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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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waters have receded as the storm continues further up the atlantic coast dorian has been downgraded to a category one but is still packing winds of 150 kilometers an hour. police officers in hong kong have fired tear gas and rubber bullets a proto moxy demonstrators who surrounded a police station. earlier the protesters forced the closure of a nearby train station that demoting the release of security camera footage of a violent confrontation between police and demonstrators last weekend when officers are accused of using excessive force to be a part of has the latest now from hong kong. now here we are again and protesters confronting right police there taken over a major highway that the meters away from a police station they had surrounded earlier that set fire to it that's been there well to try to silence the police with the laser and earlier they were checking bricks at the police station that protesters here say they're sure is really under
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the extradition bill that was how the protests started 3 months ago they say now the issues are the local government has handled these protests and how the police have behaved towards the protesters there really in the protestors have accused the police access of various they want an investigation into several incidents that have taken place over the past few weeks without seeing that the police are remaining rather calm their back being backgrounds a couple of times to grind the protesters the better by spray run through the battleground that they are about to fire tear gas at the protesters leave but instead of dispersing the protesters the factions are inciting them and people are driving this protest down this major highway the contentious area of monkeypox. to palestinians of be killed and several others injured during clashes on goals as border fence with israel the $270.00 protesters have been killed since palestinians
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began rallying in march last year thousands more have been injured by israeli troops deployed near the buffer zone demonstrators out of mounting an end to israel's 12 year blockade of the gaza strip which has shattered its economy and deprived its $2000000.00 inhabitants of many basic amenities. processor been taking place in northern syria against the continuing russian air strikes on what demonstrators say is the international community silence over 500 people have been killed and if you province over the last 4 months russian backed syrian forces have been trying to capture the country's last rebel held stronghold since the offensive began air raids and fighting have displaced half a 1000000 people. there watching al-jazeera and still ahead on the program while the amazon continues to burn south american presidents travel to meet tribal leaders but with one notable exception. of asian sunday city
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elections find out why there won't be a single candidate officially representing. united russia party. after a spell of very warm weather for eastern parts of australia i think we'll see normal service regime over the next couple days i said of the case of queensland for brisbane this weather system further south this quite intense area of low pressure that's going to continue rattling its way across will see temperatures around 12 or 13 for melbourne and also for hope some wet weather coming through here should be a little dry here is we go on into sunday but the showers never too far away midst attempt is picking up in hope about 15 degrees 10 degrees warmer than that for brisbane 25 celsius in a similar temperature there for perth much of australia does look fine and dry with
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some pleasant spells of sunshine some sunshine to into new zealand a cloud just starting to ease away brighter skies quiets weather just coming in over the next couple of days 11 for cries to a 48 in oakland this rain will make its way through as we go through sunday turning increasingly wet as you make our way into the weekend some increasingly wet weather also making its way towards the korean peninsula in the form of a typhoon ling-ling here we go pushing up into the sea as we go through saturday sweeping in as we go on through sunday process because gradually coming in behind. the cost a priceless resource under threat the amazon rain forest is a blaze on its links to brazil's drive for the big sort of production look at babson was empty at edwards global ambitions which have left investors seeing some
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big losses. counting the calls on al-jazeera. again and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the former zimbabwean president robert mugabe has died in hospital in singapore at the age of 95 his successor emerson has called mugabe a national hero and champion of zimbabwe and africa rights others though have criticized his human rights record and accused him of destroying the economy.
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police officers in hong kong a fire tear gas and rubber bullets the pro-democracy demonstrators who surrounded a police station. the british parliament house has approved a bill that blocks the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. with. the bill will now become law on monday it is yet another setback for prime minister boris johnson who's struggling to gain support for his bid to call an early election and he would reports from the houses of parliament. he's been struggling to control parliament and even hundreds. kilometers from westminster forest johnson wasn't having an easy time of it britain's prime minister was in scotland to announce extra funding pup bombers he hasn't got the election he wants yet both photo opportunities like this the campaign certainly feels like it's on the way johnson insists he's no intention of resigning if he doesn't get britain out of the e.u. soon that is not
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a hypothesis i am willing to go but i want us to get this thing done and you know i think the people in this country. and there's no opportunity to be so much more positive about this earlier at a fish market he promised again that britain would leave the european union by the 31st of october we're all going to go talk about. opposition parties are continuing to pile on the pressure saying they'll vote against his plans to hold an october the 15th general election just days before what could be britain's last e.u. summit and is hoping that he'll be able to secure the support of 2 thirds of m.p.'s in the commons to push through a general election and middle tobar over 15th is the date he's proposing but the opposition just simply aren't going to budge they don't trust him and they want to make sure that this extension is in place before they agree to anything it's been quite a week the prime minister johnson sorry i think about on thursday his only brother
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resigned as an m.p. a minister saying he was torn between family loyalty and the national interest his majority has been obliterated to be expelled 21 m.p.'s trying to stop and sit and a bill to stop the country crashing out of the e.u. is going through parliament there's been a small bit to put the government know with the high court in london ruling that the decision to suspend parliament put 5 weeks is legal the saying we can politics is a long time has never felt more appropriate boris johnson is a man under pressure to delay. the promises he's made and keeps on making there may not be able to keep the general election seems likely but the electorate is weary of wrecks it and they would al-jazeera in westminster be indian space agency has lost communication with its chandra and to lunar mission just before it was about to land on the moon india planned to land the unmanned probe near the lunar south
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pole the agency's chairman told a room of distraught scientists and prime minister narendra modi the data is being analyzed india hopes to become only the 4th nation to land on the moon after russia the u.s. and china. when i saw that the communication went off i was watching all of your faces but this wasn't a small achievement that you can hold on our country is proud of you the leaders of several latin american countries have been meeting tribal leaders in colombia to discuss ways to stop the record number of fires in the amazon rain forest colombia's president even duke a peruse president martin vis car and bolivia's ever morales were among leaders who greeted the tribal members brazilian president jaya bowles and our own mr me saying citing health reasons on latin america editor lucy newman has more from elton mira in the brazilian state of para. heads of state and representatives of the 6 south
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american countries that share the amazon rain forest tried to put on a united front as they signed the pact of amazonia it commits them to taking concrete action to prevent the uncontrollable destruction of the amazon but conspicuously absent was the president of brazil the country that has the largest share of the amazon president j. ball so not all will be undergoing surgery on sunday it will be his 4th since he was stabbed in the stomach exactly one year ago while he was on the campaign trail but many see his absence at the meeting as a sign of lack of commitment towards the amazon because he has been long arguing that brazil has the right to open it up to cattle ranching and to agriculture for example i am in one of the largest municipalities of the amazon of brazil which is larger in fact than the size of all of england and it has been burnt large chunks of it in order to allow agriculture and ranching to take over tens of thousands of
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algerian have demonstrated against the army chief school for elections before the end of the year algeria has been without also an elected president since the disease beautifully cover design to following months of protests many algerians want a transition period while others want to elections with conditions it is the 29th straight week of process in the capital. the 10s of thousands of nigerians in south africa of being offered free flights home by the peace following violence anti immigrant rights in johannesburg this week tyria says it will seek compensation from south africa for attacks on its citizens south africa closed its missions in one area on thursday after a wave of free time to treat violence. the philippine government is accusing the opposition and its supporters of plussing to oust president or drink of the. dozens of people have been taken before the courts charged with sedition allegations
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they've denied duggan has more now from manila. they are politicians priests actors and human rights workers more than 30 of them are accused by the philippine government of committing acts of sedition inciting people to rebel against the government and other criminal complaints the office of the solicitor general says they plotted with the vice president. to destabilize the administration of president did they go to therapy one by one they submitted sworn statements denying the claims the following respondents have already submitted. by especially the marillion or the vice president also submitted her own statement all the accused say the allegations are baseless and are simply attempts to silence dissenting voices. the administration does not realize that the duty of the
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opposition is to oppose constructively the president got used to brown nosing and polishing the. that is not the work of the opposition. the government filed a complaint in july after the united nations voted to investigate detectives so-called war on drugs which has led to the deaths of thousands of filipinos. most of those accused of sedition have been vocal critics of detectives policies not in love i hope i'm. wrong but the solicitor general and the police say they have strong evidence against them in court. he was the man who appeared in a series of online videos linking the president's family to the illegal drugs street but he denied he was taken into police custody and now says he conspired with members of the opposition to this stabbing lies detectors administration his
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credibility as a witness has been questioned. now in the hands of the justice department if the case will be through the court the case is still under preliminary investigation and those facing the possibility of charges say they hope that the rule of law will prevail they say the initial court action smacks of political persecution dogon al jazeera. the mexican painter francisco died at the age of 79 his work produced home state a walk or at least center of mexico's national culture he's recognized as a multi-faceted our sister his work in water color and oil in addition to his sculptures he was awarded a number of prestigious awards for his work including the national prize for science and art. our moscow's voters head to the polls in this election on sunday that ballot papers won't show a single candidate openly running for president vladimir putin's united russia
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party instead they'll be standing as independent candidates for the regional parliament known as the duma if follows the declining popularity of united russia and large protests against a pile on some opposition politicians running so fast in reports from the russian capital. only the presence of a beer it's a way that this is an election rally for united russia the animal has often been used to symbolize the ruling party and has been hired here to entertain supporters of this day been called but the united to russia veteran who has been a member of the moscow duma or regional parliament since it was founded in 1903 is not running for her party on the ballot she's an independent candidate running for the money i'm running i'm a member of this body i'm a member of this body everybody wants to have a lot support of people is there
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a problem with your party i know we haven't any problem i brought out that i am a member of the right and that's all thank you very much. great things for the party which was founded soon after a bloody mayor put in became president in 1909 dropped 11 percent to 28 percent last year after the retirement age was increased a move that led to a nationwide protest during last year's regional elections united russia lost for governor positions analysts say the party's very name has become a liability a campaign rally for united russia but not a single party flacco banner and you see the candidates here say they're here to hurt people in moscow and they don't need to use the park if named but i will say it shows how deep united russia asked. the usually loci moscow elections have attracted worldwide attention after more than 30 opposition candidates were banned
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from running government officials cited administrative mistakes the decision led to weeks of protests candidates and protesters being detained and one leading opposition candidate. going on a hunger strike. this shows that in moscow the opposition is strong enough to cause problems to those in power problems they did not have before when in previous elections candidates were not allowed to run it was fine today it has led to major political event the chairman of the moscow duma here on campaign trail sasa disqualification of the opposition candidates is legitimate and calls the election process fear. the moscow elections a totally legal electoral process has followed the rule of law candidates can be registered according to the documents we saw in court rulings that have taken place they failed to get proper documents although the moscow duma is not seen as an influential body the elections are considered a task for national elections 2 years from now without
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a strong party in parliament it could be more difficult for president putin to stay in power beyond his last term which ends in 2024 steps fast and al-jazeera moscow. japanese names will never be the same again in the english language anyway after a government decision to switch the rounds on official documents it's the idea of the culture minister. by yama who will soon be known as. japanese the family name 1st but this was for a verse for english speakers in the 19th century in line with the policies of prime minister shinzo or. himself is a strong supporter of japanese traditional. reminder the top stories on al-jazeera the founder of the zimbabwe nation robert mugabe has died in hospital in singapore at the age of 95 tributes have been
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pouring in from around the world along with harsh criticism people remember one of africa's most divisive leaders president. who took over in 27 after mugabe was overthrown has paid tribute to the former leader calling him a national hero. quickly is. did a little. of diminish against the principle all the collective rights of. africans in general. in particular the rights of the people of zimbabwe a form he gave all. the hundreds of people are still missing in the bahamas as officials warn that the number of people killed by hurrican dorian could be staggering at least 30 people are known to have died but rescue workers a still discovering bodies in the rubble and floodwaters left behind by the most
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powerful hearkened to ever hit the island. the british parliament upper house has approved a bill that blocks the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal it will now become law on monday the decision is another setback for prime minister boris johnson who's struggling to gain support for his spade to call an early election. 2 palestinians have been killed and several others injured during more clashes on gaza's border with israel demonstrators are demanding an end to israel's 12 year blockade of the gaza strip. the indian space agency has lost communication with its chandra and 2 lunar mission just before the unmanned probe was about to land on the moon the agency's chairman told a room of distraught scientists and prime minister narendra modi that data is being analyzed india hopes to become the 4th nation to land on the moon after russia the u.s. and china. quicker might even find much more about many of the stories we're covering
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by going to our web site usually dress al-jazeera dot com out to syria dot com. headlines here on al-jazeera coming out next just counting the cost the news continues now for. what guarantees would you give to the people who will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the amazon rain forest is on fire and a priceless resource is under threat but behind the headlines is
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a push by brazil's president to use the opposition for more farming in agriculture so is it time to offset the damage and stop buying brazilian beef and soya also this week as he had global ambitions of left investors nursing the losses we look at the deal that wouldn't have got off the ground without some help from goldman sachs and whoever said the trade war is bad for business well we will meet one garlic farmer in california is laughing all the way to the bank. one forest fire however large might be considered a natural disaster something that unfortunately happened. but $80000.00 in a year in the one place something else is surely going on we're of course talking about the amazon rain forest where right now every minute an area the size of a football pitch has been wiped out the problem it seems stems from the top brazil's diables a narrow campaigned on
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a promise to open up the embers into farming and logging and mining to strip native amazonian tribes of their land and now he's president he's defunding the bodies responsible for environmental enforcement his argument and that of some rather brazilians is that their economic growth is being held back because they can't exploit the amazon but how do you put a price and where do you even start when you consider the amazon produces about 6 percent of the world's oxygen and is home to a 5th of the world's fresh water supply it also provides you may not know key ingredients to some of the pharmaceuticals in your medicine cabinet like your aspirin and even heart medications and cancer treatments so there's 2 scenarios here one is to leave the amazon as it is and in fact a study in the science journal nature suggested the economic benefit of leaving the rainforest in its current state would be $8200000000.00 a year and includes all the existing sustainable businesses like not farming and
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rubber tree timber but option to deforestation would lead to a fall in rainwater and lead to agricultural losses of $422000000.00 plus there's the social and the economic damage from the migration of indigenous tribes to cities from the loss of river water and food security over a 30 year period that could be as much as 3 and a half trillion dollars the cost of saving the amazon that'll be $50.00 times less $64000000000.00 could help restore the landscape and to change agricultural practices. heart of the forest clearances is both an hour's desire to increase as you heard there beef and soya production brazil is the largest exporter of beef to the world it provides a 5th of the global supply with over 6 and a half $1000000000.00 in 2018 so we're going to discuss all of this with our guest in a moment but there's one other economic elements to these fires brazil's handling of
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the situation it has strained its relationship with the e.u. in fact at least 2 european countries are frozen their donations to what is called the amazon fund a move that could impact dozens of environmental projects to raise a boat has our report now from it's a poor in brazil. every day the his who somebody see there goes into the national park to look for seeds he's trying to preserve the rain forest and the dozens of species that live in it. the threat of deforestation has become a major problem and then goes like this there are fighting back and what do we. what we are seeing is really bad and they are burning the forest so our work looks into encouraging farmers to enroll in comic alternatives i don't destroy the forests have environmental impact or killed over. there that is growing fountains of trees every year and help locals make
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a living while also caring for the environment the ngos funded by what's called the amazon fund handled by the government the fundraising is donations to help fight deforestation in amazonia deforestation and the fires have already destroyed large sectors of the amazon rain forest but there are projects like this one that are trying to preserve and re forest the areas that have been already devastated there are more than 40 species here of trees and crops the problem is that projects like this one are now at risk. germany and norway are crucial sponsors of the fund that helps over $100.00 projects like this one but they have halted all payments to condemn president jade also now those environmental policies. well we all better has managed to reforest $800.00 hectares of trees this year. alexander gatos fears a drop in donations will impact their work. but we're very concerned but we've been
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working on our projects through the amazon fund and petrobras for a long time that being said sir t.g. clee we're already looking for other sources of funding we want to find ways so that the funds don't go through the government. a long time skeptic of environmental concerns wants to open the amazon to more agriculture and mining. even a dig out of those who has been working to protect indigenous groups living in london for years she has been threatened by loggers and miners but international funding has allowed her to do her work. we have much more work now because the local environmental authorities are committed to the cause but feel alone threatened and without support from the government so we are trying at least to show the world there are people who care about the environment but we don't have any support instead we are being weakened by the government's narrative and she'll say they're ready to fight attempt to commercialise the rain forest but need international aid
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to do so they say they can protect what brazil's president will not. joining us now on skype from stockholm is toby garner toby is a thing yet research fellow with the stockholm environment institute also director of the supply chain transparency initiative called trade so it's good to have you with us to be both an r. is very simple argument is well it's our land and we should be able to exploit it we should be able to do what we want with it and maximize it and on the face of it that kind of makes sense but there's nothing else like the amazon out there it's there sean thanks very much for having me on the program again there's no question that brazil is a sovereign nation and it has the right to to exploit its natural resources in a way that the wishes but the key point here is the question logic that the clearance of the arm of the of the buyer is necessarily a precondition for sustainable economic development one clear fact that is that
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it's important to keep in mind in this whole debate this whole discussion is the area of land that has already been cleared in the amazon the vast majority about land is not currently on there any economically viable productive use in fact the majority of it is in very extensive low productivity cattle pasture often making making a last economically and law so huge an area of it has been abandoned so it's clear the evidence is in front of a lot of this land wasn't clear it with a clear economic rationale in the 1st place so what brazil has the opportunity to do is to both make make much better use of the land that's already being cleared which there is a huge stock available and the agribusiness community of brazil is the 1st to say that the flat to expand and satisfy their needs while also protecting the remaining areas and other native existence of the so vital as well to the economy brazil the
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wellbeing of brazilian people and of course the wellbeing of people across the planet for those. people out there who are conscious about such things and maybe don't want to be passive of an agri business which is destroying parts of the amazon i know i've simplified it there but for those people like that is there a way to sort of track the supply chain than to know what's coming from where so the lens on who you are the individual consumer you are in the shot it's incredibly hard at the moment to have confidence if you're wanting to buy a product take saw it so it 1st bedded countless products that were buying on supermarket shelves and were often often very ignorant blissfully ignorant about where it's found most so in the world used to feed animals and you're not thinking actually when you're eating chicken for example. you're also eating soy that may come from the brazilian that was not the president's out there so an individual consumer it's extremely hard to know what you can do there is an increasing number
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of monitoring systems and score cards that rank and assess the major brands of the world the major companies that produce and processed food and sell it on to retailers and the major logistics companies the transport and operate that middle part of the supply chain the cargill in the bungie glen cause of the world there are an increasing number of system this is one of the things that we're trying to do tristan transparent this column is and it's just there that c.r.m. with partners is to give some truth to how we judge the relative levels of impact the different companies different buyers are exposed to and if they are in for political pressure as well the e.u. is about to sign a. trade agreement with latin america with with with brazil as part of that as as well president macron in france has been trying to help out shall we say and that hasn't gone too well is is there room for political pressure there's
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always room for political pressure and i think that political pressure needs to come in a number of different ways it is important i'm saying that the that you. ellison's legislation i think quite can really try and expedite excel or a catalyst change on the ground through the actions of buying companies the political pressure also needs to come in other fora need to come through environmental diplomacy it needs to come through packages of incentives that are actually commensurate with the scale challenge i think one of the problems for example with this recent spat between macron and both are that we witnessed. the g. 7 apparently one of the most powerful gatherings of global players of world leaders they tabled this the most gender isom and came at the end of a $20000000.00 package now that's problematic on 2 levels one it's an almost offensively small amount of money when you think about the challenge so it's bound
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to stoke the fires of xenophobia resentment of foreign players interfering in brazil's sufferance and secondly it's targeted at the symptoms of the problem so putting out fires if you qualify you posted put it out that far more importantly when you think about ways to avoid those fires being led to the scraping into the forest in the 1st place and all of the systems and the understanding the technology needed to do that is all in place we just need resources to be able to implement it better and to ensure that the rules that brazil already have has really ready were world class environmental legislation that isn't forced and if it wasn't forced and if farmers were properly supported especially farmers who have no choice of that which is not the main source of the problem but they need support as well in order to ensure that that practices can continue and staying the way to be gotten a joining us from stockholm to i thank you so much for your time thank you very
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much for having me on the emergency in the amazon of course stretches beyond brazil nearly one and a half 1000000 hectares of tropical rainforest in both.


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