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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 247  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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physiology we needed to start a program to deal with our patients needs to remove some of these old wires that need to be removed either from infection or wires don't function any more you need a new wire and so that's why we look to hire dr jerry and he came here and for 3 years he spent starting up the program and dealing with really a backlog of a lot of very complicated cases really i think partly because of some really excellent training at n.y.u. but also with his own ingenuity he was able to quickly become expert at removing some of these very very difficult wires actually knew where is that lit a slack one of them are minimal. amount that if the laser on put a tag that it had its lack of it could risk that by highly you who am a shifty of math. and you can have a few howso in or. up niamey and know that i've met them
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a good fit in what you looked already how the child is love. and the professor that romney. i think as an instructor's professor one of the greatest achievements we can have as teachers is to have a student that becomes better than us to give that student the tools to learn and to build upon what we have taught and mohamad has been one of those great students he has taken the skills that i have taught him that you learn from his other mentors at york university and he has gone out and practice and he has begun to do these procedures and he's done very well 6 years so as a professor who has had the opportunity to teach somebody like him to see him develop into an incredible young physician and take these skills and treat patients and save lives it's the greatest joy i can have as a professor. on
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the southern shore of snake in $81.00 of the america has great leaks minds cleveland being so far north close to the canadian border it is also one of the call the cities in the united states cleveland has a reputation as a center for medical research at tracting specialise from across the world including jordanian cardiologist dr mohammed has seen a lot of on a fund of a new stumble in know an shuttle out the clear up that of any emina best so artemov year at the buncha can learn award if theater uk to shirley and of horsey how it live here canot what art if get our bill flows are they year they're really meant time eyes aren't this western was charlotte than you live here is the i.d.f. one a was does that moves or would phil just sim will cough a hit ill at there are bought a car by a if of cut
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a lift year amalie afghan attire a scare mina why dimon homely who it a very gerald pearson or can call it will call bring to kind of ash for be mia and already cans you has elia candidate be alexa can store and you has the vowel kind of the los how whole south the contortion mandala of un suck i am more living a letter hellat journals pearson injury a limit a key year little khaled sol of that that boiler all condemn a taffy collective our dab it and jimmy limb in a key year or am that the clip clip on how our or i'm i'm i'm man body the own pub on how to kalat or or to fema rob known die way there when they grow in dr who jeery you know he says ok will for my birthday you know this sergers today's my birthday if for my birthday i want to save your life and i say it thank god i believe me you let's go fort the surgery of success for a doc to year he is in my eyes the great is physician the ever live and not because
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he's just a great surgeon it's because how he cares about his patients as it were. you know me and the best of the debt. deal with the had to do in math dana. bash. at the head of tackle so if an. amazing. people i will manage is to learn and i know with afeni but the admin lemony a corner and they have one image there on. your tiny left feet had no. caught. up with the key life on will android bill virtual reality will augment of reality if there are the. insured. if you wish to minority.
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and instead of those other numbers you know how in the mob i could keep them can be proper what it was a g.d. . i'm a low fi without them what the hey there were and i'm a lefty majority can rosa. and i we run feel i'll i'm human construct my bob when she will to me is allowed back at the front or hard that the. shotgun feel the bana. get out of mental reality many years old but to do funny most of the on them but law 3 dimensional figure.
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was fine if you could listen up on the air by then take a model. for the human side and show you on who are the may 2nd ordination of a nun and how it managed in a nice to talk with a friend i thought i am a. bit more time in the act as if he already. measureless when i was the same thought upon. which c.f. us autobahn best course of all let me draw it out the laws that the street. a lot of i have been to use in the water. but that's about a book that i'm a swami and best teacher award the mcluhan to be boston or tony a how to lobby you mclean you tell me of going to be a cora worked out on me and you have dilemma.
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you know motor i'll be here and sure let me know how it was sad it all to feel if. i'm not falling. in full of the. come on boys at the hague like sandra chandler catherine ashcroft little male about it's very down home demand if you want them in a sneer in action and stella. could that be a young american a smack here and up fall and want to do better than the german goofy from the uma. and say no from starch oriana i'm interest and i have been nothing but come on last in a fundraiser on the father one hour and next to michael on the island had a fundraiser at that one and i said that i said it didn't want any much code or jani my head what did i learn any data for or the have more i am subject to out of the don't you side and. this would again come out.
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even though he has lived in the united states for many and his spirit is still very much untoward and whenever he can talk to has he takes a break from his many commitments in medical science to spend time with his family and a man there was and being i am really your lot at the point of the memoir how you make it on the camorra you know your mental take on involved be what tomorrow you want to die or falls on in your and you're being. hostile happen i lee a muslim ha was with a few black men on how will i know about that in the as i was joshua for the hellish will of the fill or done as frequently as possible.
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that. a national treasure not lead to an end in the name. who are a new profile for shouting from the us it. was just what museums are still rather. there. in the video. doesn't look like a what would it have been organise. that have been in the list for whom can rule some. i mean couldn't home it. without the help in home how south shiningly maybe i figure i'll go again home with. me where. until. i'm the thermistor.
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me on the whole where can the area. a little. me and. to. add be had and i'm a lot further left and only the year wow to 50 years of door at the latter part elin why cannot the saudi have built up our little fear. suddenly it. all was quick. to. the his man ability of the. man who was real and damon and about to sell the diamond i could have to sell it and demand a title swallowed if i got a lot of the bill and if the. muslims are all in the how to belittle could i'll be
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away and i will be doing could all of the. on one hand many another the world. and if it cleveland and the. and the other the caught you. and although i had them on my. butt and the night early on bad i like the meat but even the most amount out of the can be a few jelly out of the meter. for the limit was a. live . doctor has your hand doctor and with that is the iraqi author p. dick surgeon working in australia have much in common both traveled far from the
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middle east to build a new life helping other. cheek well you know. to tell me more i'm telling. what we're going to do we're just now small incision you down the field. and then from there we're going. both in their own ways have been very successful but just as relevant is the fact that they remain deeply rooted to their add up heritage their backgrounds have shaped both surgeons as they improve plaisance lives with great skill and compassion their work continues today.
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0 world meets 2 out of immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera.
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hello again welcome back we are watching hurricane dorian make its way to the north and then it's going to be making its way to the northeast but very very close to that coastline of the united states you can see the eye of the storm right here it is going to be weakening slowly over the next few days but still cause a lot of problems here across parts of the coast of georgia south carolina as well as north carolina now by the time we get to friday we could be seeing a landfall again with this storm somewhere probably in the northern coast of south carolina or even north carolina so we're going to be watching that very carefully strong storm surge as well as in the flooding is expected across much of this area well over here towards western mexico you can always the rain right now but we did have a weak tropical storm quickly make its way onshore it was very fast live but it brought some heavy rain across much of that area the rain will remain across the he area here on thursday getting much better and also dry here as we go towards friday but down towards the south it is going to be more rain across parts of of guatemala
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down towards nicaragua as well as into panama with the temps there of about 30 degrees for rio de janeiro it is going to be a cold front pushing through you over the next few days that is going to bring your temperature down we do expect to see some showers in your forecast but by the time we get to friday things look much better with a temperature of about 22. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera follows human rights campaigners in libya investigating right since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on al-jazeera.
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the responding 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell have rather not like you know by this letter stand. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees i'll just 0 fluent in world news. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out as they are news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the british prime minister suffers another blow in parliament as m.p.'s votes to block the u.k. from leaving the new without a deal. nor make us reject his johnson's motion calling for an early election next
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month. and the trade talks are back on the u.s. and china agreed to get back to the negotiating table to resolve their trade. boycott reprisal attacks and stepped up security at the fallout from violence on foreign owned businesses and some. africa is being felt across the continent. britain's prime minister barak's johnston's plans to lead the u.k. out of the european union are in crisis his proposal to hold a snap election before the brags that deadline of october 31st has been voted down and m.p.'s have also passed a bill blocking the possibility of a no deal exit from the e.u. that's something johnson said he was willing to consider if no new withdrawal deal was agreed under simmons as more. another defeat for boris johnson already on the back foot with a rebellion in his party and the opposition taking over the parliamentary timetable
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i used to the right 327 no select 299. within minutes boris johnson was on his feet with his plan for a snap elections i don't want an election the public don't want an election the country doesn't want to lecture me but this house has left no other option then getting the public decide who they want as prime minister and i commend this motion to the high end of the opposition bill that now has to be passed by parliament upper house johnson is forced to seek an extension of the brics it deadline that will you move it to january scuppering his do or die plan for a no deal brix it if necessary on october 31st but labor the main opposition party isn't ready to give support to johnson's call for an election which needs a 2 thirds majority that the also the election to die is
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a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no deal. so mr speaker i repeat i repeat what i said. last night last night let this bill pass and gain royal assent then we will back at election so we do not crash out with a no deal exit from the european union. and surprisingly rude labor abstaining johnson's attempt to get an immediate election didn't pass by having the house well we are aware. that the nation has no rights of. the majority or quad out of the fixed parliament fact this is about defending our democracy ahead of the latest political drama
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demonstrators in parliament square denounce boris johnson's actions accusing him of engineering a no deal grex it by claiming there are still chances of a deal when there's no progress whatsoever boris johnson may have only been in power for 6 weeks but he doesn't have control right now nevertheless you've only got to listen to the demonstrators to realise the central issue is about trust and the opposition want to be absolutely sure there's a cop up balsam guarantee the card play any tricks if there is an election the 2nd largest opposition party is also against an immediate election people don't trust him when he says he really wants a deal we all suspect that he wants a new deal and we also want to make sure that he's not able to use his proxy of powers as the prime minister to create some tricks and allow the country to crush out another day of unprecedented moves within parliament and with it still
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uncertainty about what the people of the united kingdom might expect from its political leadership and who symonds al-jazeera westminster or john hall has more now on what was an extraordinary night in parliament. it was a day that began with to trembling voice of nicholas soames winston churchill's grandson in the house of commons talking about the end of his 37 year career as a conservative party m.p. sacked this morning by boris johnson for opposing the government in tuesday night's vote and it was a day that ended with trembling voices on both sides of the house m p's trembling with a anger and frustration at their break sid impasse it is clear that for many a general election can't come soon enough will it didn't come to night that was no surprise the opposition labour fired he had always said it wasn't going to vote for boris johnson's motion until or unless that and teed no deal breaks it was locked
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down well if as is expected the legislation does make its way through the house of lords by the end of this week and on to the statue you folks expect another motion to try and trigger a general election early next weekend that one in all likelihood will succeed well jonathan lists is deputy director of british influence that's a pro europe think tank he says bias johnson has been forced into are vulnerable position and has very few options it's extraordinary that number 10 was having to issue denials that he was going to resign this is 6 weeks into his premiership so his credibility has been hugely dented because he's lost the 1st 3 variants of his premiership so of course he has his one promise is to take us out to the e.u. on 31st were tape that he's now been trops he's now been stopped from doing that and he's then trucks in another way because that he's not going to be allowed an election that allowed him to keep that pledge and said really the opposition is
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just simply refusing to give him a rank so get him out of the hole he's dealt himself and that could make him very very weak and vulnerable to a threat from the brics a party when that election finally comes well he has 2 options really very thin very difficult the 1st one is to call a very tough no confidence in himself which is in itself extraordinary but if he does that and loses confidence then parliament has buttin days in which to find a new prime minister he could find confidence so that's a very high risk move jones and the other way is by altering the law as it stands so you hear a new requires a simple majority for election but that would require a majority in the commons and alludes which currently elites and i mean all the european union's brags that negotiator refused to comment on whether any progress has been made on briggs the talks michelle bonnie a met with the u.n. ambassadors in brussels to discuss the new case pending departure from the block
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after my meeting understates no. doubt work and i just can't get you into the who do we need you need a conscientious of would you go you know i can't i'm coming. some breaking news now on the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies within the last it's been announced that china in the u.s. have agreed to meet for talks in october it comes after the latest round of tit for tat tariffs between the 2 countries went into effect on sunday when mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike's reports that the u.s. and chinese trade negotiators would meeting again what's different this time around might given that previous talks have all broken down. well there's a myriad of factors at play here dara not least the resolution of that crisis in hong kong which has led to a rebirth in the chinese stock market but most importantly perhaps it does appear that the leaders of both countries are increasingly beginning to be aware that this
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is a 0 sum claim we have the latest round of trade was introduced this past weekend as you said the u.s. plans more trade tariffs at the beginning of next month and then both countries intended to introduce new tariffs in mid december certainly there has been an economic impact on both countries but within the us as well a major political impact the farmers the rural areas which are the bedrock of president trump support base have been getting increasingly restive as a consequence of these tariffs just to give one example the export of soybeans has dropped by 50 percent from 2017 so there's been a massive impact on the rural sector within the united states which could have a political bearing on the election coming up in 2020 so certainly both leaders perhaps looking for a way out of this ongoing trade wall the conversation in the course of this morning
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was apparently between treasury secretary steve nugent and the chinese vice premier they've agreed it is reported that a lower level group of negotiators will meet this month paving the way setting the agenda for talks such will take place in washington at the beginning of october my cousins say here the politics is very important donald trump wants to be seen to be tough on china particularly in the run up to u.s. elections. well president trump prides himself as the deal maker but it does appear that he may not have predicted probably the outcome of these try to tear up increases certainly there's been a massive impact on the u.s. economy it hasn't shown at this particular point but it has shown signs of frailty many observers saying that it is going to get very very much worse before it gets better but once again you have that political effect advisers to president trump have been cautioning him off the effect that the trade tariffs are having on as i
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said that bedrock base of president trump support the rural farmer and that certainly is something that has been preying on president trump's mind but it occurs on both sides for example it's the 80th anniversary of the chinese communist party at the beginning of next month certainly president xi jinping is looking for some kind of celebrate tree aspected to celebrate that particular occasion so both leaders have a stake in this but most importantly perhaps it does indicate that both leaders realize that this is a 0 sum game that really is getting worse it is not going to get all right at my kind of there in washington d.c. mike thank you for a lot more to come on the news hour including. we all hope to find a way out of the current impasse and unsettling types on company leads to one of the demands of the protest movement but it is unlikely to satisfy the demonstrators . and we'll tell you about a contentious visit by israel's prime minister to the occupied west bank and we'll
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have all the sport we'll hear from a tennis player who's just reached her 1st ever grand slam something that's all still to come. the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has risen to 20 the storms slammed into the island as a category 5 hurricane but has now weakened united nations is warning 70000 people are in need of aid in half of all homes in the 2 worst affected islands were damaged or destroyed the speed of the winds that hit the abaco island when dorian made landfall with the highest on record the prime minister hubert menace says rescue operations are in full swing and as want to get saluting on the island. but the stories on the council building an interesting. and distressed. that anyway.


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