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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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to josie. everyone i for the state bar and welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes he says he quits the president says he was fired john bolton leaves his job as transnational security adviser after disagreements over foreign policy. arab leaders condemned the israeli prime minister's plan to onyx areas of the jordan valley if he's reelected. more than 30 pilgrims a killjoy in a stampede at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam. and the report that
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reveals nigeria's army detained thousands of children without charge suspecting them of links to the armed groups are wrong. and in school kosovo score 3 times but still end up losing day european championship qualifier against england because of fans a saw their teammate take the lead to before they slipped to 53 defeat. one of the most powerful people in the white house has suddenly left his job national security advisor john bolton says he resigned but the president says he was fired over disagreements about foreign policy bolton was known as a hawk he wanted the u.s. to take a hard line stance against countries like iran venezuela and north korea his departure follows reports of. serious divisions within donald trump's cabinet over his
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decision to invite the taliban to the u.s. the peace talks talks that would like to cancel the president says a new advisor his 4th in 2 and a half years but will be appointed next week mike hanna reports we think the sanctions are biting john bolton was the 3rd national security adviser pointed to by president trump since taking office and he's the 3rd to resign after much speculation of imminent firing bolton brought to the white house decades of experience in foreign policy and a hawkish disposition that had never wavered. he served as ambassador to the united nations under george w. bush from 2005 to 2006 and use that position to continue to justify the u.s. invasion of iraq that he had relentlessly advocated a few years before madam president he returned to the un alongside president trump as national security adviser during the general assembly session last year and once
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again made his presence felt we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior around here certain national security control of the u.s. mission at the u.n. effectively downgrading the role played by ambassador nikki haley who resigned within months of his appointment what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to anyone at present and that is a probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over what policy lines to take for the secretary so. while the administration appeared united in its america 1st policy some differences began to emerge particularly with regard to north korea chairman kim asked for this meeting president trump agreed with bolton adopted that take a toll leave it attitude to negotiations leading to north korean complaints that he was undermining the policy of dialogue advocated by both president trump and
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secretary of state mike pompei or the iranian regime has systematically pursued a policy of hostility toward the united states then the apparent moment of real division as he'd done in years past a national security adviser began to press for active regime change in iran. characterizing the shuttle deployment of a u.s.b. to the region as in his words a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime the said odds with the white house policy in which the focus was morning exerting economic pressure through sanctions. after weeks of discussion it was confirmed that additional troops would be sent to the region but numbering hundreds rather than the 10s of thousands had bunked and was believed to be pressing for president trump denied there was friction within his cabinet i think a stake is ok now what i do that absolutely but we have not played for that hopefully will not get out the plan for that and if we did that would send
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a hell of a lot more troops and that the final straw perhaps a sardonic comment by a principal adviser to the iranian president who wrote in a tweet at real donald trump you want to the better deal with iran looks like you're going to get a war instead that's what happens when you listen to the mr bush good luck in 2020 john bolton is now on his way out his smith star intact his dream of regime change shattered mike hanna al-jazeera washington. our correspondent an official joins us live now from the white house to al a disagreement about whether or not he was fired but things had certainly been tense for a while. they have and john bolton is on his way out no matter how it transpired he says that he spoke to donald trump and offered his resignation on monday night after there was a heated exchange inside the oval office
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a boat afghanistan donald trump said to him let's think about it to morrow john bolton and says 1130 this morning he went in to hand in his resignation and 1158 donald trump tweeted out that he had been fired now this is pretty brutal by the white house standards donald trump normally sends a nice message saying thanks for your service he's done it in the past to people like rex tillerson and others who resign from his cabinet at the director's another one that comes to mind but this time it was his services are no longer required and john bolton for his part didn't respond with a thanks i was always delighted to be able to serve a president it was no i resigned so there is tension there but there have been difficulties to since the very start john bolton was an odd choice for donald trump donald trump is very nationalistic america fast that's his approach john bolton meanwhile is much more a hawk on military matters he's talked about regime change in iran and also in
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north korea he was dead set against the idea of the united states probably troops out of syria something that donald trump was very keen on and then it seems the breaking point was just in the last few days donald trump wanted to bring the taliban to camp david for peace talks john bolton dead set against that so no he is gone there could well be a change in some u.s. policy the most obvious one came from a briefing in the white house just in the last couple of hours when my point here is the secular state and steve miniature who's the treasury secretary they gave a briefing that john bolton was. also listed to be at his invite got lost in the post and the said is that a possibility that he could meet with the iranian president at the u.n. g.a. and he said yes that is a distinct possibility that could well happen so we could well see a change in some of the policy but as i see he was a very odd fit from the very beginning initially donald trump thought about john bolton as possibly being secretary of state but decided against it because he
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thought he didn't look the part and one of the things that counted against him was his big bushy mustache well he spent 18 months as the national security advisor longer than many people thought but again he's found that his face doesn't fit and now of course trump has to find his 4th national less security adviser in 2 and a half years i mean looking at it what qualities does that advisor need. to do with donald trump tells them to do donald trump as we saw it just on monday when he was talking about his decision to set up peace talks with the taliban and then cancel them he asked whose advice did you take i took my own advice so really it boils down to the very basics of what the white house is always been about advisors advise presidents the site and if the advice isn't what the president wants to hear that's not going to work for him no there are some republicans who see john bolton while i didn't agree with
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a lot of position it's good to have that contrary invoiced in the room not entirely sure that that's something that's going to happen in the near future given that donald trump clearly doesn't like to hear voices that don't chime in with his own interestingly enough might pompey are always asked haven't you had followed with john bolton and he said yes that's absolutely true there was a bit of a power struggle going on between those 2 white pompey is the guy that seems to have won and john bolton is no looking for a new job and in the white house thank you. all right so let's now speak to international affairs analyst and principal of aussie communications calvin doc as you can see he also joins us live from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program as an official was pointing out that bolton was always a strange choice wasn't he the trump we know that bolton is hawkish especially when it comes to foreign policy you know of course that donald trump was doing his best to extricate people u.s. troops from any sort of international conflicts why was he appointed in the 1st
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place. well i think part of the reason was donald trump has made it very clear that one of the things he thinks is a mark of success is how you're able to come across on television now john bolton is not liked by a lot of people and i think that's probably what john bolton would say is one of his biggest accomplishments but he was definitely outspoken on conservative media and i think that donald trump thought if he brought him in he would be able to help trump carry out his foreign policy objectives while carrying that same outspokenness and kind of i don't care what you think just watch what we do attitude problem is that the difference between john bolton and president trump john bolton has a strategy like it or not i don't think donald trump is demonstrated that he has an actual strategy for foreign policy so naturally that's going to conflict with john bolton interestingly earlier the white house said there will be no change in foreign policy but we you know we know that that has been
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a little bit less aggressive in the last couple of weeks i think they see more of that coming through recently seen the rhetoric about iran as being slightly time downey's talked about being open to talks with iran without preconditions presumably they are all things that set bolton would have been totally opposed to. well i think we have to be careful to not read too much into that yes it is true that with bolton out of the white house in that kind of discussion of options those hawk his options are not going to be pushed as strongly as bolton would have done if he was there but i think we need to remember from president trump's point of view be what's going on with north korea iran russia he's thinking about 2020 and he wants to do will ever position him in a place of strength and a place of winning and i think that that's going to be the dictator of what trumps
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foreign policy is not necessarily who's in a position because trump said he's all advisor anyway so he's not going to go by what someone sells someone else says anyway is the president going to have any problems now with john bolton as he points out at the start of the interview john bolton is good on television he likes appearing on television he's never afraid to put his point of view across so we're going to hear from him shortly do you think oh yes the countdown has begun and i noticed with president tried on twitter with secretaries pompei oh and the new chin how they seem to be throwing john bolton under the bus and i remember thinking he's the wrong person to do that with because we already know that he has a reputation for being outspoken and not having friends and now with this unceremonious way of being kicked out i expect for him to be going very public which can be good for us because we'll be able to see what was really behind the strategy and thinking or lack thereof and key international issues that we've all been wondering about abduct reshape thanks so much thank you.
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now there have been reports of a large explosion near the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital a plume of smoke has been seen near the compound in kabul's green psion it would be the 1st major attack in the afghan capital since president donald trump abruptly called off those u.s. taliban talks on the brink of an apparent tale to end the u.s. is longest war that's the story we'll keep following for you here on al-jazeera a still ahead so on the knees after the dramatic suspension of parliament the u.k. prime minister boris johnson insists a new deal is possible plus. the. right democracy protesters in hong kong take their defiance to the football pitch. it is called argentina are celebrating an unexpected win at the basketball world cup soccer will be here with that story.
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first their israeli media say rocket fire briefly cut short on election by prime minister binyamin netanyahu just hours after he announced he would annex parts of the occupied west bank if he's reelected israel's military said it intercepted 2 rockets from the gaza strip but there was no claim of responsibility netanyahu has been criticized for his promise to take control of the jordan valley with the arab league saying it will undermine the peace process. with united so i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with the administration but there is one place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i commit to the next the jordan valley
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north of the debt sea it is our eastern border our defense wall well netanyahu said the trumpet ministration so-called middle east peace plan would provide a historic opportunity for extending israeli sovereignty over the occupied west bank and other areas are a force that has more from west to receive them. if benjamin netanyahu were to make good on this pledge to annex a huge part of the occupied west bank the jordan valley and the northern shores of the dead sea some 30 percent or so of the territory of the occupied west bank it would be an enormous deal it would be a real up setting of the entire predicate of how a settlement between the israelis and the palestinians could be reached in the future the whole idea of a 2 state solution depends on the possibility of a viable palestinian state and by saying that israel would merely unilaterally annex such a huge part of that territory leaving the city of jericho as an isolated island
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within that israeli annexed area that would explode the idea of such a state indeed we're getting that message from senior palestinian politicians kind of ashrawi a senior member of the p.l.o. saying that this is being done in concert with the trumpet ministration to eradicate and hopes of a 2 state solution assad erekat the secretary general of the p.l.o. saying that it buries any chances of peace between israelis and the palestinians at the u.n. secretary general a spokesman saying that it would devastate any hopes of reviving negotiations between israel and the palestinians however this is all a big if if it were to happen because this was made by netanyahu not as prime minister the prime minister's office made that clear it was made by him as leader of likud in the last week of a bitterly fought election campaign where he's desperately trying to get as many right wing votes for his ruling party as possible he said that this would happen with him as prime minister if they gave him the is really good as gave him the
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mandate to do so he was the man to make the most of this historic opportunity not his political opponents and he said that it would be a case of waiting for the trump peace plan to come out and then making this part of that in the immediate period. after the election he has made similar pledges about annex in parts or extending israeli sovereignty to parts of the west bank the occupied west bank in the past and has then result from really making that concrete so there are all sorts of caveats all sorts of question marks that hang over this it was part of his election it was electioneering campaign in these final days of the election campaign but obviously if it were to go ahead it would cause huge ructions and has been bitterly and vehemently opposed already by both the palestinian leadership and members of the international community a man who has been acting as chief palestinian negotiator here side erekat
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described netanyahu his proposal as a war crime what prime minister netanyahu are certain night about asking his people for amend it to allow that will enable him to n.x. the jordan valley. is paramount to our crime in excess in a fuck about actor tori's as or through with mr netanyahu and those who help or add mr netanyahu and such a vision of annexing jerusalem an excellent hebrew and actually the jordan valley the jordan river that did see and then keeping palestinians inside there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and has about as we are about to enter the 74th session or the general assembly of the united nations then to national community must stand now or to say a big no and to stop treating it as a country above the laws of man. well you'll see michael burgi is a senior consultant at the think tank chatham house here in london and he joins me
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in a studio now welcome and you'll see i mean it looks like you're electioneering the idea of appealing to the far right values is is this something they do we think that netanyahu would go through if he was elected well 1st and foremost it would do anything to be elected because it's not only about his political career is also of voiding facing calls for corruption allegations so this for between now and next tuesday we probably will all sorts of promises and statements and more aggression coming form form from the prime you so but it's also a provocation and it provokes the palestinians anytos all if we think that actually it coordinated it with washington john bolton left today it's called the next it's we've done tamp that this is actually acceptable even we felt negotiation to annex parts of the west bank which goes against international law because it's occupied territories the message you send to the palestinians there is not going to be in on
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is working in washington they're not going to be really negotiation at the end of day there would be some sort of the that which called the deal of the century and i do we abide but forty's early in washington want all busy or not and it's not clear from what he said earlier today about what this would mean for the status of palestinians living in the west bank if indeed he did decide on except those areas again by next wednesday might change his mind actually in the term you know whenever there was the legislation in these early knesset bill would be put to the knesset about annexation with the west bank he would the one that opposed it so we really don't know where these things now at this stage of his political career if it's anything left of faith is about staying in power and out of court he will do anything with a lift to go we've with the blue and why. it's pilot in then you forget about this for me says oh we'll go the extreme right he will do anything as long as its prime
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minister so you know in a way yes i think it is a provocation it's part of trying to appeal to the right side of these really map because it is main war we is some of the smaller parties very small party will take some of the votes but they will one cause the threshold and as a result will reduce the power of the rights bloc so this is what it's all about electioneering but if you we need to actually to follow this suit in case he needs to build the right wing coalition here is the problem is that they will hold the to eat and this is where the danger at the same time if we have to change his mind to stay in power it won't hesitate as you might expect has been international condemnation about the idea of the u.n. spokesman saying it would be devastation to the prospects of a 2 state solution isn't the reality that a 2 state solution it has been. long buried and just isn't on the table now at all really that's called well let's put it like this they put every day in the another
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nail in this coffin called the state solution it's probably still the only viable solution in which there is respect to fumin dignity of political rights of human rights for phobos people so i think it's still possible it's not the same with probably it will in visit begin or slow or later when they negotiated so it needs to be addressed to be differently but i think still there is something there but they're doing their best to destroy even what's left the flicker of hope of a 2 state solution every day this kind of this kind of the statements what comes about you know we saw that just i'm going to just resign is being in the go shitters who is going to negotiate there's no one serious the who go in the goetia it's so my feel yes there will be there will kill. eventually the 2 state solution by building more certainly in by an accession of. and by by but you know in the ancient of the occupation it's going to be fascinating time during the election.
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thank you thank you. at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam iraqi officials say around 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and triggered a stampede in the holy city of karbala hundreds of thousands of shia muslims have gathered there for a sure commemorations government fears the number of dead could rise out as there is a child stop that has the latest from. the injured were rushed through the crowds on stretchers. millions of shia muslims had gathered in the iraqi city of karbala to commemorate the death of hussein even ali the prophet muhammad's grandson who was killed here more than 1300 years ago witnesses said that when some people fell of a slope of one of the entrances to the a mob hussein shrine thousands of others part forward 15 year old mortada describes his terror or what was supposed to be one of the most important days of
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his life. there are a jack you are where you are we're trying to push back but i was pushed over because people broke through the barrier there were many people on the ground many of this fell on top of the it was like one dragging the other down i was trapped in the bodies for 4 minutes i was suffocating there was only a small hole where i could breathe the people on my right and left died another nearly broke his ribs i saw one person taking his last breath i felt my leg crack when it broke after that i said to myself i'm going to die like the tragedy happened after midday prayers during the so-called tories run tens of thousands of people running towards the shrine and saying. the incident happened all of a sudden the visitors fell on the ground to stand and there was a fierce stampede there were many people and we fell on them and everything happened so suddenly people waving from
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a distance we could hardly see them because of the huge crowds as security has improved in karbala and other areas of iraq in recent years the numbers of people coming to participate in a shura have increased now trying to authorities have long said they've struggled to cope with the numbers and they've said that there are plans afoot to expand the shrine areas so that tragedies like this don't happen for the victims and their families those plans have come too late for al-jazeera karbala. american warplanes have dropped $36000.00 kilos of bombs on eisel fighters on an iraqi island. u.s. led coalition says f. 15 and f. 35 claims almost countersign and in the take are smoother she says attack is part of operations by u.s. back to iraqi forces against eisele was pushed out of almost all of iraq in 2070.
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nigeria's army is being accused of detaining thousands of children over suspects suspected involvement with baka her on human rights watch says the children are being kept in huge inhumane conditions and that many are held without charge the u.n. says more than 3600 children are believed to have been detained in the last 6 years nearly half of them were girls 3 of them told human rights watch that male soldiers sexually exploited female detainees with some even foreign pregnant none of the $32.00 children interviewed by b. h. r. w. were aware of any charges against them a 3rd said they had been beaten by security forces during interrogation the youngest detainee was just 5 years old when nigeria's military has denied those allegations as there is automated resupport from the capital of borno state. friends ali and buys another doing what they love most playing football but they
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haven't always enjoyed such freedoms. they were raised by mothers married to book or apply to. the boys now 12 were rescued by the nigerian army 5 years ago and taken to a detention camp. conditions they say are basic. they gave us good food to eat was a given to us when we finished our sometimes the soda will stop us from playing the among ourselves when it's time for bed we had marked and some pillows spread on the floor. so not only will they brought us food we had clean water and even clothes they didn't beat me. but activists say some children have experienced a lot worse human rights watch says the army has been holding thousands of children in squalid conditions it says many have had no access to lawyers and families
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haven't been told of their arrest or detention the organization said such cases may constitute enforced disappearance as the nigerian military says the allegations are false i mean commanders say for years ahead of engagement in the system they've always been guided by those who are saying no child was deliberately mistreated the army says steps have been taken to address previous allegations human rights activists on their part i q state governments are failing the children they say only a few of them have so far received any form of support to deal with their trauma the united nations says at least $2200.00 children have been released by the nigerian authorities from detention most of them without charge the u.n. children's fund has since rehabilitated thousands of children and reunited them with their families. use of force seized by book as a teenager now we need 30 twenties is among dozens of dear article eyes young men
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who have been given a new start is still remembers the 1st weeks in the detention center which is that and. we surrendered and were taken to a police station in gaza where we were beaten by security officials and vigilantes we were later transferred to the game a military barracks for 14 days with some soldiers wanted to beat us more but we were told that we were being transferred to be d. radicalized it was traumatic to go. back to the say rehabilitation is an important step for children taken by a book. he one rights watch is urging that i get an army to release those remaining in detention immediately by degrees. by degree nigeria. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead on this. displaced people in the bahamas say the government is not doing enough to help the often off our condoning it. changing shopping habits to save the environment and to make the
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world's poorest nations who thought just a luxury. good school the head of french football is facing criticism after sharing his views on how the country's top league she deals with the idea. hello there plenty of warm sunshine across eastern sections of europe and through the eastern end of the mediterranean as well but you'll see across the central areas and the southwest in particular a lot of cloud the some rain pushing in some fairly breezy conditions across the north and then here into the southwest across the west i'm as we've got some pretty heavy rain in the fall cause the next couple of days some warnings in place for hail and also of the chance of a some tornadoes that system will work its way across into all central sections of the med pretty good there across much of mainland europe temperatures in the mid
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twenty's and then further to the east into care of a moscow time of just staying pretty high for the next couple days well above average in fact both care of. in the mid to high twenty's about 10 degrees above the average some more rain showers across central areas of europe as we head through thursday and all systems then all tending to push into northern sections on the navy as an improving picture through much of the u.k. but that same system which is impacting the west of the med that is also pushing the rain across these northern sections of algeria on tools to nazir and if we could have a some flash floods from this system because the rain at times could be very heavy for going to that dry ground and in fact by thursday very heavy as well into those northern sections of morocco but a warm day in tunis with a high of 29 celsius. a new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship this problem that we have can we overcome
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a commune challenges era looks at the new democracy and ethiopia's fast changing political landscape through the stories of 4 diverse ethiopians simply this is my studio where a shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it.
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hello again i'd remind of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has a broccoli fall at his national security adviser john bolton and the disagreements over foreign policy. israeli media say rocket fire briefly cut short on election rallies by prime minister binyamin netanyahu just hours after he announced he would onyx parts of the world the occupied west bank if he's reelected. at least 31 pilgrims have been killed in one of the most sacred sites and share islam iraqi officials say around 100 others were injured when a walkway can opt sparks a stampede in the holy city of karbala. an emergency official in the bahamas says the true depth of devastation following hurricane dorian is still
12:34 am
unfolding at least 50 people have died but rescue workers a still searching for bodies after the storm ripped through the country's northern islands last week. has more details pictures of utter devastation as hurricane dorian turned this town into a virtual war zone. homes in arbuckle islands have been reduced to piles of rubble cars tossed like toys now lined the streets. the neighborhood has become an eerie reminder of the enormous damage in the search for victims and survivors lifeless bodies are removed from the rubble surrounded by death and destruction colp has become a luxury hope is gone right now but it seems to be trickling back in is seeing the people that care. that's come from outside the show. you know that that the karen live in bring in supplies. and the
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town of marsh harbor 90 percent of homes and buildings were damaged by hurricane dorian with winds reaching more than 300 kilometers per hour the category 5 hurricane marks the most powerful caribbean storm on record. and the capital now authorities have asked people to open their homes to evacuees the united nations estimates more than 70000 people are in need of food and shelter the debris was over scores of survivors who lost everything now face the challenge of starting their lives again the government if you cannot help us when you need to give us a lift somebody step in would would could really help but that's we seek help we lost everything we lost our life we lost our family peoples are unaccounted for we could try and find out all of us we drop off a lot of documents and everything so there's no if you had to find jobs with no documents. it will take years to repair the damage
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a daunting process for both rescue teams and survivors. katia locus of the young al-jazeera japan's tokyo electric power company may have to dump radioactive water from this destroyed because she of a nuclear power plant into the pacific ocean as it's run out of room to store it's more than 1000000 tons of contamination from the cooling pipes have been collected it's the pipes are being used to keep the plants calls from melting since it was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 governments awaiting a report from an expert panel before making a final decision of a south korea has already expressed its anger at the proposal. british prime minister boris johnson says there is a way of getting a new brix it deal with the european union but he is prepared to leave without one if absolutely necessary it also has been holding talks with northern ireland's democratic unionist party the irish border has proved
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a key sticking points in attempts to reach a deal under simmons reports. defeated for a 2nd time in trying to call an election johnson is out and about again this time with schoolchildren posing the question on everyone's lips how do you know you've only read yes october 31st. deal or no going to get a deal ok we're going to get a deal i'm going to work very hard to get it to you and. i was in ireland yesterday talking to our irish prince about how to do that but we're going to go to brussels and. to some of the european capitals fairly soon to drop them away from the photo opportunities is the scale of this crisis is getting bigger there's still nothing concrete to suggest johnson can get a deal his special advisor the architect of strategy is trying to teach the media a lesson gosh all of them. don't go for people who are not rich remain is.
12:38 am
the leader of the opposition in a parliament now suspended for 5 weeks decried the government's claim that it's putting the people 1st the idea that johnson and his wealthy friends and backers somehow represent people is truly absurd johnson and his right wing cabinet are not only on the side of the establishment they are the establishment johnson may be looking at northern ireland and using the irish sea as a border in one idea to replace the backstop what had been an insurance policy to avoid a hardball he seems to be playing with ideas of sort of moving the potential boundary from somewhere on the island of ireland to the irish sea that's technically feasible proposition but where they it's politically ready feasible
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that of course remains to be see. it's certainly a politically charged. under normal starter for northern ireland universes and could explain why are you forced to the leader of the d u p had a meeting with the prime minister number 10 so isn't too hard to find in this crisis whatever the strategy is being mowed over here in downing street there's warm overriding factor which dominates and can't be outmaneuvered and that's time or the lack of it under simmons out 0 london now any study has revealed just how much people in some parts of the world are changing their spending habits to minimise their environmental footprint they're becoming eco active cussing their expenditure on nice and bottled drinks and trying to produce plastic waste a new global survey says a 3rd of people across $24.00 countries in europe latin america and asia are alarmed about the environment half of them but 16 percent of the global total are taking active steps to reduce their environmental impacts and only half of shoppers
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want companies that make consumer goods to cut plastic waste but this attitude shift is largely dependent on where you live the poll says people in western europe are more likely to take steps to protect the environment than a jury of the population asia and latin america has little to no interest in the issue. last agreement is a global anti-poverty and human rights campaigner and he's with me in the studio here in london good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour i mean there is a good reason isn't that why so many people in places in asia and in latin america simply have no interest or desire to do anything about the environment and that's because they've got 70 have things to worry about absolutely they've got 2 main issues warm of course the poorest parts of the world about 3 and a half 1000000000 people currently survive on less than about $5.00 a day of that about $3200000000.00 don't have access to electricity or clean
12:41 am
cooking 2000000000 people have issues around hunger and food a 1000000 a 1000000000 and a half don't have access to fresh water there are real survival issues and issues about inequality and injustice of really take up majority of people's time because they're just trying to fight have the to have the right to live a dignified life but also secondly the poorest 50 percent of the world is actually only responsible for 10 percent of global emissions so their footprint in the world is tiny they can't reduce their consumption they can't reduce their footprint much more than they already have it's actually the richest parts of the world the 10 percent over whom overwhelmingly in rich countries like europe in the united states and other countries who are responsible for half of the world's pollution carbon emissions over consumption and then economic model which is really you know very on found an equal around the world so of course there is more awareness and more responsibility in richer countries should we be pleased though that there is this
12:42 am
awareness and i guess if the individuals in those richer countries are thinking hey look we have to do something about it the situation is very bad we recognize that now we individually are going to try to do something to sort of reduce our our environmental footprint i guess that awareness then possibly leads to pressure on say their governments or the big companies to do more because all we all know that it's the governments in the big. big companies that actually can have a massive effect of what is happening in the world today absolutely and that's very key so i think there are some people who think well i'll do what i can and i'll make some ethical choices and of course it's really important that people do make good choices but what's much more important is not about whether me or you consume or use a straw or a plastic bag that's good that we don't do that but in reality it's about the economic the economy and the industry and for that you need governments to regulate we need our multinationals to take responsibility we need not making the decision we actually need companies to to be regulated the say they will burn plastic they
12:43 am
will change the way that our food system operates globally it with a 3rd of all the food that we produce is ploughed back into the ground yet 2000000000 people go hungry to an equal and a wasteful food system you can change that we can feed the world 3 times over but it does mean that we have to consume less our corporations have to stop putting profit before people employ me and we have to be fair to the rest of the world and it is possible to do that and for that we do need governments to regulate so we talking about international regulation not just domestic regulation because if it comes to international regulation you've got a problem then that it is very applies to the whole of the world so that it for it does apply to those poor areas in the world and it applies to the governments and companies who work there even if it doesn't apply to the individuals who obviously you know just just are trying to survive it sure and it has to apply everywhere and so what was war and what we campaign a lot on is companies taking responsibility for their whole supply chain but
12:44 am
absolutely everything that's sold in our shops in our supermarkets in our companies is extracted from somewhere else in the rest of the world and often we don't pay the full price for that the environmental damage the human rights violations the land grab in the pollution that's affected the poorest people and it's the companies that take then take the profit and bring it back to rich countries like this so we have to make complete responsible they can't turn a blind eye and say well that's a. factory in bangladesh that's produced in the us cause i'm paying somebody 11 pence and hour and polluting the water but selling the chief for 50 pound on the high street we've said no you must take responsibility for environmental social leper protection so of course it's global but the responsibility doesn't fall on the poorest people because they're not the ones that consuming it's the writs consumers what an average citizen in a rich country consumes about 10 times more than somebody in a poor country a rich person in the united states or europe has per capita income about $60000.00 was somebody in mali will only have
12:45 am
a per capita income and i how much they earn in a year by $750.00 for responsibilities are very very different we are much more responsible in rich countries and we've been more responsible i mean it's one shocking statistic that comes out every year is this earth overshoot day it is when we consume more than the planet can sustainably replenish each and every year and every year that they move back in but it's now in july july every year we consume more than the planet can can handle and who's consuming it it's not the poorest half of the world it's the richest citizens in the world and that's where responsibility but it's not about us individually it is about governments and corporations really gets totally fascinating and it's a pleasure thanks so much and please. in hong kong the pro-democracy demonstrators have used a football match to highlight their cause demonstrators chanted pro-democracy slogans as they march to the say gym where the world cup qualifier between hong kong and iran has been claimed by train brown courts. where this is
12:46 am
a very highly politically charged they would fit hong kong there was violence actually here 10 can stadium on sunday night and the balance of course is one of the reasons why the rains actually will do to change that venue of this match to somewhere outside a phone call now to the head of this game between hong kong and iran the authorities in hong kong had appealed to fines not to insult china's national anthem when it's played before the start of the magic which of course is something that traditionally happens here at home to the games like this but in recent months in so think the chinese national up has become a tactic or strategy of these protesters because they're not just fans of football they're also fans of new democracy and as we found out before the game this is an issue which is also dividing them go tell me will you will you will you sing the chinese national anthem tonight and why live by what i want to say it is not my
12:47 am
country's oh. so you won't know. no you know i was saying the country nationals are going to bring. that to our cities or it's not suitable for me the. way you do this to take the chinese national anthem is now playing inside the stadium and people both inside and outside of the stadium doing very loudly this is why the home front government is under pressure to entertain so unique the it would make it an offense to anyone to win so the last one i feel with the i got the $6000.00 us dollars up to 3 years in jail the the president elect of the european commission says she wants the european union to be the guardian of multilateralism at the unveiling of her proposed team's portfolios live on the line and added that she will so wants to
12:48 am
prioritise climate action the netherlands france to moments returns as vice president i will be in charge of the european green deal denmark's margret the stud will remain in charge of competition policy and ireland's phil hogan will be trade commissioner overseeing the go with the you can the u.s. new coin tees will start work on november the 1st if approved by the european parliament. i wonder you in green deal to become europe's hallmark. at the heart of it is our commitment to becoming the world's 1st climate neutral continent this commission will be a geopolitical commish. i want their european union and thus the commission to be the guardian of multilateralism. because we know. that we are stronger by doing together. what we can do a low still ahead. for an emotional homecoming but this
12:49 am
the lead. story thanks. to. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. thank. you. thank you very much felicity well kosovo scored a 3 times but still ended up losing the european championship qualifier against england a $53.00 loss bring kosovo's a 2 year on beaten run to an end kosovo were head inside the minutes in what was
12:51 am
the biggest game in the country's a short footballing history the world cup a 7 finalist hit back with 5 goals before half time before kosovo scored 2 more after the break in southampton. these were the scenes and possible capital pristina when the violent britisher put his country into the lead after just 34 seconds or so will only gained official recognition as a football nation 3 years ago they're still in with a good chance of reaching in next year's finals the top 2 in each group all are guaranteed a place right now cos avoid that position a point behind the czech republic. portugal caps and kristan are now those called 4 times as a defending european champions it beat lithuania 5 a one event as for the has now score bit $93.00 international goals while cup winners france they beat on dora 3 and now. the head of french football is facing criticism after telling
12:52 am
a referees not to stop matches if there is a homophobic abuse the phone fans will look at it says that he's a totally against referees it taken such action that's despite new rules being introduced that allow fissions to intervene several top level matches in france have been interrupted the season because of homophobic taunting and the stance. yes you could look to tell me if i am completely against homophobia but i don't want to be taken hostage by the issue there's a strong will to ensure that all people can enjoy being in a stadium with their families but stopping matches doesn't interest me it's a mistake but let me make this clear i would stop the game if there were racist chance or if there was fighting in violence in the stands with some i have suffered the wall cup break in their qualifying match against zimbabwe how last minute goal
12:53 am
denied africa's lowest ranked team a place in the next round on the road to qatar 2022 also won the home leg of this tie one nail it was the country's a 1st ever victory in a world cup qualifier zimbabwe where goal up in this return tyo when a late strike from somalia is all mama hammad look to have put his team all pause for famous victory by zimbabwe hit back with 2 goals in the remaining seconds to grab a 32 aggregate win in our progress into the 2nd round of african called fine. yes president donald trump insists his country is working to improve equality in a women's football the national women's team are currently locked in a legal dispute with their own federation over gender discrimination david stokes has more. president trumps relationship with the u.s. women's football team is frosty at best but after talks with the president jonny and ponting you know people the 1st time publicly acknowledged that he's trying to
12:54 am
do something about gender inequality in the game it's jodi and i just had a meeting or the women soccer what everybody's going to do to make that even better and more equitable a judge or a judge or so johnny thank you very much great a great meeting women told there were you are world champion there is much more to do the president was saying this to me and he is right then we are all going to data or knowledge very soon so new initiatives. the u.s. women's team won the world cup in july but all 28 squad members are engaged in a lawsuit against the federation alleging they were discriminated against on pay u.s. soccer dispute this enough to be the ation talks broke down the trial date has been set for may 2020. 5 there's plenty of public support for the team from equal pay champs during matches to the thousands he turned out for their victorious return to the states even politicians got involved. they played the same game did the man
12:55 am
soccer players play by the way they play it better because there's a big play and we've got a result here if there's any economic rationale the man should get paid less than the women trouble of his work cut out winning over the biggest star in the u.s. team making rypien oh she's been involved in a public media battle with the president ever since this interview clip of merged during the world cup i'm going to my house. now and i'm going to white house the women's game aside trump and infantile no also discussed planning for the 2026 men's world cup which the u.s. will co-host with mexico and canada and although it's 7 years away trump joked he was keen to play a part with jonny we're going to have to stand by 2nd term because 2026 i'm going to have to extend it for a couple of years the u.s. women's team will hope he uses the time that he does have left in office to further their cause david stokes al-jazeera. the national is calling all faith a to act often iranian female football fan died
12:56 am
a week after setting herself on fire the courtroom so hard. was facing 6 months in prison for trying to enter football stadium and i'm just a spokesman said to her only crime always being a woman in a country where women face discrimination that is entrenched in the law and plays out in the most horrific ways this described ban must and immediately and the international community including fisa and the asian football confederation must take urgent action to end the bat. 2006 basketball world champion spain have beaten poland to progress into the semifinals of this year's events phoenix suns a star ricky rio in lead the way with 19 points is secured and 90 to 78 when spaniards a wall next to take on the winners of wednesday's called the final between australia and the czech republic. argentina stunned serbia and the day's other call
12:57 am
to final in china as serbia had been widely tipped to reach the final is said it was argentina who moved into the last only the 97 to 87 when they'll face either the u.s. all france in the 70s. boston red sox legend david says a has made his 1st public appearance since being shot in june the shooting in his home country of dominican republic left him seriously injured they tend time all-star throughout the ceremonial 1st pitch at fenway park ahead of this game at this in new york yankees. that's a funny back to felicity sign up thanks so much for just time to remind you you can find out much more about all sport our new stories by going to our website usually dressed al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera. aside from me and the team for the moment but yours again in a couple of minutes see. the
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danger is in the grip of an extinction epidemic with in danger of species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too lax what i want to east. investigates indonesia's crisis on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera we heard what guarantees you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter
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he says he quits the president says he was fired john bolton leaves his job as trump's national security adviser after disagreements over foreign policy. hello again on thursday paula this is al jazeera life from london also coming up palestinian leaders condemn the israeli prime minister's plan to onyx areas of the jordan valley if he's reelected calling us a war crime. 30 pilgrims are killed during a stampede at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam. and the haunting.


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