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politics for 40 years for him it would be a mistake to think that fake news has no impact on american alec toro behoove here's what's happening in our politics people are consuming information entirely different ways that we used to you know when i started doing presidential campaigns when jimmy carter you know has an office i mean we turn on the news at 630 at night and we'd watch 3 networks at once and that was the way america essentially consume news now there is a constant flood of information both on television in the cable environment and particularly online you know that that online consumption of information is having a real effect on things because what's happening is the legitimate media is being supplanted by you know this fake news where people get information which sounds like it's real and true but has no basis in fact and in fact much of it is just made up and delivered you know by people who are attempting to you know affect the outcome in the election by introducing false narrative and information into the
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flow of information so you know so yeah i think it does have a real impact. like of regard for the truth became more apparent than in any other us presidential campaign. according to politico fact an independent fact checking websites only 4 percent of donald trump statements during the campaign were true false information was constantly circulating in fact it became self-propagating you have to look at our media landscape and how americans get their news nowadays conservatives get their news only from fox news or alternative sites like breitbart so that's the only news they see and they view the manged what they call the liberal media the mainstream media with distrust and they don't believe the kind of c.n.n. new york times washington post so they are only getting their news or large most of their news from very slanted sources. and so. what trump will say trump picks up
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his information from the same news sources these voters hear something conspiracy theory and breitbart news or something on fox trump here is a 2 says it and the viruses are i've heard that for the on the news and i heard that from president trump so he must be telling the truth if they're in a silo and it's really hard to break out silos so it's a self reinforcing cycle of mr. became more difficult to discern fact from fiction and the traditional press was brushed aside sort of a way that these campaigns have you know traditionally been covered and. and that model of campaign coverage was not sort of created with donald trump in my hands trumps disregard for making true statements is something that a lot of reporters have had trouble dealing with as we're not used to it we're not used to politicians or press people just sort of straight out lying the mainstream
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media is disrupted and because the mainstream media is disrupted truth is disrupted and if truth is disrupted you can just spread your own version of that. i didn't know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. 8383 will serve boulevard and address among the most prestigious offices in los angeles behind these windows at number 1000 or a few companies that would seem to have no connection. the 1st is break news regarded as a platform for the so-called right. the 2nd is going to ring steel it's a small audio visual production company and these companies are linked to a billionaire who's rarely in the public eye. his name robert mercer.
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he is co c.e.o. of a hedge fund firm renaissance technologies whose ranks has been climbing since 1903 . carol cadwallader has been investigating this computer engineer turned billionaire robot. he is an absolutely brilliant scientist did really pioneering work. in the sixty's and in the field of natural language processing which is the base of. basically and he was that royce at the start of it and working out how to do my machine translation between languages so that google translates which we use all the time. to send and of the work that he did you know he is without doubt one of the brilliant computer engineers of his generation and he was just an ordinary
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middle class guy doing a professional job and he got an offer from renascence technologies this hedge fund . and he did. it was in the early ninety's that robert mercer left i.b.m. to work for run a song technologies. there he applied his methods of calculation on the stock exchange in order to predict its fluctuations. technologies he pioneered. algorithmic trading which now is you know. renaissance is something which still remains a bit secret about hard to make profit in markets but the origin of it is in applying a computer techniques to the data without worrying about fear of where the economy is going or what are the actual meaning of instruments or trading if you're buying
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wheat. or if you're buying a car company. you don't really care that it's a car company or that it's wheat you just look at the performance of these futures or these stocks and the key thing was to view this just as a set of numbers by applying his mathematical tools robert mercer revolutionized renaissance technologies investment methods making it the world's most profitable fund into this. mess it became very rich source because the performance of the fund which he had his own money and. was extraordinary i mean if it goes up 30 percent 35 percent every year then pretty quickly you become very rich. robert mercer is known to be very private he almost never speaks publicly.
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even google has a difficult time producing photos of the few that exist are always the same. there is also a poor quality video a public speech in 2014 during a ceremony in his honor. found out after ike this i'm sure i'll accept this award but i would have to make it all right on some topic or other for an hour now which by the way is more than i typically talk and in a month. robert mercer might have quietly enjoyed his new fortune but he decided to invest in politics. he's been recognized as one of the most generous republican donors since 2010. merce's donations appear to be motivated by his own special interests.
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the political system in america is so broken right now because of the special interest money which floods campaigns i mean what happens is when the special interests have an agenda or if you're annoyed company for example and you'd like to continue you know drilling for fossil fuel you know or your polluter and you want to make sure you can continue to pollute you go in and you support politicians who believe in your agenda politicians who will say for example that you know climate change is not happening because of bad made activities you know they will they will promote that publicly because that protects the special interests who fund their campaigns. robert mercer set up his own foundation. the mercer family foundation. headed by his daughter rebecca. but what exactly are these special interests he's protecting. it's hard to say since robert mercer never expresses his opinions
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publicly anyway you'll never know what's going on in private this is brian said just look that's what he's funding for all of the money that way and i think that kind of bill for the paycheck. to understand the ideas that robert mercer wants to promote we can. look at where he's been spending we can do so with tax documents declarations of the foundation's fiscal allocations for the years 2012 to 2015 mercer financed a number of institutes and lobbies among them the heritage foundation which fights taxes and economic regulation $1500000.00 the media research center which fights leftist media bias $12000000.00 the government accountability institute which tracks government corruption and publishes books against hillary clinton 3.7 $1000000.00 the heartland institute which defends climate
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change skeptics $2800000.00. in new york he even paid for an ad denouncing the construction of a mosque near ground 0 in just 2 years robert mercer became one of the 10 most influential billionaires in politics according to the washington post's. in 2011 breitbart news the right wing online newspaper was in financial difficulty . mercer saw an opportunity and he invested $10000000.00 in the web site. the executive chairman of breitbart was a prominent figure closely linked to trump's campaign stephen bannon. a former goldman sachs trader he became a hollywood producer in the late 1990 s. he wanted to make films and t.v. series to promote his ultra conservative political views. mercer and bad and are
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very closely associated and by mercer associating himself with somebody like steve better that maybe that may be a clue it is interpret merce's personal views. in a few my. it's a ban and made breitbart an outlet dedicated to reactionary i.d.'s. you see that with the breitbart publications over the course of many years it was someone like bannon who just proclaims this publicly that they're going to take on these situations and they're going to try to deconstruct the government of the united states to pursue the agenda that they have which is to you know fundamentally change this nation and turn it into you know a place where people experience a level of division that i don't think we've seen since you know going back to the civil war. robert mercer had built a political media network. to promote his ideas he was only missing one thing
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i can did it. in 2015 he began by supporting texas senator ted cruz a figurehead of the american far right. but after donald trump surprise victory in the republican primaries he placed his bet on trump. robert mercer created a pro trump political action committee called make america number one endowed with $15000000.00 his role in trump's campaign quickly expanded. in july 26th seen a dinner was held in a hotel in new york. it brings together among others rebecca roberts mercer's daughter and donald trump the dinner resulted in key campaign changes. trump's campaign manager was replaced. the chair of making america number one
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rebecca mercer whose family also fund the super pac. was able to influence the trump campaign to hire stephen bannon as campaign c.e.o. . steve benen became donald trump's campaign director. kellyanne conway who headed the merced. political action committee for ted cruz became number 2. david bossie a mercer family stalwart became number 3. robert mercer has assembled team was in place. bannon basi and conaway would from this point forward steer the republican candidate strategy. when the merc versus decide to support a candidate they expect the candidates to be responsive to their needs both in terms of how the candidate runs their campaign it also also after if the kid is successful and there are and they are elected as an office holder it's reasonable
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to presume that the mercers expect that the office holder will be responsive to the mercer's needs needs as well and their policy preferences. robert mercer his plan was proving to be successful. but a mistake was made that made steve bannon's role controversial. here's what was discovered by looking at donald trump's official campaign books each of these lines corresponds to an expense during his 5 month tenure there was no trace of payments for steve benen. but when we look at the payments made by robert mercer as political action committee one name appears several times. glittering steel a video production company. in total the company received $302500.00 from the committee in 5 months the company is
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run by steve bannon. that would mean that his work for trump's official campaign might have been paid via glittering steel which would be illegal campaign financing. the campaign legal center decided to file a complaint. and . steve bannon faced a fine and an investigation by the justice department. we believe or we think it's possible that the super pac make america number one was subsidizing stephen bannon's work for the trump campaign of ai making payments abandoned through glittering steel at all see this consulting for the last movie production company located in california at the same address as and his own
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consulting firm. glittering steel and breitbart are not the only companies tied to the trump campaign $8383.00 will serve boulevard in los angeles also hosts cambridge analytic a company that came under the spotlight for its influence in politics around the globe. cambridge analytical claim to have revolutionary data modeling techniques that can change political campaigning. it was a subsidiary of an english for and its role in donald trump's campaign is regarded as manipulation of public opinion. was through months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed home call what began as opposition to an extradition law escalated into
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a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and what would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power exe. ammons the possible consequences of hong kong summer of defiance on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence were able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all of the a list a covert military in the financial document you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all viewers can identify with the story. is here a world meets to arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives over seeds. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive
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countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. hello i'm a star in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state mike compare has accused iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone strikes on some of saudi arabia's most vital oil facilities he's accused terror on a fake diplomacy and of launching an unprecedented attack on the global energy supply earlier i spoke to sami hamdi who is the editor in chief of the
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international interest at current affairs analysis magazine where the middle east focus and he says it's in the u.s. interest to steer attention away from the failure of their patriot missile defense system. i think what's interesting is there actually room is coming about that it was the u.s. who informed the saudis that there was an attack taking place in the oil facilities and that iran is responsible for it implying that the saudis themselves are not quite sure what exactly happened they don't know where the drones came from they don't know who's involved in it they don't know what's going on moreover the saudis will be very disappointed this is probably the 2nd or 3rd time that the u.s. patriot missiles have failed to defend vital key oil facilities yemen's who the rebels there have claimed responsibility for those attacks which have forced saudi arabia to slash its oil production by half. its attacks are our right and we warned the saudis that our targets will keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation for your strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last 5
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years. now $82.00 migrants rescued by the charity ship the ocean viking 6 days ago have now begun disembarking the vessel at the italian port of lampedusa the decision to allow them ashore was a reversal of the closed ports policy implemented by the previous coalition government now the new government took office on tuesday and promised a new approach to my contraception aid is pouring into the bahamas as the country is still assessing the full extent of the damage left by hurricane dorian tropical storm humberto has now moved away from the islands but a heavy rainfall is still hindering rescue efforts. u.s. president on trial has for the 1st time acknowledged the death of the son of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden bin laden was reportedly killed in a counterterrorism operation on the afghan pakistan border well those are the
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headlines do join me here after unfair game stay with us. the election of the 45th president of the united states raised ethical and potentially legal questions. the possibility to undermine basic democratic principles has significantly increased. there will be no lies we will honor the american people with it truth and nothing else. the headquarters of a firm little known to the general public called s.c.l. group strategic communication laboratories is located in the heart of london. in these offices data scientists compiled and analyzed terabytes of personal
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information. their objective was to determine what motivates human behavior in order to influence a. they specialize in psyops. which is. a military term psychological operations it's a whole discipline it's an academic subject it can be used in different ways. the firm is very clear about its services on its. clients include nato the british ministry of defense the n.s.a. and the u.s. state department. as c.l. has helped identify key leaders in afghanistan facilitating u.s. intervention. it's also organized communications for vaccination campaign
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in ghana. but the company's practices remain questionable. it's a way of not cheap people that's the working towards better outcomes for them but it also can be used to manipulate people without being aware and it can and has been used by authoritarian regimes. the company organized protests in nigeria in 2007 to win fluence the elections. s.e.a.l. also intervened during an election on the island of st vincent in the caribbean. election. not just on his own parliament they have he just really moved it clear program of occlusion a stance pretty discouraged of candidate that they can have the problem okies over
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400 to 4 for a player that has. ensured. c.l. sets up ultra targeted influenced strategies. the advent of the web and the vast amount of data circulating created an entirely new dimension of business. in order to extend their market as c.l. group created a new subsidiary in the us cambridge analytic tech 7 wanted to suggest that a structure just doesn't take into it is it was it has any can bridge the need to check the cue ball fit on the ball and i'm so just. to create cambridge analytic. partnered with the american billionaire robert mercer a mathematician specialized in data. steve bannon served as vice president of the firm. from the outset the objective was
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clear nothing less than a revolution in the election campaign process despite multiple interview requests cambridge analytical has refused to speak with us. but it's possible to understand the work they did by simply watching their advertisements political campaigns have changed they're no longer about running the most t.v. spots sending out the most direct mail or spending the most money they're about to spend the smartest money in today's political world but campaigns are getting more expensive and elections are won by small but crucial numbers of votes putting the right message in front of the right person at the right moment is more important than ever this is where cambridge analytical in our revolutionary data modeling techniques can help. it sounds like a more logical approach to campaign strategizing however the reality is more
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complex and above all much murkier than cambridge and in that it was willing to admit that. since coming to the. united states the firm embarked on an unprecedented operation to compile data on the american population without its knowledge here's how it works just. imagine that inside this car is mr x. like anyone he leaves thousands of pieces of personal information on the internet his address age income hobbies purchases religion and whether or not he owns a gun. cambridge analytical legally bought this data from credit companies banks social security and web giants like facebook google and twitter. in total the firm claim to possess about 425000 pieces of data for over
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$230000000.00 adults living in the united states. this is how they plan to use its traditional political campaigns use geography and demographics like age and gender to break down voters into target groups this can work up to a point but it misses the important personal details that really drive voter behavior we combine geographic and demographic information with up to $5000.00 data points of national political consumer and lifestyle behavior for every voter in the united states then we add a unique extra layer of data about personality decision making and motivation. this creates an unparalleled rich and detailed view of voters in the issues they care about so you know exactly who to target with exactly what type of message we call this behavioral micro targeting our team of data scientists psychologists and campaign experts can show you which individual voters you need to win over in order
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to secure victory. the idea is to give people psychological tests and then compare the results with the in from. nation they already have on them to know what motivates them and thus influence their vote it's a technique that existed before cambridge analytical one of its inventors teaches psychometrics at stanford university california his name is michelle kosinski metrics is basically a science of psychological measurement so basically have not is that instead of using question to ask you about your thoughts feelings experiences and past behavior such as are you well organized person you can basically look at your digital footprints and see whether you in fact i well organized person in real life . tests to determine a person's psychological traits are cold ocean tests they measure personality based
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on 5 criteria. openness conscientiousness extroversion agreeableness and neuroticism. it's done with seemingly innocuous questionnaires that can be completed online like these. in 2008 michelle kosinski created the most famous of these tasks on facebook called my personality a questionnaire to learn more about yourself. became really popular we had over 6000000 people to take the question there and a large fraction of these people also donated their facebook profile information to us and from this information you can use. algorithms to transform this
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information into very detailed and very i curate intimate profiles so as a result michelle kosinski hospital largest psychometric database in the world. a database he can cross-reference with the facebook profiles of the 6000000 people who respond it's. so basic you can turn your facebook likes into an accurate prediction of your political views religious views your personality intelligence happiness sexual intake or even whether your parents were divorced or not people often ask me how accurate those algorithms are at predicting our intimate traits and i think that a great example comes from a recent study where we have compared the curacy of algorithms with a curiosity of other people so what we did we took friends and family members of our participants and we asked these friends and family members to feel in the personality question as in the name of our participants now we would provide
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algorithm with a set of facebook likes and have it do the same thing so based on your facebook likes trying to predict your personality the results of this experiment are staggering by studying 10 of your likes on facebook the algorithm knows you better than your call the. with a 100 likes it knows you better than your family. and with 230 likes it knows you better than your spouse now given how much food friends how many footprints we're living every day while using internet and splaying of our phones. it basically means that computers can clearly know us better in many ways than even our close family members. prediction of human behavior through the combination of personal data and psychological tests shockingly accurate.
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david garrow is a media professor at parsons university in new york. modeled for months to retrieve the data that cambridge analytical had on him. he was amazed by what he discovered . this is the excel spreadsheet that they provided it is broken into 3 tabs core data election returns and models the model on the one hand personal data that the firm has gathered from the web and then my registered now this is all the voter data here and this is what would normally be public in voter records but it it's all accurate it has the day i registered to vote it has figured out my birthday my address the zip code down to you know all of my address it's connected to census information and it's connected to all the different kinds of elections so u.s.
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congressional state senate state house state legislative then you have some consumer information here like the designated mark information and f i p s it is another kind of consumer voter code and when you're on the other hand the psychometric interpretation of his personality together that's how you can really 0 in and target the model is my profile so you can see the different topics were ranked in order of importance my registered partisanship my unreligious your partisanship you clearly see who their client was it didn't measure me as a democrat or republican just a very unlikely republican and you can also see sort of the model itself is in the interest of sort of finding. conservative voters especially conservative voters who might be registered as a democrat but are actually going to vote republican so being able to go down to the zip code.


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