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culch said well. she has managed to collect signatures from the dead man to put her on the list and. because of debts schorsch was unable to participate but we had a bunch of a position candidates right now in moscow trying to ready achieve some votes and social we welcome it's hard to. to discuss this questions with those who are looking to russia right now some of them live in permanently in the west some of them fugitives in some. aggression total a terror in states like ukraine but. frankly speaking you know i don't i don't see the point you know full discussion. there's a huge but a huge number of opposition guys trying to attract the hearts of moscow citizens but all in vain because they're useless they cannot offer any interesting if agenda
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for the people who dislike the. they're not in need and. i think that this is you know actual is staged by a subaltern who are well friends of vitale's legally and we have appreciate you taking part in a discussion that you don't see any point of but maybe romantic perhaps you can help the tali a precinct but at least the people in russia who do. it have hired to vest the stash and get in here 1st of all outright the response on a simple sentence 1st he said that he doesn't understand why is this the biggest undiscussed by the people of on the air on this purpose so i participated all the protests and. mr miller in the thieves in another city so he possibly that's why he doesn't understand who is he speaking about well i don't know busy all personally old people who were arrested and i know all of it they have no. no signature of
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signatures on dead man as he said the government is not saying that the book so but it got some signatures from dead men is only middle of theory so i assume your question so why let it wait is different right now why so many people go into this research right now and it's really you're right this is the biggest protests since 2011 because there were around 60000 people on such a square. so i think it's it's a sign of all the mood of the people it's changing it's not only but mostly we see the same in other regions such as. disk or moscow region or even in. faraway see it is in. north caucasus we see a lot of different regional purposeful bit of a different presence so i think it's just situation is changing something in the air is changing and most delicious is just one of the reasons why people get
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them together so point in counterpoint i hear you saying that something in the air is teaching it sounds like there's a little bit of hope in your voice but i want not to diminish that help but i want to share a comment from someone who thinks the opposite so this is arrant but of cops he's the assistant director russia and eurasia program at the fletcher school tufts university and here's his idea. the recent protests in russia have been touted as some kind of turning point in russian domestic politics by many experts but there's little indication at least not yet that any real changes are coming the protesters while growing in number are still no match for the government the authorities remain unwavering and have responded with mass detentions and propaganda according to the levada analytical center whose approval rating has sunk
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to as low as 64 percent this year and approval for the government has dropped to around 39 percent but the kremlin has faced similar public sentiment back in 20132000 baht there is little reason to believe that 2019 will be a watershed moment for the system so yeah i actually want to bring you back in here on that point because he says these protests might be significant but nothing from italy. yes so 1st just going back to the previous discussion as the n.s.a. and i you know it's been an old sort of go to lying through their regime to say that all the opposite she can do is go out and scream in the streets and of course ironically when they actually participate in the political process when they try to be candidates when they start trying to run for office they're disqualified for ridiculous reasons. it doesn't even mean that they would win a majority b.c.
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if that just means that they had some level of support nobody got 20 some a percent of the vote in the mural action in moscow 2013 so there is some level of electoral support for the opposition in moscow i think in terms of the protests we're conflating 2 might here protest don't mean regime change protests don't mean you need a little kind of radical change but they are important this is again a very low level kind of not very interesting election traditionally has been a not a very interesting election to have between 1560000 people come out early august and and protest and show their support among the people who showed up were a lot of female rappers musicians bloggers artists actresses who were supporting. this movement and the protest and had this dual message. double space that it was both in support of the independent can as there was also
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in support of the people who had been detained and who had been. in the protests before that. and people had an emotional reaction to this detention and kind of violence used against people who came out to demand something that's that's very elementary just to demand to have. the right to candidates all kinds of candidates up here on the ballot. i have to say you may have caught it just a little bit earlier we had a problem of a connection vitali it's unfortunate we're not able to bring him back into this conversation we will keep trying because he's was is very important but i feel that we have lost him but what is really important is to get the perspective from president putin and august he was in france and he was all spying international press about the protests in moscow and this was his response. and. citizens have a right to peaceful demonstrations according to the law and authorities should
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ensure the realisation of these rights but no one not the authorities or any group of citizens has the right to violate existing laws bringing the situation to an absurd level or to clashes with authorities is a violation of the law and those who are guilty of these violations should be held responsible to stick around so that was your president talking about the violence and the violence in the process was he wasn't really talking about the ideas behind them and the push for independent candidates to be able to actually stand are you hearing more from the president about the the bigger reason behind the protests. well 1st of all i would like to absolutely agree with the president putin of that those people who are responsible for the violence should be bring to be brought to justice and now we understand who these people are very well because during the latest protest which happened several days ago we so also like a top dozen
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a 1000 people marching through the city but this time there was no police around for some reason that we don't understand why but this time there were no police and it went absolutely peaceful there were no arrests no klesha so no one broken window so now we understand what makes changes so as soon as police appears in the c.d.'s one of the stop their arrests we see clashes with we see. a lot of fun rest in the city and a lot of problems so police and let's move a portion of those people or responsible for violence. and i think that they should be brought to justice and i assume your question about like bigger reason i think that action of adamant wouldn't understand it's very well he just doesn't want to mention it but bigger reason i think one of the biggest reasons all for these changes is generational change because young people they don't watch t.v. at all not just because of propaganda but just because they don't use it because
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it's i would outdated so that because human from ation differently then it becomes of propaganda and that's why it's very difficult but let me put in a kremlin to impose. their. usual with henri to and to make these people believe that our country is like a democratic country you which is progressing going to quickly and so and so on so because of these generational change and we see more and more people involved in these protests and on the streets you are short of busy over the pictures and you can easily see that most of these people are like. between 17 and 25 very very young people still at 70 percent of. students or busy even. studying in english some. and it's very difficult for the government to stop this. i hear what you're saying there i want to bring this in from yosh on twitter yes of the bean
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who has an interesting thread that he says that we can share on the stream for our audiences yasha writes the story that you won't read in the press is this there's almost no real ideological or political difference between neo liberal clan of all the guards and security gains and the liberal opposition that's now protesting against putin's rules like alexina valley and his people he goes on to say that i talk to all sorts of people from the center of moscow from 17 to 70 year olds and if you have any real faith that the liberal opposition to putin will be any less corrupt or trustworthy than the current government if they come to power so ya know i will give this one to you what do you make of this perspective that people don't actually think that there is any real difference. well i'm not sure that i buy into those anecdotal talking to the people on the street 1st of all the opposition in russia in so much as a it's united it's united in its pursuit of trying to purchase of. objects in
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russia to add plurality to all ticks. to make elections fair and to be able to compete in a lot of sense to less fraud in elections those are their overarching goals then they have different goals they have different political beliefs they have different political up forms i dig all of that kind of get swept away because they're just excluded from the political arena i think obviously internally like you know other places internally the opposition has its differences some people are supportive of sort of a nationalist agenda some people are not supportive of a nationalist agenda but you know various kind of different opinions on economic programs i think that's all natural that that should that should exist in a democratic country. just being looking at this twitter feed and we're looking at what's been happening to protesters who've been jailed or arrested so have
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a care on my laptop i'm just curious as to what is happening to the protesters who have gone to jail so we've got one protest that surprised meetings and then looking at verses from the. russian using english language and there's been a day of verdicts. against opposition demonstrators and as a mixed bag for russia's opposition where do you think this protest might go next the elections are on sunday will they will they just stop once the elections have happened. well we see. something that we already saw some lose a go i would say thought was 12th after we also have this big crisis of demonstration and after that we have a lot of criminal investigations against actually random opposition or so those people who were arrested one of the leaders of the position mostly but just to the random people who were arrested for something that wasn't even
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a lation of the law or like this time also among these 9 people who are still in prison of those busy school just that old a paper cup you know policeman or someone who just. touched. us helmet of police but he didn't he did he just did and that was enough to put him in jail and now he can be in prison for 5 years so this is how the system reacts they want to make it very clear signal to everybody that absolutely random person that so any one of you can be arrested and imprisoned for 56 years 6 years without doing anything wrong without any by elevation of the law but everybody should be afraid so that this is how they want to stop it just allocating some random people in prison so my man nona thank you so much for time for the
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proof time we have to thank you very much as well but i want to leave us with this to mohamed who says russian federation cannot meet the demands of the status suppressed mass uprisings before it got too but i'm hopeful for a constructive dialogue so let's see. i must prime minister paul auctions top post on sunday to follow out his own i don't comment for the latest i thought until next . 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed and what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in
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power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a. culture of downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and they'd take that cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they've become self-sufficient setting up their a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. a modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is poised to develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia
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i knew that as this is going to be a difficult assignment 15 expect that to be corrected and be once a change tomorrow they wanted to be. in my ethiopia on al-jazeera. 0. where ever you. want and actually the public want an election the country doesn't want election and double defeat for the u.k. prime minister respondent rejects his plans for brake set and a call for a general election.
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so you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for that people also ahead iran's president says his country will further scale back commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal will be live in tehran with the latest the taliban claims responsibility for an explosion that killed 10 people in afghanistan's capital will ask what it means for a proposed peace deal and hurricane dorian leaves a trail of destruction across the bahamas where reports from abaco island one of the worst affected areas. british prime minister boris johnson's plans to leave the u.k. out of the european union are in crisis his proposal to hold us not be election before the bracks it deadline of october 31st has been voted down m.p.'s also passed a bill brock in the possibility of a no deal exit from the e.u. that's something johnson said he was willing to consider if no new withdrawal deal
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was agreed understatements reports from london. another defeat. but with his party and the opposition taking over the parliamentary timetable. to the right 327 knows the act 299. within minutes boris johnson was on his feet with his plan for a snap elections i don't want an election the public don't want an election the country doesn't want to lecture me but this house has left no other option than getting the public decide who they want as prime minister and i commend this motion to the hot under the opposition bill that now has to be passed by parliament upper house johnson is forced to seek an extension of the brics a deadline that will move it to january scuppering his do or die plan for
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a no deal brix it if necessary on october 31st but labor the main opposition party isn't ready to give support to johnson's call for an election which needs a 2 thirds majority that the also the election to die is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no deal. i. assume is to speak your i repeat i repeat what i said last night last night let this bill pass and gain royal assent then we will back at election so we do not crash out with a no deal exit from the european union. unsurprisingly ruled labor abstaining johnson's attempt to get an immediate election didn't pass by having the house well we are aware. that the motion has no out of.
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the majority were. out of the fixed parliament fact this is about defending our democracy ahead of the latest political drama demonstrate. in parliament square denounced boris johnson's actions accusing him of engineering a no deal grex it by claiming there are still chances of a deal when there's no progress whatsoever boris johnson may have only been in power for 6 weeks but he doesn't have control right now nevertheless you've only got to listen to the demonstrators to realize the central issue is about trust and the opposition want to be absolutely sure there's a cop up bottom guarantee the card play any tricks if there is an election the 2nd largest opposition party is also against an immediate election people don't trust johnson when he says he really wants a deal we all suspect that he wants
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a new deal and we also want to make sure that he's not able to use his proxy of powers as the prime minister to create some tricks and allow the country to crash out another day of unprecedented moves with involvement and with it still uncertainty about what the people of the united kingdom might expect from its political leadership and drew simmons al-jazeera westminster. as correspondents in london and lawrence leno is another humiliating defeat for boris johnson talk us through the process of what happened next. well yes i mean it's it is worth bearing in mind it's only since tuesday afternoon the bottom and came back says less than 2 full days but it's been absolute disastrous period really for boris johnson lost his whole series of votes lost power to the opposition now inside the parliament. enormous backlash clearly against downing street smooths against the rebel m.p.'s so the conservative party itself is really
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quite riven now with with the sense. that they lost the lords as well last night was decided very very quickly much quicker than people anticipated to push through legislation to allow it to be finalized next monday a short time ago i spoke to one conservative payroll but heyward's who made it very clear to me that he just was not prepared to about the government official partly on the basis of boris johnson's moves to suspend parliament next week but also the way in which the downing street to dealt with those conservatives who were simply not prepared to back no till the end of october that this is how he put it. it's not just in the door it's their ease how bolt is in giantland amongst remained in conservative members of olim and that their colleagues have been kicked i can support such a peremptory way and they've been kicked out by people who themselves were only defying 3 line whip so some 3 months ago. and or in sports johnson took
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a big gamble he spent everything on getting britain out of the e.u. biotope a 31st and he can't really back down now can he win it what do you anticipate his next move to be. well there he guess that's that's exactly right there he said trying to get back on the front foot that the absolute message from downing street this morning is that is that the opposition and in particular jeremy colvin that the labor party leader they're aiming their fire at the opposition are in the process of as they put it surrendering to the european union by forcing the delay to bret's it from the end of october for 3 months why they say would be your opinion wants to renegotiate anything to do with this wretched irish back still when the opposition's in charge and basically doing the european union's work for us and so that ends at lunchtime stay after he's met the american vice president boris johnson is going to go to northern england and give another address to the people where he's going to say exactly that that these the opposition are being
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undemocratic and betraying the will of the people and that message is quite powerful in places like northern ireland which did vote leave because everybody's absolutely sick to death of bricks at base of people actually hearing really you know whether the elections in the middle of october or in the event which i think probably looks now more likely. that the conservative party and the brics it policy will play very heavily against all those remain supporting parties by saying that they are that they are betraying the people the problem for them is that whatever they say about that jeremy corbin in the opposition parties can say well what negotiation are you doing with the european union because all those e.u. countries have said quite plainly nothing has come from the british side at all to suggest that any ideas about how to use square the circle of what of what to do with the customs union the irish backstop or any of those things so it is a complete sort of war between these 2 sides but we are now very much in suppose
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issuing in the run up to a general election thank you for. it's only has a new government a short time ago prime minister just epic onto his new cabinet was stolen in by the president the new coalition is an unlikely alliance between conti's antiestablishment 5 star movement and its former rival of the leftist democratic party they send a month long crisis triggered after hard right leader matteo salvini pulled out of the previous coalition government in other world news iran says it will operate a nuclear program without limits as it launches the 3rd phase of its withdrawal from the 2050 nuclear deal it comes out of the united states in both new sanctions on tehran for the 3rd time in a week the us is also offering a 15000000 dollar reward to anyone who gives washington credible information about the oil shipping network run by iran's revolutionary guard speak to dorsetshire bari our correspondent in tehran
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a door so what has the rainy and president been saying about this 3rd phase of the reduction of iran's commitment to the 2050 nuclear deal while president hassan rouhani spoke late wednesday evening alongside the head of the country's judiciary after him by sea and the speaker of parliament ali larijani he said that this is the most significant step with extraordinary effect seize saying that he steps that they are going to be taking by friday we'll see the advancements of the country's nuclear program let's hear to some of what he had to say. as we didn't reach out desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately starts what he with the technical means of the country in the field of nuclear research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development kinds of new center fuses and everything we need for in richmond so door so what does this mean for the future of the nuclear deal.
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well it really means that iran is very serious that they are not going to remain in this deal by themselves they say that since the united states withdrew from this the last year and imposed a series of pulling sentients on the country's oil and banking sector the europeans signatories that are left in this deal that is france britain and germany have not been able to uphold their end of the deal the iranians say that they will continue to reduce their commitments to try and force the europeans to come to come to some kind of an agreement to try and move forward under this deal to see the economic benefits that they've been promised iran spent 12 years negotiating this agreement and 2 years of very very strong hard diplomatic efforts by the country's foreign minister zarif to reach this agreement or they were supposed to see a series of economic relief packages but none of that happened since united states reached through and they say that this is the reason they've done this in the
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iranian president hassan rouhani stress that all these steps that they've taken so far are all reversible as soon as the europeans come back to this agreement and show that they are very serious and uphold their end of the deal. in tehran thank you. at least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a large explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul the taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was targeting a foreign forces convoy the blast windows and doors in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings have brush and worry has more from kabul. for us in ways ultimately that is here in the town to discuss the draft agreement between the u.s. and the taliban officials with the president and other politicians the president also other politicians raise their concerns about this draft and they want to discuss those those concerns with the u.s. in ways i'm actually i'm also told by the sources at the palace that. when
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president multiples i mean this was it and where he's also we also met with the. president and other politicians.


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