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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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to join the peace accords. and at most a care across much of the china i want to bits and pieces of clouds where we have got a massive cloud is halo just to the east of the northern philippines this is our latest topical system by monday it will be typhoon it's time for heading up towards taiwan producing some very heavy amounts of rain and in fact is saving friday quickly to the north northwest at about 20 kilometers an ass about some good news but certainly of the next 3 days we could see accumulations of around 400 millimeters in central and northern parts of taiwan also bringing that rain to the east coast of china so a wet day into shanghai certainly on trees if they will keep a very close eye on the track of this storm me want to cross into india as they need to protect the last 24 hours or to see the bulk of the rain some flash floods
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at least 40 people have died and there is more rain in the forecast now which should ease off from each other dash but we will have more rain across pradesh or also across again into the northeast bangladesh seeing some very heavy rains over the next couple of days and in fact the indian met department of the red rain warnings for days again over the next couple of days no sign just yet of these monsoon rains easing more showers into new delhi on tuesday and as you can see another warm day with a high there of 30 degrees celsius. bodies on the india's biggest. industry stunt performers. and the one i want me the name and women risking it all for the bright lights of bali on al-jazeera. counting the cost bodies' economic failure job losses rising consumers
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tighten their belts plus stripped of its autonomy kashmir's true $1000000000.00 apple harvest is left to rot and islands brags that housing crisis is double most of driven out of the counting the cost on al jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now yemen's hooty military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops is on able to independently verify the videos he's claimed the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia it is a town of niger on after a major attack near the border. violence has continued into the night the day of
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protests in hong kong demonstrates is attacked an abandoned taxi in the commercial area of one child they told media the driver was speeding towards the crowd. president donald trump. house democrats over an impeachment inquiry against him the president is alleged to have pressured ukraine. to investigate his political rival joe biden. sebastian curds is conservative people's party is one austria's parliamentary election according to early projections we're looking at live pictures coming in from v.l. oh where is speaking now this exit polls show the former chancellor party is in the lead with you know more than 37 percent of the vote the early election was called after the governing center right coalition collapsed in the wake of a corruption scandal and final results aren't due until october the 16th let's get
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more now from dominic casey is in vienna we've got on the right side of the box there sebastian kurtz talking next to dominic what's his message been so far. varies as you say just started talking he's clearly and celebrate every mood he's just told people that it was a great shame that his government was voted out of parliament in may but that the people have reelected him that's a good lie in the last few seconds that's what he said to those people cheering his success and as you say 37 percent of the vote perhaps slightly more than that the exit polls suggested so far at least around 2 thirds of all the votes have been counted not must be said the more than $1000000.00 postal votes that are part of this election but looking at the picture we see that he and his party will have several more seats in parliament but look at his opponents those 2 parties who combines to vote him out of office in may the social democrats and his previous
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partners in government the far right freedom party both of them together have lost more than 30 seats in parliament specifically the freedom party down more than 20 seats that will seem for many to be a repudiation of the party which found itself in gulf in scandal and several of its leaders was seen on video footage affectively talking to people who appeared to be russian about how russia could increase its influence over austrian politics and the austrian media so the exit polls suggest this is a clear win for mr courts and success also for the green party who are back in parliament he looked quite happy there just a 2nd ago walked off stage dominic as you were talking looks quite happy. how much of a not pave will as happened to the political landscape there. well there are 3 particular parties who will look at this election result all these exit
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polls let's be clear yes 2 thirds of the votes have been counted because the say a 1000000 postal votes which also be counted so these are exit polls right now at 3 parties will look at this and take different draw different lessons from it 1st of all the freedom party they have lost more than 20 seats their vote is down more than 10 percent almost caused what they received 2 years ago that is a clear repudiation for them from the electorate the social democrats who voted with the freedom party to kick out mr kurtz in may they have polled their worst ever showing since the 2nd world war so clearly a bad day for them and then there's the green party in the previous parliament they have one seat now it looks like they'll have $1415.00 maybe more than that maybe even 20 seats in parliament and could conceivably be in a position to go into coalition with mr courts and one final thought sami austria is the western european democracy which has had far right representation in
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government twice in this century now it looks like that party is very far from going back into government. came there from vienna. russian police say 20000 people have rallied in moscow calling for the release of jailed opposition activists many were detained unauthorized rallies in july 23 year old. who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for using violence against a policeman denies the charges family and friends say he was just a bystander. has the latest from moscow. quite a massive outpouring of support here for people who have been detained during recent rally here in moscow some people even have been sentenced to 3 to 4 years just for a time they. have been accused of using violence against the police
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a lot of people have been saying are trumped up charges most of the opposition figures who also were in detention because of local elections they were not allowed to run and these elections these protests most of the candidates were also detained they're here now and also asking for support pressuring the government to. out of prison or people like a 23 year old. off with a young actor who just happened to be. in the same location as a rally didn't even have any intention to join the rally. 3 and a half years in prison a lot of people were angry about this and not only about his but also a 21 year old student who is facing many years in prison the government called for extremism charges not only people from the opposition but also people within the government circles have been very upset and angry about these arrests priest even
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have come out open signed by scientists and people from all kinds of professions stressing the government to let these people go. prisons prime minister is fighting battles on several fronts. as he joins members of his conservative party in manchester for the annual conference there's not only the brags pressure on boris johnson it's also calls for him now to resign over corruption allegations from his time as london's mayor lawrence lee has more from back conference in manchester. manchester certainly a difficult place for the conservatives behold in their conference cities by tradition the socialist city all the local m.p.'s around here from the opposition labor party thousands of people turning out in the in the rain to protest against boris johnson against the conservatives and by extension against his entire. policy boris johnson maintains he wants to get breakfast done that's the slogan of their conference he's going to the hospital on sunday to talk about money for the
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national health service he wants talk about numbers of police officers and all these sorts of things but bracks it is overshadowing every single thing and the question that he still can sound so when he keeps being asked is how is he going to get the u.k. to leave the european union at the end of october as he has vowed to do or he said he would rather die in a ditch while at the same time parliament has passed a law demanding that he does the exactly the opposite and go to the european union to ask for an extension for at least 3 months he says he'll of a the law he also says to leave the european union at the end of october and both of those things cannot be true and consequently while this conference is going on up the road from here in london all the different opposition parties are working now flat out to come up with some sort of strategy to block him entirely from forcing the end of october looks like if not next week and in the coming weeks they will force a vote of no confidence in him bring down the governance and potentially try to
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install some sort of national unity government instead to force the extensions of bracks it's so all these things lead to a situation where the conservative party is trying to set the agenda at its own conference but events are gradually moving away from them all of the same time. violence technical failures and disillusionment a very dramatic impact on afghanistan's presidential election the estimated voter turnout was less than 25 percent for saturday's vote there were nearly 70 attacks across the country at least 5 people were killed and hundreds of others injured but it's been the u.s. risk. bonds to those attacks that have angered many afghans as tony birthday reports. was in the u.s. retaliation for the taliban's election day attacks was swift but according to locals in gaffney province a bomb from an american drone attack killed 6 men and injured 2 others the question of i don't think they were all civilians 5 of them were killed on the spot and the 6th one was told the hospital where he died one is my son and the other one is my
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brother amongst them that i am sunday angry locals protested by carrying the bodies of the men to the governor's house in the provincial capital. i they say the victims were not taliban fighters never you know these 5 civilians were killed intentionally in the drone strike the cornet's were provided by an afghan security officer the people want the government to answer. i ask and security forces fired in the air to try and hold the procession the several people were wounded by the gunfire was an increasing number of civilians have been killed in air strikes me is controlled by the taliban which prevented voting in saturday's presidential election a lot of security operation prevented any taliban assaults in the capital kabul during polling but elsewhere the armed group carried out mortar and rocket attacks at voting stations around the country that killed several people including 2
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children early forecasts suggest that around 2000000 of the 9000000 registered voters actually voted the afghan government says this election was a big success and in some respects it was people still voted despite the taliban threats and the biometric technology and the voter verification measures make cheating more difficult but not impossible especially in the rural areas. the international community wants a smooth post-election process that is seen as essential to launch a new peace momentum peace is very important. hopefully provide the foundation political foundation to move the peace process constructively that's pretty important that depends on what the taliban does next but even though we carried out attacks saturday they were not as big as feared and that could be taken as a positive sign taliban are still in a position to some talk and they didn't want to line chevy attacks to block the
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roads to war this nation democracy is important but for many afghans peace is what they really want is the only way they lives can be substantially improved. al-jazeera kabul. it's been almost 4 years since the man my government and i think rebel groups signed the nationwide cease fire agreement but pace remains elusive some groups are refusing to sign the document including what's regarded as east asia is largest non-state army it controls an isolated region on the borders with china and thailand in hey take some rare look at wost 8. in the far east of me and is a defacto independent territory it's run by the country's largest rebel army which unilaterally declared it a state it's largely cut off from the outside world in particular the rest of me and their women there right now why is still a wild frontier people who live here have id cuts only for the state we can travel
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outside of. the united states army controls to areas on the borders with thailand and china this state is run under a one party communist system it's heavily reliant on chinese support in the form of trade investment and in the near future thanks to a new casino possibly tourism. when i 1st moved here there was only jungle everywhere but now it's more developed in the past it was very poor and 5 behind but it's getting better. there was signed a bilateral ceasefire deal with the me and my army in 1909 and haven't been directly involved in any significant fighting since they're largely left to run their own affairs and still maintain a well organized and well resourced fighting force of up to $30000.00 now about having under pressure to join the governments nationwide cease fire agreement which like many other ethnic armies are refusing to do they say they're not prepared to
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meet one of the key conditions of that deal which is for this soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the me and my military the y. are also fiercely protective of their income streams like jade mining and the illegal wildlife trade many products like tiger and beer teeth are sold openly in the state capital punk come the united states army is also thought to be one of the region's largest manufacturers of illegal drugs a business that says it's no longer in but there are many who believe those who run this area are still stuck in the past and until they open up life will not improve for you i'm in philadelphia i want want to continue to develop i want to see more people move through here which will improve trade in business in the past 2 or 3 years it's been very bad i can make a so much. state serves as a reminder of how fragmented me and mar is while the syria may be at peace for now it's the people that continue to pay the price of civil war through isolation and
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a lack of developments wayne hay al jazeera. a controversial new sprint king has pulled out of the 200 meters heat said the world athletics championships in qatar it comes the day after christian coleman dashed to the $100.00 metres crown and then accuse the u.s. anti doping agency of deliberately smearing his name raul pathic explains. in the post you cite involve world the prevailing opinion felt that outlet excluded a big 1st inanity to fill the void left by the great jamaican christian coleman certainly has the personality but he also brings a fair bit of baggage 3 missed drug tests in 12 months makes coleman one of the most divisive figures in the sport but moments after blowing away the field in the 100 meters on saturday the 23 year old american was taking aim at his country's anti doping agency i as is not something i was ever folks along needed i would be here. you would do something like that
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a charter. member station i'll add information got out there to the public eye elsewhere on the track history was made in the women's 10000 meters final she found her son becoming the 1st darts one of to win the world title i and long jump legend mike pounded out of his seat as the young jamaican won his country's 1st field world title to taking gold with a leap of 8.69 meters the longest win legal jump in 10 years but still way short of pounds 28 year world record. or day 2 ended like day one on diehards waterfronts with the mixed 50 kilometer race walk and once again the humid conditions made it tough for the competitors china's the angry winning the women's race i. wanted to pair and zuki to men's gold just ahead of 43 year old john vieira the portuguese veteran defying
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the difficult conditions to become the oldest man to win a medal in any event. al jazeera. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now yemen's who 3 military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops al-jazeera is unable to independently verify the videos who claim the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of not drawn after a major attack near the border. but that the local are kind of. specialized infantry units at the front line cord and a large number of the aggressors personnel and as they managed to set up ambushes as per the plan our forces opened a way to allow the aggressor personnel to step into the ambush specialized units cut off the resupply line of the enemy from the east and the west after that the
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cordon was sealed around this personnel from all sides the infantry units turn the ambush into an all out offensive violence has continued into the night after another day of anti-government protests in hong kong demonstrators attacked an abandoned taxi in the commercial area of child they told me dear the driver was speeding towards the crowd. us president dog trampas lashed out there is no ongoing impeachment inquiry against him trump called the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest scam in american politics the president is alleged to have fresh of ukraine's the devil the army of the landscape to investigate these political rival joe biden just moments ago sebastian kurtz addressed supporters after early projections show his conservative people's party winning austria's parliamentary election his party has a big lead more than 37 'd percent of the vote. those are the headlines the news
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continues after 101 east. rice that terrifying speeds leap off sky scrapers and jump through 5. stop before most of the unsung heroes of indian cinema for a meager wage they put their bodies on the line for the country's biggest stops. not everyone can be a trying to prove stunt man or fund driven to save not only actors life i'm carrying them make them look good while during your absence but accidents on film
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sets a comedy something even in didn't do. what i want east meets the indian stump for risking it all for the brought lots of balls. jumping gallery believes the danger from acrobatics to be leaks. in feet he was born on a bike the bollywood stuntman. the tricks of the trite throng the internet has given fit it applies to a lot that i love the guy who got me mad and i like the name of the freedom and. for tonight's game and you take the stands give partner to give or do they give one clinic in minnesota get it for me is up there think that the minute i get. a. job that grew up in somehow didn't pull
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a small industrial town in rural kenya. in yet again that is maybe started man. and if all mentees guy had the sequel he's out of his. family support. like many boys he'd jump and chose to work as a mechanic because of his passion for most of our. bikes. starting then like i think i'm going to big them. or that's too much he bites and i mean part of the. very few guys that i need that if i was. asked today he practiced stunts in the forest and 5 this river. to give me another handle this job and if i need to give him a starting got to keep me by me to get started i'm out of those not with any idea to be going to get me. started
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on the. i'm looking. for time he managed to start to get a supplemental dig that is the head of. cattle biking but that's a dead weight means that me and i'm in. the white same accord that. after appearing on a television talent show he was scouted to work on big action films across india. along the way he smashed box 7 cars and. betting reading books need to. do that to me or many. maybe action director for another name india got to. go to school. to get the one many sets and i probably. just did loves his
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job but says being a stunt double for big action stars swayze. will be action will be impeaching started when older or stand men go down that is that. does that i mean that i did mean in the past i mean that he. had me do that they are. if you know they got him look here when they. don't even shouted a pathway out of poverty that they would let me let down me as in they give me on is about as you said taking me. to said he go to very well. well. you go to madonna. with around 2000 films made in india every year there's no
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shortage of opportunities in the world's biggest film factory. and in mumbai the maker of movies. when most big budget bollywood hits on my. head it's here that i find a town about one of the only woods most unlikely stomp stomp. ok i obviously. don't buy this you might think. that i knew guys making that he. made us not going to get. more than 2000 stones artists working in india but just 3 percent of them are women.
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are gullible much of the art world. in this male dominated industry he says it's not easy getting kicked and punched for some of bollywood's biggest dr so how much does he know if you go $200.00 plus in the kind of but i could hear some need to. not challenge it i mean how do you let a kid know you can't. but cleese's used to teaching the odds a lot story could easily be mistaken for a bollywood film script. her mother died when she was just a young girl and she grew up in poverty. in the with which i'm the only under so that on a beach or damn looks as if i might. thank you to get me to it got i'm really going to the fuller main. the guy who kind of gave up on those i. support named. her marriage was marred by her
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husband's alcohol view violence at the i g 20 with her 2 young children she fled the house and refuge in a temple. marilyn you have to tell him we're already. so many many other days in the after working a series of low paid jobs. with an offer. examines about maybe vanity value whether given. the privileges go most it is a examine do they like and when everybody. here was. just the love i was selfish it was elected not. to care but over time look in many here and wonder if a. little speck of one of them with those aside professor was really. she
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began teaching her. and he's now one of just a handful of women willing to drive cars at breakneck speed. fire for a show. to knows the dangers of the job only too well he's had a fair share of injured including fracturing her spine earlier in her career. jim was a 1st in to do it the mundane a fidelity chastisement a comic yemeni. sabet paid homage as i made a conditional get. really covering the famine in. me is how many of us oh you've given me a moment ago there was only so much as you as this is a. live in years and hundreds of stunts like. the paying. career earnings helped by the apartment where she now lives with her 2 children. but to keep our kitchen.
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that is the confidence and i'm with you now she dreams of becoming a stunt director. but the memories out individual my disease down must have been a ever long you know mainly by. the fact that. this precinct not far away from here is gives me stuntman ready to film a fight so. i just 35 has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of hollywood's most popular stunt directives you just. do what the critics of the future think of the hollywood squares appreciate what you just leave it. features and see if you want to see. you. before he started
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choreographing and directing action scenes. with the stuff that himself. have done the by. cost of the. good before so every kind of stunt i've done. i knowing all the stories by yourself then you can direct all the stunts because you should feed all the stunts before going to that and action very loud to keep it because the folks in the. clear. got to. and. today i was chasing evolves from a great heart and slippery trying. for dramatic effect the film director also wants to i drank. the cream says film sets always throw up unique challenges for the
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stunt director. you should have to call for homework offered rehearsal and all for safety's. movies have been passive the christmas life since he was just a boy. his father was a veteran stuntman and decrement often accompanied him to film sets. just growing up watching him and sometimes he comes at home but injuring the shoulder and when i used to say man i used to cry hey what happened to dad is the only source of money for us in this town men used to get paid very little. very well they didn't pick from tells me that supervisors like you must now have at least a easy experience as a stuntman. do you sometimes get worried or very
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concerned when you're getting stuff and ready for a shoot every time when i go to the set and for my each and every stone which i was a risky i'm always scared. biology raga says he's brother today. before performing his final movie stunt. at this lake outside bangalore the. stockman jumped to his death in an instant which shocked india. he got a little. more than one door across to go buy a ticket again the woman live on. them by.


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