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average these are the that was 3 medals the us assume that these negotiation and the stock supplied to great with criminals a way to honor partners lead to somewhere the acting chief of the united nations nuclear watchdog well head to teheran on sunday for talks with the reigning foreign minister mohammad javad zarif iran has given britain france and germany another 60 days to see if they can do anything to salvage this deal and the head of iran's atomic energy organization has told al jazeera that after the next phase iran will have officially abandon all of its technical commitments under the nuclear agreement or such a party al jazeera attack wrong meanwhile the united states says a satellite photo proves iran has lied about the oil tanker released in gibraltar last month the u.s. says the edger in the area one is now anchored off the coast of syria despite iranian assurances that wouldn't help that in july a british marine stormed the supertanker suspected of shipping oil worth
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$130000000.00 to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions. well grab a break on al-jazeera when we come back celebrating brazil's independence day but the country's president is still under pressure. and. so far india loses contact with its spacecraft before touchdown on the moon. hello again well we are still following the showers here across parts of north eastern turkey georgia our job regard as well and you know the clouds right there making their way towards the east but really lingering as we go towards the heating of the day so we're watching that before baku expect to see some clouds in your forecast here on sunday maybe a high of 24 degrees there down towards the south on sunday at 42 for quite city and by the time we get towards monday things really generally the same across much
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of the area we do expect to see baghdad with a high of 40 degrees there where here across the gulf it is going to be a little bit windy or over the next few days in the relative humidity is going to start to fall off just a little bit that is why the temperatures are here into the low forty's for doha we do expect to see abu dhabi at $38.00 and by the time we get towards monday abu dhabi you'll be dropping down to about $37.00 degrees there then the temp has been quite hot here across capetown we did see temperatures into the low thirty's for the areas around cape town now that is not going to stay as we go through the rest of the forecast by the time we get towards sunday really coming down in temperatures to about $25.00 degrees there durban not looking too bad at $25.00 degrees for you here on sunday but by the time we get towards monday we do expect to see durban maybe coming up to about $27.00 degrees there but for parts of madagascar expect to see some rain down towards the southwest. rewind to 10 days with
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a new scenery and brand new updates on the past about using documentaries. if you want to. rewind continues with saving sweat and seeing the light 10 years later a lot of you average person. in south africa is low but this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera these are the top stories russia and ukraine of carried out a mass prisoner exchange that's been hailed as the 1st step in any ending of the
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war in eastern ukraine $35.00 prisoners have been released by each side including a suspect in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 back in 24 to. $70000.00 people without food water and shelter in the bahamas after harken dorrian hit the islands and these $43.00 people are confirmed dead with fears the death toll will be staggering and iran says it started using advanced centrifuges prohibited by the 2050 nuclear deal that it can now enrich uranium to weapons grade material. brazilians are celebrating independence day president jaya ball son aro urged people to attend events to show their support for brazil and it soften to your over the amazon rain forest brazil's been criticized for its response to the record numbers of in the amazon but not everyone hated president has called to celebrate a latin america editor seen human sent this report from a protest in sao paulo. instead of waiting to come into the brazilian flag as
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president tried both brazilians to do today during national independence day the opposition is wearing black and they are protesting particularly today in their what is called the traditional shout of the excluded against the president's education cuts and of course what is happening in the amazon look for example we're going to come a little closer here this these people are carrying a card that shows the destruction of the amazon before and after the fires and you can also see little trucks which are a symbol of the longer who are trying to cut down the amazon to clear the way for the agro business also for ranchers cattle ranchers and so forth so there are a lot of things to protest against today here on the streets of sao paolo this is not the largest protest we've ever seen here but it's significantly it coincides with the latest polls from that powerful yeah which shows that the president approval rating in the last 2 months alone has gone down significantly and not just
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amongst the population at large but especially amongst his strong support base and that is the upper class people with money and according to that poll that shows that that is down that support is down 15 percent what has changed in the last 2 months one of the things of course has been these out of control fires in the amazon that has destroyed so much of it and the president's policies which seem to encourage according to many people these fires rather than trying to stop them hong kong police and fire tear gas to disperse protesters gathering for a 2nd night in the monkey district of quaalude police pushed back demonstrators from a police station they were demanding an independent investigation of the alleged excessive use of force by police early offices stopped another protest from talking the airport. and she's in hong kong. this time the police and security were prepared last time they came well into the chaos well after protesters had
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paralyzed the airports and the transportation linking to police complete train change their strategy this time they were here at the airport hours before protesters were to they were here in large numbers and they also instigated stop and searches at young people that they suspected of being protesters and that's basically because the protesters to change their tactics they called on those who were willing to take part in the movement to come to the airports and try to blend in as toppers to tell them not to wear their customary black shirts masks and helmets and even maybe takes a luggage and printout fake boarding passes so that they could be seen as legitimate travelers so in response what the police has been doing is searching anyone that the suspected of not being at the airport with a valid reason to be at the airport and they've also set up checkpoints at various tunnels and highways and train stations that would take people to the airports and
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conducted searches there anyone they suspect of being a protester they turned away earlier stand off a develops between protesters and police at the transit station and adrian brown was there when it happened. well this is normally a very busy shopping mall it's very close to hong kong international airport which of course has been in the crosshairs of protesters once again on saturday the protesters are angry because they've been trying to get to the airport to try to disrupt operations which of course they managed to do a week ago and also last month leading to the cancellation of almost a 1000 flights well on saturday they were largely school today in that exercise because the police were out in very heavy numbers in here in tone show me a very busy on a saturday afternoon we've had standoff between protesters. and the police all afternoon we've had 2 brief dispersal operations by the police
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a number of people have been detained then and how many but it's remind as i say that even normally the feel for the most right there is has become very volatile on the more protests are planned on sunday looting one outside the u.s. consulate that's a 1st look at the moment the focus for the protesters remains the area around hong kong's international airport. the former sudanese president omar bashir has been denied bail by a court in a khartoum he's facing charges of corruption and illegal use of foreign funds his lawyer says he denies all charges against him investigators said they found more than $130000000.00 when they raided bashir as house after the military removed him from power in april but sheer though says the $25000000.00 he received from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman wasn't used for private purposes so towns just formed a new cabinet as well following a power sharing deal between protest leaders and the generals who asked it
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a sheer has him morgan with more from khartoum. this is the 4th quarter hearing in the corruption charges against vance former president already bashir where he's being charged with a list of financial gains corruption and bribery now the former president had previously stated that he wished the whole trial was secretive because he did not want to mention the name of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin solomon where he previously stated that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from the crown prince investigators also revealed during the 1st hearing that he received millions of dollars from the united arab emirates ruler as well now the former president has continued to plead not guilty to the charges against him and his defense lawyers which comprise of more than 130 lawyers say that they want the charges against the former president dropped because when the money was given to him it was given to him as a person and not as a president today the judge listen to this lead to the witnesses from the defense aside and said that all financial dealings every single money he gave away was
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documented and that their documents to prove that and receipts to prove that the president did not and spend the money that he received. a witness testified that africa international university which the president admitted giving money to had indeed received money in the summer of 4000000 euros and that that was documented in university records how 2nd witness who was an office manager of the president also confirmed that the president gave him money which he had been distributed to other people. now the charges that are not trial are the charges against him for inciting to kill protesters began nationwide in december now the transitional government which has been formed has said that they are going to try to set up an independent judicial system to hold the president to account for crimes committed in the water and region of darfur but also in the southern region and south but people in the street protesting and they're saying that the trial is a sham and an attempt to divert attention from the real crimes that have been committed not just by the former president but by his government as well they're
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saying that throughout the many crimes committed so many lives lost and they want to make sure that not just the president but those who were his allies and were telling the government are also held to account and they're saying that if that justice is not delivered in they will consider that the revolution that they started is not yet complete taliban fighters in eastern afghanistan of kidnapped 6 journalists however a taliban spokesman says there abduction in party a province is a mistake and they will be released soon the taliban warned afghan media organizations to stop broadcasting what's described as government propaganda or journalists would be targeted saudi arabia has reiterated it will not lift the blockade of qatar the sea and land blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain was imposed more than 2 years ago. or 2014 agreement with members of the gulf cooperation council by meddling in regional affairs and supporting terrorism strenuously rejected the allegations and says the blockade is an attack
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on its sovereignty now india's space agency has lost contact with its moon lander is it made its final approach it's not known if the unmanned lunar lander named victor crashed or suffered a technical fault vora reports from new delhi. india's attempt to make one giant leap ended at the final step of its unmanned mission to the moon the vicar of lunar lander lost contact with controllers in india with just 2 kilometers above the moon surface the disappointment of the mission controllers in bengal lulu was obvious scientists working for india's space research organization will have to wait longer in their search for water on the move. than. was. part of a. millions
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all over india were glued to t.v. screens waiting for the indian flag to be unfurled at the south pole of the moon no one has ever explored there i think it's a stepping stone you can't expect every new experiment in mission to always be perfect but we've learned so much from it and we can analyze what went wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again the 20 day chandrayaan 2 mission cost 140000000 dollars despite the failure to dash the hopes of the nation further missions are already planned the indian prime minister's words were reassuring. we will look back at this journey and if it with great satisfaction the learning from today will make us stronger and better it will be a new dawn and a brighter tomorrow very soon india's mission to the moon may have fared in the final moments but while the lunar lander has been lost over szell's expect to
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receive crucial images from the orbiter and even though there is disappointment just now the government says there will be a next time after the u.s. the soviet union and china india would have been only the 4th nation to successfully land on the moon had its mission ended in success rather than disappointment of war or al-jazeera new delhi. finally there are calls being made in the netherlands to ban an exhibition called design of the 3rd reich as natasha but the reports now from the city of them boys there are exhibits of nazi propaganda going on show close to a synagogue. understood how bold design and imagery could motivate and convince people so he used its power to help fulfill his racist ambitions and create a nazi state that killed millions of people mainly jews in world war 2. this exhibition in the den boss in the netherlands examines how nazis use design for
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propaganda or understood that that's what the guy had to be used for his party and i wanted to be a powerful modern logo hitler came to power in 19336 years later germany invaded poland triggering world war 2 arts and design had helped fuel nationalist anti jewish sentiment images recalled a romanticized past military uniforms was sharply tailored to promote fear the museum's director knows there showcasing the a statics of a deadly regime is controversial but he says it's important to take a critical look at history we are accustomed to present the zion or are what we consider good but we all know there is all also stuff being made that's that's not good ethical sense what's bad what's the fall. and while we decided to research it while it was possible that we have to face history because it's us you know we are
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in a we're not nancy's but we're defined by just opposite the design museum happens debate and bosses synagogue it's a coincidence but nevertheless it is a stark reminder of why this exhibition is controversial nazi forces occupied the netherlands for nearly 5 years in world war 2 and in that time 3 quarters of the jewish population was killed among the victims was and frank a jewish girl who was deported by the nazis and died in a concentration camp her famous diary detailed her years hiding in an attic in amsterdam autographs father was a dutch resistance fighter he says the exhibition nora finds the nazi era and should be banned it is. not only to jewish people but also to people with my background. related to resistance people it's it's it's well if it hurts it which it shouldn't be there 75 years after allied forces liberated the
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netherlands the divisions over the exhibition highlight that while nazi occupation is in the past its painful legacy is still very present natasha butler al-jazeera then boasts the netherlands. as ever there is more online at al jazeera dot com the top story of course the prisoner exchange between russia and ukraine but plenty more there video on demand opinion pieces easily down the right hand side as well and of course all of documentaries and current affairs programs it's all at al-jazeera dot com. right now that will run through the headlines and as you saw there russia and ukraine of carried out a major prisoner exchange that's been hailed as a 1st step in easing tensions between the 2 countries $35.00 prisoners have been released by each side including a witness in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 that the netherlands
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which lost many of its citizens in the tragedy ukraine's new president says he does hope to end the conflict that's killed more than 13000 people. 2 connection telephone connection between 2 presidents and leave if your. staff. have said to our journalist do you pray for me and establishment in 2 hour long team that we have to be here we have to begin all the steps i hope we'll have the nearest meeting in normandy for march and the big about it and will be all the steps during the. the future i during the nearest future we have to do all the steps to finish this horrible war for the stories 70000 people are without food water or shelter in the bahamas after hurricane dorian hit the islands these 43 people are confirmed dead with fears the final death toll will be quite
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staggering. off there are going to be really jew is on realize they can relate legally what you see in the movies like those and the times is clips you watch on you do is unreal just unreal the modern south korea at least 3 people are dead and more than 120000 homes are without power because of typhoon ling-ling it hit the southern areas of south korea with winds gusting up to 140 kilometers per hour 200 flights were grounded across the country also north korean state media says the leader kim jong un held an emergency meeting to discuss disaster prevention efforts a report of the scolded officials he described as helpless and unaware of the storm's seriousness and iran says it has started using advanced centrifuges prohibited by the 2015 nuclear deal maybe it can enrich uranium to weapons grade material it's not a blow to any hopes of salvaging the agreement but iran says it is willing to quickly reverse the measures if europe to live as promised sanctions newshour for
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you in 25 minutes on al-jazeera next it's inside story. one. home. with me is this by the government scrapping the extradition bill that's false money. why is that not enough and could china's leaders in beijing run out of patience this is inside story. welcome to the program. some of discontent shows no sign of ending despite chief
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executive kerry bowing to months of protests prussia and withdrawing the controversial bill to allow extradition to china climb down didn't stop demonstrators fall 14th successive weekend but police were forced to prevent them getting on trains and buses to the airport the shut down one of the world's busiest ports for 2 days last month and disrupted buses is last week's to divvy up. from hong kong. so the plan for the protesters was to arrive at the airport using public transport and these buses they were supposed to do not where the customary protest here black t. shirts helmets and facemasks they were told to blend in with the rest of the passengers look like they have a legitimate reason to be here at the airport even printing fake boarding passes and carrying luggage but instead what we've seen is the heavy police presence here at the airport that been checking anyone they think could be
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a protester or someone who doesn't have a valid reason to be at the airport. and they have turned several people away now these protests have gained momentum this by their government dropping the extradition bill at their now calling for an investigation into police action and police are telling me they say police have been using excessive force against them over the past 3 months while we count rallies are planned despite chief executive kerry allows for withdrawal of the extradition bill but the government hasn't yielded to the protesters other demands they include an independent inquiry into the police use of force against protesters for the $1000.00 people arrested and direct elections for the city's leader a university survey last month found more than 90 percent of people agreed with using violence to pressure the government that's a 20 percent rise from similar survey in june china's premier reiterated his
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support for hong kong's government. is the most senior leader to command since the protests began. the chinese government unswervingly safeguards one country 2 systems and hong kong people govern hong kong people and strongly support and supports the government to in the violence and chaos in accordance with the law to return to order which is to safeguard hong kong's long term prosperity and stability of the world needs to believe that the chinese people have the ability and wisdom to handle their own messes well. let's bring in our guests bonnie learn is vice convene a hong kong civil human rights front victor taylor is an affiliated faculty member with the china studies program at the university of hong kong and he joins us on skype from singapore also on skype from taipei undress for the senior fellow at the
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university of nottingham a research institute welcome to your. boy the simmering just can turn that we've seen across the streets of hong kong for quite some time is all above the laws the people deemed repressive or there's more to this story. well 1st of all is about the extradition bail as we are know are we afraid that if rehung citizens or anyone who is in hong kong would be extradited to china that's the basic fear however for all the campaign for the movement now it's more about the extradition bail is also about police brutality it's about the police and also the governments not being accountable to the people and also the hong kong people have to resell live rich stuff africa bank to stop just one bail so there is no accountability at all so hong kong people need justice for the victims of police brutality and also need protection inside our political system than will be satisfied and then we'll
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be safe that is why after the announcement of the wished for our thief edition hong kong people feel feeling the need to soldier on to fight for our 5 demands victor the possessors have been putting forward 5 developments which includes a bill to be withdrawn that did happen in people don't seem to be really. trusting the government and then they're saying that they need the chief executive kerry to step aside do you think that the government in beijing is willing at a certain moment to concede there needs to be a major concession well at the moment i do not think there. is a government in the central government b a r 3 major concessions and the reason. from
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the from the chinese perspective. sorry the finance from the chinese perspective on the regional busy and that is because the chinese government the only issue national security and sovereign sovereign he says are not as you know a democratic movement and point so. the protectors and the central government are actually bad magically or holes in your perspectives so i don't think it's likely that the central government you. can. you know the protest movement under us is if beijing may not be willing to make concessions but its attitude on its own seems to be pretty much ambivalent because apart from the statements made by the premier we haven't really heard any strong statement from the top echelons of the government about what is happening in hong kong i think it's important to
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remind our viewers there was aging that was changing the status quo. for example of the one country 2 systems formula you theory could perhaps work however all of the years they have. done a lot to transition towards what we see now and which is. not a better version of one country one system and since this relates to the rule of law as has been discussed previously. done comics are not willing to give up their rule of law and replace it with mainland chinese when you know who by law they don't want to live in fear but death is exactly the kind of direction of travel and therefore i think beijing has really miscalculated they thought they could turn it into just another mainland chinese city but i think they are realizing that this
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is not one. bunny it's not only the government in beijing which is facing tough moments it's also the protesters themselves not to think that the acts of vandalism the attacks targeting the metro stations could create a backlash along the community whole call or at least tarnish the reputation of the protesters. well i believe. yes i agree that is phone or a ball because if hong kong need to have the support of the international come in and say such sites may not be good for them but also i urge the international community to or so are seen to tire in the. and do not condemn the oprah asked before you can do they are passing tire any so what's happening here in hong kong to vandalism or some vala statue of scene they are not home people are
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not it's not our nature but to where forced to things like that is sometimes it's necessary to use force for example on the 12th of german are supposed to be the beginning of the 2nd reading if people are not physically stop the legislators probation legislators going into the legislative council to pass the bill to fail what have been passed so we're forced to do this kind of fangs the braves protesters are forced to go on to the streets it may not be a valance it could be self-defense so i urge the international community to see through all those found or so-called violent acts but see the true character of of order protesters victor i do believe the international community has. the time to step in and to say to beijing it's about time to change your politics it's about time we see some political reforms quote to be honest so i think there's
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a lot of or less fruition. i really we can all agree that it all becomes that when you've. got. the you know essentially anyone who does and once you leave the t.'s big question how do you share a. democracy among all the other very. nationalism. you know probably about a lot of. human rights and also things so you know what i think then i wouldn't say that the the student protesters represent the mainstream of public opinion because at the maximum there are 2000000 of them on the street 7000000 people in our car so the big question is when to buy i mean in other than now we've got the in el paso i think is a lot more made and one alert people who are living. cannot believe that what's
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happening on barak now and somebody who actually lives in hunger i'm just unthinkable that we can i was really shocked myself. just lucky or so the love supposed to be having going on so when i went to class i was expecting what issue of letters to i had i had to back to back what i meant when that all happened when you saw the sort of the state would have to recall that all of that was a shock us on the. it was in the us. well maintained doing. that yes. i had exhibit while i was on top of mind of my friends i would say they have mixed reactions on one hand it yeah it is right for the stewardess to wish her well democrats she got one right i think there is a lot of disagreement about why political site went to. the kind of items i'm betting that isn't the stimulus you get it's more but it's the right quickly q.b.
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. a lot of my colleagues are of the buno if anything the sort of the it's actually in. from the moment bishop the from the department because it will encourage the chinese government ok that's. under yes i mean one would argue that beijing may not be willing to sack the chief executive of hong kong but why isn't the why isn't beijing willing to consider other demands particular when it comes to the release of the president and a full inquiry into the acts of violence committed by the police i think. this rising in hong kong really is the chinese coming. next one event and really doesn't have any good options left you can basically choose between. any of their kind of scenarios that we are talking about. see or entire wrote
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a story that kerry. offered to withdraw their appeal and beijing said no now she has declared at least that she's willing to. she's offered to step down. but beijing said no so we we have a. not a paradox where the how can i say our government is no longer able to actually self govern the central government is overbearing but the central government also cannot directly rule on call because the hong kong must not accept that and so they really don't have any good options left and then at the same time compromise not so enraged by the brutality of the means that every day that passes basically this inaction and also this totally haphazard course they're both she and carolyn her have taken they're basically minting revolutionary and so we do see an escalation and and well the brain should be. the to the whole as our government and
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the central government bunny i mean when you see of this momentum which is continuing to build up the whole call comes out expensive uk an economy which has been completely battered by the acts of violence and by instability on the protesters in a way or another shooting themselves in the foot. well i believe the economy is not hurt by the protest itself as we've said many times before if the withdraw of the bail happened 2 and a half months ago the protesters would just go home and slapped and none none of the bloodshed would have happened but as we say the police brutality happen every day i just passed through i have seen a shopping mall and some food good police officers were right right outside i have seen i think that is a scary scene and all the bloodshed scary things and it looked and looked across
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the globe that is why i believe the police brutality itself and the in action and ignorance of the hong kong government it's what scared tourists or business as a way that is why it is important for the governments to a sat or these 5 demands for our society to really rebuild our system to a good way so that than we can attract more businesses and more tourists to come to hong kong again victor when you look at the jew political dynamics i mean the u.k. has its own issues it has completely turned to an unchartered political territory the u.s. with a trump administration sometimes sense very confusing messages do you think that china under any circumstances in the future would be willing to redefine its relationship with hong kong against the backdrop of this ongoing or shifting geo
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political dynamics well be honest i think it's a little less this ready for change and government. the chinese go into government . they really not not not really but really what is the relationship who were in these. as the central government but the local government on the belly of the local government and from beijing standpoint if the china legal is a nation of $1.00 it is well as far as it was 7000000 people so even beijing would make sense. then surely you know why i think pensions at 6 every month from. the china be seen young you bet i won a lot you know so i think you know from the national viewpoint it is understandable why you want even for the month like this. it is you are not planning sovereignty
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as you are not national security so i don't even think that the baby was popular ok but i have are being worked on are unlikely to either directly or fast forward or well i'm sure they are working the streets very well with me i be basing what we bother to the ones that want to be consistently under us when you look at the course of events a whole call gets quite obvious the someone higher in the government. underestimated the scope of the magnitude of always happening in hong kong host paul do you think it is it kerry lamb or is it the genting himself where the buck stops with the city and this is why it's such a high state. kind of situation right now to see if for some time there was a mere concern that we could witness kind of
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a repeat of tiananmen but gentleman 2.0. but instead what we've seen is you know the mainland chinese people aren't really is basically has entered the ranks of the whole companies force they are coordinating. acts of police brutality but these kind of. hybrid war you could call it a wolf there has really enraged him and there's snobbery that's far more likely in . the northern ireland nice ation of hong kong where increasingly the homeless will see the home police force as an outsize outside force and this doesn't really bold well and there are signs of kind of like a slow motion revolution so what started as a protest movement against that extradition you know has. lost initially into the pro-democracy movement but now there are real signs of this becoming
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a revolution and you know any student of chinese history knows that. you know the revolutions in china haven't always you know you know that the best results and it's right on the boards of you know to imagine you know what the outcome of this is where we are bonnie as a campaigner for the pro-democracy movement do you think that if the demands were accepted by the beijing government is going to be an end to the protest vote or do you think that you would definitely move to a phase 2 which is tackling the deeper issues like asking the chinese government to stop meddling in the judiciary and that it just would have branches of the government. well i think hong kong protesters all we want is the basic law to be respected one country to a system high degree of autonomy and promise of giving us the universal suffrage to be accepted and if all 5 demands are being hurt the basic law is respected unlike now i think hong kong people will be very happy about the situation and we'll have
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victor but the basic law itself expires in 2048 i think in a way or another the chinese will claim absolute and total sovereignty over there they would say the one nation to systems is over well actually no. it just means it will be will be for example only for serious social and. it's not 47 leverage with our sovereignty right now in finance and the chinese. you know the chinese. government except that they have accepted to the same time that. the transfer of sovereignty comes at a price which is basically accepting the notion of a system one nation to system which is you have control over the defense over the foreign affairs but to let people the whole kong run their own daily life the way
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they want which is an anathema in a way or another to the way business is a run in beijing and the rest of the mainland china yes but it's not unconditional . if you look at a meeting it's not and the militant whereabouts it is it at that level or is it any personally i might want to be is that it's up to the f.c.c. and that's the reason why kevin regulation and by the by by the on because it's it's not on. it's actually beating the national debate on reps in beijing. so while there are various accounts that there is an n.p.c. and won't cheat and that could be there are people who both of people. and most of the central government so you know here you have a situation where there is actually a war legally speaking between the central government and. you
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know and the democratic me a lot of people say and. so will kerry lam's resignation it's not a matter just for everyone all just for the protesters and you start ok and interim government is not rocky that is we don't weave in and bottoms. we need months there is the basic law and this is the basic law and this is why i need to go now to undress and ask him about what happens next because when you look at the situation as it evolves of the process as saying that we need to negotiate many things talk about different issues and the. isn't beijing on a collision course with the people of hong kong because ultimately ultimately it's about china's control over the summit of us territory and it's have its own interpretation of what should be done. that's for sure but we should bear in mind the box still stops with the city and one of the problems is that basically the
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central government has given a green light. to weaponize kind of a small nationalist sentiment not just in mainland china but around the world we see for example that officials have really encouraged the hate crime against 4 corners that brought in places like australia. new zealand canada and the problem is once you kind of unleash the demons of ethnic nationalism of course there is then a reaction on the side of the home corners so i don't think that for example in pens would have ever gain any kind of currency whatsoever we had a properly to me one country 2 systems but the moment you start taking away the 2 systems people start when ian on the one country and so. i talked about
2:45 am
you know these signs of a slow motion revolution i mean we just need to listen to the slogans like liberate hong kong the revolution of our times now if people saying that he would hear the people saying that is still kind of like well not very challenging but. the protest movement has now come up with its own ent them glory to hong kong you know it's very strong nationalist undertones so this is a reaction towards this. control of unease and coming from the north of china where the top leadership probably never had a proper understanding of the south of china that look down on them and that's of course something that people respond to so i think if we discuss this entirely in this kind of one country 2 systems framework that has really been blown away already these developments that you know obviously the one system situation a very delicate situation indeed for the bunny learn thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program today. and thank you too for watching you can see
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continues with saving sou'wester seeing the light 10 years later a lot of you know every person community in south africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera. whole all of. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the news hour thank you for joining us on barbara starr in london this is the top story from europe a sign of hope and peace world leaders hail a prisoner exchange between ukraine and russia as the 1st step towards reviving
2:49 am
stalled talks. but on come on santa maria here in doha with the rest of the day's news. is they've got to be legally what you see in the movies like those and the dimes clips you watch on you tube is that a certain real 100 still missing in the bahamas amid warnings of a staggering final death toll from hurricane dorian and ready to take nuclear enrichment to a whole new level iran says times fast running up to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal and i'm lee harvey with sports ferrari are on hold for their home grand prix after a bizarre qualifying session and a week after a horror death of the driver of this f. 3 car is lucky to walk away from his dramatic crash. org leaders are uniting in their praise for ukraine and russia after the 2 countries successfully carried out a prisoner exchange 70 people were swapped in
2:50 am
a deal being hailed as the 1st step towards ending 5 years of tension and conflict it's taken weeks of behind the scenes negotiations by that finally happened 2 planes carrying 35 prisoners from each side landed simle tenuously into 2 capital cities where close family members were waiting and there were emotional scenes when they were reunited that fastened was following all the developments and sent us this report. what's the 1st positive move in 5 years between ukraine and russia a film maker and a group of sailors landed at kiev airport in a long anticipated prisoner swap. the release of ukrainian filmmaker or like sense of who was jailed for 22 years is seen as a major concession by russia and president followed me as a lansky fulfilled his election promise to bring home 22 ukrainian sailors and 2 security service agents we have to do all this stuff to finish this horrible war
2:51 am
ever really. i think this is because. things are going right thank you very much thank you we'll leave you the sailors on board 3 ukrainian vassals were captured here in the current strait 9 months ago after russian warships opened fire on them the kremlin says they illegally entered russian waters need a crimean peninsula which russian troops east and annexed from ukraine in 2014 since then the kremlin specter protist are at war with ukrainian government forces in eastern ukraine at least 10000 people have been killed since the fighting began 5 years ago ukraine's recently elected president followed me as alinsky says he wants to revive peace negotiations with russia he's been seeking support from european leaders recently and he's spoken to president vladimir putin by phone the president exchanged could be an important step towards further tentative talks this
2:52 am
what is seen as a victory for both president putin and the lengthy a potential suspect and witness in the downing of the malaysian airlines jet over ukraine 5 years ago has also been released despite protests by the dutch government who had many of its citizens on the flight this not only suggest that selenski had to make concessions but also that russia will be a tough negotiating partner and future talks to end the fighting in eastern ukraine that fastens al-jazeera moscow. well it's also going to be a busy day in moscow on sunday when voters head to the polls to elect the regional parliament known as the duma banned opposition candidates are appealing to those eligible to vote to use the ballot as a referendum on president vladimir putin and his government the barring of independent politicians from the vote has provoked weeks of protests in which hundreds of arrests were made meanwhile all the candidates of president putin's
2:53 am
united russia party will be standing as independent candidates in the united russia is trying to hold on to power using the bottoms of the via police for the only pillar of support that are free to allow candidates to vote in the election let alone have a fair competition we think the only way to make the selection meaningful is to turn it into a sort of referendum on the government. well let's go more on our top story of course that prisoner swap between ukraine and russia joining us live from kiev is mark matthew kupfer who is the news editor at the key of the posts or thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera 1st of all why do you think all of this is happening now and that the new president of ukraine of the myriad zelinsky has been in power what under 4 months a former comedian i mean why do you think it happened now that he is in power in ukraine. well i think there's a number of different factors he made this one of his campaign promises that he is
2:54 am
personally been involved in this process of trying to negotiate the prisoner swap other people were also involved there were other people communicating between the 2 sides at the same time what we there's a likely was an international element to it which of the russian president met with french president mccollum we were several weeks ago and it's likely they discussed this issue there at the same time there it looks like also just a matter of certain agreements came together at this moment there was a lot of effort put forward perhaps there was need to but on the russian side also to get some people back to him that led to this prisoner swap happening now all the exact reasons why now are hard to understand and interesting as well to see some of the prisoners that have been released especially by ukraine one crucially a person of interest in the dutch led investigation of the 2014 shooting down of the malaysian airlines flight m.h. as 17 how this person wanted to be spoken to by the dutch investigation he's being
2:55 am
released i mean ultimately who do you think has won so to speak in the prisoner exchange and does that tell us anything about what is going to happen in the future for ukraine in russian relations. well i think that this is still a big win for president all of human selenski and also for ukraine in the sense that they got back there their political prisoners were held in russia this is extremely important these are very prominent is a very prominent issue in ukraine and one of the prisoners released oleg sensel is perhaps the face of political prisoners he's very well known so this is a big victory presidents it's a big victory for ukraine as for the man who was a suspect or a witness to the mh 17 downing but would you sum up this is of course what i meant when i said perhaps russian needed someone back at this moment of course the netherlands would have preferred that he not be handed over although the investigation that made 17 did manage to question him and he was also questioned by
2:56 am
the ukrainian security services but i think some are there was that there was a challenging issue here russia wanted him back in this exchange they made that clear and for ukraine and the value of getting their own prisoners back was much higher than simply keeping this man and handing him over to the dutch so i think that was the difficult choice for ukraine and what do you think this means for future relations though this is obviously hugely as symbolic and not just symbolic but do you think it gives any indication that tensions between the 2 countries will ease in the future i think this is a positive step in it shows that there is the ability to negotiate over important things but i think that in order to ease tensions between the 2 countries and stop the war in eastern ukraine and resolve the issue there are a lot of other issues that need to be resolved and many of them are much more difficult and prisoner exchanges this was not a big compromise by anyone the biggest compromise here was ukraine deciding to hand over the market someone the mh 17 suspect or witness to russia other than that this
2:57 am
was not the biggest issue they will face there are a lot of other issues they have to deal with and in order to end the conflict and this will not be the hardest thing for them to overcome so this is a positive step but they've got a lot more to do. beth you cut far from the key post sir thank you for sure and sharing your views with us thank you that is it from london for now we're going to have more a little later in the bulletin now though let's go to. thank you barbara we will see you later on we're looking at how we can dorian now in the effort to save lives carrying on in the bahamas in the aftermath of that storm the u.s. coast guard is evacuating people to the capital now many of them coming in from the hardest hit islands places like grand bahama and. more than a 1000 people have also rived in the u.s. state of florida the u.n. says more than 70000 people are in need of assistance but relief efforts have been hampered by infrastructure problems damaged piers damaged runways down communications and the death toll well at least 43 people are confirmed dead and
2:58 am
the government says the final death toll could be quite staggering those evacuating are leaving behind widespread destruction. after are going to be really do is realize they're going to only what you see in the movies like those and the. clips you are joined you do is that it's really really just unreal here's my reason for the port in the bahamas and exactly where are you in freeport now manuel. hello kemal we are outside of a shelter in freeport grand bahama this is one of the islands that was worst hit by hurricane dorian behind me you see a few people that are just sitting waiting many of them have been moving from shelter to shelter here in the city of pretty poor not exactly knowing where to go this shelter that we're at right now has more or less 80 people that have been displaced from the storm most have already left the shelter have been airlifted out to nassau where we are right now there's still no electricity there's still no running water this is sort of the scene playing out in much of much of the northern
2:59 am
islands of of the bahamas we were earlier yesterday we were on the island of abaco in the community of marsh harbor that i would argue was the worst hit area by the storm when we were making our way into into marsh harbor some of the roads have started to be cleared there are people walking toward us with just the dazed look on their faces really no surprises so what exactly is the they're fleeing it is it is a nightmarish scene in marsh harbor trees flattened power lines on the ground houses entire neighborhoods flattened and i hate to say this but there's also the smell of death in the air we know that the official tally so far is 43 but just about everybody that we've spoken to knows someone that's missing or or knows or has a family member that's that's unfortunately passed away as a result of this devastating storm again this was a category 5 storm that took 36 hours to make it across the northern islands of the bahamas leaving behind not only damage from the winds but from that powerful storm
3:00 am
surge that made its way several kilometers inland leaving much of this island including the airport much of the infrastructure under several meters of water and all the motel it's about people who hopefully are getting some aid and relief we mentioned that the infrastructure has been damaged a lot but something is getting through to those. absolutely as we mentioned here in freeport the waters have started to recede so the main airport has been rehabilitated flights are finally starting to come in the same is true for the island of albuquerque treasure key is sort of the main staging area for flights that are coming in beginning to evacuate people when we left yesterday there were hundreds of people on the on the tarmac waiting for their chance many of them desperate hadn't spent one or even 2 nights sleeping on the tarmac at the airport because there weren't enough flights when we left abaco search and rest.


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