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tv   The Judge Meaza Ashenafi  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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as protesters marched on westminster politicians returned from the summer recess points to push new legislation through meant to block always johnson ring that. a number of m.p.'s including prominent politicians in johnson's own conservative party have rebelled against the government and united with opposition m.p.'s to force johnson to delay breaks it is the default legal position is the u.k. will leave the e.u. on the 31st of october m.p.'s want to delay practice until the end of january to prevent leaving the e.u. without a deal. the ice of the right 328 a nurse the left 301 on tuesday evening m.p.'s voted to take control of parliamentary business thought it could start forest allowing them to begin debating the creation of new legislation on wednesday if m.p.'s do pass a bill to prevent a no deal johnson says he'll have no choice but to push to hold
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a general election possibly on october the 15th if he's going to morrow to stop the negotiations and to compel i'm not the point of this delay to brit's potentially for years and that would be the only way to resolve this i can confirm that we are tonight tabling a motion under the fixed time parliament. there is no consent in this house to leave the european union without a deal. no majority for no deal in the conference. the defection of one conservative m.p. to the opposition liberal democrats means johnson no longer has a majority in parliament by voting against the government of the conservative party rebels have effectively ended their political careers. the bill will need to go before the opera house the house of lords on its journey into law but there are no guarantees it will work and after boris johnson's decision to shut down parliament
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for a month possibly from next monday m.p.'s don't have much time until the government says it wants a deal with the e.u. and the progress is being made johnson supporters say no deal is an important negotiating position with europe ranks it has distorted british politics uniting all opponents dividing old alliances the country is careering towards a new brakes a climax with a question that's confounded the country and the continent is whether we're approaching a breakthrough for knowledge or simply another cliffhanger. call a general election alone he needs the backing of most m.p.'s to trigger a snap poll opposition parties are now weighing up the risks of a sudden vote. the battle lines are drawn the government and parliament to fighting for the right to determine britain's breaks of future. al-jazeera london let's get an update from lawrence lee he's joining us from london what do you think
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prompted the size of the rebellion against boris johnson and the government last night lawrence. it was on the absolute top end of expectations in the morning here and what's happening in westminster right now is it everybody's dissecting. how it came to be that a full 21 conservative m.p.'s could vote against their own governments and the answer seems to be that they were so absolutely disgusted by the threats the bullying tactics from downing street to say to them if you vote against the government in this bill then you're out of the conservative party right you can stand in the election he will be selected and after they voted against the government last night they were phoned up one rory stewart so you speak of the minister said he got it by text you now you know the selected and so this is absolutely hardline tactic from downing street to say you're either with us or you're dead basically just hardens the result of of so many of them who ended up
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sacrificing their entire political career because there was so worried about no deal but the conservative party has ended up in a situation where it's now blocked people like a guy called nicholas soames a tory gruhn the he's the grandson the winston churchill you know and he's not been told he can't stand in the election for the conservative party anymore to form a chancellor's find the philip hammond and ken clarke another tory grandee out of that they can't some of the conservative party more and it is this sort of what you can only call a shocking or tactic by boris johnson is left as left everybody thinking well where is the conservative party going in this extraordinarily dangerous tactic for boris johnson to be pursuing yeah and johnson has said that he is prepared to ask parliament for it to call a snap election also that the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. by october 31st no ifs or buts so what does this mean for the conservative party in the direction that he's taking it in. well i mean he said all the
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way through his leadership campaign that if it wasn't delivered by the end of october the conservative party would die because the brics party under nigel farage is so popular it was overwhelmingly the the leading party in the european elections its standing in seats all over the country and disaffected conservatives who want bricks it's on those on the party's terms boris johnson fears will simply vote for the reps at party instead and so to try to get rid of the threats he's now basically adopted so far as i can see all the bricks at parties tactics will leave out that 1st october even if there's no deal and plainly that seems to be what's happening but the great risk for him is in alienating this enormous middle ground of the conservative party all those people who are now expelled he might not even get to that position because if they end up as known conservative party candidates all poor people sitting in the commons as independents the time being saying we're
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not going to vote for anything that you want in the way of an election he might not even get that far and so you know it may be that even if he's demanding an election next vote election next monday if everybody ganged up against him then he might not even get it for it in which case the government could simply collapse all right thank you for that update from london. where iran says it's willing to recommit to the 2050 nuclear deal but only if it gets $15000000000.00 off for oil sales in return the deal was proposed by france in a bid to salvage the accord that proposal will need the approval of the united states are is joining us from iran's capital it's iran so talk us through the latest proposal by the french government or son what it actually means. while the arena this is a proposal that's been put forth after a number of diplomatic discussions between the french president and the iranian
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president's this $15000000000.00 line of credits over the next 4 months would mean that iran would it be able to sell its oil to the european countries and in exchange be have access to the revenues that is this is the main point of contention for it the iranian government's at this stage they say that the sanctions imposed by the u.s. government on iran's oil i'm banking sector have prevented it from being able to sell its oil on the international market and the europeans haven't really done enough now this line of credit would mean that the iranians are willing to go back to their full commitments under the nuclear deal of 2015 they since may of this year have been scaling back their commitments every 60 days the ukrainians have said that these 60 days are periods given to the europeans to try and convince them that they are still up holding their and of the deal this is the 1st tangible signed we've seen from the european signatories to be able to salvage this steeled
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the brain ian deputy foreign minister op us are she was in paris where he whole the 10 hour meeting with various french officials to try and how shout details of this plant but of course a lot still leads to be the side it and we've just been hearing from iranian president hassan rouhani at has weekly cabinet meeting who says that it is unlikely that they will it come till and agreements with the europeans in the next 48 hours the deadline for iran announced its thirds phase of scaling back its commitment under the nuclear deal as op in the next 48 hours and they will go ahead with announcing the 3rd phase and the iranian president has said that it will be the biggest step that they've taken and scaling back their commitments and it will accelerate the the country's nuclear program thank you hurricane dorian is slowly moving closer to the united states after crossing much of the bahamas the destruction there has been described as a historic tragedy 7 people are dead in the prime minister says that number is
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likely to rights and gallagher reports from florida where more than a 1000000 people are under evacuation orders. as hurricane dorian edges away from the bahamas a clearer picture of its devastating power is a merging ground the harbor and abaco island were hit hardest with storm surges a powerful winds this is now a humanitarian crisis hampered by the storm slow path through the region continued heavy rains and high winds and the true extent of the damage may not be known for days but early reports suggest the rescue and recovery operation will be huge we also understand that about 62000 people across the 2 islands will need access to clean drinking water it's not an unfamiliar thing to say in a disaster but when there's no water after a disaster that can have serious secondary impacts so that we have priority not just for the red cross but for the government and for the u.n. system the red cross says at least 13000 homes have either been severely damaged or
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destroyed rebuilding will be a long process but saving those stranded by one of the most powerful storms recorded is a priority 25 individuals were transported to new programs to has already succumbed that would take the number of deaths of 7 and again i want to assure. and informed by him in population that we can expect more out there to be recorded doria now threatens the u.s. east coast where preparations evacuation orders and warnings have been in place for days the storms predicted path shows no landfall in florida but a cape canaveral nasa is moot sensitive equipment as the storm edges closer georgia and the carolinas remain on high alert and many residents of heeded warnings to prepare for the worst and hoping that by being so early with our preferred
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preparations they will all be invade it we will block it leave it to do much of florida's east coast remains under hurricane watch in there is still a danger of high gusts of wind storms wells coming in from the atlantic ocean but if the track stays as it is predicted the storm should be about 170 kilometers off the coast even as it makes its way up to georgia and the carolinas that is potentially good news for millions of people but everyone is being warned not to get complacent. in the next few hours and days much needed was also as will pour into the bahamas even for a nation used to dealing with powerful hurricanes this is an unprecedented situation at a gala crawl jazeera indian river city florida still ahead on al-jazeera part thousands of displaced syrians are living in dire conditions but refusing evacuation and south africa's president breaks his silence condemning attacks on foreign nationals.
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howler we had big showers around the mediterranean central mediterranean for few days an hour week really bottom end are several fronts of been reinforce a top there most recently to wishes weather was in st vinnies have of doesn't mean it will be tamara temperature is around about the 20 mark show or drop for recently this is cheese days panned nothing's about 13 to to get at of was rumania and so i said is it being reinforced sides a day off to temperatures are probably slightly how are in germany with that subtly drift but slightly lower in london and 19 and take the day off to than to 17 that's a real feel of all to my think for all of north and europe and the eventually push down to wars and beyond the out to even zerah it's limited to 18 degrees there is waltons in rumania in spain and portugal and just across the short hop in north
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west africa's tempers in tunis actually rising to round out the 31 mock as a son places part but how rikan season the started and usually birth place the sings surprising me you may think is big still was a develop arguing the ethiopian hardens all somewhere here west was through this a hell they produce a lot of rate and temporary flooding of tickly in these air molly but when they go off sure they towed into proper areas of low pressure there's a say venture they harkens
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part hello dan the top stories on al-jazeera this hour the british prime minister boris johnson is threatening to call a snap election if m.p.'s go against him on wednesday parliament is voting on a law which will last a no deal breck said on october 31st and delay britain's e.u. divorce state by 3 months. iran's deputy foreign minister has confirmed the country would return to the nuclear deal commitments but only if it received $15000000000.00 for oil sales the deal was proposed by france in
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a bid to salvage the afford. and hurricane dorian is moving towards the southeast united states after hitting the bahamas as a category 5 at least 7 people died there that number is likely to rise and homes have been flattened more than a 1000000 people in the u.s. have been ordered to evacuate to safety. explosions have been reported in the syrian coastal city of latakia state television says the blasts were a result of anti aircraft guns intercepting drones that were launched towards an airbase it says militants launched the drones from a so-called deescalation zone. meanwhile the united nations is preparing to evacuate more displaced syrians from a remote camp along the border with jordan and it's home to almost 15000 people at the u.n. says half of them are refusing to leave despite the dire living conditions then a further explains why. the last time aid reached this makeshift camp was in february rock band is close to the border with jordan and this besieged by the
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syrian army which decides if and when food and medicine reaches the thousands of people inside the united nations describes the situation is desperate and says conditions are abysmal but it can't do anything without the approval of the authorities and damascus. we were told 2 days ago that the u.s. and will deliver aid either on the 4th or the 5th of september since february we have received only small amounts of food and medicine through smuggling routes but they are not enough and too expensive. a u.n. team visited the camp in august but its mission was only to determine how many people remained inside and who wanted to leave the organization says it is planning to help those wanting to return voluntarily to government held territory. brookbank camp was estimated to accommodate about 40.


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