stories because they could be gone like that when this was revealed by voice of america and burnell been i think for local media it's kind of easy to republish because this way they detach themselves from the contra and then just say this is what has been reported even in this case i think some of the media tried to downplay the importance of this revelation however when bill started to publish similar wiretaps that they didn't have a choice right of a hat to report this otherwise in the eyes of the public it would be very clear
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very are so pro socialist they are not even able to through a cover of this explosive material. there are a few journalists to continue to cover criminal groups and their relationships with politicians but it's become a dangerous beat and navigating the complexity of reporting. country whose political system and even parts of its media industry are intertwined with organized crime and self-censorship is hardly journalist biggest worry. one night in august last year the house behind me the family home with journalist claudia was sprayed with bullets no one got hurt but lara who's been reporting on the relationship between politics and organized crime for over a decade says a clear message was sent that night to scare her into silence team schlessinger becomes the plan to be quite honest i find it very difficult to speak about that incident because my family and i are trying to completely forget about it i have
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tried to have a strong journalistic voice to investigate and expose the links of organized crime to politics and to denounce the power of 2 little groups while the authorities try to argue that this shooting was the result of some sort of family feud i think no i don't think i'm convinced that there is no other reason for my family to be targeted than my reporting but the attack has had no effect at all professional work i covered difficult stories before and i will carry on doing this in the coming years i was told to prophesy on evan we did our share we know very little about the people committed as those attacks because unfortunately there isn't been proper prosecution as the prime minister promised at the time i think the political will from the political leaders may say they're not supporting brave prosecutors and law enforcement officers to find those responsible for this kind of acts because this can also lead to them this is kind of attacks against journalists will go unpunished certainly would push more journalists to toward self-censorship and
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not you know at bravely encourages the best for journalists dan is in our reporting . the war against critical journalist isn't just waged with bullets more often it's waged with words. threats smear campaigns and online harassment have become the tools for those in power to fight dissenting voices marabout alice taylor is a toronto based journalist earlier this year was the subject of a far reaching this marriage campaign that she says was orchestrated by the government this was a result she says of her critical coverage of the wire taps and corruption in the ruling socialist party i made a comment to russia today a factual comment on what i've been happening with the political situation. and then suddenly my phone started going crazy and i started receiving messages from
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people sending me links pro-government media had started saying that i was a russian spy they publish my faves you said that i was paid by russia and or the opposition party to undermine democracy. that i was a traitor to the albanian people and they then started publishing my partner's face saying that he was a wanted criminal filing militants i mean it spread like wildfire i have received abuse from the street as well being heavily pregnant it got to the point where i didn't leave the house without someone with me. prime minister of india on mars has become very known internationally as someone who. directly against every single germ that he does not like when you have a powerful person naming and shaming journalists then of course for the public it's very easy when they needed journalists. even to kill them before young chap was
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killed in. the poor prime minister over the. journalist the slovak prostitutes. the forgotten the cattle and i only found one skilled in the prime minister all for doesn't organize smear campaigns putting a picture of the. billboards throughout the country if we compare ourselves with them we are not of their fortunately however there are indicators and there are practices where after the smear campaigns were organized journalists were killed so i would not be surprised unfortunately if something like this happens. and finally a public service announcement from a doctor with an electric guitar and a band it's about something that we've all done you get a tickle in your throat or a minor rash maybe you're having difficulty sleeping and rather than going to see the doctor you go online because you know better
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a diagnosis treatment and reassurance are all just a few clicks away all online self diagnosis is now a common condition as is hypochondria or as this phenomenon has come to be known cyberchondria a swedish doctor henrik v. to get away has a prescription for that which comes in the form of a music video that's gone viral it's called never google your symptoms will see you next time you're listening. to your. first. elaine. if you google carbon diagnosis be a good trooper culo says he googled the femur and read you've got
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a mole and soon will be dead. and you will i look right in go see it see itself your brain is leaking juice and you will get shampoo program no sleep. the last week shawn or psycho list so. you're just so. good. the old. when the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we look at the cost of people's health also antigovernment protesters a want hong kong could be plunged into recession and a trillion dollar fortune built on oil and gas know what the climate is. counting the cost on al-jazeera. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist
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norway feel castro is a feudal eastern not a commie mr castro wanted his country to international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth doesn't lie with. all those jobs. in the excludes nearly 2000000 people from a citizens' list. raising fears of statelessness.
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i'm sorry this is live from also coming up tens of thousands are marching in hong kong in defiance of the police and the arrest of high profile campaign as. the u.s. says the rain all tanker is heading toward syria despite assurances that putting sail there. the doctor. is actually smoke i'm just going in the reserves in bolivia where out of control forest fires are destroying all the wildlife. in their path. now there are 2000000 people in the indian state of us some are facing an uncertain future after being excluded from a citizens' register the national register of citizens was created in 1951 to determine who came to the state before neighboring bangladesh declared independence
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from pakistan it's being updated for the 1st time and there are concerns about who is being excluded and who could be left stateless or critics say the ruling hindu nationalist b j p is use the citizenship issue to target the muslim community they make up a 3rd of our sons' population india says the process is needed to identify illegal bangladeshi migrants. priyanka gupta reports from. some states. more than 1900000 people have been left out of asylums updater finally richest of citizens that means they will now have to appeal to foreigners tribunals with evidence to prove that they are indian the decision on citizenship will be decided by foreigners tribunals the of course have the right to appeal it high court and supreme court but it is expected to be a long legal process the government says about $200.00 foreigners tribe you know
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will start operating the coming few days and that number could increase to up to $1000.00 additional staff have also been appointed there are also promising legal aid for vulnerable or marginalized communities of different villages and towns office but it's a mammoth process and this n.r.c. list seems to be just the beginning of what is likely to be a long drawn out legal process deciding citizenship of these more than 1900000 people senior b.g.p. minister ahead of the draft ahead of the list being published has already voiced concerns about the fate of genuine citizens who might be left out and they are saying that they want to make sure that indians are not left out of the final list and they have also promised support to all these people who might appear in foreigners tribunals amnesty international meanwhile has come up with a statement of voicing concerns about reports about decisions of foreigners tribunals that they have heard are arbitrary and biased as well as discriminatory.
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tens of thousands of protesters around on the streets of hong kong in defiance of the police who have been marching along main roads the crowds now snaking back several kilometers blocking traffic police had rejected an application for a mass rally citing security reasons but it hasn't deterred the growing crowd several high profile activists and politicians have been arrested. in the past couple of days this is the 13th straight weekend of mass protests in hong kong pro-democracy politician claudia says to hong kong protesters a sending a clear message to the government. come from people like telling me that she cannot simply wish for our freedoms this is a sad state to come and if you put the telly through the police force that some people would not allow us to just go about. and do something what's
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happening in the streets and we need to watch not with what we excuse me i mean since when i want freedom of movement to be respected so the message is very clear if you want to put some come under martial law. whatever emergency law is meet the military. go ahead but then we have the state the fire with you. also clark is live for us in hong kong so right now i guess that gathering looks like it's getting bigger and it's still illegal right. exactly as these protesters have defied the police but the ban which was implemented on friday here in hong kong instead of turned out that tens of thousands of people it's not going
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their way through the entire central which is where we are now right now have a business district i would but they are behind us let the cats in we got to the business district financial center in front of us we've got the other chinese liaison office which is also about a kilometer on the soil in front of me and only streets around me are now but i doubt blockaded that they've been shut down the traffic is paralyzed and as you can see i'm not sure if you see behind me but this is a very wealthy part from home the demonstrations on the street demonstrations once again. stifled. the decision whatever and nothing but stranger things like i was there some place person was placed up around the house which is not chief executive perry lands and there's a high number of police presence there but that's the price present where we are now would say no there's also police presence of the sea ranch minus the ice office that whole area has been what kind of but sadly these protests have ignored the police and the government's attempt to stop this not really going ahead and they're
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on the streets at this stage the numbers are only growing. so take us through their plans are we expect seeing more of this to morrow. on sunday we are expecting more and these protests that it's quite strategic like target different areas and on sunday they'll be targeting the airport and they're hoping to device because economic disruption if one of these the officials there have said that they're prepared to restrict actions and landings so boy allowing this like this into the air because. she said this whole time general strike planned. the arrests on friday which is the number of high profile no micas you remember the little council as well as some some activists in the days of protests and are continuing to run straight and to try and force so the trucks need of the i should give you one more update who they are not my kids or the members of the lips
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of council no response rather it just been released. or i will leave it there thanks so much sarah clarke. hong kong activist joshua wang says arrests will not stop protests from fighting for democracy. yesterday i was arrested with 3 charges including organizing inciting and participating on all assembly tuman to go i was released from prison and soon later on being arrested again but we still continue our fight and the most important thing is even i need to face the trials soon in the next still months with you persis on a low cost on free election stop police brutality and the government must company withdraw the bill and the only way out is listening to the want of people and home calling on the one itself democracy their short term goal is to withdraw the extradition bill and the long term goal is to have free elections went elections
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rent free elections become true in hong kong which means that hong kong has finally can elect our own government and which means that we can be the run through hong kong instead of beijing be the one man a plaything on hong kong people freedom and our future. in the days years chief security minister has called for calm in the remote province of pop where protests descended into riots people say they're fed up with racial and ethnic discrimination and are demanding a referendum on independence victoria gate and the reports. in the capital of indonesia's remade papua province government offices set alight by protesters 24 hours earlier are still burning. thursday's demonstrations were triggered by videos circulated online showing indonesians security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs protest leaders say the government must treat papuans equally.
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why is law enforcement not conducted properly especially in soraya the legal process started after we demonstrated but racism has happened a long time fuelling papuans anger. in 1963 the un declared indonesia could take control of west papua if its inhabitants agreed in a referendum but when the election took place 6 years later only around 2000 people took part they voted in favor of indonesia but many papuans say the vote was raked . grievances over discrimination have been further inflamed by concerns that papuans have benefited from the wealth generated by the region's minerals the government says it's investigating the allegations of rights abuses by security forces and it's cool for calm. let's ask ourselves why must we kill each other because we're offended by something and we've already dealt with the
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case through the law. the government cut internet access to the province last week in an attempt to curb the protests if anything that strategy appears to have backfired victoria gates and be al jazeera. the us secretary of. state says he has reliable evidence an iranian oil tanker is heading to syria despite iran promising it wouldn't the adrian. been sailing around the mediterranean since it was released through the british territory of gibraltar what on twitter might pump a 0 says foreign minister zarif guaranteed to the u.k. the arabian revolutionary guard coal oil tanker grace one stroke adrian daddio one would not head to syria we have reliable information that is on the way and headed to tata syria i hope it changes course it was
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a big mistake to trust us john hendren has more from washington d.c. the united states treasury department has increased its enforcement actions against the government of iran specifically and oil vessel that has recently left the port of gibraltar that the u.s. says it has reason to believe is bound for syria that is a statement from mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state that ship was originally called the grey swan it is now called the adrian darya one it was originally flagged as a panamanian vessel and now it is being flagged as an iranian vessel the british government seized it in gibraltar and under suspicion that it would be taken to syria to offload oil that ship was released after iranian fish officials allegedly told gibraltar officials that they would not take that ship to syria but meanwhile that ship has changed his destination a few times and now the u.s. secretary.


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