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ok ok i'm afraid of anna anna but i'm afraid as it gets. really defamatory mr back to. back and even. now miss a while yet to. say what you mean the file is. you know if you move move you know this is the only one hour. and it is only one of them a time those are. more about. what i'm going to. do the conflicts you are made to visit to limited.
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dance going off a legacy. they should explain me ask. me. my question is i think i live in florida because yes you can do that now litter my city is out of sydney. and they have to consult on just need to be did you say no. come to. them it will be a. suspect to see you soon do you do. the right. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with it comes to fight
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against corruption. dysphoric needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. rewind to 10 days with a new scenery and brand new updates on the best account to see this documentary by the compelling onion the onion the free to spot the hot button on my promise to rewind continues with losing you easy and it was once a thriving community. water with murdering above evil right on the southern tip of the xian that lies submerged 30 feet below us on al-jazeera as world leaders gather
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in new york the u.n. secretary general until new details hold a climate action summit to sound the news. but will countries heed the warnings and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climatologist. strophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera israel could be set for a new prime minister after benny gantz the main rival to current prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced he plans to form a unity government with him as a leader he says it will be for all of the people of israel but didn't mention netanyahu despite his calls for cooperation following the election and. i and team
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to create a wide unity government with me is the leader we will bring a true difference and we will mean to the whole of the country the government would be comprised of and we will listen to everybody but we won't give in to any demands it will be led by me and will be done with justice. thousands of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan and airstrike carried out by government forces with the u.s. air support has left leeds least 20 people dead in afghanistan's eastern province earlier at least 18 people were killed and $96.00 injured in a taliban suicide bomb attack in southern province iran's foreign minister says the us risks all out war if military action is launched against terror and that's after saudi arabia presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind an attack on major all facilities at a news conference the saudi defense folks men displayed deborah allegedly from
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these strikes a total of $25.00 drones the missiles were said to have been launched at the 2 oil plants but yemen's hoochie rebels have claimed responsibility and say the saudis evidence has been faked. meanwhile the u.a.e. has joined an american led coalition to protect waterways in the middle east a task force was formed after attacks and raids on oil tankers in the waters near amman the u.s. has blamed them on iran saudi arabia australia bahrain and the united kingdom are all part of the coalition but iraq says it will not join the force to secure gulf waterways and opposes israel being part of such a group the u.k. has given the european union technical papers that outline the changes it seeking to the deal meanwhile the u.k. supreme court is holding its final day of hearings to determine whether prime minister boris johnson's suspension of parliament is the legal. or the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to witness the don se more all
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of our stories go to our website. dot com. yeah boudicca. commit to have absolutely. on at. the if you can hear comment and i think you said so men yeah you change them sapphic it was that gets you on a just. don't see if esoteric lies you can't check your. method but tool a shoe. blend in 2 days you'll just be. too late you. didn't you obviously didn't. have it but i meant this if you think you can move out
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my new friend told me i me and my ass and i am going to hear you can fly the coop. less if we do you mean to me new and us limit in the left hemisphere. and from this year. on on my blog on the case. do. the met then tell you if you are on the. list. i took at look to is going to. go to town. and local level are. thanks.
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thank. god. right can i go out and i don't think i've been either. yes and that is the. national goal. yeah.
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i mean talk about it my. dad bought it. and present to more. than one sunday. no one of course. you know. what is it that i continue to love. field right now for me well i thought. you were just. what. you want to. be. and if i'm not
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no who said the shy man provoke us your shot me. too who had to clean up. all our very best song it's us why did you all play this on. my own don't. rest back there they got you sold out who got the sundowner to fly out of there don't want to be clark. the fed by the hold them i've explained it to me you give it. slightly behind me. so i can find him. live in the sight of his. life miss sally by.
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some just. obvious. to the core. but we're all complicit in creating wild of terror and oppression. living in fear and denial they reveal that narrative ancient and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice and.
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we got more heavy rain pushing into southeastern parts of brazil we got these bands of cloud hit just stretched across south america to see how this one just links up but across that area of bowl of bolivia just pushing up towards the western side of the amazon in the west this weather will be into the southeast and colas more heavy rain coming through his south that. 18 degrees celsius a little low cloud just sliding in here as you go thursday into friday but it brightens up for friday 19 degrees the rain pepping up into the southeast including brazil most of that rio stays fine and dry temperatures here at around 30 celsius in the sunshine that is sunshine the showers across the caribbean was to proceed east side of the caribbean with these wet weather coming into hispaniola pushing across cuba maybe the odd shower there and to jamaica as well because see most of
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the audience will see some wet weather as we go through thursday and you go on into friday shabbas tend to transfer a little further west was. still plenty of them around so whether pushing up is northern parts of cuba or pushing up across the gulf of mexico where we have the are remnants of tropical depression imelda still bring isn't very heavy rain is that races out of texas and also we see at. the weather sponsored by cattle railways. outgrows of togo. defenseless against the winds have been indifferent to international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sell chocolate on their own time. even on power. a taste of independence on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about work
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in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is al-jazeera. this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes when you mean that's the main rival benny gantz says he will lead the unity government in israel
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. iran says it's prepared for all out war if the u.s. takes military action following attacks on saudi oil facilities. now the 2 attacks hit afghanistan and dozens of killed 9 days out from the presidential election. i should and. should have known better. forced to apologize and of this prime minister in a political storm after a photo emerges showing him wearing brown face makeup. israel may have a new prime minister benny gantz the main rival to prime minister binyamin netanyahu has announced he plans to form a unity government with him as leader he says the government will be for all the people of israel but did not mention netanyahu and. i in team to
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create a wide unity government with me as the leader we will bring a true difference and we will mean to the whole of the country the government would be comprised of and we will listen to everybody but we weren't given to any demands it will be led by me and will be done with justice earlier benyamin netanyahu suggested he and benny gantz good for me and the government together with my luck of the moment. during campaigning i called for creating a rightwing government but unfortunately the results of the election showed that will not be possible the people did not fully decide between the 2 blocs now i call on you benny gantz we have to create a wide based unity government today the people expect from us from both of us to be responsible to cooperate that's why i'm calling on you binny let's meet today any time to ignite this move our forces joins us now from west jerusalem so if we decipher the comments there from benny gantz what does that mean i'm not interested
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in a coalition with you netanyahu. that's certainly a pretty simple you know understandable reading of what he said and certainly a couple of his allies inside his blue and white alliance made much more clear their opposition to netanyahu personally in any coalition they the tactic from netanyahu seems to be having on that wednesday to form that what he said was an unbreakable 55 seat strong bloc of course you need 61 seats in the israeli parliament the knesset and that he would then try and pinch a few more seats somewhere else he seems to swap that entirely to appealing to benny gantz for a broad national unity government but he's doing so from a position where he is his likud party has signed up 3 other parties to a pact in which they would come as a package deal and would not would not negotiate separately so he's trying to get
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a kind of a a sense of momentum certainly a sense of urgency by saying to benny gantz it has to be done now the people are impatient for it gantz is showing himself in no hurry at all he says that this has to be done deliberately according to the principles that they have campaigned on and he's saying that any kind of pre condition any coming with a bloc is not serious is not statesman like and is not something that he is considering he wants to lead this putative israeli government and it's up for other parties to to come to him and to sort of talk about how they might come to a broad unity government together now as i said a couple of his partners in his party both paid and particularly in the case of mushy along with a much more stringent in their criticism of netanyahu saying that he would not be able to sit in a unity government here's mushy alone and if it were joe hart who was indicted on
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criminal charges and 3 separate corruption cases he failed to form a coalition to his own. government despite objections the people of israel paid a heavy price by going to the belts again and the lack of stability which is made it difficult for the country to function normally all of this because netanyahu does what he wants even after the elections he did not want to broad unified government to turn to the other parties because it won't work with him so without looking too deeply into your crystal ball harry where does this leave the coalition options then. i think there are a lot of crystal balls lying in pieces on the ground all around newspaper and media offices in in this part of the world because it's really difficult to predict what i think we can predict is that it's not going to be over today despite netanyahu imprecations to the contrary we can also predict that president reagan rivlin is likely to have a pretty big hand in affairs he met both men at
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a memorial for shimon peres a man who had held both the presidency and the prime minister jobs during his long career in israeli politics there was reference to the fact that he had a rotational prime minister sharing agreement in the mid ninety's with his rival yitzhak shamir netanyahu made reference to that so that's obviously something that he is interested in and riven or even the president himself talking about the need to avert a 3rd election for complimenting netanyahu for talking about a unity government but it's very clear that there is a good deal of animists against netanyahu among senior ranks within the blue and white a lot will depend on the meetings that riven has with party leaders starting on sunday who comes forward with recommendations for either man he still has total discretion to who he chooses to try to arrange a coalition government so we're looking even in the the words of the people of blue
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and white today we're looking at weeks of talks potentially very fractious already the blame game is starting moonlight blaming us and you know some talking about now you know setting up benny gantz for blame if there is a failure to form a government and we do look like we're heading towards 3rd elections so this is by no means over yet all right thanks so much harry force out there from west jerusalem now dan album is the scholar in residence at the center for israeli studies at the american university he's also the former deputy chief of mission at the embassy of israel joins us by skype good to have you with us so where does does the latest statements by benny gantz does it mean that likud blue and white alliance or coalition is now are not possible at all. i think that as your correspondent has said this is just the beginning it's a long long process and look if you look at the parties temp a number of those from asus then they cannot sit together again said he could not
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sit with mr netanyahu speak to me i know said that you know he it needs to be a right wing government with blue white summit there is going to be compromise or you can be negotiations and we have to see where they reach but right now as it looks like those look like an opinion spin as he may be interested in the 3rd election trying to show that it is dance that is rejecting his extended hand in peace rather than willing to sit with him so the question is both parties will have weeks to deliberations the ocean's see if this is possible and it's not even clear that it is possible thought what about the possibility of a liquid without my from yahoo to enter into a coalition with benny gantz the 10 years of spite of in the sight of his lawyer it's not only this political life uproots is your liberty and the legal process
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that is hanging over his head and so he's doing he's going to do what it takes in order to remain as we say remain on the way to remain in power and so and so far he's got his packed party behind him and the entire right bloc right religious lot the question is if after weeks of negotiations this reaches a dead end will anybody in his party or his flock raise and decide to say take the challenge and say about you should take your seat but others do the work because then in 5 minutes a coalition could be set on so it's all a question of whether there is the backing within the party for continued mr prime minister mr and then you know those root or if somebody in his party would be willing to step up and challenge it it's not clear whether that's a chose from. her doesn't happen is it a 3rd round of elections this year. or january.
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unfortunately that's a very realistic scenario where we're looking at right. all right good to get your analysis on that thanks so much dan arbel. you too thanks to her and is prepared for all out war that's the threat from iran's foreign minister if the u.s. takes military action following the bombing of 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities says iran won't blink to defend its territory if it's attacked he's denying to iran had any involvement in the drone strike iran's oil minister says the u.s. is using oil as a weapon to stir up conflict on the u.s. secretary of state says the attack was an act of war might pompei arrived in the u.a.e. for talks after visiting saudi arabia's crown prince on wednesday and the u.n. has sent a team of experts to investigate the incident on wednesday's had the area presented what it calls undeniable evidence iran was behind the attack at
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a news conference the saudi defense spokesman displayed debris allegedly from the strikes a total of $25.00 drones and missiles were said to have been launched at the 2 oil plants but the ammons houthi rebels are claiming responsibility they say saudi arabia has faked the evidence let's get more now from. iran some strong warnings from iran i guess just a sign of how convinced they think a conflict might really be at this point. that's exactly right sami what we've been hearing from iranian officials that any singular attack will be considered an act of war and that they will retaliate in full this is a very very worrying sign from to iran but the reality is that this is standing policy this is the same thing that the rons government has been saying for many years now the only difference is that whenever an incident like what happened at saudi aramco turns the turrets towards to iran whenever something like this happens
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that prompts iran's critics or enemies to come at it again in a public way iran's leaders take that as an opportunity to reiterate their point and recently in the past few months we've been seeing those reminders of their standing policy that a singular attack will be the beginning of a war that iran will attack american assets american allies in the region these warnings have been getting louder and more assertive and it's perhaps a sign that iranian leaders into iran are worried that a u.s. led attack of some kind by the administration of president donald trump is something that is getting more likely every day then the same time how's the domestic discourse shaping up that that's that's an excellent question the fact is that what we hear from people like the foreign minister divides are really for president hassan rouhani the people that are public figures in iran that are known to the.


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