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tv   Radio Rohingya  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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at the mouth of a bit haven't seen anyone with a coffee in the. move from an adult climber. side to them being. looked over only he had a. it's been many years since now dad left her native iraq she has integrated well amongst the people of the netherlands family gathering serves as a reminder of her iraqi roots. how in that. window regina island. want to lochner men and women and i were 40 that are so i am and how on earth and half of all of robertson
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s.s.u. a lot of my little. know how is. this why in and. leave a man or what he and more you are doing that at the end of all that one neck if you are on the 2nd on homeland to argentina if not. a nurse or. how that a kid liquid hydrogen such as never had a letter or cathartic and. no doubt the bundle afternoon are meant to show the mush i fell in iraq at home harbor here without a conclusion. yeah and it definitely had. a lot of clue about their daddy and became a move out of. here . be out. of but if.
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one can use the fear given us to be what for and. but that. what she michael and the black is sort of thing about going to. solve it. wasn't that the kind of the black is a stick and before we. can have as a corner of labor day i. look to another pharmacist business leader and inspiration to many young people in here. the netherlands. and in part to another successful woman this time based in italy so my abdul qadeer is an elected member of milan city council. did a while about the power but i thought we are clearly in it and so have all collini
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. well. my feet but how know how i like a theatre napoleoni are near. to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more with still fight against corruption. new chiro heroes like new who are a barber who refused to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine away let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption your own now.
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throughout history. first. developed nation state. within reach of those seeking. toxic substances. visible. on al-jazeera. with
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a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now. repeat election show the 2 main parties are heading for deadlock a prime minister needs 61 seats to command a majority in parliament whether prime minister binyamin netanyahu or his main challenger benny gantz will have the 1st opportunity to form a coalition government. term in office. now what is significant here is 1st of all the large palestinian israeli the arab bloc vote turned out they are now the 3rd largest group in israel's knesset and the leader of that group says he could see himself as the leader of the opposition that means he sees a coalition a unity government in the offing perhaps like by benny gantz he might lend his support to benny gantz the 1st time and arab bloc group in the knesset has done that meanwhile a palestinian woman charged by israeli security forces in the occupied west bank
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has died of her injuries in hospital israeli media say she was seen waving a knife at the call and the checkpoint witnesses say the woman lay on the ground for at least 15 minutes without receiving medical help iran's president says the fighters launched an attack on oil refineries in saudi arabia as a warning should withdraw from the war in yemen has some rouhani made the comment on wednesday alongside another denial iran was involved in extraordinary session of parliament is being held in south africa on how this act of violence against women presidents has talked of a crisis after growing protests over rape and murder according to w.h.o. estimates the firm aside for south africa is almost 5 times the global average one woman is murdered every 3 hours. members of the european parliament have been
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debating bragg's it the european union's chief negotiator is warning british pro breaks that m e p's not to underestimate the consequences of leaving the e.u. with the deal in london the u.k. supreme court is holding its 2nd day of hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law by suspending parliament for 5 weeks it's al jazeera world now. throughout the world live large and small of the arab diaspora men women and children who have settled on the road. why people move varies greatly persecution and conflict has caused millions of arabs to leave their homelands others leave for economic reasons or to follow their families.
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no 2 stories are the same yet what binds each of them is a connection to their arab heritage. europe has long been a favored destination for many from the middle east so many abdul qadeer lives in italy where she works as a public representative her is a remarkable success story as milan's 1st muslim female council member. so many are built there was born in the italian city of beirut to jordanian and palestinian parents she has enjoyed a special relationship with the city of milan since her student days at milan university although i had a solo pilot baba also that went out of ways and i. hope. that he could for that have did ask so what by the most though a journey in jena comes with about bernard. said just who
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a little twerp. what. i'll force i mean as a man in. santa claus and the last. one a lot of unnecessary margarette about it i think. about it. try to just seal italian our so many young men home while back about so many i don't mean to allow that you have can at the idea. and how do you have the sort of art you have for kind of job that one of you thought was the idea but the toughie adama remind. us of the scotty hat. over the issue and i'm a. muslim i mean. that islam yeah.
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a year old but. mostly me and. without my low mark but i'll be a lot of the band. that are so blessed. to. have done us and i'm the c.r.c. my son home i'm going to chill for love it or suffer to live what i behave. with olive be happy julia to journey to of what will be be my certain comfort to feel look. on. julie clark in the heart that are too feeble to study exterior digimon what about enjoy italia without one 0 my word what. one of us shardik my home rule. to behold. but our
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one. every day is a busy one for so many hours. aside from politics she plays an active role in several muslim youth groups and is also a prominent women's rights activist. however she says that what drives her most is writing. becomes an awful lot of. will and thus that allows. her to very can a book that. you. will mostly math with of course analytic tibor. one of the few now take them 50 miles feel it in my own. field.
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a queer looking. careful see the school so what i'm on. the. point of it i think it was one of them is someone i. put out when something femur. neighbors if you look at it is a surgeon 43 and you will disappear from intercourse with a view to see. if she. and you can listen while the. kenyan morning. when i look at that is that a particle article in the salted on name withdraw to 40 some of the nipples e.q.'s some of them and you know by the quote one of them in more of
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a word or deed. that they have in the case of. if i see fit in so have the goodness why. it was. a deal when it means rebuttal in other stuff that i get with the possible point with that because there is a very competent senior but i'll settle for a madea from 30. to move. the queen to judge your horn lifted them and if the list was a lovely model do you know who made a will in some german mini bellowed. the whole. war and least of all it to my fool for you to jump. but that you could but we could start listing our name our father
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