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tv   Tunisia The Battle For Independence - Rebels  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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she's here and just like in the. police your many more and more of the most vulnerable you have that need. for you but all other. the world health organization and the department of health are going to roll out a series of national vaccination programs within the next few months hoping to immunize at least $5000000.00 filipina children across the country especially in the mindanao region where the outbreaks are severe according to the philippine government the growing vaccine scare since last year has also contributed to the reduction of vaccine coverage in the country now down to 40 percent.
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hello again you're watching out is there and these are main stories u.s. president donald trump has described the democrats' move to open a formal impeachment inquiry into allegations that he sought political help from ukraine as garbage house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement after trump acknowledged that he discussed joe biden with his ukrainian counterpart the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law. french president emanuel macron has again met the iranian president hassan rouhani on the sides of the u.n. general assembly urging him to meet donald trump. believe. we
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return again one of. these last. relations between the u.s. and iran have become even more tense following attacks on 2 major oil facilities in saudi arabia this month or shinton says iran was behind the attack but terror on denies that an earthquake has hit eastern pakistan killing at least 25 people and injuring hundreds more the epicenter of the 5.8 magnitude quake was close to the city of near poor in pakistan administered kashmir. and the members of britain's parliament are on their way back to work 24 hours after supreme court judges ruled the prime minister's decision to send them home was unlawful or is johnson's flying back from the united nations general assembly in new york to face calls for his resignation opposition m.p.'s are angry that he suspended parliament for 5 weeks in
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the run up to the bed next month. and beijing's new multibillion dollar airport has opened china aims to make dashin the world's biggest aviation the hub the capital 2nd airport is expected to handle up to $72000000.00 passengers a year by 2025 the stream is that. what guarantees will be given to the people who will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. i'm funny ok i'm really could be here in the stream today black face control we will discuss the history of this race since practice and how it impacts people of color are there instances
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a black face in your part of the world chances are yes well what should we do about them tell us via twitter or in our live chat. i just want to let you know this before we get started that today's program will feature races images that you may find disturbing the latest controversy of a black face involves canadian prime minister just in from last week he apologized for instances in his possed where he came to portray black and brown people the controversy has reignited conversations about racism and white privilege this is something that i deeply deeply regret darkening your face. regardless of the context of the circumstances is always unacceptable because of the racist history of black face should have understood
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that then. and i never should have done. that face isn't just the painful episode of the past it continues to appear in popular culture and media around the world but faced how it is in europe include blunt pete in the netherlands and belgium for the survivors have sparked protests from mt racism activists and raise questions over how these traditions impact their respective communities of color so today we want to dive into the rhesus roots of blackface with us to talk about this in montreal canada charmaine nelson a professor of art history at me go to university she's also a scholar of transatlantic slavery studies in amsterdam jerry f. 3 a he's a poet and human rights activist who works with the black pete is racism campaign and in new york today she's a radio producer and host of the stoop stories from the black diaspora welcome everyone but it is really good to have you know here hello gerri charmaine at least let me start here on my lap top takes us back to the beginning of the 19th century
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william h. west's big minstrel jubilee for a gentleman there none of them are black or wearing blackface champagne 2019 was still discovering black face. pictures photographs and not from way back then not even historical archives people were still doing it if they knew where this tradition came from do you think they would stop. i think many of them would and i think too there's a very unique context in canada where we have suppressed 200 years of transatlantic slavery under 2 empires the french and the british and why that's very very important for us understand it's connected to trudeau's the scandal with brown face and black face is because black face minstrel c. comes directly out of transatlantic slavery and it emerges at a moment when slavery is ending so we need to think about what replaces the white ownership of black bodies when slavery dies and mental c. was a public stage performance that included instrumental music singing dancing and very
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while an comedy they would sing and make jokes about things like lynching right smoking like tobacco peeling of like potatoes black people and on the stage were mainly white men who were doing cross cross gender am across racial performances so white men pretending to be both black male and females who were enslaved so part of what was so horrific and horrible 12 of them and today is that a minstrel he was about in a style job that slavery had and it was also sad that slavery is over and the grotesqueness to have the mask of course was a part of that and central part of that. so that was a perfect day should be wrapped up so so tightly they're thank you for that and i think it's necessary because there are people in our community tweeting us that they don't quite understand where it came from and why it is so bad so i want to
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bring in one voice this is a man he says i'm a bit confused i suppose it's part of a costume for a theme thing and why is it offensive i mean after such is the way in for others here in the u.s. dressed up in white face to play the characters in the white chicks movie and then goes on to say so someone can paint their body blue or green or purple but if you match your skin tones for trey the character or costume to be more real then it's offensive so be a lot i'll give this one to you what would you say back to a man. well that's just it makes me think about when people are doing blackface and they are in situations where they are most likely the only. door any other black people in the room right and so the idea of when someone says why is it offensive has to do for me with this question of like if you were were a white person in a room full of black people would you still be doing blackface. and i don't i don't
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think i think the answer is no i'm mean people do blackface because they are trying to be funny as and at some point it's not humorous so i think that when people say i don't get it you know we can all laugh at that you know i think the fact thing is it's basically people that are and spaces where there aren't any black people around that are basically poking fun at black culture and that's a question i think people need to ask when when there are certain why this might be offensive to other people can i add as well can i jump in there lila and add as well that you know there's no quibble and between black. people pretending to be white and wipe people depending pretending who people color who they colonized and slaves and in the case of black people of african descent we're talking 400 years of slavery from the 1400s until the 800 so what we have to understand too is race
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as we know it today as a supposedly biological cattery of human difference did not exist before slavery it was created in and through slavery to justify slavery and when you know a lot of visual artists participated in that project and when they were creating the dire ramos of people stole sizes and shapes and all was kind of nonsense with a biometric an understanding of a body you know the black person was always at the bottom and the white the european was always at the top so we need to understand too that racism about is about power the ability to withhold things from people to to deny people opportunity and to be able to miss rabbet represent people as well we really need to keep that in mind in terms of you know people try to reverse the argument about . what would you know you'll be raising our way of dressing up as us why can't we dress up as you let me wait let me bring jerry into the conversation here jerry because every single year without fail it was lent of the year people around the world are shocked to see dutch people blacking up with the full big
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lips and the afro wig let me show you here what that looks like there is a cut to known as wate peat or black pete in the netherlands culture as you approach christmas time he is the helper for santa cause that's how i would describe it but joey you tell us how you would describe this image that you see and it's culturally acceptable and it's part of a tradition that you are trying to fight and get rid of tell us about but pete where oh where should i. i would say that when we look at the tradition we had the office of nicholas. it was hundreds of years you know which was played by weiss and then doing something that explains the 'd. whites in the class were portrayed. elderly white men and all of
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a sudden they're raised by steamboat and right that white holes through the race of course of the midlands and as a result just what pete pieces to schools hospitals and other places what we have seen is that it's going up. leave the impression that black people are lazy that black people are not equal and most shocking that it only shows that we haven't really learned much from a lot of sleep sleep history and colonial history and it's kind of like dressed up but they said there are many black faces and other people act in a blend to it and when we started our campaign we didn't had a lot of people and we didn't had a lot of support support from the a lot of people but recently we have seen more white people coming to the conclusion that this is actually very racist and the old daddy continues to want to get rid of racism so jerry i'm reminded i've been here for a long time at the stream and so i'm pulling up an episode from 2012 and which
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a member of your organization was on the show we talked about blackface for the holidays and this is the latest update to that so fast forward i was 2012 this is 2019 this from the guardian on what the updated version of word safe heat is going to look like he is sooty now so we asked our community what they think about that update to his origin story this is what one person inside jeremiah says i am still offended use dark and faces instead white people parading and sooty faces darkened faces or any other adjectives with them come up with still boils down to whites using. identity as their amusement so jerry what's your take on the sooty the update to it and trying to. remedy some of what people see as racism can i show the to the change i can buy when i go before and afters and this is the before my laptop everybody so this is but pete this is the updated version is
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a little bit not not very that there gerri are you happy now. the thing is that when. i was part of this company and when we started it i didn't start this company because i was bored i didn't start it because i was looking for when you started because there was that face which is very degrading to black people and i felt like we need to do something about it so my whole. goal is to get rid of the black face but so that the celebration can become a sort of gratian for everyone also making that changes even though we seem small and i do think that a lot of children growing up with 2 other people stop pointing the finger like people are saying you up because now they are seeing the parents can repeat the i see the people behind that it is more playful so he's about people not having to sort of bridge not essential black people but at the same time i'm not to feel people how to celebrate disintegration force i'm
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a poet trying to be feet minded as i can but are the same time i would not stand by when i saw this band so what is black people white people in the human race to say to that very much that this story is really important to you in the truth ok's because there is points to about the children and what children are taught and what i at what age when we think about white children learning practice racism trudeau was a teacher he was 29 years old he should have been the one in the school making sure that his students didn't come to that party black face as opposed to being the one to show up in the black face and we're talking about a 21st century occurrence that was 2001 and we have to remember here too this is a background of people like forget you know growing up in canada maybe the you know people in europe etc don't know this but we are inundated with american t.v. so you know i grew up watching n.b.c. a.b.c. fox when it came into being c.b.s. so as well as a canadian t.v. show the channel story t.v. channels so why i'm saying this growing up you know being born in the 70s growing
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up the seventy's there was a moment when i would turn on the t.v. . see the big blockbuster but buster splashy hollywood movies with actresses like julie garland and blackface but then by the eighty's late seventy's you know there was a mainstream consensus that we didn't want to see that anymore in t.v. what. sense what do you think happened because not having conversation because it is not acceptable so when they happen what what what changed their minds i think part of that is with it it went underground so so a lot of these cases of white people coming out post censorship post mainstream censorship is white people in white only situations i think mention this a little bit right when there is not black people around there's not people of color around and if they're honest with themselves some of them would admit i wouldn't have done this if my black friend had been there on my black coworker excedrin so part of it is we need to think about you know in a country like canada that builds itself on multiculturalism and racial diversity
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inclusion are we actually living together in canada are we actually building intimate friendships across rate and ethnicity are we actually you know eating lunch and going to the barbecue with you know the new workmate who you know is of a different race or ethnicity because a lot of the instances that are being you know talked about now like there was a white female who was a a law student in alberta in 1070 saying they're all law faculty showed up in blackface and it was a certain gathering and what was interesting to me is she said nobody complained nobody minded everybody liked it but my 1st thought was hello how many black students were at your law school in 1070 in alberta probably not probably not black professors either and probably the black people who are in the you know the institutional system i'm sorry to say but canada is a racist country and they were probably people who didn't have the positions or the authority to think that they could point out that they were deeply offended by that
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party which they saw. so a lot. this is sparking everyone say something i'm going to jump in there because i want to bring something in from our community we got so many comments from them and it's picking up on something that you mentioned earlier charmaine about people thinking that this was exploited when it was exploited from the u.s. from hollywood and so that is how it infiltrated but we have a comment from someone and put up a tweet that she sent and she talks about europe and so because this was imported from the us people think we don't have the same issues as the u.s. does and so therefore we don't have the same problems she writes this is how france chose to represent the 1794 abolition of slavery on the walls of its national assembly it tells you all that you need to know about the country's attitude towards black based on she sent us a comment elaborating on this have a listen to what she said so one of the problems that we have if you used a constant dissociation was blackface innocent activity in central america
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forgetting the fact is how you're talking here about the medieval chronicle the truly of the races fact is of disguising oneself as a black or more in order to mock who told other people will example since 1901 fiscal to french national assembly simplicity 94 sleepily the work by french artist if it was it is a full blown blackface yet at least an attempt to have it displays at the national assembly they will as the majority of french refuse to see any harm in our work and denounce an attack instead of expression it of minorities in a sort of frenchness but american political correctness so jerry she told us that people deny its roots because they think well it doesn't relate to our history this is just enjoyment this is just fun. you mean they're white people or black i mean if she met white people in europe. i think that what we have seen is that especially in the netherlands we have to remember that most dutch people grew up
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with what the fun memories about it but says the history of colonialism miss levy's not being addressed enough the schools a lot of people grew up thinking this is a friendly list but this and they have. some people have no idea by the history behind it and i think also that you have to speed up racist people who don't hit with a goose people or not but you have another ignorant people when it will be trying to do in the midlands is beside fotis than it is to educate the people says the government won't do with this is the schools refuse to do with the just common people no have to step to the plate to teach one another so we want to have to think again can i just jump in also because i think that there were many made because it has been done to say thank you for some time that i got when i started i led
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a like just personally it's also extremely exhausting gerri you know what i mean to have to try to constantly educate people about why this is offensive it's just it's really really draining and i think that's a conversation we've been having a lot amongst people within the diaspora that some people that say well one way to not be drained about this is just to laugh it off i have black friends that have seen black face and the gollywog dolls and things that are very racially offensive and tell me i don't want that that sort of thing bother me you know once i let it bother me and i internalize that that's when i think that they've won and so i think like for me personally and for a lot of folks i've been talking to 'd 'd. it's become more of like a cancer culture towards this type of behavior where someone can dress in black face and be completely canceled from either being reelected and are being you know given certain job opportunities etc whereas before it used to be a time where well let's talk this out let's educate people and let's try to explain
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to them so i'm you know i think people are just really bad and i doing the same don't generally think. i do understand united think we are really tired over spleen and because i do think that when it comes to do human decision it wasn't because winslet we're the human race i think the way to enslave them with human eyes was they become no longer people but we started things to people but i was same time i do think that. i have seen it up a spirit for people who really change in. based on having those conversations but i do agree that is this those them and we shouldn't be the one to do it i guess if you get it and i guess i know it's also if i want to do something very quickly with you i'm going to call this the speed round this is c t v and this is the apology justin trudeau made and underneath it are some questions from people who clearly don't understand the history of plot say so maybe
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they do and it doesn't really impact them so this is a speed round for you or alexandra says it was 18 years ago it was a lack of judgment really comment on that lack of judgment it wasn't really his fault. my comment is basically you know he can easily get canceled for his actions there's there's not much empathy left for people that do these things and basically try to hide them when an even better if he had actually come out and said i this is something that i did you know this is how i feel about it that speed round moving on smita christian as it was in 2001 when no one thought it was an issue and it wasn't a crying child may you handle that one ok listen i got a statement for everybody i know you don't you will understand this but can back in canada a very different situation he might not get cancelled and part of that is because canadians the average way canadian does not know because no history of the nation does not know that slavery happened here instead we were we ensuring
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a 30 year window of the underground railroad when african-americans were fully nort so part of it especially in the back this is being dismissed completely dismissed by white francophones that we need to understand that history too because they like to talk about british conquest in 760 they don't like to talk about what from the french empire at home in canada did to indigenous people and black people so there's a different context here he might get reelected ok one more for you know jerry and this one comes from collette again it's under the apology that justin trudeau made the 1st apology there was a 2nd one collect says this is a smear campaign against trudeau we have all dressed up at halloween or theme parties it's never in a race it's instead dressing up to be someone else and celebrate being different dressing up with celebrating your cultural ethnicity gender you take that on frankly a lot here white privilege ok so for we have to understand whether you did it 30 years old or not at the moment you did it you heard some people and i do think that
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he got caught not once not twice but 3 times why didn't he made it front like ok i was stupid i was doing these things because in the middle a lot of people are now this precedent that the reason to celebrate it. they reached through like up like 50 now they want to eat anymore cause it think it's offensive but they didn't get called before they made that apology so i do think that for someone to be such a pussy since he should know better and he changes facebook i think it's twitter profile with a black person next to him and i was like oh so now you tried to tell us you have black friends something is wrong and also i think if it was anti semitic behavior. so why should be put up with it was fun and everyone is doing it no i don't think everyone is doing it i think they are people doing it we should know better and he should know better and he should up forward with it way earlier than to be caught up in this case terry mincing no words there prescience i want to bring in one more comment there has also mincing no words and he is the author of
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a forthcoming book exporting jim crow black face minstrel see in south africa and beyond so really just expanding this conversation because it really does touch so many places of the world here's what chen you are selway had to say the racist comedy of blackface minstrel shows portray black people as incompetent slaves who were supposedly unfit for democratic participation in a white nation the middle so they were exported to south africa provided a forum for the british settlers to celebrate their belief in racial superiority the minstrel shows included music dance and comedy sketches they had more entertainment value than the pro-slavery lectures of the 19th century and this entertainment value was probably why blackface continues today some people still believe that it is fun to put on blackface makeup and perform outlandish caricature of people of color. so charmaine we've heard a lot of history we've heard
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a lot of why how we missed coming up what is your advice for people moving forward after the show what do you want to take away to be ok and i just want to say really quickly i don't want people to get the misperception that black placements will see also took place in canada in the 19th century right the same stage performances happen in canada but i also want to mention that we still we also got the t.v. and the cinema in canada too in the 20th century so i mean we have one minute left how do we know it's coming up that we need is coming up in the netherlands what would you advise people to do when is it appropriate to wear black face i think it's never appropriate is never appropriate other people's cultures other people's races are not costumes we're not object to be put on and taken off please stop doing this i think everybody is pretty much unanimous on that point thank you thank you jerry thank you charmaine as well and i should just say that jerry has a campaign his idea is to get rid of black paint which is a very traditional character in the others have a look he has
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a petition you can find it on his twitter page and you can if you agree with him you can sign it and maybe change the tradition of blacking up for christmas time in the netherlands thank you guests for your contribution we really appreciate it as all the time we have now thanks for watching online. was. witnessed throughout history a lot more hard to ever mean started fighting developed by nation states and so there are not. every truck. now within reach of those seeking
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chaos by the most toxic substances with many physical threats on al-jazeera across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there
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should be then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that that's not happening yet. some asked. for this rally to the cause. but we're all complicit in creating a world of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice will amount to 0. the president must be held accountable no one is above the law us house democrats launch an impeachment inquiry against president donald trump he calls it
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a witch hunt. hello and welcome you are watching our desert live from coming up. british prime minister head back to work after the top court rules that the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament was unlawful. and chaos in pakistan as an earthquake hits the northeast at least 25 people have been killed hundreds more injured. flying high china opens a massive multibillion dollar airport expected to become one of the busiest in the world. a formula time to put u.s. presidents all the trump on the path to impeachment is about to be launched this 2 and a half years after he came to power democrats are opening an inquiry into conversations
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with his ukrainian counterpart he is accused of seeking help to damage the reputation of a political rival trump is describing the move as garbage reports from washington d.c. . it's been long reporter the democratic house majority leader nancy pelosi has been against impeachment proceedings against donald trump that has changed the actions of the trump presidency which just sounded more fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and the trail of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is about the law police he says 2 reasons convinced her to launch the inquiry that president trump was allegedly asking the ukrainian president to investigate democratic rival joe biden and some that the
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white house then prevented a whistle blower's complaint about the president's request to reach congress as required by law pelosi is putting aside her affair with an impeachment investigation would allow president trump to move his base with claims of another witch hunt he maintains he's done nothing wrong and authorized the release of a transcript of his phone call with the ukrainian president selenski shortly after police he spoke trump tweeted this fund raising video ready to go containing carefully curated sound bites from democratic politicians suggesting they were attempting to subvert the will of the people if we don't impeach this president he will get reelected it's time to stop this nonsense message amplified by the republican leader of the house i realize 2016 did not turn out the way speaker pelosi wanted it to happen but she cannot change the laws of this congress the exact details of the way forward for an impeachment inquiry remain murky but police he said it would involve the findings of the 6 inquiries already underway into the
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president's alleged wrongdoing you know what may take the pressure off the democrats from their electoral base increasingly angry about a lack of action against the president now at. what you'll see from democrats is the question is this going to be a short process or a longer process so a short process means we look we we know we need to know we're not going to do a lot of investigating not we're not going to wait and turn over a lot of other stones before we have this vote in the house to impeach this guy and then the senate will either do or will do whatever does or doesn't do that's fine but then by putting it behind nancy pelosi all of those house candidates have said their piece and now they can go on and talk about other issues and not be hounded about this inquiry may also speed up some of the judicial attempts on the way to get key information from donald trump and this administration that so far remain secret report has determined he will not be the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached and whatever the short term political consequence is the
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opening of the inquiry doesn't mean trump will eventually be convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors she returns to washington. checking sen worked as a senior advisor and 2016 presidential campaign and he says launching an impeachment inquiry is unlikely to yield any results this is politics everybody knows that the democrats have been trying to get something.


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