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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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france and germany and the other 60 days to see if they can do anything to salvage this deal and the head of iran's atomic energy organization has told al jazeera that after the next phase iran will have officially abandon all of its technical commitments under the nuclear agreement or such a pari al-jazeera teheran well despite this latest move france says it's still committed to getting iran to adhere to the nuclear deal again here's a defense minister florence fired me and her american counterpart said after they met in paris a little earlier new prove. we can only confirm our goal which is to bring iran to fully respect the vienna deal and we will continue to push towards this or diplomatic efforts oriented towards this the president is personally involved in it so it must be pursued i'm not surprised that iran has announced that it's going to violate the j. c.p.o. a they have been by leading it they were they would have violated the nuclear
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nonproliferation treaty for many years so it's no surprise that the iranians are going to pursue what the iranians have always intended to pursue. you're watching out there are still to come in this half hour why many brazilians have mixed feelings about this year's independence day celebrations and right said pointing point clashes in the streets outside the houses of parliament and the embattled prime minister loses another meeting party met. hell a stormy winds rushed through a suburb of sydney causing some damage and that was probably when that front went through with the circulating central it's going to cause yet more problems further sayas 1st at least i mean there was i warning out for some pretty nasty weather in tasmania that's been dropped at certain degrees hot the what you might expect in
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early spring much better in perth the 21 degrees that warms up water unfortunately melbourne in hobart represent a real drop in terms of that wind coming out from the south and you'll notice sydney's going that 16 east coast to coast in new south wales and victoria in places will be pretty nasty i think adelaide in the sunshine still not particularly want 50 but without the wind and the rain love of course some of the rain could be considered useful now across inside the tasman sea the other end where the size of the circulation brings what's potentially warm or can get 16 out of it and crowded right in that runs through the north island just about reaches wanting to infer the science is looking fine this tends to be located hugging the coast you notice the orphans in this circulation of increasing rain on the next days well 2 things to mention up in this part of the world one ex typhoon one incoming typhoon.
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rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best about to see a missed documentaries take it. easy and just. rewind continues with saving sweat or seeing the light 10 years later the lot of you average person community in south africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera.
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a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera ukraine and russia have carried out a long awaited prisoner exchange raising hopes that could lead to an end to the 5 years of fighting in eastern ukraine emergency aid is being rushed to the bahamas amid fears that the number of deaths from hurricane dorian will rise significantly and iran says it now has the ability to enrich uranium to a much higher level in a further blow to the 2015 nuclear deal. hong kong police and fire tear gas to disperse protesters gathering for a 2nd night in the morning of call could this strict of. the demonstrated at a police station angry over the alleged excessive use of force by officers they're demanding an independent investigation by the government this after police successfully prevented another protest planned for the city's airport with a major security blitz well there were also strict restrictions on public transport
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to the airport with trains not stopping at stations on the way to the airport to prevent demonstrators getting there there were a number of minor scuffles near the terminal but the planned inspiration's failed protesters shut down the airport for 2 days last month's holiday has more now from hong kong. this time the police and security were prepared last time they came well into the chaos well after protesters that paralyzed the airports and the transportation linking to police complete train change their strategy this time they were here at the airport hours before protesters were due they were here in large numbers and they also instigated stop and searches at young people that they suspected of being protesters and that's basically because the protesters to change their tactics they called on those who were willing to take part in the movement to come to the airports and try to blend in as toppers to tell them not to wear their customary black shirts masks that helmets and even maybe takes
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a luggage and printout fake boarding passes that they could be seen as legitimate travelers so in response what the police has been doing is searching anyone that the suspected of not being at the airport with a valid reason to be at the airport and they've also set up checkpoints at various tunnels and highways and train stations that would take people to the airports and conducted searches there anyone they suspect of being a protester they turned away. well earlier there was a standoff between protesters and police said the top chung transit station shopping mall atrium browse there. well this is normally a very busy shopping mall it's very close to hong kong international airport which of course has been in the crosshairs of protesters once again on saturday the protesters are angry because they've been trying to get to the airport to try to disrupt operations which of course they managed to do
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a week ago and also last month leading to the cancellation of almost a 1000 flights well on saturday they were largely supported in that exercise because the police were out in very heavy numbers in here in to show me a very busy shopping mall on a saturday afternoon we've had standoff between. testers and the police in afternoon we tried to brief dispersal operations by the police a number of people have been detained then how many but it's reminders i say that even normally the fee for things like this has become very volatile on the maid protests are planned on sunday including one outside the u.s. consulate that's a 1st look at the moment the focus for the protesters remains the area around hong kong international airport. far right protesters have hurled the metal barriers at police outside the houses of parliament in london officers defended themselves with battery and says tensions boiled over the violence came mainly from
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a group called democratic football lads alliance the clashes spread after some protesters tried to reach an anti breck's of protest organized by the left wing group another europe is possible. meanwhile the british prime minister boris johnson has just lost another of his ministers the former home secretary amber rudd has resigned then withdrawn from the conservative party saying that she can't stand by after 21 lawmakers were expelled this week for rebelling johnson is refusing to delay breck said this by the upper house passing a bill which would force him to do so so a year ago is more now from a demonstration in central london where protesters were calling for him to resign. he may have only been in office for 45 days only to find minister forrest johnson's . country mind his version of facts it is ready to be very
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difficult to. another demonstration of saturday in central london is also capping off her 1st week. of ups almost more difficult than you could have ever imagined we saw him coming in the severe criticism of having to. 21 members of his own party. resigning from his cabinet and also the house of. opera house grooving a bell that would effectively block. and put a 3 month delay in order to try and get a deal to avoid a disorderly exit from the european union now while prime minister course johnson did say that he would rather die in a ditch his words rather than. an extension. of fact he has already been hemmed in by his own words the former director of public
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prosecutions himself said that if he did not obey the law then there is a good chance that he would stand in intensive and could even see himself possibility of being put in jail for not abiding by the laws of this country from having taken back control minister boris johnson now finds himself being controlled last in downing street. saddam's former president omar al bashir has been denied bail by a court in the capital khartoum he's facing charges of corruption and illegal use of foreign funds but here says the $25000000.00 that he received from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon was not used for private purposes here but morgan has more now from car too. this is the 4th quarter hearing in the corruption charges against dance former president already bushehr where he's being charged with a list of financial gains corruption and bribery now the former president had previously
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stated that he wished the whole trial was secretive because he did not want to mention the name of saudi arabian crown prince mohamed bin solomon where he previously stated that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from the crown prince investigators also revealed during the 1st hearing that he received millions of dollars from the united arab emirates ruler as well now the former president has continued to plead not guilty to the charges against him and his defense lawyers which comprise of more than 130 lawyers say that they want the charges against the former president dropped because when the money was given to him it was given to him as a person and not as a president today the judge listen to this lead to the witnesses from the defense side and said that all financial dealings every single money he gave away was documented and that their documents to prove that and receipts to prove that the president did not to spend the money that he received. a witness testified that africa international university which the president admitted giving money to had indeed received money in the sum of 4000000 euros and that that was documented in
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university records how 2nd witness who was an office manager of the president also confirmed that the president gave him money which he had been distributed to other people. now the charges that are not being mentioned in this trial are the charges against him for inciting to kill protesters things demonstrations began nationwide in december now the transitional government which has been formed has said that they are going to try to set up an independent judicial system to hold the president took into account for crimes not just committed in the water in the region of darfur but also in the southern regions and south kordofan but people in the streets have been protesting and they're saying that the whole trial is a sham and an attempt to divert their attention from the real crimes that has been committed not just by the former president but by his government as well they're saying that throughout the 30 years they have been so many crimes committed so many lives lost and they want to make sure that not just the president but those who are his allies and with telling the government are also held to account and they're saying that if that justice is not delivered in they will consider that the
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revolution that based artist is not yet complete brazilians have been celebrating the country's independence day the backdrop of the controversy over the amazon fires the week long celebrations come amid international criticism over the country's response to the fires in the amazon rain forest not everyone is celebrating or latin america editor lucien human sent this report from a protest in brazil's largest city south. instead of going to colors of the brazilian flag as president tried but somehow had asked brazilians to do today during national independence day the opposition is wearing black and they are protesting particularly today in the what is called the traditional shout of the excluded against the president's education cuts and of course what is happening in the amazon look for example we're going to come a little closer here this these people are carrying a card that shows the destruction of the amazon before and after the fires and you
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can also see little trucks which are a symbol of the longer who are trying to cut down the amazon to clear the way for the agro business and also for ranchers cattle ranchers and so forth so there are a lot of things to protest against today here on the streets of sao paolo this is not the largest protest we've ever seen here but it's significantly it coincides with the latest polls that befall you which shows that the president's approval rating in the last 2 months alone has gone down significantly and not just amongst the population at large but especially amongst his strong support base and that is the upper class people with money and according to that poll that shows that that is down that support is down 15 percent what has changed in the last 2 months one of the things of course has been these out of control fires in the amazon that has destroyed so much of it and the president's policies which seem to encourage according to many people these fires rather than trying to stop them. a museum in
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the netherlands is braced for protests as a prepares to open its doors to a controversial exhibit it's called the design of the 3rd reich then it shows the way that adult fittler used art to garner support have helped develop his ideology and the fascist campaigners say the event glorifies a regime that killed millions of people from the dutch city of then boss in a reports. at all for hitler understood how bold design and imagery could motivate and convince people so he used its power to help fulfill his racist ambitions and create a nazi state that killed millions of people mainly jews in world war 2. this exhibition then boss in the netherlands examines how nazis use design for propaganda or understood that that's what the guy had to be used for his party and i want it to be a powerful modern logo hitler came to power in 19336 years later germany
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invaded poland triggering world war 2 arts and design had helped fuel nationalist anti jewish sentiment images recalled a romanticized past military uniforms was sharply tailored to promote fear the museum's director knows there showcasing the a statics of a deadly regime is controversial but he says it's important to take a critical look at history we are accustomed to present design or art what we consider good but we all know there is all also stuff being made that's that's not good ethical sense what's bad what's the fall and what we decided to research it while it was possible that we have to face history because it's us you know we are in it we're not nancy's but we're different viner. just opposite the design museum happens to be a den boss's cynical gets a coincidence but nevertheless it is a stark reminder of why this exhibition is controversial nazi forces occupied the
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netherlands for nearly 5 years in world war 2 and in that time 3 quarters of the jewish population was killed among the victims was and frank the jewish girl who was deported by the nazis and died in a concentration camp her famous diary detailed her years hiding in an attic in amsterdam autographs father was a dutch resistance fighter he says the exhibition nora finds the nazi era and should be banned it is. not only to jewish people but also to people with library grown. related to resistance people it's. it's it's well it's it hurts it which it shouldn't be there 75 years after allied forces liberated the netherlands the divisions over the exhibition highlight that while nazi occupation is in the past its painful legacy is still very present natasha butler al-jazeera
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then boasts the netherlands. todd phillips dark drama joker starring the oscar nominee in phoenix has taken home the golden lion award at the venice film festival . phoenix plays the enemy of the superhero batman following his transformation from a vulnerable loner into a super villain roman polanski's military drama an officer and a spy to runner up silver lion prize. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera world leaders are united in their praise for ukraine and russia after the 2 countries successfully carried out a prisoner exchange 70 people were swapped in a deal being hailed as the 1st step towards ending 5 years of conflict 2 planes
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carrying $35.00 prisoners from each side landed similar pain you sleep in the 2 capital cities we have to do all the steps we need these horrible war the end of the week. by being easy because. emergency aid is being rushed to the bahamas amid fears that the number of deaths as a result of hurricane dorian could rise significantly the government and rescue teams believe that hundreds of perhaps thousands are still missing even though only 43 people are confirmed dead rescuers expect bodies to be uncovered as flood waters recede following the category 5 storm the strongest ever to hit the island nation iran says it now has the ability to enrich uranium to a much higher level in a further blow to the 2015 nuclear deal new equipment means they can take it to more than 20 percent that's way beyond the 3.67 percent limit set in the deal which
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the united states pulled out of in may last year the united states says a satellite photo proves that iran is lying about the whereabouts of the oil tanker released by gibraltar 3 and a half weeks ago it says the adrian daria one appears to be near the syrian port of tartus the spider ran promising that the vessel would not go to syria. saudi arabia has reiterated that it will not lift a 15 month blockade on catheter imposed alongside the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt they accuse capital of violating the 2014 agreement by meddling in regional affairs and in their words supporting terrorism that has rejected the allegations and hong kong police have fired to tear gas to disperse protesters gathering at a police station for a 2nd night they're angry over the alleged excessive use of force by officers earlier police successfully prevented another protest planned at the airport those
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are the top stories next up its rewind. we. give to the people will be attending the workshop listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm elizabeth purana here on the wall and we're drawing on a decade of award winning documentaries and finding out how the story has moved on
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since today be revisiting a moving series which followed doctors working against the odds in the south african township of soweto and once home to nelson mandela so what who was at the forefront of the country's anti-apartheid struggle back in the 1970 s. hundreds died when student protests were put down with tear gas and live ammunition yet more than 25 years after the end of apartheid. so wet over maine's a dangerous and disadvantaged place at chris hani but i've been at hospital one of the largest in the world and non-locally as bata maybe 70 percent of all admissions are emergencies many of them gunshot wounds about us off the mall the g. department the st john i hospital treats around 50000 patients every year many of them victims of domestic violence bullet wounds and car hijackings back in 2009 al jazeera aired a series of films on the work of bottles medical teams and today we've chosen to
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focus on those i doctored is facing a severe workload with insufficient responses here a saving silhouette oh seeing the light. so i went to a south africa's most populous township and home to millions of. some chance i can act as part of a massive chris hani paragon of hospital also known as baron and is the biggest i hospital in the southern hemisphere. many of sweaters poor and indigent utilize their services on africa. we serve a huge population here are the greatest separators probably at least 2 and a half 1000000 we don't know the exact numbers and we know it is they are hospital we've been here since 1955 and be part of bear and we have a good reputation we have a lot of social violence motor vehicle accidents and if they also can start injuries that come to us in our main function was to do catch surgery here we are
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overwhelmed on a daily basis by all the trauma they can get there. and dr rob daniel is a few weeks away from completing his 5 year residency and some chance he will be moving into private practice and. this is the screening for next the function of which is to filter out who needs to be seen. and really to pick up the most urgent problems and really treats. small problems that can be sorted out in a short period of time. on a typical day rob can see between 2 and 300 patients. a stress and i mean this is africa there's always short equipment is always a problem. most of us have our own equipment just to get 3. diabetics
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we check the same day because if there's any problem then we want to be able to just pick it up right away or you've got a date for today you can go to the main clinic you've got to follow the struct this can make clinics and people with trauma will see them the said and we organize a card for them and then they're seen in the months and they kept on the bottom shift that says. patients are referred from the screening room to the main clinic they can wait most of the day in the queue. to be dave cocked and i'll face things that come and see a c.e.o. on what you call the pain she's not something at the station was. your business. this is the time test. i repeat patient 43 year old paul is led into the clinic by his friend. pulls
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blindness was caused by untreated diabetes his wife couldn't accompany him as she is the family's only breadwinner and she supports poland that full children need to go to cornell also his rights are so retreating that essentially trying to make it comfortable let's not make a play that's not we don't try to get individual improvement in college. but on. fortune bees take a turn for the worse story cause doc to hemant connor a senior doctor to get a 2nd opinion on paul's cases and it's a big book solution to another leads coming out good counted 6 others will supply the only words we have to look at someone with. the knowledge that eyes open. that eyes going to become very painful. and so and so the best option for you really is to have an operation like this where we would remove the our. current understanding is. ready
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my doctors have to have reasonable eyesight you can do a commodity if you've got poor vision because whatever we do we using a license to see the pathology in the eye to make the diagnosis we see more and more of diabetes now can cause blindness in a variety of ways trix earlier in diabetic patients they do get demister the blood vessels. sometimes they develop new blood vessels which could over the back of the eye which believe they can get him because. that's what is the more obvious he said new blood vessels growing in abnormal blood vessels which were leaking and bleeding and this race had a huge bleed and that bleed created a cloud that you couldn't see through that's why he had the surgery done yesterday . we have to draw there tonight it's the next time this patient comes if somebody else sees even if he knows what we've seen at the last because it would be obvious
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that they would rather locate and you feel good. we deal with people in terms of their life the vision is the most important sense which you have to not have that so the. how all the old laws of the old how old are. a. long time. looking new ones abroad can you go back to old bosses obviously they're not going to be set up for the new lens that we put inside you are so that could well be the reason. why it's not seeing well in the distance but at least we look for a reason on the phone. from among. drug nixies a 75 year old woman he presents with cataracts look like. a simple operations over
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store has sucked but there is a 2 year waiting list at john. because the cats i saw her really related to. 60 percent of 6 year olds 70 percent of 7 year olds a song. called no or put us on this. group called here who keep going can't go get it it. comes and they go. big smile. they put drops in your eyes. oh there's the old saying that the eyes the window to the soul. we doctors and mean we deal with people on a very personal basis which is fundamentally based on trust the comfort which a patient feels by caring for them that's what gives us a lot of
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a job satisfaction. but that's it. another day there but. yeah i mean for some doctors it's another day seeing patients on the benches while for hemant it's a pediatric clinic which brings its own particular challenges. was wrong. good for you. can suck kids they don't like to be touched so you going to try to guess them and they awaken with a playful will so sweet. so you just got to be patient with their. the very youngest kids who use things like hundreds of thousands just to get an estimate of what their visions last. year. were set you see that.
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right. there. you mean really can see me. 80 percent of all sin city put comes from your eyes but also the way you view the world perceive the world comes from my eyes basically i mean these are kids that i clearly know some of them you can do something about someone in your country and for a good developmental problems you know when you are walking along the route of the seat that she follows the boy probably has a neurological disorder it follows he will be referred to a barrel full for the tests like no you know i show you the small streets he doesn't see guns you there you know see if you can see large objects pretty gutsy the smaller ones you know. guys a bot to be bigger than almost anything baby's got some sort of a symbol you know. today's
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pull surgery dory will be removing his eyes and inserting. silicone ball into the empty socket to stop the pain that also in his blind eye is causing him. sorry for something so very sorry this is painful because of his blindness paul has never seen his young son he had. my leg by my arm when my son the last one i do. i don't know you said what 10 miles i'm going to hear and. i'm getting in my ear where more and more look at me i. can be doing what's called the restoration. basically or move the cornea and put in a silicone ball to have some volume to the orbit they closed. on the ice block 3 opted to to give him a final solution and to reverse russian right now i'm just cutting rather coming
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into. the work with the things we think. i like your place in the world you have a 6 poster so i'm a different condition all. right so that's. where we've put the silicone bowl in our now we're just going to close up we're going to close the sclera and in the country when we're done. really well there are a lot of problems like complications due to the success of this russian. i should be filing polish it should go on tomorrow she. lose. the doctors at st johns are actually volunteer their free time to operate on a few of the town's.


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