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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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well it's underway right now here at the presidential residence in west jerusalem president rivlin has already met with representatives of benny gantz as blue and white party because they came 1st in the election with 33 seats he's currently either is still or just has met with the new could delegation in the party of benjamin netanyahu and the news from both of those meetings is that rivlin is very clear that he wants to see a unity government between those 2 parties says that that is what the votes suggest and that the only way of having a stable national unity government is to have one composed mainly at least of likud and blue and white of course the big stumbling block in that is that blue and white campaigned very much on removing netanyahu replacing and you know saying that the corruption allegations against him the hate rhetoric which was referred to by law and one of the senior members of blue and white who is here that that was what
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voters had voted out so the question then looms for likud as to whether it is going to stick behind netanyahu it's representatives came in here saying that that the refusal of blue and white to sit down with benjamin netanyahu and try to work out some kind of power sharing deal some kind of national unity government was that the major problem and that it could not be a serious party of government if it did not do that i asked the head of the blue and white delegation michel on the former army chief of israel do you definitively rule out ruling in or sitting in a government with benjamin netanyahu he did not answer that question. and that very closely i believe we're also expecting a statement from the joint list today that is the palestinian israeli parties hey what is their priorities likely to be in this process. well yes
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they're due to be here in the next few minutes for their meeting is the 3rd largest party with president rivlin and we've just had a tweet in the last few minutes from one of the senior members of the joint honest assessment tb he says that history is done we will do what is necessary to bring down benjamin netanyahu so pretty clear indication that the vote that they were having has gone in favor of recommending a former israeli army chief ben benny gantz to be the next prime minister of israel that doesn't mean they're willing to sit in a coalition government with blue and white but it seems that they are willing to recommend him as prime minister something like that hasn't happened since 1992 so it's a major step by them obviously and as was indicated by that tweet one of the key motivating factors is to get rid of netanyahu into and his administration his name is decade long rule in his 2nd period as prime minister but as much as that there is also a shift underway which is represented both in polls and by the kind of language
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that's been used by the joint this recently for more engagement in israeli politics this would obviously be a big step in that way i'm annoyed at the leader of the joint list even rose raised the prospects which was shot down by other parties jewish parties zionist parties of them potentially serving under certain conditions in the future in a coalition government that is not going to happen but it does seem that they are going to at least recommend benny gantz they want various things in in in return for that they want to see an end the the repeal of the of a bill which of a law which was passed recently which downgrades palestinian identity in their view as part of israel they also want various domestic policies instituted there are various social and economic concerns that they want to see addressed but a pretty major shift underway on that side of the political spectrum how a force that our correspondent ben rest or
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a sense he'll be bringing you updates from those talks as they happen thanks gary. well there's plenty more ahead for you on this news hour including thousands of tourists in danger of being stranded as the world's oldest travel company struggles to avoid collapse. fearing for their future stripped of their autonomy the people get ready to be ruled from india's capital. and sports man who is the man for england as they get their rugby world cup campaign underway. now hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters who trashed parts of a shopping mall and an adjacent metro station protesters also trampled on a chinese flag and that fire is as they targeted stores run by mainland operators sara clock reports from hong kong. they arrived in the hundreds taking over some of
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the city's largest shopping mall at the new term plans are in shot team they converged on every fool shops linked to the mindless and with the target this time some stopped on china's national flag before ripping up. the. 2 hours they cern and yelled abuse story writers suspected of being pro beijing pro hong kong government eventually stores and restaurants were forced to close its. outside the mall protesters used umbrellas to hide their faces before smashing security cameras and burning barricades. specialist riot police then moved in issued a warning and fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd. the at another boiling cow looted around 200 protesters marched through the shopping center chanting slogans such as fight for freedom and revive hong kong the gatherings like this in shopping malls are
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a new tactic being used by protesters it's a peaceful. means of getting their message across at the same time the targeting chinese own companies. but the peace didn't last long police moved in after protesters vandalize stools and a metro station the crowd was chased out of the movie station post despite the chaos caused few demonstrators to how much compared to the previous 16 weeks of sunday protests. chief executive carrie lamb is due to host the 1st in a series of public meetings which she hopes will end the crisis but protesters say why back down until the demands for greater freedom and lissa control from beijing on it. sir al-jazeera hong kong. narendra modi is joining us president and then to celebrating their alliance and indian culture in texas tens of thousands of indian americans are expected to attend the
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rally in houston our white house correspondent can the help that reports about losing his relationship with the white house bans 2 u.s. presidents but india's prime minister narendra bodie needs more than just official support he needs the indian american community too with his economy struggling and tensions high with pakistan over disputed kashmir modi will be in the u.s. state of texas on sunday to rally supporters and while the largest and actor the most prominent is the indian american community it is rich it is ready to do it is ready plug been it's one of the main reasons u.s. president donald trump it in a usual move will join modi on stage in houston obviously bar drop shark all. the it is 2016 presidential campaign trump courted their vote.
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and even though most indian americans voted for his opponent trouble need all the help he can get for his reelection bid in 2020 he's also hoping to sign a trade agreement with modi to counter the ongoing tariff or with china which many analysts believe is hurting the u.s. economy. welcome to how it is now in houston from where she joins us live kimberly why is the indian prime minister rallying people in tewson despite the novel slogan that we're hearing doesn't seem the most obvious of places. no it's not and the reason that he's in the united states officially is for the united nations general assembly which of course is imminent but he certainly held these rallies around the world before for his indian diaspora but why he's physically here in houston well this is a large part to do with a lot of the international criticism about modi's politics in particular nationalist brand of politics this is a bit of a p.r.
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campaign if you will trying to gloss over some of the international criticism concerns from human rights groups about not just stripping autonomy from kashmir the communications blackout that was launched by his government but also the surge of attacks oh on religious minorities that has really proliferate and well he has been in office so this is a chance to try and being across the world not just in india but the united states and an international newspapers a chance for him to appear on stage with u.s. president donald trump trying to gloss over a lot of that international criticism about modi's ground of national politics or russian rather nationalist politics and can be as you just said trump will be joining him today on stage at this how do you modi rally one kind of a statement is trying trying to make. well already this has been a little bit tense and i forgot to mention one very important point about last
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ounce or here in terms of that criticism that modi has been facing there are in fact thousands of protesters here outside the stadium if you give you a sense of how tense it got one point if you tried to film those protesters are photographers had his media credentials yanked his camera with they tried to pull the camera away this is something that organizers of this event really don't want to have sort of broadcast around the world any sort of international criticism what they want 7 is the appearance of donald trump on stage alongside motive they want to sort of diplomatic win if you will so the reason donald trump is here is well we know he's no stranger to mega rallies either the 2 of them have a very similar brand of politics they're going to be on stage side by side not only for the the diplomatic and p.r. aspect but also for economics they're trying to score a trade deal in advance of the u.n. general assembly one that donald trump needs because he needs
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a win because of this prong trade with china modi needs it because of his sluggish economy but i can tell you that's not what people are focusing on at the moment right here in houston what they're focusing on is the clashes really between the 2 sides those that are concerned about not just donald trump but also not render modi in terms of his politics white house correspondent kimberly how can there for us in houston thank you kimberly. well speaking of tensions in kashmir and a remote part of indian administered kashmir is due to be ruled separately after new delhi revoked its autonomy last month that doc is divided almost equally between but ists and shia muslims and many in the region are welcoming the separation from kashmir but others are worried that their way of life is threatened up to reports. that duck a cold himalayan desert in northern india. here put this monasteries in the district a flurry happen standing tall for centuries. winters are harsh
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for 6 months a year this remote region is mostly cutoff people who live depend mostly on tourism local petition say the regional government of jammu and kashmir has long neglected them we are under presented in the indian parliament when the state assembly and it was completely really centric. administration. in place in the state secretary in srinagar and. there's hardly any of. the people of lee have long demanded a union territory full of. the decision to put their region under the direct rule of new delhi has had a mixed response from the communities determined to preserve the unique ethnic and religious identity as well as the land in august prime minister nuri through modi said he wants to open the region to investments and development. nearly all the
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people of laid off from tribal communities and many are concerned about the changes outside investment might bring to the local economy and culture reason. to islam is our backbone 2nd is agriculture we will not say no to outside investments but we have so many travel agents of own in many hotels are running. and so when our own people are suffering how will outsiders benefit. more than 200 kilometers away many muslims in cargo district are also anxious be include farmers like mohammad the boss. we are scared because genuine kashmir was earlier under protection and now that protection is gone you're scared that outsiders can come and buy our land outsiders who have a lot of money. most of the people living in cargill are shia muslims the
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opposed splitting of indian administered kashmir and see they want see if god's will let's talk becomes a union territory or u.t. i tell my question today we're in a no man's land we didn't demand a u.t. status no one asked as it was imposed on us earlier we had land protection job security and we could make our own laws. the government is also working on several investment and infrastructure projects in the region how all these changes will affect people's lives here we can only wait and find out. the al-jazeera. place in pakistan suspect brake failure as the cause of a bus crash which killed at least $26.00 passengers children and soldiers are among the dead in the northwestern district of chess the bus was on a winding mountain when it collapsed and into an embankment 20 others on board were engines. well still ahead on out of there and the w.h.o. calls for
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a major cash injection essential health care wild wind plus. i think what we really wanted to do with ken i have to have of idea that there is as many ways of being now from my family from people we need to poets hoping to change assumptions about muslim americans. and in support of peace i will explain why as the smile is finally back on the face of my own ears aka. al or us the weather changes the season changes in europe so these throw off is an active weather as a culture comes for the science that generates big showers but to me in georgia reflects that 120 millimeters i mean that's flash flood territory and that frontal system as it goes eastwards could generate a bit more right but i suspect not very much but enough of
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a bit maybe news becky but look at the picture it is a fairly dry one for monday in the wind isn't that strong are the no longer got northerly so temps actually could create a bit as they forecast to do in terre baghdad and kuwait for $47.00 yesterday just offshore. but more typically were near the 30 mach in beirut for example and the skies are open and sunny and that's true all of the to the rest of the middle east for the arabian peninsula to get down to coast we still got the influence of the south westerly monsoon still cloudy and several but no longer particularly downpour drizzly humidities to resurvey high around bahrain qatar and the u.a.e. because there's no breeze to bring the dry weather now we are seeing a changing season so although it's been active for a few weeks this frontal system is no different we haven't seen a huge rise in temperature just yet.
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we will maintain finest fighting force liberals are not united states army the sober line is one of the proud son for the colored dependency we have in this market. and the reality of the 21st century you know to be the. nominee of the person to do something no child should not write. it's reload on al-jazeera also one of our biggest strengths is that we talked with normal everyday people we get them to tell was stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. 2 hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central both about the same time but more importantly is where those 2 cultures north and south america beat us to teach you to very important place for all to do it's
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a big. hello again i'm mr. mind of our top stories this hour u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says america's policy on iran is to avoid war and that u.s. forces are in the region for the defense meanwhile the iranian president hassan rouhani says he'll present a plan to the united nations designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention. indian prime minister narendra modi is joining us president donald trump as an event celebrating their alliance in texas tens of thousands of indian americans are expected to attend that rally in houston. and israel's
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president has. started talks with rival political leaders aimed at easing the country's next prime minister neither prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his main rival benny gantz could muster enough votes from majority government of more on the story let's speak to get ian levy who is a columnist at the ha'aretz newspaper he joins us live now from tel aviv mr levy president reagan has made it very clear that he wants a unity government what are the chances of that actually happening. right now we are stuck in a deadlock it's like this rubik's cube you look at. any combination seems to be impossible but it will take some time it least one party will have to give up a key least one major commitment in order to prevent another elections in israel and i wouldn't even exclude going for the sir the elections which will be within few months all the possibilities are on the table none of the responsible right now
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or mr levitt does also seem that netanyahu his coalition that's kept him in power and repeatedly in power is fracturing has he finally come to the end of his 9 lives does he survive this it's a good question there will sphere is is if it's that twilight zone of his career those are his last days weeks months but nobody sees the scenario because there is no alternative right now which can form a government and it will take some more weeks or maybe months until there will be a new prime minister all the prime minister before is. how much was this election of voters about netanyahu as indictments for corruption and his his potential immunity from prosecution how many people voted on on that as the main issue. this was the main issue in this in this campaign i mean i would even say more than
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this it was the only issue in this campaign not the patient will not the future of his. services or not the education system but really in ateneo yes or no it is really is really divided between those who believe in a tourney oh they see him as almost the founding father and those who seeing that this many score up to this man had created so much damage to israel that it's time for him to step down and this division line is still there well there were also some as you say very divisive statements made during that campaign including netanyahu an extra jordan valley in the occupied west bank where does all of this now leave the peace process it seems that the 2 sides are more far pop than ever. i'm not sure that there is a peace process i mean the peace process remain the holo words there is no peace process not before the elections or not after the elections if there is something
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which unites both big parties in israel this is the believe or believe that there is any room for peace both parties are in favor of maintaining the status quo namely maintaining the brutal occupation of the west bank and the siege over gaza there's no difference whatsoever between blue and white and likud when it comes to the major issue to the elephant in the room the occupation they both want to continue it gideon levy a columnist at haaretz newspaper always good to have you on out of there mr levy. well there have been more protests in egypt demanding the resignation of president and. dozens of people were arrested after friday's much larger rallies which also denounced corruption oppression and poverty. reports i was mass protests may be a rare sight in cc's egypt crackdown on dissent is not. in
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suez and government protesters who gathered for the 2nd night in a row were confronted by police and other security personnel. who fired tear gas and other forms of ammunition at what appear to be unarmed demonstrators egyptians 1st took to the streets on friday evening demanding that former army general turned president of the fatah to sisi resigns in cairo was the numbers weren't huge their voices were loud and clear i was in alexandria egypt 2nd city people angered by corruption poverty and oppression called for the same the people demand the fall of the regime in months rua giza and mahalla as well as several other cities what appears to be a nationwide movement has begun to form these protests come off the back of revelations by a former military contractor named mohammed ali who exposed millions of dollars worth of embezzlement and theft of state funds by sisi and his family at
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a time when the egyptian president has introduced sweeping austerity measures claiming the government was no longer able to subsidize living costs on saturday ali released another video giving c.c. a one week ultimatum i am still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying the c.c. is out he is no longer fit for this next friday is also makes him he says i'm waiting for that decision and the next step is a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets but next friday we will take to the major square as says. mohammed ali is not a political leader. but his message has resonated with menu directions the majority of whom live on just 2 dollars a day or less that it was 0 the people are starving my life's savings have evaporated why why the c.c. starve us while he lives in the curious palaces why is he trying to humiliate us he
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is supposed to be a public servant working for us this season who is in new york for the united nations general assembly denies corruption allegations describing them as lies. and all unauthorized protests after he led the military coup which deposed egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi 6 years ago. tens of thousands of egyptians were arrested and jailed in the government crackdown which followed now human rights watch is calling the new direction governments not to repeat past mistakes urging leaders to protect the right to peaceful protest in upholding egypt's obligations under international human rights law or 30 should immediately release all those arrested for soli exercising their rights was there are power levels that can be drawn with the 2011 uprising which led to the ousting of autocratic president hosni mubarak the situation today is also different the may still be early to predict how these protests will end and whether they will force
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regime change or not what is undeniable though is that for many egyptians the current status quo of poverty corruption and oppression is not an option. and those protests have followed president sisi to new york he's there for the united nations general assembly and as jews and meet u.s. president all are trying egyptians rallied outside his hotel accusing him of war crimes. to protest in nicaragua now where demonstrators say the 17 month revolt against president daniel ortega won't end until he resigns and free elections are held protests as a been back on the streets of the capital managua the reports of the pool this latest protest organized by opponents of president daniel tika turned violent almost immediately the. this protest is approached riot police in the capital
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managua on saturday they were met with tear gas rubber coated bullets and stun grenades known as splash bangs in the at the final day one of the senior commanders grabbed one of those flash bangs and threw it directly on my forehead and it exploded and that got me disoriented and i passed out. masse. protests started in april last year but 1st nicaraguans demanded social security reform then their demands grew into a movement against tika and the government over the past 70 months at least $300.00 nicaraguans have been killed and tens of thousands have fled the country more than $100.00 political prisoners are in jail. as a mother i feel uncomfortable because freedom is freedom of expression too we have the right as a country to express ourselves we have the right to speak up but here we're held captive they don't let us speak freely. has described his opponents as violent
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terrorists inciting a coup against him since the crisis began a government crackdown has targeted human rights groups journalists and activists. day we are marching in memory of matt remeron the young man who was murdered on september 27th by a sniper when he merely exercise his right to peaceful protest we're marching for political prisoners there are more than 120 political prisoners who are still in prison the government bans on and for iced protests but rallies like this show that opponents are in no mood to give up on their demand for change victoria gate to be al-jazeera. now the world health organization has taken the unusual step of complaining to tanzania about its failure to share information about the a bird a virus the tanzanian government denies it has confirmed in patients who suffered from an unknown illness recently the w.h.o. says tanzania hasn't handed over any chemical data up to now tanzania shares
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a border with the democratic republic of congo where more than 2000 people have died of a in the past year. well the world health organization is also adding governments to spend more on health care and coming is telling a glaring gaps in coverage the w.h. has put out a report that says barely hof of the wilds 7700000000 people are getting essential health services and among those who are covered and more people are running into financial hardship from paying too much for health care from their own pockets the report's authors say things will only get quest nest countries spend an extra one percent of their quest to mystic product on primary health care by 20 bessie dr agnes who catches the director for health systems governance and financing at the w.h.o. and she says access to health services is a human rights we know that when people don't have access they may pay a lot out of pocket for medicines and sometimes for poor quality as care and they
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can be impoverished by this or losing their home the bankrupt so it's a very very important part of what governments need to do is to provide this access to people throughout the world we see that people demand more. spending on health is increasing boast private and public government spend more and more on health but people are more and more on her and this is. a growing technology aging also more 6 non-communicable disease and the challenge for all these countries is to really design sustainable systems so to have efficient financing over there has been what we know these are acts of the public for an. absolute. the world's oldest travel company is fighting to stay in business lenders are threatening to pull out of
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a 1000000000 dollar rescue deal with thomas cook the british company needs to find a further 250000000 to avoid collapse that threatens to leave tens of thousands stranded on holiday and could mean the loss of around $20000.00 jobs dozens of thomas co customers that are resorting to miss usa they were held hostage there the guests a hotel staff closed the gates and refused to let them leave unless they paid extra fees to cover what's owed by thomas cook those who paid to have reportedly been refunded by the tour operator much heiresses an aviation analyst an economist at the gulf times speaking to my colleague he explained why thomas kirk is struggling . to get to business model of thomas cook is considered dated by many now and that's because it really does face severe fierce competition from low cost carriers from tour operators from people who just want to take trips into their own hands and are using the likes of a b. and b. so they've really had to been forced to modernize and ultimately the modernization
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that has taken place is an up to scratch when you compare it with those competitors and so slowly they have suffered a fall in demand as well as a variety of external factors everything from political unrest for example some of their destinations think tunisia egypt and of course dare i say brics it which has weakened travel demand from the u.k. so it is a british companies in there but it has it operates in many other parts of europe it does and this is why if thomas cook fall into administration which could there is a strong likelihood of this happening later this evening with an announcement tomorrow then it's expected that parts of the group will be picked up by other companies who are or to many circling and interested in some profitable parts of the company not least lufthansa they would really like to grab on to the german subsidiary a line that thomas cook have this is a huge company it will be a significant loss to the industry. after leading the biggest climate protest in history young activists have taken their cause for action to the united nations the
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youth climate summit was opened by teenage campaign aggressor to bag who inspired friday's demonstrations here's our diplomatic editor james base. the day after people around the world led by the youth took to the streets here young people taking over one of the global halls of power this is the u.n. youth summit but the most powerful person was not here to speak un secretary general antonio good terrorist was billed as the keynote this and these are among the speeches he heard these negotiations and climate change policy started in 1902 even before most of my generation was fun for over 25 years and the emissions have only resin. we appreciate that you there are no other table where the discussions are being held but all voices in our imports must be allowed to influence this decision yesterday millions of people across the globe.
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marched and demanded real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable the u.n. is hoping to leverage the people power we've seen in recent days led by the youth and gratitude ahead of a climate summit of world leaders on monday among those will be there at the launch chancellor merkel of germany president mark roth of france and prime minister modi of india but what about the 2 biggest emitters china will be represented by state council and foreign minister wang ye and the u.s. will president trump is in town but he won't be attending the meeting in the u.s. system the longer your title the more junior you are and we're told the u.s. delegation will be headed by the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific a furze marshall burn
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a cat i'd never heard of her before a clear snub james bows out 0 at the united nations and volunteers around the world have been tidying up streets and shores for wild cleanup day in india thousands collected garbage along beach front on saturday oceans have long been used as a dumping ground for various types of waste posing a threat to marine wildlife now showcasing the diversity of american most fans at the center of a new collection of poems for team. a behind the new book called how loud if you hear me. my name is soft. my name is master and i'm also a poet our formative years were in post 911 america so for so much of our lives everyone wants to talk about muslims but no one really was super interested of like in talking to muslims and specifically talking to muslim women to talking to queer
12:36 am
muslims talking muslim trans people muslim gender nonconforming people a muslim teenager. gracing the subway i think what we really want to do is kind of have this idea that there is as many ways of being muslim as are muslim people and just that no one way is like b. only way of being. i think the book is very much a product of the things that we like but we tried to do as best as we could to make sure that there was a diversity of voices in of styles and identities included within the book the poems and. community i didn't know i was allowed to dream of what felt most important of all was to keep the project inward facing to our communities this is not i don't think we were ever interested in doing a sort of like work like ambassadors work of like facing outwards and being like here's a dispatch from the muslim community we basically like had the idea to make this before anything happened which has been there forever racism has been here forever sexism all phobia transphobia it became this kind of thing where i think people
12:37 am
were like this is. more important than ever whereas we kind of feel like it's always been a bore and poetry is one of the many ways of making sense of your place in the world and all of our places in the world are inherently political from the history of poetry it's always about politics right like there is and it's always about like what kind of politics like there's always something up play and right now i feel like sometimes you look at like old stuff and you're like oh this is just can are whatever but really like in that moment it was very revolutionary was like moments of being like this is what it means to write colloquially this is what it means like amplify like lower class people this is what it means to be human in this moment. is here next with the school and. he has details of a controversial victory at the singapore wrong frayne. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has
12:38 am
a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be patient literally be able to do a ph and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on out his iraq. al-jazeera and. every.
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now it's time to support so peter and pretty good start the island on the rugby that's with me one way of putting it in the stars rugby world cup in japan england and italy also registering victories in the opening pool matches but the key win on sunday went to the irish they saw off rival scotland with a bonus point victory in trick conditions lauren smith has the action. the top 2 right choice and who right. with top spot in the final table resting heavily on this much it was all island who settled the fastest james rawdon captain rory best both bubbling over inside the 1st 15 minutes. beep scotland's attacks were soaked up by the mean green machine the great laid low penalty their
12:40 am
only score of the day time as the rain poured down the charts a 2nd period followed and delivered a full focus point try for the irish from n.z. home will be $27.00 points scored just 3 conceded a convincing start of the tournament for judgment stage we have no issues with the weather under the dome roof in sapporo as england kicks off their campaign against the tone the side full of power i'm but the early force came from editorial augie who crashed over for the opening trauma but he's game isn't all about strength be speed the key this time as he raced to wait a 2nd before. the 2nd half schools from jamie george and luke allan dickey would giving them the post points and a $3053.00 victory and the perfect stuff imposed safety to be.
12:41 am
imposed by the maybe a provided an early scare for italy but terrific movie ended with davy and stevens flooring over for the opening try and the makings of an upset roma cards be the be but italy restored control with 3 tries before half time this one from tito to be. if each of the all to make the world cup quarter finals for the 1st time and by this point wins against the smaller teams will be crucial. in those a school the 7th and final try in a 4722 victory. but the final say on the day went to the plucky debian's chad play. school there try proving their doctors did this to a bit to make up the numbers. al-jazeera. it was a controversial win this year singapore grand prix for ferrari driver sebastian vettel the 4 time formula one world champion claimed the 1st victory in over a year on sunday thanks to
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a lucky strategy call he beat out his teammate charlotte clare by more than 2 seconds clare was trying to make it a hat trick of wins of the starting from pole position for the 4th time red bulls max for stop and was 3rd in the english premier league west ham have added to manchester united's problems with a 2 nil victory on sunday in london yar milenko put the home team in front in the 1st half and then late in the 2nd half aaron chris world doubled the advantage the team nicknamed the hammers or up to 4th for now or are they going to socialize men are down in 7th. for president gianni infantino says iran will let women into the stadium for the country's next international men's match football's world governing body has been working to convince iran to change its ban on who can attend games we cannot wait anymore we've been assured that as of the next international game of iran which is to be played on the chance of older women will
12:43 am
be allowed. to enter football stadiums this is something very important since 40 years that this was not happening in italy said they are entered beat city rivals ac milan 2 know to maintain their 100 percent start to the season they need defending champions eventers by 2 points in the league table you they were also winners on saturday although they didn't have things their own way against newly promoted veteran or the wayside should have taken the lead when they were one of the penalty but they somehow managed to miss it and the resulting rebound but they did manage to school 1st with a goal to remember by may go last saw strike in g.g. before no chance you've ever equalise through the new signing from arsenal aaron ramsey. and then after the break you ventus won a penalty christiane a rebel there would score that final score you have a 2 vera no one. rb leipzig are still leading the
12:44 am
way in the german bundesliga after their 3 no win over vertebrae mn but just 2 points behind their champions by munich for no wins against cologne probably the dog ski school twice is the prime goals in 5 games so far for the pretty new scored his 1st goal for born from a penalty spot and even. if. there's a huge game in spain on sunday israel madrid travel to sivia rail coming up a 3 mil midweek hammering by p.s.g. in the champions league severe managed by. sect about a year. the problem is the real madrid but things aren't going much better for barcelona the champions lost for the 2nd time in 5 games beaten to no lead got another surprise early pacesetters of the top of the table along with severe real sociedad and athletic oh madrid former tennis world number one enemy osaka has won her 1st title since winning the australian open back in january fittingly she did
12:45 am
it in the city that bears her name sunday saw a socket icon and a starter public chunk of early in the final of the pan pacific open in osaka hometown the tucson grand slam champion has lost in the final of this event twice before but which through time lucky for the 21 year old as she dispatched russian opponent in straight sets to. pro soccer winning the title just one week after splitting from her coach trying to fix. and i fell star antonio brown says he's quitting the league just 2 days after being released by the new england patriots over a sex scandal 2 women have accused the 31 year old of sexual misconduct brown denies all the allegations the former pittsburgh steeler store made the announcement on twitter on sunday also criticizing patriots owner robert kraft in the streets brown said he will not be playing in the n.f.l. anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at any time we will see
12:46 am
if the n.f.l. players association hold them accountable that's all support i'll be back with more again later in a star thank you that's it from maine started having this news and i'll be back in just a few minutes with another full roundup of the day's news to stay with. when say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way
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in the was. al jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera. as political prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns i've spent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid for breaks it people in power on al-jazeera.
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we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective america's top diplomat says the u.s. wants to avoid a war with iran and sending additional troops to the gulf is for defense and deterrence. and i missed the a 10 this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up palestinian israeli parties
12:49 am
recommended benny gantz for the prime minister's job in a break with precedent. hong kong's unrest continues with barricades tear gas and street battles. and thousands of tourists are in danger of being stranded has the world's oldest travel company is on the verge of collapse. now president hassan rouhani says iran will present a plan to the united nations which is designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention he made that promise while watching parades showcasing his country's military tensions are high after a series of attacks mostly recently a missile and drone strike on saudi arabia's oil industry has more from tehran.
12:50 am
against the backdrop of a military parade iran's president proposed a new security plan for gulf waterways should be on ali we're going to presume to plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces because in security for international waterways maritime movements and energy security our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. iran's peace plan comes at a critical time. pushing a message of peace and hope in her moves at the u.n. general assembly in new york rouhani will be trying to sink the latest american backed international coalition being formed in the middle east this time to patrol international shipping lanes in the gulf the u.s. floated the idea of a maritime coalition after attacks on oil tankers earlier this year america and
12:51 am
gulf allies blamed iran for the explosions investigators said they found no conclusive evidence to say who carried out the attacks countries that have joined the maritime patrol missions so far britain bahrain saudi arabia more recently australia and the united arab emirates. following attacks on saudi oil plants last week also blamed on iran without definitive proof iran's leaders will be concerned about the u.s. plan gaining more support. not all him are those who want to link the region's incidents but the islamic republic of iran a line just like the apostles which have been revealed if the truthful and really seek security in the region they must not seen with pins 5 digits bombs and dangerous to the region. this weekend vents in cities across the country will mark the beginning of iran's 8 year war with iraq in 1900 gulf arab states supported then iraqi president saddam hussein something rouhani reminded iranians of in his speech but he also said that all can be forgiven if there is unity among islamic
12:52 am
countries that the united states is only interested in dividing the region and pillaging resources and that the security of the region lasting security is only up to the people indigenous to the area. ron paul u.s. secretary of state says the trump administration's policy on iran is to avoid a wall and then u.s. forces in the middle east for defense friday we tighten sanctions on the regime which put the revolutionary regime in a difficult position the iranian people applaud that they understand that their leaders are taking them in the direction that is not good for their country and we then announce that we're going to move some additional forces secretary france talked about that on friday evening each of those is aimed at deterrence we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective we hope that turns the work that we've done in the strait of hormuz to keep the straits open and now the additional air defense systems and capabilities that will put in the region will achieve just
12:53 am
that correspondent john hendren has more from washington d.c. . president donald trump has dismissed the prospect of meeting with iran's leader in the coming week that is at the u.n. general assembly meeting where both president trump. and hassan rouhani the iranian president will be present president trump with reporters at the white house nothing is ever off the table but i have no intention of meeting with iran the trump secretary of state mike pompei you spoke on american television sunday morning saying diplomacy was working he said we do want a peaceful resolution of this that is our objective all of that follows rising tensions after the u.s. blamed iran for an attack on saudi arabian oil infrastructure that crippled that country's production the who the rebels in yemen have taken credit for that attack but the u.s. is still blaming iran as is saudi arabia and president trump will be at that meeting even if he does not talk with rouhani there may be lower level talks
12:54 am
between those 2 countries or talks between the u.s. and iran through intermediaries never the less the iranian foreign minister was more pessimistic saying on american television it's all going in the wrong direction i am not confident we can avoid a war. on to other news now and palestinian israeli parties are recommending benny gantz for prime minister over benjamin netanyahu the israeli president is holding talks with rival political leaders and choosing the next prime minister now need that prime minister netanyahu nor his main rival benny gantz could muster enough seats for a majority government in last week's election while our correspondent force that joins us live now from those talks in west jerusalem ari day endorsement by the palestinian and israeli parties how does that help benny gantz here. well it gives him more numbers to a certain extent this is a numbers game he has 33 seats for his blue and white party and
12:55 am
a party any group of parties that form a coalition of 61 seats although we don't have a coalition majority in the israeli knesset of 120 seats so this would give benny gantz the 13 seats it does give but he doesn't get. the 13 seats provided by the joint list parties but beyond that it's all served pretty major shift in the way that they participate in israeli politics this is the 1st time since 1900 soon that a mainly palestinian grouping of parties has made recommendations for a prime minister i am in order the head of the joint list has just been here at the price at the president's residence meeting with rumors when the president is saying that that he wanted to bring an end to the era of netanyahu that usually they do not recommend but they were making history and he recommended benny gantz as prime minister now the question is how the other parties might respond to this likud as well what it already made it clear the prime minister benjamin netanyahu the leader
12:56 am
leader of the could saying that any government which leans on auntie's honest arab parties is an illegitimate one blue and white was here they were the 1st delegation here the head of that delegation lawn said that they would work in coalition with the zionist party so explicitly ruling out the joint list and all of that the but what the joint is saying is that they want social policies policing policies economic policies changed in this country they want to a reversal of the nation state law which they say makes palestinian israeli citizens 2nd class citizens of this country and they want to as well as get rid of netanyahu they want to engage more in israeli politics according to the polls that is what the voters want and there was an op ed released by an order at the same time in the new york times saying we've decided to demonstrate to the arab palestinian citizens can no longer be rejected or ignored to recommend mr grant's as next prime minister without joining his expected unity coalition government is
12:57 am
a clear message that the only future for this country is a shared future so a real change in the way that this grouping is operating well harry also in terms of this whole numbers game another key player added on even then is refusing to back either. all benny gantz how will he affect the final outcome. yes will not at least separately he says that the only way that that his and his members of the knesset would sit in a unity government is if there were a unity government between likud and blue and white and then israel bitter knew his party would sit with it his whole campaign having collapsed the coalition talks so dramatically of course he's a long time both ally and enemy of benjamin netanyahu his decision to totally rupture with netanyahu and collapse those talks bringing about the circumstances which made netanyahu come to the conclusion that he had to call
12:58 am
a 2nd election that the fact that he did that the kind of messaging he's been putting out without explicitly saying he wouldn't serve with netanyahu suggests that netanyahu his position of the head of likud would be the main stumbling block for any such freeway coalition to take place i also asked the head of the likud delegation here yariv levine whether given that they say they want unity government i'm addressing you know his presence is the stumbling block why not just nominate another leader he made it very clear that no external force could determine the leader of the early could especially when the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and he criticized the stumbling block was blue and white for not even sitting down with the israeli prime minister how to force that with that update from westray somehow be staying across all those developments thank you very. well hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters who trashed parts of a shopping mall and an adjacent metro station protesters also trampled on
12:59 am
a chinese flag and lit fires as they targeted stores run by mainland operators sarah clarke reports from hong kong. they arrived in the hundreds taking over some of the city's largest shopping at the new term plan. so in shot team they converged on every floor shops linked to the mainland with a time at this time some stopped on china's national flag before ripping up the was through alice they sang and yelled abuse storyline is suspected of being pro beijing pro hong kong government and then she stores and restaurants were forced to clients. outside the mall protesters used umbrellas to hide their faces before smashing security cameras and burning barricades. specialist right place then moved in issued a warning and fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd.
1:00 am
at another boiling cow loon around 200 protesters marched through the shopping center chanting slogans such as fight for freedom and revive hong kong and the gatherings like these in shopping malls are a new tactic being used by protesters it's a peaceful means of getting a message across at the same time they targeting chinese and companies. but the peace didn't last long police moved in after protesters vandalized stools and a metro station the crowd was chased out of the mall the station placed despite the chaos caused few demonstrators to how much compared to the previous 16 weeks of sunday protests. condoms chief executive kerry lam is due to host the 1st in a series of public meetings which she hopes will end the crisis that protesters say white backed down.


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