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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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was leaving behind not only damage from the winds but from that powerful storm surge that made its way several kilometers inland leaving much of this island including the airport and much of the infrastructure under several meters of water from all well tell us about people who hopefully are getting some relief we mentioned that the infrastructure has been damaged a lot but something is getting through to those. absolutely as we mentioned here in freeport the waters have started to recede so the main airport has been rehabilitated flights are finally starting to come in the same is true for the island of albuquerque treasure key is sort of the main staging area for flights that are coming in beginning to evacuate people when we left yesterday there were hundreds of people on the on the tarmac waiting for their chance many of them desperate had been spent one or even 2 nights sleeping on the tarmac at the airport because there weren't enough flights when we left abaco search and rescue
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teams were starting to arrive to some of them many of them bringing aid that is a main concern right now which is the shortages of food water and medicine but that is starting to arrive when the biggest concern are for the places in in abaco and grand bahama that haven't been reached yet because of the damage to infrastructure because of the damage and roads are debris blocking roadways there are places where search and rescue teams have not arrived and we have heard from people that there are that there are people missing at that there are there are dead bodies that have yet to be recovered so. even though these search and rescue operations even though these delivery operations for disaster relief are starting to arrive the challenges remain for getting people out and for recovering recovering the bodies which is why there is an expectation that the final death toll i believe the term is staggering that's to be expected. more up close and freeport in the bahamas thank you so weather warnings are now in place for oregon dorian makes its way up the u.s.
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coast towards nova scotia it's expected to make landfall there on saturday as a category one hurricane at least 4 people were too old in the u.s. and more than 200000 without electricity many still dealing with the aftermath of flooding in both north and south carolina. ok here's what's coming up for you on this news hour trying to put off the protesters police in hong kong tighten their restrictions. but she is back in court for sudan's deposed president has denied faces some tough questions and rafael nadal powers into the u.s. open finals he chases a rival's all time grand slam record label have your sport a little light. so any hopes of salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal with iran have taken another blow to iran says it has the ability to enrich uranium to a much higher level but it also says that capacity could quickly be reversed if
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europe were to deliver the promised sanctions relief dorsetshire bari has more from . another step back from the 2015 nuclear deal but a step forward for iran's nuclear program the latest phase of iran reducing its commitments further to the agreement with 6 world powers is its most serious and technical one yet. more we started lifting limitations on our research and development imposed by the deal it will include development of more rapid and advanced centrifuges we have the capacity to enrich uranium beyond 20 percent but we don't have any plans to do so for the time being this is where the more advanced centrifuges have already been installed as a friday than a tense nuclear facility is now capable of enriching uranium at a much faster speed since the united states withdrew from nuclear pact in 2018 and imposed a series of harsh sanctions iran has been reducing its commitments to the deal
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president has and rouhani announced this latest phase on wednesday but said all these changes were reversible when and if the european countries who signed up to the deal up held their end of the agreement that would include protecting iran's oil exports from u.s. sanctions. what you are saying is that they can go back to that but they really don't want to and one parent trying to do is to get some more leverage and these are the. 3 models of the u.s. assume that this negotiation and the stark support to create with my current models a way to honor partners lead to somewhere the acting chief of the united nations nuclear watchdog well head to teheran on sunday for talks with the reigning foreign minister mohammad javad zarif iran has given britain france and germany and the other 60 days to see if they can do anything to salvage this deal and the head of iran's atomic energy organization has told al-jazeera that after the next phase
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iran will have officially abandon all of its technical commitments under the nuclear agreement or such a party al-jazeera teheran so you ready i'm enrichment we should probably have a look at what these different grades actually mean when you're writing a mind it has less than one percent of what you would need to use in a nuclear reactor but that gets well it increases as it becomes concentrated so if you enrich up to 5 percent then it can be used in nuclear power plants if you go up to 20 percent it's usable for research reactors or for medical purposes and actually that is just a small technical step away from 90 percent which is the uranium grade needed to produce a nuclear bomb meanwhile the united states says a satellite photo proves iran has lied about the oil tanker released in gibraltar last month the us is the adrian darya one is anchored off the coast of syria despite iranian assurances that wouldn't head there remember back in july british marines stormed the supertanker suspected of shipping oil worth 130000000 dollars
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to syria in breach of the e.u. sanctions more on that one hour from washington the shepparton say. for weeks there have been reports about how john bolton has been sidelined in various foreign policy negotiations and discussions in the administration he wasn't included in the talks with the taliban for example in the deliberations about those talks and just on friday there were several reports about how his relationship with the secretary of state has completely broken delhomme that there's a report that the white house chief of staff has been trying to sideline john bolton for meetings about foreign policy meanwhile this week we had donald trump suggested maybe he could talk to the iranian president on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly and then on friday where the u.s. defense secretary talked about the possibility of talks with iran while he was visiting visiting london which perhaps explains some of the wording in this tweet that says we can talk but iran is not getting any sanctions relief until it stops
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moaning and spreading terror he's clearly not a happy man in hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters gathering for a 2nd night in the monkey district of color and police pushed back demonstrators from a police station they were demanding an impish independent investigation over alleged excessive use of force officers stopped another protest from targeting the airports here is a palm with more in hong kong. this time the police and security were prepared last time they came well into the chaos well after protesters had paralyzed the airports and the transportation linking to police complete train change their strategy this time they were here at the airport hours before protesters were due they were here in large numbers and they also instigated stop and searches at young people that they suspected of being protesters and that's basically because the protesters to change their tactics they called on those who were willing to take part in the
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movement to come to the airports and try to blend in as toppers to tell them not to wear their customary black shirts masks and helmets and even maybe takes a luggage and print out fake boarding passes so that they could be seen as legitimate travelers so in response what the police has been doing is searching anyone that the suspected of not being at the airport with a valid reason to be at the airport and they've also set up checkpoints at various tunnels and highways and train stations that would take people to the airports and conducted searches there anyone they suspect of being a protester they turned away. earlier a stand off develops between protesters and police at the transit station manager ian brown was there as it happened. well this is normally a very busy shopping mall it's very close to hong kong international airport which of course has been in the crosshairs of protesters once again on saturday the
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protesters are angry because they've been trying to get to the airport to try to disrupt operations which of course they managed to do a week ago and also last month leading to the cancellation of almost a 1000 flights well on saturday they were largely school today in that exercise because the police were out in very heavy numbers in here in tone show me a very busy shopping mall on a saturday afternoon we've had standoff between protesters. and the police all afternoon we've had 2 brief dispersal operations by the police a number of people have been detained then a how many but it's remind as i say that even normally the free for the most right this has become very volatile on the more protests are planned on sunday hitting one outside the u.s. consulate that's a 1st look at the moment the focus for the protesters remains the area around hong kong's international airport the former sudanese president omar bashir has been
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denied bail by a court in khartoum he's facing charges of corruption and illegal use of foreign funds but bashir says the $25000000.00 he got from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman wasn't used for private purposes his lawyer says his client denies all charges against him more now from khartoum with him orgon. this is the 4th quarter hearing and the corruption charges against vance former president already bashir where he's being charged with listed financial gains corruption and bribery now the former president had previously stated that he wished the whole trial was secretive because he did not want to mention the name of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin solomon where he previously stated that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from the crown prince investigators also revealed during the 1st hearing that he received millions of dollars from the united arab emirates ruler as well now the former president has continued to plead not guilty to the charges against him and his defense lawyers which comprise of more than 130 lawyers say that they want the
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charges against the former president dropped because when the money was given to him it was given to him as a person and not as a president today the judge listened to this lead to the witnesses from the defense aside and said that all financial dealings every single money he gave away was documented and that they have documents to prove that and receipts to prove that the president did not and spend the money that he received. a witness testified that africa international university which the president admitted giving money to had indeed received money in the sum of 4000000 euros and that that was documented in university records our 2nd witness who was an office manager of the president also confirmed that the president gave him money which he had been distributed to other people. now the charges that are not being mentioned in this trial are the charges against him for inciting to kill protesters demonstrations began nationwide in december now the transitional government which has been formed has said that they are going to try to set up an independent judicial system to hold the
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president into account for crimes committed in the water and region of darfur but also in the southern regions and south kordofan but people in the streets have been protesting and they're saying that the whole trial is a sham and an attempt to divert their attention from the real crimes that has been committed not just by the former president but by his government as well they're saying that throughout the 30 years they have been so many crimes committed so many lives lost and they want to make sure that not just the president but those who were his allies and were telling the government are also held to account and they're saying that if that justice is not delivered then they will consider that the revolution that they started is not yet complete. the government of chad is hoping the appointment of a new regional sultan will help and deadly conflict in the east of the country 40 people have been killed since the start of august in clashes between cattle herders and farmers what's making it worse is the large amount of weapons flowing in from libya central african republic and sudan there's been a state of emergency declared in the sea and to best the regions and laura bird
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manly has the story. a moment of celebration as tribal elders swear in a new sultan and the dollar di region a centrist tradition. but sharif mohamadi abdul hadi has been sworn in to solve the crisis of more recent times that led to a state of emergency in 3 regions of chad. isn't really. dozens of people have been killed as a conflict between farmers and herdsman escalators in the past few months i had been here we have been here for more than 400 years and we haven't seen such a problem that started 3 months ago we will cooperate with the authorities and the people of those 40 people who lost their lives would be the last to be killed the sultan says a dispute between herdsman over land resources has been made more dangerous by a large amount of weapons coming in from neighboring countries. the country has
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made a decision about arms smuggling from there for the central african republic and libya to prevent the introduction of weapons to the road weapons smugglers will be arrested and anyone with weapons will be arrested. when fighting began more than 5000 people fled their villages in white die and there were more displacements in a similar region and i think a 3 month state of emergency was imposed the army was deployed there would dozens of arrests and weapons was seize some borders with sudan libya and the central african republic have since been closed and the night curfew imposed but experts say present it to step is appointment of a new sultan it's only a short term solution to a long term crisis if you look at the governors of the different regions in chad they tend to last a very short period of time before president debbie into a matter that's not happy with their performance and replaces them the sultan's no
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different the dispute over the past so to date is both a course and a result of the violence we're seeing at the moment. a moment of peace in the hollow shell of a 400 year old sultans palace these tribal elders and come together to renovate this is start building but they have a much bigger challenge ahead to fill their historic role of ending tribal conflicts nor about a manly al-jazeera. saudi arabia has reiterated it won't be lifting the blockade on carter the sea and land blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain was imposed more than 2 years ago they accused her of violating a 2014 agreement with members of the gulf cooperation council by meddling in regional affairs and supporting terrorism strenuously rejected the allegations and says the blockade is an attack on its sovereignty. in the news ahead is it or
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insults an exhibition of nazi design opens in the netherlands. accused of political tyranny cameroon faces international condemnation as it puts opposition leaders on trial and in sport the tennis toddler who stole the show at the u.s. open it will be here to explain the sport. hello again while we are still following those showers here across parts of north eastern turkey georgia our viewers aren't as well and you know cyclones right they are making their way towards the east but really lingering as we go towards the heating of the day so we're watching that before baku expect to see some clouds in the forecast here on sunday maybe a high of 24 degrees there down towards the south on sunday at 42 for quite city
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and by the time we get towards monday things really generally the same across much of the area we do expect to see baghdad with a high of 40 degrees there well here across the gulf it is going to be a little bit windy or over the next few days in the relative humidity is going to start to fall off just a little bit that is why the temperatures are here into the low forty's for doha we do expect to see abu dhabi at $38.00 and by the time we get towards monday abu dhabi you'll be dropping down to about $37.00 degrees there then the temp has been quite hot here across capetown we did see temperatures into the low thirty's for the areas around cape town now that is not going to stay as we go through the rest of the forecast by the time we get towards sunday really coming down in temperatures to about $25.00 degrees there durban not looking too bad at $25.00 degrees for you here on sunday but by the time we get towards monday we do expect to see durban maybe coming up to about $27.00 degrees there but for parts of madagascar expect to see some rain down towards the southwest.
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as a weapon of war leaves a very deep a scotus. scar so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about. the only witnesses who can help bring about justice. 0 tolerance shimon rights campaign is a maybe investigation since the 2000. unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. for the congolese the journey to avoid it all aboard seems unimaginable hardship. i prefer to lie down because the only way to get the captain to chance in a life and live in a dangerous journey through the jungle. down on to the rails with a nearly died of their own children go to school and live because of the training risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera.
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so you're on the news here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories russia and ukraine have carried out a mass prisoner exchange that's been hailed as the 1st step in ending the war in eastern ukraine 35 prisoners have been released by each side including a witness in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 7. $70000.00 people without food water or shelter in the bahamas after hurricane dorian hit the islands at least $43.00 people are confirmed dead but it's feared the final death toll will be staggering and iran says it started using advanced centrifuges prohibited under the 2050 nuclear deal the country says it can now enrich uranium beyond current
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levels to weapons grade material. in south korea at least 3 people are dead and more than 160000 homes are without power because of typhoon ling-ling it hit the southern areas of south korea with winds of up to 196 kilometers an hour 200 flights were grounded across the country and north korean state media says the leader kim jong un held an emergency meeting to discuss disaster prevention efforts he reportedly scolded officials he described as helpless and unaware of the storm's seriousness. brazilians are celebrating their independence day president also narrow urged people to attend events to show their support for the country and its sovereignty over the amazon rainforest of course he has been criticized for their response to the record numbers of fires in the amazon not everyone though has hated president both scenarios call to celebrate latin america editor lucy in human sent
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this report from a protest in south power. this is national independence day in brazil and while in the capital brasilia the president is leading the military parade here on the streets of sao paulo people are dressed in black that is their sign of protest and this year they're out on the streets protesting against budget cuts in education and against the government's policies in the amazon rain forest where the president should be praising with education we acquire knowledge and without a recall and do anything it means we'll be at the mercy of political leaders that's why we're all fighting for decent public education these days you know. the government has a plan to destroy our citizens' rights because without science and education we have no rights and i think that now the amazon is in the hands of the exploiters in the agricultural business sector. others are carrying flags and signs saying st louis let the former president who is now in prison accused of corruption they
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believe that he has been wrongly accused and condemned 2 years in prison while supporters of the government and the previous government as well are free. in fact there are no shortage of the issues to protest against these women for example say that there's been an increase in femicide because of what they say is the president the sergeant is started to. me it's a crime it's a crime this isn't the largest protest against the government on the streets of sao paolo but perhaps more significant is the result of the natives got that far yet opinion poll which shows that the president's approval rating has gone down from 33 to 29 percent just since the end of july he was elected with 55.2 percent of the bolts so this is quite significant and one of the important things that has changed since july is the burning of the amazon. is visiting madagascar where he is
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condemned illegal logging and deforestation as a global threat. 44 percent of madagascar forest has been cut down in just the pumps 60. no one. is rich and plants an animal biodiversity yet this treasure is threatened by deforestation from which some profit from the deterioration of that biodiversity compromises the future of the country and of the earth as you know the last forests are menaced by forest fires poaching and unrestricted cutting down of valuable woodlands but for the people concerned a number of activities harmful to the environment ensure their survival so it is important to create jobs and activities that generate income will also protecting the environment now opposition m.p.'s in the u.k. are calling on prime minister johnson to honor a bill that has been passed one which would force him to ask europe to delay leaving the e.u. if a deal isn't reached by october the 19th let's try to make sense of this one.
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london new center. i can't promise but i'll try come out well mr johnson has now said he would rather die in a ditch and asked the e.u. for another extension and that's not all the former director of public prosecutions in britain has said the boris johnson could go to prison if he refuses to delay breck's it in the face of court action and it's not just m.p.'s calling for the new prime minister to resign no hundreds of people gathered outside downing street earlier demanding that he step down so he was there with him. he may have only been in office for 45 days only to find minister boris johnson's bureau mates the country behind his version of bricks it already proved to be very difficult to. another demonstration of saturday in central london is also
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capping off the toughest weeks of these ops almost more difficult than you could have ever imagined week that saw him coming to severe criticism for having such 21 members of his own party his own brother resigning from his cabinet and also the house of lords opera house approving a bill that would effectively block a new deal breck's it and put a 3 month delay in order to try and get a deal to avoid a disorderly exit from the european union now while prime minister course johnson did say that he would rather die in a ditch his words rather than i asked for an extension. the fact he has already been hemmed in by his own words the former director of public prosecutions himself said that if he did not obey the law then there is a good chance that he would stand in intensive and could even see himself
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a possibility of being put in jail for not abiding by the laws of this country. from having taken back control my minister boris johnson now finds himself being controlled lost in downing street. it's going to the netherlands now where a museum is bracing itself for protests as it prepares to open its doors to a controversial exit bishan it's called the design of the 3rd reich and it shows the way that adult hitler used art to garner support and help develop his ideology and the fascist campaigners say the event glorifies a regime that killed millions of people that live reports now from the dutch city of then bush. at all for hitler understood how bold design and imagery could motivate and convince people so he used its power to help fulfill his racist ambitions and create a nazi state that killed millions of people mainly jews in world war 2.
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this exhibition then boss in the netherlands examines how nazis use design for propaganda or understood that that's what the guy had to be used for his party and i want it to be a powerful modern logo hitler came to power in 19336 years later germany invaded poland triggering world war 2 arts and design had helped fuel nationalist anti jewish sentiment images recalled a romanticized past military uniforms was sharply tailored to promote fear the museum's director knows there showcasing the a statics of a deadly regime is controversial but he says it's important to take a critical look at history we are accustomed to present design or art what we consider good but we all know there is all also stuff we made that's not good ethical sense what's bad what's the fall and what we decided to research or whether
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it was possible that we have to face history because it's us you know we are in it we're not nancy's but we're different viner. just opposite the design museum happens debate den bosses synagogue it's a coincidence but nevertheless it is a stark reminder of why this exhibition is controversial nazi forces occupied the netherlands for nearly 5 years in world war 2 and in that time 3 quarters of the jewish population was killed among the victims was and frank a jewish girl who was deported by the nazis and died in a concentration camp her famous diary detailed her years hiding in an attic in amsterdam autographs father was a dutch resistance fighter he says the exhibition nora fires the nazi era and should be banned it is. not only to jewish people but also to people with my background. related to resistance people it's. it's it's well if it
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hurts it which it shouldn't be there 75 years after allied forces liberated the netherlands the divisions over the exhibition highlight the while nazi occupation is in the past its painful legacy is still very present natasha bottler al-jazeera then boasts the netherlands. the greek prime minister has delivered his annual speech on the state of the country's economy kitty at the south line tax cuts that he says will benefit businesses promising to continue reforms to help the country out of the crippling debt crisis he made the announcement during the opening of the international trade fair of the 70. and never strangers gathered on the street outside that event to show their anger at the current state of the economy for testers carried to bury banners and faced off with police as tensions simmered. a life sized russian robot has successfully completed its 10 day mission on the international space station fred or is it is known was blasted into space on board
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a so use rocket last month making it the 1st russian robot in space the aim was for it to test the new emergency rescue system fed or is the size of an adult and can endure late movements of the human body that is it for me in the team here in london i'm going to have more news for you in about 20 minutes now though let's go back to come out barbara thank you so much for that we're back at 1900 hours g.m.c. now the death of robert mugabe has provoked tributes to his achievements but also criticism of his long time rule the 95 year old died on friday in a hospital in singapore he was one of africa's most divisive leaders and the only one many zimbabweans that have known until his overthrow 2 years ago are the support from her to me in harare president i miss him and i got close relationship with robert mugabe was not always easy but on friday he praised the man he replaced as a principled comrade made huge sacrifices for his country. remains
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or ford. but didn't. reproach that would load grown mrs wood to news. to. rest. we. did. morning our leader and you used very. godly died in singapore actually seeking treatment for several years he was 95 years old mugabe leaves a complicated legacy to some he was a hero an african legend and his education policy is the reason why zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in africa as a gridley and he knew that would make a good. education it emitted possible for the kids of zimbabwe to get their free choice of learning but others point to a history of disputed elections and trends corruption allegations of human rights
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abuses and political and economic turmoil it is through a dominant retries nothing that truman was there really really. did nothing for our nation for it what it did do is brand as as an disaster everything opposition leaders say some of the god is back to public policies such as land reform and indigenisation cripple the economy and government services the fact that it has led to pass on in foreign lands is something that points to the problems that we have in our country we can't save our leaders in africa being treated in foreign lands we must be able to fix our politics fix our governance institutions fix our governance systems so that we have big ideas not just big men big institutions not just big. mugabe remains a polarizing figure but government officials say who be treated with respect and dignity due to zimbabwe's founding father robert mugabe will be given a state funeral his body will lie in state for
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a few days then he will be buried as a national hero symmetry in the capital when many people who fought in a white minority rule are there. al-jazeera. judges in cameroon have adjourned the trial of the main opposition leader and dozens of other politicians after one of them collapsed in court the u.s. the european union and human rights groups are all criticizing what's been described as political tyranny in cameroon this report from sort of hot it right right right protesters chants in support of the man they face the rightful president of cameron and maurice come to. think of it outside a military court in the capital yon day where the main opposition leader is one of dozens of politicians standing trial there accused of.


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