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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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area police used tear gas to disperse them. police stopped another protest from targeting the airport trains didn't stop on the way to the airport as they tried to stop demonstrators from getting there has to be go public with. this time the police and security were prepared last time they came well into the chaos well after protesters had paralyzed the airports and the transportation linking to police complete train change their strategy this time they were here at the airport hours before protesters were due they were here in large numbers and they also instigated stop and searches at young people that they suspected of being protesters and that's basically because the protesters to change their tactics they called on those who are willing to take part in the movement to come to the airport and try to blend in as toddlers to tell them not to wear their customary black shirts masks that helmets and even maybe take a luggage and print out fake boarding passes through that they could be seen as
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legitimate travelers so in response to what the police has been doing is searching anyone the suspected of not being at the airport with a valid reason to be at the airport and they've also set up checkpoints at various tunnels and highways and train stations that would take people to the airports and conducted searches there anyone they suspect of being a protester they turned away in the news ahead brazil celebrates its independence day but the country's president is facing pressure over the amazon fire. insults an exhibition of nazi designs opens in the netherlands. hello again it's good to have you back well we are seeing plenty of so. and over
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here across parts of eastern china that has been the trend over the last few days and fortunately you can be seeing that as we go through the rest of the weekend as well so here on sunday for shanghai $31.00 degrees all the way down towards hong kong you may pick up a shower or 2 but we don't expect it to be heavy at all over here towards for joe it is going to be a hot day at 35 degrees here on sunday by the time we get towards monday things get a little bit better but notice over here towards taipei we're watching a developing circulation and that could bring a little bit more heavy rain across much of that area well down here across parts of india we're going to be seeing some very heavy rain across central as well as western india but really down here across the southwestern coast as well some rain totals could exceed well over $200.00 millimeters in just 24 to 48 hours so more localized flooding across much of this area new delhi you could be seeing a rain shower or 2 but by monday the rain possibly ends fuel we do expect to see attempt to there of 36 degrees and then very quickly here across much of the gulf it is going to be the winds over the next few days on sunday expect to see
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a tempter here in doha at $42.00 degrees with windy conditions and by the time we get towards monday $42.00 degrees still down across parts of amman it is going to be clouds along the coast with the temperatures fall at $29.00. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on the.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour russia and ukraine of carried out a mass prisoner exchange that's been hailed as a 1st step in any ending of the war in eastern ukraine 35 prisoners have been released by each side including a suspect in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 in 24 to. $70000.00 people without food water or shelter in the bahamas after hurricane dorian hit the islands at least $43.00 people are confirmed dead with fears of the final death toll will be quite staggering and iran says it started using advanced centrifuges prohibited under the 2050 nuclear deal to iran claims it can now enrich uranium beyond current levels to weapons grade material. the former sudanese president omar bashir has been denied bail by a court in culture and he is facing charges of corruption and illegal use of
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foreign funds but bashir says the $25000000.00 he received from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman wasn't used for private purposes such as noise deny the client denies all charges against him here is hit morgan and catch him with more. this is the 4th quarter hearing in the corruption charges against vance former president already here where he's being charged with a list of financial games corruption and bribery now the former president had previously stated that he wished the whole trial was secretive because he did not want to mention the name of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin money where he previously stated that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from the crown prince investigators also revealed during the 1st hearing that he received millions of dollars from the united arab emirates ruler as well now the former president has continued to plead not guilty to the charges against him and his defense lawyers which comprised of more than 130 lawyers say that they want the charges against the
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former president dropped because when the money was given to him it was given to him as a person and not as a president today as a judge listen to this to the witnesses from the defense aside and said that all financial dealings every single money he gave away was documented and that their documents to prove that and receipts to prove that the president did not understand the money that he received. a witness testified that africa international university which the president admitted giving money to had indeed received money in the sum of 4000000 euros and that that was documented in university records how 2nd witness who was an office manager of the president also confirmed that the president gave him money which he had been distributed to other people. now the charges that are not being mentioned in this trial are the charges against him for inciting to kill protesters things demonstrations began nationwide in december now the transitional government which has been formed has said that they are going to try to set up an independent judicial system to hold the president to into account
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for crimes not just committed in the water in the region of darfur but also in the southern regions of blue nile and south kordofan but people on the streets have been protesting and they're saying that the whole trial is a sham and an attempt to divert their attention from the real crimes that has been committed not just by the former president but by his government as well they're saying that throughout. so many crimes committed so many lives lost and they want to make sure that not just the president but those who were his allies and were telling the government are also held to account and they're saying that if that justice is not delivered in they will consider that the revolution that they started is not yet complete the government of chad is hoping the appointment of a new regional sultan will help end the deadly conflict in the east of the country 40 people have been killed since the start of august in clashes between cattle herders and farmers and it's been made worse speakers of the large amount of weapons coming in from libya central african republic and state of emergency has been declared in the. tibet sea regions as laura poured the reports.
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a moment of celebration as tribal elders swear in a new sultan and the dar would die reaching a centrist tradition. but sharif mohamadi abdul hadi has been sworn in to solve the crisis of more recent times that led to a state of emergency in 3 regions of chad. is in. dozens of people have been killed as a conflict between farmers and herdsman as in the past few months i have been here we have been here for more than 400 years and we haven't seen such a problem that started 3 months ago we will cooperate with the authorities and the people of those 40 people who lost their lives would be the last to be killed the sultan says a dispute between herdsman and open land resources has been made more dangerous by a large amount of weapons coming in from neighboring countries. the country has
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made a decision about arms smuggling from there for the central african republic and libya to prevent the introduction of weapons to garwood weapons smugglers will be arrested and anyone with weapons will be arrested that's when fighting began more than 5000 people fled their villages in what die and there were more displacement lucilla reaching back and i think oh a 3 month state of emergency was imposed the army was deployed there would dozens of arrests and weapons was seize some borders with sudan libya and the central african republic have since been closed and the night curfew imposed but experts say present it to stab his appointment of a new sultan is only a short term solution to a long term crisis if you look at the governors of the different regions in chad they tend to last a very short period of time before president debbie into a matter that's not happy with their performance and replaces them the sultan's no
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different the dispute over the past so to date is both a cause and a result of the violence we're seeing at the moment we. have moments of peace in the hollow shell of 400 year old sultans palace these tribal elders and come together to renovate this is start building but they have a much bigger challenge ahead to fill their historic role of ending tribal conflicts nor about a man the al jazeera saudi arabia's reiterated it will not lift the blockade of qatar the sea and land blockhead by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain was imposed more than 2 years ago they accused of violating a 2014 agreement with members of the gulf cooperation council by meddling in regional affairs and supporting terrorism carter has strenuously rejected the allegations and says the blockade is an attack on its sovereignty. brazilians are celebrating independence day president urged people to come out and attend events
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to show their support for the country's sovereignty over the amazon rain forest brazil of course being criticized for its response to the record number of fires there not everyone that was hated president wilson or is called to celebrate independence day a latin america editor lizzie newman is at a protest in sao paulo. but you see part of the traditional shout of the excluded march takes place every year here in brazil on independence day while the president overseas the military parade in the capital brasilia this is. against budget cuts in education and also against the fires in the amazon and of course the criticism that the president has not done anything. to prevent them and to stop the people who are also. demanding the release of the former president. and also women are out. here
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behind me saying that the number of brazil has increased significantly since president bush for not came to office in january in fact he has gone down significantly according to the. opinion poll july it has plummeted from 37 to 29 percent. india's space agency has lost contact with its mainland and as it made its final approach there were scenes of disappointment in the mission control center it's not even known yet if the man. named victor crashed or suffered a technical fault in his $140000000.00 mission to the moon is called. the main craft is an orbiter which is mapping the lunar surface from a 100 kilometers above the moon which as we said is called vic hermance named after an indian scientist separated from the orbiter on monday was heading towards the unexplored south pole of the moon when contact was lost the calm was meant to
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deploy a robotic rover to collect luna samples india would have been no need to force a nation to land on the moon after the u.s. the soviet union and china if the mission had been a success. with more from new delhi. there is a palpable sense of disappointment in. as many stayed up late in the night to watch the landing of the moon and in the last few seconds the contact was lost chief of india space research organization i did earlier said that the last 15 minutes of full of terror and terrifying they indeed were up but why that is disappointment that is also sympathy for the scientists who are undertaking such an endeavor and scientists believe that even though it has failed the data has so far been collected would be useful in finding out why it's fading what can be learnt at the end of it from this exercise sympathies also that because this is a very cost effective mission the indian government spend $150000000.00 that's about half of what was used in producing hollywood movie the average us so how did
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succeed it would have been a lesson for scientists all over the world to find out how these missions can be conducted in a cost effective manner other than that the stated mission stated goal of the mission was to research lunar soil to take the images of lunar soil and send them to the earth in the last such mission india india had tried to search for water and this time the focus was on soil it has failed bot prime minister said very reassuring what the scientists are implying that there will be a next time we also heard from tonic monarch who is the editor in chief of space dot call me reckons despite the setback india will be up there for future missions . everything seemed to be going really really well until the final moments they got about 2 clint kilometers above the lunar surface when they lost contact with their probe they don't know if it crashed or maybe redirected itself to
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a secondary landing site they're hoping to figure that out in the next few hours and days but it was you know definitely really tense in india's mission control and a big disappointment after a mission that's gone really really well over the last month to reach the moon there are folks still listening for signals but not having any signal from the spacecraft nasa deep space network with antennas around the world also lost contact they weren't hearing anything from the spacecraft that's not the best of signs it is possible that the spacecraft might have been able to land itself busy and just lost contact you know they have their orbiter in orbit around the moon nasa has an orbiter as well you can be sure that they'll be looking for that but not hearing from the spacecraft during that critical period isn't a great sign india has resolved to keep at it to to keep listening and then to keep shooting for the moon and they do have plans for a 3rd mission later on other calls being made in the netherlands to ban an
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exhibition called design of the 3rd reich most natasha butler reports from the city of the. exhibits of nazi propaganda going on show near a synagogue. understood how bold design and imagery could motivate and convince people so he used its power to help fulfill his racist ambitions and create a nazi state that killed millions of people mainly jews in world war 2. this exhibition in the netherlands examines how nazis use design for propaganda. understood that that's what the guy had to be used for his party and i wanted to be a powerful more than logo hitler came to power in 19336 years later germany invaded. the lindh triggering world war 2 arts and design a had help feel nationalist anti jewish sentiment images recalled or romanticized past military uniforms was sharply tailored to promote fear the museum's director
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knows their showcasing the is statics of a deadly regime is controversial but he says it's important to take a critical look at history we are accustomed to percent while the zion or art what we can target good but we all know their as all also stuff and been made guts that's not good mic or ethical sounds what's and bad what's the fall and while we decided to research it while it was possible they were have 2 phase has 3 because the sus you know we are innit we're not nancy's but we're defined by a just opposite the design museum happens to big den bosses cynical kids a coincidence but nevertheless it is a stark reminder of why this exhibition is controversial nazi forces occupied the netherlands for nearly 5 years in world war 2 and in that time 3 quarters of the jewish population was killed among the victims was and frank the jewish girl who was deported by the nazis and died in
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a concentration camp her famous diary detail take years hiding in an attic in amsterdam after cross father was a dutch resistance fighter he says the exhibition nora finds the nazi era and should be banned it is. not only to jewish people but also to people with low background. related to resistance people it's it's it's well if it hurts it which it shouldn't be there 75 years after allied forces liberated the netherlands the divisions over the exhibition highlight that while nazi occupation is in the past its painful legacy is still very present natasha butler al-jazeera then boasts the netherlands. so the headlines for you on al-jazeera this hour russia and ukraine of carried out
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a major prisoner exchange that's been hailed as the 1st step in easing tensions that led to moscow's annexation of crimea and a 5 year long conflict in eastern ukraine $35.00 prisoners have been released by each side it includes the $24.00 ukrainian soldiers who were captured near crimea and among those released by ukraine is a witness in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 a move that angered the netherlands which lost many of its citizens in the tragedy ukraine's new president says he hopes to end the conflict that's now killed more than 13000 people. 2 connections telephone connection between 2 presidents and leave if you're. scared. i said to our journalist do you grade me and establishment in wollongong team that we have to be here we have to begin all the steps i hope we'll have the nearest meeting in normandy for march and the big about it and will be all the
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steps during the. the future i during the nearest future we have to do all the steps to finish this horrible war. headlines $70000.00 people are without food water or shelter in the bahamas after hurricane dorian hit the islands at least $43.00 people are confirmed dead with fears the final death toll will be staggering the u.s. coast guard is evacuating people to the capital not many coming in from the hardest hit islands of grand bahama and because iran says it started using advanced centrifuges for hit by this 150 nuclear deal and that it can enrich uranium to weapons grade material iran says its capability could quickly be reversed though if european countries deliver the promised sanctions relief saudi arabia's reiterating it won't lift the blockade on cutter the s.c.m. led bloc blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain was impose more than 2 years ago they accused of being
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a 2014 agreement with members of the gulf cooperation council by meddling in regional affairs and supporting terrorism qatar has strenuously rejected all the allegations you have today with the headlines here on al-jazeera people in power starts right now. over 3 months of massive protests. on what began as opposition to an exhibition or has it both approved the pro-democracy movement. so why did this
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crisis develop and wait yes i did leave in the 1st of 2 special reports this is the story behind it all comes the summer of 2 fine. com has been reeling from its worst political crisis in decades. massive protests. radical action. the streets in goldston tear gas.
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prices. and. the law of not. the movement started in response to the government's plans to amend hong kong's extradition role. it was feared anyone suspected of breaking the law could be sent to mainland china to face trial last. outraged hong kong as took to the streets believing such a move would undermine the education and the city's autonomy and bring our wallow under public pressure the proposal was put on hold. but the protest stopped and the chinese government appeared to be losing patience with. people. here more. quickly.
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so what was fueling the demonstrations. and where would they lead. and the fust of 2 reports people in power traces the evolution of hong kong some out of defiance. little doubt that was on the june the 9th when the 1st major protests kicked off. i'm over the proposed extradition bill had been. simmering for weeks. i know there was among other things hong kong was feared beijing would use the law against its opponents living in or even just passing through the city hall my spirits renew that you're free gift unnecessary power to the government the hong kong government with sudden appearance at the china government was something that you would see. organizers said
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a 1000000 people were on the streets that day. police had a far more conservative estimate of 240000. but despite the town out chief executive kerry lamb announced the same evening that's a 2nd reading of the bill would go ahead anyway. the discussion erupted on social media and in various chat groups. they're all there's a scare question what should we do if peaceful mobs use your stuff they think that maybe we should go radical maybe there is something we still can do and the government may hurt us. the group of protesters decided to head for the entrance of the legislative council building. some attempted to breach police lines . by the time jason or right clashes had erupted. hours
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poured out by the holy ghost so i grabbed my friend's life that day me. how it's like that. i'm calling us so they tracked me through the battle barrier that they're holding me there and they have given me out that like preacher for. i. jason faces a 5 year sentence for unlawful assembly. he says he has no regrets a way to use whatever he can to lead to god and hear our voices even though they may not care even though it is turn out nothing but we need to chill this out. it's out there through. jason's college roommate was also arrested the same night. a philosophy major tie on has weighed the pros and cons of radical action and all
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with my basic cable in. our homes are. not how you want to. go go to your views on. like many of their peers both jason and took part in the umbrella movement in 2014 for 79 days hundreds of thousands of hong kong occupied key roads in the peaceful show of civil disobedience. ah ah. ah but the campaign for universal suffrage ended without any concessions from the government and to many of the movement's leaders but jails. today protesters say they've learned from the past by your. charge. i'm sorry i
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was on walk on. the water had a higher target sure it's always on how you cut a hole in mines you know it's you know it's a way with you toward them. they are seeing their. 5 years off to the umbrella movement roads surrounding government headquarters once again filled with protest as. it was the 12th of june 3 days after the 1st major march. a 2nd reading of the extradition bill to take place that morning. protesters were surrounding the government complex to stop the next just as a council for meeting. the majority of people who showed up. peaceful. but some believe more needed to be done to make the
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government listen it's all it's ok. raising is a thrill out of all of that up if i don't i thought i was sitting. there watching as i would hear another surge of mondale's is it going to come out slow i guess i'll be up. late morning opposition no makeup alvin young received some news. of the more you things are not how long you want all other move was. but it wasn't what the protesters wanted and they refused to back down. i may think we are . hoping to calm things down approach the police and call up. the whole. police force the law. anything. that i think month i want if i was
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like oh boy they told me. not at the house but honestly i got what i'm going to do something on the up and up i must not. like him but i think by. not know what are you the folly and some of the make up in my pocket money well they saw that. it was yet another sign of how much things have changed since the umbrella movement. no one possible who was in charge no one could tell these protesters what to do. away from the front lines the protest remained peaceful. up on a bridge filmmaker yang. in a group of academics and autists were on a hunger strike. originally from mainland china he now lives in exile in hong kong
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up to making a film critical of the mainland justice system if enacted the extradition will could be used on him domino watson's ashoka editing to repair the whole. side of the phone issue paul xanga alison's iou the present thousands outings job each year marrying your charges. by late afternoon some protesters on the front lines getting restless. outside the main entrance of the legislative council building demonstrates is charged police lines police responded. with rubber bullets. and then tear gas driving school protesters in the area including those not involved in clashes towards the entrance of a nearby building. puts it shed on social media shows
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a near stampede as hemmed in on 3 sides by police hundreds of protesters attempted to feed through the one unlocked door of this office building. outside police continue to fight to cast right into the middle of the fleeing crowd . the. op. was told. in another video right police were seen grabbing hold of and beating this man lucky. oh are finite full police had pushed protesters away from the area so. rounding government offices. at around the same time chief executive
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carrie lam released this video if i say it was on the long haul the why. would the. old saying say it is high walk softly. outsold take a fucking cold. it was a characterization with significant legal implications. anyone charged with rioting faces up to 10 years in prison. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah it was a sea of black as hong kong was returned to the streets on the 16th of july. the law they marched despite an announcement by lamb that she was suspending debates on the extradition bill indefinitely although very last postpones extradition bill.
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do not allow the peephole or even the pandemic rather glad this lady of council has to stop extradition.


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