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tv   Hong Kongs Summer Of Defiance P1  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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rock alicia no from only our memories there because we've never been. i want to go back on my truck was. acting but that's 3 guys i'm more oh yeah it was a bass player and most wanted like information and produced that's what part of it is our legal right to be on the lead. the action. we knew on the it's what we did so even if your strides take a little longer. i don't know you're one of the priorities that i have touring the league is that she is able to walk at least in one show. you're in charge of the joy that moment last season there was a lot of interest unfortunately they couldn't figure out
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a way to meet that clothing. let it get to that that maybe only a change i mean it was good but you just buy and you will hopefully get options or since this is winter fall clothing and you know a little bit easier probably to work with the clothes. i think that. i was you know your i love that environment i love. everything about a. bunch of us to have the chance to get it. not going to come down. i might
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have been the 1st to be high fashion model i don't know if it's just a trend in that state. there's a 1000000 other girls so you kind of have to take the initiative and point here. i mean the women under now i think this year. he's been there. i know not only do. i think we have time to reflect you miles. thank. you. and so are you walking like it shows very like to be. like yeah. i really want to mess that was like. a dream in l.a. or dinner i would. have. got way back there like even back they.
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are excited. oh ok the future of the running. so. they narrow that down to miles ok for. some very shrewd because the more. we still don't have a show booked and confirmed but we're still here. like one rejection is worse than love there are. just some times when it's stuff that i can't control my height i can grow 6 inches i know that you know.
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there is no one to look at you know somebody i can reference. i would love to see most of my doing more catwalk grand forces. in the industry like ok here i fashion model that's why you wake up and do everything some get to the point of being. there.
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you know and i think. that. they. need i think. i'll. have an. outback levi that.
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was a. night out. here . so i. went up and i'm. not. angry she was actually i'm backstage here in l.a. i mean this is one of those shows during new york fashion week that is quite literally out of this world. when you watch where they are and if the skull was 3 to one that's.
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that was by far like the longest runway i've ever done in my life. and one side of my brand like ok powerful want to lose back but then also it's very important to know exactly where to want to lead one wrong turn we might run into that robot. but it's also about ok i have this incredible opportunity to represent my movie so
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like show people this is a new face i feel like i would be doing a huge disservice to myself and to all the little girls are looking up to me if i didn't make this the most that i can. good morning. welcome everyone my name is denise wallace heitkamp and i'm your state director i promise not to teach you any choreography as. c i got it going on but i won't be. oh the honesty i appreciate. the little bit of fear they left here. but you did. on the other hand. to be. least one still. on the.
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stronger and better version of your own than. you would. be. going to was. i don't. know. what's going to. be free and you're going to find a lot of old age girls to see or. a lot of people never thought to do a pageant and with the job but obviously like you know now they see it nothing's stopping them and it's great. because i was. i think i just met all your. * are you excited.
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marcy it's as far as i know i thought you know i own it everyone or something i mean you know things and that's what it's like quite insane to think that exactly one year ago that the pageant. i know. that right last year it was really difficult for. my mom to understand it and it was a big no from my community. and then they saw that i didn't change last minute on that see their off my phone jack. so now i see parents like supporting their daughters to go into pageants. but my mom she doesn't agree with. the way i'm never going to say i don't understand where she's coming from because i get it. i've always told my mom like you want me to stop i'll stop.
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but she's allowed to make this choice for myself. i just can't believe like how much my mom has changed how accepting she's become. she's actually like very supportive she's so happy for the other girls. i know it's not easy for her but the fact that she's sitting here with me like it just goes to show like how much she really cares we would like to have especially on li prison this next word she stood on this very stage is a contestant last here she is an example of how the pageant provides a lot usually strike power. to thank. her family. to fund.
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a modeling on the other walk. for her to. walk a subway. in money. i mean come on i can get money so well done.
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i know when i do go back that because of. that. i. started and i was like i was born here. i'll be here like you say it's so exciting to me and to be welcomed and see. its own shot. if i was back in the refugee camp. i know i would have appreciated someone coming back and just telling. ok i was
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a kid here but now i'm doing this. it hasn't been an easy have their star a lot of unknowns and i think that's what that's what all uniform. police suspect the lone gunmen is behind 15 unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out in a cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused nexus to serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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the carcinogen. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as if i were that's what this job. with the plummeting bath rate and families moving to the cities south korea's rule
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schools are shutting down one on one east meets the grandmas who is saving these schools finally getting an education on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. entering. the british parliament paul says the 1st stage of a bill that would ban a no deal exit from the e.u. . from doha when i'm kemal santa maria this is the world news from al jazeera. we all hope to find a way out of the current impasse and i'm settling times. withdrawals the
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contentious extradition bill but protest leaders say it's all been lights the u.s. says no show a french proposal for a $15000000000.00 oil by a lot for iran a deal that could keep committed to the nuclear deal. and attacks in south africa against a largely foreign owned businesses spock anger in neighboring countries. so we're beginning with the parliamentary showdown over brags that sand and pays have advanced the bill that would block a no deal exit from the e.u. the 2nd reading a passed by $29.00 votes there will be a final vote in the house of commons later on wednesday and if it all. prime minister johnson has threatened to push for a snap election we'll start with this report from the. this government will take this country out of the european union is johnson facing
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a rowdy question time just hours after losing his 1st of a commons vote as prime minister and with control of the parliamentary timetable what this what this country me what this country needs is sensible moderate progressive conservative government to take this country out of the e.u. on october the fatty price and that is what we are going to deliver. the ice to the right $328.00 the default legal position is the u.k. will leave the european union at the end of next month thanks to a rebellion by $21.00 conservatives there's now a debate on a bill forcing the prime minister to seek a delay until the end of january to avoid any possibility of a break 6. if it passes johnson said to push for a general election that could happen as soon as. but it would need 2 thirds of the house of commons to trigger it the government's now lost its working majority and the opposition says it won't back an election until a no deal exit from the e.u.
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is definitively off the table if the prime minister does to the country what he's done to his party in the past 24 hours i think a lot of people have a great deal to fear from his incompetence his vacillation and his refusal to publish known facts that are known to him about the effects of a no deal breaks in the move by the lions came after the government asked the queen to suspend parliament for a month it could shut down at the start of next week a court challenge in scotland the closure was illegal has been defeated. meanwhile the conservative rebels who backed the bricks it delayed bill have now been expelled from the party like one the former chancellor of the exchequer ken clarke says he and his colleagues no longer recognise their party the aggression with which he's treated the policy break to go in for a hard break sit hard leave on the 31st of october if necessary. the chip brutality with which he treated many of these members of his own party many of whom have never rebelled before and there their lives has only really served to embolden them
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. to go c.h.r. is currently back in brussels as boris johnson's own advisor denies reports he called the talks with the e.u. a sham whatever the case there's little chance of any breaks it outcome bringing a swift end to the uncertainty and the political drama the al-jazeera the line is now with jonah hill who's outside the houses of parliament in westminster have been things progressed from here today john. well that piece of legislation passed the 1st stage as i think you mentioned a little earlier on the majority if anything has grown the rebellion within the conservative party up by one further m.p. who voted for the piece of legislation in its 1st stage it's now in a stage where opponents of the bill get to table all sorts of amendments to it they'll be debated they'll be votes on those during the course of the evening and finally by the end of the evening it's expected to head its head its way towards
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the house of lords where it will have some difficulty and potentially over a period of days as conservative party peers seek to delay its process generally though the thinking is it will make its way through let me bring in my guest now ed davies the deputy leader of the liberal democrat party thank you very much for joining us your party of course very much behind this bill do you get the sense now a that it will go through be that you will have succeeded with this piece of legislation in seeing off the threat of no deal for now at least you. there is a sense that this law to stop or no deal breaks a crash out from the european union does have sufficient support that we maintain to the commons of course asco through the lords and the lords have ways of saying things but i don't think they want to delay and undermine the elected house if it's passed as they say i think it will get on the books i don't think that's the end of the story there's various powers that prime minister has and the have to say boris
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johnson is not trusted in parliament and we want to make sure that he doesn't use whatever time he's got left before a general election to try and trick and use those powers to get a new deal so this is a very important part we want to make sure we talk to the to brussels and we make sure that some company tricks. on the conservatives have labeled it a surrender build saying that this piece of legislation hands control of the brakes of process the timing of the brakes that process over to the you don't see it that way do you see not at all that's complete nonsense boris johnson sort of talks nonsense the whole time i mean he's the least impressive prime minister i've ever seen in the dispatch box and he really mumbles rumble's doesn't get his point across phrase misleading people on this point the reality is parliament is controlling the bracks it debate and power is saying we don't want to know do
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a back seat because we damaging to our constituents to their jobs it's of the health services they rely on that's why pollan is in control here and he doesn't like it dave your party effectively robbed boris johnson through the day on tuesday all of his very slim majority philip lead making his way from the conservative benches to the liberal democrat benches you must be champing at the bit for an election now well to be honest we want a general election for own parties and purposes we had better results in the main local x. since we beat the tories and labor in the u.k. wide lection in. the european elections the 1st time we've done that in over 100 years we won the election in britain or ran a taking a tory seat we've had 2 to tory m.p.'s defectors one labor m.p. some people of accusers wanting the parliament to go to bit longer so all the other parties defer to. that's not the case the reason we want to delay the elections just a little bit just a few weeks so we don't trust boris johnson we want to make sure no deal can't
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happen so in the motion expected perhaps later tonight on boris johnson's desire to dissolve parliament call a snap election now you'll be voting against absolutely this is not the time yet for a general election a general action maybe very quite soon but we want to make sure the crash out cannot happen we want to protect our country we're going to put the national interest ahead of our party's interest ok it does we will leave it many thanks for your time and come out as this legislation continues its ways without commons back to you ok thank you for that jonah hill in london 2 developing story with the united states has announced new sanctions on an iranian oil shipping network iran's already hit back state t.v. announced the government plans to further scale back its commitments to 2050 nuclear deal but earlier iran said it was willing to recommit to the deal but only if it got $15000000000.00 for oil sales in return the plan was proposed by france as a try to salvage the agreement so let's talk to russell and jordan in washington d.c.
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maybe you can give us some more details. on these new sanctions. well come all this is yet another day another round of sanctions from the u.s. government against iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps i r g c as well as against its coots force this is because the u.s. believes that the i.r.g.c. and the quds force are contravening or violating international sanctions on its efforts to sell iranian oil to our countries around the world including to the government of bashar al assad the president of syria what these sanctions are doing is not only targeting the vessels that are carrying iranian oil but the u.s. government has also now put out a $15000000.00 reward through a state department program looking for information from people who may come in
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contact with members of the i.r.g.c. or the quds force who are trying to move iranian oil through various ports in order to reach out customers at the other end the u.s. says this is an effort to continue what it calls its maximum pressure campaign on iran to give up its nuclear ambitions and to engage in face to face negotiations with the u.s. on a deal that would replace the 2015 iranian nuclear deal rania's for their part of already said that this is not a way to get them back to the bargaining table but we did hear from the u.s. president donald trump a short while ago who said that he was waiting to see whether these new sanctions being brought forward by his government are actually going to do what the u.s. wants which is change iranian behavior strikes me rolls on and you sort of alluded
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to this when you said another another day another round of sanctions the u.s. manages to keep finding things to put sanctions on in the u.s. as you called it maximum pressure. well what the troubling ministration has decided to do is that it's not just going after individuals it's not just going after businesses or even targeting vessels that would be involved in illegal behavior either by u.s. sanctions or by international sanctions but it's also going after government agencies and the u.s. has been very clear to point that out on wednesday that when the u.s. decided a couple of months ago to put the i.r.g.c. and quds force on its foreign terrorist organization list that this was the 1st time that it was going actual after actual government entities not just individuals or organizations that don't have
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a government tie so when you now talk about the imposition of a $15000000.00 reward again it's being aimed at trying to bring in those persons affiliated with the iranian government not just groups such as ohio or eisel which don't have any government ties it really is a way of trying to punish an actual government for what the u.s. considers illegal behavior and behavior that threatens its national security. and jordan with the update from washington thank you hong kong's chief executive terry lamb has agreed to one of the main demands of the long running protest movement she has announced of a drawl of an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial the protest leaders aren't willing to call off the demonstrations when he reports from hong kong. it's what millions of people have been demanding for months the complete withdrawal of a.


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