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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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confused government right now says all right we thank you very much glenn karl for speaking to us from boston. now the british government is preparing for yet another breck's at showdown prime minister or is johnson insists he'll stick to his plan to exit the european union by october 31st that's the spite legislation set to become law that would force him to seek an extension from the e.u. but francaise the deadlock between the british parliament and the government is worrying and it's warning that the in you may not grant a british request for ibrox at dealing. with how things are now it's still no to pushing back to break that deadline the u.k. says they want to push forward alternatives to avoid a no deal but we haven't received anything so we still know we're not going to start over every 3 months it's up to the u.k. to show us the way forward rex it has thrown the ruling conservative party into turmoil with serious questions being raised about johnson's leadership this week 2
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of his ministers resigned including his own brother and he sacked $21.00 conservative m.p. is one of them the grandson of former prime minister sir winston churchill or it's the reports. london's parliament square is graced with a statue of britain's most famous politician and the ghost of winston churchill his legacy and beliefs have very much been on people's minds in this extraordinary contradictory week. when parliament resumes prime minister boris johnson himself above refers churchill invoked the language and even the intonation of the wartime leader to suggest that the u.k. was somehow in a conflict with the european union he used the very same words about the e.u. that churchill had done about nazi germany in 1940. never surrender that sort of language comes from the playbook of johnson's new chief of staff dominic cummings a brick city idealogue behind the slogan take back control and cummings many
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believe was also behind the brute. treatment of those conservatives who could not accept johnson's agenda contrary to the prime minister's assertion one of those was to nicholas soames a conservative grandy summarily sacks with 20 others for refusing to support johnson's do or die approach to leaving the european union but his speech after being told he was no longer welcome to johnson's conservative party was extraordinary not least because johnson had sacked the grandson of winston churchill and here they were together in 1950. i am truly very sad that it should end in this way only does my most fervent hope that this house will rediscover the spirit of compromise humility and understand that will enable us finally to push ahead with the vital work in the interests of the whole country sitting in
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front of soames was another conservative rebel richard benyon who was also sacked the next day he told me of his concerns about the direction the party he loved was being taken in the attitude of some of the people. who were around the prime minister not. coming to speak about it you know yes and you know i think they have a big responsibility for the size of the rebellion last night and some of the things that were said to colleagues of mine more extraordinary. the generally held view is that the johnson administration is now so terrified of nigel farage is brecht's it party that despises the european union but it will no longer brook any dissent that was to status in british politics forced the bracks referendum in the 1st place and now it seems he is driving the conservative party to adopt his views. consequently today's conservative party finds itself at war with the european union and with itself its legacy and relationship with its most famous son the irony isn't lost on
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anyone that after the check. world war churchill gave all of his most famous speeches in which he called for the creation of a united states of europe and working together economically and socially for the greater good that phrase united states of europe is used by breck's it is including those inside the jewels of ministration as the biggest insult of all. new found love of the european union from those terrifying bricks which is no force children into a corner and could easily lead to his resignation in the coming weeks the conservative party has a lot of thinking to do largely al-jazeera london ireland's prime minister says he does not expect a breakthrough on bracks during talks with his british counterpart in dublin on monday leader of art of carr says his meeting with boris johnson will be about sharing ideas rather than negotiating the u.k.'s divorce from the e.u. via the car once
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a deal between london and brussels that protects the economy and the northern irish peace process. i don't think the meeting tomorrow. is a high stakes meeting in the sense that i don't anticipate. a big breakthrough tomorrow if we come to agreement that agreement will happen it's like you know. what stakes are. on to more head on the al-jazeera news hour including in south africa protests against immigrants on foreign owned businesses turned violent. in the bahamas a massive relief effort is underway in the aftermath of hurricane dorian we'll have an update from the region in sport ferrari when they're home italian free for the 1st time in almost a decade. but 1st thousands of school backpacks have been placed outside the united nations in
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new york to highlight the number of children killed in armed conflicts the display features nearly 4000 blue units have backpacks and rows like headstones to show the scale of child deaths and 20. the installation comes ahead of the 30th anniversary of the convention on the rights of the child which will be celebrated during the un general assembly across the 20 conflict zones monitored last year the un found more than 12000 children were killed or injured in afghanistan had the worst record with more than 3000 young people killed or hurt while syria recorded almost 2000 deaths and injuries 2018 saw more children than ever recruited as soldiers particularly in so malia syria and nigeria $7000.00 fought on frontlines around the world the u.n. children's fund says the conflicts are putting the education of millions of children at risk in mali more than $800.00 schools were closed last year leaving 244000 children with no education our diplomatic editor james braze has more from
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the united nations in new york. it is a haunting image here in the garden of u.n. headquarters you can see that the un children's agency unicef of laid out backpacks blue u.n. colored backpacks they look like a graveyard they're meant to look like a graveyard because each of these backpacks represents a child who died in a conflict zone in 2018 there are 3758 backpacks and these are only the confirmed deaths they believe the real number is many more more than 12000 children were killed and maimed in 2018 frankly. it's a haunting statistic 3758 children died as a result of the conflict last year that's the highest number since we've been recording numbers where most of those deaths. they're spread out but afghanistan somalia syria and yemen are the worst places to be chopped children
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caught up in the conflict situation this art installation by unicef has been deliberately timed in just 2 weeks time leaders from all around the world will be here at u.n. headquarters for the u.n. general assembly and they're hoping the children in conflict zones will be a top issue when they meet. at least one person has been killed in several injured an anti immigrant riots in south africa police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to break up crowds in johannesburg attacks on my grandson foreign owned businesses in recent days has sparked retaliation on south african shops in nigeria from the mother has the latest. tensions have escalated jan the johannesburg central business district somebody has been injured people here say they've been shocked there's a high police presence people here are concerned about continuing attacks and this has only further angered people here is great concern and that's.
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this great concern that the speil and says again to end this escalate and much of the violence has also been fueled by rumors people are scared there for a straighted many say they want an end to this violence but there are those who say they're willing to retaliate. and the people we. much in years in the who want to attack the you come to the street know. from. then he probably comes this late reply looked at him closely now all these people the skillet know. they want to tell your to them for the north scared of him. with the police of fired rubber bullets and they say they're trying to quell the tensions you're prevent an escape of violence and this has been going on full
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a number of days in the past week with have been clashes between foreign nationals and south africans shops have been looted many of these stores here remain closed today concerned the business owners are concerned about continued looting and wiped my tappan. sunday worshippers in zimbabwe have prayed for robert mugabe in the church he used to attend the former president died in singapore on friday where he was receiving treatment equal treatment the 95 year old is considered by some as a heroic freedom fighter who ended colonial rule critics regard him as a dictator who ordered death squads rigged elections and shattered the economy until he was overthrown 2 years ago. we are praying for our relatives who have died in our former president comrade robert mugabe we bring him forward to god we are asking god if there is anything he did wrong in his life he'd be forgiven. the u.s. says it's moved enough emergency supplies 444000 people to the bahamas in the wake
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of hurricane dorian the u.n. is warning that conditions on the worst affected islands are rapidly deteriorating with 70000 people in need of food and shelter the devastating storm flattened neighborhoods and search and rescue teams are still trying to reach areas cut off by flooding and debris i had a chance earlier today to tour the damage from the air and i have a call and what i was struck by was. the the focus nature of the devastation so there are parts. in the bahamas that don't show a great deal of damage and then there are clusters in communities that were devastated almost as the nuclear bombs were dropped on them that's how great the suffering is of the devastation is earlier we spoke to walter cause heywood's and john from the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies he explained how aid agencies are working together to help the survivors. we have
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also been given blankets i know they're kind of relieved i think it's a supporter in the aids but of course even when we are doing the response i'm relieved we also are in the process to prepare well the recovery phase very point who eat the jet more kids i don't know if with me really the beach other unlikely. we are looking out on this debate to get it up there for a shot of the recovery site we are working in but i was responding to the order to it but also repeat you know what i. wanted to get with the other otoh to do it. and see my the good of the region were in favor of the 4 to go with us when i suppose we have a way we're going to need to do we have any better money. but this is nice not an emergency. and also we see the mother didn't know what in the region we also have
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but it was. u.n. us is for instance yesterday we sent. you he said you know what really helped me then we had connected everybody there would get together they did not of course any emergency is usually a problem in this sort of their mess but we are really working on creating systems of the nation but their communication did i don't recall with a little by little they're going to be iran says the oil from a tanker that was released by drone baltar 3 and a half weeks ago has been sold iranian state television said the $130000000.00 worth of oil has gone to its destination the united states says the satellite image proves that destination was syria iran had promised that the adrian taria one super tanker formally the grace one wouldn't sail to syria. a turkish newspaper has revealed some new detail about how the suspects behind the murder of journalist.
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conspired to kill him. inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last year the report is based on testimonies and statements given by the 15 suspects on trial for his murder in saudi courts the u.n. human rights office has questioned the kingdom's ability to conduct a fair trial since has more from. for the 1st time we learned about the details of those 15 good men's testimony as in solve the course those 15 men who came to istanbul to the cell the course late building right behind me to kill sounded journalists. based on what this turkish daily newspaper revealed in their testimonies those 15 members at mit it's how they organize this crime actually they say that they were here to take jamal has shifted back to saudi arabia but it was an initiative by modern military of to kill jamal for ship and he
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admits that he gave the order at 1st he thought about varying him in the garden of the consulate residence building but then he decided to tell the team to chop the democracy of jews by the into pieces so that they could easily take him out of the building this is the 1st time that we are hearing about their testimonies because the saudi persecution system was a closed circuit system they shared no evidence no details no statements by those suspects but what we know was that cell though kept on the who is the number one men of the crown prince mohamed the man who is named to be the organizer of this crime was neither a witness nor a suspect in this trial he was never been to he has never been into court and we learned that 9 of the suspects are facing death sentence the rest are facing aggravated life sentence still ahead on the observation news hour to tell you why russia is our position called for a protest vote so instead of
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a boycott in sunday's regional elections and warnings of election interference as the u.s. gears up for the 2020 presidential race. and a new air race world champion has been crowned rio will have the details for little later in sports. hello again and welcome back we're here cross the central and southern part united states we are watching the temperatures rise over the next few days actually above average for this time of year we are mid september and what we're going to see is actually temperatures into the mid thirty's for some locations dallas here on monday at 35 degrees kansas city at 32 and on tuesday we're going to be seeing chicago well above average at about 31 degrees they're below average though unfortunate for southern canada you can be seeing some wet conditions as well as temperatures for winnipeg at 13 in calgary at about 9 degrees there where you cross
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central america it is going to be the rain over the next few days and that is actually going to be increasing as we go towards tuesday really not looking too bad as we are here looking at a forecast map here on monday but by the time we do get to tuesday we're going to see more rain across mexico as well as central america guatemala mexico city managua all seeing very heavy showers as we end the day on tuesday there and then down towards south america since you aren't temperatures were quite warm they are beginning to come down as we go towards tuesday we're going to start here on monday at $39.00 degrees well above average but by the time we get towards tuesday that is coming down to about 30 but a beautiful and warm day over here towards rio at 30 degrees as well unfortunately one is out as it is going to be rainy and a little cooler with attempt a few 15 degrees. new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship in the movies problem that we
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have can we overcome it commune challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia is fos changing political landscape through the stories of food diverse ethiopians know the new city this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the taliban say the u.s. has the most to lose after president donald trump canceled a secret meeting with the group in the u.s. after a suicide bombing in kabul killed an american soldier and 11 others last week. a rally that began outside the u.s. consulate in hong kong on sunday turned violent by the end of the day demonstrators said very cade's on fire they walked major roads and vandalized the metro station police responded by firing tear gas. the british parliament is expected to vote again. will support a general election it could be the last opportunity to. minister boris johnson.
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to exit the. top story u.s. president. cancellation of peace talks with. the surprise move came after a series of violent attacks and the killing of a u.s. soldier in trouble last week. talks between the u.s. and the taliban are dead at least for the time being following donald trump surprise cancellation of a secret summit with taliban leaders at the president's retreat at camp david we made real progress and then the taliban failed to live up to a series of commitments that they had made when that happened president trump said i'm not going to take that deal i'm not going to work with someone that can't deliver on their commitments pump a also said the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan is being recalled and he warned that things are about to get worse for the taliban after fighters took responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed 12 people in kabul last week including a u.s.
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soldier trumps national security adviser john bolton and republican party politicians have been dubious about the nearly year long negotiations hosted by cantars saying taliban leaders are not to be trusted it doesn't seem to get better but i'm sure it will get worse if we leave frankly i think backing away from where we were just dealing with the taliban is the right thing to do leaving troops there for right now is the right thing to do democrats criticize trumps negotiating style saying he doesn't take advice from experts that our president isn't listening to his generals to his diplomats to the intelligence community frankly that's largely why general mattis for whom i have huge respect resigned in protest was our president tendency to make a prop decisions without knowing the context or the region and without relying on the advice of the skilled diplomats and generals we have trump has promised to withdraw around $14000.00 u.s. troops based in afghanistan failure to fulfill that pledge could have adverse
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political consequences in the presidential election a little over a year from now whether the talks are truly dead remains to be seen pompei own noted that trump has employed similar tactics before only to resume negotiations later he walked away and annoy. from north koreans when they wouldn't do a deal that made sense for america will do that with the iranians when the chinese moved away from the trade agreement with the talks on hold the longest war in u.s. history will continue to drag on approximately 2400 u.s. service members have died in afghanistan since 2001 and more than 100000 afghan civilians soldiers and fighters have lost their lives robert oulds al jazeera washington let's go to lawrence korb he's the former assistant secretary of defense and is now a senior fellow at the center for american progress is joining us from washington
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thanks for speaking to us on the al-jazeera news hour so is the cancellation of the talks and i go see it in tactic by trying to some tend to believe i don't think so because he very rarely has a long term plan and i think he did this because people around him like john bolton said you can't meet with the taliban they just killed an american and i think he thought if he got them together he could get a deal but other people look couldn't and the real problem is he has no plan for what comes next that's what i was going to ask you i mean what happens now or are the talks council completely or is this just a pause. well you hope that we can get back to the negotiations but the fact of the matter is that while ambassador coley else that has been negotiating with the taliban they've been doing all of these horrible things so it's not like the violence has stopped so therefore when trump basically won i hadn't planned
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this meeting that had already happened and as secretary of state pompei o said this morning well we've killed a 1000 people while this has been going on so both sides have not cut back on their . they're using military force to it while the negotiations are going on because both sides are trying to enhance their position but certainly the u.s. president's is going to have to return to the talks at some point if he's going to deliver on his campaign promise to bring back american troops as you know. there's no doubt about it the fact of the matter is that when it looked like he was going to start withdrawing troops you had a great outcry from the foreign policy establishment 9 former ambassador to afghanistan general petraeus they've all come out and said you can't do that
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because if you do the al-qaeda will come back will be threatened and the afghan government will will fall and so he basically has no strategy for what to do next because you're right if he runs with those forces still there it's going to be very very hard for him to say i'm the one who came in and finished up all of obama's wars how difficult is it going to be to revive this peace process we've seen up until this point has held a 9 round of talks so far with the taliban. well it's going to be tough because i don't know if the taliban having been publicly you merely aided a want to come back to the table we know that the ghani government basically has been cut out of the process up to now so they they don't want to go ahead so it's going to be very difficult to get these peace talks back on on on track and again
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this is something that i hope to trumpet thought about before he got this group together and then of course having having canceled this what is your reaction what was your reaction rather when you heard that the secret meetings were meant to take place not only in the u.s. but also the camp david were you surprised well i think everybody was surprised to hear there was nothing you know with our press and everything that everything usually leaks people knew nothing about that when i saw this last night i said watch and then you know the concern is well you shouldn't let people like the taliban go to camp david that's not the issue we've had some horrible people over the years you go back to you know president carter president clinton trying to negotiate with various various groups but the real problem was what why and did you decide to do this and how far along were you in the process when you want to head
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with this because of the president gets involved basically you better come up with a solution and normally most presidents before they get involved all of the issues have been already decided on before you know he he gets involved all right we'll leave it there and lawrence korb we thank you for speaking to us from washington thank you for having me. now russia has held controversial regional elections after weeks of protests over independent opposition candidates being banned from running the vote is seen as a litmus test for national elections 2 years from now and a popularity check for the country's ruling party united russia step process reports. lubow sobel has become the face of a new protest movement in moscow the 31 year old lawyer was banned from running in the election for the city's regional parliament and has been arrested several times for organizing protests even though her name is not on the ballot she still had to
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the polling station the opposition led by election of only decided that a so-called smart vote that's a vote against the ruling united russia party of president vladimir putin would be more attractive than boycotting the elections altogether the but i think it's a protest vote it's not a vote for your candidate we go to the street was a protest and now we won't and protest it is a form of protest to show that we disagree with the politics of the current authorities. sunday's election follows weeks of some of the largest protests seen in russia for years tens of thousands of demonstrators urging the government to let her and other independent opposition candidates run riot police reacted by arresting 106 protesters have been sentenced up to 5 years in prison president putin justified the arrest by saying protesters broke the law because they didn't have a permit he also doesn't see
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a problem in banning in leaf and then opposition candidates. in some countries there are 30 or 50 or 100 candidates because of their work does not change from this it's not quantity but quality that is important i think that we have decent candidates but some russians say that despite a decades long rule of the united russia party something could change because of the protests. on. voting for the 1st time my life why i don't know i think before i did not fear my importance i did not think you can change anything now it appears that we can improve. in most cases a protest vote against united russia will be a vote for the communist the 2nd largest party in russia this may look like a democratic election but a few things are missing most importantly the names of independent opposition candidates on the ballot papers the outcome of the rain to no actions are not expected to make much of a difference if the opposition strategy what is so-called smart for it is
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successful it will give a signal to the government that opposition is growing just before the polls close the opposition's call to participate in the vote didn't seem to have been heeded similar to previous elections turnout was only around 20 percent steps. the israeli government has approved legislation to allow cameras in polling stations in the upcoming election the bill must go before parliament before polling day on september the 17th opposition groups say the government's decision to a. political tactic to intimidate israel's arab population or prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's the only way to prevent voter fraud. election problems must be resolved before the election when do they want us to fix it after the election there is no need for special arrangements no need for special training no need for special equipment any monitor to confirm with a cell phone this is what happens in our entire public sphere everyone films
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everything is uploaded in the shop was filmed by cameras so the polling stations are the only places where you can't film cameras or polling stations or for clean elections it's simple it's fear it's transparent and it's right. in the amazonian area. cattle farmers are accused of destroying the rain forest with no consequences local prosecutors say there aren't enough officials to stop them are law in america editor of the c. a newman has been visiting a community where residents lifestyle is under threats francisco leave us alone as he's called lives in the heart of brazil's amazon rain forest. he's $61.00 can still climb up in our society tree in the blink of an eye the fruit is too green he says so he slides down without. he also grows cola used to making chocolate many beans and resist chickens and i
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found when i. were living in an era in which we don't need to think about wealth but about survival if you have enough to buy shoes you can produce food which are the essentials along with health you can live well chico is one of the founders of a sustainable development settlement hearing on a pool there are $160.00 families who live off the forest without destroying it but this oasis is being increasingly ravaged this is what the untouched amazon rain forest looks like almost impenetrable and just across the road here is the perfect example of what brazil's president calls opening up the amazon for economic development and progress protecting the forests trim illegal loggers and cattle farmers is dangerous she could takes us to see the charred remains of what was the settlements community center and really. the land grabbers wanted to take our land and thought if they burned down our community area we wouldn't be able to rebuild
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again and leave. 1000 people have been murdered here in on a pool in killings related to land disputes she shows us where he was stabbed a few years ago the knife pierced his lung. with only 3 environmental agency officers assigned to an area larger than all of england it's almost impossible to protect the community or the forest has passed a prosecutor will be that than a set that. the legal activities that impact the environment such as mining and logging are done in the most remote areas where the local power structure is linked to criminals and now we have severe budget cuts for policing along with the government discourse that encourages illegal activities most of the members of the community would too afraid to.


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