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tv   Halima  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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the city of jerusalem and the holy city of hebron so. i would be very careful these days not you grab the attention of the muslims and give a reason for the extremists from both sides to celebrate to speak on the this tension in everyone. google has agreed to pay a record $117000000.00 fine for violating children's privacy regulations say you tube which is owned by google illegally collected personal information about users under the age of 13 without parental consent the tech giant then use that data to target advertising a settlement of the largest ever children's privacy case in the u.s. in addition to the fine google sanz it'll make changes to privacy rules on youtube . new laws that allow guns to be temporarily seized from dangerous owners are spreading across the u.s. the so-called red flagging awards are now in place in 17 states and maryland is one
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of them alan fischer reports from there. after yet another mass shooting in texas this weekend which killed 7 president donald trump suggested legislative change on a national level seems unlikely for the most part wrong if you make it back. they would stop any national inaction has moved individual states to push forward with their own wards maryland is one of 17 states along with the district of columbia that have passed so-called red flag laws and they've been considered such a success that 5 more states are considering putting similar legislation on the books catherine dimmy was one of the delegates to miral and who drew up the legislation that allows guns to be temporarily removed from someone who could be a danger to themselves or others if you can't say you're qualified to have a gun i have to you know it's fine to have one but for those you know that
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shouldn't or are going to experiencing a crisis that may result in a tragedy i think we need the opportunity to be able to make a correction but in the us there's always strong opposition to anything that looks as if it may violate the 2nd amendment of the constitution regularly summarized as the right to bear arms one gun rights advocate says red flag laws don't make people safer you have a person who the judicial officer finds to be an immediate danger to himself or others and you seizes constitutionally protected property and you just leave him there you think he's less dangerous now. you leave in there with a whole house full night a vehicle but any other weapon you can imagine nationally the house of representatives has already passed new gun legislation there's no sign the senate is about to follow suit. who is campaigning for change see public opinion is swinging behind them we have another election coming up in about a year and if this congress refuses to change the laws the american people are
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going to change the lawmakers the white house is planning to push new legislation but likely not background checks or red flag laws it wants to speed up the death penalty for mass shooters critics say that's not much of an attempt for people who really expect to survive if they launch their own deadly rampage alan fischer al jazeera maryland. toole president. and thousands of people lined the streets of his motorcade into the city. just weeks.
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welcome back now a ban on single use plastic bags is changing the way people shop in pakistan the threat of fines of seeing people switch to reusable to cut down on the 50000000000 bags that go into landfills each year come alive as more from islamabad. i am an islam of watching mongrel birds darwiche actually. cared for the. shopping for which they were then daily if ensure that their quiet people are now carrying to be used by the bag and this of course is
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a major step already we can see a change of attitude after the government employs the heavy fines on the use of such bag and also enforce strict friend again for the manufacture of august on has joined a growing list of countries which enforce the ban on finger you plastic bag according to the country's minister on climate change and the environment a population of 2000000 people in islamabad where using an average of 3 to 4 plastic bags that day but now the government wants the people to change their habits they want to be more you for the bag in order to mitigate the effect on the environment here but i think it's a good decision and should have been enforced a long time ago as they say it's better late than never is still not today i'm people must accept it wholeheartedly and all good decisions. and there should be
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complete compliance then give you a plus think it does been on plastic was planned by previous corman but this one is no enforcing it's strictly and this is really useful for enlightenment although the government of emraan hashmi outdraw made a clean and green project on august on real after do much more in order to mitigate the effect of non-recyclable plastic way which is wreaking havoc across the country well house on surprise is from the center of the climate research in islamabad he says the poor will suffer if the government does not provide an alternative to plastic bags. penalizing people is definitely an effective strategy but it definitely needs to be there also needs to be incorporation of awareness campaigns and letting people know why plastics are a problem so this government has begun to do that it has it has been slow on the uptake in that way but it's getting there slowly but surely with
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the bad it certainly does impact the poor in the sense that if plastic bags are no longer available and the alternatives are not yet provided then yes the poor will suffer one strategy that is employed in other in other countries as you know you pay for the plastic while poor people for them this is like a progressive tax where they get where they're lower income and this additional cost really does become a burden. thanks very much belinda bench h. has had a career high at the us open the swiss player is into the semi finals that the grand slam event for the 1st time bench it had beaten defending champion last time out in new york in this quarter final should be croatia donna beckett and st sats. i think some players are maybe a little bit afraid from the big courts for me to even more motivation i dreamed of
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this like a little kid so now that i'm here i'm really enjoying it and especially playing in the stadium like this in front of a crowd like this so thank you very much for everyone coming out and supporting us steve smith has had an 8 straight ashes 50 on his return to action following a concussion injury smith was forced to miss the 3rd test of being struck on the head by delivery from england fast bowler john for our shirt in the previous match their rivalry was renewed at manchester's old trafford stadium so far smith has had the upper hand finishing the day on 60 not out. around half of the opening day's play was lost to rain australia lost 2 early wickets but recovered to reach $170.00 for 3 at close a 5 match series as level $11.00 after england's unlikely win in the last match you know we've talked about that not being an issue for us at all we're just focused on the process of winning a test match not necessarily you know the overall it's just you know taking it
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aboard the toyman a day at a time and try to make sure we're doing things right and i think that's what we've been doing and former baucus and captain misbah all hock has been appointed as his country's new national coach missed but will also be chief selector he replaces mickey arthur whose contract was not renewed after the team failed to progress beyond the 2019 world cup group stages. colombian striker rather has been given quite a while come by the fans of his new club. thousands of gala tasso rise supporters packed the team stadium in istanbul to get an early look at the 33 year old former head logical madrid and monaco player has signed a 3 year deal with the turkish champions. and the man widely considered to be the greatest alpine skier of all time has confirmed his retirement from the sport austria's marcel her sure is stepping away from the slopes at the age of 30 or sure has dominated slalom and giant slalom events for the best part of
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a decade but he had to wait until pyung chang last year to collect his 1st olympic gold medals her share has won the overall world cup title of record 8 times only 2 other skiers have topped his total of $67.00 world cup race victories are sure also has 7 world championship gold medals and 2 and big titles delete since one of the last 2 weeks for of course of its billions but i felt that were many reasons in fact it was a sum of many factors that made me make this decision imagine i'm not just switching jobs i'm changing my entire life and ending a career overnight if you ask me what the future will bring how i'm going to do well it's very exciting. american sprinter justin gatlin has suffered an injury setback ahead of the world athletics championships the defending 100 meter title holder to injured his left by a race in zagreb on choose day the 37 year old has just over 3 weeks to recover ahead of the championships and. former heavyweight boxing champion anthony josh was
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says he had no doubts about agreeing to an immediate title rematch with mexican and . joshua on release are in saudi arabia where new hostilities in december joshua lost his unbeaten record in a surprise loss to release in june a former olympic champion was knocked down 4 times before being stopped in the 7th round. i feel once you walk a tightrope once you cross the bridge and you walk again and you stumble you have 2 options to feel when you don't again it's above your ideas and try 2nd time and i'm going for the titles again there's always the option to take time let me have a warm up fight next maybe have another woman fight after that. i want to simulate deep and. come heavyweight champ in the world i have to be confident and i have to take it serious so we're ready for this 5 and i know he's in a train really hard to try to take his bounce back and i'm going to do the same
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thing to retain the balance so you know december 7th it has been to be one hell of a show and there was a lucky escape for american skier jenny simmons during a competition in new zealand. symonds lost a ski at the top of her run her helmet also came off during the fall but the 20 year old escaped serious injury simmons said afterwards the incident had actually increased her confidence as she now knows she can handle even the toughest crash. later that's true thank you very much indeed now india's space program has been praised for its technological advancements not least its recent mission to the moon well now one ought is to staged a fake moon landing to highlight a problem in the city and it appears to have worked by. me posted a video online of on the astronauts slowly stepping across what appears to be craters on the lunar surface in reality though it was the artist's friend in
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costume walking through a large potholes in the southern indian city of bengal a route he hoped the video would prompt authorities to fix the road and it has almost 50 of the potholes filled that's it for me for the news i'll be back at the top that morning.
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goop. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships
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when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just. for the prime minister but double blow for boris johnson parliament thoughts his bid for a stop election after backing a bill designed to block a no deal breaks it. be also the election to die is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the wiki he does not think he will we.
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follow him down jordan this isn't a 0 live from doha also coming up the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas rises tens of thousands are also in need of urgent day. for us as impose new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week. under on the streets of one of the ironies of the government's economic policies. britain's prime minister abbas johnston's plans to leave the u.k. out of the european union and crisis his proposal to hold a snap election before the break that deadline of october 31 has been voted down and m.p.'s have also passed a bill blocking the possibility of a no deal exit from the e.u. not something johnson said he was willing to consider if no new withdrawal deal was agreed under simmons has more another. the defeat for boris johnson already on the back foot with a rebellion in his party and the opposition taking over the parliamentary timetable
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ions to the right $327.00 knows the act 299. within minutes boris johnson was on his feet with his plan for a snap elections i don't want an election the public don't want an election the country doesn't want to lection but this house has left no other option than getting the public decide who they want as prime minister and i commend this motion to the hide under the opposition bill that now has to be passed by parliament upper house johnson is forced to seek an extension of the brics a deadline that will move it to january scuppering his do or die plan for a no deal brix it if necessary on october 31st but labor the main opposition party isn't ready to give support to johnson's call for an election which needs
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a 2 thirds majority that the author of the election to die is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no dale. service history i repeat i repeat what i said last night last night let this bill pass and gain royal assent then we will back at election so we do not crash out with a no deal exit from the european union. and surprisingly rude labor abstaining johnson's attempt to get an immediate election didn't pass. i have in the house well we aware. that the nation has no rights of. the majority or quad on the fixed parliaments fact this is about defending our democracy ahead of the latest political drama
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demonstrators in parliament square denounce boris johnson's actions accusing him of engineering a no deal grex it by claiming they're all still chances of a deal when there's no progress whatsoever boris johnson may have only been in power for 6 weeks but he doesn't have control right now nevertheless you've only got to listen to the demonstrators to realise the central issue is about trust and the opposition want to be absolutely sure there's a cop up on some guarantee he can't play any tricks if there is an election the 2nd largest opposition party is also against an immediate election people don't trust him when he says he really wants a deal we all suspect that he wants a new deal and we also want to make sure that he's not able to use his proxy of powers as the prime minister to create some tricks and allow the country to crush out another day of unprecedented moves within parliament and with it still
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uncertainty about what the people of the united kingdom might expect from its political leadership and who symonds al-jazeera westminster. hall has more now from london. it was a day that began with the trembling voice of nicholas soames winston churchill's grandson in the house of commons talking about the end of his 37 year career as a conservative party m.p. sacked this morning by boris johnson for opposing the government in tuesday night's vote and it was a day that ended with trembling voices on both sides of the house m.p.'s trembling with anger and frustration at their breaks it impasse it is clear that for many a general election can't come soon enough well it didn't come tonight that was no surprise the opposition labor party had always said it wasn't going to vote for boris johnson's motion until or unless that ante no deal breaks it was locked down
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well if as is expected the legislation does make its way through the house of lords by the end of this week and on to the statute folks expect another motion to try and trigger a general election early next week and that one in all likelihood will succeed meanwhile the european union's brags that negotiate or refuse to comment on whether any progress has been made on briggs it talks michel barnier even bassam is in brussels to discuss the u.k.'s pending departure from the block. after my meeting with the member states now the following did not work and i just want to tell you of the day who we remade unique circumstances did you know you know i could uncover . italy has a new government prime minister giuseppe contant has presented the list of his new cabinet to the president will swear them in on thursday the new coalition is an unlikely alliance between contests and 5 star movement and their former rivals the
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leftist democratic party it ends a month long crisis triggered after the hard right leader. pulled out of the earlier coalition government. the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has jumped 20 the storm slammed into the island as a category 5 but has now weakened united nations is warning that 70000 people are in need of aid and half of all homes in the 2 worst affected islands are damaged or destroyed the speed of the winds of the abaco islands when dorian made landfall with the highest on record. v.i.i. in the midst of one of the greatest national crisis in our country's history. the government will bring to bear every resource of state possible. to have good people. and grand bahama or any other. island nation that's necessary no effort or results is will be held back.
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life to me is by far more important than money. and they grabbed me and saving my life would interfere with my budget i prefer to save. all of my family lives in my shovel and everybody lost everything that none of them have a home to live in or anything like that terrible in the looting it started even the going into the making. of the money going out there and i never even put people out of their sight on me over there right now money rapping i was in ground abaco island that's one of the i was devastated by hurricane dora. just to give you an idea of where we are we just arrived in tracy i treasure to see this is on the island of abaco one of the and more no there goes the island of the bahamas you can see that this is pretty much ground 0 of where hurricane to worry and most affected this island nation it took 36 hours for that hurricane again
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a category 5 to make it across the the northern most islands of the bahamas winds upwards of 350 kilometers per hour what you see behind me this is actually what's left of the airport terminal again we just arrived when you're flying in you can really get a sense of the devastation there's a conifer forests all around us is acres and acres of trees literally split in half it sounds cliche to say this but it but it looks as though a bomb went off here if you were to drive and that's a wrecks and now that the waters have subsided you arrive at marsh harbor there are thousands of people who live there the latest estimates that we heard were somewhere around $13000.00 homes that were practically leveled by by this hurricane there's no electricity there's no cell phone service or dozens of people here effectively. of effectively homeless waiting for evacuation waiting for supplies that again is another concern the potential shortage of food shortage of water and shortage of medicine the united nations on tuesday evening had already said that
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this is a crisis that can only be made we're. if there isn't immediate action by the international community and also wrecking parts of the bahamas hurricane dorian is heading to the u.s. east coast of florida could be spent a direct hit the slow moving storm could make landfall in the carolinas georgia later this week and still packing winds of up to 165 kilometers an. hour east coast certainly is within the cone still and people need to remain vigilant if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties they have issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls you know get out now while you have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the road the u.s. impose new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week iran immediately hit back by announcing its plans to further scale back
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commitments of the 10 to 15 nuclear deal there was also in jordan has more now from washington d.c. another day another round of u.s. sanctions against iranian officials hezbollah and businesses in india singapore and the u.a.e. but wednesday sanctions included a twist the u.s. is offering a $15000000.00 reward from a fund meant to find alleged terrorists to get information about the people running what officials call an illegal scheme to sell oil on the world market these people they say are members of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps coots force or i.r.g.c. this network has moved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of illicit oil that money is then used to fund terrorism. in recent months the shipping network used more than a dozen tankers to export nearly 10000000 barrels of crude oil largely to syria to
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support assad even before wednesday's announcement had been emailing the captains of a dozen iranian tankers offering them millions in cash if they would sail to ports where the u.s. could then seize the vessels one of the captains targeted is at the helm of the iran owned adrian daria one which u.k. sailors recently seized near gibraltar who are trying to move well illegally to syria the tanker has now gone dark somewhere off the syrian coast perhaps in a bid to transfer its cargo to another vessel in the mediterranean iran's reaction to the new sanctions in a tweet foreign minister jobs a reef said having failed at piracy the us resorts to outright blackmail deliver us iran's oil and receive several $1000000.00 or be sanctioned yourself serif comment comes as his government.


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