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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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or i suppose finds it's time to start with some somebody's news right yeah that's right pittsburgh pirates baseball player philippe baskets has been arrested on child sex charges the 28 year old pitcher is charged with computer printer
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solicitation of a child and providing obscene material to minors and follows an investigation in florida where he was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl vasquez is facing 4 more charges in pennsylvania is been denied bail and placed on administrative leave by the pirates. due to the fact that it's an ongoing criminal investigation. we've been advised a star best interest of the having the right now we need an organizational statement will stand by the organs of the state was put out this time. right now as far as we know they're just allegations there's not a whole lot we can say but i do have a 14 year old sister so. it's some that that hits home and you know. in the u.s. . you know you're you're innocent until proven guilty so until due process
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is completely played out. we're just we're hoping that all. of the stuff not sure around have been suspended from international judo competitions because of its boycotts of the israeli athletes the move by international judo federation comes just a month after world champion saeed mali walked off the iranian team in protest of the policy he was ordered to lose or withdraw from competitions to avoid facing israeli opponents and is now in hiding in germany is the 1st time an international governing body of a sport has sanctioned a ranford stance on competing against israel speaking last week while he said he still wants to get paid to the tokyo lympics but it's likely all have to do it with the i.o.c. as refugee teen mom. my only dream and goal in life no matter under which flag and which conditions is to go to the olympics if i didn't want that i would go back to iran my aim is to go to the olympics no matter which flag. naomi soccer has made
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a winning start at her hometown event asuka's playing in osaka for the 1st time in her career the japanese player beat down darien qualifier but toria to mobilized to move into the quarter finals of the pan pacific open the double grand slam champion has slipped to 4 in the world rankings and winning the australian open in january the 21 year old has failed to reach any more final. 3 time grand slam champion actually kerber has won a match for the 1st time since her wimbledon exit the german b. nicole gibbs to reach the quarterfinals tobar is yet to win a title this season. ever grounder through to the semifinals of the asian champions league the chinese team knocking out holders. to get there they took the lead in the 1st half in japan that made it one nil on the aggregate after the 1st leg ended goal s. shima struck back in the 2nd half but it wasn't enough ever granting it on away goals to set up a last 4 tie against the run. and the other sammy saudi arabia's 2 time
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winners will take on katter's else sad who also won the tournament twice. by beating fellow south side if he had 31 the 1st leg of the semifinals takes place in doha on october 1st our side had progressed by beating our last or on monday. the 2nd was. on the road but the league going through is a does that really deserve. but we. have to continue our focus must be for the next game the champions league group stages continue with 8 games later on wednesday including around madrid who begin their campaign away to paris st germain history will not be at full strength with neymar will doubt due to suspension decision facilities where. it's never simple to play against p.s.g. especially in paris with all the fans behind them so we expect
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a difficult game of course they have some important players who will not be able to play but we expect a difficult game where we have to make as few mistakes as possible and we'll try to play with a lot of intensity to try and win the game. japanese pitching sensation new darvish put in a record breaking performance for the chicago cubs on choose day the pitcher was in top form against the cincinnati reds he struck out 13 including 8 batters in a row which is the new franchise record it wasn't enough to get the win though the cavs going down for the 2 are still however on course to clinch a wildcard berth. over in houston the asters inched closer to securing their 3rd consecutive playoff they scored 3 home runs to beat the visiting rangers for the one the asterisk in advance of the postseason with another win against the texas rangers on wednesday. and one man that will be a serious gold medal contender at the tokyo 2020 olympics is turkish wrestler up
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the 29 year old made history at the wrestling world championships and has 6 dan he becomes the 1st person from this country to win for rocco roman world titles. in the 130 kilograms final he had to tokyo having won silver at rio in 2016 and bronze in london 4 years prior. and that is all the sport for now a family back to you flying so months without sit for me so i mean very down for this news i'm back with another. story with us. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your gums to fight against corruption. these 4 needs heroes heroes like new who are about to be
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refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him the showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes it was a best way to fly do dark it used to shine a light let's make the world a bit of bleach nominate your anti corruption here and now.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. there was a lot of there in this community and that is where we lived on the way when they were going to look for to get all the while making what up when this is our own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not also the problem auction plan had been bought as a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so empowering a woman to me is standing economy. and women make change on al-jazeera. no clear winner and a lot of negotiating the vote count continues in israel's elections.
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i'm sorry this is just there are live from doha also coming up the u.s. piles on more sanctions as iran says an attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities was a warning from hoofy rebels. women in south africa are 5 times more likely to be killed country holds an extraordinary session of parliament over gender violence. mornings over the environmental impact of dollars from his planned war on the us mexico border. israel 2nd the. action on the 6 months has ended with even less clarity than the
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last one votes still being counted and the latest update shows the 2 main parties prime minister binyamin netanyahu has the code and the blue and white of benny gantz all tied both have many options for a coalition there's even talk about trying for a unity government minus nothing yeah but again our coverage in tel aviv with hari force it's. the music blared benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat with such. a government committed to the jewish state there neither will nor can there be a government that relies on. arab parties but the exit polls suggest he doesn't have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer
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the numbers appear to have swung in the other direction 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power has weakened the to be ticked off at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise chilled victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission when comparison proved that the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and is here to stay it was equal vindication for i believe i'm a lesson yos former ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government. israel by to new. and and white the
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presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu is leader but that something it shows no sign of readiness to do. a. couple netanyahu is the leader of the liquid support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning gantz aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat at yahoo seem to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list iman said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying they were going to come to the polls in in rope so we are here we come and there and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have
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talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st pre indictment hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify our equals at al-jazeera television . joins us now live from west jerusalem results don't make the political path ahead any clearer do they. no they don't when benjamin netanyahu dissolved parliament in april he took a gamble it failed to form a coalition and the president was about to ask benny gantz to try to form a coalition instead netanyahu dissolved parliament before the president could do that hoping that in the coming months he could rally his support and win enough seats to get a majority and continue to be the pro the prime minister of israel it's not worked
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netanyahu is crown is slipping but it hasn't yet for enough it's not all over yet for this very resourceful and wily israeli politician but the latest results in show it's going to be very very hard for him his likud now as 31 seat spending his blue and white house 32 giving him 56 gallons in all but with his coalition partners good 55 in all with that potential coalition partners it means the president is quite possibly may give benny gantz the 1st opportunity the 1st chance to form a coalition government something. so if that's the case how or what sort of form formulation is my we be looking at all kind of scenarios for coalitions. well for benny gantz to manage to be the 1st to form this unity coalition government has gone and says he wants to form a unity government he'll need the support of the arab lists now they became this is
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where most palestinian israelis cast their vote they became the 3rd largest bloc on the leader of the arab list iman oday he said that the phone the for the 1st time an arab leaders said this he's expecting he wants to be the leader of the opposition and that means he for see a unity coalition government and iman oday needs to give the president needs to be one of the political leaders who sets of the president's yes we think benny gantz will be the next prime minister can become the next prime minister of israel this thing goes away and tries to form a unity government but to do that he needs likud supports likud is led by netanyahu that will be unacceptable to blue and white so the hope is that certainly blue and white that if they get the chance over the money over the coming weeks they'll chip away at the likud's loyalty to netanyahu as likud begin to stare in the face the prospect of a period in opposition on the recall of the contre the netanyahu could survive by
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getting support from labor or from blue and white supporters so there is still a chance for netanyahu but it's possible that counts as the 1st bite of the cherry semi bourbon smith from west jerusalem now on the day brahim has the palestinian reaction from ramallah in the occupied west bank. palestinians are receiving the news of the israeli elections and their results with a lot of indifference yesterday the palestinian prime minister mohammed if they talk about that in his speech in bethlehem he said that to mean contenders do not have an ending the israeli occupation over the palestinian territory on their agendas but the p.l.o. secretary general. has said the main difference between the 2 main contenders is that one meaning benjamin netanyahu wants to deepen what he called the apartheid and the other meaning benny gantz who wants to continue and preserve the status quo
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which is reso occupation of the palestinian territory now moving to the palestinian street that hasn't been really following the news of the elections and the results they don't really see that their lives is going to get any better at recent poll by a palestinian research center has found that their main concern among palestinians is their financial situation being able to pay the bills really the palestinian authority has been facing a deep financial crisis due to partially israel's decision to withhold part of the taxes it withholds on behalf of the palestinian authority a palestinian woman shot by israeli security forces new york implied west bank has died of her injuries in hospital israeli media say she was seen waving a knife hollandia checkpoint witnesses say the woman lay on the ground for at least 15 minutes without receiving medical help. u.s.
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president donald trump has ordered a major increase in sanctions on iran in the laser's move to pressure to herat iran's president hassan rouhani says who through 5 years launched an attack on all refineries in saudi arabia as a warning that it should withdraw from the war in yemen. as for the yemeni people reacted they hit a location they didn't hit hospitals so why they didn't hit schools they didn't hit the sun are bizarre they attacked an industrial site to warn you you should learn a lesson and do something to stop the war. the saudis say normal oil production will resume within weeks rather than months france is sending experts to investigate who carried out the attacks and how they did it the kingdom's joining the u.s. led maritime coalition to secure shipping lanes in the gulf including the strait of hormuz which handles a 5th of the world's oil the u.s. secretary of state is due in saudi arabia to share intelligence about the attacks
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and the u.s. government has amended travel advisories warning americans against nonessential visits to saudi sharp ballasts has more. the men in charge of saudi arabia's energy sector briefed embrace to give a rear public statement be here to reassure global markets after saudi oil infrastructure was attacked on saturday. half of its oil production was wiped out it's 5 percent of the world's daily output they reassured investors output would return to normal by the end of the month you'll be in my view over the last 2 days the damage has been cut.


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