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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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coming up after weather. police and protesters change tactics during the latest anti-government demonstrations. and the nazi design exhibition and may never lands that opponents say has crossed the line. they have been very few weeks in the caucasus where we've not seen close develop into showers in the last couple of months beyond and here's another bell going through his back a lot you get a shower to further south it looks fairly dry tempest on the come down in both iran and iraq surge to the next in tara and 40 in baghdad the breeze typically a northerly so it's looking like a change of season still 30 there in beirut in the east side military is nice and quiet not particularly humid a continuation the drop in temperature brings baghdad down to 48 to 42 that cooler
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weather right now is a relative has not reached for the southeast on the 4 crossed here either still $43.00 in doha a little bit less than that in dubai abu dhabi that are going to be a continuation despite the fact the breeze is certainly picking up humidity won't be anything like as high whereas along the i'm on the coast is a bit of a boost taking place here to the harvey if 29 insalata represents overcast drizzly weather as well welcome of course. that we have seems a big temperature differences recently in south africa cape towns in the surtees on substate down to 21 also almost sunday the regulars moved to the eastern cape and. has disappeared we're going to quote top of the day. 3 months of protests unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what
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began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a. garage in al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories now hurricane dorian has left a humanitarian crisis and its wake with thousands of people fleeing their destroyed homes and hama aid is coming any better it's hard to distribute because of ruined roads runways and ports join us and turkish patrols are getting underway in
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northern syria and areas covered by a planned buffer zone turkey about 3 extend its military presence along the border and allow displaced syrians to return home the president says he's called off secret meetings and following the taliban an afghan government that were to be held in the u.s. on sunday he says it's because of a taliban suicide bombing in kabul. tony partly joins us now from kabul so. these meetings were supposed to happen in the u.s. very very close to the anniversary of 911 so i guess 1st of all is how surprising that this was apparently planned and then what's behind it being called all considering the taliban has been carrying out bombings all through the negotiations with. here in qatar. it had all the signs of being a staged event as you say the anniversary of $911.00 was coming up if president trump was to get
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a historic deal with the taliban bringing in effect the start of the end of the war in afghanistan that would be a major achievement going forward to his election year so the timing was everything but i think there's a lot of internal pressure on the president because well the reason he's giving for calling off the talks was that the taliban really can't be trusted they were still carrying out attacks and he quoted the attack last thursday which killed 12 people including a u.s. serviceman as a reason why they cannot be trusted well that attack happened and pretty soon after that happened the taliban claimed responsibility but even so everybody has been talking in a very positive way about these talks positive tweets were coming out of the pentagon pentagon comments were being made saying that this is on the road to a good deal in fact the local media in kabul was saying that a deal was expected to be signed before the afghan presidential presidential elections at the end of this month so everything was steaming ahead but i think there are lots of question marks i think within the administration itself people
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were forcing opposition i think we had the story of mike pompei a secretary of state saying that he could sign off on the deal quotes from from the security services in the u.s. and form a general saying this is not the way to go also concern from the afghan government which is basically being left out of these talks because the taliban refused to talk to them but they have great concerns at the speed in which these negotiations would be going and they feel that the americans to be promising too much to the taliban for too little in return so what does this mean for the peace process. the taliban have responded officially they say they're going to have a high level meeting to talk about this but if you see the way they've been acting throughout this whole peace process from over the last year and they've had 9 meetings with the u.s. negotiator there's a killer heels that they've always carried on the military aspects on the ground right up until now i think we're going to see an escalation as if the taliban is
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going to reinforce its position reinforce its bargaining position because there is a very strong position especially in the rural areas but this could also be a means by the president trying to say listen we can play you or say your your own game if you're not going to play ball with us and give us more then we're not going to play ball with you so it's all a political game at the moment but i think we're going to see an escalation of the conflict in the short term and people here are very fearful because those attacks have been increasing all the time we've seen daily attacks almost suicide attacks and also full fledged military assaults on government positions around the country so i think that may concern you ok tony berkeley the latest out of kabul tony thank you protesters are gathering outside the american consulate in hong kong calling for u.s. politicians to support their demands at all of the night of demonstrations outside a police station in the city opposition's tear gas and baton so pushed back the crowds who were demanding an end dependent and mess to geisha into police contact
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also on saturday police stopped a protest from targeting the airport with a major security blitz trains did not stop at stations on the way to the terminals to prevent demonstrators from getting their protests or shut down the airport for 2 days last month in a pollen joins us now from hong kong what do we know about what's planned for sunday. hi rachelle yes today another set of protests or this is the 14th weekend of protests that we're seeing what's going to happen today is very different from what we've seen the other days the other days have been focused on disrupting life for a general at transport in hong kong but today it's about targeting the u.s. calling on the u.s. to back the hong kong protesters now marco rubio u.s. senator had put through or suggested a bill that would allow the u.s. to monitor hong kong human rights that has to be to get debated in congress or at
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least spoken about in congress on monday the hong kong protesters here today many of them carrying american flags will be marching to the u.s. consulate to encourage them to do this asking them to push through that bill that will allow the u.s. to monitor the events that are taking here taking part taking here happening here and the events and also in event of a crackdown from china they want the u.s. to be able to monitor hong kong's human rights and present it and i knew all reports on it richelle so wants to make a report to the u.n. . sorry i said beijing wants to make a report to the u.n. . you know beijing does not want to make a report to the u.n. what's happening separately here is that 2 lawmakers here in hong kong that supports or that are known to support or be very much probate want to submit
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a report to the u.n. u.n. human rights council and they will be os king the u.n. to take a look at what's happening in the protests and to make a point of defending what the government's actions so far they want to tell the u.n. human rights council and the rest of the international community that the radical protests that you are seeing that the aggression that we have. and seeing and perhaps maybe a lot of the emotion we have been seeing does not represent the rest of hong kong and that is only a segment of the people and the segments of the protesters here on our show i need to point out the fact that the protests have now moved to a different direction from hollywood or originally started originally it was about this expedition bell that would allow hong kong suspects to be sent to mainland china the government this week last week took that off the table now the protesters are asking questions about how they have been treated during these protests in particular the government directives towards them and how the police have handled
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the pressure not only the protesters but also used excessive force on those who happened to be in the vicinity of the protests ok to go paul in with the latest and hong kong to thank you russia and ukraine have dozens of prisoners in a deal but it could help fall years of frozen relations the 35 who came home to ukraine include sailors who were captured near crimea victoria gave me reports. it's the 1st positive move in 5 years between ukraine and russia a filmmaker and a group of sailors landed. in a long anticipated prisoner swap. the release of ukrainian filmmaker all legs and so he was jailed for 22 years is seen as a major concession by russia and president followed him is a lenski fulfilled his election promise to bring home 22 ukrainian sailors and 2 security service agents we have to do all the steps we need these horrible war
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and of them to really. by being decent to feel for him. things will get better thank you very much thank you we'll leave you the sailors on board 3 ukrainian vessels were captured here in the courage strait 9 months ago after russian warships opened fire on them the kremlin says they illegally entered russian waters near the crimean peninsula which russian troops seized and annexed from ukraine in 2014 since then the kremlin backed separatists have been at war with ukrainian government forces in eastern ukraine at least 10000 people have been killed since the fighting began 5 years ago he crane's recently elected president the lenski says he wants to revive peace negotiations with russia he's been seeking support from european leaders recently and he's spoken to president vladimir putin by phone the prisoner exchange could be an important step towards further tentative talks this what is being seen as a victory for both presidents putin and selenski
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a potential suspect and witness in the downing of the malaysian airlines jet a crane 5 years ago has also been released despite protests by the dutch government who had many of its citizens on the flight that suggests the lenski not only had to make concessions but that russia will be a tough negotiating partner in future talks to end fighting in eastern ukraine. victoria gave him a al-jazeera also just opened in moscow for regional elections that crime want to ponens hope will be a referendum on president vladimir putin's government there. then weeks of protests in the later by people farias the 30 opposition candidates were banned from running reports. salesman that neil big let's was detained during a protest in late july us charged for pulling the arm of a policeman who was arresting a protester. he was caught up in the demonstrations after coming from a business meeting he's been sentenced to 2 years in
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a penal colony. in cases like these people usually receive suspended sentences and sometimes even have their cases dropped considering that the case has a political status the president knows about it has influenced the sentence he got 3 years in prison for touching the helmet of a policeman. the harsh sentences are part of a government crackdown after protests dominated moscow streets for weeks they started when opposition candidates were banned from running in moscow's local elections more people joined after many were arrested in. united russia is trying to hold on to power using the right police batons they are the only pillar of support even afraid to candidates to run in the election let alone have a composition of what was in the only way to make this election meaningful used to turn it into a sort of referendum on the government after being released from detention for organizing an unsanctioned protest opposition figure alexei now funny changed his
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strategy on his you tube channel he started campaigning for what he calls smart to fold urging voters to subscribe to a website on which his team has announced which candidates will have to chance to be the governing united russia party probably through friday the opposition between those who still want to continue the 3 protests and those who despite its flaws want to put it to fate in this election and analysts have pointed out opposition can be crease the chances of the opposition to be government candidates. and made this so-called smart vote a success. is one of the government candidates likely to benefit while the opposition has strongly campaigned against her after her competitor was not allowed to run she says she wants dialogue. is a big lie is following a scenario in which the war situation the better meaning the less qualified most
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could do the more critical the situation is the better i want a dialogue because the situation is very intense people don't one radical change but they want to improve their lives whatever the outcome of the elections for those who have to spend years and final colony some 4 but dissipating in unsanctioned protest it's a high price to pay but many here say even that won't deter them from taking to the streets again in the days and weeks to come step al-jazeera. the dutch museum is bracing for protests as it prepares to open a controversial exhibition it's called design of the 3rd reich and it shows how hitler used art to build support anti-fascist campaigners say the exhibition glorifies a regime that killed millions of people. understood how bold design and imagery could motivate and convince people so he used its power
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to help fulfill his racist ambitions and create a nazi state that killed millions of people mainly jews in world war 2. this exhibition then boss in the netherlands examines how nazis use design for propaganda or understood that that's what had to be used for his party and i wanted to be a powerful modern logo hitler came to power in 19336 years later germany invaded poland triggering world war 2 awesome design had helped feel nationalist anti jewish sentiment images recalled. romanticised past military uniforms was sharply tailored to promote fear the museum's director knows there showcasing the a statics of a deadly regime is controversial but he says it's important to take a critical look at history we are accustomed to present design or are what we consider good but we all know there is all also stuff and been made that's that's
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not good ethical sense what's bad what's the fall. and while we decided to research it while it was possible we have to face history because it's us you know we are in it we're not nazis but we're defined by. just opposite the design museum happens debate and bosses cynical gets a coincidence but nevertheless it is a stark reminder of why this exhibition is controversial nazi forces all keep point the netherlands for 95 years in world war 2 and in that time 3 quarters of the jewish population was killed among the victims was and frank the jewish girl who was deported by the nazis and died in a concentration camp her famous diary detailed her years hiding in an attic in amsterdam autographs father was a doctress distance fight and he says the exhibition nora finds the nazi era and should be banned it is. not only to jewish people but also to people with library
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grown. related to resistance people which it's well it's it hurts the troops it shouldn't be there 75 years after allied forces liberated the netherlands the divisions over the exhibition to highlight the wild nazi occupation is in the past it's painful legacy is still very present natasha popular al-jazeera then boasts the netherlands. website there is al-jazeera dot com all the news there around the world al jazeera dot com keep it here for your headline. i'm richelle carey these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera president donald trump says he's called off secret meetings involving the taliban and the afghan government that were to be held in the u.s. on sunday he says it's because of a taliban suicide bombing in kabul more from washington d.c.
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. those drugs tweets help give us a framework for understanding various of them we've been monitoring over the last week on monday zalmay khalilzad the u.s. own voice of the talks with the taliban have said agreements in principle have been reached with the taliban for the withdrawal of u.s. troops them on thursday we had that bomb in kabul 10 afghan civilians dead 2 nato so it was personnel killed including one american and shortly after those returned suddenly to cutoff for more talks with the taliban that have been previously scheduled or came dorrian has left a humanitarian crisis in its wake with thousands of people filling their destroyed homes and the bahamas aid is coming in but it's hard to distribute because of ruined roads friendly and ports joint u.s. and turkish patrols are getting underway in northern syria areas covered by a planned for turkey wants to extend its military presence along the border and
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allow displaced syrians to return home. u.k. prime minister boris johnson has lost a senior cabinet minister after a week of parliamentary defeats and defections amber rudd who was work and pensions secretary resigned from the government and the conservative party she says she could no longer endorse johnson's plan to approach his approach to brecht's at because he seems determined to crash out of the e.u. without a deal. and protesters are gathering outside the american consulate in hong kong calling for u.s. politicians to support their demands at all the night of demonstrations outside a police station in the city officers used tear gas and baton to push back crowds who are demanding an independent investigation into police. and also just opened in moscow for regional elections that kremlin opponents hope will be a referendum on president vladimir putin's government there been weeks of protests in the lead up by people furious that 30 opposition candidates are banned from running. the headlines keep it here people in power as that next
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thing i want to run away you will. get but that's. where you choose i'm stuck. to the bottom of a cousin to bunches of which i'm up to but odds are. in part one of these 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the list changes on all disease. over 3 months automatic protests. on what began as opposition to an exhibition or as he told the truth the pro-democracy movement. so why did this crisis develop and wait yes i did leave in the 1st of 2 special reports this is the
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story behind it all comes the summer of 2 fine. ha. ha com has been reeling from its worst political crisis in decades. massive protests. radical action in. the. streets in goldston tear gas. prices.
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and. the law of not. the movement started in response to the government's plans to amend hong kong's extradition role. it was feared anyone suspected of breaking the law could be sent to mainland china to face trial last. outraged hong kong as took to the streets believing such a move would undermine the edge to sri and the city's autonomy. thing. wallow under public pressure the proposal was put on hold. but the protests stopped and the chinese government appeared to be losing patience with. people. here more. quickly.
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so what was fueling the demonstrations. and where would they lead. and the fust of 2 reports people in power traces the evolution of hong kong some out of defiance. little doubt that was on the june the 9th was when the 1st major protests kicked off. i'm over the proposed extradition bill had been. simmering for weeks. i know there was among other things hong kong was feared beijing would use the law against its opponents living in or even just passing through the city hall my spirits renew that you're free gift unnecessary power through the government to hong kong government with sudden appeal is it the china government with something to do with it. organizers said
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a 1000000 people were on the streets that day. police had a far more conservative estimate of 240000. but despite the town out chief executive kerry lamb announced the same evening that's a 2nd reading of the bill would go ahead anyway. but discussion erupted on social media and in various chat groups. they're all his oscar question what should we do if peaceful mobs use your stuff they think that maybe we should go radical maybe there is something we still can do and the government may hurt us. the group of protesters decided to head for the entrance of the legislative council building. some attempted to breach police lines. by the time jason or right clashes had erupted. hours for dollars only the so i
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grabbed my friends like that they think me. how it's like. calling us so they tracked me through the battle barrier that they rolled me there and they had given me up at like peter for. i. jason faces a 5 year sentence for unlawful assembly. he says he has no regrets a way to use whatever he can to lead to god to hear our voices even though they may not care even though it is turned out nothing but we need to throw this out. there through. jason's college roommate was also arrested the same night. a philosophy major tie on has weighed the pros and cons of radical action and all with. basic cable in. our homes i.
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thought i. was on. when i got to go go to your views on. like many of their peers both jason and took part in the umbrella movement in 2014 for 79 days hundreds of thousands of hong kong occupied key roads in the peaceful show of civil disobedience. ah ah. ah but the campaign for universal suffrage ended without any concessions from the government and to many of the movement's leaders but jails. today protesters say they've learned from the past why you're. charging. them so i
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was on walk on. the water today higher charges sure it's all we don't know how you cut a hole in mines you know it's you know it's a way they say it was he told them. their. 5 years off to the umbrella movement roads surrounding government headquarters but once again filled with protest as. it was the 12th of june 3 days after the 1st major march. the 2nd reading of the extradition bill to take place that morning was protesters were surrounding the government complex to stop the next just as a council for meeting. the majority of people who showed up. peaceful. but some believe more needed to be done to make the government listen it's all it's ok. lasers are still out on the phone but up if i
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don't i thought i was sitting. there watching as i would or another search of mondale's is it going to come out slow i guess i'll be up. late morning opposition no makeup alvan junk received some news. of the more you things are not how you want all up but it wasn't what the protestors wanted and they refused to back down. i may think we are. hoping to calm things down approach the police and call. the. police call the law. anything. that i think month i want if i was
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like oh boy they told me. not to say how honest you are not what i'm going to do something on it i must know. what i think by. not know what are you the folly and some of the make up in my pocket money old age i saw. it was yet another sign of how much things have changed since the umbrella movement. no one personal food was in charge no one could tell these protesters what to do. away from the front lines the protest remained peaceful. up on a bridge filmmaker yang. and a group of academics and autists were on a hunger strike. originally from mainland china he now lives in exile in hong kong
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off to making a film critical of the main lance justice system if enacted the extradition will could be used on him domino watson's ashoka editing to repair the whole. side of the phone and she was xanga alison's iou the as it passes out of things up each year marrying futures it. violates off the noon some protesters on the front lines getting restless. outside the main entrance of the legislative council building demonstrates is charged police lines police responded. with rubber bullets. and then tear gas driving school protesters in the area including those not involved in clashes towards the entrance of a nearby building. puts it shed on social media shows
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a near stampede as hemmed in on 3 sides by police hundreds of protesters attempted to feed through the one unlocked door of this office building. outside police continue to fight to cast right into the middle of the fleeing crowd . up. was. in another video riot police were seen grabbing hold of and beating this man lucky. oh are by nightfall police had pushed protesters away from the area so. rounding government offices. at around the same time chief executive kerry lamb released this video if i sail in on the long haul the white.
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thoughts he said would then i know you'll be on your. own saying sake it is high walk softly. outsold take a fucking fall. it was a characterization with significant legal implications. anyone charged with rioting faces up to 10 years in prison. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah it was a sea of black as hong kong was returned to the streets on the 16th of july. laos laos they marched despite an announcement by lamp that she was suspending debates on the extradition bill indefinitely although there.


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