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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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don't say let's go to hide in the home coleman joins us now live scott it seems things have calmed somewhat behind you but said that this has been a dramatic scene in hong kong. has how and this is something we've seen you know several weekends running you know what's interesting about today's march you know the protest organizers made no secret about it they got the word out through social media like they normally do in past weeks they least went through the process of trying to have marches and protests and rallies. made legal by the government today on sunday they didn't even bother with that because they knew it wouldn't organize this they wouldn't be approved so they went forward with it and that's maybe why we saw a different a little bit of a different riot police posture and how the events unfolded during the day because we saw them very heavy at the beginning of this march and they tried to disperse them as they just started to gather in an area called causeway bay they went from causeway bay all the way over to where the government complex is about 3 plus
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kilometers so they tried to break them up at the very beginning that was an unsuccessful by the police and then so hundreds of thousands of people marched all the way through there were confrontations along the route but the biggest was what their final destination and that was the government complex as you mentioned that's what we saw the blue dye chemically laden water cannon being used we saw petrol bombs being thrown by the protesters bricks being thrown by the protesters and then obviously volleys of tear gas coming back at them what does this mean moving forward obviously this is a big clash today something we haven't seen for several days what are we going to be seeing over the next few days as you alluded there you know the 75th anniversary the founding the people's republic of china is on tuesday october 1st obviously the protesters have said that they want to counter that in some way we don't know exactly what's going to happen one thing you can be certain of the security forces here the police the riot police are going to be ready for something there are a couple of events here in hong kong 2 to mark that $70000.00. what was interesting
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through the protests that the march today defacing of signs for the 70th anniversary so you know reading up to that right now there's going to be a general strike on monday and then focused on the events surrounding the 70 better verse 3 of the front of the people's republic of china on tuesday ok scott either their life or as in hong kong thanks very much indeed. they have been major rallies say in cities around the world in solidarity with hong kong protesters more than 10000 people walked through the streets of taiwan's capital despite heavy rain they were headbands advocating for a revolution in hong kong taiwan split with the mainland in 1949 but china sees it as a breakaway province it will one day for the retake and synastry li and more than a 1000 people turned out in central sydney yelling slogans like fight for freedom and stand with hong kong demonstrators were black clothing of color often borne by anti-government protesters in the semi autonomous city.
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so the is now in britain's prime minister is battling several fronts as he joins members of his conservative party in manchester for their annual conference there's not only the bricks that pressure on boris johnson they've also been calls for him to resign over corruption allegations from his time as london's mayor well let's get the latest now from lawrence leigh he joins us from that conference in manchester in lawrence johnson is under attack on several fronts what's the mid like at the conference just no. well i mean certainly they're trying to deflect as much as they can boris johnson keeps saying he wants to get bricks it done that's the that's the slogan of that conference and he's been at all spittal stay talking about the health service and police and all those things which she wants to do none of them of course anything to do with leaving the european union but i mean certainly manchester is
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a difficult place for a start for the conservatives to be so it's a be having their conference all the m.p.'s around here from the opposition labor party manchester voted to stay in the european union by and large people don't like bricks it and they don't like him either and sunny several 1000 people in these protests have braved the rain to protest against him in the conservative party and as you're saying he's fighting on several fronts. lost a lot of his own m.p.'s lost every single vote in parliament lost of the supreme court and now he's facing a corruption inquiry involving the police as well but it's a still keep going back to the big mystery of what he intends to do about rex it because he's similar the saying that despite the fact that a lot has been forcing him to seek an extension subjects it from the european union he says he will abate that law and yet he says at the same time that the u.k. is going to leave the european union at the end of october in any case and you can do both of those things that they at the same time at the very best i suppose you
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could call it extraordinary and they go stating strategy with the european you with the europeans and the european union but he can't give an answer to the question as to what he's going to do if you go to the european council the middle of october without without any new deal and it is a complete mystery that has all the opposition m.p.'s and frankly the citizenry of the country completely baffled as well and so it's a very difficult conference i think it will in all for the conservative party primarily for that reason and of course pranks limbs large over all of this possession team boris johnson the conservatives the certainly hardening regarding their strategy to bracks what about parliament itself what's their plan. well i mean bearing in mind that you know there are of those there are dozens more m.p.'s who are against the government's than that in favor that's why you can't
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pass any law what i think has you seen happen over the last few days particularly since given the extraordinary events last week in parliament and the language that boris johnson's been using about the this new law surrendering almost in like a war suited to the european union all those opposition parties which we don't agree about many things the scottish nationalists labor party liberal democrats they all want different things but i do get the sense that their attitudes was johnson is hardening and they're becoming so angry. towards him to the extent that they are prepared to find some source of position which looks like it's heading in the direction of trying to have a vote of no confidence in johnson potentially installing jeremy colby in his prime minister only for a while to make sure that brick sic on happen at the end of october and forcing it as a general election to happen it's a difficult position particularly for the for the for the liberal democrats the 2nd biggest party in parliaments they just don't like but jeremy it's on the jeremy
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colvin at all but it looks like things are now getting to a point when they think that they find johnson to be so unreliable that the gaps do something pretty seismic of their own to try to force the issue because they simply don't trust him to abate the law as it's been passed in parliaments. ok it lawrence leave their life in manchester thanks very much indeed. there's also more still to come on the news hour including a rapidly rising death toll in northern endears late monsoons cause widespread flooding. and is 4 years since a myanmar cease fire was signed we look at one of these secretive on's groups refusing to join the peace accords. and in sports whales and a strangely a sad rugby world cup thriller in japan all the action coming up later with joe.
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violence technical failures this solution at sap had a dramatic impact on afghanistan's presidential election an election commission official says the estimated voter turnout for saturday's vote was just over $2000000.00 people now say it's of more the 9 and a half 1000000 registered voters hundreds of polling stations didn't open our hearts communications cut off and their late 70 attacks across the country killed 5 people and injured hundreds of others robbed mcbride's of bricks and the numbers for us from couple. it became obvious during the election day saturday that the turnout was going to be low but these initial figures seem to bear out just how low the turnout has been we have had the initial figures back from the election commission showing that across afghanistan some 4500 polling stations were opened that's 500 less than the country wanted those 500 couldn't open because of security
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concerns and well over half of those polling stations have now returned figures showing that more than a 1000000 people voted now if you consider that most of these polling stations that have so far registered their numbers in the cities where security is higher then we could see even lower returns coming from rural areas where the taliban is stronger so that 2000000 votes could be on the optimistic side even so that is out of a population of 9000000 people who are registered to vote in a country of $30000000.00 plus and this compares with the last election 5 years ago when $8000000.00 people went out to vote nonetheless the afghanistan government is claiming this to be a success that despite all of the predictions of chaos and violence it was able to open polling stations and maintain a certain level of security across the country but despite that many parties here
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will be wondering just how valid this result can be with so few people voting and the allegations of vote rigging the voter fraud have already started between the major candidates. it's been almost 4 years since the myanmar government sans ethnic rebel group signed the nationwide cease fire agreements the still no sign of lost in peace some groups are refusing to sign the documents including was regarded as a stage as largest non-state army it controls an isolated region on the borders with china and thailand where hate takes a rare luke that was state. in the far east of me and is a defacto independent territory it's run by the country's largest rebel army which unilaterally declared it a state it's largely cut off from the outside world in particular the rest of me and their human rights right now why is still a wild frontier people who live here have id cuts but only for this state we can
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travel outside of. the united states army controls to areas on the borders with thailand and china this state is run under a one party communist system it's heavily reliant on chinese support in the form of trade investment and in the near future thanks to a new casino possibly tourism. when i 1st moved here there was only jungle everywhere but now it's more developed in the past it was very poor and 5 behind but it's getting better. there was signed a bilateral ceasefire deal with the me and my army in 1909 and haven't been directly involved in any significant fighting since they're largely left to run their own affairs and still maintain a well organized and well resourced fighting force of up to $30000.00 now about having under pressure to join the governments nationwide cease fire agreement which like many other ethnic armies are refusing to do they say they're not prepared to
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meet one of the key conditions of that deal which is for this soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the me and my military the y. are also fiercely protective of their income streams like jade mining and the illegal wildlife trade many products like tiger and bear teeth are sold openly in the state capital punk come the united states army is also thought to be one of the region's largest manufacturers of illegal drugs a business that says it's no longer in but there are many who believe those who run this area are still stuck in the past and until they open up life will not improve for you i'm in pretty bad here i want want to continue to develop i want to see more people move through here which will improve trade in business in the past 2 or 3 years it's been very bad i can make a so much. why state serves as a reminder of how fragmented me and mar is while the syria may be at peace for now it's the people that continue to pay the price of civil war through isolation i do
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like of developments wayne hay al jazeera. at least 36 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a truck a bus and a truck rather crashed in eastern china that happens on an expressway just north of shanghai injunction province an official investigation suggests the bus had a front tire just before the accident. at least 59 people have died in india during days of heavy downpours which caused flooding relief camps have been set up for thousands of people forced from their homes. reports. entire communities under water this is what remains of one home in the northern state of pradesh to rancho rain proving too much for some buildings now destroyed some say what is the most the biggest problem here is that day by day the water level is rising the water has entered houses as you can see there is. the powerful weather
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system drenched the state for more than 24 hours affecting close 260-0000 people schools were closed down and thousands of displaced families have been moved to relay for camps it's not knowing how long they'll be allowed to stay. and as the rain came down the death toll went up dozens have drowned while others were killed as buildings collapsed relief efforts are under way with authorities trying to drain flood waters you had or how to do it don't look them but we've set up temporary and permanent pumps there's a problem with water logging at 3 or 4 locations the water's being removed by cutting the road and creating channels. flooding isn't uncommon in these areas but the timing is india's monsoon season normally retreats at the start of september intense rainfall in many parts of the country has triggered floods that have swamped huge areas 11 people were killed when flash floods hit western india on
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thursday. the heavy rain can be said to be. the cause of this a large amount of. areas and caused a lot of damage there is the possibility that some people were swept away. as the cleanup continues many are trying to get on with daily life gauge al-jazeera. well it's time for the weather now with jenny and any sign of a let up in that range and you know i only wish the answer was yes about how to but unfortunately known as we heard in that report the rains have just been a very sage so any sign over drawl so let me just read the sergeant who has been having over the last few hours so when we talk about the withdrawal it generally begins at the start of september obviously we're towards the very end and it begins to recede from the northwest and the rains gradually push further towards these more eastern sections that just hasn't happened and we have just had literally state after state that has been inundated a couple of days ago it was maharashtrian these pictures of course the coming out of the protests and this is what we have got in the forecast over the next few days
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there is more very heavy amounts of rain and again it is really very widespread up into bihar state has been some very heavy rain as well partner for example right at the north 271 men meters in just 24 hours that this is a very informal accumulation in the next 3 days you can see how widespread it is and these areas a red where we've got the heaviest rain and in fact bangladesh also will be very severely impacted we could see as much as 540 millimeters coming down into general dhaka and you also notice this red coloring out across. this again is where we'll seeing the very heavy amounts of rain so the indian national has really has been very busy this year continuing to put out these warnings because it literally is all these different areas so that's on through monday and then monday into tuesday it really is a similar story if anything but i choose day those rains are actually heavier again up towards the northeast and this time because he's been flooding up into our some states and also across into an attack. thanks very much jamie so new
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sprint king on the planets and has a somewhat checkered past with more on the world arthur 6 championships in cats so let's go to join together oscar in our sports studio it's a city i'm in doha his name is christian coleman and he features in our bulletin coming up at $1345.00 g.m.t. the americans put drug control policy behind him to win gold in one of the blue ribbon events the men's 100 metres he stormed home in a sizzling 9.76 seconds we'll hear from the new world champion at a somewhat slower pace says dutch delight in the women's 10000 meters final as this competitor makes history for her country. and a 43 year old becomes the oldest man to win a medal in any event after a grueling finish on doha's waterfront. and will also be looking ahead to day 3 at
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the world championships including the women's 100 meters final join us in about 20 minutes from now. well as marcel to come on al-jazeera including months after a corruption scandal brought down the chancellor and says governments all shriveled sent to snap election a controversial kenyan project that promises job creation threatens a unesco world heritage sites. rewind returns with a new series. on the best account history documentary. early on you know the onion the people the heart. remind me to the children who say. it was all in deals 10000000 children wouldn't want it other victims of the bridge and one of the large numbers a very very big number on al-jazeera. the fact of today's headlines
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there are protests like this one that are trying to discern and we forested areas that have been already devastated setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where they've been telling you international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and in spot. on al-jazeera. be watching al-jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour yemen's city
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military commanders have released images which they say showed the surrender of several brigades of society troops al-jazeera is on. able to independently verify the video's he's claimed the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of not sure on after a major attack near the border between the 2 countries. police in hong kong are responding with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon as anti-government protesters hold another mass rally in what they describe as chinese territory several arrests have been made. and u.k. prime minister boris johnson is facing pressure on several fronts as he attends the governing conservative party conference in manchester there are calls for his resignation over corruption allegations for his time as mayor of london. well let's get more on this matthew goodwin is a professor of politics at the university of kent and joins us by skype from london
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kids everywhere this on the program. is not an easy braids of it since he became prime minister or indeed leader of the conservative party do you think this will be a difficult conference for him. well i think potentially it is going to be quite difficult of course there's been the rule over the suspension of parliament he's lost a significant number of his own m.p.'s who are unhappy with his aggressive strategy and also his language in the house of commons but at the same time he is going to speak to a conservative party that is rule of the united in wanting to deliver grex it as quickly as possible in his strategy or so which is now. reflected in the slogan get it done is going to be the focus overwhelmingly this week on keeping those him so. the conservative party has been famously divided over europe and
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we've seen those divisions certainly become exposed with the way he. feels like 21 members of his own party and so on and so forth just where are the grassroots tories on this today supports john says leadership on this and that's a tougher more aggressive stance and the grassroots of the party. well that's the critical question the vast majority of conservative votes and the overwhelming majority of conservative members are progress but of course what boris johnson is really doing by doubling down on this breaks it strategy is he is reshaping the conservative party it is not only shaping britain's well a ship with europe it is also making the conservative party a little bit more progress and what does that mean boris johnson is attracting more working class voters and he's attracting more voters in the north of england in traditionally labor areas and so he's losing some of the more middle class program
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main voters in the south and fundamentally i would argue he is changing the dynamic of the conservative party electorates really significant things going on in british politics and well they certainly are not course this all comes against the backdrop of this looming deadline with bracks set. to take place on the 31st of october 2 years saying that it's likely the u.k. will leave on the saddling. my view is that it's unlikely that the u.k. will be able to leave we have what's called the ban act the house of commons with boris johnson of course no longer having a majority in the house and he's have moved to essentially force the prime minister to request an extension if he is unable to make a new deal with the european union it is unlikely in my view that forest johnson will get that deal therefore that deadline will be extended most likely until the end of january 2020 and between now and then that therefore opens the door to
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a fresh general election why is that needed because all of the parties have to shake up the arithmetic in a parliament that has been unable to pass anything of substance related to that issue so the next 3 months are going to be quite the tornado in british politics and that's going to be talking about this far an awful lot longer yes thank you very much and dave mack you get them there joining us from london. now russian police say around 20000 protesters have rallies on the streets in moscow in support of kohli is a mystery should have been called by a physician leaders to demand the release of activists to take an authorized reilly's in july and august more recently the 23 year old actor profit off was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison for using violence against the policeman and often eyes the charges for his family and friends say he was just
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a bystander knots involved in the protests well let's get the latest now from start fastened live from moscow and stuff wookey tell us about these demonstrations seems like significant numbers of people in the streets. yes it's quite a massive outpouring of support here in moscow for all these people who have been detained for quite some years now some of them have been sentenced to 3 or 4 years even just for simply attending an unsanctioned rally well this one is a sanctioned rally and interestingly most of the opposition figures where all these demonstrations were about because as you remember they were not allowed to to run in the local elections here in moscow and that was the reason that people took to the streets of the 1st nation and the police had a serious crackdown lots of people were arrested and some have been jailed until now well those opposition figures are actually all here now they all have been
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released right now they're here and also talking on the stage and asking demanding the authorities to release all those people who are still in detention as you mentioned 23 year old actor a young actor who wasn't even involved in any of these rallies who's now facing 3 and a half years in prison and that angered a lot of people not only activists but also people who actually for all kremlin people from government side have also question this severe punishment against. and a lot of people also from all kinds of professions doctors and scientists they all have signed open letters asking the government to release these people they say have been jailed on trumped up charges. the fact that this is a sanctioned dryly if you like and the groundswell of support certainly behind her just like the lucerne or does that suggest that the authorities might be softening
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in their approach to all of this. while they have been sanctioning rallies in the past few weeks us well i think they have to have a sort of stage actually allow people to go on to the streets because these emotions are running quite high and in the meantime we have seen unsanctioned rallies so i think the government is basically just taking up an approach to let some steam off and that's what's been happening right here behind me and i found a very well known opposition figure here as well he also was a detention for quite a while so a business one of the ways to let steam off as people are saying here they're not going to stop this is not the end of it of course the pressure will continue to be on the authorities to release these people ok steadfast in their live in moscow thank you. well polls close in just under 2 hours say in austria snap election the early votes was called after former chancellor sebastian court says
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censor right coalition collapsed in the wake of a corruption scandal is people's party is facing off against its former coalition partners the far right freedom party and the center left social democrats dominic cain is in vienna but the laces. millions of austrians have the opportunity to go to the polls to elect a snap election parliament this election should not really have been taking place for several years to come but it has been caused by the collapse of the coalition government that had been in place during the far right freedom party and the center right people's party under sebastien courts the question will be how high is the turnout in this election in the previous parliament election was 80 percent will it be so high given that today is a sunny day across the entire country what factors will really play a part in the decision making of the voters will they look at the scandal which in
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golf the previous government particularly which will go after the senior leadership of the freedom party which forced them out of office those are many of the questions voters are having to answer and the result well it will decide where this country goes in the next 4 or 5 years syria's deputy prime minister has used his address at the un general assembly to demand the immediate withdrawal of all american and turkish forces while leads are while i'm said his country is opens an international dialogue but not set the expense of its national integrity or diplomatic editor james basis more from the u.n. . syria's deputy prime minister walid muallem again representing his country at the u.n. general assembly hits out at 2 nato members for their military presence in syria. and. the united states and turkey maintain an illegal military presence inside northern syria they have been so arrogant to the point of holding discussions and
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reaching agreements on the creation of a so-called safe zone inside syria as if they were planning to establish the zone on american or turkish soil the u.n. believes this is an important moment for syria after 8 and a half years of war at the end of october 150 delegates comprised of 3 groups nominated by the assad government the opposition and representing civil society will meet here at u.n. headquarters in geneva under these terms of reference the committee will come up with a new constitution for syria the authority for the new committee is a u.n. security council resolution from 2015 it also calls for a free and fair elections something that hasn't happened in the country since half is unless sad the current president bashar is father sees power in the 1970 s. can you guarantee to us now will be as that resolution says free and fair elections
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can i guarantee that this will take place no but as the right to stated this is part of my mandate it's very clear to stamp that stated and it's also in for national consensus estimates for 3rd place some diplomats on the u.n. security council are extremely cynical about the assad regime's decision to support the constitutional committee at this stage they believe that their main focus is still the military operation in it and they're trying to keep the constitutional committee busy until they can declare a military victory james pays out his era at the united nations. keep his foreign minister has to. once the us for travel ban on its former president raul castro the restrictions on him and some of his family members were announced on thursday washington says castro has backed venezuela's president nicolas maduro says government suppressed protests broke out straw still remains the most senior official in cuba's communist party.
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the u.s. state department has announced based on lies that the 1st secretary of the communist party of cuba army general roll castro would not be able to receive a visa to that country that selection with little practical effect except to insult the dignity of cuba and the feelings of our people. here as president there outran has lashed out as an ongoing impeachment against and pitch britain quire a against him called the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest scam in american politics the president is alleged by was supportive pressured ukraine's leader 14 years olinsky to investigate his political rival joe biden and to gallagher joins us now live from washington d.c. ending the impeachment inquiry is moving fast terror both sides reacting. well sunday mornings in washington d.c. are typically where all sorts of politicians and people in power take to the waves
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and the airwaves at the moment are just dominated by these in the church and proceedings i was listening to stephen miller a close advisor to president trump this morning one of the architects of his immigration policy talking about this all being part of some kind of deep state inside job basically saying the officials within the white house are trying to bring down the president but it's important to note that the whistleblower he or she we don't know who they are they don't know their identity the did the director of national intelligence in a hearing before the judiciary committee said that that person followed the rules that they this was a credible report that needed to be followed up so that narrative is something i think we're going to hear a lot from the republicans even from president trump himself meanwhile the democrats staying laser focused on this call between selenski and president trump because this issue is far simpler to explain far simpler.


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