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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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i really felt liberated as a journalist by. getting to the truth was that i would not support this job. boris johnson shutting down of parliament is unlawful u.k. supreme court rules in a unanimous decision. i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 40 people including children are killed at an afghan wedding as u.s. backed forces targeted a nearby taliban hideout. at least 26 people were killed in indonesia's popular region after racism allegations violent protests. a divisive legacy spain's top court says the remains of dictator francisco franco should be examined from
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a state was only in. the last 6 consecutive brock's it related votes in parliament in just 2 months in office before shutting it down and now that decision by boys johnson has been declared unlawful by the united kingdom's highest court this court has already concluded that the prime minister's advice to her majesty was unlawful void and of no effect this means that the order in council which led was a little full void and of no if that should be quashed the prayer of geisha was also void and of no effect parliament has not been for the road. this is the unanimous judgement of all 11 justices of the u.k.'s main opposition leader jeremy corbett has called on the prime minister to resign following this ruling.
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and i invite boris johnson in the historic words to consider his position. above and big i'm big day and because i got that message and become the shortest serving prime minister there's ever been. or would challenge his live outside the supreme court there in london where all the actions being taking place rory boris johnson of course promised to a do or die breaks it with or without a deal on top of the 31st many of his rival sore from the offset this is special parliament as a way of somehow securing that what does this ruling say about the government's grip on brakes it. there is no precedent for this in british politics there is no precedent for the the humbling i think of
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the ship boris johnson as just being given as prime minister by the u.k.'s highest courts they have basically decided that what he did when he approached or suspended parliament 5 weeks went to the queen and told her that this was the right course of action they have decided that this was unlawful and that he was denying parliament is basic g.c. that boris johnson as prime minister is essentially the servant of the house of commons of the houses of parliament it is now parents that that decision taken by boris johnson was a catastrophic lead bad one the move as we have basically been told by this court was a way of frustrating. the actions of parliament will polman past it and see no deal bill anyway lost 21 m.p.'s sitting from his own party i kicked him out
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and he has just been dealt a huge blow to his oath already by this u.k. supreme court decision what happens next essentially is that the speaker of the house of commons and his counterparts in the house of lords will be calling essentially for the recall of all events they have said that this is what they're going to do speak to the parliamentary leaders that party leaders as quickly as possible and trying gets and pays back so that they can do what they always wanted to do which is carry on debating change and how when or if britain should leave the united kingdom sorry leave the european union. of course rory the prime minister is currently at the united nations in new york while all of this is happening usually doesn't go to bars johnson doesn't. not so good you know we have heard call after call we generally call when the leader of the
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labor opposition party saying that boris johnson should consider his position well we've heard much more stringent calls for him to resign from from other figures in the british political firmament pretty unanimously from all opposition corners all the other parties boris johnson asked to resign will he do that well i don't think he's the resigning type bots he has to pay attention to this rule of this is not something that you can just bluster through in in a boris johnson kind of way they're asked to be some accountability for this government and it will need to look like it is at least adhering to what has been handed down by the supreme court we are heading towards an election of course we might guess in the coming weeks something the. woods. catalyze that or at least change the trajectory change the direction of travel
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towards that election if there is a vote of no confidence in this government from opposition parties what we might end up with this some sort of can take a government or other parties that they don't really want jeremy corbett the labor leader to be leading that but maybe there could be another figure chosen to hades ok thank you government these are all questions that will be answered over the coming days this at the moment is one of these critical junctures in british politics it doesn't i have to say also the arithmetic of brecht's it the same options face the government now as they did a year ago that is whether to cancel brecht states extend it leave with a deal or leave without a deal that hasn't changed but this is a big constitutional moment for the united kingdom make no mistake a critical junction indeed or a chance in london thank you very much let's bring in our guest jonathan lists is the deputy director of british influence of europe think tank and business advisory
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group he joins us now from london because talk about asking you did you expect this . it seemed to the end of last week that we would get into a position where the government hadn't put a very strong case forward and. just as we're likely to find this decision yes but i think it was shocking it was a unanimous decision i don't think anyone was expecting that given that we are this critical juncture in british politics the brakes a deadline only a few weeks away in october 31st the possibility of an election looming what happens next how we do we decipher the next steps in british politics it seems anything could happen right now anything could happen you're absolutely right i mean parliament has the option to take legal action against the prime minister a vote of no confidence is a political to to depose the prime minister but now this is so serious and unprecedented in our recent history that there are that there may well be cause to
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actually impeach the prime minister which is never been done in golden british history so that's one thing in the short term i presume that they've got the parliament will reconvene itself because it's been found not to erode and then the prime minister hati face parliament and the conference so does this verdict mean unequivocal ie the boris johnson and the british government has to abide. well obviously you can't go against c.p.m. court so the point is the 1st purgation the purgation it's just happened has been found to be a move but the question will now be whether the government kind of fights perogue again and when it could parade again over the weekend they're refusing to rule that out and that will be the next issue to be debated the case because the part that the judge the coach can necessarily judge a probation to be unlawful before is actually happened jonathan less in london
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thank you very much for joining us. boris johnson is among the world leaders jew to speak at the 74th session of the united nations general assembly in the coming hours the meeting in new york comes amid simmering tension in the middle east over recent attacks on saudi oil facilities france germany and the u.k. have joined the u.s. and blaming iran and accusations the terror denies diplomatic editor james bays joins us live for a preview of what's ahead james so what will the u.n. be concentrating on in the coming hours. well it is the normal procedure here which is the world leaders one by one queuing up to speak to the u.n. general assembly and as is tradition we hear early on from the u.n. secretary general i'm told he's going to be making one of the most important speeches of told of his 2 and a half year term addressing the growing divisions in the international community
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then as is also tradition the 1st leader to speak is the president of brazil now president is deeply controversial because 24 hours ago we had the climate summit we've had those fires in the amazon look to see some strong language from him on the environment then the next week is the big act of the day it's president trump who will be speaking to the general assembly watch very closely for his words on iran because we really don't know where the u.s. policy of maximum pressure is now going after those attacks on the oil installations in saudi arabia which the u.s. and now france germany and the u.k. of blaming on iran what is the president going to do certainly the idea of a meeting between him and president rouhani now seems a very distant idea clearly a couple of weeks ago and after the g 7 that it seemed quite
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a possibility we'll see him or world leaders very important world leaders throughout the day but i suspect the other highlight is the end of the day here in new york on chews day for much of the world it will already be wednesday and that's when the british prime minister boris johnson will be baking his address to the general assembly he's just the prime minister others a president so they get further up the speaking order in fact the u.k. originally was given a speaking order on friday and they managed to negotiate it up to the 1st day of world leaders here on cheese day and clearly given the very dramatic developments that we've. seen in the u.k. i don't cover u.k. politics very closely anymore but i still follow it and this is really an unprecedented situation the u.k. that the u.k. finds itself in the u.k. for the prime minister appoints him so in this storm while he is away from london in new york i've been in touch with u.k.
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diplomats i can tell you they are being very very careful not to say too much but you can hear the tension in their voice it sounds to me look like in the u.k. mission they really really is a very very difficult indeed very dramatic turn of events in the u.k. james bays in new york thank you now humans who see fighters say a saudi led coalition air strike in the country south has killed at least 13 people the bomb hit a residential building in the darley a province a search and rescue operation is underway on monday and a strike in the province killed 7 people were members of one family they were hiding in a mosque the deaths of 40 people at an afghan wedding adding to major concerns about security days before the presidential election there is uncertainty as to exactly what happened in the moose the color region of helmand province on sunday night the government says the army was targeting
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a taliban training base where they killed fighters and arrested others the question is why so many civilians died from a bride has more from kabul. afghanistan's ministry of defense says it's now launched an investigation into this attack but what all sides seem to be agreed on is that there has been an extensive loss of life part of the problem is the remote this of the most a color area this is a taliban stronghold deep in helmand province that the military says that it was targeting what it calls a foreign al qaeda fighters saying a number were killed and others were captured but it does seem to have been a multiple strike both by ground forces and also an air strike and increasingly local sources in helmand including local officials are reporting that a wedding party was hit with the deaths and injuries of tens of people attending
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that gathering now pictures that have been picked up by one of the news agencies in which is reaching kabul do seem to show a number of civilian bodies on the ground quite harrowing pictures other pictures of wounded children it is difficult to vouch for the veracity of the pictures but if these pictures are authentic then it would seem to confirm that there has been an extreme loss of life of civilians amongst this wedding party this comes as the country's ministry of health has just released figures showing that in the past year some 3300 civilians have been killed in the fighting here with a further 16 in the hof 1000 injured and it's in 2019 that the united nations say that more civilians have been killed by actions by the afghan forces the coalition and the u.s. that have been killed by the groups of fighters they've been fighting against including the taliban. still ahead on al-jazeera coals for
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a public uprising an exiled cambodian politician seeks a national rebellion. and why girls a football team is being blocked from playing in a cup final. ally they weather is squatting down icy now across japan laws a clear sky drive by the loss of fine and sunny we can get this obviously at the rugby world cup is concerned in this weather system will continue to pull its way out of the way surprise guys coming in behind 27 celsius there for take a little cloud that just rolling out to the yellow sea the east china sea as we go on through the next to die also a little further north was into south korea but for japan itself as you can see more sunshine 26 ounces 31 in
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a sock another 31 in by saying as well plenty of sunshine here and a fair amount of sunshine too into sun postle china particularly on towards the southeast hong kong at around 30 degrees a little cloud aims to the eastern side of the country down towards the southwest but it will be some right on this but not too much to speak of we've got quite a rash of showers meanwhile still continue across southeast days i want to say showers filtering their way into the philippines it is lousy dry here plenty of warm sunshine season very wet weather recently into cambodia with some flooding and again the child's one of 2 showers just driving their way towards the gulf of thailand some showers to into malaysia but indonesia has fine dry and sunny. to my own family. with parents throughout history a lot more concentrated and what i mean. started fighting developed by nation state
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there could be enough to be fixed. now within reach of those seeking. the most toxic substances. and me. physical threat on al jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories britain supremes court system prime minister boris johnson suspension of parliament and more for the speaker says parliament will receive on wednesday. the deaths of 40 people of an afghan wedding adding to major
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concerns about security days out from the presidential election there the government says the army was targeting a taliban training base. at least 13 people have been killed in yemen's province to say a saudi led coalition air strike hit a residential building. on monday and asked trike and province killed 7 people all members of one family they were hiding in a mosque. a former cambodian opposition leader who lives in exile is calling for an uprising against the government the ruling party is threatening 30 year jail sentences for anyone who responds to the call by sam rainsy he's been speaking to al jazeera while in washington where he's lobbying the u.s. government to support his plan to return home in the awarning way in hayes report. 'd the last time sam rainsy returned to cambodia from exile he was welcomed by supporters under very different circumstances i had been convicted in absentia of
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spreading false information he arrived back in the capital phnom penh 6 years ago after receiving a pardon from king norodom see a money which was requested by prime minister. now along with other exiled members of his party he is planning to return again on november the 9th but this time the government says they'll all be arrested they have no choice or my party cannot take part in any election in the future because my party which is the only credible opposition party has been dissolved so i have to call on the people to rise up previous stay in cambodia lasted just over 2 years before he left for france again to avoid jail for another conviction sinsin there have been several more charges laid against him which he says are politically motivated and designed to destroy an illegitimate opposition the current leader of his cambodian national rescue party
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camps a car is under house arrest after being detained on treason charges 2 years ago the opposition was then dissolved by the courts and months later the ruling party of the prime minister went on to win every seat in the 2018 election the political vacuum has provoked criticism from many in the international community we have consistently urged the cambodian government to restart a genuine multi-party democracy and to protect human rights and. fundamental freedoms that doesn't seem to be happening the cambodian government describes rains he's called an attempted coup and is threatening to jail anyone who supports it for up to 30 years the cambodian government says it's an arrest warrant for sam rainsy to all other southeast asian nations in case he tries to travel through another country on his way back to cambodia government already see here in thailand say they received no such notification the latest charge against raincy is for insulting the king who he says should be standing with the people. what he's seen
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porter is freedom of expression and most of the cambodian people now realize that we have a powerless and use a king who is actually a puppet for the dictator who despite living in exile sam rainsy says he's not afraid of being arrested because the people and the armed forces will back him on the other side is prime minister who in sin has grown increasingly intolerant of dissent which suggests the attempted comeback by the opposition may not be a peaceful one wayne hay al jazeera bangkok police in indonesia's pop our region say they found several bodies on the burned buildings bringing the death toll from the unrest to at least 2620 of them died after protests to set fire to government buildings shops homes and cars and women or the violence was sparked by allegations that the teacher insulted an indigenous student or indonesia's eastern most region
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and shares a border with papa new guinea indigenous people there are melanesian who share ethnic similarities with people in papua new guinea and some of the pacific islands the latest protests that began last month of renewed calls for independence indonesia confirm control of after a disputed referendum in $169.00 which means many. many say was rigged. grievances have been further inflamed by accusations of racism and allegations of rights abuses by security forces. when activists say indigenous people haven't benefited from the wealth generated by the region's minerals the poverty rate is at 20 percent compared to the national indonesian rate of 9 percent damon kingsbury is professor of international politics a deakin university and an expert on indonesia he says the protests reflect the growing desire of rest west papuans to become independent. well it's a continuation of situation we've seen now for several weeks and indeed really
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going back to last december with the murder of 20 internation construction workers need the village of west papuan. what this trip what this reflects is that there is gradual in isolation amongst the west pop once the resistance movement and they're becoming much more active and that's being manifested in protests on the straights and the security forces responding by cracking down quite hard on them in many cases talking i think it's very widespread like last year there was a petition that was actually sung by west poppins melanesian was populations 1800000 signatures on that calling for a referendum on independence of a population of 4000000 that's a pretty extraordinary figure and i think it indicates that the movement is quite widespread across the province and there's a broad desire for a change in the political circumstances jakarta there is not and no appetite for
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having a referendum on independence or indeed any sort of discussion but they would be no resolution to this conflict without some sort of maybe i said dialogue some external broker coming in and sitting down between the parties at the moment and their positions are very far apart spain's supreme court has ruled the government can examine the remains of former leader general francisco franco franco currently lies in the valley of the fall in a mostly em for the civil war dead his relatives some right wing politicians had opposed moving the remains he's to be moved to a more discreet family tomb the ruling comes as parliament was dissolved and elections declared opposition parties have accused the ruling socialist of seeking political gain from the exhumation. and editor in chief of s. global she says most people will support moving the former leaders body for almost any and. in front of it. oscar gotten.
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another very very popular. and these are not read by. yes most people are going to fact that. he was a great you got to be in. at least 3. summer words. u.k. is dispatching flights to pick up travelers stranded by the collapse of one of the world's oldest travel agencies thomas cook he's with the scenes in turkey hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers were affected when britain's thomas cook cease trading after failing to secure additional funding from creditors is triggered the u.k.'s biggest operation since world war 2. well as he attends the un general assembly donald trump can't shake mounting questions on pressure about his dealings with ukraine is accused of pressuring the ukrainian president to
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investigate the family of political rival joe biden congressional committees want to obtain documents relating to the phone call in question while many democrats believe it could be grounds for impeachment like hannah explains from washington d.c. . the chairman of 3 congressional committees have signed a joint letter sent to the secretary of state might pompei are demanding that the transcript of president trump's conversation with the ukrainian president be presented to congress in another move as well the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed the acting director of national intelligence to appear before it on thursday to explain why he's been withholding the complaint made by a whistleblower from congress something that congress contends he's legally obliged to do the whole issue has galvanized the debate about impeachment a number of democrats were reluctant to go down that route including the house
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speaker nancy pelosi arguing that it could be politically explosive however the latest incident concerning that phone call with the ukraine has led to more democrats beginning to insist that the impeachment process is the only way to go the key day though is thursday when the acting director of national intelligence is quizzed by members of the house intelligence committee the hong kong government to hold its 1st public discussion of the crisis since protests began 4 months ago 20000 people have signed up to speak on thursday but just 150 will be chosen by lottery to voice their opinions chief executive carrie lam says she's hoping protesters don't disrupt the discussion. israel has blocked a girl's a football team from playing in a local cup final in the occupied west bank. has tried unsuccessfully for months to get permits even abraham reports from the stadium where wednesday's match is jus' a kickoff. for the matter of fact club in the gaza strip might lose the opportunity
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to play in the agent's champions league the players were one game away from winning the palestine cup that qualifies them for the international tournament only to find most of them were banned from playing by the israeli government it banned them from leaving gaza to go and play in the occupied west bank showdown right in the border and i feel defeated we can't even practice the sport we love like the rest of the players in the world we can't even go from the gaza strip to the occupied west bank even though we are one state. how the mother of another west bank drew their 1st leg match one all in gaza in june the overall winner after both legs would have played in the asian geek but israel only allowed 5 players to leave gaza denied entry based on what israel called security crown palestinians see the ban is the norm not the exception. this is a political decision linked to how the israeli occupation functions and deals with
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the palestinian sports that paralyzes our movement and restricts our ability to play the game. not only does israel control movement between the occupied west bank and the gaza strip but also decide who can enter or exit the palestinian territory i think the message that this kind of decision and sense is that even if you just want to play football you know even if you're trying to achieve your personal goals your professional goals the fact is that you're probable i think this sends the wrong message to people i think that people who are doing worthy goals or. not these kinds of obstructions. i think it's you know. the lack of freedom of movement was at the heart of a palestinian bid to suspend israel's membership of football's world governing body for 4 years ago palestinians then dropped a motion in exchange for an israeli promise of better treatment which palestinians sportsmen and women say hasn't been kept palestinians complain that is reduced
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pictures on their movements is here to another example of how they are deprived of having a functioning society that. the occupied west bank. they're watching these are the top stories written supreme court has declared prime minister boris johnson suspension of parliament a little for the speaker says parliament will resume on wednesday. u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn has called on the prime minister to resign following the ruling. and i invite boris johnson and their story words to consider his position. and make sure they. got the message and become the shortest serving prime minister
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there's ever been. yemen's hooty fighters say a saudi led coalition air strike in the country south has killed at least 13 people the bomb hit a residential building in the al dalia province a search and rescue operation is underway a monday an airstrike in the province killed 7 people all members of one family they were hiding in a mosque the deaths of 40 people at an afghan wedding adding to major concerns about security days out from the presidential election in the country the government says the army was targeting a taliban training base. spain's supreme court has ruled the government can exist in the remains of former leader general francisco franco franco currently lies in the valley of the fall and a more psyllium for the civil war dead his descendants and right wing politicians had opposed moving the remains who are now being moved to a more discreet family to. police in indonesia's papar region say they found
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several bodies under burnt buildings bringing the death toll from unrest there to at least $26.00 many of them died after protesters set fire to government buildings shops homes and cars in one manner the violence was sparked by allegations that a teacher insulted indigenous students. the u.k. is dispensing flights to pick up travelers stranded by the collapse of one of the world's oldest travel agencies thomas cook these were the scenes in turkey hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers were affected when britain's thomas cook cease trading off to failing to secure additional funding from creditors. those are the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera off the inside story stay with us.
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is it too late to stop climate change scientists warn time is running out as millions of young people demand well it lead as now but will that passion turn into political action this is a story. hello welcome to the program on iran con we're running out of time to stop climate change that's the warning from the united nations where the agency as well and leaders meet and from major u.n. climate conference the world meteorological organization says carbon emissions increased 20 percent in the.


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