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tv   When The Boys Return  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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presidential election and election commission official says the estimated voter turnout for saturday's vote was just over 2000000 people out of more than 9 and a half 1000000 votes just a voter it's hundreds of polling stations didn't open or had communications cut off and nearly 70 attacks across the country killed 5 people and injured hundreds of others rob mcbride briggs and the numbers for us from kabul. it became obvious during the election day saturday that the turnout was going to be low but these initial figures seem to bear out just how low the turnout has been we have had the initial figures back from the election commission showing that across afghanistan some 4500 polling stations were opened that's 500 less than the country wanted those 500 couldn't open because of security concerns and well over half of those polling stations have now returned figures showing that more than a 1000000 people voted now if you consider that most of these polling stations that
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have so far registered their numbers in the cities where security is higher then we could see even lower returns coming from rural areas where the taliban is stronger so that 2000000 votes could be on the optimistic side even so that is out of a population of 9000000 people who are registered to vote in a country of $30000000.00 plus and this compares with the last election 5 years ago when $8000000.00 people went out to vote nonetheless the afghanistan government is claiming this to be a success that despite all of the predictions of chaos and violence it was able to open polling stations and maintain a certain level of security across the country but despite that many parties here will be wondering just how valid this result can be with so few people voting and the allegations of vote rigging the voter fraud have already started between the
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major candidates. those who are still to come on all to syria including don't trump on the rival democrats prepare for a it's doric political battle over impeachment. 4 years since a.b.n. marci star was signed with one of the armed groups refusing to join the peace accords. and at most a care across much of the china want to bits and pieces of clouds where we have got a massive cloud is halo just to the east of the northern philippines this is our latest topical system by monday it will be typhoon it's time for my type heading up towards taiwan producing some very heavy amounts of rain and in fact is saving friday quickly to the north northwest at about 20 kilometers last about some good news but certainly of the next 3 days we could see accumulations of around 400
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millimeters in central and northern parts of taiwan also bringing that rain to the east coast of china so a wet day into shanghai certainly on cheese if he will keep a very close eye on the track of this storm me want to cross into india is they need to protest the last 24 hours or to see the bulk of the rain some flash floods at least 40 people have died and there is more rain in the forecast now which should ease off from each other dash but we will have more rain across much of pradesh also across again into the northeast bangladesh seeing some very heavy rains over the next couple of days and in fact the indian met department of the red rain warnings for days again over the next couple of days no sign just yet of these monsoon rains easing more showers into new delhi on tuesday and as you can see another warm day with a high of 30 degrees celsius. big stories generate fountains of headlines it seems that much the media is still
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struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives and you hold a lawyer to it can separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must you and your words but some tough stuff has to be said so some critics have to be made listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines this hour demonstrates the military commanders have released images which they say showed the surrender or except for brigades of
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society troops al-jazeera is unable to see independently verify the videos he's clean the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of nash run after a major attack near the border between the 2 countries. police in hong kong not responding with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon as anti-government protesters hold another mass rally in what they describe as chinese terribly several arrests have been made. and afghanistan's voter turnout is estimated to be just 2000000 people according to one alexion official that's just a 5th of registered voters the day was marred by taliban violence and technical problems. yes president donald trump has launched an antacid ongoing impeachment inquiry against him trying to hold the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest scam in american politics where the president is alleged by
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whistleblower to have pressured ukraine's leads or flawed smears and in ski to investigate his political rival joe biden wanted to go he joins us now live from washington d.c. and see that impeachment inquiry is moving fast just how are both sides reacting while both sides are trying to control the narrative of what is a very important issue one senior adviser to president trump this morning was talking about is being deep state sabotage that's putting forward the idea that there are people within the u.s. government determined to bring down president trump that story falls down when you realize that the whistleblower in this case we don't know who he or she is the director of national intelligence said that the whistleblower followed the rules and this was a credible report that needed to be looked into meanwhile the democrats are laser focused on this call between president trump and president selenski that took place in july because a censure this is
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a far easier idea for the american public to grass not like the mall or inquiry which was 2 years in very amorphous difficult to understand this is a simple question did president trump withhold funds in return to get dirt on a political rival for his own benefit a clearly impeachable offense so both sides are scrambling right now in what is a fast moving investigation to try and control the message coming out of the white house and from the democratic party. sunday what happens next. well it should be recess at the moment but the judicial committees in the various other committees run by the democrats are going to plow on through recess continue to subpoena various people white house officials who were in the room when that phone call was made there are also questions about other phone calls that the president made that were potentially squirreled away into this super secret something that isn't normally procedure so there are questions about phone calls
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between president trump and lot of it putin and president trump and various members of the saudi royal family i think the democrats don't want this to get too big and too vast an investigation they really want to focus on this one phone call this report from the whistle blower and they really want to move on it as fast as possible of course it is a presidential election next november a lot of people now wondering whether anything will get done in this administration between now and then given what's happening here in washington d.c. ok and gallagher live for us in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed. britain's prime minister is also battling on several fronts he joins members of his conservative party in manchester for their annual conference is also the breaks it pressure on boris johnson they've also been calls for him to resign over corruption allegations from his time as london's mayor lawrence lee has more from that conference in manchester. munches a certainly a difficult place for the conservatives behold in their conference cities by tradition the socialist city all the local m.p.'s around here from the opposition
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labor party thousands of people turning out in the in the rain to protest against boris johnson against the conservatives and by extension against his entire. policy boris johnson maintains he wants to get breakfast done that's the slogan of their conference he's going to hospital on sunday to talk about money for the national health service he wants talk about numbers of police officers and all these sorts of things but bracks it is overshadowing every single thing and the question that he still comes on so when he keeps being asked is how is he going to get the u.k. to leave the european union at the end of october as he has vowed to do or he said he would rather die in a ditch while at the same time parliament has passed a law demanding that he does the exactly the opposite and go to the european union to ask for an extension for at least 3 months he says to live by the law he also says to leave the european union at the end of october and both of those things cannot be true and consequently wohl this conference is going on up the road from
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here in london all the different opposition parties are working now flat out to come up with some sort of strategy to block him entirely from forcing bracks at the end of october looks like if not next week and in the coming weeks they will force a vote of no confidence in him bring down the governance and potentially try to install some sort of national unity government instead to force an extension suppress it so all these things lead to a situation where the conservative party is trying to set the agenda at its own conference but events are gradually moving away from them all of the same time. polls close in less than an hour in austria snap election the early election is called after former chancellor sebastian court says sense a right coalition collapsed in the wake of a corruption scandal kurtz's people's party is facing off against its former coalition partners the far right freedom party ends the sense of left social democrats when it came is in vienna with the latest. millions of austrians have the
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opportunity to go to the polls to elect a snap election parliament this election should not really have been taking place for several years to come but it has been caused by the collapse of the coalition government that had been in place during the far right freedom party and the center right people's party under sebastien courts the question will be how high is the turnout in this election in the previous parliament election was 80 percent will it be so high given that today is a sunny day across the entire country what factors will really play a part in the decision making of the voters will they look at the scandal which in golf the previous government particularly which will go after the senior leadership of the freedom party which forced them out of office those are many of the questions that the voters are having to answer and the result well it will decide where this country goes in the next 4 or 5 years police in nigeria are trying to
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find the families of hundreds of men and boys freed from captivity on thursday as many as 400 of them some as young as 6 were discovered joining a raise in the northern city of kaduna they were supposed to be involved in a religious school several of them had been in chains beaten or sexually abused 7 people have been arrested. give to me when i came one of the most informative. so it is really critical one could not even stand. and then there are so few that we need to go through to the 2nd because. to us the team of. illness the trial of sudan's former president omar al bashir has been delayed until next saturday after a brief court hearing this year is facing charges of corruption including illegal possession of foreign currency and illicit and richmond the trial 7 session that was held in khartoum under heavy security has been almost 4 years since the
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myanmar government and ethnic rebel group signed the nationwide cease fire agreements for the so no sign of lasting peace some groups are refusing to sign the documents including what's regarded as east asia largest non-state army it controls an isolated region on the borders of china and thailand's when hate takes a rare look at was state in the far east of me and my is a defacto independent territory it's run by the country's largest rebel army which unilaterally declared it a state it's largely cut off from the outside world in particular the rest of me and their women right now why is still a wild frontier people who live here have id cuts only for the state we can travel outside of here. the united states army controls 2 areas on the borders with thailand and china the state is run under a one party communist system it's heavily reliant on chinese support in the form of trade investment and in the near future thanks to
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a new casino possibly tourism. when i 1st moved here there was only jungle everywhere but now it's more developed in the past it was very poor and 5 behind but it's getting better. there was signed a bilateral ceasefire deal with the me and me in 1909 and haven't been directly involved in any significant fighting since the largely left to run their own affairs and still maintain a well organized and well resourced fighting force of up to $30000.00 now about having under pressure to join the governments nationwide cease fire agreement which like many other ethnic armies are refusing to do they say they're not prepared to meet one of the key conditions of that deal which is for this soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the me and my military the why are also fiercely protective of their income streams like jade mining and the illegal wildlife trade many products like tiger and beer teeth are sold openly in the state capital punk come
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the united states army is also thought to be one of the region's largest manufacturers of illegal drugs a business that says it's no longer in but there are many who believe those who run this area are still stuck in the past and until they open up life will not improve for you i'm in pretty bad here i want want to continue to develop i want to see more people move through here which will improve trade in business in the past 2 or 3 years it's been very bad i can make a so much. state serves as a reminder of how fragmented me and mar is while the syria may be at peace for now it's the people that continue to pay the price of civil war through isolation and a lack of developments wayne hay al jazeera. at least 36 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a bus and truck crashed in eastern china it happens on an expressway just north of shanghai and jumpsuit province initial investigation suggests the bus had
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a flat tire just before the accident at least 59 people have died in india during monsoon rains that continue to flood the months of the country roads and buildings have been inundated with floodwaters scores of people have been left homeless because of the damage and hospitals happens also been swamped. now there's a new sprint king on the planets and he has a somewhat checkered past christine coleman's put drug control behind him to win the gold in the 100 meters at the world thetic championships in qatar the american then slammed his country's anti doping agency for smearing his name reports. in the post you saw in bold world saturday's 100 meters final was always going to carry added significance everyone eager to see him could take belts mantle and be the sport's new superstar but whether christian coleman is that man remains to be same off the track the american has missed 3 drugs test in 12 months however on its
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own is a class apart. i and he showed why is he $1.00 in nor in point 76 seconds coming in ahead of defending champion justin gatlin. but questions remain over the 23 year old's checkered past coleman still angry with the u.s. anti-doping agency after they revealed the news about his 3 missed dart tests. was ever felt. reputational i'll add information. elsewhere on the track history was made in the women's 10000 meters final she found her son becoming the 1st darts one of to win the world title. long jump legend marc hauser macafee to giganto take gold in his old events with americans late of 8.69 meters still well
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short of power world record of 8.948 meters that right back in 9091. day 2 ended like day one on diehards waterfronts with the mixed 50 kilometer race walk and once again the humid conditions made it tough for the competitors china's young rory winning the women's race. whilst apparently zuki took men's gold just ahead of 43 year old gerald vieira the portuguese veteran defying the difficult conditions to become the oldest merit to win a medal in any event while al-jazeera. this is on to syria and these are the top stories yemen city military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several all saudi troops
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are to syria is unable to independently verify the videos they claim the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of nash ran after a major attack near the border between the 2 countries by the. specialized infantry units at the front line cord and a large number of the aggressors personnel and as they managed to set up ambushes as per the plan our forces are underway to allow the aggressor personnel to step into the ambush specialized units cut off the resupply line of the enemy from the east and the west after that the cordon was sealed around this personnel from all sides the infantry units turned the ambush into an all out offensive. police noncom are responding with tear gas and rubber bullets and water cannon as i understand the anti-government protesters rather order another mass rally denouncing what they describe as chinese territory several arrests have been made. of
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a process in lebanon against the government accused of widespread corruption demonstrators marched through the capital beirut burning tires and blocking holds people say living conditions are becoming increasingly difficult. russian police say around 20000 protesters have rallied in moscow in support of jailed colleagues the demonstration was called by opposition leaders to demand the release of activists detained at unauthorized rallies in july and august and afghanistan's voter turnout is estimated to be just $2000000.00 people according to election officials that's just a 5th of registered voters it was marred by taliban violence and technical problems u.s. president donald trump has lashed out as an ongoing impeachment inquiry against him trump called the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest scam in american politics the president is alleged by a whistle blower to have pressured ukraine's leader will to. investigate his political rival joe biden well that's up to date still stay with us here on
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al-jazeera the news continues after the listening post. been accused by several women of. you've been with this country confinement all the while you've refrained from speaking to the media why have you trolls and to talk about islamic studies professor tonic from don talks to al-jazeera about the ongoing repairing his actions against. protesters have really look like that. i think. that. i'm. not. alone richard gere's britain europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week they've been disappeared silenced and censored by the gyptian are taking to the streets once again where does the story go from here the canadian news site
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that's a platform for far right voices from outside the country and the effect that that can have on audience she's become one of the most recognizable climate activists in the world and they hate gratitude and berg attracts is disturbing and britain's boris johnson can still count on getting the kid glove treatment from much of the u.k. media i think in the book but online they're playing a different tune compared to the days of talk where square the numbers seem insignificant a few 100 protesters scattered across egypt on consecutive fridays calling for an end to president. sees rule but those demonstrators have been the 1st visible signs of political unrest there in 6 years and as the 2000 tourists since then would suggest the c.c. government sees this as a threat the demonstrations were called for by the gyptian exile living in spain
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muhammad ali is a former military contractor therefore someone from the inside of the city. them and a part time actor he's been posting videos online tales of rampant corruption some of which implicate presidency see him self alys videos have spurred other egyptians including military personnel to post their own stories of graft and that has analysts theorizing that the real threat to the general turned president may come from within the military not that you would get any of that from the gyptian media outlets most of which do the government's bidding and initially tried to ignore this story now they're just trying to make it go away our starting point this week is kyra. when egyptians revolted against president hosni mubarak in 2011 the spark was external it came from to news you know where the arab spring movement began before
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spreading across north africa this recent unrest back to back friday's of scattered demonstrations was also triggered from the outside from spain but by an egyptian inside. and i don't believe that we're looking at. mohamed ali is a wealthy contractor now living in barcelona his family grew rich through building contracts involving the egyptian military he's also a part time film and television actor when he started going online on september 2nd he had political stories to tell tales of corruption at the very top and the acting skills to tell them. muhammad ali is the guy that you sit down with at the cafe and have a hook up with on a thursday night everybody understands him they feel him he connects everyone knows that there's massive systematic corruption and much of it has been linked to the
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control of the army of the crime and laid out. in very clear terms by names by numbers by they will go to the mall in the city of baghdad where the food. is. and the very fact that he also came out and said that he himself was corrupt even more credibility and that paved the way for the kind of viral takeoff of his videos he claims that he was contacted by the army to build a palace for a few months and according to our confidence 250000000. was the. moon the most. so these sort of allegations very detail very tangible and given his position within this transaction it sounded credible and it really shocked the public. 12 days after the 1st of mohamed al these videos went online
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knowing that millions of egyptians were watching president abdel fattah el-sisi responded on allie's stories of lavish presidential spending in a country where more than 30 percent of citizens now live below the poverty line sisi had this to say. the president's public response served as acute for egyptian television channels which had done their state controlled best to ignore the alley videos to finally come from. god. they have actually been in this weird situation where they are claiming the protesters are terrorists or supported by the muslim brotherhood what is good then . in the polls.
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but at the same time they're also denying that there are actually protests in egypt but how do you. do you know the brain where it level live what did it add up with the fear of thought why don't you that the bridge is kind of a wheel to booker see but this leaves many egyptians unable to to see what's happening was going to switch is why it took me to for example to see the protests of government most of the traditional mainstream pundit he actually interviewed ali's father bill carter who is a national weightlifting champion who himself discredited his son so. there were more of them so there's that kind of usual kind of textbook attempts by the media to didier to demise the protests and to defame whoever is trying to leave. but even that didn't work and so the next step was for the talking heads to come on and say
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don't listen to him because if you come into the street we will now. all my chair. is it me that if that are going to come at all egyptian media over the past 2 years has become so we owned by the intelligence services now when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president. many of the foreign media outlets covering this story are beyond the control of the c c government al-jazeera is based in qatar al-jazeera arabic its can arab news channel and al-jazeera mubasher which focuses on live news events have both given the story heavy play. shark is an egyptian channel located in istanbul to was providing the kind of coverage domestic egyptian channels simply cannot the authorities in cairo have periodically blocked access to other channels and platforms including b.b.c. arabic and facebook messenger and the sri yes the government body that accredits
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foreign journalists issued them with a warning on september 22nd that the government was quote carefully monitoring unquote coverage reminding those reporters to abide by what it called professional standards it was pretty much a warning to jordan ellis if you continue to critically cover certain topics of certain issues you might be kicked outside egypt for example and it follows really policy of trying to trick coverage by international media operating in egypt many television channels being a prime example of. others. have been painted with the same brush. some of the work by. professional some of the work has left some room for criticism but as has happened in the past during critical exist tensional moments of 0 because of its financial resources is able to provide video that many others within
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the government sphere will not provide so many do lean upon that. when i'll just covers the story it periodically reminds viewers that dozens of reporters remain in the gyptian jails including the network's own mahmoud hussein imprisoned for more than a 1000 days now yet to be charged with a crime for all of the official efforts to control the political narrative the egyptian authorities cannot stop news from happening. what muhammad ali began from barcelona has been followed up by egyptians posting their own videos and many of them appear to be military personnel that and some other developments gyptian saw last year suggest that what is unfolding is not a popular uprising but the 1st signs of what could be a soft coup elements within the military who were once loyal to the former general
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turned president now preparing to depose him. now these videos are showing is that there might be growing fissures from within the military establishment after think about the last presidential election in egypt of last year most of those that sat challenge presidents are former military man they would not have run for office if they didn't think there was internal support and muhammad ali has been saying it's not the military that's come out they're actually good people it's ccs mismanagement of the military for his own benefit is what the problem is and that is sisi is number one concern it is not a simple as a dictator gone broke and the people rising to tell him leave. there are forces clear. really within the egyptian state that are looking to finalize a solution right now and we are in a wait and see. spoken to many people on the ground. and the indications are
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that the very same people who 3 weeks ago were saying don't jump in the fray this is a battle between the generals are now saying well. this arrogance cannot be allowed to stand hundreds of and i rested there is genius sending out messages that they're looking for a fight. and i believe that the people that. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tariq nasr tarik following up on our lead story from last week on climate change the 16 year old activist the swede gretta tom burke very much the face of this story being subjected to a lot of criticism in the media some of it personal and nasty and much of it is coming from so-called climate skeptics who yes do still exist and are still being given space in some corners of mainstream media there's also some hate speech and thought journey through and in that for example from michael novels of the right
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wing outlets daily while he said this on fox news this past week the climate hysteria movement is not about science if it were about science it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and fox news was forced to apologize for nonsense comments even admitting that they were disgraceful the networks have no plans to book him in the future but we saw more of this kind of thing from another rupert murdoch owned media outlets sky news australia presents under bolt delivered a monologue claiming to be concerned about the child abuse is being subjected. all those activists those reckless politicians who treated this chronically anxious and just a 16 year old is the new messiah and ashot into some sense at last. now able to see
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they've been patty not just to a collective histeria to an extraordinary child abuse and i don't suppose things are any more civilized on social media and i always was online through the tweets by british political scientist justin murphy he said if you think. maturity is a guy global policy making then you cannot object to jeffrey dean paying fixed sr all of the sex at 13 was of course the american billionaire accused of serial factual abuse of children who took his own life last month to have dealt with a torrent of sex abuse with the kind of dignity and maturity some of her critics clearly lacked she tweeted i honestly don't understand why adults would choose to spend their time mocking and threatening teenagers and children for promoting finds
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when they could do something good instead i guess they must simply feel so threatened by ok thanks to our. muslim invaders feminists out to destroy our way of life and the coming white genocide those are among the obsessions online of the far right they've been weaponized and monetized by some skillful provocateurs on the web's primary video platform you tube through which they have entered the homes and the minds of millions so the content typically disguised as cutting edge journalism can have real life ramifications viral material that is capable of not just radicalizing the views of those who watch it but driving some of them to acts of violence among the best known practitioners of the art the rebel media it's a small canadian outlet but has an influence that goes well beyond that country's borders the rebels' list of contributors includes british and american voices names like hopkins robinson and gorkha known for peddling some toxic tropes at home and
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happy to be granted an outlet offshore the listening posts flow phillips now on the rebel you tube and one case study of far right radicalization online. inside the d.c. beltway bringing you the stories that the mainstream media just won't cover the mainstream media doesn't have. to actually ask you these questions dropping the ball you stop covering stories that actually matter to joe sixpack at home when i 1st found right wing media and far right media on you tube i was in a very difficult time in my life. i had just dropped out of college and had to move back home and i went to youtube in an effort to try to fix myself. this is caleb kent 5 years ago he turned to the internet in search of information
11:37 pm
40 fell into was a you tube shaped hole to a far right content a new community and you. i remember i was watching gavin to get us to my goal of the east is to convert it convert or die gavin would talk about islam he would talk about helping to generate culture or that it's it's dangerous that they're invading the west and that they're going to take over western civilization they're not about assimilation they're about changing and it's working now sort of i would watch warren southern. as more of a reporter she would go to rallies ok you know i'm good i'm good. out of my yard and you know she'd be getting bottles thrown out or bricks thrown out or and she would just continue to march forward and i had a lot of respect. in south and mcinnes just to have
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a cost a persuasive just sometimes pretty poisonous character has given us a platform by the weddell media a fringe online canadian outlet. channel currently boasts $1200000.00 subscribers with some of its more viral videos regularly getting hits in the millions because its content is inflammatory it's tagline a fearless source of news opinion and activism you won't find anywhere else. to ever drink and to refugee and to climate liberal and a lot of things and they kind of say that they're about challenging mainstream narratives and like a real news organization they don't look for balance but they simply try to create narratives that anger. really get people riled up. we put this description of the rebels' content to the founder of the outfit as
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a real event he wrote back twice both times he dismissed the descriptions saying it was a matter of opinion not fact and that quote i'll be honest i don't care what al-jazeera is opinions of me are we made it clear in follow up e-mails that it was not al-jazeera is opinion we were requesting his comment on. levant as a conservative canadian broadcaster and former political operative following the closure of his previous employer sun news network canada's failed attempt at fox news he started the rebel welcome to the show as well where it had no parameters on what could be said and didn't require a high tech studio just a green screen and a camera. michael coren worked with levant in the sun news days he got the call up to join the rebel back in 2050 i found the way he presented his politics to be the story. most certainly wasn't my approach but then when sonny was closed he called
11:40 pm
me telephoned and asked if i would work for it and i had this sort of change of view sometime early about 6 months earlier and i've been writing things and and i remember saying to measure i'm not brand you know i would be right for you and he said no no way we want all sorts of opinion on it and i said ok and i work for them this could be a record of working for one day. others lasted a little longer in it's short history the rebel has employed the who's who of the far right launching the careers of homegrown canadian personalities like subban and faith goldie and offering a platform for more established far right agitators like us based mcguinness and former trump operative sebastian gorka all the u.k.'s katie hopkins and tommy robinson. these are. the bright gangs tommy robinson who is a commentator who was once the founder of the english defense league has reported
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on you know muslim great and uses that have of terminology why one narrative was altogether deleted and replaced by another right after they came back last classic or here in canada there is content showing the trouble with faith call it talking about there was a conspiracy the government was hiding the fact that it was a muslim shooter who did this really trying to sort of create a whole other alternate universe of information. fake goldy proved to be too radical even for the rebels the coverage of a white supremacist rally in charlottesville america and to follow up interview with a new nazi website the day stormer got her fine setting off a domino effect one co-founder quit and a host of contributors backed away. so it was kind of a magnet for them and looked like they were falling apart because they had lost in a very short order all of their highest profile personalities we came to the thing
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that no respectable politician want to have anything to do with. and they will became rightly regarded in canada as the close as mad as nation canada has to a major or right organization if we keep track of a lot of hate groups extremist movements extremist figures i'm not sure if rebel media cleanly fits the bill and a lot of that has to do with presentation it's a little bit more coded i think they're providing fodder and a munition in a way for people to develop these extreme beliefs or to feel validated. which is exactly what the rebels' content did for caleb came giving him the building blocks to develop radical ideas on a range of issues in cain's case the impact of the rebels content didn't go beyond implementing his beliefs for some of those though the effect was much more profound take matthew raymond the suspect in
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a 2018 mass shooting in the canadian province of new brunswick he specifically cited the rebel as having informed his views and stuff majok about the rebel media and just last month the author of police filed a criminal complaint alleging that the rebel had breached a section of the canadian criminal code by willfully promoting hatred of the muslim community the videos they reference featured faith goldie and tommy weapons in these houses are enemy combatants who want to kill you minute and destroy you they want to destroy your way of life you're teaching people that you know people in their community are trying to destroy them up and their idea of culture. and i think it's almost. you know a logical next step that some people will choose to act on and i think that's what so dangerous about a farm like a bra boys that it provides fake answers to really significant concerns that people
11:44 pm
have and that should be discussed and debated in society but must be done so with truth and honesty and fairness rather than you know misinformation outright lies. there's a reoccurring theme in many of the stories of radicalization you choose and the numerous loopholes that allow extremists to slip past content gatekeepers broadcasting their views to large audiences often on regulate we have been very careful here because we don't want to come down hard on from speech and social media in a straight as an owner that called. you've been criticized but you choose a very liberating image of one and it has a neighborhood new power to people to speak their mind to think about that enable and empower people to speak their mind well the mind can be a good and find one and informed it could be faced sad and malicious you too as far as i'm concerned is. perhaps even more than facebook the most powerful force for
11:45 pm
radicalization misinformation and propaganda that the world has ever seen. for cain you tube was part of his downfall and his rehabilitation while far right content creators have an uncomfortably large presence on the platform there are also many conspiracy busting hate speech blasting. after finding other content creators online. that exposed a lot of these ideas for what they were i really started to recontextualize a lot and i believe they would explain to me how a lot of the police that i had were just repackaged conspiracy theories from the past and that was very shocking for me is. what i would call my process of the radicalization. man found a way out but the output he left behind content like the rebel is still. out
11:46 pm
that to inflame anger and potentially radicalize further generations of the extreme right. and finally to britain breck's it and boris johnson should he stay or should he go johnson can still count on a right wing tabloids like the sun and the daily mail to argue that the courts in the u.k. are mounting a constitutional coup against him when judges dwell on of all things lost in this case as the online political sideshow dot co dot u.k. pointed out with a little help from the clash and the queen the law one will see in x. time here at the listening post. i think. but. i think that. the. i think the. it was mighty good to be done but needless.
11:47 pm
to say and what a shame that i get raises why. you can't wait to buy. a new one i can't begin to. predict the bodies on the lawn india's biggest on earth but the industry stunt performers are unknown and under 101 ace mates the men and women risking it all for the brought lots of dollars on al-jazeera. every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste is thrown away the majority as anybody can be done in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded as of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning
11:48 pm
a blind eye. manmade on the waste trail on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where ever you are. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sorry this is the news out live from coming up the next 60 minutes you haven't heard the rebels released pictures from what they say is a major military assault. inside saudi arabia claim they've captured thousands of
11:49 pm
saudi backed fighters. after 3. protesters faced gas and beatings as they vent more anger in hong kong. the polls close in austria snap election but the results may still be weeks away. and i'm peter scimitar the world athletics championships in doha where the women's 100 meters final takes center stage and christian coleman brings the mainspring title and slams the u.s. anti doping agency for smearing his neck. now yemen's military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops claim the footage is of hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of niger on following
11:50 pm
a major attack near the border between the 2 countries al jazeera cannot independently verify the videos the images also purportedly show dozens of dead and wounded soldiers and destroyed armored vehicles there's been no response from saudi arabia to the claims. specialized infantry units at the front line cord and a large number of the aggressors personnel and as they managed to set up ambushes as per the plan our forces are underway to allow the aggressor personnel to step into the ambush specialized units cut off the resupply line of the enemy from the east and the west that the cordon was sealed around this personnel from all sides the infantry units turn the ambush into an all out offensive i'm in the last card is live for us in let's start with perhaps what details the who things are giving about when this battle is supposed to have taken place how recent these pictures
11:51 pm
are. sami according to the whole of the military spokesperson here syria he mentioned the these wide scale operations are being carried out within the past 72 hours as it has taken place they have taken them around 72 hours to carry out the total closure and sage of the saudi backed forces he mentioned the preparations the plans for the for carrying out such a wide scale operation has taken long time nearly 3 months but the whole operations for 4 full completing the whole oppressions as only taken them 72 hours as we have tried to drag the saudi backed forces into an area we have already planned and also they have. inspired beer. attacks and.
11:52 pm
snipers shooting them such operation according to the whole thiis military spokesperson has been successful to capture around 350000 kilometers this proves that the whole thing has started their their own way of taking care and capturing saudi military positions and it's in the previous stages the use just to used use care guerrilla wars and all leave. the saudi saudi military positions and then return back to the borders but now we are now witnessing a new state according to the whole of these and now the coding term that the have started and other other stages but they haven't yet revealed. during carrying out karen lee during this press. so far mentioned that it's more painful ground operations will be carried out as they have also revealed that the. other side of
11:53 pm
that has been declared. the hold these political laid. madam a shard in which she stabs of the air draws and also the missile attacks from saudi targets but now they are still stacked to continue their ground invasion and so they say while the saudis are going to respond to such initiative. what do these pictures suggest about how much control saudi forces have on the border area right now yes a. military spokesperson has revealed as he was showing a map that they have already taken 350000 kilometers over vivian no within the saudi arabia of leisure and. he mentioned that beard there are other regions which are in the red line are aiming taking control of them
11:54 pm
so far the operations in the movie of the. behold fees have started there they are there i've started their own way of. waging a nother phase of. what we call and would be described reprisal attacks against saudi arabia's for years long before foreign have attacked their thanks so much for that. demi is a sister and is an assistant professor at michigan state university and a yemeni activist joins us on skype from lansing michigan good to have you with us so if these pictures are credible and true how much of a blow is this for saudi arabia. well it's incredibly embarrassing for the saudis given how much support they have not only the u.a.e. of course but also the united states the u.k. and several other countries and they've been waging this war for 4 and a half years with all of this military support and the host these who don't even
11:55 pm
have an air force have some missiles and drones spent mostly soldiers on the ground if they're able to take over so much saudi territory and you know bring back some of the prisoners and capture weapons then it would be highly embarrassing and it follows a recent attack which the who these also claimed on iran. the pictures purport to show saudi soldiers being taken captive inside saudi arabia how significant is that well as your correspondent said over the last 4 and a half years the yemenis the who these have been kind of going into saudi territory at the northern yemeni border the southern saudi border but they usually you know attack and come back if they're able to carry out this level of operation there over the last several hours or over the last couple of months then i think it poses a significant turn in this war our perhaps the saudis will start seeing them as
11:56 pm
capable of fighting back in this largely unilateral war which has been the case over the last don't want to have years if they see that the who these are actually able to inflict harm then maybe that would be moving you know the this whole battle forward and coming to the negotiating table with a little bit more even handedness. that segues nicely it was going to ask you how does this perhaps change the balance of power in leveraging in those peace talks. right so after the iraq attacks on september 14th which these claimed came from them and the saudis claimed came from iran there's not been independent verification either way but after those attacks the who these announced that they're willing to stop after their attacks into saudi arabia and if the saudis are willing to end the war and then in the coming days saudi attacked 2 different you know on 2 separate airstrikes that killed several dozen people in yemen in
11:57 pm
a sense that millions in iran in a less are in the who are these are now fighting back and if they're able to take this much you know weaponry and prisoner these many prisoners then perhaps they're able to negotiate with the saudis perhaps the saudis are starting to will start to see them as you know a threat and maybe that would change the outcome of the war. do you think a feeling that the whole saudi royal alliance is cracking now we've had tensions with the u.a.e. we've had perhaps always say 2nd thoughts from the new government in khartoum in sudan about the role of their soldiers their. well this has been completely an area completely aimless war over the last 4 and a half years the saudis attacked saying that this was going to be an operation that wouldn't last more than a few weeks and here we are 4 and a half years later and the saudis of course have spent a lot of money on this they've been spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weaponry on training and all of these things and yemenis have played people
11:58 pm
proust's yemeni civilians have people price you know our 100000 people have been killed in the fight in the violence at least 85000 children between the ages of 0 abstract to death and so. the word has been nothing but a humanitarian catastrophe and that it's also been you know completely immersed what is what is the saudi what are the saudis in america is hoping to gain out of yemen i think we've seen that yemenis are not willing to surrender the who these are certainly not willing to surrender to them and so dragging this war further there and there have been cracks within the coalition itself with my auntie supporting those southern separatists it just seems to be going nowhere and creating more chaos or i will leave it there for now thank you so much for your thoughts and analysis on that thanks for having me saudi state television is reporting the personal bodyguard of king solomon has been shot dead in the city of jeddah major general abdul aziz of the government is reported to have been killed
11:59 pm
by a friend over a personal dispute the gunman was also shot and killed in a standoff with police after refusing to surrender. the hong kong anti-government movement again drew hundreds of thousands of supporters on to the streets an authorized march became violent who reached the gates of the central government offices it's part of nearly 4 months of protests pushing against what many view as increasing control from beijing. is there. in what has become a weekend pattern here in hong kong protest leaders spread the word about an event through social media and out they come starting with small confrontations that escalate into battles with police pulling out their entire anti-riot arsenal including a water cannon with chemical laced blue dyed water but even though it's become a routine and even though the protesters will eventually get pushed out to some it
12:00 am
doesn't matter they say they will keep showing up. i really have to care about the success rate of the protesting i never would have started to protest in the beginning it's about our demands have to hold we can't just keep silent things happen. i the movement started over a bill that would have allowed extraditions from hong kong to mainland china it was permanently show. but the movement grew and intensified mainly because of what protesters have said is the heavy handed treatment by police as a crackdown on the protests an unauthorized marches for the majority of this authorized march through central hong kong here the protesters faced little resistance from the police the police were there but there really wasn't any confrontation it was when they got close to the government complex here their final destination where there have been kind of frontlines there's been confrontation and then a push back and then another front line is been established the police just on the other side and that's one of the front lines here on one side of the government conflict.


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