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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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why is he trying to humiliate us he is supposed to be a public servant working for us that it is easy who is in new york for the united nations general assembly denies corruption allegations describing them as lies. banned all unauthorized protests after he led the military coup which deposed egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi 6 years ago tens of thousands of egyptians were arrested and jailed in the government crackdown which followed now human rights watch is calling on the egyptian government not to repeat past mistakes urging leaders to protect the right to peaceful protest in upholding egypt's obligations under international human rights law or 30 should immediately release all days arrested for soli exercising their rights was there are parallels that can be drawn with the 2011 uprising which led to the ousting of autocratic president hosni mubarak the situation today is also different. may
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still be early to predict how these protests will end and whether they will force regime change or not what is undeniable though is that for many egyptians the current status quo of poverty corruption and oppression is not an option jamal and show ya a. well the protests have followed president c.c. to new york for the u.n. general assembly in june to meet president trump and egyptians outside his oto rally and accusing him of war crimes. police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets have anti-government protests as in nicaragua injuring 2 people president his opponents say he's corrupt he's got to go and call an election ortega says they're trying to save his victoria case and be. this latest protest organized by opponents of president daniel tika turned violent only strategically.
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as protesters approached riot police in the capital managua on saturday police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and stun grenades known as splash balance they can no longer at the front of one of their senior commanders grabbed one of those flash bangs and threw it directly on my forehead and exploded and that got me disoriented and i passed out. mass protests started in april of last year but 1st nicaraguans demanded social security reform then their demands grew into a movement against and the government over the past 70 months at least $300.00 nicaraguans have been killed and tens of thousands have fled the country and $100.00 political prisoners are in jail. as a mother i feel uncomfortable because freedom is freedom of expression 2 we have the right as a country to express ourselves we have the right to speak up but here we're held captive they don't let us speak freely. has described his opponents as violent
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terrorists inciting a coup against him since the crisis began a government crackdown has targeted human rights groups journalists and activists. day we're marching in memory of matt romero. the young man who was murdered on september 27th by a sniper when he merely exercise his right to peaceful protest we are marching for political prisoners there are more than 120 political prisoners who are still in prison the government bans on influenced protests but rallies like this show that his opponents are in no mood to give up on their demand for change. to be al jazeera. they've got lots more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour including the w.h.o. calls for a big cash injection to ensure essential health care worldwide and in sport around whole we'll explain ma the smile is finally back on amy also because phase.
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now israel's political leaders are about to begin talks aimed at choosing the next prime minister last week's election didn't produce a clear winner and neither the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his main rival benny gantz could muster enough votes for majority government all passes were put forward their recommendation to the israeli president and it will be he who makes the final decision let's go live to our correspondent who's in west jerusalem so as the process begins who's in pole position harry. well benny gantz is in pole position in terms of his blue and white party having the most seats of any single party with 33 ahead of benjamin netanyahu the could on 31 so the question is how many recommendations will both of those 2 potential prime ministers get and then how will president reagan rivlin react it's up to him to
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decide by wednesday october the 2nd which of the nominees he will give the 1st chance to to make or to try to form a coalition government he doesn't have to go with the the rule numbers precedent would suggest that usually the people with the most recommendations do get the 1st chance but he can also just decide who he thinks has the best chance of forming a government he's made it very clear that he wants to see a unity government between these 2 big rival parties between likud and blue and white there has been some reporting though that there are some pretty interesting machinations going on behind the scenes benjamin netanyahu of course has a corruption pre indictment hearing on wednesday october the 2nd as well the 1st of those hearings he is desperate to hold on to power because it very much buttresses his position in terms of trying to fight off those charges there are some
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suggestions that we could might not nominate anyone because they want benny gantz to go 1st fail and then let benjamin netanyahu come up on the raw rails and have a 2nd bite at the cherry by which stage all sorts of compromises could be made to try to avert what rep president rivlin and many others don't want which is a 3rd election within the course of less than a year right so among the multiple permutations that are possible what about the position of the palestinian israelis who is who turned out to vote in higher numbers than they have in the past. they did well certainly much higher than they did in the previous election 60 percent versus just under 50 percent and much of that much focus is on today on the workings of the joint list they are the the majority arab the majority palestinian israeli parties and there are there are 4 parties that make up this alliance they are sitting at the moment to decide whether
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or not to recommend benny gantz as prime minister that would be something that hadn't happened from a majority palestinian party since 1992 when they recommended. bein so this time around we understand there is a vote that is going to take place so there's obviously some disagreement or dissension within those parties as to whether to make this very rare decision and i think there is a recognition of a couple things firstly they really very much want to see benjamin netanyahu ousted and this is one way towards doing that it's also recognition of a growing sense of support among their electorate for more engagement in israeli politics there were 4 murders over the weekend in palestinian israeli areas the crime rate is something that is a big social issue the be economic issue discrimination these sorts of things that a lot of palestinian votes is apparently want to see their parties in gaijin more
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a new poll out today suggested 80 percent would favor supporting benny gantz 46 percent would even favor and tearing into a coalition government something that's never happened before and certainly unlikely to happen this time as well there are demands that they want from any such putative prime minister in terms of overturning a controversial law which downgrades their status within israeli society and other things so a lot of focus on how that will play out today all right harry finance thank you very much indeed harry feels it will keep us right across that that process as it gets underway. now the world health organization the w.h.o. is taking the rather unusual step of complaining to tanzania about the failure to share information about the bowl of virus and the sansa in government denies that it was ever confirmed in 2 patients who suffered from suspicious illnesses recently and died the w.h.o. says tanzania hasn't handed over any clinical data up to now turned in the
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a shares a border with the democratic republic of congo where more than 2000 people have died of a burglar in the past year but meanwhile the w.h.o. is urging governments to spend more on health care in coming years to eliminate glaring gaps in coverage it's put out a report that says barely half of the world's 7700000000 people are getting essential health services and among those who are covered more people are running into financial hardship because they're having to pay too much for their health care from their own pocket. where the report's authors say things will only get worse unless countries spend an extra one for center of their g.d.p. on primary health care by the year 2030. right this week dr agnes sukar who's director for health systems governance and financing at the world health organization she's joining us from new york and thank you for
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talking to us is or i should say how far is basic health care and access to primary health care a fundamental human right. when we show. access to health services is a human right 1st because it allows to have access to a house but also because we know that when people don't have access they may pay a lot out of pocket for medicines and sometimes for poor quality as care and they can be impoverished right by this are losing their home bankrupt so it's a very very important part of what governments need to do is to provide this access to their people right it's not so it's not so rich country versus poor a country type of discussion though is it because there is a country like the u.k. of course which is famous for providing health care free at the point of delivery for which it pays
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a vast amount 3 through taxation but countries like america where you are now people are suffering aren't they because of the cost of health care coverage. well so how do world we see that people demand more. spending on health is increasing both private and public government spend more and more on house but people also spend more and more on house and this is. a growing technology aging also more 6 non-communicable diseases and the challenge for all these countries is to really design sustainable systems so to have efficient financing over there has been what we know he said to the public financing and that's. absolutely essential and even though us in fact there is a very large amount of spending on hearts that he's probably either so maybe clear
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maybe or he mandates and subsidies or insurance of the affordable care act yeah but from what you're saying all from him and for most popular perception is that needs to increase considerably because they were vols numbers of americans for instance who come to full basic health care. so what we see is actually a trend worldwide in which more and more spending happens you know i'm scared you have scant economy is growing faster than the economy overall both. spending and private spending and we are on the plus would because the question is not as much that money will be there but hollo this money will be spent in that's why the w.h.o. really cool off for me as funding invested in what we call i mean house fair which is efficient has scared that by for the money and that it's really reaching everybody including the poorest and protects them from high care costs so it's
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leadership that there are asking and it is going to look countries are like legion who are part of what means expanding oxygen for countries those who have no access circle but not the rich it means changing the mode of parents care and moving away from very high sometimes not value back to high technology at the end of life or in expensive hospitals and moving models of care that are much more centered and focused on prevention for example prevention of diabetes or hypertension which are these that are increasing. well why all right go to agnes to come very good to talk to you thank you very much thank you very much the land mines are a constant threat in so are attacks by eisel as well as other armed groups who are fighting government forces to control of the desert area attacks voles tens of
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thousands to flee towns and villages including enough that's in the till a very region and a warning some of the images in this report it's quite disturbing lower. reports. to the i used to dream of finishing school now she just wants to walk again she lost the use of her legs after she stepped on a mine planted by isis fighters she can't leave her bed and her brother tries to keep her comfortable. but her situation hurts her so much and wishes to see her standing on a feet again marky add a big other sister and 3 cousins including an artist tribal leader also killed by ice miners. 2 years ago and i sort of tack until a berry killed for us and 5 soldiers. in may the u.s.
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military released this video of recovery operation after 28 soldiers were killed in a single isolate tac. there are no people in this they fled because of the fighting they started killing people and 2018 and again this year leaders of unitas have been killed many other people have lost their lives. fighting between i saw a national and international forces since july has led to a big increase in people fleeing violence to nearby arrow tell a very city and niamey. house and his wife and 5 children were among them. we suffer in many ways we fled our homes and we came here we don't have a place to live some of us did not even have a mattress and couldn't find any help. traders here say they could no longer continue their business because of the violence. we left our goods and trade lost
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our money and suddenly found ourselves here with nothing but disaster has hit all the districts of tele barrios especially near the border with mali. the un wounds the crisis in the sahara region including mali i'm booking a fast is reaching unprecedented levels. a more than 5000000 people need humanitarian assistance the united nations is urging these displaced people to enroll their children and local schools and with violence and land mines leverage they don't know when they'll be able to get back laura baron money out to 0. rises out of the weather now his role but it looks like to stay tropical cyclones bearing down on what southwest us. for and guess what they're both losing which is probably good news for baja california to the satellite pictures and these are the 2 swirls one of which appears to disappear completely the one makes itself
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into a line yeah well they were both a bit more active about 24 hours ago when the 1st one went through a couple san lucas which is tip to her california this is a result as you say it's not technically damaging it's a bit of flooding spiros flooding there's no wind damage the thing was already losing a certain amount of force even then now one's called lorain are. probably too early to use because they no longer really can't justify the time and mario's also a little less than a tropical moisture is a lot of rain and they have joined the system is already in place so will be more rain particularly for mexico but these joins up with the annual system southwest monsoon yes there is one in the u.s. as well which produces the flood flooding rains the flash floods if you like in places like canyon county now we're not quite there yet but we have got this cloud crossing the border into texas and new mexico and that's the forecast as you see
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for sunday but clearly the tail is further inland and the rather more familiar sight we see quite often actually is the active weather across the plains moving eastwards in a slow declining frontal system but that is the less active weather not in. well thank you very much still to come here on the hour does their new fearing for their future stripped of their autonomy the people of le duc get ready to be ruled from india's capital class. in school of christianity on target for you venters the laces for missing in syria coming up in sport. to strengthen the good you have to sure do good all the more with your camp still fight against corruption. news hero church heroes like moon robot who refused a $15000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international
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ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to bed to please nominate your anti corruption mirror. on counting the cost billions spent on air defenses but drones take out all put saudi arabia's oil production well look at that knock on effect back pass the $30000000000.00 plan to move indonesia's sinking capital and the importance of the dollar to argentina comes in the cults on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories on the out to 0 news our president rouhani says he around the world present a plan to the united nations which is designed to secure the gulf without the need . a foreign intervention president rouhani said an american that naval task force only threatens the region. police in hong kong have used tear gas in sharp 10 district after anti-government protests and set small fires outside a shopping mall earlier the crowds took over the mall targeting business is linked to mainland china. protests have taken place in egypt for a 2nd night demanding the resignation of president abdul fattah el-sisi security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the streets of suez and dozens of people were arrested after much larger brothers were held on friday. now a remote part of india administered kashmir is due to be ruled separately after new delhi revoked autonomy last month that is divided almost equally between buddhists
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and shia muslims and many in the region are welcoming the separation from kashmir but others are worried that the unique ethnic and religious identities are under threat priyanka gupta reports. that duck a cold himalayan desert in northern india. here put this monasteries in the district to flee have been standing tall for centuries. winters are harsh for 6 months a year this remote region is mostly cutoff people live depend mostly on tourism local polluted the regional government of jammu and kashmir has long neglected them we are under represented in the bar indian parliament and also in the state assembly and it was completely really centric. administration. in place in the states in srinagar and.
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there's hardly any longer the people of li have long demanded a union territory from the dark the decision to put their region under the direct rule of new delhi has had a mixed response from the communities did. government to preserve the unique ethnic and religious identity as well as the land a no gost prime minister nuri through modi said he wants to open the region to investments and development. nearly all the people of laid off from tribal communities and many are concerned about the changes outside investment might bring to the local economy and culture results will come out of it tourism is our backbone 2nd is agriculture we will not say no to outside investments but we have so many or hood and travel agents of own and many hotels are running empty so when our own people are suffering how will outsiders benefit. more than
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200 kilometers away many muslims in cargo district are also anxious be include farmers like muhammad abbas has got the. we are scared because genuine kashmir was earlier under protection and now that protection is gone you're scared that outsiders can come and buy our land outsiders who have a lot of money. most of the people living in cargill are shia muslims the opposed splitting of indian administered kashmir and say they want safeguards becomes a union territory for you i tell my question today we're in a no man's land we didn't demand a u.t. status no one asked as it was imposed on us earlier we had learned protection job security and we could make our own laws. the government is also working on several investment and infrastructure projects in the region how old these changes will affect people's lives here we can only wait and find out. the al-jazeera.
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and later today noor and her maid will join donald trump at a massive event celebrating their lives and indian culture in texas organizers expect around $50000.00 indian americans to go there to a sports stadium in houston as a white house correspondent kimberly how it got. his relationship with the white house spans 2 u.s. presidents but india's prime minister narendra bodhi needs more than just official support he needs the indian american community too with his economy struggling and tensions high with pakistan over disputed kashmir modi will be in the u.s. state of texas on sunday to rally supporters and while the largest and actually the most prominent be a sport as is the indian american community it is rich it is well to do and it is very plugged in it's one of the main reasons u.s. president donald trump it in
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a usual move will join modi on stage in houston obviously bar shark on. the it is 2016 presidential campaign trump courted their vote. and even though most indian americans voted for his opponent trouble need all the help he can get for his reelection bid in 2020 he's also hoping to sign a trade agreement with modi to counter the ongoing tariff or with china which many analysts believe is hurting the u.s. economy so if they can announce a mini it would be a triumph of sorts for both sides and all this comes before both men are scheduled to meet at the annual meeting of world leaders in new york at the united nations can really help it out as there are the white house. right here to talk about that a little bit more is today chandra assistant professor of government at georgetown university thanks for coming in from
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a distance it looks like an odd combination that. not political bedfellows the donald trump but that's not the case is it so it is kind of india and the u.s. are now in a trade war and modi is really in the u.s. to kind of deal with that and kind of lower tariffs on the american side from indian products but i do logically surprisingly similar. they are invested in a kind of nationalism a kind of muscular nationalism going to strong nationalism and big kind of speaking the same idiom are they not politically correct are they not particularly friendly engender racial or class terms and i suppose there's a way in which majority groups or dominant groups in american indian societies have tried to identify with this nationalism and with these individuals indeed there is a theory of course about the tyranny of the mage of the majority and how democracy in its purest sense can elevate. to
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a position of dominance of minorities and you know they're really as or bomb in hungary says. it's about a liberal democracy now and it's not about liberal democracy which was kind of the american export in the rest world on the practical side how many how many roughly how many indian americans are we talking about and can we assume that a hindu be the in favor of the b j p in the range or maybe well the truth is that many or most of indian americans are about one percent of the u.s. population are actually democrats. and yet they might be supporting modi. so there is a bit of a paradox in terms of how they navigate their indian and their american identities but there is something about national pride every indian prime minister gets a certain amount of adulation but it is true that the very large proportion of the one percent of indeed americans are more the supporters and they actively contribute to his fame and the campaign finances and in general in terms of
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ideological outreach work right now i can remember in fact when his he was 1st elected actually in the scenes of adoration when you knew your path to madison madison square girl that's right since. so it's win win for both leaders isn't it really insofar as they india of course is a massive market u.s. goods and that is what authorities after the markets in india absolutely so those kind of a bit of a job going on behind the scenes but this is great for optics are for bringing the 2 countries together which every president since clinton has done but this kind of also kind of gets into the economic aspect of cooperation you know both the showman and transactional that he read thank you very much thank you from georgetown university thank you. ukraine has denied reports that president volodymyr selenski was pressured by donald trump to investigate the democratic presidential front runner joe biden and his son ukraine's foreign minister described
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a phone call in july between the 2 presidents as long and friendly and made no demands u.s. media is reporting allegations of a whistleblower which suggests that president trump asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate the business dealings of hunter biden now he is the youngest son of joe joe biden of course is currently the democratic candidate most likely to face trial in next year's race for the white house. i know what i'm up for you know not the ghost of a serial abuser this guy who uses power every word here receives the only produce easily right to his daemon power to do whatever you have to do this process. this was. the president. of the car when everybody here would have there's the house and see what he did. there the world's oldest travel company is fighting
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the same business lenders are threatening to pull out of a $1000000000.00 rescue deal with thomas cook the british company needs to find a further $250000000.00 survive collapse that threatens to leave tens of thousands of people stranded on holiday and could mean the loss of around 20000 jobs well alex which is with me. listen a columnist at the gulf times. thomas cook got into these dire straits or get your business model of thomas cook is considered dated by many now and that's because it really does face severe fierce competition from low cost carriers from tour operators from people who just want to take trips into their own hands and using the likes of air b.n. b. so they've really had to been forced to modernize and ultimately the modernization that has taken place is an up to scratch when you compare it with those competitors and so slowly they have suffered a fall in demand as well as a variety of external factors everything from political unrest for example some of their destinations think tunisia egypt and of course dare i say brics it which has
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weakened travel demand from the u.k. so it is a british company isn't there but it has it operates in many other parts of europe it does and this is why if thomas cook fall into administration which could there is a strong likelihood of this happening later this evening with an announcement tomorrow and it's expected that parts of the group will be picked up by other companies who are or to many circling and interested in some profitable parts of the company not least lufthansa. i would really like to grab on to the german subsidiary a line that thomas cook have this is a huge company it will be a significant loss to the industry and we're talking currently understand there's about 600000 people abroad on their holidays and i want to bring to your attention this particular incident apparently in june this year where hotel staff were not allowing thomas cook tourists to leave their hotel because they fear they're actually not going to be paid this is extraordinary but this has happened earlier
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this afternoon and ultimately we know there have been reports that thomas cook were failing to pay all of their financial obligations and this is while talks have been ongoing they really are in the 11th hour talks right now to secure an extra $200000000.00 unfortunately if that cannot be done and the u.k. government have said this morning they are prepared for the imminent collapse of what is one of the world's oldest travel i notice that the british government have been quite quick to say that contingency plans have been made up to to make sure that no none of the tourists none of the british tourist it must be said remain stranded abroad exactly so east arrangements which is whether the government is already working with partner airlines to be prepared in case they need to start bringing home brits abroad as from to morrow it's similar to what happened with monarch a couple of years ago unfortunately look sets happen once again this evening but what about at all protection which i presume it certainly for the british tourist or 150000 of them their holidays will be protected by that insurance there they are and so anybody with the thomas cook holiday has that reassurance lucky that they do
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have that as her protection and it means that regardless to what happens if unfortunately they fall into administration they have that protection in terms of refund and ultimately they have somewhere to go in and to get that money back alex which heiress thank you very much. never been arrested protests involving climate activists in paris the peaceful environmental march initially joined a separate yellow vests rally complaining about the cost of living in france the climate rally organizers then told their supporters are going home because so-called black bloc anarchists infiltrated the event. now illegal gold mining is threatening a spectacular part of south america 98 percent of french guiana is covered by rain forest art miners from neighboring brazil moving in net clark has the story. french guiana has what is really well in this day and age a natural well you have to take to the.


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