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in the seats. convention tate's that occupies the important position as speaker of the house that although he's an m.p. like any other he is not going to be a challenge to you he wouldn't be charged he would be reelected unopposed essentially but so angry all the conservative party who feel that john bercow who's a labor m.p. has been siding with labor and allowing these challenging motions to go through basically contradicting the prime minister's approved strategy but they've decided they're going to throw convention out the window and they are going to field a conservative candidate against him in the next general election which could be a matter of weeks away it's an indication of just how bits and vengeful and frankly nasty politics has become here in the u.k. bret's it is progress. paul brennan live for us there in london thanks for that we've got plenty more ahead on this news hour u.s. and turkish troops beginning joint patrols in northeastern syria as they prepare to set up a so-called safe zone in the region aid workers are warning conditions are deteriorating
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files for hurricane survivors in the bahamas even as emergency supplies are rushed in. and continues to go on to here is the latest bout we'll hear from him in sport with john. told us that ahead but 1st a day of protests that started peacefully in central hong kong has ended in more chaos demonstrators set barricades on fire block major roads and vandalized the metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate calling on congress to pass a human rights legislation allowing sanctions to be placed on hong kong leaders. and with this update now from hong kong. this is one of hong kong's main shopping districts usually a very busy place on a sunday night and if you can see it's been. brought to
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a standstill with white police over here blocking the road they chased the protesters 2 here from the financial district and tried to disperse them using tear gas among the shoppers and the crowds on a sunday night not long ago we saw people running with small children without any protection away from the tear gas so he said not just protesters here confronting the police what we're seeing is regular shoppers and regular people trying to confront the police off them why they're using such excessive force when there are people who have nothing to do with the protests now this has been a constant or feign and this has been the next step in the protests that we are seeing where people want police accountability for their actions this is in stark contrast to the protests we saw our earlier today when thousands of people marched to the u.s. embassy calling on the u.s. to push through a bill that would give them greater powers to safeguard hong kong's autonomy
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divvied up all in their own home call as he said the protesters are now sending out an international appeal for help in their fight for democracy adrian brown has more on that part of the store and. these protesters want global attention their target on sunday the united states. to china's leaders this will fuel their suspicions that foreign powers up behind the 3 and a half months of unrest in hong kong the protest his message is for the u.s. congress and the act they want passed that would lead to close a scrutiny of human rights in hong kong and u.s. sanctions against hong kong leaders he wants to u.s. congress to pas that hong kong human rights and democracy as as chance was about to his people be so important for us because you can selectively punish those off issues who tremble on our freedom. riot police blocked the road in front of the
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consulate and were braced for trouble. as in previous demonstrations these marchers represented a broad cross section of hong kong society on tuesday hong kong will be under the international spotlight once more when the united nations human rights council meets in geneva with china's representative expected to defend the hong kong police's handling of the current turmoil sunday's protest comes 5 days after the chief executive kerry lamb announced she would officially withdraw the controversial extradition bill that set off the unrest there was further trouble on sunday night when police and protesters clashed in a main subway station parts of which were vandalized adrian brown al jazeera hong kong and. a serious condemned joint e.u.'s turkish were trolls and north in the north west of the country as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty armed vehicles cross the turkish border on
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sunday into an area that used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area turkey is boosting its military presence along its border with syria and is pushing displaced syrians to return home. near the turkish syrian border. the start of joint patrols between the us on talk of the military is are being seen as a positive step this because both the americans on the talks were on able to see eye to eye as to how to operate within syria over the past year or even longer than that turkey has always insisted that it needed to establish some sort of safe zone up until up to maybe 30 kilometers inside syria essentially to ensure that there was a safe space for displaced syrians but more importantly flying corps as it's have.
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often said was in order to ensure that it could target what they described to terrorist organizations namely groups like isis but also kurdish separatists who had used that area to launch attacks against choice inside its own borders now these patrols are still extremely limited they're only in the 1st few kilometers within the syrian side of the charkhi syria border as i mentioned talk you want to go much deeper up to even the euphrates than side of the euphrates river inside syria as the americans have resisted that's what's made things even more complicated is the fact that washington has it given tactical support and to according to some reports even military support to some of these kurdish groups stuff if you consider to be terrorist organizations and that was one of the points of contention but as of sunday the fact that these drawings patrols have spotted
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comes after repeated threats by president read a paper around and the talk of government that's if turkey is not allowed to establish that same zone it's with have no choice but to open the borders and allow for even more syrian refugees to flee the bombardment that continues to target civilian areas inside syria. well just one legacy is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and president of the syria studies association he joins us via skype now from norman in oklahoma good to speak you speak with you again joshua so just explain to us what is the motivation for but the u.s. and turkey in trying to set up this safe so well the united states is trying to avoid this as long as it could but turkey has considerable leverage and it's a very important member of nato the united states does not want to lose it and heir
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to one over the last year has threatened a number of things one to release refugees into europe. and europe is very fearful of that to develop nuclear nuclear capabilities. to invade and and this has frightened the united states because the united states is staying in syria for 2 main reasons one to destroy isis and 2 to rollback iran and with this and taisha it has distracted the kurds in northern syria from their role of fighting isis it also has given iran and other countries a leg to stand on in the region because turkey is a and an important partner for them if turkey is alienated from the united states and there's this potential for friction there isn't there in the fact that the u.s. has been backing these kurdish forces. in northern syria because they're the only.
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side from the us the only viable force that is that is been fighting i saw and the turks for their part don't want don't want to get a presence in northern syria. you know and you know united states had promised that as soon as they defeated isis they would turn over all that they would take back all their heavy weapons from the kurdish forces so the turks are feeling particularly bitter that the united states has changed the bar is raised the bar considerably so are the syrians and the iranians russians others who are all all have an interest in getting the united states out and for that reason the united states has to keep the turks sweet it has to keep them cooperating and expand this zone but as we heard in your report the turks have only a very small zone right now they're going to continue to pressure the united states to broaden it out and to set up. to set up roadblocks to begin to inspect who's
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coming through they want to wipe e.g. the kurdish forces out of there good to speak to you as always joshua landis there in norman oklahoma thanks for being with us but are now the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog has met the iranian officials a day off to add further scaled down its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal iran announced on saturday it could now increase un human wichman levels beyond the 20 percent but it doesn't have plans to do that yet iranian foreign minister the iranian forms that told the i.a.e.a. its actions are allowed under the deal francis' iran not to downgrade its commitments saying the channels for dialogue are still open dosage of body has more from to iran. this was a prescheduled meeting between the acting head of the international atomic energy agency and iranian officials as part of their ongoing cooperation officials from
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the nuclear watchdog come to teheran on a regular basis but this visit comes at a time when the future of the 2015 nuclear deal is very uncertain iran continues to reduce its commitments as it announced on saturday how they will move forward with advancing their nuclear program and that they will no longer it here to the limitations that have been sat under the j c p a way ali akbar salehi the head of iran's atomic energy organization says iran will not stay in this deal as long as it's a one way road toward. the e.u. was supposed to cover the absence of the united states and they couldn't do it in a way that promised and the woos thing is we've heard from the spokesman of the e.u. saying they remain committed to the j.c. as long as a run i'm surprised is committed to was committed to not being committed to the deal breaking promises. are now for rita has also been meeting with iranian foreign
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minister mohammad javad zarif and the secretary of iran's supreme national security council connie this is being viewed as a critical point in the future of the relationship between iran and the remaining european signatories of the nuclear deal that france germany and britain the iranian president hassan rouhani has issued yet another 60 days for the europeans to try and salvage this deal. fighting in libya has killed at least 14 people. forces battled soldiers from the u.n. recognize government of national accord 8 of hostiles forces died along with 6 soldiers inside the south west of tripoli at least a 1000 have been said been killed since launched an offensive to capture the capital 5 months ago. the general command of the armed forces decided to go to tripoli to up root terrorism in the area at this point we have to listen in from the sudanese experience in the role of the people in the army played in reaching pace there they deserve our congratulations we also aim at moving with the help of
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friends towards peace at the tripoli they will be and national dialogue which will start to produce a constitutional declaration. a thousands of volunteers in the bahamas are abandoning their homes destroyed by hurricane dorian one of the strongest storms ever recorded there is known to have killed 43 people that total is likely to climb significantly as recovery crews reach more remote devastated islands my reports from freeport the main city on grand bahama island. floodwaters have finally receded on the island of grand bahama. presidents of this part of the country this means coming to terms with the devastation left over from hurricane dorian on the eastern end of the island more than 80 percent of homes were destroyed. this high school near free ports tourist district has been transformed into a shelter for the displaced many here have lost everything to the hurricane even
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their loved ones. i lost my home. and. he decided to stay back home. from what i have say and heard everything has completely gone so. you know as. you know. on going i you know know any player they have but. about 80 people are staying at this shelter freeport remains without electricity and the heat is almost unbearable but there is food and water and doctors on site to provide medical attention to anyone who needs it by i really thank god for life right now on i thank god for the u.s. coast guard and participated you guys and i you know bringing us food and clothes and water and stuff. search operations continue for hundreds of
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people still missing but the destruction from the storm is so widespread that even with the assistance of the united states coast guard and border patrol there are still places in the country that rescue teams have yet to reach. one of the biggest challenges in delivering disaster relief to survivors of hurricane dorian has been limited access to the areas worst hit by the storm only up until a few days ago this airplane for example along with freeport airport were sitting under at least 2 meters of flood waters. it's been several days since the storm passed many of the people we've met seem to still be in shock but nonetheless grateful to be alive. i'll just freeport bahamas doron is now pounding in newfoundland and on the other side of the world japan is being threatened with a typhoon is rob tell us about it is an eye for false colors on satellite picture just because investigating its strengths and sometimes you get an interesting picture of the i mean a comet that is blowing a kiss and japan or whether it's a tadpole or
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a fish that are the way that is the size of the target and in the next 18 hours it will be probably over the top of tokyo or in context that's the size not a giant one as you can see bits of equivalent of a category 3 hurricane at the moment so there it is we're going to need a bit closer to see if we can follow its past now the satellite cloud which is covering a good part of this this apology pan just starting to rain in tokyo on the rains so the pounding to the south has made landfall on small island called the sheema and it passes maybe the concerning thing at the moment it's winds just coming down a little bit so it's got winds about 170 kilometers per hour storm surge forecast to one meter remarkably small lastly because this is a big deep ocean it's very hard to whip up the surface barge if you push into tokyo by will be notable but look at the way the size 50 meters those parting just means sure of course could be potentially damaging and the rain inland is no thing so
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here we have this pick it up then and for cross over the next 18 hours because of the time tokyo tonight tonight and then 24 hours time it's out over open ocean so the danger happens fairly soon. thanks rob now still ahead on ideas into the murder of jamal khashoggi a turkish newspaper has a new angle or what happened. 6 years on from a devastating earthquake how from the peano's are struggling to rebuild their houses and pray. and a new air race world champion has been proud joe will have that later in school.
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of. architecture. when the news breaks a little when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable glued to the boundary a died last week and proceed from mexico today you know to stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to both the machines and the wife who is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and denied news.
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again you're watching it is there a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. secretary of state says talks with the taliban are dead for now and the special envoy is being recalled to decide the future path is made the comments in the past half hour on u.s. television donald trump revealed on saturday he had cancelled secret meetings taliban leaders over a suicide bomb attack in kabul that killed 12 people including a u.s. soldier. protesters blocked a major road in hong kong central district and vandalized a metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate there calling on the u.s. congress to pass a human rights legislation allowing sanctions to be placed on hong kong lead it's. another british government minister has quit in protest over prime minister barak's johnson's gregg's his strategy to leave the e.u.
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without a deal is the work and pensions secretary. there's growing uncertainty inside the conservative party now about johnson's leadership following his sacking earlier of 21 days this week one of them was the grandson of so winston churchill lansley has more. london's parliament square is graced with a statue of britain's most famous politician on the coast of winston churchill his legacy and beliefs have very much been on people's minds in this extraordinary contradictory week. when parliament resumes prime minister boris johnson himself above refers churchill invoked the language and even the intonation of the walks on leader to suggest that the u.k. was somehow in the conflict with the europe. in union he used the very same words about the e.u. that churchill had done about nazi germany in 1944 you never surrender that sort of language comes from the playbook of johnson's new chief of staff
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dominic cummings a brick sit idealogue behind the slogan take back control and cummings many believe was also behind the brutal treatment of those conservatives who could not accept johnson's agenda contrary to the prime minister's assertion one of those was to nicholas soames a conservative grandy summarily sacks with 20 others for refusing to support johnson's do or die approach to leaving the european union but his speech after being told he was no longer welcomed johnson's conservative party was extraordinary not least because johnson had sacked the grandson of winston churchill where they were together in 1954. i'm truly very sad that it should end in this way only does my most fervent hope that this house will rediscover the spirit of compromise humility and understand that will enable us to finally to push ahead with the vital work in the interests of the whole country sitting in front of
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soames was another conservative rebel richard benyon who was also sex the next day he told me of his concerns about the direction the party he loved was being taken in the attitude of some of the people. who were around the prime minister not only coming to speak about that yes and you know i think they have a big responsibility for the size of the rebellion last night and some of the things that were said to colleagues of mine more extraordinary. the generally held view is that the johnson administration is now so terrified of nigel farage is brecht's it party that despises the european union but it will no longer brook any dissent it was for. whose status in british politics forced the bracks referendum in the 1st place and now it seems he is driving the conservative party to adopt his views. consequently today's conservative party finds itself at war with the
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european union and with itself its legacy and relationship with its most famous son the irony isn't often any one that after the 2nd world war churchill gave all of his most famous speeches in which he called for the creation of a united states of europe a constant working together economically and socially for the greater good that phrase united states of europe is used by brick sitters including those inside the johnson ministration as the biggest insult of all. new found love of the european union from those terrified of bricks it is now forced johnson into a corner and could easily lead to his resignation in the coming weeks the conservative party has a lot of thinking to do lawrence lee al jazeera london but jonathan less is the deputy director of the think tank british influence or pro euro business advisory group and he joins us now a from london thanks very much for being with us so what do you believe is behind boris johnson's uncompromising strategy here is it because as the point was made in
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lawrence's report that maybe he fears losing votes to nigel farage is the party. that's exactly right dominic cummings here is laura's to say it is the power behind the throne has decided johnson and his government has to take the most hardline aggressive ruthless approach to if you like cleanse the tory party purge it of any kind of one nation moderate tradition any kind of anti heartbreaks it the point certainly in order to appeal to that 3rd of the british population who is insisting on a no deal breaks it but the problem they have is that even if they were to appeal to that 3rd of the population and we know the knowledge of iraq they would in turn alienates thousands and thousands of tourists motorists and remain is on the other side who would be repelled by the tories latest move do you believe he he is
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prepared by boris johnson you do believe he's prepared to ignore the law and go ahead with it with a no deal once the. law against or no deal is is passed and becomes the more the land. i mean this is really unique dangerous language that we're hearing from boris johnson now the idea that a british prime minister could actually flout the law on the will of parliament which is the bedrock of our sovereignty in this country and the root of our democracy is unheard of since the bill of rights in $688.00 so if he does that we really would be in unprecedented waters an actual territory what i think is more likely is a johnson is taking a trunk style approach where he's trying to whip up his base by talk of flouting the law and trying to anger and radicalize people and he will then turn on not only the politicians pardon terence russo judiciary and media in order to wake them up
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in such a frenzy then they'll support him in that election campaign it is an incredibly dangerous and irresponsible gesture i don't actually think they're. that he would break the law in the end. how real is the potential economic damage of the no deal we hear a lot of these kind of doomsday scenarios of lots of long lines of of lorries at the ports and medicines and supplies not not getting through is that how much truth is there to that or is it. people on the other side of say a lot of scare mongering. or the government's own reports are responsible for these for these notions of food and medicine and fuel shortages it is the experts in the . future in the haulage industries who are protesting about all the things that still have to be done in order for them to to work effectively doctors are giving
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concrete evidence of how actual medication may not be able to reach those patients in need so this is not a conspiracy dreamed up by politicians and commentators it is the actual experts in the field who are telling the government that these are the real consequences of a nature breaks it and the government is choosing to pursue it anyway in the name of democracy good to speak with the journalist thanks alina. russia's president vladimir putin has resulted in a contentious regional election in moscow opposition and independent candidates were banned from the ballot there that's provoked months of some of the largest protests seen in years hundreds of protesters were arrested many not by riot police and some were jailed stabbed rason has more on this from moscow. it's interesting to see that these elections which normally are considered an important have attracted so much attention and that comes all of course because it has led to
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a lot of protests a lot of protests that haven't been in russia for quite a lot of years it has created a new kind of protest movement but also a lot of young people students joining in and also the crackdown by the government of these protests has put this election on the international agenda i can say a lot of media from all over the world have come to actually cover it we just followed the opposition leader was not allowed to run herself and she was followed by dozens of cameras showing that this vote for only 45 members of the most duma has significance for the rest of the country as well they have also now called instead of boycotting these elections because the opposition candidates are not allowed to run they have now called to still come to the polling stations and vote for anyone except for united russia the ruling party of president vladimir putin in a way to show that the opposition is strong stronger than the government has always
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sat the result will be that it will be more difficult for president clinton to continue his last term which is now happening right now so the question now of course is will this be successful this strategy because there are opposing voices the opposition is divided on this particular strategy which is called smart voting and we will see later what the outcome is going to be. a turkish newspaper has revealed how the suspects behind the murder of journalist john marshall ji conspired to kill him died inside saudi arabia's istanbul concert last year reports based on 15 suspects testimonies in saudi courts the u.n. human rights offices question the kingdom's ability to conduct a fair trial so more from istanbul for the 1st time we learned about the details of those 15 good men's testimony is in saudi course those 15 men who came to
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istanbul to the cell the consulate building right behind me and to kill cell to journalists. based on what this turkish daily newspaper revealed in their testimonies those 15 members admitting it how they organized this crime actually they say that they were here to take them out has shifted back to saudi arabia but it was an initiative by modern military to kill jamal for shifty and he admits that he gave the order at 1st he thought about burying him in the garden of the consulate residence building but then he decided to tell the team to chop the democracy of jews by the into pieces so that they could easily take him out of the building this is the 1st time that we are hearing about their testimonies because the saudi prosecution system was a closed circuit system they shared no evidence nor details no statements by those suspects but what we know was that sold ok danny who is the number one man of the crown prince mohammad the man who was named to be the organizer of this crime was
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neither a witness nor a suspect in this trial he was never been to he has never been into court and we learned that 9 of the suspects are facing death sentence the rest are facing aggravated life sentence. after years of military action in northwest nigeria the government is choosing dialogue to end killings in kidnapping mainly by nomadic cattle herders government leaders say they want to tackle the injustice is their field the crisis how many groups reports from. for the past 2 months not a single shot was fired in what was termed nigeria's wild west no one was kidnapped for ransom and no life struck was stolen. what kind of his constituents are back from 18 months of self imposed exile.
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hunted down by bandits and vigilantes he and people in this village and now enjoying what they say are the best moments of their lives in 2 years a return to normalcy. we were on the run from law enforcement bandits and vigilantes for more than a year and a half as small as this village is at last people in the rights many have been kidnapped including women and children a 1000 cattle and sheep was stolen from us 2 months ago they returned home and are trying to rebuild their lives for 8 years bandits mainly from the mighty kurtzman terrorized entire villages in northwest nigeria local regime formed to protect communities became the law. the resulting violence killed more than 4000 people and displaced tens of thousands. the state government says it's moving to address what the norm what's called decades of exploitation and
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oppression by providing water roads and other services. it's also disbanding the militias that have been accused of killing full unease and denying them access to basic services the truce is holding for now a few months ago driving along this highway would have been extremely dangerous even for the security forces but now a decent number of vehicles used the old killings and abductions used to happen here almost every day so for most people the relative peace they now enjoy seems and feel is almost unreal. and it's not only the displaced who are happy with the turn of events in some of. the police who have been targeted in the mayhem say they realize that the force of arms cannot end the violence.


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