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tv   Read Me Or Just Tap I Agree  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2019 8:34am-9:01am +03

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francesco rocca is the president of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies and he says monday's un climate summit will test whether the leaders are willing to act the number of storms whether it related events is increasing year by year and this is affecting their lives especially of divorce mourner about and because the temperature are raising these will affect millions and millions more one of the immediate biggest consequences that we have is there a huge. flux of migration that we will go in and we are going to do have compared to the current one that you consider a big threat that medians morrow we will be on the morva if there is there the inaction can come to be on the climate change this is up to the governments that cut today the climate emission not this is something that is really urgent they are used to dear or and the reason i was guessing mission that this is something
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extremely important but let's see we are a big hope on the event on monday about the climate summit that is going to happen here in new york present something are always better than not to come in event and try to recreate. commitment on the action that must be taken by the government but the 1st and the priority is about the the mission that this is this is the top priority the 1st of all. and still ahead. for the rugby world cup.
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thank you japan's rugby captain michael leach says his team is ready to inspire the nation the country is hosting the world cup for the very 1st target more than a hof a 1000000 fans are heading to japan for the 6 week event the hardest by russia in the toll on friday i do richardson reports. organizers hope this world cup will result in 1000000 new players taking up rugby in asia as the game aims to establish more than just a loose foothold outside its traditional heartlands. japan of every edition of the world cup but never before has the game's biggest international events come to their consonant the host nation play russia in the tournament's opener. first of all i feel that i am shouldering
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a lot of responsibility were playing in the opening match which comes with a lot of pressure there's expectations of the team and also those of the japanese people so i want to play well. at the world cup 4 years ago japan pulled off their most famous win a victory over south africa. the 2 time title win is hardly have a tougher start this time out they play defending champions new zealand on saturday if you lose you always lose a bit of. a go to. build a little bit of. always a duffer we can dismiss you don't want to lose your opening game. it's a match that brings together the favorites and 2nd favorites to lift the trophy they've met 3 times in the last 12 months each securing a narrow victory before a $1616.00 draw in july you know we know that well you know it's different to a regular game and. their 1st game of the tournament is going to be you know one of
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those big games you play in your careers. we're looking for today or some chance to 1st. with perfect timing and after more than 200 days on the road the referee's whistle for the opening match has made it to japan delivered by 2 fans cycled with it all the way from england in a further 6 weeks the destination of this year's world cup title will also be decided on the richardson al-jazeera. the president of world football gianni infantino house reiterated features demand that iranian women be allowed to attend matches in their home country fifa says it's expecting positive developments starting at iran's 1st time qualifier for the 2022 world cup on october the 10th they'd previously been given a deadline of august 31st to begin measures allowing iranian women to watch domestic games were in a statement issued on thursday feeds the said opposition is clear and firm women have to be allowed into football stadiums in iran we understand there are steps and
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process is that need to be taken before this is done in a proper and safe way but now is the moment to change things while the movement to allow rainy and women to attend the matches really gathered pace in 1997 that's when iran qualified for the men's world cup male and female fans breach police barriers to enter iran's national stadium to celebrate the victory in an april 2006 then iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad lifted the ban on women fans however it was then reinstated just one month later well last year a group of women were allowed to attend the asian champions league final in tehran between iran's purse but that's it. japan early this month should be held across the football world for iran's so-called blue girl 29 year olds a half court already set herself on fire in protest at not being allowed to watch her favorite team. before we want driver who are the came huge odds to return to
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the sports has decided to leave f one for good at the end of this year robert gets a present his formula one career at the start of this season after an 8 year absence in 2011 the pole suffered a partially severed arm and multiple fractures during a rally crash cubits and his williams team who struggled on the track but the 34 year old says he has no regrets about his comeback to come back to to achieve what they managed to. to go through what the world it happens and still manage to race and here being hungry to was definitely. at best and of period. final which i could deserve and which i could imagine. now in just under a month the guy rory mcilroy is picking up a check for $15000000.00 that was for winning the u.s. p.g.a. tour championship while the northern irishman was brought back further on his
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return to europe the current world number 2 children are opening round of 76 at the b.m.w. p.g.a. championship at wentworth on thursday at least mcelroy on for i've a par enjoying 114th place he said celeb and shots off the lead which is currently held by this man englishman matt wallace is that a new round of 60 follow a fitting him on 7 under par that's one clear of the failed and in good shape to win the $1110000.00 prize thanks a 3rd edition of the labor cup starts on friday just one of a batch of new team tennis events targeting long term success like the cop is the brainchild of roger federer and is designed to be tennis equivalent of golf's ryder cup the european team will take on a world squad to captained by john mcenroe and it's an event that's aiming to establish itself alongside a relaunched davis cup and the all new team total and call the a.t.p. cup and that starts in january seems like it's something is going to shake out for
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me personally and i have no axe to grind other than it's awesome for me to be the captain of this team and i love that. rod laver was you know an all time great roger federer all time great they've got in their heart and soul or you know involvement here so to me this should be something that should should be something that survived and that is all his fault for now while arthur. now in the united states it's generally becoming more and more difficult to get an abortion several states have tried to restrict access to the procedure in the past decades but in maine and new laws pushed back against that trend kristen salumi explains. romain may inspire artist tanya hollanders work but when she decided to get an abortion her home state presented many obstacles its administrative requirements and lack of available doctors meant she'd have to wait nearly
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a month for the procedure after discovering she was pregnant putting her at risk of exceeding the 10 week limit for medical abortions which are induced by pill i felt betrayed by my community honestly. by doctors by. politicians by all of the people that protests like you have no idea what it's like . to add all of those burdens on when you're making a really hard like decision she ended up making a daylong trip to another state where her insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the procedure but a new law will mean less of a wait and mean it allows nurse practitioners like julie jenkins to perform some early in office abortions this is well within my scope of practice we are well equipped and have similar efficacy rates for docs and advanced practice clinicians those who oppose abortion on moral grounds had argued the change would put women at
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risk. but jenkins says the procedure is similar to another she already performs after a miscarriage since 2011 many states have passed laws restricting access to abortion setting up a possible supreme court battle that could alter abortion rights nationwide here in maine though they've been moving in the opposite direction looking to protect and expand access ever since democrats took control of the state house in 2018 abortion providers say the law will make it easier for women who have to travel long distances to get the procedure from a doctor sometimes somebody can live fairly close to one of our clinics but there are so many obstacles and so many challenges for people things like care getting off or. if they're an abusive relationship and maybe their partner does not know about the abortion and that's not support of gathering the funds all of these things impact their ability to even make it to a clinic nearby. particularly in
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a state like maine with snowy winters and little public transportation were not all women have the means hollander did to get the medical care they desire kristen salumi al-jazeera auburn maine. and that's it for this news hour thanks for watching. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer shares his
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passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present the dance of the us a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera balcony's documentary film festival screws documentary films carrying strong messages with the power to change the world it is upon us to decide whether the change will take place let us change the way we view the world and the way we treat others let us be an example to future generations 2nd a j b doc film festival organized by al jazeera balkans twentieths to 24th september. the cow grows of toga. defenseless against the whims of an indifferent
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international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sell chocolate on the antonymous. even on a power plant a taste of independents on al-jazeera. iran warns the us of an all out war of washington attacks it in response to strikes on saudi oil facilities. hello and a warm welcome and you're watching out is there a live from also coming up. the buck stops with me and i take responsibility.
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canada's prime minister scrambles to limit the damage to his reelection campaign as the scandal deepens of a black face photograph. jostling for power a challenger benny gantz he should leave israel's unity government and not the prime minister netanyahu. former tunisian president ben ali who was forced out of office following the 2011 revolution has. turned around is ready for an all out war well that's the warning from iran's foreign minister if the u.s. takes military action following the bombings of 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities. says iran won't cling to defend its territory if it's attacked is
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denied terror on had any involvement in the drone strikes iran's oil minister says the u.s. is using oil as a weapon just cheer up a conflict the u.s. secretary of state however says iran was behind the attacks which he called an act of war by from payer arrived in the u.a.e. for talks after visiting saudi arabia's crown prince on wednesday and in the last few hours saudi state t.v. is reporting that its coalition forces in yemen have launched an operation against military targets in the rebel who the stronghold of the data. said it's destroyed 4 sites using assembling remote controlled boats and. this report from tehran. drone and missile attacks on saudi oil facilities last week iranian leaders say the only reason the u.s. and saudi arabia are blaming them is because the alternative is too embarrassing that yemen's hoopy fighters were capable of carrying out such
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a destructive military operation. but the saudis say the drones and missiles direction of travel recover debris the capacity of the technology used in these attacks all draw a straight line back to tehran foreign ministers of odds are it has said of the iran co-incident is used as an excuse to attack his country iran won't think twice about defending itself he also warned u.s. president donald trump not to listen to his saudi allies who would march to war with iran for their own sake they should pray that they won't get what they seek they're still paying for a much smaller a human wall that they were too arrogant in 4 years ago for those hoping for cooler heads to prevail the rhetoric coming from to iran of widespread and destructive retaliation is worrying and an indication of how far the u.s. and iran have come from the negotiating table but the reality is iran's position is nothing new the promise of a kind of mutually assured destruction of american assets and allies in the region
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has been standing policy for years and iranian experts say is keeping iran's enemies at bay what is new is how frequent and assertive the message from iranian leaders has become a signal perhaps that there is real concern into iran that some kind of u.s. aggression may now be closer than ever. on a visit to saudi arabia the u.s. secretary of state described the oil facility attacks as an act of war and promised more economic sanctions on iran and there will be more sanctions. we we have set about a course of action to deny iran the capacity and the wealth so that they can conduct their terror said to provoke to prevent them from conducting their terror campaigns and you can see from the events of last week there's still more work to do we're going to continue to drive towards that end. you cannot fail to see the failed policy of giving money to this regime but what happened inside a rabia those opposed to the saudi led war in yemen now in its 4th year see the
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incident very differently the who has dismissed the saudi version of events describing the attack as an example of how their own newly developed weapons can now reach targets far beyond yemen's borders and they warned if the saudi led coalition won't stop dropping bombs on yemen then coalition countries should be prepared for more of the same leaders here in iran have been quick to remind the world that it was yemen's hooty fighters that claimed responsibility for the attacks last week on saudi oil infrastructure the who these no doubt consider these attacks not as an act of war by iran as the americans would see it but as retaliation for an ongoing saudi war that was sparked by a saudi led invasion and that's the line being pushed by iran's leaders as well. the leader of israel's opposition blue and white party benny gantz says he should
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be the nation's thanks prime minister he appears to have rejected the current prime minister benjamin netanyahu has offered to form a power sharing unity coalition so that means voters may head to the polls for a 3rd time this year are a force that has the details for. a symbolic handshake between rival would be prime ministers benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz choreographed by israel's president reuben rivlin at a memorial for shimon peres a man who held both positions really doesn't have direct political power but he does have influence and in the current deadlock a lot of freedom of action in who to give the 1st chance of forming a government on the show me i hear loud and clear the voices calling for broad and stable national unity government and i can accurately to you mr prime minister and joining that call this morning then you know who recalled the deal done between peres and his political rival yet section near to share the premiership on a rotating basis in the mid 1980 s.
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a clear hint that he was seeking something similar after conceding earlier on thursday that he didn't have a way to form a right wing government and appealing directly to gantz binny we must set up a broad unity government as soon as today the nation expects us to both of us to demonstrate responsibility and that we pursue cooperation this is why i call on you binny let's meet today at any time to start this move which is the need of the hour but benny gantz is in no hurry rejecting netanyahu the proposition that his likud join the government as part of a bloc including 3 other right wing and religious parties and making it clear that he expects to be prime minister. we will listen to all but don't surrender to any dictates the negotiations will be led by me responsibly and with reason in order to achieve the best results for all israelis within the shadow of this political situation. keep to our principles there will be no short cuts senior figures in his
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blue and white alliance were more direct so you know in your presence is what is preventing a unity government and it's time for him to step aside is just the start of a bumpy bruising and unpredictable path towards coalition the opposition is already accusing benjamin netanyahu of obstructing it some see that and you know whose public approach to guns as a way of setting him up to take the blame if coalition talks fail all together and leaving behind it all the 2 things as you know is corruption cases is 1st pre indictment hearing is due in october the 2nd and if all else fails a possible 3rd election in less than a year or a force that al jazeera west jerusalem. canada's prime minister has apologized again after another photograph and video emerged of him wearing blackface makeup justin trudeau says he will continue with his reelection campaign even though his opponents say he's not fit to govern than a lack has more from toronto. these are the images that have justin trudeau saying he's sorry there from an event in 2001 when as
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a high school teacher he was part of a gala within a rabia night's theme other images including a grainy video have also emerged of trudeau in similar makeup reportedly in high school in the 1990 s. here's his 2nd apology in less than 24 hours. i want to begin by saying a few words directly to racialize canadians who face discrimination every single day in their lives even in a country like canada. what i did. hurt them hurt people who shouldn't have to face intolerance and discrimination because of their identity what previously appeared to be a dull election campaign has been energized and thrown into uncertainty one of trudeau's opponents canada's only nonwhite federal political leader spoke of his own experiences with discrimination when i was growing up i thought rhesus i dealt with them myself and i fought back but i got a message from
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a friend who reminded me that there's a lot of people out there they couldn't do that they couldn't fight back they didn't have the ability to do that and i think that that's going to hurt to see this is going to hurt them also during this campaign mr trudeau and the liberal party of often link andrew shear the conservative opposition leader to right wing media and white supremacist websites mr scherer was quick to condemn the prime minister wearing brown face is an act of open mockery and racism it was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019 but what comedian saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity trudeau has been the face of his government in front of the cameras much of the time welcoming syrian refugees apologizing for the ill treatment of indigenous people in canada he was deadlocked in the opinion polls with his conservative opponent before the images appeared. how this affects his standing with the voters will certainly determine his political
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future which the more the more damaging possibility for him the more severe one is that this causes people to kind of reflect on who he is as a leader to look back not only at this incident but other incidents where he's his judgment seems to have been poor and then to make judgments about his character kind of globally it's hard to know why trudeau and his liberal party appear to have been blindsided by the release of these pictures which have been on the internet for all to see for quite some time the question now is can trudeau recover or will his party be looking for a new leader without such images linked to his or her name daniel lak al-jazeera toronto oh here in city the editorial page editor emirates the toronto star and he says the scandal should not turn away election prospects i suspect it will not do as much damage as the conservatives are hoping it will not do as much damage as the media playing and making it out to be the 1st cut that you see on twitter and
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there's social media and the 1st letters to the editor that would be getting to one in the main national newspapers in this country appear usual and more skinny and sad when i read writing this thing out why don't we assess what he has done and why don't recess what he or the opposition proposes to do at this point see to see shoes in this country you know ongoings racism ongoing discrimination you'll have to be asian let me need to be dealing with as opposed to how are you going to have it like this of course you know we should not have done it but it was not deemed to be as he says as we deem it today have and use the mall has evil or not that's the only issue and i think yes. the us justice department is being accused of playing a key role and reportedly withholding a whistle blower's complaint against president donald trump the head of the u.s. intel house intelligence committee says intelligence officials were blue.


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