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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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there's a step down the new few weeks off to trump unveils his long delayed peace plan which is expected sometime after the israeli election on september 17th is that expected to return to his family in new jersey from a white house correspondent kimberly hope that according to president donald trump's twitter feed chasing green blood is returning to the private sector it's unclear if he'll be returning to work with the trump organization where he had worked previously prior to joining the white house team we do know that he is considered one of the architects of donald trump's middle east plan when the president's called the deal of the century a really given this departure raises questions about the prospects of this plan and any potential success in resolving the israeli palestinian conflict this is work that has been done in secret for months along with the president's son in law jared cushion or we do know one aspect of the plan has a large economic component raising some 50000000000 to help improve the lot of the
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palestinians but many people speculate the this plan is nothing short of dead on arrival given the fact that this is ministration from the beginning has taken a very adversarial stance with regard to the palestinian leaders and the palestinian leader for their part say that they will reject this plan as a result of the lack of consultation the fact that they were not involved now we do know that in terms of this plan the white house saying that it will be released sometime after the israeli elections on september 17th we are on clear whether or not jason green will stay for that unveiling or if he will be gone if this plan is delayed yet again as it has been repeatedly already that does raise some questions about the fact that if the architect of the plan is not going to stick around how viable is it moving forward. in the news ahead protests in nigeria lead south
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africa to shut down its embassy over safety for us and moment rejects in afghanistan a u.s. service member and a romanian soldier have been killed. however we got more hot sunshine across the middle east the levant so clear skies a little bit of cloud over towards the far southeast of pakistan but even here think jodi the showers will remain across the northwest of india so karate 34 celsius also sunshine similar temperature to 4 to ron want to see showers a possibility between the black sea and the caspian sea but across the levant it's fine by really getting up to 30 celsius over the next couple of days of $41.00 there for baghdad a little warmer than that seem to work q 8 city be some showers further north up towards georgia up towards armenia azerbaijan once again not too many showers in
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the forecast across the peninsula but a little more cloud into southern parts of saudi arabia southern areas of amman as well over towards yemen you could just see wanted to showers around the southern end of the red sea temperatures here in doha pick up a touch as we go i wanted to say as day to around 42 degrees lots of dry weather as made to drive recently across parts of south africa little area cloud here driving its way into the heart of the country that will continue to push further east was we have got flood warnings in force across eastern parts of south africa at the moment possibly some snow too with the track of the peaks but trial whether the saturday. yes i want to finally we're going ask about that but that's the ball is a board that i see where huge letters are thought this set says the last david and the double about cousin to bunch is a bit shocked about that. in part one of this 2 part series al-jazeera explores the
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world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera this hour. johnson says he hates banging on about a brags that here is him speaking at a police training center in the north of england johnston is again insisting the u.k. will leave the e.u. on time and need rather be dead in a ditch and asked for an extension iran's president hassan rouhani says his country
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will operate its energy program without limits its preparing to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium faster as after the u.s. announced new sanctions jason greenblatt the u.s. president's special envoy for the middle east has announced he plans to resign says he'll step down and a few weeks after don't trump unveils his long delayed peace plan. south africa has temporarily shut down its embassy in nigeria after a series of reprisal attacks on south african businesses protesters gathered to voice their anger at foreign businesses being attacked in johannesburg and for toria south africa's president cyril ramaphosa says at least 10 people have been killed since sunday and has labeled the violence xenophobic south africa has a large number of economic interests and businesses in nigeria many of which are now and police protection. here's what south africa's high commissioner to nigeria bobby mora had to say. it relations between some of them to go in major is much
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stronger. than the challenges that we are facing know there's another 40 to come we'll between the principals of both countries we have been through this before although not in this format and it is the very strong diplomatic ties that we are enjoying with major area which contributed to providing solutions to the challenges that we face. saving going with us now senior research specialist at human sciences research council he's on skype from durban you know stephen this is clearly getting worse yesterday i was speaking to another guest about things like a football match being cancelled and some leaders not going to a conference but when you get to the stage of starting to shut down embassies it's getting a little more serious. absolutely i think what we've seen in the last few days is growing concern in the african continent that this latest
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round of anti immigrant riots will not be taken seriously by the present administration as and immigrant rights in the haast have been by previous administrations however i am going to try our arms president present around a cause that well deal with the issue of anti immigrant crime hate crime in a progressive and dynamic fashion in march of 2019 these so that current government of top tips and national action plan on racism racial discrimination xenophobia and relates and i'm tolerant this prior sets out clear measures to combat xenophobia and reduce. anti immigrant hate crime in south africa why does it keep entries are going to use even notice when i ask if
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you know why does it keep happening though this is not the 1st time there been many people killed in the last decade have been you know flashpoints of some of things and no government is as it we need to sold us i mean it's great if cyril ramaphosa government does deal with it now but why isn't it happened until now there are many complicated reasons that we can talk about i think if we start with why have we seen repeated outbreaks of anti immigrant hate crime and such violent anti immigrant riots i think we have to focus on prejudice. about the negative impacts on international myron's on local communities and so that's all right many people believe as research from the human sciences research council has shown that international migrants are. our cause of unemployment's empirical studies show that these concerns are baseless
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however. they continue to stoke and at the international migrant population previous administrations have been reluctant to deal with this problem. because it would mean confronting fundamental tragedy this is that many people not just poor people in in a jihadist but the wealthy people living in rural areas in full in all parts of so that feel towards international migrants for now though just stay within the townships and within the areas that has happened in. i am confident that the law enforcement authorities are taking the matzoh very seriously and of putting the necessary pressure to bear to contain the current
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outbreak of violence what i am most concerned about is long term solutions there's been calls for example for the deployments are the national defense force to contain the situation and for an escalation of police presence on the streets and while these i'm a bit short term results what we need is a long term solution we need great civic education obvious issue we need better managements of immigration we need immigration integration programs and we need suit as so that hearkens speaking as a so that we're going to grapple with the existing prejudices that unfortunately many people in the country hold about the international market stephen gordon great to talk to from durban today thank you for your time sudan is said to have its 1st female foreign minister to swearing in a new prime minister last month cabinet members of the sovereign council are now
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being chosen but as of course after the months of political uncertainty and violence in sudan this is the 1st cabinet since former president own up a shia was deposed in april hit morgan with this from the tomb. the ministerial cabinet that has been confirmed by sudan sovereign council has taken at least 2 weeks to be named by sudan's prime minister now the sovereign council does not have the right to veto on the names that has been presented to it by the prime minister but they do have the right to remark on it for the prime minister's consideration now in this cabinet are expecting sudan's 1st female foreign minister as well as 3 other female members to be named as ministers which according to the prime minister does give a representation to the women who he said were at the forefront of this revolution now people are also saying that they are quite confident that some people who were in the negotiating team for this transitional agreement have been named to be in the ministerial cabinet in this thing that this is not fair and that they demand his name be withdrawn and they're also saying that they're worried that this
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ministerial cabinet will not be able to deliver the goals of the revolution which they were chanting throughout the past 8 months which include peace justice and freedom they're saying that they're worried that the people who have been killed in the protest over the past 8 months will not get justice if the transitional government does not focus on bad sudan's revolutionary front a coalition of groups which surprisingly is part of the forces of freedom and change the coalition that has named those ministers say that they're also concerned that the transitional government will not be able to deliver peace in its 1st 6 months like the executive cabinet has promised like the prime minister has promised rather unlike the peace agreement or the rather the transitional agreement has pledged when it was signed on the 17th of august they're saying that they're worried power will be centralized and not be centralized and as such conflicts with can continue so it looks like this executive cabinet that is yet to be and build has challenges ahead of it before it's even named. nato says a u.s.
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service member and a romanian soldier have been killed in a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban's claimed responsibility for the carmel attack which killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more it happened in an area close to embassies and government buildings more from tony burke in kabul. it was carried out by a suicide bomber 10 people were killed and $42.00 injured including women and children and also 2 of the resident support troops one of them was an american this underlines that even though peace talks are going on a draft agreement we understand has been drawn the taliban is still exercising its military might and showing that it can strike at will wherever it wants this time it was in the capital a few days ago. 300 kilometers north of the capital where they held the center for a number of hours before being pushed out but it showing that there is a peace agreement peace talks going on but still there's a war being fought and unless they come to an agreement it will carry on the draft
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agreement we understand is raising concerns not only in the afghan government which is not party to the talks but also from the european allies who are a bit concerned about what is being agreed some people believe that the americans are adopting a cut and run policy and want to get out as soon as possible and perhaps are promising too much some of those process promises include withdrawing $5400.00 american troops and closing bases within 5 months of the peace agreement being signed in return the taliban is being asked to stop foreign fighters using afghan soil to launch attacks and to comply and negotiate with the afghan government there are concerns here about where those talks will go what is being promised and are the americans promising too much too soon mr kills out who's the architect of this agreement is going backwards and forwards he said 9 rounds of talks to the taliban we understand there are probably a few of other things that he is being told to asked for by the afghan government
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and he's gone back to doha to discuss with the taliban we understand. to hong kong now where the protests have continued despite a chain concession from the government the city's chief executive finally agreed to fully withdraw the bill that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china but a lot of people still saying it's just too late to view the pollen reports from hong kong. a familiar scene just hours after hong kong's chief executive and now it's the withdrawal of an extradition bill that sparked a violent protest but the concession failed to peace protesters. on thursday kerry faced the media to explain why it took so long to give in to the protesters demands and that she had beijing's full support this throughout the whole process the central people's stuff men took the position that they understood why we have to do it they they respected my view and they supported me all the way.
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since june violent confrontations between police and the mostly young protesters have become an almost daily event against much opposition the government tried to push through the bill that would have allowed suspects in hong kong to face trial in mainland china i think she needs to. possible charges or the other demands ok. just a quick. if she has done these you know list all of them do you know 3 months earlier none of this happened the other issues include voting rights since beijing appoints hong kong's leader to an election committee and more pressing for many in the city an investigation into police conduct during the months of protests as people go about their business here on where day the city's not convulsed with protest you could be forgiven for thinking that life in hong kong is going back to normal but there are constant reminders everywhere that this is a city on edge. hong kong operates under
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a one country 2 systems model enjoying freedoms on thinkable in other parts of china but in recent years there has been an unprecedented interference from the central party in the city's affairs says many of the protesters feel the government puts beijing's interests ahead of their needs and they warn the city's autonomy and their future is at stake we believe it is an attempt to say to us that of course it will not work we have seen 3 carry ons lies we have seen through the lies of this government and we will not back down not even. a clear message that the end of the extradition bill that's not mean an end to the city's unrest there we go pollan hong kong just a few more stories in brief hurrican dorian's expected to hit the u.s. states of north and south carolina it is now a category 2 storm 200000 homes and businesses are without power in both those states earlier the speed of the winds when dorian made landfall in the bahamas were
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the highest on record the turkish president reject typer ones threatening to quote open the gates and allow syrian refugees into europe that is unless negotiations with the us can result in the creation of a safe zone in northern parts of syria turkey hosts over 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and is planning to return a 1000000 to syria and chinese and american trade negotiators are to meet for talks in october to try to put an end to the trade war between the 2 largest economies lives round of terrorists between china and the us went into effect on sunday. here on al-jazeera and these are the headlines our stance and says he hates banging on about brakes at the british prime minister saying that in the past hour at a police training center in the north of england johnson again insisted he will not ask e.u. leaders for an extension to the brags that process failing he'd rather be dead in
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a ditch he says staying in the e.u. is a waste of money we either go forward with. our plan to get a deal take the country out of the 31st which we can or else somebody else should be allowed to see if they can. keep us in beyond october 31st and i have to tell you i don't think that would be the right way food and i think if people really think that this country should stay in the e.u. beyond october 31st then that really should be a matter for the people of this country to decide i don't want an election at all i don't want to lecture at all but frankly i can't see any other way the only way to get this thing done to get this thing moving is to make that decision do you want this government to take us out of the 31st or do you want jeremy corbin
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a labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels october the 17th effectively hand over control to the e.u. and keep us in beyond. the other headlines jason crean blatz the us president's special envoy for the middle east has announced he plans to resign he says he'll step down in a few weeks after president trump unveils his long delayed peace plan which is expected sometime after the israeli election on september 17th and that isn't expected to return to his family in new jersey. and so the africa has temporarily shut down its embassy in nigeria after a series of reprisal attacks on south african businesses there protesters gathered to voice their anger at foreign businesses being attacked in johannesburg and pretoria south africa's president cyril ramaphosa says at least 10 people have been killed since sunday he has also labeled the violence as enough we are back with the news for you in about 25 minutes from now next on al-jazeera though it is inside
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story with. embrace what he called a do or die strategy but leader boris johnson faces double defeat as parliament to reject his plans for bread and a snap election will he hang on to fight another day and what now for britain's plan to leave a you this is inside story. welcome
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to the program more than 3 years ago a majority of voters in the u.k. said they wanted to leave the e.u. but what followed has been a lot less clear british prime minister boris johnson failed to break the latest deadlock over brags that on wednesday m.p.'s voted down his attempts to trigger a snap election they also passed a bill blocking the possibility of a no deal exit from the e.u. johnson had said he was willing to consider that if no new withdrawal deal was agreed so where does that leave the braggs it process there's a lot to cover with our guest but 1st this report from under a semblance of london. another defeat for boris johnson already on the back foot with the rebellion and his party and the opposition taking over the parliamentary timetable the eyes of the right $327.00 knows the act 299. within minutes boris johnson was on his feet with his
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plan for a snap elections i don't want an election the public don't want an election the country doesn't want to lection but this house has left no other option than getting the public decide who they want as prime minister and i commend this motion to the hide under the opposition bill that now has to be passed by parliament upper house johnson is forced to seek an extension of the brics a deadline that will move it to january scuppering his do or die plan for a no deal brix it if necessary on october 31st but labor the main opposition party isn't ready to give support to johnson's call for an election which needs a 2 thirds majority that the also the election to die is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of
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a no deal. so mr speaker i repeat i repeat what i said last night last night let this bill pass and gain royal assent then we will back at election so we do not crash out with a no deal exit from the european union. and surprisingly rude labor abstaining johnson's attempt to get an immediate election didn't pass. i have the house well we are aware. that the nation has no rights of. the majority or quad on the fixed parliaments fact this is about defending our democracy ahead of the latest political drama demonstrators in parliament square denounce boris johnson's actions accusing him of engineering and no deal grex it by claiming they're all still chances of
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a deal when there's no progress whatsoever boris johnson may have only been in power for 6 weeks but he doesn't have control right now nevertheless you've only got to listen to the demonstrators to realise the central issue is about trust and the opposition want to be absolutely sure there's a couple bottom guarantee the card play any tricks if there is an election the 2nd largest opposition party is also against an immediate election people don't trust him when he says he really wants a deal we all suspect that he wants a new deal and we also want to make sure that he's not able to use his proxy of powers as the prime minister to create some tricks and allow the country to crush out another day of unprecedented moves within parliament and with it still uncertainty about what the people of the united kingdom might expect from its political leadership andrew symonds al-jazeera westminster.
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let's bring in our panel joining us from london is alex deane managing director and head of public affairs u.k. f.t. consulting and former chief of staff to david cameron from brussels the recent brunner policy analyst of the european policy center and again from london he said bennett briggs's commissioning editor of the telegraph welcome to you all to the program alex boris johnson was widely seen as someone who could accomplish what has or what eluded his predecessor. but after the series of setbacks he's suffered over the last few days what are the options left for him well plainly this is sub optimal it's not what boris wanted to happen by any means you are right but he can still seek either to force an election and knows no reason he can't bring
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a bill for a general election back either under the fixed term parliament act seeking the 2 thirds majority he didn't get last time or you could pass a one line bill saying notwithstanding the provisions of the fixed term parliament act let's have an election anyway and on that sort of age you don't need require authority of one recent events in parliament of showing he may not get that to you but let me make the point there is an ultimate irony that will be apparent to many of your views if they know jeremy corbyn the leader of our opposition party and one thing is that for the last 2 years he's been calling for an election and now finally when the government office in one he says no. the recent when the e.u. says the u.k. into into this sort of uncharted political territory what is the general sentiment among the key players of the of the. i think the general sentiment among the key players in the e.u. at the moment is. this may and probably also
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a little bit of frustration dismay because i thing because it is clear that. the u.k. parliament knows what it doesn't want it doesn't want to know what effects it but it does a lot less clear what it what it wants instead and what that can find a positive solution to the fact that outcome and what i'm ought to withdraw it can be insured and i think that's also a bit of frustration at the way that to the u.k. it's using the current extension of our ticket to toba 30 prost because. after the u.k. was offered this extension basically the hope of the dust was that the u.k. would use this extension wisely to come to some sort of positive. conclusion but instead it looks i think from the u.s. press spec to fly. basically this time is largely wasted on power games
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is it fair to say at this particular moment that. the support of the majority is a turn for mr johnson. well clearly we saw this week that labor does not want to give the nuff support to provide that 2 thirds target been tried nuff numbers for it to be hit and why is that simply because jeremy corwin now wants to ensure that this no deal law passes into the house of lords and that's very much on the u.k. statute books and this is because it a fact he is realizing that in finding all too hard to resist the temptation to play with the conservatives like a cat might play with a dead mouse swatting it around and to what head as alex is saying yes the jeremy corbin is the man is meant to be the country's alternative prime minister has been begging asking for the election and clearly he's just paranoid that boris johnson
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will turn around on winning labor's approval and say very good thank you for proving us went out of the pick a election day for after october the 1st a was that no directed by default instantly wrecked it's in the bag so it's a level of distrust clearly of the labor side which is regrettable. alex when you see the states and i would add what please go ahead go ahead yeah i was just simply going to say there is one other possibility i don't disagree with acer tall of course that he's right that's the explanation labor has given for not wanting an election there might be one more found in opinion polling which suggests that the conservative party is now some 10 points ahead it may be that jeremy corbyn having screamed for an election for a beauty is now facing the realistic prospect of having one realizes he might lose it and therefore doesn't want to have it i hate to sound venal but that might be the more realistic explanation alex a could be also that carbon is trying to be also as a posthumous thick as mr johnson he knows that going to the polls 2 weeks before
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the deadline the deadline could give johnson some leverage but that if he could further yes freeze it he won't have that level as in the general sentiment among the people in the u.k. would further change after the 30 the 1st of october that could deny him. a comfortable lead in the election. that's right but i think that's fair and one thing we haven't mentioned is that perhaps the most vibrant force in british politics right now that has really changed things like them or not is the brics it party with some 20 plus percent support in the polls for a general election right now boris would think to himself if we have an election my position on brics it is very clear i will get most of the support of people who are currently inclined otherwise to vote for the brics policy but if we fail once again on the 3rd time to leave the e.u. after a stated date that has been given by our prime minister then perhaps support for the brics party not only returns to that 20 percent but source beyond it that's got
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to be the fear for the conservative party right now the reason the situation is fast moving in the u.k. is most likely we're going to see an extension of the e.u. deadline do you think that the europeans would be receptive to any demands by the by by the british government over the coming days. one of costs not a foregone conclusion because basically you would need unanimous approval in the opium council to get an extension so even a single country could feed to it how about i do think that this is quite unlikely for 2 reasons frost because i think you need us to not want to be seen. trade as being the one step triggered a new defect so that would have very severe consequences both political both politically and economically for many member states especially island and 2nd. it looks like a general election is an effort to move sooner or later the year i think the only
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question is when it takes place and i think that might be another reason for that you to grant the u.k. an extension because of general election. brings with it the possibility of political change and even if the conservatives are leading at the poets in the polls at the moment the state of the possibility that. it's a general election will change the composition of parliament and therefore make an autonomy withdraw and more likely and i think for those 2 reasons that you i think would be quite i'm likely to refuse an extension. so what's interesting the tax exposed by both keep parties in the u.k. now the labor seem to be no winning 1st of all to aim for the top priority which is to freeze any attempt by johnson to go for a deal for for a break that with or without a deal then they are willing to negotiate another agreement about the election why is the labor walking down that particular path. i think because
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they fear that if you have an even of october 31st bricks election but boris johnson would be able to build unstoppable momentum because he could pose as mr bracks it the man who brought everyone were exit at the helm of the vote leave referendum bus and he could appeal as alex is brought up to tory voters to relievers especially that party voters and also try and keep tory remainders who are less keen on bracks are on board by saying if you don't vote for me you have that crypto marxist jeremy corbin walking into downing street who by the way let's remember is so unpopular in parliament. the rival parties could not agree on him as an alternative prime minister he is so unpopular among the general public the recent poll found that actually more people prefer the liberal democrat leader joe swenson as an alternative prime minister to jeremy corbin and incidentally the
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actual prime minister abbas johnson is leagues ahead of both of them at 45 percent compared to about 20 percent and so given this you know the jobs would have a very compelling campaign to fight if he was doing on the eve of brecht's it in the meantime of course if labor managed to delay bracks it string it out perhaps get this law passed and then sit there making sure that no elections approved yet they could run down the clock wait till middle of october see boris johnson shout and scream as he tries to do everything he can maybe even resign and then maybe not to avoid having to ask so that they've accepted that point his singular aim a lot of with a verse to a bit shattered uphill struggle as an election campaign to fight at that point a late or burlington rex's november election so be very much labor's to win at that point alex but don't you see that mr johnson by his move is further undermining the conservative party look at the statements made yesterday the reactions from
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philip hammond clarke the rebels you got the impression that the conservative party is about to crumble. no i don't have that sense actually of course the people you are naming are no longer conservative m.p.'s they're still in the house but they don't take the what we call the whip they don't take the discipline of the conservative party anymore and they all therefore unable to stand as members of parliament for the conservative party again they will be able to stand of course for any other party or indeed as independents but just not for the party that got them elected last time this strengthens boris johnson's hand in any potential election because in their seats which are overwhelmingly very safe conservative seats there will be new conservative candidates chosen and those candidates will be far more likely to support boris johnson than those who've already demonstrated that they absolutely won't that is to say they didn't just vote against their tory policy they voted for a government to be denied the leave was a power for the control of the house of commons to be passed in state to the
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opposition on the explicit basis that they would then give that power to the european union either for an extension or if we can agree an extension take whatever extension the e.u. gives us this is the worst possible signal for parliament to send to the e.u. why would the e.u. negotiate with us at in any meaningful way if they know that we're just going to have extension after extension and effectively stay in so no i think it strengthens boris's hand to have new m.p.'s in those seats the reason why is the e.u. saying that it will not bend to any of the demands made by the johnson of the over there was given to minister to some may still stands all the table that could be the best way out to to an orderly exit from the e.u. . was the main point of contention is the back supply the i have fought on and the thought of consent i mean the problem for that us weed is off the sort of concession stops executes wanted and they include time limiting
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the backstory to automata fi allowing the u.k. to withdraw from its do in the last 20 the problem is stop from the e.u. the specter of giving in to those concessions would basically on the mind the basic functioning off the box so because and then try as policy that this time limited is not an insurance policy from that use perspective and that's why it simply cannot give in to those demands what they you i think could do and is willing to do would be to consider. tonnage has a way nj runs to the foxed up if they are viable and if they fully fitted the same objectives after a backstop and the problem is that it doesn't get it back and they are trying to define range ments has been found and time he found so that's fundamentally it's a problem and when we have set up a backstop issue it's not just about. the border what having a vote on no bought on the island of ireland it's really it really touches very
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very fundamental issues of the euro like so that out of tea for example and because it's really about the question without you member states support a smaller member state if it's 5 to interests are threatened against the comic interests of a soon to be thought country and if you're some of your friends and those times then it becomes an entirely different issue and. it's i think becomes a much and even of a man must say it's a thing. can done see a bit more easily why it's so important as they stand behind ireland because they might need you so modality at some point in the future too and they wouldn't want the member states to abandon them so. i think that's really why that you can i see your point given to the fact that yes demand on the backstop say was quite interesting when boris johnson was basically saying that he would use his negotiating skill to be able to change the u.s.
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position when it comes to the northern ireland border do you think that the backstop ill turn it into something still possible against the backdrop of the drama that is unfolding in the u.k. oh it's still possible but obviously the e.u. has to genuinely believe it is deliverable in westminster the changes that the boris johnson would seek because really what's governing all this is the parliamentary refer to in the house of commons in that just go about 3 and may for a 2nd when she tried to get a deal and change the backstop and everything around it about 3 times now she was had to deal rejected and so e.u. leaders tried every time to change it just enough rejected again and now we see that clearly boris johnson is struggling to get anything through parliament and then peas are running rampant able to tie his hands on no deal and so it's no wonder your leaders aren't really taking the goetia seriously because then i think nothing would pass this parliament especially when some euro skeptics say in the
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same breath that even if the backstop was taken out they would still want more. seem to to be saying basically that you don't think that this is something which is going to further undermine but it's just on the culture this is something which is going to consolidate his power base there is the god of if he decides to go or if we have an election he will definitely have to be very aggressive to be able to bite into the boa base of the briggs it party but by doing that don't you think that he could just further undermine the remaining within the conservative party itself. there is a balance to be struck you're right but i think doris is already enough to draw away much of the strength of the bricks at parties electoral appeal at least in the present time before the 31st of october he's demonstrated he serious about bret's it and doesn't want to take no deal off the table i really see british politics is
2:42 am
like this the divide on the broadly speaking right between the tory party in the brics it party is a smaller one that is to say the tory party is done well to take much more of that vote in the current environment than the divide on the left between the labor party in the liberal democrats where whatever you think of the lib dems have a crystal clear position on bracks it they don't want it and the labor party has been to and fro on what they think about this and where they are in our membership of the european union in that circumstance i think that boris does very well at an election with a more broadly unified right and a more generally divided left and that's why he feels so positive about the prospect of an election what a loser what kind of impact is this political drama in the u.k. having on the e.u. leadership because sometimes you get the impression he's trying to stay away and comment only when he's suddenly about one of the key contentious issues between the u.k. and the e.u. . yeah i mean you have to wait it tried to stay out
2:43 am
of the oil u.k. domestic political drama basically since even since before the west. it didn't get too involved in the referendum campaign and even in the past 3 years it has really tried to stay our i'm not sure that the current political drama really has to bake off an effect on that you would need us because basically i think what you need as the main question is can there be an orderly withdrawal off the u.k. and if so when canada and all of this drama at the moment we're not really getting closer to a visit lucian off the fundamental question are on facts it is they're going to be again no idea or it's going to it's article 50 going to be revoked and that is the fundamental decision that needs to be made and at the moment all this political drama i think is just so it's basically just kicking the can from around the world . i think one of the things that many people would say agree about when it comes to
2:44 am
the u.k. of this particular moment is is absolutely no clarity about the future just give you an example the lived for example of for anything that would stop the brig's that this interview would say that this is going to further give scotland. the wind to go for independence the labor we know the dithering when it comes to how to move forward the conservatives seem to be divided then. is britain suddenly or is it because of the 2016 choice intrigue an unprecedented political stage. well look the reason why it seems that our political class are being so inept about this is because the government doesn't have the numbers to get anything through this parliament and the same time you have an opposition in the labor party who seem to be increasingly pandering to remain as never really accepting a deal and some labor m.p.'s for example a good few dozen who rejected the original deal several times and are now turning around having found that they will turn to the wait them are even with us sort of
2:45 am
breaks it of a no deal bricks it or just trying again maybe selling out their voters who actually voted leave me mother liberal democrats then you know that at least they have some sincerity of just hating bricks it never liking it in the same way the s.n.p. do as well and so they just they they can't really seem to decide whatever they want at all even with the general election you have jeremy corbyn in one breath saying our prime minister is a dictator and that his of followers feel that a coup has taken place thanks doris johnson but no they they don't want to go back to the people just yet because that would be just improper the other things have to happen so it's no wonder then johnson is so desperately keen for a new parliament thank you thank you very much indeed it will be really interesting to see how one whether mr jones or will be able to deliver on his promise to cross out of the you with or without a deal alex dean larissa brown or a subeditor thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and
2:46 am
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doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. this is 0. and welcome to the news hour on and on and on with the top story from europe. i'd rather be. the end battle british prime minister promises he won't attempt to de
2:49 am
lay bricks it despite a week of setbacks and tolerant. santa maria here in doha with the rest of the day's news and green blasts one of the architects of president trump's middle east peace plan has announced he's leaving the white house also al-jazeera dane's exclusive access to an iranian nuclear research center as president rouhani says more commitments under the nuclear deal will be scaled back. on south africa shuts its embassy in nigeria following finance triggered by attacks on foreign owned businesses in johannesburg. and in sport mongolia makes history in the asian qualifiers for the 2022 football world cup. straight sets win for rafa nadal season reached the semifinals at the u.s. open in 48 time. we begin with the latest in the u.k.
2:50 am
and a dial warning from prime minister boris johnson is again insisted he won't ask european union leaders for another extension of the leaving date claiming he'd rather be dead in a ditch it's been another while when 24 hours for the prime minister has now had to deal with the resignation of his brother andrew simmons has. boris johnson may have suffered a humiliating defeat at attempts to call a general election but here in the north of england you could be forgiven for thinking the campaign had already begun do you want this government to take it's not. the 31st or do you want jamie colby in the labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels table the 17th it is a good face jail johnson's day had started in downing street with a visit from u.s. vice president mike pence and this was the message from the white house that the united states is ready willing and able to immediately negotiate
2:51 am
a free trade agreement with the u.k. the national health service is not the table as far as the gate she. went to heal that already. we have we have a story. of our own. then light sounds off the remark aimed at the labor opposition leader i've. shot this time to move on and i thought i was writing the passive story i think a part there's nothing funny about the latest resignation and the prime minister's brother joe johnson quitting as junee a business minister he tweeted in recent weeks i've been told between family loyalty and the national interest it's an unresolvable tension and time for others to take on my role of good when the prime minister was asked about his brother's departure joe doesn't agree with me about the european union because it's a it's an issue that obviously didn't divides families and divides everybody but i
2:52 am
think what joe would agree is that we need to get on and sort this thing out and so what next all seems set for boris johnson to again seek parliamentary approval to call an election next monday but does the labor leader jeremy coburn accept that or scupper it's again boxing in boris johnson even more than he has already under simmons out 0 westminster. well let's go live now to john hall who is outside parliament in westminster jenna just when you thought things couldn't get the last of us johnson his brother resigning in what seems to becoming more and more about a lack of trust in the prime minister. yes i mean even as far as saying a crisis of trust perhaps and that on full display in the questions that followed boris johnson's appearance in wakefield in the north of england it's being described as day one of the election campaign the media asked him a series of questions every single one of them was based on whether boris johnson
2:53 am
could be trusted to do what he says he's going to do or 4 of the questions were about joe johnson his brother the essence if your own brother can't trust you why should anyone else well let me bring in my guest. the senior editor on the left we know ivana media online political magazine thanks for joining us ash generally corben doesn't trust him doesn't want jeremy corbett has no reason to trust boris johnson one of the things that i think people in an international audience sometimes struggle to get their heads around that boris johnson has excelled himself in dishonesty throughout his career when he was mayor of london he went back on his what he was known for being someone who couldn't be trusted for someone who didn't have much of a work ethic he wasn't across the details and as he has ascended through the wrongs of the conservative party that has not changed one bit so when he was foreign secretary he also distinguished himself by dishonesty and now that he's prime minister is no different just on monday he was saying to the public i don't want
2:54 am
a general election you don't want to generalize action then yesterday in parliament he's saying to me corbin why don't you call in the election you big girl's blouse so consistency is not something that we can expect from this man but this isn't just about whether or not he's a path a pathological liar it's also the consequences that it has for our representative democracy out very very fundamental level before he was prime minister when he was campaigns be conservative party leader he was saying that he would not countenance prorogue in parliament i.e. suspending parliament that he wanted to find and shape a consensus across the commons he was interested in the goshen 80. and deal with the e.u. it's gone completely out the window to disingenuously words that it's been used often it's a weekly to see boris johnson sink his government rather sink to a minority government of some numbers well over 40. astonishingly but
2:55 am
equally astonishingly perhaps it's given jeremy corbyn the upper hand suddenly finds himself in charge of whether or not there'll be an election and when do you think next week jeremy corbyn will accept the offer of an election do you think he will accept the date of that election so the labor party is currently split between 2 views one and this is jeremy corbin ski is that as soon as the bill to seek an extension from the e.u. becomes law so when it gets ratified by the lords and it gets signed off by her maj then he should seek a general election straightaway to other people in the labor party also the liberal democrats who think that 1st johnson should be in their words left to stew in his own juices that no deal should be taken completely off the table so that means waiting until the 19th of october before seeking a general election in november when it comes to my view of both these perspectives my sense is that the idea that the public will blame boris johnson for an extension
2:56 am
that's one for the birds boris johnson is trying to do is set up a narrative which is going to be a cornerstone of a general election campaign which is i want to deliver bracks that for you but north of the parliament won't let me do it so i think in some ways to see your general election is cold and for by late but the better the chances are winning the parliament and nasty jeremy coburn of course in the end there's nothing to suggest certainly not in the polls that an election will solve anything that an election will go the way of jeremy corbin in the labor party do you think heads are turning within labor circles now towards coalition what what what what are they thinking doing i mean we'll see how what happens on. election day but i don't recall in the heady days of 2017 when labor were 27 points behind in the polls to reason may was told the she called a general election she wouldn't just increase her majority she could crush labor once and for all and we'll see how that one went because the elections are not like
2:57 am
referendums they are not single issue campaigns and you cannot predict what issue on the domestic policy agenda is going to increase in science for the public and that's what jeremy corbyn is counting on the fact that his labor party government strong domestic policy agenda their experience campaign is now momentum have also cut their teeth for a general election through multiple by elections they know what they're doing when it comes to going out activists out on the doorstep so i think it's all to play for and play for and all to be tested pretty soon probably a shock of it thanks very much and i'm back to normal many thanks john a whole hour outside the palace of westminster. boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament for 5 links is facing a major legal challenge and to campaign is have accused him of unlawful abuse of power and judgement is expected in the high court on friday charlie angela has.
2:58 am
this hearing focused on the question of power whether or not the prime minister abused his in requesting such a long suspension of parliament 23 days longest suspension since 19 lawyers acting for the boys in this case by former conservative prime minister john major argued that the prime minister misled the queen in justifying such a lengthy suspension johnson claim that he wanted to get a handle on domestic issues look into the any chance to tackle violent crime but lawyers here argue that really what he wanted to do was run down the clock on bricks that debate now on the other side the prime minister's lawyers are arguing this is also about the power of these courts and they say that they have no power to rule on this issue it is a constitutional matter they cannot intervene or do it and that is part of the problem here the u.k. constitution is not one single written document it's a very fine tissue of procedures laws amendments unusual practices and it really
2:59 am
depends very heavily on politicians playing fair in following the norms and what gina minutes lawyers are arguing is that the prime minister has flouted those norms and in doing so you could set a very dangerous precedent of the judges here have a judge and they're going to reconvene on friday at 9 g.m.t. that is when they will give their decision. well boris johnson started his busy day by meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about held talks in a signed 10 downing street on strengthening tommies between countries and security in the middle east johnson stressed the need for dialogue and a diplomatic solution on iran that's you know his surprise trip to london was only announced a one day he said the missing was perfect timing to increase pressure on iran. to come on and on iran and the rest of the day's news from london and the. thank
3:00 am
you so yes iran's president says his country's energy program will now operate without limits tara is preparing to take its 3rd major step in scaling back its commitments to the nuclear deal that's after the united states impose new sanctions on tehran for the 3rd time in a week the u.s. is also offering a 15000000 dollar reward to anyone who gives washington credible information about the oil shipping network run by iran's revolutionary guards. as we didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what he with the technical needs of the country are in the field of nuclear research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center fuses and everything we need for enrichment. meanwhile al-jazeera has been granted rare access to the only nuclear research facility in iran where the controversial 20 percent enriched uranium is being used to do.


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