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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and china hits the runways for this year's new york fashion week. kahlo the weather's not looking too bad across the good parts of china at the moment to the southwest yes we do have a fair bit of cloud but elsewhere as you can see central and southern parts generally fine and dry much as cat one or 2 coastal showers along the south coast fringes here hong kong could see a splash or 2 of rain but i think it will be few and far between friday looks lousy dry temperatures at around 33 degrees the really wet weather is across india china pushing across into myanma pushing up into bangladesh more heavy downpours here from the monsoon rains and they are peping out once again we'll see some rather heavy rain across the plains central plays over towards the northeastern corner up
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towards a northwest of these laws detroit now as it should be the monsoon rains the southwest the monsoon should be retreating but it does just that a little further north it's in west which as we go through friday could see some showers continuing there across the western side of india right up the west and gassed up with 80 but many showers across the good parts of the arabian peninsula at the moment dry and 5 still quite a key moments at least blowing down at least the side of saudi arabia towards us here and caught up with that eases off quite nicely for friday.
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top stories for you on al-jazeera this are iran has responded to the departure of the united states' national security adviser john bolton the foreign minister zarif has said the world should be relieved president hassan rouhani warned the u.s. against hiring what he called war monger says nigeria's bringing home more or all of its citizens from south africa or at least 12 people were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses in south africa and i can even
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prime minister justin trudeau has called a federal election for october 21st trudeau is seeking reelection for a 2nd term but the latest polls show his liberals currently tied but the conservative cause. a cold in scotland has found the 5 week suspension of parliament by britain's prime minister was unlawful the judges described the government's plan suspension as a tactic to frustrate parliament decision made by scotland's highest court was unanimous in the british government said it will appeal against the ruling. each opinion expresses the view that the advice given by the government to her majesty the queen to prove parliament from once the 14th that was unlawful and that therefore the prohibition itself is unlawful in mile the deputy labor opposition leader tom watson is calling for a 2nd birth brags that referendum and says his party would support
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a new poll i and many others respected the result of the 2016 referendum for a very long time. but there eventually comes a point and we are very far past it now. when circumstances are so changed the only proper way to proceed in such circumstances is to consult the people again in a referendum with a credible option to leave and remain on the ballot paper as labor have committed to do more on all of this now from london we're trying to help. opponents of the government have called it a strong and important legal judgment the government itself in a tweet 10 downing street saying it was disappointing but this unanimous decision by scotland's highest court finds that boris johnson's decision to prorogue will suspend parliament was indeed illegal motivated it says and indeed in the advice he
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gave to the queen to do so motivated by the improper purpose of stymieing parliament and that it and what has followed from it is therefore norful now this is kicked off an enormous controversy here with opposition parties insisting the parliament be immediately recalled some suggesting boris johnson would have to resign if he deliberately misled the queen and there's been a twitter spat over the partiality or otherwise of the judges for the moment it seems there will not be any recall of parliament downing street saying they're not going to do that until at least they've heard from the supreme court and that's because the government is appealing this decision time set aside next week for the supreme court to hear that case at the same time the supreme court will also be hearing an appeal of an english high court decision that had found on the same matter in favor of boris johnson so now the supreme court next week hearing 2
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appeals on 2 lower court cases that found opposing conclusions on this matter of the legality of probation and the government it seems content to wait and see what happens. election and heroes arrived in afghanistan for the presidential vote which is just over 2 weeks away there was concern the polls would be postponed due to the talks between the u.s. and the taliban but with those negotiations dead for now the afghan government is pushing forward reports. on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it the afghan government has ordered an armed escort. the trucks carrying items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead.
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everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions in suicide attacks to stop the vote that's why it's our duty to score these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. within the cargo is blue intel of the ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's also symbolic and visible declaration of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing would have arrived security is so tight election officials cannot tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3
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election officials would have to be present. it's a proud moment and it's a good response to all of those who don't want elections like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader they're facing a lot of risk they going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cut off the ink stained index finger as dozens of versions in the past it's all thought for sure when my finger with the blue ink a symbol of peace where you were as if you had a fire that i participate in elections to secure my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens i encourage to use by showing my stained finger even if my finger will be cut off i will still go to vote. right.
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now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president. dallas al-jazeera kabul. now a pledge by the israeli prime minister to illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank has been won they condemned the arab league called the move an aggression it says it would torpedo the foundations of peace in the region jordan's foreign minister i am and they called the plan a serious escalation and is warning it could push the whole region towards violence and as turkish counterpart cover so you condemn the plan as racist he is criticizing benjamin netanyahu for issuing what he calls illegal and lawful messages more on this now from the abraham reporting from ramallah in the occupied west bank. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that if israel moves forward with its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank then he will end all agreements signed with israel and their domestic asians this is not the 1st
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time for him to wage such threats however the feeling here among palestinian officials is that this is not in the elections campaign and they believe that this has been a coordinated step with the u.s. administration p.l.o. executive committee member at hand i should always said that this is a game changer this is a serious threat to peace and security and she said it shows the intention the long term intention by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for ethnic cleansing other palestinian officials have called in the international community to intervene saying it's up to the world to defend its rules un investigators are accusing us syrian and russian forces of conducting war crimes in syria the u.n. commission of inquiry on syria report says the syrian government and russian military planes are running a campaign targeting medical facilities schools and markets the 8 year war is claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and force 13000000 from their
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homes. and gyptian quarter sentence the head of the muslim brotherhood to life in prison for conspiring with hamas 11 other top members were also jailed the sentence the last of several against mohamed birthday last week he was sentenced to life in jail on charges related to prison breaks this was during the uprising in 2011 thousands of members of the muslim brotherhood have been arrested since the ousting of the former president mohamed morsy. violence in between afonso is there for almost half a 1000000 children without a formal education more than a 1000 schools have been closed in the last 3 years armed groups are accused of attacking villages and threatening teachers and students from catherine soy and northern 1000000000 of us or. this 13 year old girl is safe now in cairo town more than a 100 kilometers from her village farther north it was attacked a few months ago by an identified armed men who heed and her identity for her safety she says she still finds it had to forget those moments when they came
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shooting and killed her father over regular well everyone was fleeing and they were chasing others to the holes where they killed some people even tried to climb trees but they killed them. all these children have fled from their homes after attacks on villages they find solace through dance play and just talking to each other at this center that is being run by the un charter agency. we've all seen use most of the children have written this taurus some lost their relatives and friends we have different games for them sometimes we organize a session where they speak out i think that's when the healing starts. nearly half a 1000000 children in book enough are out of school this is a big problem in a country where only about 60 percent of students complete primary school like in many conflicts most of those who are fleeing are women and children the displaced
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children are now being placed in government schools in areas where they fled to or therapeutic centers where they can play and get counseling but this facility is a feel crowded and far apart. some of the displaced people have taken refuge in classrooms but when children resume classes in october they'll have to leave you know all about a 1000 schools have been closed because. the security situation this teacher at a primary school of 400 pupils say's they just stopped coming to class secure arbors when you go to school and there are no students there war left your so have to leave they are not students because their parents of told them not to come is a lot of fear in their village use for now the government and aid workers just want to make sure the children have the basics a safe place to leave food and a school to carry on with their education. but they also know the longer the crisis
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persists the harder it will be for the children to receive a proper education catherine sorry al-jazeera lathan book enough. china has summoned germany's ambassador to a meeting in beijing for the welcoming of a prominent hong kong activist to berlin joshua wang her met germany's foreign minister was seen by many years a leader of the hong kong protest movement german chancellor angela merkel said she wants an open dialogue with china however about human rights from dominic kane in frankfurt. the chinese government has reacted angrily to the news that the german foreign minister was social democrat. has met an activist who had been in custody in hong kong. but flew to berlin it's worth pointing out that anger merkel had the similar opportunity to meet this activist but declined but mr masse did not the chinese reaction as i say is one of anger summoning the german ambassador in
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beijing to a meeting to account for germany's actions because the chinese government considers that hong kong although being part of one country 2 systems that the affairs of hong kong are internal affairs within china and therefore not something that foreign governments should involve themselves in certainly this is an embarrassing moment here in germany because the 2 parts of the coalition the christian democrats of the center right and remarkable side and the social democrats could masses cybil they are part of a grand coalition interesting to note that mr massey chose to meet this activist worse angle america when offered the chance declined that question will be what happens next in this scenario now mexico says it is rejecting a u.s. request that sila mistake is heading for north america make their 1st asylum claim in mexico foreign minister is in washington for talks on trade and migration abroad said mexico's deployment of 25000 soldiers to reduce illegal crossings at the u.s.
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border will be permanent. falling behind the good some glamour of the new york fashion week industry experts are worried about the united states trade war with china they're warning the tariffs will hurt their bottom line and possibly the american economy as a whole kristen salumi has that story. models will pout but this year the drama at new york's fashion week is taking place off the runway where fashion designers are doing the math and discovering that president trump's 15 percent tariff on chinese imports does not add up to a profitable holiday season. nicole duke imports about $30000000.00 pieces from china a year for her fashion lines this is something that only china can do she's having a hard time finding an affordable alternative the question is is to retailers going to go up in their prices they're already complaining that business with amazon it's
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not great everybody wants less less less cheap cheap cheap the problem is capacity according to the american apparel and footwear association 41 percent of all apparel and 69 percent of footwear sold in the u.s. comes from china united like where began reducing its exposure a year ago but we manufacture over $300000000.00 pairs of socks a year and 90 percent of that's coming out of china so when you look at that kind of capacity in even that volume for a staple fundamental product from the american consumer it's like moving the titanic out of the way of an iceberg chief financial officer chris volpe a says they've been warned by retail outlets who carry their socks not to raise prices. chain stores that order and large quantities are better position to absorb the terror by lowering their profit margins or convincing their suppliers to lower their costs but experts warn that it probably expands is likely to be passed on to
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consumers. which we have no place to go but to piss this cost on to the consumer and we also know simply put it is prices go up sales go down jobs get lost and the other industry in particular is a bellwether for the r word for it. that's the worry at united leg where which employs 325 people in new york because americans may make do with fewer socks but fewer jobs will be much harder for the country to absorb christian salumi al-jazeera new york. time to run into the top stories on al-jazeera iran has responded to the departure of the united states' national security adviser john bolton foreign minister jeffords a reef says the world should be relieved and president hassan rouhani warned
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against hiring what he called war mongers only americans have to realize that warmongering and warmongers and not to their benefit they should not only abandon warmongering but also abandon their marksman pressure policy. u.s. president donald trump is promising to hit the afghan taliban harder than ever trump made the comment out a ceremony to mark 18 years since the $911.00 attacks and just days after he canceled a meeting with the taliban we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago i called them off when i learned that they had killed a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting week. the last 4 days we have here our enemy harder then they have ever been here before and that will continue some other headlines almost
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290 ariens are flying home from south africa rafter a series of attacks on foreigners there last week about 640 all up of taken up an offer of free flights from a privately owned one theory an airline at least 12 people were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized in attacks on foreign owned businesses in pretoria and johannesburg the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has called a federal election for october 21st trudeau is seeking reelection for a 2nd term. a scottish court has declared the british prime minister's 5 week suspension of parliament as unlawful but judges described the government's suspension as a tactic to frustrate parliament the british government said it will appeal and the body of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has arrived back in his home country the crowds gathered for his arrival at the airport in what are they regard his final resting place though is yet to be announced here today with the headlines
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. talk to our jazeera starts right now. only. you can rule the loop. in a string of twitter messages posted on saturday u.s. president donald trump announced these council meetings planned with the taliban leadership and afghanistan's president at camp david he blames a taliban attack in kabul last week in which an american soldier was amongst those killed. that announcement came to criticism him from his own republican party hashtags such as taliban try to trump the kind trending. the peace talks started
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almost a year ago in concert aiming to end the 18 year old war in afghanistan on monday trump said they were dead. dead dead dead dead ross i'm concerned that that they thought that that it killed people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position when they did that they killed 12 people what happened to be a great american soldier it wonderful young man from puerto rico families from puerto rico. you can't do that can't do that with me now dead dead as far as i'm concerned and we've head. that the alabang hotter in the last 4 days that they've been it over 10 years that's the way it is the president's move surprised the taliban's leaders of the 9 months of negotiations in doha he seemed to most of the differences with the united states had been result of the us special representative for afghan but conciliation zalmay khalilzad even said a peace agreement had been finalized in principle. one of the most important points
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the gradual withdrawal of the 14. 1000 american soldiers. to the u.s. quick to the negotiating table can peace be achieved in afghanistan and if so what would it take. the taliban's political spokesman to do so hail shaheen talks to al-jazeera. come. and we have here with with us in the studio today mr muhammad in the spokesman for the political office of taliban and the member of the negotiating team here in doha thank you for being with us thank you very much let me start with the negotiations that the president donald trump announced. the end of it did that come as a surprise to you. yes it was. it was astonishing for us. because we had
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a lady concluded the peace agreement with american and you negotiation team. and we had to do the talks for almost one year and in the end we concluded a peace agreement and also we concluded the dian exists and implementation framework of the peace agreement then both heads up that it was team they initialed the copies one copy of that was given to the qatari side and one copy. we got the word copy and one american team. and after that. that chief of the political office and d.p.i. meter of they slam make a minute of afghanistan for political appears and he's a delegation had a meeting with dr khalilzad and general scott miller they were happy with.
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a peace agreement and they talked about that about the 70 of signing the peace agreement amidst that that preach was a way to start uprising in a store stitching for us so the last thing you heard from mr them i said is that and general scott miller the chief commander of u.s. troops and nato troops in afghanistan was about actually the ceremony for signing the agreement and not the stoppage of the negotiations is that correct. no there was no hint no sign only they. talked during that meeting about the ceremony of signing the. signing the agreement to an invitation to be extended to 40 minute states of about 2 or $24.00 a countries of the world and also they
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talked about their communication channel which was. also part of the agreement and we had appointed from our side people for the communication channel in order to facilitate implementation of they came into that was discussed during that meeting that was the last meeting that our. chief of the political office. with scott miller and dr after that that meeting which i mentioned there was another meeting with him and that meeting that they were. no sign. no hint about what was mentioned in their trips that was really really surprising for us so when was that meeting what was it on saturday for example. yeah. you really know exactly.
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the date but it was after. meeting and which they discussed the communication channel and also the about the ceremony they had that another meeting so it was the topic was. similar topics some addition but similar topics so during these 2 meeting have you ever confirmed actually that you are going to see president trump on cam david's on sunday as per the tweets of i president trump himself did you ever confirm that you're going on sunday yes it was a rotation was given by doctors to us. and we we discussed this. in the political office and incomplete accepted that invitation and we can read our message or product article exactly that we accept that it will take
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and we will go to visit or the united states. that after the. signing ceremony of the peace agreement. because the side they said of many of the peace agreement will create a lot more spirit that it will be you know reduction in weiland and will be a good atmosphere inside up when it's done because of the after the signing of the ceremony that actually implementation of the peace agreement will start and it will it will create a canoe so it must be have to go there and that be we can read that message to him that would be a proper time. so in his tweet president trump claimed that the beating between you and president chum or. should the world on sunday i'm asking here about the signing of the agreement ceremony that was supposed to be here in doha was in the
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same day well that sunday as well or a different they were it wasn't agreed upon the expected date of the ceremony was to be fixed. by all sites and in the same ceremonies to be held. it was decided to be held here in doha. it was to be held here in doha in the presence of international witnesses and the presence of media that was decided that was not there that it will be signed david. it was decided to that we knew was but the date was not fixed but it was generally. decided that it will be held in during one week with in one week. so in this case do you consider the tweets by
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president trump as incorrect when he claimed that the meeting was should was on sunday yes they give us so this is 2 different things one is. his idea in we're titian that we accept it and that is the date. that we had. they gave us the year to do it but we had our own week that it is appropriate to the year after the signing of the. city money for. mentor because of before that we did not see speired suicide being nor see spiders means that radio will be x.x. from each sites i've they had x. i want to treat. that italy it by attacking some parts but after the. beginning of implementation up the peace agreement
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so all these things will stop and that would create you are most of your reporter visiting the united states that was our we point i do we can with that our we point to him to dr lisa so according to your statements to mr kerry the agreement was ready for signature by the president of u.s. a and for the ceremony for signing the agreement but we don't know a lot about the agreement can you tell us more information about that what what you actually agreed upon there are some mom main points and main parts of peace agreement when withdrawal of all forces from abroad it's not sick and not allowing anyone to use the side of a one side against the united states its allies. to begin intra of on negotiations for that since spider
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will be an item of agenda of discussion during intra afghan negotiations that were 4 words up the peace agreement so according to what you're saying now the ceasefire was never part of the agreement no that was not part of. negotiation with the american side we had 2 topics or 2 parts with the americans one to talk with them about ending occupation about one stone or withdrawal of foreign forces probably understand a 2nd obligation not allowing anyone to use the side of a wider stand against the united states and its allies that was 2 main parts that we discussed with the american side that i mean in 2 parts we were to
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discuss with them with the afghans and the really the americans agree to that was droll without a ceasefire the american you get it with withdrawal and we agreed that during the era drawl we will not attack them it was part of that and they will not attack us and we will not attack them we will give them a safe passage to offer dollars from afghanistan so that was no question of would be about that doesn't seem a bit strange at least for the people that you agree to a cease fire with the americans and you were prepared to do the you agreed to stop killing the americans by that and agreed to something similar to the afghani people you work your fellow citizens. how can you explain that that is part of the interrupt.


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