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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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one who want to produce china's underwater 0. should up or shut up. the taliban claims responsibility for 2 bombings in afghanistan that have killed at least 46 people. everyone i'm kemal santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera prime minister benjamin netanyahu is future at stake as israeli voters head to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. to boris johnson break the law when he shut down parliament until mid october and
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it's a question the u.k. supreme court is now trying to answer. i'm also angry about the profits that they said. to ask us to give give give. them what work is america's biggest carmaker think of their employers as more talks are held to end a 2 day strike. just 11 days before a presidential election and 2 explosions have rocked afghanistan one at a high security area of the capital kabul another was close to an election rally for the president ashraf ghani at least 46 people have been killed and dozens more injured mcbride reports now from kabul. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened at a reelection campaign. the rally for president ashraf ghani in part of the province
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the taliban says it suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians young a suddenly a man on the motorbike arrived in a huge explosion happened a lot of people heard a martini and looted the attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the author here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry of defense then. i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the side of the attack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere
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it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the why defeat here for the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin rob mcbride al-jazeera kabul. israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hoping for a 5th term after he failed to achieve a majority also form a coalition back in april and so called this unprecedented rerun has been smith reporting from occupied east jerusalem. he's promised to annex the jordan valley in the occupied west bank and he's warned he may be replaced by leftists who week in
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israel benjamin netanyahu is facing corruption allegations and doing everything he can to win this election and try to avoid a criminal trial. the election is close i can confirm to you this morning they are very close i call them all israelis to come and vote just like me and my wife came to vote they want only for home good luck and thank you the prime minister's main rival is benny gantz his blue and white party took 35 seats in april's election the same as netanyahu could neither was able to build a coalition that would give them 61 seats and a majority in parliament. which leaves other door leaving as potential kingmaker one time friend of netanyahu loyalist lieberman refused to enter government with the prime minister saying too many concessions have been made to ultra-orthodox parties so netanyahu dissolved parliament you should think carefully how you will cast your vote for whoever wants to see a liberal secular unity government without the ultra orthodox should stop and think
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for a 2nd so far early voter turnout has been the highest in more than 30 years but pre-election polls still predict this vote will be as close run as the last time to chose the country is split in so many different ways that it's very sad this election is for about change change that policy. it's about change. 30 years of that i go. i hope that what a void for is going to be there but. i think it will be divided again yeah because it's really close this is the 1st time in israel's history that a 2nd election has been held because the largest party was unable to form a coalition the polls close at 10 pm local time and exit poll soon after should give an early indication of the way the voting has gone and then there could be weeks or even months of political horse trading before we know who will be the next
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prime minister of israel bernard smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem just a few hours till the polls close and we've got correspondents in 2 locations in tel aviv what our bill hamid is at the headquarters of benny gantz blue and white party we're starting out with kerry force that benjamin netanyahu likud party base this is a big one isn't it harry after failing to get either a majority or to form a coalition and then taking the risk of another election. that's right and then the magic number for benjamin netanyahu is 61 seats in the knesset the israeli parliament not for his own likud party alone he got 35 seats last time around but for enough of a coalition of his likud party and other smaller right wing parties if he makes that then he will have another term he will be able to try to get through potentially immunity against his corruption charges all of the various pledges that
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he's been making in the election campaign then become all that more real and from palestinian perspective for instance the the pledge to annex the jordan valley and parts of your key by the city of hebron all the more dangerous i've got notifications on my phone every time he goes live with a new live broadcast and it's pinging all the time every few minutes a few minutes ago he was talking about his achievements about how they were closing the gap and that more of his right wing base had to come out and vote just in the last couple of minutes he said 2 hours to go the arabs are coming out in much higher numbers than before and not as well as all of the messaging about how he's on the verge of losing which is something that he does in every campaign trying to motivate panic really his right wing base he's also been making it very clear that this is a tactic to talk about the palestinian israeli vote about the threat as he puts it of a left wing and arab government he says that the turnout is is higher in those areas
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he was at a bus station in jerusalem with a loud hailer earlier on talking about the threat that that posed he's also broken election or a couple of times today by giving radio interviews that he's not supposed to give on the polling day and his own chat bot on his facebook site was closed down by facebook for publishing polls on polling day so he's trying to pull out every single stop he can think of interesting stuff harry thank you for that made at the headquarters of. benny gantz the hunter it's not often that you lose an election and then get another shot at it less than 6 months later how the war has the expectation in the blue and what camp. and i think the expectation is that you will find yourself in exactly the same situation but the message coming out of benny gantz. or one of the co-chairs actually of the blue and
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white party and the a left feet is that listen when you need to come out and vote for us you know they've been actually trying also to attract some likud voters who . think that big to benjamin netanyahu has been there for too long who think that those corruption charges are way too heavy for him to continue being a prime minister they've also been going around reaching out to people calling on them to vote for example on the beaches of tel aviv and benny gantz on the streets talking to people now their message is look last time he got a shot at it and what he did when he couldn't form a government is that he dissolved the knesset now benny gantz is sure trying to put new 10 yo on the spot and also president rivlin by say you can't allow that to happen replay age if we're given a shot at forming the government and that obviously will depend on the number they will get later on today we will not dissolve the. knesset if we don't manage to
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form that government we'll just leave this spot for someone else to do it they've also been hammering about these corruption charges about the fact that if benjamin netanyahu does indeed win then he will make all these charges go away he will manny legislation and finally they also been saying that benjamin netanyahu coming back to. government forming it could listen with these far right parties is actually. the effort to the democracy of israel to the essence of israel and that is something that they have been really hammering about as their base said to try to attract other voters telling them that really what's at stake here is the essence of israel itself. what a bill has made in tel aviv thank you for that. supreme
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court challenge to boris johnson's controversial decision to suspend parliament until mid october is now underway in london the court will decide whether the british prime minister broke the law when he sent members of parliament home for 5 weeks until october 14th trying to hold reports now from london. the barricades have shifted temporarily to the remaining breaks it battlers a rived at the supreme court we have the force to appeals one from england and wales and one from scotland. they both involve the same issue. whether it was lawful for the prime minister to advise her majesty to authorize the probation department order in council at issue whether the court should stay out of politics as the english high court had ruled or a scottish judges decided last week whether the courts should step in when the powers of government are used for purposes other than those for which they were
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intended. when the prime minister signs. he's admittedly removed discretionary power to advise her majesty geishas it is an improper purpose for him to be moved. and wish to avoid armament you control over the policies of he's gone and we know. that the parliament may be proved for a variety of reasons lesson for all as much as formal. and sas in the. greek parliament is not in any sense innocent until the peffer nation when you mean the supreme court's decision when it comes could have far reaching consequences for an unwritten constitution in this country
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that relies heavily on legal precedent for a government that may yet decide it wants to prorogue parliament again and for parliament itself there are many many m.p.'s very keen to get back to work as the clock ticks down towards a breakthrough day on october the 31st and if the supreme court were to confirm the scottish judges finding that boris johnson lie to the queen over his reasons for suspending parliament they'd be heavy pressure on the prime minister to resign fundamentally this case is really quite simple it's about this proposition the government admits that parliament doesn't get control whether it's suspend it. and government says courts can't control it either and that is just writing proposition an absolutely striking proposition and the supreme court's going to have found difficulty accepting it a year and a sawed off for us that's not a popular view among sections of the crowd outside the court as ever breaks it
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tensions on display are ugly combative divisive no decision of the supreme court is going to change that jonah how al-jazeera london. and the news ahead is clouds of smoke spread into malaysia thousands of firefighters battled to bring indonesia's forest fires under control. and in haiti how a shortage of fuel it's igniting the anger of the protest and. hello there is something of a feeling of a changing seasons to the great feeling just yet we saw showers across the caspian bit more cloud developing in southern iran across the gulf but to be honest i'm picking up things to show you because it's still quite a change to rounds warmed up to 36 degrees baghdad's around about
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a 43 mark we saw 49 just as a coast of kuwait in the last couple of days as well so it's not really looking really like a change of season just yet but it should be coming fairly soon the feeding in qatar still fairly humid by early morning and late afternoon the clouds in the skies bit more obvious now but the monsoon should be retreating so the chance of showers in yemen or oman is less now the drizzle isn't quite so obvious in salads if that is still there at the moment so dry picture little change at the moment in southern africa we should be seeing the change of season into spring of course which tends to produce a bit more activity didn't see much on the satellite picture to be honest but in the forecast certain this clouds the size of the western cape and a hint of kind of maybe inland of the veldt somewhere and a suggestion maybe the winds are blowing in circulating around cape town this could generate a little bit of rain same is true further east in durban which is a $24.00.
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this is al jazeera these are our top stories at least 46 people killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan so 11 days out from the presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks and afghan security forces were the targets was ready to voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister netanyahu is seeking his 5th term called a rerun after failing to achieve a majority or to form a coalition back in april. and a supreme court challenge to boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament until mid october is underway in london. the court will decide whether the british prime minister broke the law when he sent members of parliament are going to move on to other news the u.s. house judiciary committee is due to hear another round of testimony to see whether there is enough evidence to impeach donald trump several witnesses are expected to appear including the president's former campaign manager as well as his senior adviser. now you might have guessed we having a little problem with some pictures at the moment so i'm going to keep going with
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the news we're going to move onto. tennesseans going to have to vote again to choose their next president runoff elections being planned after sunday's election failed to find an outright winner the law professor came out now really head of the imprisoned media magnate now below. now let's go to. indonesia the firefighters there who are working around the clock to try to stop the blazes in indonesia these are burning in sumatra and borneo islands smoke is also spread to neighboring countries which is about to diplomatic row as well over actually just who is responsible for it indonesian police have arrested more than $200.00 people who are actually accused of contributing to the disaster forest fires happen every year in indonesia they are usually started by farmers clearing
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land for crops i'm going to keep going with the news hong kong's leader kerry lam says the government will start talks with activists next week as they try to end pro-democracy protests police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon after protesters threw firebombs towards a government compound on sunday hong kong's international credit rating has been downgraded from stable to negative and even pay our firms approached by the government have also refused to get involved in helping to restore the city's image right we are still having a lot of problems we've got no pictures to show you just at the moment so we're going to grab a quick break here on al-jazeera see if we can fix the problem come back with more news. hello again welcome back we're here across the southeastern part of australia in the eastern coast we're going to still see some rain as well as some clouds here we
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do have a massive system that is making its way towards the tasman sea and rain is going to continue here for sydney as we go through the day here on wednesday and as we go towards thursday things begin to improve we do see a time to there of 21 degrees speaking of temperatures though they are on the rise for adelaide we do expect to see you going up to about 30 but they're going to be dropping from perth down to about 17 with clouds coming in from the southwest there well for the north in the south island of zealand where you had a big system push through things are going to. we getting better though once the clouds make their way towards a north these forecast wise it is going to be quite nice for auckland as well as christ church we do expect see maybe some clouds for christ church where the tempter of 12 and by the time we get towards thursday maybe getting to about 14 degrees few but very nice conditions as we and the week and as we go towards depend things are looking quite nice cross much of the area we are going to be watching no down here towards a south as would go through the end of the week another weather system coming up to the north them by the weekend we could be sing a typhoon across much of southern japan until then we're going to be seen tokyo at
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$23.00 degrees with some rain in you forecast and as we go towards thursday thinks get much better with a tempter a 27 we're
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back thank you for staying with us we've got some stories for you as well police in northern france are clearing it for migrants around a 1000 a big move from the camp called the gym near the port of dun kirk its closure follows british border police intercepting 120 margarets crossing the english channel in small boats in the past week here is the new guy who watched the police operation since early choose day morning police have been gradually. area around the gym. which has been at least 270 people and yet.
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we're having a lot of fun tonight here at al-jazeera we've got technical problems with our server you can see some of those stories not playing in their entirety but i'm going to continue to read the news for us hi causes to hear an appeal by the former treasurer in the vatican against sex abuse convictions cardinal george pell got the pictures with sentenced in march to 6 years jail for molesting 2 teenage boys in the 1990 s. he is the highest ranking roman catholic so far to be found guilty of sexually assaulting children the high court is his last chance to appeal. haiti's capital is at a standstill as violent protests continue as a fuel shortages and a corruption scandal the president is also facing renewed calls to resign at the top is already on reports. i am there on the streets of haiti's capital already
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struggling with a weak economy these protesters are calling for an end to high fuel prices a shortage of us. during violent clashes with demonstrators police are accused of shooting and killing a man amid protests in part of france close by one of his relatives is overwhelmed with grief i days of protests have left the caribbean nation at a standstill roads have been blocked and some schools banks and government offices have closed their doors. in the city that doesn't it's our conditions and humane here in haiti the situation cannot continue. fuel supply your say haiti's government owes them about $100000000.00 they have refused to make deliveries until the dead is paid and a corruption scandal has made things worse auditors say the government embezzled about 2000000000 dollars from a fund into a subsidized oil program for caribbean nations that money was meant to improve
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infrastructure education and health services $1.00 of the 1st. president has plundered the country's economy and become richer by making last pour we demand that he step down because if he continues the system will not change. over the past a year corruption scandals have led to anti-government protests throughout haiti where the minimum wage is less than $3.00 a day despite the frustration president always has refused to go earlier this month the country's newly appointed prime minister address the crisis in the us you know this is the government will focus on enforcing the justice system and public security rating forcing the laws of social equality at accelerating economic growth in order to generate employment protesters say the crisis is about more than fuel prices they say the demonstrations will continue until the president and his inner circle step down. al-jazeera talks are
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continuing to try to end a mass walkout of america's biggest carmaker after a late night negotiations failed to find a breakthrough in the 50000 general motors workers the staying home for a 2nd day they say they're owed higher pay and improved contracts after rescuing g.m. from bankruptcy 10 years ago. reporting for us from flint michigan. we're here in flint michigan it's a company town it's a union town and you can tell that by all of the horns honking as they passed this picket line sending the message that they support these g.m. workers that have gone on strike this is the 1st 2nd day now into negotiations do continue we've been told by the union that they are chalking that they talked late into the night at the same time they're sending a message that they're still very far apart saying that only about 2 percent of what they need to agree to has been actually agreed to so negotiations continue the picket lines continue all across the country these workers sending a message to general motors that they even have made the company has made
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a huge profit and it's time for them to share the wealth. of the spread of diseases and i concern in the bahamas 2 weeks off the hurrican dorrian devastated the audience among the buildings flattened were hospitals and health sentence well until as a setting up temporary clinics to treat the sick and injured as one official reports from the town of high rock. this may not look like much but for the people of high rock it means everything this hilltop community on the island of grand bahama lost its clinic in hurricane dorian the building flattened but no for the people here there is a temporary clinic staffed by 20 volunteers from the international medical corps we have doctors nurses medicines mental health experts and we're seeing things that we commonly see at this point and it may crop very lacerations people that are running out of medications kind of conditions turning to acute conditions and wound care
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a lot of blue care getting giving out tetanus as well as people coming back and are trying to clean up what's left of their homes the international medical corps has committed to be here for at least 3 months it noise the facility is pretty basic but the reality is it will save lives are. among those helping out modern rule of. former american football star he's now a neurosurgeon in boston but he was born in the bahamas and that source pulled him back to help and so i saw the hurricane hit being up in boston in my nice apartment at harvard you know i was i said man i have to do something for my people for my countries means a lot to me this country has taught me much and i've visited every summer as a child you know i was christened here i was baptized here i'm on a national stamp here i mean this country is tied within me and so i called our staff at massachusetts general hospital if there was a global disaster team that was going to the bahamas i want to be
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a part of it one big concern is disease in the days and weeks after the disaster it can be a killer the clinic makes that less likely and reminds people here they haven't been forgotten alan fischer al jazeera hierarch on the island of grand bahama. in a funny old news bulletin here but these are the headlines on al-jazeera at least 46 people killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan just 11 days out from the presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks and afghan security forces were the targets. israelis are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking a 5th term it was he who called the rerun after failing to achieve a majority or to form a coalition back in april a supreme court challenge to parse johnson's decision to suspend parliament until
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mid october is begun in london the court will decide whether the british prime minister broke the law when he sent members of parliament home for 5 weeks until october the 14th if this court finds that the advice of the prime minister was not full. the prime minister will take all necessary steps to comply with any declaration by the court and that is. this matter should be addressed while prices have fallen 5 percent on reports saudi arabia's oil output could return to normal levels quicker than expected this is following the weekend attacks or the rebels who claimed responsibility for the attacks say all security can be achieved if the saudi led coalition stops bombing yemen to museums are going to vote again to choose their next president a runoff elections being planned after sunday's election failed to find an outright winner the law professor saeed came out narrowly ahead of the imprisoned media
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magnate. the u.s. house judiciary committee is holding another round of testimony to see whether there's enough evidence to impeach donald trump live pictures here as witnesses are expected to appear in congress they include the president's former campaign manager as well as his senior adviser thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to try to contain forest fires in indonesia they're burning and some outran borneo the smoke has now spread to neighboring countries which is spotters on diplomatic row over who is responsible indonesian police have arrested more than $200.00 people accused of contributing to the disaster ever got we got their news are few and a half an hour right after inside story. hundreds
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of thousands of rohingya muslims remaining in me and more face a serious risk of genocide that's according to a new report from a united nations fact finding mission u.n. investigators are also calling for top generals and me and mark to stand trial for war crimes but would that be enough to end the suffering of one of the most persecuted minorities in the world this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. 2 years after me and moore's military crackdown on the u.n. investigators say conditions remain deplorable for the.


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