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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 8:00am-8:35am +03

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0. and. too close to cole exit polls show benjamin netanyahu and challenger benny gantz are neck and neck in israel's general election. has i'm speaking of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up oil prices for all off to saudi arabia says production will return to normal by the end of september following saturday's attack. dozens of people were killed in 2 gloss in afghanistan one targeted the president's campaign rally. and the brakes are on
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india's economy but one industry is suffering more than most. oh israel's 2nd general election in a year looks unlikely to break its political stalemate exit polls suggest benny gantz who leads the blue and white party is locked in a tight race with the kurds prime minister benjamin netanyahu neither are expected to win a majority it could lead to weeks of political wrangling carrefour said reports from tel aviv. the music blared benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat in such a mess for years. a government committed to the jewish state there neither will nor can there be a government that relies on auntie's ionise arab parties but the exit polls suggest
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he doesn't have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer for the numbers appear to have swung in the other direction 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power has weakened the attributing time but the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise childe victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission when comparison proved that the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and is here to stay it was equal vindication for a dozen yos former ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda
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and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by to newer and liquid and blue. and white the presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no sign of readiness to do what he's going to. cobble netanyahu is the leader of the liquid support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning gantz aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat and you know who seem to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list i'm an said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead
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a surgeon support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the polls in growth so we are here we come and and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st pre indictment hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify our equals at al-jazeera television or i'm ahead jersey is a palestinian diplomatic joins us live now from a man as we talk more about this with him thanks very much for being with us now as we wait for the full results of israel's election and what the next israeli government might look like at how do you view the prospects for any dialogue
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between the palestinian leadership and the israeli government. unfortunately well before i start let me say that elections are an internal israeli issue and we. intend to intervene anyway on these elections but a spurious question we don't see that there is any party or any come of this action that would lead towards any prospects of political. talks with the palestinian side with the intention of ending the prolonged occupation of the city through the palestinian the. i.p.o. appreciate your position about not wanting to wade into israeli domestic politics but. the way the way it's looking right now there may be an an israeli future israeli government that will not contain benjamin netanyahu and that given the way
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things have gone between the palestinian leadership and his government would that be would that be a better scenario for the palace thing. well certainly. being out of the picture is is something good for peace but we don't see that the platform that others run and the ideas that they carry really something that would lead to talks or peace they all promoted. this extreme towards palestinian promises them with quote numeration of the school or the old regime and racist. motions. intends to further expand that the policy. on the expense of the palestinian. so the promises are not necessarily promising now if that is there will be a shift and the doc. would be in or
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respect the terms of reference that the peace talks start in the 1st place the palestinian side i think is will be more than happy to sit down and talk with you off and engulf you along population the source possible that this is not the case we will continue the course certainly will and depending on the rights and exposing this racist long list the regime will or. there's also talk about the prospect of a of a unity government in israel one that would contain more moderate elements would the prospects for for. dialogue with the palestinians be better if that were the case. again well this is again something that the israelis have to decide on for artists there is a palestinian side that is ready and willing to sit down and discuss and talk about
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process that sort of peace which is based on ending is really is a long book a patient we thus far as i said before the platforms that all parties struggle where either extreme or part extreme or even more fanatical extreme so we don't see any of these. platforms promising for peace. according to analysts some of them might be for electoral. and we wait and see the palestinian side is really ready and willing to sit down. to end the occupation and to discuss all matters that relate to that and. it was really sight good to speak with you ahmad hijazi thanks so much for being with us. us sectors they might pump a.r.v.'s traveling to saudi arabia after saturday's attacks on 2
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large oil facilities saudi arabia has reassured global markets oil production will soon be restored with the focus now turning to who did it and what action should be taken shall above supports. the men in charge of saudi arabia's energy sector briefed embrace to give a republic statement be here to reassure global markets the saudi oil infrastructure was attacked on saturday. half of its oil production was wiped out that's 5 percent of the wilts daily output they reassured investors output would return to normal by the end of the month still. be over the last 2 days the damage has been contained and more than half of the production capabilities that were damaged have been restored therefore the company will fulfill all of its commitments to clients during this month the comments come to crude oil prices which had seen the biggest one day jump in history on monday but can they fulfill
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their promises i'm pessimistic in terms of full production we're talking over 5.7 to 5 point $5000000.00 barrels a day this is a tremendous amount this was the largest drop in the oil production anywhere in history who the rebels took responsibility as payback for the war in yemen but it is just well yeah we demand keeps it taking saudi arabia with ballistic missiles and drones until the end of this oil supremacy that i hate. but the u.s. and saudi arabia suspect iran is the true culprit certainly looking like around was behind these attacks. our intelligence community at this very hour is working diligently to review the evidence u.s. secretary of state mike com payer has been deployed to saudi arabia the state department said he will coordinate if it's to counter iranian aggression in the
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region despite iran denying any involvement foreign minister job and zarif tweeted in defense of the who thinks the u.s. isn't upset when its allies mercilessly bomb babies in yemen for over 4 years with its arms and its military assistance but it is terribly upset when the victims reacts the only way they can against the graces or refineries. but for saudi arabia and the us any attack on the world's energy supply is a red line crossed that will not decide how to punish whoever they determine is the perpetrator chela bellus al-jazeera of venezuela's government has released the vice president of its opposition controlled congress edgar zambrano was freed from state custody 4 months after his arrest on treason charges that happened a day after president nicolas maduro is running socialist party reached a deal with smaller opposition parties. to bomb attacks have hit afghanistan less
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than 2 weeks before a presidential election there the taliban says it was behind the attacks which killed at least 46 people one targeted an election rally by president bush afghani but he wasn't hurt another was carried out in a high security area in the capital right mcbride reports from coal. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened at a reelection campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in part of an province the taliban says its suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians young of a sudden only a man on the motorbike arrived and a huge explosion happened a lot of people heard a martini and that the attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across
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afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the off here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry of defense and then. i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the site of the attack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the y. defeat here for the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin. robert bride al-jazeera kabul still ahead when
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we come back to news year's presidential election heads to a runoff pitting to political outsiders against each other. the most angry about the profits that they said. to you ask us to give give you what's striking workers at america's biggest con make it think of their employees. hello again welcome back we're here cross live and things are looking quite nice and dry for many locations we are seeing some clouds though up here towards the north passing across the black sea into the caspian but in terms of rain really not seeing too much there actually we're going to be seeing some dry conditions by the time we get towards wednesday over here towards kabul though we do expect to see a temperature of 33 degrees down towards the south for quite city do expect to see
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attempt of $44.00 well here across the gulf unfortunately we do expect to see the mideast start to rise again we are going to see some clouds in the forecast for the but when you see a temperature into the high thirty's and coming down normally that means for this time of year that the relative humidity is kind of high and it is very uncomfortable so expect to see lower visibilities in the morning as well over here towards 37 degrees in misca as we go towards wednesday and into thursday maybe 31 by the time we end the day clouds along the coast you'll see those clouds well temperature of $28.00 while temperatures are on the rise though down here across parts of southern africa actually maybe seeing temperatures make it into the thirty's for johannesburg at $32.00 cape town at 25 degrees here on wednesday and by the time we go towards thursday 29 degrees is expected high well above average but clouds in the forecast the you coming down though we do expect to see durban with a temperature of 24. big
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stories generate fountains of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives and you hold to account separating the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must be your words but some tough stuff has to be said so some critics have to be listening post on al-jazeera . hello again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour the result of israel 2nd general election in 6 months appears too close to call exit polls put former military chief benny
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gantz who leads the blue and white party with a one seat lead prime minister benjamin netanyahu slick could. global crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent saudi arabia announced it's restored 50 percent of the production that was cut by saturday's drone attacks u.s. secretary of state my pompei who is heading to riyadh to discuss the situation. to bomb attacks surveyed afghanistan less than 2 weeks out from an election at least 46 people were killed the taliban has claimed responsibility one blast targeting an election rally by president musharraf who wasn't hurt. to political outsiders are hoping to become to news is next for his events a runoff is planned after no candidate won a majority in sunday's vote stephanie decker has more. after almost 2 days of counting votes it's finally official there will be
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a presidential runoff almost. went. very strong candidates. completely vanished. the man with the most votes profession or of constitutional law and with no political party completely unknown before the 2011 revolution introduced into households izzie appeared on national television decipher the constitution in classical arabic earning him the nickname robocop his challenger. immediate tycoon and philanthropist who's in prison facing charges of money laundering in tax evasion he's been far more involved in the political elites here recently splitting from the may need to his party and running on his own ticket the potential charges will affect his future remains unclear 45 percent of registered voters came out on sunday to cause their ballot the message a clear rejection of the political parties the dominated politics here since the
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2011 revolution society. yes i like him let's have a new experience let him work people who came before him are not better and haven't anything i don't know much about. but it seems older people voted for him because he hopes the board. most tunisians we speak to say they either voted or will vote for chi saeed it was their germy he is a university professor he specializes in constitutional law he understands what the powers and limits of every authority but in terms of administration he doesn't have experience political watchers say even though saeed was popular in the polls it's surprising how he managed to reach so many people we see him today becoming the frontrunner with no political party with no big electoral campaign very little means. some say they didn't vote because the 24 candidates were too many to choose from and now that they're 2 clear options they will they want this is the time for
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political change in order for to newsier to look after it's used to keep them away from illegal migration and other wrongdoings they say that good things take time and here we are waiting there also legislative elections due here next month need tire political landscape could be about to change within the next few weeks solutions will have a new president a new prime minister and the new parliament people here have overwhelmingly voted for change the question now is whether tunisians new leaders will deliver stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis or the u.k. supreme court has begun hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law when he suspended parliament for 5 weeks a government lawyer has told judges that johnson was entitle to prorogue parliament but those arguing against the moves say it is the biggest abuse of power by a prime minister for 50 years. donald trump's former campaign manager has defended
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the u.s. president at a chaotic congressional hearing corey lewandowski was a key figure in the special counsel's report on russian meddling in the 2016 election in ledge there were links between moscow and the tran campaign castro has more. corey lewandowsky may have witnessed president commit illegal act that's what democrats had hoped that trump's former campaign manager and current confidant would say under oath but instead they got this from the white house has directed not not disclose the substance of any discussions with the president his advisors to protect executive branch confidentiality according to the special counsel's report trunk instructed lewandowsky to threaten attorney general jeff sessions with losing his job sessions agency was overseeing the russian vest a geisha and it would have ended the investigation of the president's conduct the evidence found by the special counsel all the elements of obstruction of justice resume doubts he was nervous about this image from his former boss as he should
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have been it raised serious questions about criminal conduct lewandowsky did not carry out the president's instructions he repeatedly refused to answer the democrats' questions as to why 2 other trump aides have been ordered by the white house not to appear so what does a president do he calls you in to do what everyone else would do he called you in to do is dirty work in secret because he knew it was wrong well we will expose the truth i'm president right behind you in the white house strategy in response to the democrats' investigations has been to resist cooperation at every turn it's led to a slow grind toward possible impeachment and even democrats lack of coherence on whether to call this an impeachment inquiry or just routine oversight democrats like most politicians they try to have it both ways they want to be able to satisfy their base at the same time satisfy the moderate wing of the party so they want to
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be able to do both however at some point they are going to get to a place where they have to take a stand more than half of house democrats are on record saying they would support opening an impeachment inquiry a president. trump but their own likely to do so until their leader house speaker nancy pelosi gives the green light she has not done so yet for fear of costing her moderate members their seats then there is the overarching understanding and reality that democrats are facing that because republicans retain the majority in the u.s. senate even impeaching trump now would not result in his removal from office heidi castro al-jazeera washington the talks are continuing to try and end a massive walkout that america's biggest carmaker assaulter late night negotiations failed to find a breakthrough nearly $50000.00 general motors workers are staying home for
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a 2nd day they say they're owed higher pay and improved contracts the u.s. auto workers union says there's been progress in the contract talks with general motors but without a major breakthrough nearly 50000 workers across the country will remain on strike patty cohan has. we're here in flint michigan it's a company town it's a union town and you can tell that by all of the horns honking as they pass this picket line sending the message that they support these g.m. workers that have gone on strike this is the 1st 2nd day now into negotiations do continue we've been told by the union that they are chalking that they talked late into the night at the same time they're sending a message that they're still very far apart saying that only about 2 percent of what they need to agree to has been actually agreed to so negotiations continue the picket lines continue all across the country these workers sending the message to general motors that they even have made the company has made a huge profit and it's time for them to share the wealth. well the world's 4th
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largest economy is showing signs of a slowdown almost $300000.00 people in india's auto sector alone have lost their jobs in recent months the nationwide unemployment rate has hit a 3 year high priyanka gupta reports. the engines of india's economy are slowing down the auto industry says it's in the middle of its worst crisis in nearly 2 decades. that's taking a toll on workers like. perfectly the worry. of being out of work for a month is asking for the groceries we're asking for money but i have no money to give. many who do have a job say they're anxious factories or reducing work hours to cut costs and that means less pay if. we don't have enough. for us to survive so people like me opposed to find work in big cities if you and your we don't find
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employment for days and sometimes months the problems in the factories are affecting where business is slow these brand new cars are gathering dust as they remain unsold not enough people are bypassing the cars and commercial break. at the earliest downturn the auto industry which employs more than 37000000 people here reflects just how badly wounded economy is really doing. now the auto industry is asking government leaders to cut taxes. or cross sectors where there's a commercial break. all the sectors start to be going so requesting for some stimulus package. the government says it's working towards helping the struggling mortar industry there the fact that as president they come or make. a domo sector is placing the problem because of the global
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economy because of demand and supply and business cycle there are many is already with that the industry. as ministry under the guidance of the planners minister will find our best solution promised in the rains or more the was reelected early the sia promising to transform india from a near 3 trillion dollar economy into one what 5 trillion dollars but india's g.d.p. growth is at a 6 year low investments have dropped consumers don't have enough money to spend and of rule economy is struggling when they're promising the morning right now currently the way the economy is functioning and the way the government is indifferent to where the bears know where that fighting in economy is happening by 2024 because you need a certain rate of growth to need. meanwhile detains when others wait and they cram troops hoping for work and the money they need to support their families priyanka gupta are dizzy or you daily. a british sculptor antony gormley is recognized for
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using his medium to challenge the way people see the world from the british coastline to the rooftops of manhattan gormley sculptures are known around the globe now work he produced over 45 years is on display at the royal academy of arts in london just baldwin has. looked carefully in the ornate courtyard of london's royal academy and you'll see a tiny sculpture it's not about national identity or horowitz or idealized sexuality it's vulnerable in form indestructible in iron it's based on the artist's 6 day old daughter place directly on the courtyard in this very grand architectural setting and i think the contrast of face to image is really asks us to question our place and our relationship to the planet and the feature. inside the show gormley has further disrupted the 150 year old gallery a continuous
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a kilometer hollow tube of aluminum is energetic the wild orbits reflect gormley interest in physics and subatomic paths. english clay and atlantic sea water to a depth of 23 centimeters it's a marriage of the most basic elements is it a destructive flood or a promoter to kill super spawning life. an optical maze of steel mesh holds avoided its core the center is the average size of a modern bedroom. the outdoor works by gormley are better known and thrive on the ground scale only found in nature. the massive angel of the north stands 450 kilometers north of london atop land where miners worked underground in the dark. total darkness in the royal academy visitors walk through the caves reflecting the artist's belief that with closed eyes we are better able to understand ourselves.
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in this world of constant distractions gormley is work spring a stillness and a silence it's art stripped down to bare life. the art feeds on observation it demands personal interpretation making people more aware aware of the space they take up in the world and where they stand in it jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. this is edges it out it's going to round up now the top stories the 2 main parties in israel almost neck and neck after a 2nd general election this year that's according to exit polls official results are expected later on wednesday the blue and white party of former military chief benny gantz has a wafer thin lead over prime minister benjamin netanyahu slick could neither is
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claimed victory nor conceded defeat netanyahu remained defiant as he addressed his party just. let israel needs a strong government a stable government a zionist government. a government committed towards the jewish state where neither will nor can there be a government that relies on and to zionist arab parties. again urged his supporters to be patient but was optimistic if you had got so we need to be patient there was an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission we in comparison proved that the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and is here to stay and that's in your house ally turned rival avigdor lieberman is most likely to determine the makeup of the next government is called for unity. so you have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by to big and blue and white we are
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in a state of crisis both financially and in terms of security therefore the country requires a broad government a crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent that's after saudi arabia announced this restored half of the production cut by saturday's drone attacks saudi energy minister says output will be back to normal by the end of the month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is heading to riyadh to discuss the situation 2 attacks have hit afghanistan less than 2 weeks out from an election at least $46.00 people were killed the taliban has claimed responsibility for one blast targeted a rally by a president who was not hurt. 2 political outsiders have the next round of tinnies year's presidential election a runoff is planned off the sunday's vote failed to find a majority when those are the headlines listening post is next. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships.
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somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china to on a jersey you go. this
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documents is an official cia memorandum dated september $970.00 and it's innocuously titles discussion of the chilean political situation but its contents what it exposes is pretty incriminating. on the 14th of september mr holmes met with edwards of the independent newspaper. mr edwards expressed the following view on the chilean political situation. until 2017 nearly all of this
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paragraph was brought out without it.


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