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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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oh who wouldn't have stocks out on a lot but it's like small after football smart when it didn't state i'll. have to ending on a polish and of police and or nonskid have to look where the chant of police an islamist. no scam in the palm of. my tanker when spun tone someplace. in the hills. below in the spawning in the i'm going to suck me off so cold coke lego movie i'm. horrible to measure at the same photo because hearing. an awfully big dome where the there were no new folks in a overheating it's busy and for them but. they are communal. bar my boss
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a home with a heart the heart the honey you assert it in the community who came to see. the last of. his truck and. hope. and you hope that this will sink though just a coincidence just to see him stoop to some will say. take it more. with a laugh a little like manna. something. no . one else on earth.
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should shout mel for measure. how voc other. folks and hung glued to say on cling to part. of the tongue only whole course of time visit and leave all. they have a flare imo want to cook a set. mess and be bit feet be ok him go. both of you go at it at the ends of a certain scale of our own risk of the sectarian. this isn't even the wrong. thing bennett food and sorry food fun to miss them the most money off the hook if some policemen saw the runnels most if the home. saw
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fuck that i mean i'm fairly obviously it's a vent for the bombs going in there must by. some remote come on twitter to bail it out over time to modern pop what's going to come after months of samah. jeffy could have knowledge of economic cure for me to him and all things only for me it would mean a bomb. a 5th of all few done that. so if you want. to go into the. for me when there are psychics on. google it londell than on the hard money it on the. saw the big christmas. or. they go in your butt all the hello so the 1000000000 of hell i'll see leave about target and hands on them
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vending to go in dot com befallen say nonstop via t.v. fella whereto. cents on his i'm a possible. though house and wanting a home there with an article of also alone then mom feels like again an awesome legal of allah. people. have evolved and move on elemental going on. telephone you just stuck their. heads into stuff imitate them and then not fix our living if a scene. of stone that man lost a source told him who. will be it on. i go. through in the new year. has to know this worst person on trial for dummies.
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it was fuckin. thought about mona scott lost a wallet but the character and i'm going to somehow policing calculate calculate gangsters so who the poor and. the future to intervene didn't improve or end the scene after the so mom saw last year police and i think. they only know what i see it creates an assumption made awesome police suspect a lone gunman is behind 15 unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants said. yeah me of i had. a good. mom and mother said the thought. of or kahan bishoff i saw. fast the south are going to hand down.
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i'll 2nd that. cryptogram sure i'm not the. to get this back and they know the memo form quite a bit the mark says to tell you told. your. door to get. stocks for the f. to put his dog m. s or call of the to me a mode they call them off the shelf. if
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m.l. her did i am. some to. them also of my own of oxen. how to. the mistake some will talk. at a how to scoot madam fan on the dome. i don't buy that have surfaced was my vote. good example. killed on some smi corba in theaters for europe the and i wouldn't need to do it under the biggest act of this month take some of the force among the bottom is now i must say i want to believe i don't bhavna in about analysis to discuss it and
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i've addicted to coke as the author i thought i'm on. your book a lot of to the list as a stop a bad news thing because. they will form for. whatever how to handle money some. of those to me getting enough to pay don't know 3 bucks on their i mean bus only i . don't delete up an overnight account will night until may so the fic might tip but. just let the kathy limit up on me for me not going out should listen pal back it also meant i mean firmly but being open in their feels that i want to go to go to go from the front just this is mother i'm doing this as a month. to understand but to make me have only a nasa thing that i thought they would go up to last did know was madame didn't know i had in all the nuts. so the senders of all or nothing.
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another dog a father and a going on being a police and a sailor o'callaghan in tacoma talk to months funny men become salient at the going and pop lots of. you know you will slowly making sure that you know what ready it's going to be shooting to see you shouldn't be too much to inform for the look it will show although with something we've done on shooting elucidating the shield with the aid of still stretching up on the water she gives him a little still going full of store to feel she thought a good hopefully. nothing short of. thing the length of the song are still think that that level.
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and cannot set turned on by our mother nor mentor. on. the level of thanks on the cost of nassau gonna. take a muscle. oh
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key is to bury a young man olmsted's on the unit shoot 103 a program not stay in for. more 2nd quarter for just order to evolve estimate. as a crew to suit smith's cost of sand take them a down turn take gentle. here let's focus on my son but i thought to hand the rest of a 100 to 3 more not a casual subjectivists weekend nothing and i don't take the time to lock on that 1st i won't get. so police and they are low pressure when their sessions on us unfettered dismissive yes some of our sham at the navman in their city who turn off the ominous sasuke well off to have cited the scottish. sunday they spoke on the head.
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to get in many years but i. was. told. it's going to. own their home. lot and they come up. on the 1000 of them that they want to.
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know a lot. so you know. all the love them salon ha. ha ha ha. ha. ha no money. to him so i hung. up and i think it comes and. says come something.
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don't ya. maybe that's not a lot. you mean there are hundreds so. yes. i mean you know how old you don't know that in the same manner as it's been going on honey i mean these are not enough to stop looking. at. cook on how to tell your fate has told me dog and a fan killed him on the team scared to do pet the mines hundreds to listing us mostly our stuff leaves to disfigure so as wade is man he fired shots at people hey considered foreign looking was found guilty of 2 counts of murder on tuesday he demands was arrested after 12 months shooting spray in the southern sweaty city of malmo the judges say the crimes were characterized by extreme ruthlessness and a complete lack of empathy for people.
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he could most. look. like. a man mindful to. all 6 maggots who would listen. oh there's all the. things they're going from to listen to me on the phone don't talk too much monday. well certain things happen to good the diffuse feeling maybe. there really is none of those things i don't. understand don't go down to the sack under saddam hey come. back and look for sacca nominee and a fisa vivi some can be set out on my sack and end up with him to an exam from iran or took some demand and land mine. another load your store
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they. care about they your get. no money they really see it will kick of not be unclean he said that there are certain sorts of ministers who go to ny but the senate would lose the case when the invader parroted court to give it a thought. not from an adult it is can mccain focusing. on the meaning of the war cannot win don't matter. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. destroy new chiro church heroes like new who are bad or
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who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to better players nominate your anti corruption mirror now. in other words to finally we're going to ask about it but that's the balls about what i see when it's not as i thought of that the set says they're not the same wonder whether the double of a cousin to punch is a bitch at the bottom. in part one of this 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. the. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out
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of control with details coverage the protesters don't seem to be fighting and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles carry syrians fleeing from the south of at the border the influx causes the hoots of traffic jam in the only the over you know that city of ethnic. oh i've had some seeker in the headlines are now british prime minister boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock over breaks it are facing more heads winds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister becoming the latest casualty in a political crisis and britain's high court is deciding whether to hear a case backed by former prime minister john major he says johnson suspension of
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parliament is unlawful lawrence lee has more on what the opposition is planning to do next then now sitting in private working out when is the best moment to agree to hold an election and the way it's looking very much now is that they're going on the side of waiting until after the u.k. has got the delay from the european union so not to leave at the end of october and have it in the. not least because that could potentially lead to boris johnson having to resign because he has said that he will never go to the european union rules for an extension and so if he has to do that he has broken his own solemn promise to the people iran's president has done harm he says his country will operate its energy program without limits in his words it is preparing to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium faster. as we
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didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately starts what he with the technical needs of the country in the field of nucular research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new centrifuges and everything we need for enrichment and some breaking news for you now according to the a.f.p. news agency a top u.s. official has said that washington is in talks with iran backed rebels to try and end the war in yemen more on that story as and when we get it at least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a launch explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul the taliban have claimed responsibility for that attack saying they targeted a foreign military convoy the blast was in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings. has been updated. from kabul those all the headlines. we will have much more on old. stories
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now in.
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i visited last night on. the news to solicit sex addicted. to little i'm not that. much and little. suspicious a little slow to come on. you so the on the basic into that you can't box a lot of up and you'll be in. genesis looking seriously trying to. flee if the good bit is enough to tip to go to.
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also the food. that if it's a man's a custom once. there's a deal soon on songs and i'm still feeling it's not impossible and over such things stuff so i didn't pursue no creative soul time no. income america no one's celtic can all be because you never asked him if. soem insulting come out this could cannot tina found that to me elsewhere so most. of the poor folk now want to see. the scale and say come on about kentucky. you have to work the most get behind line save the amount us from these kinds of nights.
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on with the minting the flu shot but at the time here i was critical not donuts that out to the school are going to be near at the moment doctor but i'm kind of the dumbest you're doing stuff and i don't know ducks. school evolves. i think that too much to. say the may not. be different at all so. the gunman opens fire as a youth camp on an island outside the norwegian capital oslo police now say at
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least 18 people were killed your different mother among us saw on the spring break here just to give a thing i don't mean we'll be at all but under of but if you can get even 3 months one common tear up i don't know that for the whole nation to uganda. but even. monks will say we've been in the territories but there is some a cup dudek there you need all the more done with bruno the sleazy wrong man who should work for mokhtar so somehow that there was no hope meaning in taking. it when the let them of course but i totally not funny just got knocked up in the. other country marxist i'm a feminist and minnows monks say to me make men do do your get the child to you was not very fast that act why do you have an old we'll control newsgroup laughter didn't mean without it make a think you have it in the us like a make a phobia this atticus and obviously go for nonsense or come the only discomforted
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vapo in the north of kabul or discorporate. splitting is somehow not mean when the speed us over the world of your marks. where true it almost all instruct our minds on the look of is your whole us a in that although. he'd just stunning. there must affectiva from listening to all born of the sisters here on. paper at the mines just gave it to a t.d. on the earth and the tone of the song goes to assistant to 6 to knowing and some diflucan took 60 going to mom and just gave up to eat young this could have all of us awesome and what i would look at. according to a hell of an emphasis on a couple of us are handling folks who think the. musky.
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booed. ok. topic and last i mean the cast of no gets to get a ticket. at the box at and i'll do the last clock.
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i need that has my mind not a system. when you come to some law school or somebody you. come proceeding asking about. she said that you want to. cut him go to summer school. so you are well to. pay money. and hope was the palm of a stick. shift isn't going to hunt called because people. with a look at it and on and out if you feel still wilting to devour fuel or there then a cloud of agony above i was hot on some of you at least on every turn i feel so. hot but when ordered to phone them who are not. buff and really loves home
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only hear some of the fun before i am already. if he said it's only in the political play on so close at the pool so we headed invictus the day. on the job you've done a full day of indoor for that. so for now i have acknowledged all your beloved a lot of the vehicles we come law under the very end ok to say what the off chance of your little book i mean. you know. it's going from. oklahoma boy. let me our facts and santa go home. is going to damn us is going to have all. made up of a fine you would. still love. thank
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you sucked all the song. thank you hierophant.
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so we're going to last i hear is that your. record for shark attack song police. your harvard police for a hard product of the modern era heck it mused. the crowd. under whom almost all of them are going to last this is. cut the meat hook.
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are who morally. again. cooked up this so make it a for then so the focus on your shanley n. me. thinks that some of. the men lost on disk or lost and haven't had started. on when i. go to school as it ever saw me guess on the condition i am a. tall man had been nice in the sea. marvin gaye morning gave one a foster. home mom. the scam and what do you stop on top us on the menu husk of all the law. and it's a long ball but can get him to share my non peeing on to some ha ha. this. sucks. so. given that i'm just going.
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to get this straight face. to show. for joe this is the. exact get. off it cos log on the coming along on. hot sauce not butter fun. minds. man seem to leave us a mission. oh mr q. housework slid had gone off on him told us by saving factor of then in some call standing had the liking the saw. fit not caring all gordon up will conclude out of a sock of am am can. only mr curious i'm passing a some had a. mr kill him i had thought going to sam and me and there and sometimes misled us in the. thought of a mom of a class and a lot a lot of progress they are hurting and i something.
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lynn ash 5 void i would have thought it. well at least over committed but go for the heart of a start i'm not about montel and 6 on. i love men for you for calling in the early. but my only comment leaves us going to get your ass on. i mean blue are no good now must. not open our hearts something is still in the house pun off air that assistance cop. never saw police in the scare before hand off their. 600 or so small.
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it look at target my office i've been fighting for day but. really the shots are tough going another hurt and then got the last person you've ever had is i mean it's an argument. yeah then you have let off 100 feet behind school home so that it held up the pot on all that it is a club that the psni event let. you have gone 6 out of the start of a taxi also think they are past a fun time another kill an externality installed the deck the better toilet or motorcycle or sexton now and someone like that. has to live it wouldn't flat out moment think of it with. some end of the top is still
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a humvee step up than $100.00. of the good in the south for a bit of so many say for the police in the superdome you wouldn't think. if you could it is. something to hold the suv for too. so back to honey to tanya. who how. long on how do you still with what you did with the form of recently bought a man must think to come up on your britches for disprove the moon and. for all you had to put is somebody your birth police and you know. so for you to be true of all people remember them pursuant to melbourne and to secure. really owned by law to them a firm commitment to even be left behind in the funding. when the they put the wife
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of one of the 1st sort of sort of. color from you know your foot off struck up a formal in a tank or an exam horse can go he had on the that's very healthy don't laugh and leave cafeteria for him i. feel passion happened at the school picnic on soviet past and don't ask me didn't we and i left it on the same law. kamel to be done the elephant so you know back and then look at your school a tough. question on you know know how and when the new flu is the most lucid most of the phone from the moment the moment. you know when the your question. and moods really out you. look like someone new to psycho to do some help and some how for a hoss maldive you know i think you kind of compact non-normal come up of
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a must ask about i think the list apostasy coco montag article i'm going to play hardball and exam. sucked i'm on a boat i'm out of that. do you some have become pick the home of the hoffman had saw the chaos call the most in the hall now then smash some to hog the flannel fanfare moon the follow up who. should pull for post no. but. just a good. song come on. home for 12 on the. other list who are. there to glow. up look for the soul. then don't think so so you see the whole football i think will but then made it
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look at the foot at the handle so before you know i did. review for similar all the different all of it said it was almost all the same number how. it was that you left my good deed of. this is here because thought of it in print unedited i'm never out of bed think appealed as it is below the most the fairly a hell of a no comment in. that they could have biz that told us a book performed for still didn't thing or could. one better post on your shit my birthday and put borglum. seek him the system 1st off and. seek it a blunder to personally so. into debt as for the
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physical part of the world it will borders on your feet smell the window guy who'd lot of your feet that know you're trying to do better in a moment go. no i'm not a store. i saw how. just to see how this is all your. then should go up on the november homosex now forget the one i'm on here but have the boss on hand and dog and. 6 unknowing and vonne a call so petal and offputting they move for suck at how to hunt the actual your holiday homes for data so wouldn't a toll on the noose a petty mean content that he that. many mounts up to much of for men
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on a stone. lamb pontifical many horses so that someone on some her side someone. snap. vest gun vala it. can do you did them time a poll. parrot at told for tom king on it. fuck on a calm offtake. bush and the sore from. stupid women looked like and. humans found the clever secure. solutions of circus the male in the kilt the 2 to look more in the. you know como so have 4 card a pair so they are not the one of a set a ho hum flew up but on some after the 1st of them or the a.o. you prefer. the western front for clause for font comments are not
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at the harm document still off but hendrix a shame snob and a volcano. live in my house vista home were slow to help build the saloon for to make your blue. mobile. the whole photo could on earth billeted the toda helmet of eskimo made on him so much fun that a soap star not a cold in a long bus going. to miss of the moment go solo from.
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a 15 year old boy tortured in the world's most notorious prison finally released after 13 years i wouldn't wish this experience on anybody but i have a hard time thinking about wishing that i haven't gone through this experience in an exclusive interview almost tells his epic tale. witness presents guantanamo's child. on al-jazeera. yard .
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however whether sloshy set fair for brazil of the moment lots of sunshine further south there we have got some clouds spilling out of central parts of chile towards the river plate some wet weather a possibility here few spots of drizzling rain but nothing much to speak of 11 celsius therefore want to say it is getting up to around 16 in santiago with some snow over the end this on thursday friday similar picture some of the temperatures here but notice for want to service temperatures to pick up a touch 14 degrees winds coming in from all the northeast the direction there's that dry weather across a good part of brazil puts award 2nd door to wards colombia up towards us whether we have got some showers rolling through here and on into panama russia showers too into the caribbean i think chiefly released over the next 24 hours or so they will be across the leeward islands so when words not doing too badly greater antilles and reset here over the next couple of days some showers coming into the wind which
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as we go on through friday slightly drier weather a little further north here largely dry as you can see where that sunshine coming in across a good part of the great friend to the kingston at around 32 degrees here we go with the hurrican dorian that's continuing to make its way further northwards up the eastern seaboard. weather sponsored by catalona. this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes on the point i don't actually go public but want an election the country doesn't want the election. a double defeat for the british prime minister as
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parliament rejects his plans for brakes it and call for a general election. against exclusive access to an iranian nuclear research center as president rouhani says his country will scale back commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal. the taliban claims responsibility for an explosion that killed 10 people in afghanistan's capital will look at what it means for any peace deal. south africa shuts its embassy in nigeria after a dispute over attacks against foreign owned businesses in johannesburg i'm joined again with the sport as rafael nadal how was done at the u.s. open the spaniard is through space semifinals with another straight sets victory new york and he looks. the best today actually coming up later this hour. hello british prime minister boris johnson is keeping up his push for
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a snap election to try and break the deadlock in parliament over brags that m.p.'s voted down his attempts to do that on wednesday johnson is also facing legal challenges the high court in london is to decide whether to hear a case brought by a former prime minister alleging johnson's suspension of palm and is anger simmons has. another defeat for boris johnson already on the back foot with the rebellion and his party and the opposition taking over the parliamentary timetable the einsatz of the right $327.00 knows the act 299. within minutes boris johnson was on his feet with his plan for a snap elections i don't want an election the public don't want an election the country doesn't want to lection but this house has left the option been getting the public decide who they want as prime minister and i commend this motion to
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the hide under the opposition bill that now has to be passed by parliament upper house johnson is forced to seek an extension of the brics a deadline that will move it to january scuppering his do or die plan for a no deal brix it if necessary on october 31st but labor the main opposition party isn't ready to give support to johnson's call for an election which needs a 2 thirds majority that the also the election today is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no dale. service history i repeat i repeat what i said last night last night let this bill pass and gain royal assent then we will back at election so we do not crash out with a no deal exit from the european union. unsurprisingly rude labor abstaining
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johnson's attempt to get an immediate election didn't pass by having the house well we are aware. that the motion has no out of. the majority or quad of the fixed parliaments that this is about defending our democracy the head of the latest political drama demonstrators in parliament square denounce boris johnson's actions accusing him of engineering and no deal grex it by claiming they're all still chances of a deal when there's no progress whatsoever boris johnson may have only been in power for 6 weeks but he doesn't have control right now nevertheless you've only got to listen to the demonstrators to realise the central issue is about trust and the opposition want to be absolutely sure there's
9:53 pm
a cop up on some guarantee he can't play any tricks if there is an election the 2nd largest opposition party is also against an immediate election people don't trust johnson when he says he really wants a deal we all suspect that he wants a new deal and we also want to make sure that he's not able to use his proxy of powers as the prime minister to create some tricks and allow the country to crush out another day of unprecedented moves within parliament and with it still uncertainty about what the people of the united kingdom might expect from its political leadership and to symonds al-jazeera westminster. and boris johnson's brother is the latest m.p. and minister to resign over the crisis let's bring in our correspondent lara sleigh now who's joins us from westminster in london so lots happening there at the moment given all of this deadlock over breaks it but the prime
9:54 pm
minister remains determined to to to push ahead. with with what he wants and that's a general election. well yes i mean to sound the front foot but it's 2 days literally so the hour since parliament came back from its summer holiday only 2 days and i honestly can't remember a worse 2 days for any prime minister in that short period boris johnson's last 3 votes he's lost more than 20 of his own m.p.'s who he effectively crucified because they wouldn't support him in the in in the votes in parliament he's crucially lost control of the agenda which is now in the hands entirely the position as to when an election is going to be held in just about the icing on the cake because he said he lost his own brother who plainly wanted to put the national interests above above his brother boris is version of brecht's it so he says he is looking very very weak at the moment i'm going to bring in mike gapes from the independent group to change one of the opposition groups which is now meeting to discuss when when when you
9:55 pm
want to hold an election. did you feel like you've really seize the initiative just for the moment definitely the majority that we had was bigger than i thought and we clearly have a majority of members of parliament crossed party. working together to stop country crushing out of the european union on the 31st of october and boris johnson said he would do a do or die well parliament is saying no you won't and now we are in uncharted territory clearly there are caused by some sort of early general election yeah but some of us are determined to make sure that we don't get that election to wormy because we want to be guaranteeing that we've my age the request to the european union which has to be formally done because it was interesting is still don't trust him until well but given his record we know what he's like we know what
9:56 pm
its intentions are and he claims he's negotiating he's not negotiating it's been made absolutely clear brussels has received no new proposal. of any kind from britain ok so you waits until that deadline it invokes his policy the extension has begun to the end of january and then you're happy to have an election at some point presuming the member of those there are different groups i mean i would want actually to wait until we've actually resolve the issues i don't want to have a general election and potentially a prime minister i don't just say i've now going to go back on what the previous column and decided and so i think we had the best solution here i still believe would be to put the issue but to the pain in a reverend but that would take several months to negotiate to legislate it just a just little about boris johnson if he has said i will never surrender in his churchillian way to the european union and he will never go back to the european
9:57 pm
union and ask for another extension well if you control the timetable and you say there will be no election is allowed to that point do you think he then has to resign well. normal circumstances would but we're not in normal circumstances i think it's quite possible he would go in limbo and as a lame duck prime minister for several weeks and months whilst paul evans effectively tries to resolve this crisis it's not ideal but it's better than having him playing tricks so that he can get his to crush out without undue thank you very much indeed for those things but if you can say that that very great sense of optimism and the sense of momentum being now on the side of all your position is determined not to have that bracks at the end of october. all right for the moment laurence lee live for us there in westminster let's cross over now to charlie angelo who's life for us from the high court in london where hearing is under way on a challenge to the prime minister's suspension of parliament charlie what's the latest
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there. this case is starting to focus on the question of power and whether the prime minister abused his in planning to suspend parliament for 23 days the longest period since the 19th now gina miller is supported in this case by former conservative prime minister john major their lawyers are arguing that the prime minister misled the queen in justifying the need for such a lengthy suspension he claimed it was to get a handle on domestic issues to look at the n.h.s. to start tackling violent crime but lawyers here argue the real reason was to run down the clock in parliament and basically squeeze out any opportunity for more debate on sit down the other side arguing in defense of the prime minister noise saying it's also an issue of power the power of these courts and they're saying these courts do not have any power on this issue it is a constitutional matter they cannot intervene or undo the decision and that is what
9:59 pm
the judges are going to have to look into this is the problem with the u.k. constitution it's not a written document it's a very fine mesh of doors and procedures and conventions and relies really heavily on politicians playing fair and playing by the rules and that's why do you know miller has brought this case he's saying boris johnson is not playing fair he's flouting these norms and conventions and it sets a very dangerous precedent not just for this government with the governments of the future case continues as an. all right for the moment charlie angela there in london and u.s. vice president mike pence says his country is ready to immediately negotiate a free trade deal with the united kingdom he made the comments at a meeting with the british leader in london free trade agreement between the united states in the u.k. it would be very good to you know our countries by 3 or 4 times we're anxious to do . just as with you and to do everything in our power to shrink from what has been
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a historic and special relationship between the united states of america in the united kingdom and as boris johnson grapples with brags that he's also met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at sonia whose office said they would discuss the situation in the middle east and how to repel what they call terrorism an iranian aggression the trip to london was only announced on wednesday as he boarded his flight netanyahu told journalists the meeting was a perfect time to increase pressure on iran and the barber is live for us from london with more on this new team. who has him these 2 gentlemen the prime minister of israel and boris johnson both according to what over several tell you are facing elections in israel the actual be on the 17th of september we're not sure why.


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