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pill i felt betrayed by my community honestly by doctors by. politicians by all of the people that protests like you have no idea what it's like to add all of those burdens on when you're making a really hard life decision she ended up making a daylong trip to another state where her insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the procedure but a new law will mean less of a wait and mean it allows nurse practitioners like julie jenkins to perform some early in office abortions this is well within my scope of practice we are well equipped and have similar efficacy rates for docs and advanced practice clinicians those who oppose abortion on moral grounds have argued the change would put women at risk. but jenkins says the procedure is similar to another she already performs after a miscarriage since 2011 many states have passed laws restricting access to abortion
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setting up a possible supreme court battle that could alter abortion rights nationwide here in maine though they've been moving in the opposite direction looking to protect and expand access ever since democrats took control of the state house in 2018 abortion providers say the law will make it easier for women who have to travel long distances to get the procedure from a doctor sometimes somebody can lie fairly close to one of our clinics but there are so many obstacles and so many challenges for people things like care getting off or. if they're an abusive relationship and maybe they're part of the not know about the abortion and that's not the point of gathering the funds all of these things impact their ability to even make it to the clinic nearby. particularly in a state like maine with snowy winters and little public transportation where not all women have the means hollander did to get the medical care they desire kristen
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salumi al-jazeera auburn maine venezuela's opposition is celebrating the release of the deputy head of the country's national assembly brando was freed from custody on tuesday 4 months off to his arrest on treason charges he was deputy to. recognized by many nations as venezuela's the just met leader has just been reaffirmed as head of the opposition controlled national assembly 1st and human is why those official representatives in the u.k. she says no shouldn't have been arrested in the 1st place. what we're seeing in general is a lot of flailing about of a desperate regime trying to figure out how they can stay in power we welcome the release of a no he should never have been arrested in the 1st place there is no rule of law on that as well and that is one of the things we're trying to get back along with our democracy and our freedom is a rule of law it's completely arbitrary he was thrown in prison without any process
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any noise they didn't even say they had him now they've just released him. and now they're trying to use that to get us back into dialogue quite frankly it's entirely unacceptable. 2 years since a series of devastating earthquakes hit mexico many people are still struggling to recover they say the emergency isn't over after repeated broken promises the government with help on your part of reports from mexico city. is visiting her house near the outskirts of mexico city it's the home she used to share with her husband and 3 children that he got to talk about. 2 years ago a massive earthquake split open the ground underneath the property due to the threat of the structure collapsing authorities told she would be relocated to a government home that new home however as well as thousands of others promised to earthquake survivors never materialized has been this has been it's exasperating to
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live outside your home we've organized marches meetings in roundtables with government representatives it's the only way we've seen any solutions but it's not enough the emergency here isn't talking about. the 2017 earthquake claimed hundreds of lives in the next in capital and the surrounding states thousands more were displaced as homes and buildings were toppled or at least severely damaged once the dust settled the mexican government announced that $800000000.00 would be set aside for reconstruction. but little is actually known about where much of that money went and transparency advocates warn the problem isn't isolated to this one natural disaster we are a very. unique country is in this is that we have a lot of europeans a lot of earthquakes and we need to be better prepared for. the mitigation and get the patient for for the sas to thank the mexican government still lacks
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a mechanism that tracks emergency spending this is a matter mexico's president has promised to correct. we estimate that by the end of 2019 we will have 40 percent of reconstruction finalized hoping to be completely finished by the end of next year public records show a majority of reconstruction funds were allocated toward public school buildings homes and historic monuments most of the rubble may have been cleared but there's still plenty of reconstruction to be done here in the delmarva neighborhood near the eastern end of mexico city there are still fissures in the streets places where the ground sank by nearly one meter and there are still dozens of damaged homes that have yet to be demolished after going to says she'll continue to pressure public officials to act but she says she knows many other earthquake survivors who have given up. mexico city. well still ahead on al-jazeera one of america's
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top brass was at a real fight on their hands as she tried to land the u.s. it's close call the level of the world championships find out if she can do it coming up in school. to strengthen the group you have to shoulder court all the more with it comes to a fight against corruption. needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to bid to please nominate your anti corruption hero now.
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didn't the u.s. treasury or just a few months ago say that no child left we bring you the stories and developments that are likely changing the world to live with what's behind the lies of piracy. on our. schools phones let's catch up with wolf with the news and so i'm getting a warning that's right sammy the president of world football johnny infants you know has reiterated chief is demand that iranian women be allowed to attend football matches in their home country if it says it's expecting positive developments starting at around 1st time qualifier for the 2022 world cup on
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october the 10th they'd previously been given a deadline of august 31st to begin measures allowing iranian women to attend domestic games foreign women are already allowed to watch some matches live but iranian women have been prohibited since just after the 1979 revolution algeria concerts to find out if iran would face sanctions if they don't comply but no further details were given. all the movement to allow rein in women to attend matches gathered pace in 1997 when around qualified for the men's world cup male and female fans breach police barriers to enter rounds national stadium to celebrate the victory in april 2006 the then the rainy and president mohamed m. of the lifted the ban on women fans was then reinstated just one month later last year a group of women were allowed to attend the asian champions league final in tehran between iran's persepolis and atlas of japan and earlier this month tributes were
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held across the football world for around so-called blue girls 29 year old son. set herself on fire in protest at not being allowed to watch her favorite team. around madrid managers and indians dan says he's not worried that that's despite his team suffering there were several champions league defeat under him were all were thrashed 3 nil in their opening group match by p.s.g. in paris diarrhea scored twice with thomas when you're getting a 3rd in injury time the down side have now won just twice in all competitions this season. the fact that we didn't create opportunities with the players that we had on the field offensive plays in particular it was a rather bizarre feeling a bit weird we were hardly in the much it's not that i'm worried but no believe with the players that we have we are able to have more shots on goal 8 matches in total on wednesday bar in munich were 3 nil winners against red star belgrade
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manchester city be shocked are don't you ask by the same scoreline and atletico madrid recovered from being 2 goals down against eventis to grab a 22 draw and last season's finalists talk them through a 2 goal lead to draw against olympiakos. just drainage in this edition of when we have not. we. don't see the. show in the money. we struggle. well more u.s. open champion sloane stephens suffered a humiliating defeat and osaka japan american was thrashed by the unseated camilla georg of italy in straight sets in the 2nd round of the pan pacific open stevens was beaten in less than an hour 663. roger federer and rafa nadal have injured one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time the 2 were preparing to compete on the same side in the 3rd of reliever copy that federer is well aware that nadal is just one grand slam title away from matching his record the point is
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try to do to win for yourself and your fans your team and everything and try to have your best career but no we have not been i don't feel like it's an elephant a room we have not been talking about it but. maybe it's a complete different answer i'm not sure. that i. do give me opportunities to complete well every every single event and at the same time many grounds. where able to do achieve. all this generation i think makes our era of tennis a little bit more special and major league baseball the malaki push for a playoff spot took a big hit on wednesday they were dominated by the visiting san diego padres didn't allow matt struck out a career high 14 batters leaving the 21 victory while snapping the brewers 4 game winning streak malaki are now tied with the chicago cubs in the race to steal the
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last wild card. another race horses died at san i need a park in california bringing the total number of deaths to $31.00 a 4 year old gelding was euthanized after being diagnosed with a pelvic fracture 30 of the deaths were reported to have taken place during the tracks of winter spring meeting that began in december santa anita has implemented several measures to determine why so many horses have died. lexicon boxer canelo alvarez says he's expecting a huge challenges the attempts to make history and his next fight the 29 year old is stepping up to weight divisions to take on light heavyweight world champion surrogate call of love in november if he wins he would join the likes of sugar ray leonard thomas urns and mike mccallum just a 4th boxer to win world titles at junior middleweight and light heavyweights this isn't it but i mean it's a great challenge for me to be the bigger guy however i feel bigger guys for the
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great challenge so we'll see how it turns out on november 2nd. the united states began their gold medal count at the wrestling world championships in kazakstan last year to car winchesters suffered horribly losing narrowly in the semifinals and bronze medal match this time though she held off a really game may now be irony of japan to win the women's 55 telegram title the victory guarantees her a 2nd round bye for the tokyo 2026. and finally an epic journey to tell you about 2 adventurous and finally arrived at the rugby world cup they cycled from london to tokyo to get their wrong right leg and james owens completed a journey through 27 countries and over 20000 kilometers to deliver the opening match whistle to the referee at the tokyo stadium the start of the journey back in february and have raised almost $83000.00 for charity. ok and that is all you sport for now more coming up later but for now it's back to you sammy
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thanks so much for a fan you can get much more noble stories we've been telling you about he had over to al-jazeera dot com that sets the news hour on back in a moment stay with us here on al-jazeera will be having a full bullets and with an update on my lead story. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with you come still fight against corruption. abuse for news heroes heroes like no who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to better place nominate your anti corruption miro now
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. the biological and chemical agents are real weaponized throughout history war for the 1st birds and with me and started fighting developed by nation states there could be enough to affect every child. now within reach of those seeking caleb's combines the most toxic substance in the world with that many invisible threats on al-jazeera as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general and tell you the terrorist will hold a climate action summit to sound a new along but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. there was a lot of there in this community and that is where they lived on the women they
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were going to look for to get all the woman he want to win this is our man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction plan had been plainly and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so imparting a woman to me is standing economy. women make change on al-jazeera. benyamin netanyahu as main rival benny gantz says he will lead a unity government in israel. one time is a this is a live from doha so coming out wrong says it's prepared for all out war if the us
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all saudis take military action against iran. another 2 attacks hit afghanistan dozens killed only 9 days out of the presidential election. i should have been. should have known better forced to apologize canada's prime minister in a political storm after a photo emerges showing him wearing brown face makeup. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has called on his main rival benny gantz to join him in a unity coalition a call that's been ignored dead benny gantz leader of the blue and white party has announced he plans to form a unity government with him as leader and says the government will be for all people in israel but did not mention that in the hour. i am team to
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create a wide unity government with me as the leader we will bring a true difference and we will mean to the whole of the country the government would be comprised of and we will listen to everybody but we weren't given to any demands it will be led by me and will be done with justice earlier benyamin netanyahu suggested here benny gantz for me and the government together the market work of the mom. during campaigning i called for creating a right wing government but unfortunately the results of the election showed that will not be possible the people did not fully decide between the 2 blocs now i call on you benny gantz we have to create a wide based unity government today the people expect from us from both of us to be responsible to cooperate that's why i'm calling on you binny let's meet today any time to ignite this move our of force and joins us now from west jerusalem so what does that mean does that mean that basically benny gantz is not interested
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in any sort of coalition with netanyahu. it certainly means that he is sticking by for now at least the position that he's held throughout the campaign which is that he's not interested in netanyahu in a coalition deal with blue and white he's made it made it clear that he thinks a prime minister who's ensnared in corruption cases as benjamin netanyahu is should not be sitting in the prime minister's office and balfa street in west jerusalem and he is made it clear that he wants to be the person he feels he should be given the fact that according to the latest numbers coming in his party's got 33 seats ahead of the kurds 31 that he should be the person to whom it is naturally given the task to form a coalition of the benjamin netanyahu certainly shouldn't be making demands coming
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in saying that he and he is coming as a package deal he and his right wing allies with whom he signed a pact earlier on thursday saying that they won't negotiate separately they'll negotiate as a bloc that that is not a serious or statesman like move so he has kept fairly sherm about netanyahu himself but he's adopted a fairly above it all sort of posture while it his more junior or at least the the other sort of couple of very important players in his blue and white alliance pede who used to serve as finance minister to coalition government with netanyahu and mushy along his former defense minister of formula could party member both of them say that this path towards a coalition government a broad liberal coalition government is what they want to see but that it's netanyahu himself who is the obstruction that he should step aside here's what moshe ya'alon had to say and if it were joe hart who was indicted on criminal
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charges and 3 separate corruption cases he failed to form a coalition to dissolve government despite objections. the people of israel paid a heavy price by going to the belts again and the lack of stability which has made it difficult for the country to function normally all of this because netanyahu does what he wants even after the elections he did not want to broad unified government to turn to the other parties because it won't work with him so what does this leave the whole scenarios of coalition building now. there are still lots of them in play netanyahu has said that he's disappointed that benny gantz didn't pick up on his very public and very sort of rushed off saying that it had to be done now come on let's let's meet today some are seeing that as a tactic to try to force dance into a public position as a rejectionist and that he could then take the blame the heat if coalition talks in
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the 1st even the 2nd instance fail and that israel starts heading back on the path towards yet another election which would happen within less a 3rd election within less than a year all sorts of events that could disrupt things between now and then will these parties that have aligned themselves together especially on the right will they stay together already that shark head to head of the mena party has said that she is an interesting idea this right wing bloc that the netanyahu wants to seal up but that is just an idea for now so there are potential splits between parties also potentially within parties one of the big factors will be how could itself operates given the pressure that's being brought to bear on netanyahu will they stick with him how long will they stick with him could there be tensions within blue and white if some within that party a keener on the prospects of netanyahu taking part in administration than others he
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made it clear at a ceremony memorializing shimon peres former president and prime minister today that he wants to see something similar to what peres and it's actually his great opponent in the mid 1980 s. did they have a rotational prime ministership that's what netanyahu is hinting he wants to see so far benny gantz is very far from playing ball on that i will leave it there for now thanks so much harry for sit. journalist spent $1000.00 days imprisoned in an egyptian jail is accused of defaming the state and spreading false news but has yet to be charged or face a trial. no formal charges no trial and no conviction mahmoud hussein has been locked up in a gyptian jail for $1000.00 days egyptian government prosecutors accuse him of broadcasting what's described as false news and receiving foreign funds to defame
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state institutions hussein strongly denies the allegations and soldiers al-jazeera the journalist base in qatar flew from doha to cairo for a holiday almost 3 years ago after he landed he was stopped questioned and detained hussein has been helpful long periods in solitary confinement in the notorious tora prison in cairo and refused medical treatment when he broke his arm echoing international outrage the u.n. has been calling for his release saying he's been exposed to cruel inhumane and degrading treatment according to egyptian law he should have been freed within 24 hours but he was kept in prison. amnesty international says detainees are trapped in the revolving door of egypt's arbitrary detention system it says they gyptian authorities practice of reordering the detention of detainees and blatantly
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fabricated charges just as are about to be released is an alarming trend that illustrates extent of egypt a cage justice system over the past few years gyptian police have arrested several al jazeera employees former director of news at al-jazeera arabic. and a law. was sentenced in absentia to the death penalty for endangering national security journalist ahmed mohamed fahmy and peter greste they were all imprisoned for over 400 days while 7 other colleagues were sentenced to 10 years or denied accusations of spreading what egypt cools false news situation press freedom . problem. all in the media. broadly.
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behind. egypt is ranked one of the lowest in the world for press freedom freedom which mahmoud hussein and dozens of other journalists continue to be tonight. manly al-jazeera. is the acting director general of our media network he says there's little chance for a fair hearing on the egypt's legal system he was actually in court and the court missed him. and the prosecutor decided to. to take to reject the release. and to go to the higher court. the higher court released him again i mean supported the law court decision however
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the prosecutor took him straight away to a police station or whatever and then. later on. he was put in the tora prison which is very well known to be such and curious prison with no accusation the it's the same thing what however i would say is like a revolving door after arrest with you see this is this is one of the problems with the egyptian legal system it's not an independent system it's not the legal system anymore because the legal system have to follow the rules of the law then when you violate the constitution the the legal system of your country the human rights law the international human rights law what is the law it's a political institution or a leader as you show that is actually working under the instruction of the political and the security orders not
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a legal. system. run as raise the prospect of an all out war in the event of u.s. or saudi strikes that's the threat from iran's foreign minister as the u.s. takes military action following the bombing of 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities claimed by who theory rebels blamed on iran divides arief says iran won't blink to defend its territory if it's attacked he's reiterated the denial by to her around it had any involvement in the drone strike. iran's oil minister says the u.s. is using oil as a weapon to stir up conflict the u.s. secretary of state says the attack was an act of war mike pompei or arrived in the u.a.e. for talks after visiting saudi arabia's crown prince on wednesday. there will be more sanctions were we we have said about a course of action did not.


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