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the future does not belong to globalists the future belongs to patriots. america 1st says yet again the rallying cry from donald trump at the u.n. general assembly as he takes aim at china iran and venezuela. and how he senior with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. punishment has not the. this is the unanimous judgment of all 11 justices. the highest court in the u.k.
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rules boris johnson misled the queen and illegally suspended parliaments. i strongly disagree with this decision of the supremes court of the british prime minister remains defiant saying breaks it will go ahead i made coals for him to resign. and at least $26.00 people were killed in indonesia as proper region after racism allegations sparked farland protests bus laying to rest a long running controversy in spain as judges ruled the remains of general franco should be exudes. the u.s. president's has urged people around the world to take pride in their country and preserve national sovereignty and his address to the united nations general assembly assessing that the future belongs to those he called patriots and not globalists so trump aim at china and its trade policies once again the united
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states lost $60000.00 factories after china and to the double. this is happening to other countries all over the. the world trade organization needs drastic change. the 2nd largest economy in the world should not be permitted to declare itself a developing country in order to game the system at others' expense. for years these abuses were tolerated. ignored or even in. globalism exerted a religious pull. on the past leaders causing them to ignore their own national interests. but as far as america is concerned those days are over well let's get
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more now from our diplomatic editor james bays he's at the u.n. and james trades and china regular themes with the u.s. president in a somewhat inevitable that he would turn his fire on beijing at some point during his speech. absolutely but this was the bit that the markets were watching and the markets drops a bit following these comments but yes predictable and we've heard president trump's tough talk on trade with other nations in particular china i think it's worth remembering the timing of all this there are supposed to be trade talks starting in october between the 2 sides so just a couple of weeks away and clearly i think he's trying to us lay down the line ahead of those trade talks but i have to say there are many that are worried about the on grow your own going competition between the u.s. and china and you're just economically but politically and earlier on we heard from
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the u.n. secretary general who said that he feared that could be a division into global level a great fracture as he called it with the world dividing into 2 different camps with 2 different economies 2 different political ideologies 2 different internets and 2 different trading systems and he said we really need to keep the universal system that is really exemplified by the u.n. and everyone working on the same playing field talking to each other. but another theme many will have been watching out for james was of course iran especially given the heightened tensions between iran and the u.s. at the moment want to its president trump have to say in that regard. well we didn't know which way president trump was going to go because in recent comments you've seen some quite bellicose comments and you've seen some comments that seem much more dovish we had the prospect at the g 7 meeting last month of.
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that potentially big meeting this week between president trump and president rouhani brokered by the french of course everything changed without the time the drone attack on the oil facilities in saudi arabia and remember the u.s. now backed by the u.k. france and germany say iran is responsible and they're going to hold iran responsible despite that president trump i think it was the normal criticism of iran but the room was left over open for diplomacy so still i think he's looking to try and follow the diplomacy route there was though tough words on iran regarding sanctions. all nations and they do need to. know responsible government should subsidize iran's bloodlust. as long as iran is menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened. iran's leaders will have turned
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a proud nation into just another cautionary tale. of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people in a box on a crusade for personal power. and rich's. present trumps delivery is always very different when he's giving a prepared speech like this but even by his standards this seemed to be a very slow delivery by the president some speculating that perhaps he's tired and that may in part be because of the backdrop domestically which is unrelenting political pressure on the u.s. president over claims that he pressured the president of ukraine to launch a corruption probe into the son of his main character in democratic rival for wise president joe biden on that front with that backdrop it's worse remarking in the recently long speech to the general assembly at no point did president trump
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mention arkwright. james bays his life or as the u.n. thanks very much indeed. at the supreme courts of britain has some of the latest lhotse prime minister boris johnson ruling that he acted unlawfully when he suspended parliaments earlier this month the decision affectively overturns the suspension and allies parliament to resume as early as wednesday despite calls for his resignation the prime minister is vowing to fight on as paul brennan reports. outside the supreme court the anti breaks it demonstrators were in optimistic mood inside the judges delivered their devastating ruling with calm deliberation and issue where the prime minister boris johnson suspended parliament lawfully or simply to prevent parliament from holding his government to account the effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme no justification for taking
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action with such an extreme a threat has been put before the court the court is bound to conclude that. the decision to advise the majesty to parade parliament was unlawful. because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification this case went to the fundamental issue of the very nature of democracy here in the united kingdom and it was a stress test if you like of the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government but this conflict is far from over the outcome is a vindication for gina miller the campaigner who has fought the government for the past 3 years to uphold the law on bracks it. today if not to win any individual cause it's a win for parliamentary servant the separation of powers and the independence of
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a british court. news of the court's decision prompted a standing ovation from delegates of the opposition labor party conference where the party leader was on his feet at the time the supreme court has just announced its decision. and it shows that the prime minister has acted wrongly in shutting down. his demand for parliament to be recalled gathered pace the speaker of the lower house stepped in. i have instructed the house so far it is to prepare not for the recall. the purgation was unlawful in these void to prepare for the resumption of the business of the house of commons. only sorry about the. prime minister johnson received the news in new york where he's attending the un general assembly he said he disagreed with the ruling but with
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respect is the main thing is that we're going to get on and deliberative to the 31st yes of course on that when i have to come back but. you know we'll respect that and get on with back in london that his position is now in question parliament will resume on wednesday morning it promises to be a tumultuous return paul brennan al-jazeera the supreme court will say we're there sunday summonses live for a say in london under boris johnson they're ignoring calls for his resignation so what's expected to happen when parliament resumes. well our air it is the most of all parliaments and the headline here mother of all parliaments shut down by the father of all lies those are the words of one of the lawyers that supremes courts a judgement by 11 judges unanimous it's a seismic legal decision and it has immense political implications will boris
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johnson he's going to fly back from the united nations general assembly in new york overnight he will arrive on wednesday will be it and parliament that isn't clear yet but one thing is clear john bercow the speaker of the house is determined to get things moving again and you have this vicious circle if you put it that way of 3 pillars of the establishment parliament here 10 downing street within walking distance an even shorter walking distance the supremes course all 3 sometimes at loggerheads in normal times and these times undoubtedly are extreme in every sense what will happen in the parliament well there will be normal business emergency debates could be called it's an open book really because parliament is in control and the mathematics are the same in the sense that boris johnson does not
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have a majority he no way can push through his will here but wants to elsewhere and going to the queen and effectively using her as a means of closing the parliament down what do you think that was a resignation matter to many people but no he will not as you pointed out with that question he will not resign so the big question now is will there be a vote of confidence on for his johnson because that's effectively what he wants in order to get a lection and that is going to put the opposition under big pressure. to parliament that was taken back control to coin a phrase but often times when you're observing this it seems no one sane control of this process and what do you think the british public are going to make of this decision. always a hard question to answer but certainly from john a gross in scope and down to 2 lines and in cornwall and one across the northern
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everybody you can be sure of will be devoted to debating this around meal tables this evening in the u.k. because many people feel that parliament has been out of control in the sense that it couldn't make a decision on bret's it however i'd like to be really now holding an opinion poll a really good one right away through the u.k. because that's going to tell you which way people think it isn't necessarily along party lines conservative labor liberal democrat s.n.p. not necessarily it's about bricks it's mixed with bricks it of course this judgment was not to do with bricks it was to do with the constitution and how it was abused and so now we have a really mix debate going on and the big question as i said earlier is is there going to be an election sooner rather than later. and we will come back to you of course said to find out before and i understand and live in london thank you well
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this is our u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn reacted steering his speech at the ongoing labor party conference this is an extraordinary and precarious moment in our country's history the prime minister has been found to have acted illegally when he tried to shut down parliament. the highest court in the land has found that boris johnson broke the law when he tried to shut down democratic debate and accountability at a crucial moment for our public life. the prime minister acted illegally when he tried to shut down opposition to his reckless and disastrous plan to crash out of the european union without a deal on 18 bob has been following at that conference and brings us the latest
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from brighton with a labor leader jeremy coburn was due to address conference in the closing speech here on wednesday that speech was brought forward to tuesday after the supreme court decision now just minutes after that ruling jeremy corbyn came out and denounced the boris johnson for what he called an abuse of power and contempt for democracy and in his closing speech he said this unelected prime minister should now resign he's going to be back in parliament on wednesday it's not clear what will happen in terms of a no confidence vote it's clear that jeremy corbyn. believes that forrest johnson all along wanted to try to take britain out of the european union without a deal in his words to crush out coppens promise to work with other opposition parties to do everything he can to prevent that he says that this crisis can only
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be settled through a general election and he's going to try to make that come about once no deal the possibility of a threat of a no deal in his words is taken off the table the next few days will be crucial but everybody now wondering exactly what happens in terms of trying to force boris johnson out of power the deadline of course is the 31st of october johnson says that that will still be bricks it will jeremy corbin is vowing to do everything he can to stop the. lots more still to come on al-jazeera including a lot more from the united nations general assembly and we'll let you know what the emir of qatar and the turkish president had to say when they address both leaders.
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this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children and to say that it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that has started to hurt our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this it'll be asia and literally be able to do teach and i believe join the global conversation and people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera when the news breaks it looks like if you're told in order to get someone who can get this country out of the crisis when people need to be cut. from the little cross that border area without that they should al-jazeera has teams on the ground for the last month these are the real this is the hong kong. battle to bring. documentaries and light on air and online.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of our top story this hour world leaders are addressing the 74th session of the united nations general assembly in new york the meeting comes amid rising tension between the u.s. and iran and recent attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities. well turkey's president richard tayyip erdogan highlighted the place of syrian refugees and spoke about the war in syria in his address to the un general assembly he used a speech before world leaders to remind them of the humanitarian cost of the war by holding up a photo over a 3 year old boy whose lifeless body on
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a turkish beach to the world's attention to the plight of the refugees or one says it's time to end the crisis for you today syria has become a place that hurts the most collective conscience of humanity and has become a symbol of injustice turkey today is the most generous country in terms of humanitarian aid taking into consideration the ratio of turkish official humanitarian assistance to its g.d.p. we are currently hosting 5000000 refugees fleeing conflict starvation and persecution in other words there are more asylum seekers in turkey than 29 states in the united states well maran bashar is on to say receive a political analyst and he joins me live from london martin and that speech from the turkish a presidents that theme of injustice and world wide really ran through that speech but the point he was making on syria did seem rather powerful that they don't.
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absolutely and especially turkish role in helping syrian refugees look at anyone whether they support or they are critics. of the turkish president whether into care etc he cannot but admits. the greater responsibility that turkey bore in order to take care of millions of syrian refugees and as the president said . you know i'm not exactly sure about figures but he said something about 40000000000 dollars spent by turkey while there when they got through various agencies 3000000000 dollars for example from the european 3000000000 euros from the european community so all in all whether it is in syria or elsewhere i think president of iran is trying to speak against injustices done to muslims whether by muslims or non muslims whether it is in egypt in saudi arabia and syria or it is in india. me and ma and other places even in the west where
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there's lots of discrimination and racism against muslims so i think for for many present on sounds like a self declared voice of muslim consciousness if you would but in other ways and this is very interesting by the way and this is not the 1st year i think the year before it's he sounds like without saying any war that about president trump but he sounds to give a speech it's almost diametrically opposed to that of president trump in terms of his country's view of the world like if one nation is victimized all nations are victimized if one sold suffers all humanity suffers and he thinks of things in that way anythings turkey has opened its borders where for example certainly no one can say that person thumbs open borders of the united states in fact he shut them down and built the wall so i think he's trying to underline the. the turkey takes
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a different position different approach and have different solution to issues of globalization issues of refugees and others than the nazis another speech that perhaps it in stark contrast he don't want drums was lots of the. shake that mean bahamas me he called for an end see more than that more than to hear long political locates by saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind egypt's. just a middle of the unjust unlawful and unjustified blockade imposed by some countries on the state of qatar continues the gulf cooperation council was the 2nd victim of the blockade it was paralyzed and lost its role because of a blockade when i stood before you here 2 years ago 3 months after the imposition of a blockade i was confident of the steadfastness of the qatari people and their brothers residing in qatar of surpassing the blockades effects i was even confident that they would take advantage of the challenge imposed upon us despite the cost we paid
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i have also been confident since the 1st day of the campaign of incitement and distortion which preceded the blockade that the arab gulf and world public opinion will soon realize the concealed objectives of the propaganda campaign against the state of qatar which is driven by tendencies of domination the imposition of and control over the potentials of other states and the real objective of making accusations that they were quickly proven wrong this has happened as this approach had been exposed repeatedly when other states fell victim to it in line with our foreign policy of respect for international law and the peaceful resolution of differences and disputes we who have sustained such aggression emphasize our position that unconditional dialogue based on mutual respect and the lifting of the unjust blockade is the only means to end this crisis. some i want to think what significance of that ensor vention in his speech. certainly he feels confident and venda kitted i mean if you remember 2 years ago back in june
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2017 are in 4 countries sanctioned them lucky that qatar even threatened the invasion to invade it based on fake news isn't based on hacking of it's a news agency and basically threatening its people and its economy and so on so forth and then imposing. a blockade on it really. on the basis of false justifications and the shock of it with us sitting gave way to all sorts of revelations over the last 2 years and here you have a statesman who does feel vindicated in the start just going on and on about the conspiracy but the store sions about they had king and so and so forth against this country by by countries who not only were revealed for what the article inspiring against their own ally and partner in the gulf region but also over the last 2 years we've heard so much about the atrocities the tragedies and the
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assassination. carried out by the likes of saudi arabia u.a.e. and others in yemen in libya and certainly in terms of getting the journalist. so all in all cut that out only if you have indicated the bout it's own situation within and how it was blockaded unwise was wrong but also in terms of its positions on various issues the middle east including gulf security including the g.c.c. so on a number of important regional issues cut there took a position that is proving once again to be the correct one not because of some genius of some sort because it took the position of people in the region rather than people of dictators and the elites as those in riyadh and abu dhabi did for example the question of egypt or question of libya so really all in all it's a question of education and hence the emir of qatar could still stand there on the podium and reveal all sorts of things that happened and why of course that was
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wrong and say it was such confidence came out on the sharon joining us that live for months and months very much indeed. the indonesian government is calling for calm in the eastern region of pop or after the latest riot following racism allegations at least 30 people were killed and dozens injured on monday when protesters set fars a government buildings shops and who wins the process that began last month i have renewed calls for independence for haleigh mohammed has more from the indonesian capital jakarta. the town of woman has become a battleground hundreds of students took to the streets on monday following weeks of protests provoked by allegations of racism province government offices shops and homes were set on fire before indonesian forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters. kiosk burnt killing some people trapped inside the jayapura the
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provincial capital students were ordered to leave the university police accused some students of attacking security forces with rocks monday's riots are reported to have started after a teacher racially abused a student. cause. a lot more violence is not ok and. this is only a problem. the army is response is to cross those. indonesia's police chief is blaming the violence on the separatist movement in west . what happened in java and pappu are connected it was planned by a certain group in time for the us in general assembly in one minute there was a plan by the separatist movement to set up a hoax there was no humiliation. tensions have been brewing in papa for weeks following various allegations of racial and ethnic discrimination last month
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security forces fired tear gas in a university dorm a tree and the rest of the students were vandalizing the national flag. the unrest dates back to 963 when the un declared indonesia could take control of west papuan if its people agreed in a referendum but only a 1000 people voted yes many poplin said the result was rigged and demanded independence that's called decades of fighting between separatists and indonesian government forces. the government had been president should consider to start the dialogue if the indonesians worried about let's say. but actually dialogue through the oppositions to the pro independence movement groups 6000 security personnel have been sent to quell the rioting. around 400 suspects are being questioned in pop while following via an arrest and internet access having in
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what manner and diet aimed at curbing by the protests government leaders in the capital say the situation is under control but the latest use of force is threatening to aggravate tensions further in papa mohammed al jazeera jakarta spin supreme court stance roopa governments can examine the remains of former literature of franco who currently lies in the valley of the $41.00 mausoleum for the civil war to add his relatives when politicians heard a bold move in the remains he's to be moved to a more discreet family tomb the ruling comes as parliament was dissolved and elections declared opposition parties have accused the rigging socialists of seeking political gain from the exhumation. and 24 hour strike has brought much of greece to a standstill buses and ferries didn't run schools banks and businesses shut or hospitals were disrupted to strike was organized by trades unions protesting
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proposals that were close reforms on the 3 month old government workers say they will be the ones to suffer. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. president has urged people around the world to take pride in their country and preserve national sovereignty and his address to the united nations general assembly assessing that the future belongs to those he called patriots and not globalists here again to game a china and its trade policies as well as iran. all nations have a duty to. know responsible government should subsidise iran's blood lust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened. iran's leaders will have turned
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a proud nation into just another cautionary tale. of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power. and riches the supreme court of britain has ruled the prime minister boris johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended parliament's earlier this month opposition leader jeremy corbin has called on johnson to resign parliament's is no set serious your own weapons say. police in indonesia as proper region say they found several bodies sons are burned buildings bringing the death toll for one rest to at least $26.00 the violence was sparked by allegations that a teacher insulted an indigenous students. the spain supreme court has ruled the government can exclude the remains of former leader general francisco franco he
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currently lies in the valley of the fallen muslim for the civil war to it his relatives and right wing politicians had a polls moving the remains we moved to a more discreet family tomb the real incomes as parliament was dissolved and elections declared opposition parties have accused of having socialists are seeking political gain from the exhumation and that's fine for a strike has brought much of greece to a standstill buses and ferries didn't run schools banks and businesses closed hospitals were also disrupted the strike was organized by trades unions protesting proposed workplace reforms while the 3 month old government workers say they will be the ones to suffer short states the news continues in al-jazeera after inside story.
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is the war in syria about to end the u.n. is bringing the government and the opposition together to try and change the constitution could it be the start of a few political solution to the 8 year conflict this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm debbie apollo and 80 years of war have devastated syria and estimated half a 1000000 war dead millions more living as refugees and a country in ruins now signs if an agreement to words what happens next.


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