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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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ruling mr speaker the prime minister should have done the honorable thing and resign. was. johnson keeps trying to blame the opposition for blocking brick sits and insists he's making progress with the european union his opponents say he's lying every single thing that boris johnson's done since he became prime minister has gone wrong for him he's lost every single vote in parliament lost over 20 of his own m.p.'s who now have no loyalty to him and he's been accused of misleading the queen and unlawfully suspending parliament it's one thing him saying he wants to get on with his plans but in politics everything's about momentum and at the moment he hardly has any of the surrender as. johnson repeatedly tried to infuriate his political enemies he described the opposition bill which demands he seek an extension to protect it from the european union as
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the surrender acts that language surrendering to europe is used by the far right and many m.p.'s have faced death threats as a result consequently the atmosphere inside parliament became furious was. sometime today and if you think i tell the prime minister that i didn't quite this month then i will try and change was to meet with moderates how lonely it has to come from the prime minister 1st trying to make matters worse junction described those concerns about m.p. safety as humbug all in all it was the most angry parliamentary session anyone can remember the government accuses the opposition of running away from an election they say he broke the law over suspending parliament and fear he might do it again to the sense of democracy unraveling the whole thing is a harsh. al-jazeera london. well for more on the forward from the
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extraordinary scenes in parliament let's cross to westminster and sonia going to go and sonia after last night's drama forte's if anything has changed. little if anything has changed at this moment apart from the scenes in the house of commons this morning already some tones that were considering exactly some of the language that was used and the anger that was seen with many senior members of parliament saying they haven't seen anything like it in their careers as well certainly something that was underlined by the speaker of the house john bercow even members of parliament members of johnson's own cabinet were reflecting on this this morning with a sort of cry out for more mild language to be used from sony from one of his
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supporters jacob respond the man who is a very avid bricks if anyone who would like to see a no deal breck's it and certainly been supportive of johnson on that matter but with all of this going on in the background there are 2. versions of business occurring there one of them is on the toxicity of the political culture in parliament that's been put in by labor m.p. jess phillips and also a 2nd one on the issue of democracy. in britain that's to be discussed later on in the day also another thing that's going to be considered as well is where the conservative party whether the government will be able to be able to approve a another quick bergmann or not or not a program but a few days off from parliament so they can have their own tory conference later on in the month whether that will be approved by the rest of parliament is yet to be seen of course not many people perhaps in parliament willing to support
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a pos anything from boris johnson given his conduct on a choose date evening. so you go you go live from westminster thank you. hong kong's chief executive is g. to hear concerns from 150 citizens in a so-called community dialogue session beginning in the next few hours speaking were chosen from 20000 people who put their names forwards in an online ballots were kerry lamb is hoping the sessions will ends protests in hong kong that have been running for 16 weeks 9 rallies again turned violence over the weekend with police using pepper spray to disperse the crowds well scott heiler joins us now for more on this and he's live in hong kong scott who are we expecting this listening session since a play 8 7. all right at the venue for this dialogue that's supposed to start within the next hour it's queen elizabeth
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stadium might actually directly cross me we're on this side obviously because there are some protesters who just showed up in the last 45 minutes that's a couple 100 strong they formed a human chain again just across the street from the venue just across in front of the venue the 150 to support as you mentioned 7 have been lining up and they have to check their id bear 5 and they have been going in we know kerry lambton we saw her entourage go into the building within the last 45 minutes and also things are gearing up it will start at 7 pm local and it's expected to go for about 2 hours we spoke to some of the people before they went in and kind of a differing point of view some were saying they want their voice heard they want to speak directly to kerry lamb about these issues some people said they were going to sit back and just listen to what the dialogue was here the 1st time kerry lamb is sitting down with some of the residents of kong so to be very easy to see how this transpires another woman said that she feels as though the protesters aren't necessary speaking directly for her so she was happy with this opportunity so 7 she
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could go in and speak directly with kerry lamb and that they were just the issues that the protesters have been fighting fighting for on the street. it's of hong kong the last 16 weeks they had other issues too that they want to bring up kind of more general issues bigger issues here in hong kong that have prompted these massive protests over the last 16 to be a thing to see how this dialogue goes and if it actually inflames the protesters and their initiative to get on the streets or it is something calms them a bit i don't think it's going to be the latter i believe and what the indication we've been seeing is that will probably continue as it has the. case got hired live for now i thank you very much indeed. there's plenty more are still to come on the news are including. trying to break the deadlock israel's prime minister begins the race to put together a government again and couldn't hang on to hope for in mexico families still wait
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for answers 5 years after the disappearance of dozens of students. and inter milan is perfect start to see the season rumbles on you have all the action from at least top league in sports. the former french president jacques chirac has died he served twice as prime minister before becoming president in 1995 and served until 2007 in a statement his son in law said he died surrounded by his family peacefully he was 86 years old on the joins me now live from paris and that's. is one of these names we always tend to associate with france and the french presidency and he had quite an impact on the country he led for so long.
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well that's right i think it's fair to say that jacques chirac is one of france's most famous politicians and he certainly had an incredibly impressive career by any standards he served twice as president of france twice as prime minister he served as a minister in various governments and he was also the mayor of paris for 18 years which is a very prestigious job here in france so he's somebody who managed to stay in one office or another for a very long time and that is why so many people in from so many different generations know jacques chirac now it was known that he had been ill for some time his family have certainly been quite secretive about the state of his health over the past years now have been rumors about his death in the polls but it does seem that now according to his family members jacques chirac has died he was 86 years old and he will be remembered by many people in france not just as
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a sort of consummate politician but also as someone who was believed and described i should say by friends and colleagues are something of a charm and he certainly had the people's touch and that is perhaps why he managed to have so many different political jobs for so long. as this news has been just dropped in the last say sort of 30 minutes or so we're already getting some reaction. has announced that he has moved devastated by chirac's a day and as you were saying there he did he was held in quite high esteem by the french despite some of the political troubles he had lived through my. yeah that's right because he had this long this lengthy political career in france but there were always rumors. during that career the of corruption or various
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wrongdoing and it was after he ended his last presidential term that actually was actually found guilty of corruption in relation to his time in office as mayor of paris and that is something that sony overshadowed this very long and while highly esteemed career he also was somebody that had ties with many african leaders and created something that's called false afaik this kind of sense of this strong tie between france and some of its former colonies in africa and although some of those ties were seen as being constructive there were also questions about exactly what they were and perhaps jacques chirac's closeness to some leaders that was seen as dictators in africa so that was certainly something that overshadowed his time but he certainly somebody who put france on the international stage as you like and he like to push for answers a leader in international affairs and you might remember in 2003 it was actually rag who opposed the u.s. led invasion of iraq and really france became
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a voice against military action at the time you certainly did. say that news just coming to us in the last 30 minutes or so i'm sure will be crossing back to you. throughout the day but from i thank you very much indeed for bringing us the latest. let's move to other news now the sporting spotlight is on the horse a football as big a spectacle for the next 11 days qatar will be home to the fifa world cup in 2022 but from friday the best track and field athletes will be competing at the world championships answer will be a test of how qatar handles such a huge occasion as coursera sports presenter said of how much to set the scene for us right here in doha. thank you very much hello yes that we're here at the stadium the venue for the world athletics championships that we are being held in the middle east for the 1st time well that there will be live in the studio and inside
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the stadium to bring you the biggest stories and the best of the accent but all the nice is admitting there will be some major challenges not least the hot and humid weather and it is an reports. track and field is stepping in so all you territory. for the 1st time ever the world athletics championships are heading to the middle east for 10 days cattles capital city doha will be a focal point for global sport just as the whole country will be in the football world cup plans 3 years time 22 is very important for us a green order because of the media everybody is coming here we want to sort the people in advance what is appropriate 2022 but i do believe what is is. is an idea of. the championships have been moved from their regular slot in august to avoid the peak temperatures of cats or summer and while the men's and women's marathons will start at midnight to further counter the heat organizers
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except it will still be a challenge to keep cool on the streets of doha actually you can deal with heat but humidity is is really a challenge so we will watch all those metrics we do have extra precautions we do have extra. stuff out on the course more medical support more water. but yes it is going to be tough will be a very different feel for the majority of events an air cooling system inside the main khalifah stadium will ensure the temperature hovers at around 25 degrees celsius and i know there's a lot of talk before coming here whether or not it was smart to do that i mean if it was great and i think it's going to make for the fact that they can control the temperature in the stadiums it's unbelievable i had the privilege of racing here before and i felt the cooling system and i actually loved another sprint so i don't think it's a must but i'm really happy that my parents. heated debate
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that won't be repeated at the football world cup the 2022 tournament will be held in the far cooler months of november and december and the richardson al-jazeera. while our sports person is coming up at 1045 g.m.t. will be discussing the hot weather then also weather let x. is struggling to replace a sprint king you some bolt says his the time it telling us back here at the stadium later this hour and we look forward to santa thank you very much in. just a few moments we will have the weather with the vote but 1st there's lots more still to come on al-jazeera including after more airstrikes on yemen where he sees withdraw their offer to end.
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well just 3 days are the ultimate all to really cover all of europe is lost visiting places greece turkey the big so. significance undertones or whatever you get that sort of thing particularly greece you get flash floods sometimes they could be fatal this one was unfortunately not exactly here this is careful only one of the islands off the coast and then that lot moved on through turkey farm inoculate temperatures down to the normal level and leaving again quite a bit of rain in one particular place boardroom 95 in ms may not see very much again we're talking flash flood territory it was 12 hours was probably only 6 in thunderstorms that's 4 and a half times the average rainfall for september so yes the weather normally breaks now maybe not quite that violently that cyril picture everybody returns and all the next 3 days of bodrum forecast is sunshine sunshine absolutely average temperature
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lovely place to be but typically for the whole of europe now it's more like this cloud virtually everywhere fronts coming from the atlantic runaway across runs a front is just an area if you like where you get in harm's drain and sometimes you get windy where with with it too so the forecast for today and tomorrow is going to be a swirl of weight and the green represents the rain the water since the cloud escapees spain and portugal. whether sponsored by qatar or. some were coerced. others rallied to the cause. but were all complicit in creating a world of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of i sell. on al-jazeera.
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with bureaus running 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this another but this is not the only letter. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluid in world news. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour the u.s.
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intelligence chief is due to testify before politicians about a whistleblower case that's led to cole's a firm peach mint president don't trump has been criticized for asking his ukrainian counterparts to investigate his political rival joe biden. the british parliament is back in session a day after prime minister boris johnson dared to the opposition to hold a confidence votes johnson insists he won't. asked for an extension to break said despite a new law requiring him to delay the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. to avoid leaving without a deal. and france is mourning the death of former president jacques chirac the 86 year old was prime minister twice before becoming president in 1995 for 12 years his son in law said he died peacefully surrounded by his family. well let's stay with this is senior research fellow at the global policy institute
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and joins us now by skype from some a low in france thank you so much for speaking to us on what is essentially quite short notice because we have just heard the news that. died just what impact would you say he hides on france. fall of french people age and fortunately he's always been with us started is pretty good a career as an argument is to me in 1965 i believe under gore and didn't. preserve the republic in 2007 when he was replaced by sarkozy so it's always been part of operate your non skate either as a minister as a prime minister as a mayor for paris and twice as a president from 95 to 2007 so long and she could care you saw it was
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a pretty sure it's british and using ordered drinks in the book to rise on the greasy port of pretty big city mean 18 days arrival is with. the killer instinct. object of many criticism some of them really do is kind of lose approach to war and financial riches to it at times but in the mind of the french people he will be remembered as the man who oppose the iraq war and that gave that gives all a different career a joyous political life we remain that and we are trying food everyone left or right is frankly projection arc to stand up to george bush and tony blair at the time. you didn't mention him for political genius of sorts and certainly he did 2 sites there when he's done it say when he when he stayed up to
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blair and bush with iraq war but he did have a checkered career as he say and it has a his legacy is tarnished somewhat by some of the scandals i mean how did the french people reflect on that. yeah but no $5.00 discount $1.00 but to take it with a pinch of salt and say ok he's done that but door to laws work indoors days or british and you don't respect drew is that merge and he was one of many maybe was the worst that did but at the same time. he has something likeable and it was very famous for some of the getting very well with the farmers with the people he was a man of the people he knew were 228 too large he drank a lot. it was very friendly everyone has come across him say is a nice guy i don't agree with him politically but is a good bloke british would say and that remains that even even today people have
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a fiction for jacques chirac even dawud if criticizing him or not in the past there were many good reasons to criticize him and times but from time to dummy route to do occasionally one occasion i remember my set of is at the time of the 7 riots. in paris when a suckers e with interior minister and inflamed the situation action arc made a speech towards the end of these riots which carvings now nice ecord of demonstrators the children of the republic there were something actually. something better nor about him towards the end as come with age at 1st it was seen as a swashbuckler and indiana's a kind of wise or men making many mistakes in this career but that is same done is the end of his career at the last few years gather for savages or be patient
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salvaged is reputation and even though it is man dangerous last monday it was a very criticized because he not due to merge he was going to beat him put and we and we know now that actually he suffered a stroke 2 years before he ended his mandate. meaning that the end of his political life was not brilliant to said the least but that will remain is a position to the iraq war will remain as the. december of this political life and savaged his reputation ok we'll have to leave it there but thank you so much shekhar long for your perspective there and your thoughts on. who has died at the age of 86 thank you. well. one of our other top stories the investigation in the u.s. or into president trump over allegations he asked ukraine's president c.
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investigate rival joe biden let's see if we can bring in peter. here he's the executive director of the eurasia so what krissy initiative an international n.g.o.s that promotes democracy and human rights in eastern and central europe for good to get the perspective from ukraine but try and get him back for no let's continue to focus on the president trump and the trumpet ministration bar and senior iranian government officials from entering the u.s. there's a directive came on the same day president hassan rouhani spoke at the u.n. general assembly. negotiations on tehran's nuclear program as long as american sanctions stay in place. as this reports. his speech was closely watched by friends and rivals looking for an indication that iran is willing to talk to the u.s.
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but the president has a low honey made it clear he won't meet president donald trump as long as the u.s. continues to impose sanctions model a bit more. they call us to negotiations when they run away from treaties and deals our response under sanctions is negative iran's leader has called on regional neighbors to join an alliance to secure freedom of navigation in the strait of homers where much of the world's oil supply passes through oh honey excluded the u.s. from taking part in what he called the coalition of hope but the u.s. and saudi arabia have quickly dismissed the proposal. the european union is keen to cool the tension in the gulf and prevent further escalation its top diplomat for the recovery any says she hopes the 2015 year clear deal will continue to be respected despite ongoing differences we will continue to work together with unity
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of purpose to try and preserve it without ignoring the challenges the trump administration is rather big on iran everyone u.s. secretary of state. said sanctions and isolation would continue until iran's nuclear ambitions occurred as long as around medicine behavior continues and continues sanctions will not be lifted there will be taken and the u.s. and saudi arabia continue to blame iran for the attacks on the world's largest oil processing plant in the kingdom 11 days ago. saudi diplomats have stepped up their pressure saying all options against iran are on the table iran's behavior cannot continue like this iran must abide by international law iran must comply with the rule based international order and the iran's aggressive behavior must be checked
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the attacks took out nearly half of saudi oil production which the state oil company is rushing to restore as the u.s. continues to build the case against iran or how many warned against any attack saying greta allegation will quickly follow the attacks on saudi oil installations threatened to be a game changer and could lead to a major confrontation but the e.u. russia china and some countries in the middle east say the crisis should be solved through dialogue and that ask a nation would only further destabilize the region. new york. let's turn to other news now and gyptian right scripts say i beg your pardon we're moving to israel now where the president has chosen long time prime minister binyamin netanyahu to try and form a new coalition government netanyahu has a 6 week deadline to break the political deadlock with 5 all benny gantz let's see
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if we can get more on this story knife from harry faucets. israel's president laid out the caretaker prime minister to announce a result he'd been trying to avoid riven rivlin wanted benjamin netanyahu to form a national unity government with his main rival benny gantz those talks failed and instead he chose the man with a bigger potential coalition bloc to have the 1st chance at forming a government give it a little back of a decision on who should be handed the task of forming the government depends on who has more chance to succeed currently 55 supported knesset member latanya hate and if the 4 supported knesset member benny gantz. said they wouldn't sit with him in a government before the announcement a 2nd meeting between netanyahu and dance at the president's home serve merely to confirm what was already clear the talks between the parties had gone nowhere neither man reportedly willing to go 2nd in a rotational prime minister agreement netanyahu said he would continue to push for
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such a deal within days the pressure is on his 1st document hearings on corruption charges a jew next week. called the mormon doctrine of the true i'll do the utmost with the mandate you gave me if i don't exceed a return the mandate to you and with the help of god than israel citizens and yourself mr president who establish a broad national unity government down the line after the announcement dance reiterated that he would not serve under a prime minister facing indictment who insisted on bringing with him a large block of right wing parties the longer the process goes on the closer he gets to being charged the more pressure mounts on that and you know the stand aside but if benny gantz a strategy is simply to wait until conditions favor him well the president reminded him that he had another option he could merely toss the ball to the knesset and ask it to find an alternative candidate who could muster 61 recommendations the president has made his initial choice but it's no breakthrough israel's political stalemate goes on air force at al-jazeera westerners. well let's have more now on
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that investigation into the u.s. president donald trump over those allegations he asked ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden to get across that to kiev where peter meyer the standing by he's the executive director of the eurasia democracy initiative thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera we have been hearing during this news are things are getting difficult for president trump just how has this affected the ukrainian president. well it has affected him adversely because when we read this telegram we see that young neo fight ukrainian president is bit is basically bending over backwards for the chief manipulator in the white house he's promising all sorts of things you stelling him that he's going to have a 100 percent control the prosecutor general who will likely look into
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a launching this investigation that mr trump is asking him to do without really fully being aware that what he's doing is promising to a launching an investigation into the chief political rival of his american counterpart this is a best a very questionable promise and it's spelling all sorts of problems for both president for breast president trump and for president selenski we also had allegations or rather we read allegations on that transcript about comment selenski maids about europe pen and the america was sort of effects is that going to have on ukraine's relationship with the e.u. . well yes it's not there's another. item is a serious concern shows that very young and untried the president is just not experienced enough to realize that such conversations can be made public as it was
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in this case. certainly it does not add to ukraine's credibility in the west and in the european union that ukrainian president is disparaging. the european confederation the european union a body that has given close to 16000000000 euros to ukraine in military. humanitarian assistance over the last 5 years this is just coming across as sheer gratitude now in terms of how this is going to play out with the people who elected him because he did win quite a staggering bounty came from nowhere really and how is this going to impact. your cranium public think. well you have to understand that ukraine has a very vibrant free media and you know most of the media is actually in opposition
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to mr selenski mr selenski himself does not appear to control media t.v. channels so of course you can safely assume that most of these have already jumped on this as a case of the new president's ineptitude there will be using it against it especially in light of the new law draft that mr president president has proposed about presidential impeachment already we hear voices here in ukraine that this is perfect fodder to initiate impeachment against him. we will have to wait and see how this all plays out fascinating which ever way you look at it thank you so much peter is on my of joining us there live from training capitol thank you. the indian government is build in the 1st mass detention center for people in the northeastern state of some to be illegal immigrants nearly 2000000 people many of them muslim.


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