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tv   Arabs Abroad The Businesswomen The Councillor  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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taking over some of the city's largest shopping malls but the new town planners are in shock tiene they converged on every floor shops late to the mainland with a target this time some stopped on china's national flag before ripping it up i was for hours they sang and yelled abuse story right as suspected of being probation for hong kong government eventually stores and restaurants were forced to close. outside the mall protesters used umbrellas to hide their faces before smashing security cameras and burning barricades. special swat place then moved in issued a warning and fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd. was at another boiling kalou around 200 protesters marched through the shopping center chanting slogans such as fight for freedom and revive hong kong the gatherings like this in shopping malls are
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a new tactic being used by protesters it's a peaceful means of getting a message across at the same time the targeting chinese own companies. but the peace didn't last long police moved in after protesters badla stores and a metro station the crowd was chased out of the mall the station closed despite the chaos caused few demonstrators took pot compared to the previous 16 weeks of sunday protests. hong kong's chief executive carrie lamb is due to host the 1st in a series of public meetings which she hopes will end the crisis that protesters say why back down until the demands for greater freedom and less a control from beijing it. circa al-jazeera hong kong. all right still ahead so on the program. at least 3 people were injured during a protest in nicaragua which was banned by the authorities. the u.k.'s main
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opposition party continues to tear itself apart and if it's position on price it. had other nights as new drawing in days getting shorter so you expect the weather to change as often comes in you'd be right much of the weather in europe comes in from the west and the atlantic is wet and windy series of frontal systems eventually works its way across the slow movement at the moment so the picture for monday is going to be this for the clouds got this far into germany in parliament down towards remain here with a lot of green light to be i think physicians rain with substance or italy there's a bit of a gap the next one is coming in so when the rain now that means eastern europe is going to have a fine looking day not as quite as cloud free as it is or was on sunday or the 70 degrees or more so but it's moscow the place is going to feel the real code if i
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run 24 hours he's also not far away the s. current of the north $36.00 degrees should be 14 this time of the year at the same time the clouds dispersed to some degree in central europe rains come down to the balkans towards greece and the sun's more prevalent in southern france spain and portugal haven't done badly sarette this year notice so standard change of weather type there is still a few more showers to come through to near 0 i think on monday with attention to this is to 32 degrees dropping a little bit with the breeze on tuesday and then the sun's out for today is here algeria america. we will be taken by this fighting force liberal the united states army the sober life support of the club of dependency we have this tweet the way we. work in the reality of the 21st century you noted in your in.
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only if the persons that are sending out you should be child soldiers not. child soldiers relocate on al-jazeera. again a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera ahead of the u.n. climate summit in new york a damning report is warning that the impacts of global warming a speeding up it says global sea levels are rising at our fastest rate as carbon emissions have also hit new highs. iran's president has told western powers to leave the security of the persian gulf to regional nations led by terror on you'll
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see a promise to unveil a regional peace plan at the u.n. next week to secure the gulf region without the need for foreign intervention. hong kong police have clashed with protesters outside a shopping mall which was vandalized along with a metro station the demonstrators trampled on chinese flag lit fires and targeted stores linked to china. israel's president says the country's next government should include both prime minister benjamin netanyahu could party and benny gantz his blue and white alliance when rivlin is leading 2 days of talks to choose a leader for a coalition government last week's election which was israel's 2nd in 5 months failed to produce a clear winner palestinian israeli parties are recommending benny gantz are a force that has been monitoring those talks and has more now from west jerusalem. well the head of the joint list the mainly palestinian israeli grouping of parties says that they have made history here at the israeli president's residence here in
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west jerusalem this sunday just days after his reelection by recommending a candidate for the prime minister of israel they say they're recommending benny gantz to be that prime minister it's the 1st time since 1992 that such a grouping has made such a recommendation and i'm annoyed i said it was after years of being diligent to my eyes by the administration of benjamin netanyahu that they had to take part they had to act to end that era but look at us alone who are not with the we usually do not endorse israeli prime minister is so without doubt there is an historical side to what we are doing now we want to put an end to the era of benjamin netanyahu therefore will endorse spinny gantz to form the next government a minute it also made it clear that this wasn't just about removing benjamin netanyahu is also a reflection of a shift in opinion among palestinian israelis polls show a real appetite for greater engagement in israeli politics more results from their
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politicians on things such as crime social policy economics and he said in terms of trying to repeal the nation state law which made palestinian israelis into 2nd class citizens in this country as for the reaction from the other parties well could its delegation here said that no israeli government should rely on and honest arab parties to try to confer legitimacy on it and the blue and white delegation its head said that it would sit in coalition unity government but only with zionist parties so explicitly ruling out the joint list the other big question though remains how and whether there will be that unity government between blue and white on one side and likud on the other ballooning presence of benjamin netanyahu appears to remain the stumbling block to that happening much now depends on the actions of president rivlin himself. there will be a 2nd round of meetings like this or monday after which at some stage over the course of the next week or so he will have to decide to whom you will give the 1st
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opportunity to form a coalition government if that fails then it may well go to a 2nd attempt but even a further thing looming behind all of it that president rivlin says he wants to avoid at all costs a furred election trading on egypt's stock exchange was suspended for 30 minutes on sunday after the e g x $100.00 dropped by 5 percent say the fall is linked to the protests which broke out in cairo and other cities on friday and saturday thousands of people rallied to demand the resignation of president abdel fattah el-sisi over corruption allegations against him dozens were arrested during the demonstrations and egypt's media authority has warned journalists it's monitoring coverage of the protests to ensure they abide by quote professional codes well meanwhile an egyptian rights lawyer says prosecutors have ordered the brother of a u.s. based to gyptian activist to remain in custody for 15 days in cairo hasn't gone in
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was arrested on thursday and detained on allegations he joined an outlawed group and spread false news his brother while going to lead a facebook page that helped ignite the 2011 uprising he says his brother's arrest was retaliation for his recent criticism of president sisi. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at antigovernment protesters in nicaragua on saturday injuring 3 people the demonstrators accuse president daniel take of corruption and want him to stand down and call an election ortega says the hostility is a terrorist close against him. reports. this latest protest organized by opponents of president daniel t. that turned violent almost immediately. as protesters approached riot police in the capital managua on saturday they were met with tear gas rubber coated bullets and stun grenades known as splash bangs the final day one of the senior commanders
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grabbed one of those flash bangs and threw it directly on my forehead and then exploded and that got me disoriented and i passed out. mass protests started in april last year but 1st nicaraguans demanded social security reform then their demands grew into a movement against tika and the government over the past 17 months at least $300.00 nicaraguans have been killed and tens of thousands have fled the country more than $100.00 political prisoners are in jail. the thing as a mother i feel uncomfortable because freedom is freedom of expression too we have the right as a country to express ourselves we have the right to speak up but here we're held captive they don't let us speak freely. has described his opponents as violent terrorists inciting a coup against him since the crisis began a government crackdown has targeted human rights groups journalists and activists.
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mode today we are marching in memory of matt romero the young man who was murdered on september 27th by a sniper when he merely exercise his right to peaceful protest we are marching for political prisoners there are more than 120 political prisoners who are still. in prison the government bans uninfluenced protests but rallies like this show that it is opponents are in no mood to give up on their demand for change victoria gate and b. is there. a bus has crashed in northern pakistan killing 26 people police say the vehicle was traveling along a mountainous road in the chill us district when its brakes failed around 20 people were taken to hospital for treatment road accidents are common in pakistan where motorists often ignore traffic rules and safety standards on worn out roads now tens of thousands of indian americans have packed into a texas stadium for an unusual joint rally by the indian prime minister narendra
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modi and the u.s. president donald trump the event in houston dubbed how do you know d. is a rare show of support for a foreign leader on u.s. soil with a presidential election due in 14 months trump appearance at the rally could help improve his image in one of america's most multi ethnic cities and our white house correspondent ed how kit joins us now from that event in houston and so it can be one of both leaders hoping to gain by appearing at this rally. well for donald trump part he definitely is looking to improve his image with the 4400000 indian americans and 50000 of them are roughly packed into this football stadium behind me this is a left leaning state increasingly and donald trump needs this conservative support so for him it was that but for a nigger prime minister modi never in her modi this was
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a controversy in terms of standing alongside donald trump on that stage he's gotten a lot of international criticism for his you know sort of broad and sweeping efforts to strip autonomy from kashmir for the fact that there's been a rise of attacks against religious minorities under his government inside india and as a result many people here felt that this was a good effort to kind of sequel agenda mysie on the international stage appearing alongside donald trump so that's what's made this visit rather controversial as a result there are many people who feel that this is something that the u.s. government should have pushed back on you have to remember that prime minister modi one time was not allowed into the united states wasn't granted a visa a lot has changed since then but that is still something that continues to haunt him the criticism that he has this sort of hindu nationalist brand of politics very similar criticisms in a way though the fact that many people compare him to donald trump in terms of that
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nationalism perspective here in germany there were actually some process outside the rally was. yeah we experienced that 1st hand in fact the organizers of this event really sought to kind of downplay the criticisms of modi by making this kind of a feel good public relations event designed to kind of being this positive image of the 2 leaders standing alongside on the stage together but as we tried to film some of the protesters that were here and that's when things got a little messy in fact one of the supporters began to try and yank our credentials began to try and grab the camera from our photographer vengefully the police had to move in had to try and separate these protesters as we were in order to keep broadcasting given our own little sort of secluded area it really underscores the tensions that exist here how passionate many of the people are here in the united
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states trying to spotlight when they see as kind of a glossing over of some of the negative headlines inside india that they feel in advance of the u.n. general assembly meeting be especially that they are trying to continue to highlight or i can be happy with the latest that is houston thank you. now the u.k.'s opposition leader is under increasing pressure as his party struggles to unite the bracks states with a snap election expected in the coming months party officials were hoping to present a government in waiting the party's annual conference instead though the event has been overshadowed by infighting with some senior figures pressing jeremy corbyn to campaign to remain in the e.u. but he barbour has more now from brighton. stuff. on occasions like this he tends to get treated like a rock star but as jeremy corbyn to write for day 2 of the labor party conference the mood music behind the scenes was far from soothing labor announce
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a potentially vote winning policies on sunday including scrapping charges for medical prescriptions in england but they're being overshadowed by divisions within the shadow cabinet over bricks it policy is that of course the whole bit was asked on national television about his plan to negotiate a new brix it deal and hold a referendum on it you get the deal you want do you then come back to the british people in a referendum and sell that deal we put both views to break do you fail the deal we will put both to use and say look this is the best deal we could get this is the remain and hopefully reform option these are the choices before the labor leadership's line is that when it comes to formulating bricks in policy ahead of a general election it has to take into account not just its overwhelmingly pro remain membership but the many labor voters who backed leave in the referendum particularly in northern areas but some commentators say the reality is different there's a great line one shadow minister says my labor leaders are more labor in the labor
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my labor remaining will remain and their labor sort of risk lots and pieces of a company assisting is that by trying to please a group of voters who almost they would label whatever. members will voters will come in later in their droves and you see from the slight uptick polygamy's got from that revokes policy last week that the. as a real and present danger. even before conference began there was an unexpected push by called loyalists to scrap the role of deputy leader held by tom watson who insists labor must adopt a clear and bricks it stance. will intervene to stop that move but on monday conference is set to vote on competing motions on breaks of policy labor government will address the rather to this of course. and despite the clear promises on things britain's care deeply about it's far from clear labor can come up with a bricks it stance that will win over undecided voters if a snap election is called between barber al jazeera brighton now the ground symbol
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of the much love superhero but smile illuminated cities around the world this weekend celebrating be caped crusaders 80th birthday the sign of the dark knight was 1st projected in melbourne before lighting up buildings in asia europe africa and the americas many fans dressed up to mark the anniversary of batman's 1st appearance in the pages of d.c. comics back in 1939 comparing the moment to a solar eclipse. and of course you can find out much more about many of the stories we've been covering in this program by going to your website al-jazeera dot com out of here dot com. and a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera the un has turned up the heat on world leaders ahead of its climate summit in new york with a new report warning that the impacts of global warming are speeding up the data compiled by the world meteorological organization says global sea levels are rising
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at their fastest rate and carbon emissions of hits new highs. what. i say publicly is what climate scientists have been saying privately for some time which is that climate is turning out to be more sensitive to their inputs of greenhouse gases that we previously thought and that means the urgency of dealing with the problem is growing faster iran's president has told western powers to leave the security of the persian gulf to regional nations led by terror on has been rouhani made the comment while watching parades showcasing his country's military arsenal he also promised to unveil a regional peace plan at the united nations next week to secure the gulf region without the need for foreign intervention the u.s. says it wants to avoid war with iran. on police have clashed with protesters outside a shopping mall which was vandalized along with a metro station the demonstrators trampled on the chinese flag and lit fires as
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they targeted stores links to china it is the 16th straight weekend of anti government protests israel's president says the country's next government should include both prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it could party benny gantz is blue and white alliance we're going rivlin is leaving 2 days of talks to choose a leader for a coalition government last week's election which was israel 2nd in 5 months failed to produce a clear winner. tens of thousands of indian americans have packed into a texas stadium for an unusual joint rally by the indian prime minister narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump the events in houston dubbed how the modi is a rare show of show of support for a foreign leader on u.s. soil with presidential elections due in 14 months trumps appearance at the rally could help improve his image in one of america's most multi-ethnic cities and those
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are the latest headlines talk to al-jazeera is coming next hour back with the headlines in 25 minutes. michael. you can. see. it is an ambitious story but easy as hopes to help change his country through the medium of dockets is the 1st mexican to hold the prestigious role of lead principal dancer at the english national ballet 2 years ago he was named best male dancer a bunny's equivalent of the oscars. and on days along with his 10 brothers and
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sisters who's talked to daunce by his father in the backyard of their home in guadalajara despite living and performing across the world since he was 13 his heart remains in mexico. he recently appeared in a greenpeace film about protecting the oceans. and is a cultural ambassador for his country persuading world call stances to perform and teach that this weekend and as discusses with us the joy adults or the arts in mexico urgently need government support and how young people should have the chance to realize that dreams lead principal of the english national ballet the 2nd hand as talks to al jazeera. these are commands us thank you for talking to al-jazeera i wanted to start by asking you how you would describe dancing to someone who's never seen
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a ballet or never take an adult's call because essentially believe excessive will to everyone it's almost a basic human right by the. green grew with that statement and actually i consider it a human right something that it's an instinct that we'll have you know we've been dancing for a very long time i think from the beginning of time we've done. for really really just purposes we dance for recreational purposes and. i think that it's. fine to an instrument. that allows you to feel a freedom that there is only certain ways to access you know life and that's one thing through the physical experience and that's why for me ballet it has been so exciting at different points of my life because when i was just starting to dance it was purely recreation when i started to understand the mechanics and the techniques behind it and it started realizing how bad it was pushing my physical
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ability to the limit and to discover new limits that was just pure excitement and i the moment that i failed that on a stage then i understood what freedom meant to be able to stand in an empty space to create. moments that are not timetable that are us real for the audience and for the person creating those moments he had such an unusual childhood he come from not particularly wealthy family you were educated at home and you grew up in mexico which of course isn't exactly known for encouraging mail but it was your father who made sure you were exposed to it on almost a daily basis i think that was the only reason why you ended up being a ballet dancer when you say i had the fortune of having both my parents the next ballet dancers and my dad faced a very different sort of reality when he decided to be a dancer his father was an architect very traditional sort of. cliché
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and he said you're in never going to be going to go to school and you're going to be an architect like myself and your brother it's up there so i leave my ground father died when my dad was 16 years old and he asked mother for a little bit of money to move to mexico city to the cup to pursue his dream but that meant that he was basically expelled from his family and he had to find a way of making a living and pursuing these this dream so when we fast forward to when when he started the family 11 children and later with few going to go means my parents decided that downs could be a way you. teaching or some valuable rules basically could help us in life and also a son opportunity to maybe aspire to have a better life and in that sense my parents decided to teach us at school at home
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also school because 11 children. are very expensive for school and my parents were not very keen on sending us to the public system. so obviously at that point in my. very crazy idea that already they living children were causing issues among my parents' families but but it turned out that time prove them right because they were able to give us a chance to pursue things that we were passionate about so we were taking piano lessons at home we were having a martial arts teacher coming to teach us my dad was in charge of several subjects my mom was doing and the rest of the subjects we learned english with. and we spoke about politics philosophy that my friends were my brothers and there was those over and there was a great thing you know once we would turn. the age 1516 you could have the choice
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to go to a high school or to university or to dedicate your time to piano or dance or things like that and that gave us a lot of time to be able to build on on our own are our passions and they all took. several different roads but my brother stephen and myself fell in love with dance we were actually the least talent that physically. but we were we were in love with bands with the mechanics of it and the stories that made that word was telling us and that's what made us fall in love at that point we didn't have any sort of reference in dance in mexico there was the national company but we were very isolated from from or was happening so we started in the backyard we started taking classes amongst our brothers and siblings and my dad thought that
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we could possibly have talent so we started doing international competitions on national competitions and when we came on to the world of dan's we realised that we had done something different worse creating a sort of steer. yeah i mean it's fascinating he literally to chew in the back garden with a railing as the bar and it was a race. it's where my where we would hang the clothes and we were only doing buyer because we had no more real space for center also the floor and inclination for the water to run and i remember my dad at that point he was telling me don't worry i'm training you for you to be able to bounce of the you know the stage is a little bit incline and when i finally arrived to the paris opera dance in the paris opera i made sure my dad was there to see it to see it happen because i mean if you if you fast forward in those years and everything that we went through to be
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there it sounds a little bit like a miracle. when you were 13 you won the scholarship to go and study darts in philadelphia in the u.s. how did it feel at that age to go to a foreign country when you've been in a bubble as you say your siblings is as your friends and suddenly you're out there with just your sister as a companion in a foreign place i remember at the beginning. it's very scary because they don't speak english very well i was the youngest in the school in the dormitory so that's why my sister was with me and they were separate thing so everybody was looking at me differently and treating me differently so in that sense it was good and bad i wanted to be normal as possible but i also want to to excel at what i was doing so it was an interesting it was an interesting time it god really hard for me there in philadelphia 2 years after i had arrived i go to her need a disk in my back and i was going through my teenage years. and then it
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got serious i started to think about my life without down's i started. to see a real possibility to be able to convey told me that you might not want to get in there i mean you didn't dance for you x. . that was the hardest thing that at that point in to that point i indestructible you know i felt like it was only a matter of time for me to reach my dream job or to be able to dance in the companies that i was hoping for and all of the sudden after one of wonder herschel i couldn't i could hardly walk i lost all the strength in my leg and it was an injury that it's not meant for a 15 year old and usually happens much later in life so i spent 3 months just laying and getting up only for the essential things and those 3 months were mentally very difficult because obviously you go from jumping around and seeing that sort of freedom and that sort of confidence that that dance was giving to my
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to my identity to not having anything really and i know appreciate having gone through that because i understood one thing very clearly that i did not want to stop dancing very dark period particularly for 15 year old he also went through a rather dark period when one of your brothers died in a car crash but did they experience is painful of course joyful experiences do they help in your performance in any way i mean do you actually use the experiences to live a complicated i've had i do think about those things quite often because the very things that change your life forever and one of the most a scary thought i had when i started travelling west to receive a phone call like that you know but at that point i learned that i had a price to pay that the old way of living had the price to pay and he was that you would miss out on many things with your family and you would miss out all the time
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. with my brother but at the end of the day. it's a matter of. life and being able to. show yourselves on a stage. not only. physically or artistically but also. with integrity and in order to do that i have to be able to do accept that there was a part of me in that situation happened that situation nice press and with me when i'm on a stage regardless of the role sometimes some roles don't need that sort of heavy stuff but it does 'd give my person and my artistic person a sense of weight because i understand the consequences now making choices in life and i understood that very quickly. you've lived such
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a healthy life away from mexico you have seen a very proud passionate person about your country when you look at what it's going through now with the violence the corruption the drug gangs the fair total trumps infamous how does that make you feel about your country so i must be quite tough it's a it's a conflicting feeling because they're realities about mexico no matter how. many turns to. we cannot ignore really there are real issues in my country that need to be addressed for a very long time now it's been very violent it's been very corrupt so i have never tried to cover that up but i have always been hopeful for my country because i recognize and this incentives people that gives me hope and that made me go back and say there is people here that are worth. working for and we
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need to be able to do it. well. there was an inspiration to go back home to do things different to do things without political and to do things for the well being of individuals the future of the country where you did that you set up and a project which essentially brought international dancers to mexico they would perform a teaching workshops to try to inspire young mexican children but i know that the funding the government funding has now been withdrawn and the projects had to finish is there a sense do you think that the arts culture it's not taken seriously enough or respected enough i think it goes through cycles and that's what i'm trying to break i would like for this to continue your on in cycles because then you cannot plan for the future and you cannot see the benefit of the arts in society if you
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don't give them time to grow. and a lot of a lot of times in a country like mexico arts and culture can be interpreted so many different ways and to ear government you mean said different thing it can mean popular culture it can mean traditional craft or or it could be can see there as elitist if you are talking about high art and music and dance and theatre and things like that so i've gone through a few. a few different political parties that have been called the time when i started building this project and my main goal had always has always been with them is that peace to see beyond that these to see beyond their 6 year term to see beyond where what they can get out of it or supporting something like these and for them to be able to give time an opportunity for these
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children to pursue the pursuit of passion. in order for that to happen i knew that they needed to have a point of reference and not only the government but also our society in mexico because when i started thinking why why was the reason for the dance not to be taken more seriously i started seeing that a lot of the things that we know about down's goes through generations in mexico so one of the most popular sayings in mexico is if you are an r.t.s. you're going to starve and the other one is that don't do ballet and that's that by ladies hopi is not a serious profession so based on those 3 main issues that that get passed through generations and or so that the 1st thing that needed to happen is to change the mind of the parents for them to feel. like their kids passion ace could be a profession and you could make
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a decent living out of it and you could dedicate your life. to the arts and not considered waste and see the benefits as well in the rest of this is coming to the u.k. understood the value of the arts for our economy and i saw huge potential in mexico that was not being can see there in that sense so i started to promote a different way you've seen arts not only as a tool for the creation but as a tool for social mobility so that a kid that starts dancing in the backyard can. living improve his life and by consequence improve the whole country what would you say to people who say mexico's got so many issues to deal with it's that artful top priority that you have to prioritize government funding and it should be going to the arts how would you respond to that and through why the arts are important i think like like i was
4:38 am
saying earlier there are many ways of looking at them and what you cannot the ninety's the benefit that it gives to an individual and how that these complements the tool that he's fundamental for the development of the of the human essence i think the. empathy that that. willingness to allow yourself to feel to connect with other people without words with body language with. previous experiences to share those experiences to be able to sit and create or simply to have. a space in your brain where you can be with yourself and be at peace aids. every day is more valuable for for an individual to have those those refuge. in our in our brains so in that sense for me has been a very very literal thing because it literally includes improving my way of life my
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family and all my close circle and bad for people 'd that are for example in the government that are worried are so many issues that are facing mexico at the moment. i think that they can appreciate those qualities and installing those qualities in the youth to be able to allow them the freedom to believe in their dreams in their imagination to be able to have. the potential least to have those refuge in their brain to be able to collaborate to work with each other to know what he's like to be consistent to be disciplined to be passionate about something i find there is a huge sacrifice when a person is forced to giving up their passion or their dream for doing something that is expected of them and i find that terrible and i find that one of
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the main issues of our society in mexico is that there are too many people doing too many things that they don't like to do so in that sense i think it's worth giving it a go and given a chance to a kid to imagining that anything's possible and that once you have that the ones that kid has that certainty then you just have to sit back and wait to see what he creates for the future but if he hasn't not that opportunity if he does and how that i mean in his mind then he's just bound to repeating the vicious circle that the government is trying to break in other ways. what patients do you have left especially when you decide to stop dancing and i'm hearing you speak such passion i think possibly politics. i mean it's a secret. mission and i've always been passionate about politics. i've been fighting for all these projects to to remain as higher away. as possible us
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from politics because i believe that we need long term planning for cultural projects in mexico to have a real impact so my job has been to be able to not take away the responsibility from the government from supporting and making art accessible bad to encourage also the private sector to build together with the government and the support to me because he's everyone's responsibility in mexico we have a sense of i don't know if you translates well but that. when you expect everything from the government. and that's the case in the arts and i'm against that as well i believe there has to be a combination of both so in that sense it's been politically possible to be able to get. different parts of the society to collaborate together. but i've recently got into cinema i made
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a film last summer with. and i loved it. obviously got to work with 2 of the greatest. mass so i was very lucky in that sense but i got all their opportunities a good offer serious to make a serious now as an actor. have another film i'm starting to shoot so that opened up a whole different side of side of things that i would like to to explore and that works at the moment because i can make it work with my career i don't know if i can fit it. in between of the fairly i would like to be able to continue to influence and create opportunities in mexico as far away from politics as possible the arts is of an obvious place for you to be campaigning but you also recently made a film film with greenpeace. are you something out of our mental activists to think wanted you to screen peace and when they approached me through the director of the
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film and i look out of i was really excited because i love. that particular message that they were trying to convey the protection of the oceans when i started finding out a little bit about. how much of the ocean is actually protected when i learn that it's only 3 percent of the ocean that is currently protected and even if we accomplish 56 percent for it to be protected it would be of a huge benefit especially because once they arrive to the bowed to this but on so boat in bermuda we started going to the smaller beaches smaller islands had and started finding all that plastic everywhere even from tennis shoe to ropes to be just completely covered in plastic and i found that alarming and that was the reason we're decided to. join forces with the director with better alone so on and
4:44 am
create the species that is being presented by a bit of them at the u.n. to talk competition and global treaty. for the protection of the oceans a final thought what would you say to your 8 channels self you know practicing on the rail the ball in your backyard looking back now what would you say to him it's a it's a difficult thing to reflect on because. my my world was a very small in comparison to what we became after all the travelling and working in different places. that now i can see. so much more in detail i have more information i would just say to him to be brave and that has been the constant in my life and whenever i decided to leave home i had to be brave to face a different world and every time i have changed companies i have made risky decisions i have. made a statement that maybe goes against the majority or things like that things that
4:45 am
have shaped my career until now it's because of that because i have been brave to. to face myself 1st and to and to be able to face my limitations as well and sometimes that's not not easy and that's been important so i would just say be brave because this shooter is going to be very complex the 2nd on this thank you so much from ok alison thank you thank you for going.
4:46 am
through these doors will walk the influences the experts my special guests. on these pews will sit and inform the audience and my distinguished panelists ready and waiting for a combative debate. for nearly 200 years people have insisted on making their voices heard here in the chamber of the oxford union and this time i'll be waiting for them a new series of head to head coming soon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera will meet. with roots in the middle east both build successful lawyers or book over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading funds but never forgot where they came from. i try to put forward a different takes than the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera. is
4:47 am
a dialogue that you decide not to have children. take is really human survival everyone has a voice that i start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did one this is a little ph and literally be able to do a ph d. and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged. cultura downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi to be refugees here since $964.00. have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the
4:48 am
indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient starting a pair of businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. hello there i'm christi paul in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the un has turned up the heat on world leaders ahead of its climate summit in new york with a new report warning that the impacts of global warming are speeding up the world meteorological organization says the average global temperature for 2015 to 2019 is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period on record it says global sea levels
4:49 am
are rising at that fastest rate and carbon emissions that hits new highs here are president has told western powers to leave the security of the persian gulf to regional nations led by terror on a summer holiday made the comments while watching parades showcasing his country's military arsenal tensions are high after a series of attacks including a missile and drone strike on saudi oil facilities the u.s. says it wants to avoid war with iran saying that he has more. against the backdrop of a military parade iran's president proposed a new security plan for gulf waterways show your job we're going to presume to plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman the announce to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security our approach will create
4:50 am
solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. iran's peace plan comes at a critical time. pushing a message of peace and hope in her moves at the u.n. general assembly in new york rouhani will be trying to sink the latest american backed international coalition being formed in the middle east this time to patrol international shipping lanes in the gulf the u.s. floated the idea of a maritime coalition after attacks on oil tankers earlier this year america and gulf allies blamed iran for the explosions investigators said they found no conclusive evidence to say who carried out the attacks countries that have joined the maritime patrol missions so far britain bahrain saudi arabia more recently australia and the united arab emirates following attacks on saudi oil plants last week also blamed on iran without definitive proof iran's leaders will be concerned about the u.s. plan gaining more support. but all i am are those who want to link the region's
4:51 am
incidents but the islamic republic of iran lying just like the apostles which have been revealed if the truthful and really seek security in the region they must not see him with pins 5 digits bombs and dangerous arms to the region. this week of events in cities across the country will mark the beginning of iran's 8 year war with iraq in 1900 gulf arab states supported ben iraqi president saddam hussein something rouhani reminded iranians of in his speech but he also said that all can be forgiven if there is unity among us on the countries that the united states is only interested in dividing the region and pillaging resources and that the security of the region lasting security is only up to the people indigenous to the area. hong kong clashed with protesters outside a shopping mall which was vandalized along with a metro station the demonstrators trampled on
4:52 am
a chinese flag and lit fire as they targeted stores linked to china it is the 16th straight weekend of the protests. israel's president says the country's next government should include both prime minister benjamin netanyahu slick party and but against his blue and white alliance reuven rivlin is leading 2 days of talks to choose a leader for a coalition government last week's election which was israel's 2nd in 5 months failed to produce a clear winner. tens of thousands of indian americans are packed into a texas stadium for an unusual joint rally by the indian prime minister narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump event in houston dubbed how the modi is a rare mass show of support for a foreign leader on u.s. soil with a presidential election 2 in 14 months trump's appearance could help improve his image in one of america's most multi ethnic cities and those are the latest
4:53 am
headlines on al-jazeera stay with us child soldiers followed it is next but why. we will maintain the finest fighting force of the world has ever known the world has ever known the world has ever known world's ever known that would not implicitly have to do people would most of it just they're not the image that it conjures up in most people's mind. like any other thing in the global finance it's just the military trade. contractors don't like hard time around. my dad pretty to go to.
4:54 am
the missing young government perspective the iraqi troop and was considered a good deal. in the article you were on the. 30 years. we have a mismatch between the way we magine war to be and the reality of the 21st century can we do a little more could we find someone and we do it for boardroom don't mean you get what you pay for. b.b.c. world service of us troops have left iraq america continues to maintain
4:55 am
a high passes in the country we do not just u.s. embassy in the world the situation in afghanistan has entered a crucial phase the international troops have to go under control over to the afghan forces the security situation really critical in the country. sees throughout america oxford was up by my son in iraq. this is a cat as it will come out as it will. so yeah i know but if i was this other funds or even friends most of it is gary samore and they are worried after i'm vanstone. they now father and son right now down there tonight yeah. how many of the persons that you're sending how. you feel your child soldiers into the night on 7 i can tell i can tell you that when you think i can't. i can tell
4:56 am
a good deal with many people i'm going to say i this and it is this and this. president inspecting smile did. not feel sadness. recruits. were the ones. in the building well. enough to look at. in a bathing yule for 11 i would to. be so traditional if you don't know if it's with sticks in the spirit of the road this is a tradition if you are trying to simulate this many disorients them say well it
4:57 am
could and so on but that isn't the case some may be critical of people who used to be fighting when they were very young that they all go to war you don't think that's a problem not that's not our problem under from it is yes that must have shown before take it's not for much much just have us have. and even if they had started when they would fulfill it in the 30s but that's not a problem wasn't a problem just as the job as they are here is parea. when you send guidance well yes we fasted and they got the school fees training. i mean never gotten
4:58 am
a summit on resorted to using a gun on because of the ideas being that people go isn't what you tell me then it would be to andy and as an english. gun to shoot those who qualified need gun one. that it. will give companies risk on common on tract as we sometime on onto them. are example around dealing with it is for someone i'm.
4:59 am
the private military industry is a part of how the country is in fights wars today. u.s. government doesn't track the number of contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan we know it's a lot we don't really know exactly how many. i spent several years working within the industry i have a military background and one of the differences between being a soldier i found and being a private military contractor is that when you work for the u.s. military or any military you take a sacred oath that you're going to serve and fight for your country and necessary
5:00 am
die to protect a way of life one that you believe in i am an american soldier i'm a warrior and a member of it see. i will never accept defeat. at least i will never quit i'll never leave a fallen comrade it's the complete opposite in a private military world you look at the budget 1st the loyalty of these companies and these businessmen's change depending on market forces. we operate in the world's challenging complex emerging markets the middle east is absolutely the core for other business today. sarah we can are in pal and we perform india right on. this industry is not just what you see is what you get. when you see a company.


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